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    A great romantic conclusion to an awesome trip.
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    Thanks and tags [face_batting]

    @RX_Sith @earlybird-obi-wan @Mira_Jade @Hazel

    Ny's Note: This and the next few are in tight sequence. :D


    "I Could Say That..."

    Spock had told her he wanted to avoid the semblance of any favoritism. She had given him a pointed look and stood firm. She knew where her skills had earned her a place, and where her heart demanded she be, always.

    Across their bond, she had said: /Just you try and stop me./


    Later, but before all the crazy stuff unfolded, he had stopped by for dinner at her quarters as she was finishing the latest bit of unpacking.

    The door slid open and she turned after closing a drawer and favored him with a scowl.

    "I should not even let you in here, you know that?" She asked, planting her hands on her hips.

    "Nyota, are you still ..." Spock began, but she interrupted. Their bond was apparently quite prickly.

    "Still upset about earlier? Why ever would you think that?" She rejoined. "I could say that you deserve a good and proper freezing out." She waited a beat.
    And smirked. The residual bit of coolness had dissipated completely, and her eyes and sense were glowing softly with affection again.

    He closed the distance between them and they embraced, and she continued:
    "I could thank you for your trouble by letting you have dinner with Ms. Rand, my second, who would have been the chief in Communications if I were actually assigned elsewhere. Serve you right."
    The laughter in her eyes was undisguised now, however, belying her stern words. "My days, not to mention my nights, would have been so achingly empty without you." She murmured.

    Her kiss was warmly tender, and he returned it whilst stroking her hair softly.
    "Now what were you saying about the suitable thing?" She asked, winking.

    "I cannot recall, my love." He answered, holding her even closer.

    "Better." Nyota smiled. "So, we were going to have dinner ..."

    "Yes, would you like to order it now?" He pressed.

    "I think," She smiled tenderly, leading him to her sleeping area, "I want a taste of dessert first."



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    delicious after my dinner and now beginning with more Nano trouble
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    Squeeeee indeed [face_love]
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    Dessert time means more Spock time! [face_love]
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    Yeehaw!!! [face_dancing] [face_dancing] ^:)^ !!
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    Oh, this one turned me into a s'mores on the inside [face_love] !!

    @Hazel @RX_Sith & @earlybird-obi-wan :)


    Indispensable Consolations

    Those first nights after such calamitous events, though exhausted, they slept but little.
    Nyota curved into Spock, keeping awake in a loving vigil.
    He did not close his eyes, plagued by images as he was; and she would speak of sweet, innocent, inconsequential, or funny times, or merely remain quiet; caressing his back and threading her fingers through his hair - doing anything she could to help with the grief filling his mind.
    He was lulled by the sound and feel of her breathing and heartbeat, by the ineffable empathy and love flowing to his mind from hers. He basked in the sensation of her soft hands as well as the gentle tones of her melodic voice.


    This particular evening, his eyes were thoughtful - but not lost in memory -- as he and she nestled snugly together.

    A smile lit her eyes as she understood, feeling the speculative curiosity of his emotions as they rippled across her awareness. Her darling loved to be intrigued, and a certain personality had unwittingly done so.

    “I think you are starting to like him,” she whispered, feeling a warm rush of pleasure. It was always a happy occurrence when initially negative first impressions changed and opened the way to mutual respect and friendship.

    A heartbeat reflected a considering pause.
    “Perhaps,” Spock admitted. “A very little.”

    Nyota laughed. "Your enthusiasm underwhelms me, my heart."

    "Considering our inauspicious beginning," Spock objected.

    Nyota laughed still more, then grew thoughtful.
    "Seriously, I am impressed. I am happy you two are able to start from scratch, as the saying goes. Not just for work reasons. He's a nerf herder, but he means well. He hasn't had it all easy, from what I've heard around." She frowned in sympathy.

    Spock crushed her, touched by her magnanimous spirit. "So, Jim merits your compassion, Nyota?"

    She rolled her eyes with a teasing smirk. "Don't tell anyone, please."

    "As I recall, he wanted to gain your romantic interest at one point in time."

    "Hmmm. He flirted shamelessly with me, is all. As if that were going to happen when I was already crazy about some other special one." she held his gaze warmly.

    Spock's mind turned to another memory, early in his and Nyota's friendship.
    She had been accustomed to staying late and chatting, but this evening, she was going to see "As You Like It" with her lady friends. They'd had tickets for weeks.
    It was simply that he had had his cursory contact with T'Pring earlier that day and consequently felt the need for more time with Nyota.
    Her warmth and ease with him were a balm to his soul and mind.
    He came that close to insisting - inquiring -- if she could linger. But with a wistful, inner shrug, he had decided to let her go.

    Nyota's unfailing comfort in this current situation was something she would have extended if they had remained purely friends, but their bond made the sharing deeper, richer, and more meaningful.
    For this reason, he now shared this memory with her and his momentary impulse back then.

    "Oh," Nyota breathed, her eyes shining with love, "On any other evening I would have stayed, too, quite happily ... Especially to dispel the chilly aftermath of ..."

    He tickled her in appreciation for her jest.
    She laughed in response.

    "It is fortunate that I can avail myself of your time and attention, now." He answered, gratefully.

    She grinned and purred: "I am yours, after all."

    The balance of the night was filled with a restful, healing sleep, devoid of haunting dreams.

    When they awoke the next morning, he felt her lithe warmth snuggled up tight still.
    Nyota caught this realization as it flitted across his thoughts.
    "Hi there; I'm not budging from this spot." She whispered. "Not as long as you need me."

    "That I shall do for quite a considerable time, as you have made yourself indispensable." He answered, squeezing her.

    Her eyes shone. "Have I, now? So - coincidentally - have you become to me!"

    He murmured, between gently tender kisses: "You are more than I deserve, and all that I ever shall need or desire to feel whole."

    Nyota replied adoringly: "I love you with all of my heart, now, and with all I shall become in the future."

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    Great and beautiful ending as they now realize their love of eternity unfolding so romantically in front of their eyes. [face_love]
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    Lovely memories and how they cope with them

    Kirk the nerfherder[face_laugh]
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    Ny's Note: Whew! I loved this one, big time!! ^:)^ [face_dancing]

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    "A More Compelling Necessity"


    We visited all the high points of France, the cultural, historical, and culinary.

    I commented that it always struck me as unusual or ironic at the very least that very few of the European rulers of past centuries formed royal marriages that were also love matches.

    "Just political alliances." I mused. "It was a setup for infidelity and love and romance being found outside." My eyes and tone reflected a sad ruefulness.

    Spock answered: "Unfortunately, there are times when personal choice must be put to the side for the good of the populace."

    I felt an icy, premonitory chill. "Perhaps, but it certainly doesn't obviate any lack of personal fulfillment or allay the loneliness." I countered.

    "A necessary burden." He answered.

    "Who says?" I retorted heatedly. "Can the hypothetical gratitude of the unknown masses compensate?"

    Spock held my gaze. "It is hardly likely that it could."


    He told me at a later point of the debate going on with the High Council and his own quandry. It was during our return trip.

    "You cannot tell me you're actually considering ... " I broke off and then gave him a fierce glare. "You've worked hard and earned all the career perks. No one has the right to ask you to sacrifice those, and you shouldn't just toss them aside."

    "On the contrary, Nyota," He contradicted, "It would be of my own volition that I resign and ..."

    I reached across our bond to him, but it was uncharacteristically closed off to me. My heart clenched.
    I moved to clasp his hands in mine, but he disengaged after a brief clasp, which was also not typical between us.
    "Hold on! Doesn't taking on a lifemate - isn't that part of the whole deal?" I demanded suddenly.

    His eyes were shadowed. "That is part of it, yes."

    "So," My voice was choked with indignation and something far deeper: "You would just blithely negate all that we have and leave me high and dry?"

    "I assure you, it would not be blithely." He said softly.

    "But you could still do it!!!" I said in utterly shocked disbelief. "I would be willing to rearrange my career path for you, join you anywhere you would ask me to go ... and yet -- well, I guess I know which one of us is the more committed."



    I felt like a vital, crucial part of me was closed off as I tamped down on the connection between us.
    As Nyota riled (justifiably) against the injustice of the situation and accused me of having less of a commitment than she had, I felt something inside wince. If I had lost even a modicum of her trust and/or affection .... it did not bear thinking of.

    However, as it turned out, I could not bring myself to make the "noble sacrifice."
    There were several factors that came into play, but the final one was the literal fact of her indispensability.
    I could not conceive of entering into a bond with another; nor did I think it would be a viable one, not after ours.


    I came to her place the day before the scheduled debarking, as the sun was setting, to let her know of this final outcome.
    She stood on the balcony, emotionally walled off, as I approached.

    "Please, my own, will you not look at me?" I prodded softly.

    She did, and the pools of her eyes were liquid and haunted ... until I told her of my final decision.

    Then her expression transformed into one of unmitigated joy and relief.

    "Oh!" She exclaimed and seized me, pulling me inside.
    We stood, locked in a fierce embrace and shared a long handful of ardent kisses, as the barriers between us dissolved.
    I felt as if my heart - literally - could beat fully again.
    The unmistakable adoration in her eyes and flowing from her to me lifted an unspeakable burden from my soul.
    She drew me to the sofa facing the floor-to-ceiling windows, and we cuddled there, my arm firmly around her waist.

    "Nyota," I murmured, "You are the more compelling necessity to me. I came to find that even the thought of joining myself to another - instead of to you - is complete anathema. I was not able to consider it as a viable choice, after all. Keeping aloof from you during our return was what you might call a trial run, and I could not abide that temporary distancing, much less extend it to a permanent one. I want to apologize for that and also for the seeming appearance of a lesser commitment. I merely hope your trust and affection have not been decreased even slightly ..."

    Nyota's eyes were shining.
    "No, I understand the need for that holding apart, although it did baffle and hurt me grievously while it was happening. Nothing - simply nothing - could make me love you any less than I do!!" She smiled through happy tears. "I will love you for always and ever."

    "I shall cherish and treasure you always. I promise never to give you such pain again." I squeezed her, nuzzling her pulse point.

    Nyota asked: "Will you stay tonight? I have missed you!" She laughed lowly.

    "Nothing could induce me to leave." I answered.

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    Great decision for Spock to be with Nyota forever. [face_love]
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    Thanks. :D I grinned and melted when doing this one. [face_love]

    Tagging: @Hazel @RX_Sith


    "Mystified, At First"

    Nyota wore her unique boots on our next shore leave after I gifted her with the firestones, which had been my mother's courtship gift and thus destined eventually for my own bondmate. (We'd spoken in passing then of the boots which I favored upon her.)
    I had not balked in the slightest to give the gemstones to her; I hesitated only because of the mixed emotions doing so might leave with her and pondered whether I should wait for a less heavily-fraught occasion.
    But her joy confirmed I had been right to do so when I did.

    At present, we were staying at a lakeside bungalow with a gazebo.
    I entered the gazebo to find her there, the boots' bright gleam rivaling the dancing sparkle in her eyes.
    Nyota was reclining on a chaise with a padd in her hands.
    "Hi." She invited. "Come over here."

    I did so, and we shared a hello kiss.
    I began unbuckling her boots slowly, stroking her calves and thighs.
    She spoke softly of the art exhibit in a nearby city she wanted to see as well as a renowned vocalist before we left in a couple days' time.

    I paused and wondered that she could speak so blithely in spite of my gentle caresses.

    "Something wrong?" She asked.

    I gave a tiny shrug. "Certainly not."

    She stood and picked up the boots and 'padd. "I'm off for a swim after I stow these in the bungalow. Care to join me?"

    "I shall see about acquiring admission vouchers to those venues you mentioned." I answered.

    "Would you? Thanks." She strolled away.

    I gazed after her, bemused.
    On the other occasions when Nyota had worn the boots, they had invariably had an amorous influence; however, this time she seemed quite impervious to my overtures.


    I had successfully acquired the vouchers when she returned, wearing a bathing wrap over her swimming attire.
    After exchanging greetings, she went to change into something very casual: a light blue shirt and shorts.

    "Let's order in, shall we? I don't feel like going out tonight. Oh, by the way, I wrote you a little message earlier. It's on your data padd."

    I opened the messages folder and read the following:

    "My sweetest precious love:
    I loved the firestones! It was generous of Sarek and of Amanda to think of me. I love what they stood for between the two of them and that you felt I was worthy. I admire beyond expressing your strength and courage in the face of all that has happened and I feel blessed to share your confiding, (what I can only call) vulnerable expressions. It touches me deeply that you want to share your life with me. I know this may sound ... over-the-top" here there was a laughing emoticon, "but you fill up my senses and my heart with so much love and joy, passion, and discovery!! Thank you for loving me and needing me."

    I closed down the message and found her looking at me with tears in her eyes and a radiant smile.

    Nyota spoke lowly, her eyes full of deepest adoration:
    "In one of my most favorite tales of love, the lady receives a golden key with a card that says: 'You have the key to my heart.' Then she shares a dance with the man she loves surrounded by all these candles, to one of the most timeless songs ever -- Somewhere Over the Rainbow and he whispers all she means to him: all the hope, joy, love, light, and peace! That is what you've brought to me, and what I hope I've given to you."

    I went to her, crushed her, and whispered as I kissed her ardently: "You know very well that you have, my cherished ashal-veh."

    "Oh, it was all I could do to keep my hands and lips off of you in the gazebo!!" Nyota exclaimed, holding me tightly.

    "I was quite puzzled by that, to be honest." I admitted.

    She laughed.

    I released her, moved to the entertainment center and selected "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."
    This particular version was sung by a famous mesosoprano, accompanied by an acoustic guitar.
    We danced extra closely.


    Over dinner, I asked about the romantic story she'd related earlier. "Who was the lady who recieved the key?"

    She answered, her eyes dancing. "Eliziya."

    "Ah! That explains it."


    "You have mentioned before to me that in some manner or other I remind you of Kyp. I was wondering how."

    "Well, the eyes are a different color, but you both are gorgeous and fine to look at. You're both courageous and forthright. And you honor the lady you love with your true and beautiful inner selves." She smiled some more. "You inspire passion and desire in no time flat. Shall I go on?"

    I arose and came around to her side of the table.

    "You deserve everything I bestow. As for the sharing of inner beauty and stirring of desire and passion, I need hardly say -- it's mutual." I told her, embracing her and kissing her thoroughly.

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    The only good thing about having zero online time means I get to read a few of these gems all at once. I am just a happy state of fangirl goo right now, and quite content to stay as such. :p

    Now . . .

    "I Could Say That" : I loved the missing scene here. It's great that teasing are warmth are what she chooses to go with instead of 'freezing him out'. Having relationship hiccups with the drama to come would not have been the best. This one left such a smile on my face. [face_love]

    "Indispensable Consolations" : I loved the wrap-up to the film with this one. The Kirk as Nerf Herder bit tickled me greatly. And the flashback was perfectly placed. :)

    "A More Compelling Necessity" : Ouch! :( This was quite the argument - and while I understand why it got so hot and heated so fast, it was good to see it diffused soon. There is truly nowhere better for him to be, and their relationship is even stronger now for him realizing it. [face_love]

    "Mystified, At First" : The best kind of fluff here - the kind that makes your cheeks hurt from smiling and your stomach twist. Just lovely to read. [face_love]

    Great job, with all of these! [:D][face+applause]
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    Hi!!!! Thanks for the point-by-point review [face_dancing] [face_dancing] [:D] [:D] I agree on all counts. A-Z. LOL!
    "Mystified" was just plain fun! :* !!

    "More Compelling Necessity" - I can see them having a heated, candid exchange; reflects their sense of safety with one another but also a protectiveness for their relationship; Nyota feels like she's about to lose out, and of course she gets mama-bear about it. But his realization and wonderful words soothed a lot of the hurting :D and will set the pattern for how they approach their bond in future. [face_thinking]

    "Indispensable Consolations" I loved the vulnerable mixed with empathy.

    "I could say that" [face_laugh] -- I see this as stage-setting too for how they interact: approaching a situation with humor to make things smooth again. Much more fun than sulking would be. ;)
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    Lovely mental picture to wake up to. [face_love]
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    Nice to come back and read these lovely pieces
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    Ny's Note: Borrowing the name of a character from Mira_Jade, although (of course) the context differs tremendously. ;)


    "Crossing Paths"

    Jana John was attending a medical conference. I was attending a communications conference as well as a diplomatic techniques symposium.
    Mark Jullio was tagging along, wanting the excuse to spend time with Jana, as well as brush up on the latest surgical trends.
    Spock was a speaker & an attendee for various lectures.

    Jana, Mark, I, and Spock were making our way along the pedwalks between buildings when a beautiful, aristocratic lady with Vulcan features approached.
    She was regal and elegant and had a data-card case in her hands. She did not have the coldness I had witnessed in T'Pring, but instead possessed an undisguised poise and dignity without being arrogant about it.
    She paused to greet Spock with courteous and professional aplomb.
    She was a speaker on the topic of reclaiming worlds on the brink of ecological disaster.

    I thought: What an intriguing and satisfying career path for a scientist; but I bet the pangs over Vulcan's loss must be immeasurably harder for a trained scientist in her field. My stomach twisted in sympathy at that final thought.

    Spock's reply to her (T'Rin was her name) was equally cordial.
    He introduced Jana and Mark as colleagues. It flashed through my mind in an instant: How would he introduce me?
    He could think it was irrelevant and unnecessary to go beyond our professional connection to one another, but on the other hand, he could conclude I would be offended if he left it out.
    Would I? I wondered.

    He introduced me and presented me by name and rank.
    "The Lieutenant and I also are pledged as future bondmates." He finished.

    I felt a rush of delight.
    I realized then that even if he had omitted that personal detail and I wasn't offended by the fact, I was conversely touched by the mention of it.

    T'Rin and I exchanged greetings, and I told her sincerely I would like to sign up for her lecture, if there was still a spot.

    She told me there was, and I used my 'padd to add my name to the attendees.


    "I enjoyed the conference very much." I commented to Spock after our return from the lectures. "T'Rin's lecture was an eye-opener. It seems that every rescued world must give her a sense of gratification because of the species and societies that are salvaged."

    "Indeed." He answered, "She doubtless also has the skill sets to deal with political leaders and self-interest groups."

    I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, I can imagine she doesn't relish that part of the job as much! I was interested in that facet of her talk as well, how to maneuver and negotiate around the conflicts of interest and inflated egos."

    He raised an amused brow at me. "That is why I believe you and I will balance each other excellently when we transition into that field."

    I beamed. "I think so, too."

    "I once considered going into T'Rin's branch of science." Spock admitted. "I respected her as a colleague and was fascinated by all the unique experiences and worlds she would encounter."

    I felt a very strange pang. Not that I thought or picked up that there had been a romantic interest between my love and T'Rin. It was just as he had stated: a professional admiration and respect.
    But she was a lady I could have imagined him working and living with in serenity and contentment.
    She would not have given him the grief T'Pring with her massive attitude would have!!
    That would have forestalled he and I meeting at the very least, or if we had, getting together.
    That made me feel totally discomfited, I must admit!

    "Then, what happened?" I strove for a casual tone. "Something must have."

    "Two things transpired. First of all, Christopher Pike persuaded me to join the exploratory endeavors of science." There was a slight pause. "The second one was -- our meeting and working together."

    I felt a knot inside loosen.
    "For starters." I winked.

    He cupped my face tenderly.
    "Yes, Nyota, my very own." He said lowly, between soft, lovingly warm kisses.

    Then I realized he had picked up on my disquiet and had (as he unfailingly did) soothed it away with his wonderful words and touch.

    "How very much I love you." I whispered.

    "I treasure you." He replied, holding me even closer still.


    Tags for: @Mira_Jade @earlybird-obi-wan

    @RX_Sith & @Hazel


    Please let me know if and when the tags don't work LOL
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    THIS!! [face_love]

    I am going to totally borrow this field of work for T'Rin, if you don't mind. [face_batting] I was writing her as a scientist - obviously :p - but this is just perfect. And she was just as I imagined her - all cool poise and elegance. She is not Nyota, by a longshot. But they would have been comfortable together - good partners, if not soulmates. [face_thinking] Yes, I loved what you did with her here very much. [face_love]

    And then for the viggie itself - first off, I loved Spock introducing Nyota as his future bondmate, especially to a fellow Vulcan, that is going to have so much weight and meaning, and I just made a silly face at my screen when I read that. Girlfriend, or fiancée wouldn't have been enough to describe what they are to each other at all. After, Nyota's thinking of a what-if was just adorable and understanding, but his answer. Gah. I melted there. Just completely melted. Smooth talking Vulcan. ;) [face_love]

    Beautiful work, as always! [:D]
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    Wonderful way to start the week :)
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    Nyota is truly a treasure to behold and love. :D
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    Thanks to @Hazel and @RX_Sith & @Mira_Jade for reading and commenting so nicely!! [:D]

    Ny's Note: A revamp of a Cherished Moments entry -- LOL I changed the location of the assignment away. Made it Scotland. :cool: :D


    "The Way It Should Be"

    I was away briefly on a communications sabbatical--two weeks in length. I was helping a Dr. Baxter and his assistant, Chelsea Holden.

    During this time apart, our bond felt stretched and strained because of the literal distance and time apart.

    The first evening, I commed and apprised my love of my impressions of Glasgow and Edenburgh, which I had visited earlier by taking a hover-tube.

    Spock was frustrated by my stand-in, Mr. Conrad.

    "He is competent, Nyota." He allowed, "But not you."

    I beamed. "Miss me that much?"

    "That is not precisely what I said." He rejoined, and I laughed. I loved our bantering exchanges as much as he did.

    As our time apart lengthened, my productivity didn't suffer, but it took more concentration and focus, and my normally ebullient mood was quite dampened.


    When I returned, as our proximity grew ever nearer, our bond responded by becoming vibrant and interwoven in all its nuances again.
    Ah! I felt my spirits become buoyant - this is the way it should be.
    When I transported aboard, Yolette was behind the controls and greeted me with a smile.

    My sweet love swept me into a very tight hug and kissed me so passionately my breath was literally stolen away.

    I wrapped myself around him enthusiastically.
    He put me down finally, and I noticed that Yolette had discreetly slipped out to give us privacy.
    Our connection was full of how right and good it felt to be together again.

    "So I take it that you did miss me, after all?" I whispered very softly.

    Spock said: "No more than might be expected." There was a warmth to his eyes and across our bond that told me all I needed to know on that score.

    I grinned. I linked my hand with his and we exited.

    "I have the rest of the alpha-shift off." He told me.

    "Oh!" I exclaimed happily and gave a little whoop of delight.


    Back in our quarters, I and he settled down on the sofa, his arm snug around my shoulders. I sipped leisurely at a tall mug of hot chocolate.

    I told him of all that my assignment had entailed, how beautiful I had found Scotland, and how very welcoming and warm Chelsea and the Doctor had been.

    "By the way," I began, "Dr. Baxter had asked me to come back after next month -- but for three weeks this time."

    His grip tightened around me. "I found it quite difficult to endure this much time apart from you, Nyota. I hope you didn't accept?"

    I laughed. "Darling, I couldn't bear that much time apart from you, either, and I certainly don't want even a fraction of that any time soon!!! No, I told him I had another one of my colleagues in mind. I submitted Mr. Watkins as a recommendation."

    Spock's eyes glowed with appreciation and relief.

    "I am altogether pleased to hear that." He told me, giving my nearer ear a nibble.

    I beamed. "I have missed you, and I am so happy to be with you again!"

    He replied warmly: "I must avow that I share those sentiments."

    I leaned even more into his hold. "Thanks to Jim's thoughtfulness, you have the balance of the day and all night to prove it." I purred.

    "That I shall do with pleasure, love." He answered and kissed me at length.

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