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    A universe where the Federation is a mere memory. A universe where war swept across the Galaxy, and left Civilizations in ruins. Billions killed in the endless blood shed which gave rise to the "Golden Age of the Klingons" History wiped away to tell the cleansing that the Klingons had brought upon the Galaxy. Those who dare still fight are hunted down, and made examples of.

    Yet there are those who show Defiance.....
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    They had swept through with such a force that it had almost happened within a blink of an eye. That would be how those who survived spoke of this massacre. It was meant to be a treaty talk. A talk of an alliance which could have brought a new light to the growing darkness of war. Some had clung to this false hope with all they could, and how wrong they had been to believe in such a lie. What was left of the once proud Federation which stretched across the Galaxy met at a moon of Jupiter.

    There Admiral Donaldson had sworn the Romulans would agree to the Alliance, and that they would be able to stand against the Klingon forces which had gone unstopped on their decimation of the Galaxy. Time passed for an eternity as the first Romulan vessel had appeared. That was when they should have known something was wrong. Admiral Donaldson greeted the Romulan Commander right as the vessel exploded. Before reactions could be set the Klingons had fallen upon them. All around the Bird of Preys hunted their foes with the ferocity unseen in any war. Federation ships were wiped away in mere moments as those who tried saw the betrayal before their eyes. Admiral Peter Donaldson, and his vessel the U.S.S Lance had not attacked a single Klingon ship. In fact it seemed as if the Klingon vessels were protecting the ship from any chance of being hit.

    “Fellow Captains,” The voice of Donaldson spoke on the comm. He sounded as if he was laughing at all of the death that was going on in front of his eyes. In his chair he lounged as Klingon officers stood around him shooting any of his crew who did not bow their knees. “I must have forgotten to tell you all. I have been given an offer in the new Galaxy in which I couldn’t have turned away. All I was asked to do was to lead you blind sheep into the slaughter.” A smirk came across his face as another Federation ship exploded from the onslaught of the Klingons.

    “I should thank you all,” Sounding more sincere as only a mere five ships remained of the Federation resistance. He should have had some sort of music playing during this. To add to the historic moment he got to witness. Klingons gave their cheers as a Bird of Prey on the verge of destruction slammed into a Federation ship creating one of the better explosions of the day.

    “I couldn’t have done this without your blind faith. You all honestly trusted the lies I laid at your feet,” He clapped for a moment to haunt them even more. Only two ships remained as he watched one maneuver to escape. It looked on the verge of death as he knew well enough which ship that was.

    “Ah Captain Kirk,” Donaldson said rather gleefully. He stroked his dark beard as four Klingon ships raced off after the U.S.S Enterprise. “You were the biggest surprise for coming along with us. I was sure you would have listened to the fool Pike, and stayed away. No matter with you gone Pike will have little time. I seemed to have told the Klingons all our secrets. You will forgive me won’t you…..”

    Donaldson felt his ship shake all around him as the Enterprise had sent a barrage of torpedoes its way. Sparks flew from consoles all around as Klingons cursed, and ordered for the ship to be destroyed.
    “Don’t play the hero like your father!” Donaldson said laughing again. He gripped his chair as the Enterprise took a volley from two Bird of Prey’s and yet the ship still remained. There was no chance it would be able to jump to warp.

    “I am a merciful man Kirk. I could have the Klingons spare you and your crew….” He began watching as the Enterprise vanished into warp. Donaldson merely leaned back in his chair, and smiled at the view in front of him. Getting to his feet he looked at the dead bodies of his former crew, and the Klingons who had taken their place.

    “Long live the Klingon Empire.” He spoke giving a low bow.
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    This an excellent beginning, you definitely have me intrigued! [face_thinking]=D=
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    First: Welcome to NSWFF! We're thrilled to have you here [:D]

    And I'm going to second Mira: I'm already totally hooked! Can't wait for more :)
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    I tiptoed in here and found a very intriguing start. Happy that such great talents as Mira and Nat have given the thumbs-up. As long as you have S/U together, I'm happy. [face_love] :cool: I look forward to how our indomitable Trek version of Solo-plus-Luke ;) handles this challenge.
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