Story [Star Trek Into Darkness/2009] One of many Jim/OC, one shot.

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    Jade eyes Disclaimer: Borrowing Audrey, etc. & spinning off from RX's latest post.

    "I didn't sign on to become a bootlicker or a cow-tower!"

    "Some rules need to be followed; that's why they're there ... even when thhey make little sense or are blatantly unpleasant."

    "But I'm not going to sacrifice my friends and others I care about. If they thingk their abstract laws take precedence, they are sadly, brutally mistaken!"

    "I knew there was a reason I love you, one of many."



    @RX_Sith :D @};-
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    Great summary of both Audrey's and Kirk's resolve as the situation at hand is rather special in regards to not only finding Spock, but a true friend who needs him just as much as he needs the Enterprise. [:D]
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    Jim would break any rule to protect his family or his love. I miss these from you Deb!
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    Jim is the one to break rules and that's why he is so nice
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