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Story [Star Trek Into Darkness] The Life To My Soul (Khan/OFC) Completed 12 September!

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by Dantana Skywalker, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Dantana Skywalker

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    Apr 7, 2002
    Before we get to this chapter, I just want to take a moment to say that I know what I am doing with this. I have had SO many people harass me over the end of this 'fic and the start of the next one because they think they know better than I do where I am taking this. Please do NOT do this. I find it extremely annoying and frustrating.


    --Chapter Twenty-Five--

    After they'd eaten lunch, having a picnic in the shade, Khan dragged the parts of their bed from Earth out of the Reliance's hold, where they'd been sitting for nearly six months, and hauled them into the cabin. He put it all back together, and even put sheets on the mattress.

    When he came back out to join her in the shade, Anthea reflected that life was good here. Headache aside, she was content with how things progressed in their settlement.

    That was, until she glanced over, towards the village square, and saw Marla McGivers flirting with one of Khan's men. Barton, she thought it was.

    Anthea stiffened. "What is she doing here?" she demanded.

    Khan followed her gaze. "Oh, the McGivers woman? She came down with the supplies from the Enterprise that Kirk gave us. She's decided she would rather be here with twentieth-century men than out in space with twenty-third century ones. As we've something of an imbalance of men to women, I thought this was an . . . imperfect solution. Is there a problem?"

    His wife narrowed her eyes. "I went to school with her. I can't stand her. She's one of those women who will flirt with anything that moves, and takes her personality from her flavour of the week boyfriend."

    "I'd noticed she's . . . forward," Khan said dryly.

    Anthea's grey eyes lifted to his face. "Did she put the moves on you?"

    "She tried," he told her with a small chuckle. "I tried to dissuade her from coming here, but-"

    His beloved wife growled. "How dare she!"

    "Thea, calm down. Nothing happened."

    "Still. It's the principle of the thing! I'm going to go lay down a few rules."

    Khan laughed out loud. "Thea!"

    She ignored him and stomped across the clearing to the redhead. "You!"

    Marla turned, pretty features brightening. "Anthea Mackintosh! What are you doing here?"

    "Anthea Harrison, not Mackintosh. Actually, technically, it's Singh. Khan is my husband."

    All of the colour drained out of Marla's face. "Oh. I . . . didn't realise."

    Everyone had stopped to see what Anthea was so angry about, so it was dead silent in the village when the crack rang out, of Anthea's palm across Marla's face.

    "You try anything with my husband again," Anthea hissed, "and I will kill you. And it won't be pleasant. You understand me?"

    Marla nodded rapidly, her hand pressed to her red and stinging cheek. "Perfectly," she whispered.

    "Good. I'll tolerate your being here because we need more women, but if you so much as put a toe out of line . . ."

    The redhead looked down at the ground.

    Anthea turned and stalked back to Khan. As she passed, Otto made a big show of bowing, saying, "Kaiserin!"

    Khan leaned against the tree where she'd left him, looking vastly amused. "Feel better now?" he asked.

    "Somewhat." Anthea reached up and rubbed her forehead. "Headache's back, though."

    He snaked an arm around her neck and kissed the top of her head. "McCoy told you to take it easy and keep your blood pressure down," he reminded her.

    "I know, I know."

    "I believe someone needs assurance of my affections," he murmured.

    She grinned when he curved a hand around her waist. "Mmm. Maybe I do."

    "Should we go see if the bed is . . . put together correctly?" Khan asked her. In full view of everyone, he pushed her hair out of the way and kissed the side of her neck.

    "That would be good. I-" Suddenly, she went absolutely white. "Oh."

    Anthea's knees buckled, her eyes rolling into her head. Surprised by this, Khan barely caught her as she slumped to the ground. As he lifted her limp form into his arms, he shouted to his sister, "Kati! Watch Nolan!"

    With his wife in his arms, Khan sprinted for the Reliance.

    Yves wasn't in the medbay when Khan came in, Anthea unconscious in his arms. The doctor had been outside for once, and he had seen Anthea's collapse. He was close on his leader's heels, though.

    "What happened?" he asked, as Khan put Anthea on the closest bed.

    "Doctor McCoy warned her not to get overly stressed," Khan fretted. "He said it could cause bleeding. She slapped the McGivers woman, yelled at her. Then she just . . . dropped."

    Yves pulled out a light and checked Anthea's pupils. One was larger than the other, and sluggish to respond to the light. Muttering under his breath, he fetched his tricorder and scanned her. "I do not like her vitals. I need to check . . ."

    The doctor fetched the brain scanning equipment they'd used on Kati and attached it to Anthea. The area above the bed lit up with a display of Anthea's brain, in three dimensions, and her vitals appeared on the wall-mounted monitor.

    Yves frowned. "Merde," he murmured. "It is not good."

    "What isn't?"

    The Frenchman poked a finger into the neural monitor's display, where a dark patch marred the surface of Anthea's brain. "She has a hemorrhage here, see? I cannot stop it, Khan, I do not have the tools or the training."

    "What do we do?" Khan demanded.

    The vitals monitor started screaming, interrupting before Yves could tell his leader there was nothing to be done. Anthea's heartrate began to drop, blood pressure bottoming out.

    Yves grabbed the defibrillator and shoved Khan out of the way. He ripped Anthea's shirt open, pressed the paddles against her skin, and pressed the controls that sent a jolt through her. Her pulse jumped, then flattened again.

    The good thing about her heart stopping was that she was no longer bleeding into the space between her brain and her skull. The bad thing was that it was, in fact, stopped.

    Khan felt his heart drop into his toes. He was helpless to do anything.

    "Get me adrenaline!" Yves snapped.

    Khan rushed to the refrigerator near Yves's desk and dug through the medicines until he found the one he sought. Across the medbay, the doctor gave Anthea yet another jolt. Returning to where Anthea lay, he opened the hypo and jammed the needle straight between her ribs, through the top of her left breast, and into her heart.

    "Clear," Yves said.

    Khan stepped back, and Yves shocked her again.

    This time, her pulse caught and held, though it was thready. The equipment monitoring her brain beeped again, letting them know that the hemorrhage had resumed, if slower.

    "My blood," Khan said. "We can-"

    "No time," Yves snapped. "We have no concentrated platelets left, Khan. The only thing we have is-"

    The doctor's face went completely blank, and he spun on one foot, diving across the small medbay to the refrigerated storage Khan had just raided. The blonde man yanked the door open, rifled through its contents, and came up with an injector.

    Khan recognised its contents instantly. "Yves, that could kill the child."

    Yves shook his head. "Maybe. But the child will die with her if she does, non?"

    A split second was all he could spare. Khan looked from Yves to his wife. His friend was right; Anthea was hemorrhaging inside her head, just as McCoy had warned them about, and if they didn't do something now, she was going to die.

    He climbed up onto the bed, dragging her into his lap. To Yves, he nodded and said, "Do it."

    Yves took a deep breath, psyching himself up for it, and pressed the injector of serum to Anthea's jugular.

    At first, there was no change. The serum had been developed for Kati, not for Anthea, and they had no idea how she would react to it, if at all.

    One second ticked by. Two. Five. Ten.

    Thirty seconds after the injector drained into Anthea's vein, she began to seize, just as Kati had. Khan wrapped his arms tight around his wife, burying his face in her hair. It wasn't how one was supposed to handle a seizure, but if Anthea didn't survive this, he wanted- he needed to be holding her when it happened.

    "Please, my darling," he whispered. He gathered her close, pressing his lips to her temple. "I do not beg for anything, my Thea. But- Please. Do not leave me."

    Yves split his attention between the readouts and his patient. Seeing Khan so vulnerable was a completely new experience, and he wasn't sure how to respond. So he made himself busy, fetching a new extractor. Silently, he held it up.

    Khan caught a glimpse of it, nodded and held out his arm a little. Yves drew what he could, immediately turning to inject the fresh blood into Anthea's shaking arm.

    The doctor sighed. "And now, we wait."

    Khan didn't respond, just sat and rocked back and forth on the bed, holding the dying love of his life in his arms.
  2. RX_Sith

    RX_Sith C&G Game Host star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 13, 2006
    Sad ending to their long journey.
  3. Dantana Skywalker

    Dantana Skywalker Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 7, 2002
    It's not over yet!
  4. Dantana Skywalker

    Dantana Skywalker Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 7, 2002
    This is the last chapter of this 'fic. There's a sequel in the works, which I will begin posting shortly.


    --Chapter Twenty-Six--

    Yves was torn, wanting to keep an eye on Anthea, but also wanting to tell Kati what was going on, and to give Khan some privacy if . . . this didn't work. There was nothing he could do to save Anthea now, not if the serum and Khan's platelets didn't do what they hoped. The bleeding in her brain was too significant.

    He stepped out of the Reliance, finding the entire settlement waiting in tense silence outside. It took the Frenchman back a bit.

    "Yves." Kati stepped up with a perturbed Nolan in her arms. "How is she?"

    He cleared his throat. He didn't need to speak loudly, as everyone there-save the annoying human woman Anthea had slapped earlier-had enhanced hearing. "She is bleeding in her brain. I do not have the tools to treat it, save . . . for Khan's blood. We have done what we can, but all we do now is wait and see."

    Kati clapped a hand over her mouth, tears welling in her eyes. Without thinking, Yves hauled her into his arms. Nolan squawked a protest at being squished so.

    Otto came over. "May I go in?" he asked the doctor.

    Yves nodded.

    Khan's lieutenant entered the ship, walking with a heavy heart towards the medbay. There, he let himself in.
    His fearless leader sat on the first of the two beds, hunched over the prone and convulsing body of his wife. Khan rhythmically stroked his fingers through Anthea's hair, and tears ran unheeded down the man's face.

    It was a shock to Otto; he had never seen Khan so undone. "Kaiser," he said quietly, reluctant to intrude.

    Khan's eyes were red when he looked up. "Yes, Otto?" His voice was quiet and rough.

    "Everyone waits outside," the big man said awkwardly. "We wish to know . . . Is there nothing we can do?"

    Khan rested his cheek on the top of Anthea's head. "I wish that there were, Otto, I really do. We gave her the rest of the serum developed for Kati, and some of my blood."

    "And we wait to see if it works, ja?"

    "Yes. I do not know for how long."

    And then, for the first time in his adult life, Khan Noonien Singh broke down in ragged sobs.


    An hour after they administered the serum, the convulsions stopped. Anthea's vitals hovered at a critical low, but were, for the time being, stable. Yves put her on oxygen, because her lung function kept hitching.

    Khan hovered nervously, completely at a loss for what to do. He wasn't used to being helpless like this. He was Khan, ruler of the world, a superhuman who could do anything and always knew what to do and when.

    Except when it came to this. Here, in this room, watching a machine breathe for his wife, he felt incredibly small and weak. He needed something to do, but he had no idea what. There wasn't anything he could do but wait, and he didn't want to leave, in case . . . Just in case.

    Since Yves's quarters were just across the corridor, the doctor left him alone with Anthea, and Kati watched Nolan for Khan. He sat by himself, in a chair beside Anthea's bed, holding her limp and unresponsive hand in his.

    She was in a coma, partially induced by Yves so that Khan's blood could do its work. Yves had brought out the medical android and had drained the hematoma. A bandage covered Anthea's forehead now, and a pint of Khan's blood dripped through an IV, the second one they'd given her since Yves had performed the surgery.

    Khan didn't know if she could hear him, but he still spoke to her anyway.

    "You know . . . when you came into my life, my dearest, I was not expecting it. I was angry, and afraid, because Marcus had woken me from my sleep, and told me that he held my people captive. He said that he knew who I was, and if I did not cooperate, he would kill them. He and his men tortured me for over a week before I agreed."

    He pressed his lips to the cool, velvety skin on the back of her hand. "My servitude began the day Marcus brought me to the Kelvin archive. I had been threatened and hurt, and had nothing to live for save my people's continued safety.
    "And then I saw you. I couldn't believe someone as beautiful as you worked for such horrible people. You were a bright spot in my incredibly dark world, and I felt drawn to you like a moth to a flame. I knew I shouldn't draw you in, and I did it anyway, because I was unable to resist you."

    Khan rose to sit on the side of the bed, turning her arm in his to run his fingers the length of her forearm, over the hidden scars. "I didn't ask what they'd done to you, because I knew already. And because they had done that, and you still managed to be so strong and warm, when I was feeling so weak and cold, I knew I could have no other woman than you, my Anthea. And I knew you wanted me. It was so clear to me. You gave me a safe haven against the worst Marcus could put me through. You loved me even when I couldn't tell you the truth, loving me even through everything I had to do to free our people."

    He brushed his fingers over the bandage on her head. "I tried to reach you from Qo'noS, but I couldn't get through. I believe Marcus blocked our communicators from reaching each other, after I tried to kill him in San Francisco. I did not know if you still lived. He threatened to kill you, my love, and for that alone, he deserved to die. Because you are mine, Anthea. You are the thing I need most in this world. Waking up to your face, when you brought me out of my second cryosleep . . . I know you think I was cold, and distant, but I had gone into it thinking all I love was dead and I had nothing left. To see you alive, to know you had saved me . . ."

    There was no response in her, no change in the slow and steady beep of the heart monitor. He sighed.

    "I have no words for how much I need you," he whispered. "I love you beyond all reason, and you ground me. You keep the monster they created at bay. If I lose you . . . What will I become?"


    Anthea was comatose for four days. Khan didn't leave the medbay, save for seeing to his needs when absolutely necessary, and to take care of Nolan. The little boy didn't understand what was going on, and he cried continuously for his mother. Khan held him and walked the main corridor of the Reliance in the middle of the night, trying to soothe his son. Finding himself effectively a single father was rather a surprise, and one that made him appreciate everything Anthea had done while he had been imprisoned.

    Feeding a grouchy toddler, giving the child a bath when he didn't want one, getting Nolan dressed when he wanted to run naked and free . . . Khan didn't know how Anthea managed, and made it look so effortless.

    Towards evening on the fourth day, Anthea's vitals changed drastically, the computer helpfully alerting Khan and Yves with a trill. They'd been low but stable, and now they jumped, her heart rate increasing to normal, her respiration rising, oxygen saturation levels shooting from where they'd hovered at ninety percent to nearly a hundred.

    "What's happening?" Kati asked, looking between brother and doctor.

    "She's waking up," Khan said, and his voice cracked with emotion. He looked to Yves for confirmation, and his friend nodded.

    It took a good hour for her to surface, but eventually, her eyes slowly fluttered open. Khan made sure that his face was the first she saw, and he tenderly caressed her cheek as she blinked up at him.

    "Welcome back," he rasped.

    She licked dry lips, tried to speak but couldn't.

    "Water, please, Kati," Khan said to his sister. With Anthea's hand in his, he didn't want to budge.

    Anthea turned her head a little, taking in the medbay. When she managed to speak, her voice was barely audible. "-happened?"

    Khan helped her sit up a little, handed her the glass of water Kati brought, and helped her hold steady as she took a few sips. "You collapsed," he told her softly. "After you confronted the McGivers woman, you just . . . one moment you were speaking to me, and the next, you just dropped like a stone."

    "Apparently, you got angry enough to cause a subarachnoid hemorrhage," Yves told her. He scanned her with the medical tricorder, then manually checked her eyes. "Doctor McCoy warned you about that, non?"

    Anthea put a hand to her head, but the bump was gone. "How long was I . . .?"

    "Dead?" Khan asked roughly. "Technically, two minutes."

    Her grey eyes widened in surprise. "I died?" she croaked.

    "Only technically," Yves said helpfully.

    Khan shot him a look. "Your blood pressure dropped, likely from shock due to the hemorrhage. We managed to get your heart started again, and Yves . . . We couldn't do anything about the bleeding. So we improvised."

    Anthea looked from Khan to Yves and back. "What did you do?"

    Khan wasn't a hesitant man by any means. Uncertainty was as unfamiliar to him as the surface of Vulcan. But now, he glanced away and cleared his throat.

    "There was only one thing we could do," Yves said. "We gave you the serum we gave Kati. And while that did its work, Khan gave you his blood. We had none, and the serum helped while we extracted enough of his blood to replace what you lost."

    "Oh. But . . . why is that bad?" She really didn't understand. Khan's blood healed.

    "We had to give you some to keep you alive and stop the bleeding," Khan told her. "And once the bleeding stopped, Yves . . . had to drain what had collected around your brain."

    Pressing the glass into her husband's hands, Anthea reached up and felt her skull frantically. "I don't feel anything," she said.

    "We gave you two more transfusions," he responded. "And there was an . . . unintended side effect."

    "What side effect?" she demanded, not noticing that she had her full voice back and was sitting up on her own. "Is the baby okay?"

    "The baby, it is fine," Yves assured her, even as he and Khan exchanged a look. Khan nodded, and the doctor went to fetch something. He came back with a spare metal part Anthea recognised as a piece of one of the dismantled cryotubes.

    "Bend that," her husband said, taking it from Yves to hand to her.


    "Bend it," Khan repeated.

    Anthea looked at the metal in her hand. Four inches long and half an inch thick, it was a fairly substantial chunk. "You've got to be kidding me," she said, taking it in both hands. "There's no way I can-"

    As she spoke, she put pressure on each half, pushing the ends towards the middle. To her absolute shock, the metal gave. Not much, only a few degrees at most, but still.

    She dropped the metal and it bounced off her leg to fall to the floor. "I . . . What just happened?"

    "That," her husband said dryly, "is the side effect. Giving the serum to Kati cured her neurological disease. Giving it to you, after you've spent so long with my DNA, Nolan's DNA, in your system through two pregnancies . . . Acted as something of a catalyst, it seems."

    "What did you do?!"

    "It seems, my dearest Thea, you're one of us now."
  5. RX_Sith

    RX_Sith C&G Game Host star 5 VIP - Game Host

    Mar 13, 2006
    Awesome ending as Anthea with Khan's blood is able to recover and become one of them. =D=
  6. Dantana Skywalker

    Dantana Skywalker Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 7, 2002
    Thanks! I wouldn't be too hopeful, though. I have a lot in store.
  7. Mira_Jade

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    Jun 29, 2004
    I am here! My reading time has been zip lately. But, on a positive note, I like having more than one chapter to read at once. :p

    Alrighty, with Chapters 23 and 24, I loved seeing Anthea's homecoming. There was such a tangible feeling of family here, which beautifully juxtaposed Khan's whole solidary quest in the Into Darkness film. It was great to see Anthea back and starting the path towards healing. And then . . .

    "What do we say, Nolan?" she asked.


    McCoy laughed. Anthea rolled her eyes.

    "No, sweetheart, we say 'thank you'."

    Nolan blinked up at her with big blue eyes, brows scrunched in confusion. "Why?"

    McCoy covered his mouth with his hand. "Yeah, there's no doubt that's Khan's kid."

    Parts like this just make this fic a gem! [face_love]

    I liked seeing Khan being able to experience this child with her, too. It is sad to know he missed out on Nolan's birth - but, what Anthea had to endure alone really gave her advice to Kati weight. [face_love]

    And then, with Chapter 25 . . .

    The showdown with McGivers was brilliant! Anthea is a match for Khan in more way than one. [face_mischief] I loved Otto's reaction - really, I am enjoying all of the personalities you are creating for this story. [face_love]

    But yikes! Everything was going so well, but now . . . :( Khan's grief was tangible, and all but painful to read. This whole chapter packed a punch!

    I wouldn't begin to presume where you are taking this next. It seems you are running into quite the 'interesting' brand of reader with this fic. :rolleyes:

    . . . and my guess would have been wrong anyway! :p

    Too cool about Anthea and her new found powers. I can't wait what adventures this family has in store now. [face_dancing]

    Just . . . this is an awesome 'verse of stories. Thank-you so much for sharing! [:D]
  8. Dantana Skywalker

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    Apr 7, 2002
    Thank you for reading! Your feedback's meant a lot to me, especially lately.

    I had a reader on harass me for a couple of weeks, telling me that Anthea got off too lightly for attacking Marla, etc. and saying she needed to suffer more. And then, just after I got rid of that person, I had someone pop up and accuse me of ripping off Twilight. It really pissed me off and made me question everything about where I was taking this, and then I decided, "Screw that! It's my story, and if I want to give her abilities, I WILL!" I mean, I'm not gonna go wild and have her be the best of the best, that would be ridiculous. Grr.

    Anyway! I'm about to put up the first part of the next 'fic!
  9. earlybird-obi-wan

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Awesome ending and love to see more of her and the superhumans
    Thank you
  10. Dantana Skywalker

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    Apr 7, 2002
    Thank you for reading!