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  1. 6-6-6

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    Oct 24, 2002
    King Organa finished giving his speech to the people of Aldera. He turned and walked back into the building from the fourth story balcony of the Senate Hall, overlooking the marble-tiled and spit-polished grand boulevard of Alderaan.

    The speach had been a hard sell, attempting to convince the numerous factions of Aldera to honor the new "temporary redistribution of funds through fiscal restructurement" in order for the Alderaanian govenment to be able to pay the exhorbitant amount of tax money requested by the Guild for their new army. His speach had gone fairly well, with the crowd divided nearly half and half; half supporting every word against the "terror loving anarchists" and half calling for the King's head on a platter. By the end of the speach, most of the crowd had been appeased, but there were a considerable number of individuals who jeered at every sentence.

    Organa gave one last wave to the throng of thousands of people who had turned out for the speach, and then took the las step back into the comfortable room which housed the balcony. The three other political advisors clapped as the glass-paneled doors were closed by him, but the Minister of State had a hard look on his face. The minister appeared to be about to say something, but no sound could be heard.

    Organa felt pricks of pain stretch over his back and neck, and then was thrown across the room and onto a glass table. A dull roar shook the room, and fire tore through the windows and doors. A bomb had gone off in the plaza. The mushroom of fire streched upwards and outwards, smashing and burning all in its path. Once the initial explosion had passed, Organa pulled himself painfully to his feet, using one arm. He tried to lift the other arm, but he could not move it. Blood streamed down his face and eyes, and from holes in his tattered and scorched clothes. He limped through the wrecked doorframe and out onto the balcony. The once beautiful and pristine marble plaza, with elegant buildings and manicured trees, had been reduced to a smouldering crater filled with debris, flame, body parts, and unrecognizable corpses.

    A slight tug was felt on his good arm. Organa turned, seeing a security guard yelling at him to do something. He could not hear a word that was being said. The guard pulled him back inside, into the hallways which were being drenched by the security sprinklers. He tried to walk, but could not. For the first time, the king noticed a jagged peice of metal protruding from his left calf. The guard seemed to have noticed it as well, and threw Organa's arm around his shoulder, practically carrying him out of the room, past the dead bodies of what were once his political advisors.

    Whoever has done this, Organa thought to himself, I will find them. They will pay for this crime. Now war is unavoidable. They will pay for the murder of tens of thousands of innocent people. The perpetrators will be brought to justice, and justice will be the point of a knife.
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    Apr 16, 2002
    OCC: sorry for my absence, I totaly forgot about this one.

    Averoth had been in all the meetings.
    As the diplomat of Coruscant gouverment he had to.

    Now sitting at his desk, trying to figure out wha tot do next.
    An army was nessesary, but Coruscant didnt hav an army, it was a big city!
    And why would we need an army anyway?
    Surly there must be some ways to upphold the peace in other ways.

    Averoth called in an officer, they might not have an army, but assasins and bounty hunters there were a lot of.

    "Bring me the finest assasin in the galaxy"
    "Yes Sir".

    A few hours later he..or she..or it.. stod in Averoth´s office.

    "I welcome you, what is the price of eliminating the leader of anarchists? or atleast those whom speak more of war than peace?"

    "The price can be told later on. I know not hos dangerous this..mission will be, and surley you will pay"

    "Ofcourse I will pay, so .be gone now , and bring me the head of their leader".

    The Assasin left the office and Averoth turned around his chair and looked out the window down on the streets.
    This would for sure shake the grounds of those damn anarchists.
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    Sep 7, 2002
    "Your Majesty," interrupted Commander Weada.

    Amory turned his head in wonder what the problem was, pushing a button that temporarily broke transmission with the Director General of Corellia, "What is is Commander?"

    "There has been trouble on Alderaan." he said, regretedly.

    "Well, what is it?"

    "After King Organa made a speach, there was an explosion in the Grand Plaza, and it destroyed some of the palace." Amory sat back in his chair.

    "What of the King?"

    "We believe he might be alright, but most, if not all of, his advisors are dead."

    Amory sat there, then asked, "Who was behind the attack; if that is what it was."

    "It has been clarified as an attack. And the Individualist are the suspects as of right now."

    Amory pondered even more, and came to a conclusion, "Send a team of your men to suopport their's, and find out who is really behind it. I will contact the Treasurer of every system and ask them to push forward the date of our income to speed up funding so we can get our army created. These Individualist are getting more agressive by the minute. We will not continue to allow them to keep doing this. They will be stopped."

    "Yes, sir." Weada said, "I will send some of my as soon as possible."
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    Dec 2, 2000
    Charath Tiori stepped lightly among the immaculate streets of Hanna City.

    Chandrila was his homeworld - a spectacular homeworld at that. Clean, with fresh air and busy minds, intellects engaging in political and philisophical debates...everything was very enlightening.

    However, unlike many other 21-year olds ((yes, I'm changing his age)) who were mainly following in the trodden or unreal footsteps of their parents, Charath had broken away from it all and had finally gone against his parents' wishes and secured an appointment in at a military academy on Corellia.

    Now, he returned for a brief vacation, visiting all that he called home.

    OOC: Just a quaint little intro post, setting up for what is to come...
  5. Senator_Amory

    Senator_Amory Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC:That's fine.

    If anyone who hasn't posted here and joined in yet, just do like above. We will be happy to have you join us. And for those who are posting here right now, tell your friends to come by and see if they want to join in as well. We will be happy to have them.

    IC:After Weada left the confrence room, Amory turned back to his holocron and de-muted it and let the screen come back alive. The Corellian was simply sitting there waiting, but he understood what happened and seemed to not be offended.

    "Director General," Amory asked.

    "Yes, sir?" the Corellian replied.

    "I truly hate to cut our brief meeting so short, but there has been something brought to my attention suddenly, and I have just had alot of work put on me, and I need that much needed time to get it finished. I am sorry; but I will, however, after all is said and done, assign a transport for you so we can have a longer meeting later on."

    "That's fine. I understand the pressure you are under, and will let you get back to work." the Corellian politely replied, and he closed the transmission.

    Amory sighed of distress, and rubed his eyes, and then moved his hands towards his temples, untill he finally got the strength to get up and go to work on contacting the treasurers of the many systems in the Guild, since their representatives were not on Coruscant anymore to make things run smoother.

    The King had been fatigued very much. Also, the stress had created nausia to fall upon him, but he was great at covering those things up, and continue working through them. Lastervians were hard workers and would not stop until they got their job done. This is the reason why Amory hadn't quite politics so long ago. he knew it was his job to serve the people, and that would be what he will do until his death.

    He then lifted his lead-heavy legs, weighing heavy from no sleep, and carried himself to his office to start his yet another assignment.
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    Sep 17, 2002
    Weada began to walk down the long corridor. There had been so many breaches over the past few days. Not necessarily in his sector, but it was his newly appointed job as Head of Security to ensure the safety of all under his watch; what affected others would surely affect him twice as much.

    "Sir," said a guard who approached Weada when walking down the hall. "What are our orders for tonight, sir?"

    Weada rubbed his sore eyes. He hadn't slept in days.

    "I want sixty guards on this floor alone," Weada replied. They began to walk down the corridor together. "Thirty on each floor below this one and ten guarding the doors. Report back to me three standard hours from now."

    "Yes, sir," the guard replied quickly, saluted Weada and walked away.

    Weada began his walk to the main control center. There he would make the command to send troops to Alderaan to eliminate yet another individualist threat; for now. The Armed Forces of the Republic were strong. He could only hope for the best.
  7. 6-6-6

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    Oct 24, 2002
    King Organa slowly came back to contiousness, and found himself laying on a hospital bed in the Royal Palace. Standing over him were his wife and niece, as well as the Treasury Secretary and the Minister of State, who was supported by two male nurses and who's face was badly scarred from the blast.

    "Minister," Organa croaked, "I didn't think you had made it."

    One of the nurses said something, but no sound could be heard. He reached over to some sort of mechanical device on a nearby table, and flipped a switch. Then he began speaking again. "Please don't speak, sir. It will only inflame your larynx. And your ears also need time to recover. Your eardrums were badly damaged in the blast, and so we now have you hooked up to a machine which converts sound waves to electrical impulses, which are then fed into your nervous receptors which once processed the information from your eardrums..."

    The queen cut off the nurse. "Thank you, that is enough. I don't beleave he needs such technical explinations at this moment."

    The nurse's face lit with realization, and kept quiet.

    "It is so good to see that you will be all right. We were not too certain for a while, and the people seemed convinced that you had also been killed. I was fortunate enough to be inside of a doorframe which sheilded me from the brunt of the blast. But no one else on that side of the building was so fortunate, especially after half of the building collapsed from the structural damage. You were pulled out just in time, but seventy-five thousand others were not so fortunate."

    "Now, now, Claudius; do not concern him with grim numbers at this time." Organa's niece said.

    The King tried to move into a more comfortable position, but his right arm was locked in a sling, and his left leg was bandaged and connected to the bed by a series of wires and tubes, which extended beneath the bandages. Instead, he whispered, "Who?"

    "Come now, Fitzroy. Do not think of this anymore." The Queen said.

    He repeated his question.

    "We are not certain," Nicolai, the Treasury Secretary, said, "But it was no doubt the individualists. The pacifists couldn't have been responsible, since they didn't know about the military creation tax until the end of your speach. The militarists wouldn't have done it because your speach only helped their cause, and the creationists...well...they didn't havy anything to gain from such an attack. But none of that has prevented the civil insurrection which has torn the city apart."

    "Nicolai!" Organa's niece yelled."

    "Oh, I am sorry, I shouldnt have said that." The King's expression told him that it was too late to stop what he was saying. "Yes, there is civil insurrection all over Aldera, and it is spreading to the rest of the planet."

    "Civil Insurrection? Bah, more like Civil War." Claudius said.

    Nicolai continued, "The bombing killed a large percentage of the city's popuation. The grand plaza was completely destroyed, and many of the surrounding buildings, including the palace, were completely or partially destroyed. This explosion has thrown every group and faction into war against all the others. We thought the riots and protests were bad, but now there is open violence and warlike anarchy ripping apart the streets. The police and Praetorian Guard are unable to control the sheer amount of violence. The planetary guard and the small military has been called out, but they can do less than the police. There have been more attacks, none as big as the one at the plaza, but they are more frequent and more chaotic. Just this morning, the pacifist party headquarters was bombed, and their leader's vehicles and homes torched. It is militant against pacifist, creationist against individualist, worker against manager, human against alien, and no one is able to stop it. The Guild is sending a small army here to help keep the peace. Now all we can do is try to keep the city from fraying any more...and all that you can do is rest."

    A doctor came in and read some numbers off of a monitor. He said
  8. Rofath_Ewerthis

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    Nov 18, 2002
    BUMP!!!!!!!!! BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOUND THE ALARM: BUMP!!!!!!!
  9. WarmasterDan

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    Sep 3, 2002
    (ships enter's Coruscant system)Prepare to land honey.
  10. Senator_Amory

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Since Amory had contacted many of the systems' treasurers, most of the systems in the Guild has been quick to respond, and the funding they had collected already was in the Treasury of the Guild, and being put to use. But of course, other systems such as Aldeeran, and others, were given extra time in order to get back on their feet from the attacks of the Individualsit and other groups.

    The city on Bespin was now completed and workers were now mining fuels from the planet's many different, deep layers of atmosphere. Coruscant factories, with unknown, secret locations, were now busy constructing warfare and battle ships. Spacestations above Cleostine, a very large, planet-sized moon rich with metals and sand, were being used to build the Guild's great control ships in space. And a manufactorer on the scerene planet of Tatooine was now in the process of designing and producing armor for the Guild's soldiers, commanders, and generals. And maintanence staff and doctors, which will be aboard the control centers, were being trained and assigned. And the newly formed Jedi Order was growing a little more since the people have losened their fear of these 'spoon-binding witches'.

    Commander Weada was sitting in his room, drifting off to sleep in his chair, unintentialy, when a knock came at his door.
    "Come in." he announced.
    "Sir," one os his informen siad, saluting.
    Weada saluted back in order for the man to speak.
    "We may have a trace to the Individualist."
    Weada's eyes got wide. He and his men have been trying to find a trace to the Individualist for some time now, with no success. "Well..." he edged on.
    "The attack on Coruscant has been traced back to Naboo; a small system in the outer-rim. A perfect place for the Individualist to work, out of reach of the Guild."
    "Very well. I will report this to His Majesty. You are dismissed."
    The young man bowed quickly and left the room; while Weada dragginly got up and got his formal jacket back on and went to the King's chambers.

    Amory was stretched out over a sofa-type piece of furniture, drifting off to dream-land, when Weada came in.
    Amory moved his head over, and looked up at the commander with squintched eyes, "Yes", he asked hoarsly.
    "We have a trace to the Individualist."
    Amory opened his eyes, and worked his way to a sitting position, and coughed painfully.
    "Have a seat." he asked the head of security. "What system is the trace to?"
    "We have a trace back to Naboo, sir."
    "Naboo? Why in the world would it go to Naboo?"
    "I don't know, sir. But, then again, they are ruled by a relentless tyrant; King Troné. He has established countless concentration camps, and has been waring with the native Gungan for some time - on account of his racism against them. He believes the people of Naboo are superior to the Gungan. It is nothing short of a modern-day holocaust. The Gungans make up a large number of those in his concentration camps, but he has also prisoned many of his own people there. His mother in that number, the former queen. Which is how he accended the throne. The people continue to push for reform, but are only answered with more chaos. He's untterly evil. And the enslavement of his own mother shows that."
    "Yes, I was aware of that. I have heard that the people have coded his rule as the 'Great Time of Suffering'." Amory replied.
    "Yes, sir. It is sad. A few of my men had been watching his for a while, but we were never able to do anything about him. So eventually - we gave up. That was until the Guild was created and many traces were made back to Naboo. But they were never confirmed until now."
    Amory shook his head with undertanding, but was ready for thi all to be over with. He let out a grunting sigh, and then bent down to where his chest touched his knees, and his hands were streched out on the cold steel floor. He had been getting sick the past night and through that day, and desperatly wanted to lay his face on that coolness to catch some relief, but kept deciding not to.
    "Okay." he said with a muffled voice while hi
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    Nov 18, 2002
    As Rofath paced his office, the Minister of State, Jhead Glopper, enters the office and bows politely to Rofath.

    Jhead: "Your Highness, one of our agents on Coruscant reported several meetings between King Amory and his underlings, also they noticed that Amory's ship and escorts being readied, a mole in his Travel Office revealed the destination was Naboo."

    Rofath touches his chin contemplatively, "I see. Why would King Amory want to meet with a ruthless despot?"

    Jhead: "It is unknown, but our spies in Naboo state that King Trone maybe in league with the Individualists."

    "Interesting. If King Trone is an Individualist he will most certainly be killed. He has already shown that he enjoys brutality and is a racist and xenophobe."

    As they talk two men in cloaks enter; both have lightsabers on their belts. One of them looks at Rofath and says, "Your Highness, myself(Darth Assassin) and Darth Avenger are reporting as ordered."

    Rofath nods to the two men and says, "Welcome gentlemen, I may have a mission for you. I want you both to go to Naboo, pose as Corellian ambassadors, if you get a chance to meet with the King, contact me via secure holocomm, you will receive further orders at that time."

    Both Darths nod and leave.

    Rofath turns back to Jhead and says, "Hopefully my Sith Knights will handle the situation. You are dismissed."

    Jhead bows again and leaves.
  12. Senator_Amory

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    Sep 7, 2002
    After he had gotten his much needed rest, King Amory was now aboard his new diplomatic ship going home to conduct his native duties until it was time for him to be bound to Naboo, the enslaved planet now in the turmoil of destruction an hypocracy.

    Lastervia was a beautiful planet, known around the galaxy as and inter-planetary retreat for the wealthy. It had an exotic, yet low-humidity climate, and had many mountains, rolling hills, and deep saphire-blue oceans. And the stars, as well as it's violet ring shown in the day sky. Though almost masked by the sun's light, they were still distinguishable.

    Amory's ship, along with its security escorts, entered the atmosphere with a jolt, but nothing serious. This was common in modern space travel, but had been significantly improved over the few years space travle had been begun to be commonly used as a means of normal transportation.

    Waiting in the streets were many citizens of Alchiere, the planet's capital. The captital was made up of beautiful white marble structures and exotic plants and trees landscaped into its design. The streets were paved with marble cobblestone, and were traveled on by solar-powered vehicles. The Queen had been trilled at the news of her husband coming home, so she arranged a great welcome home party, in which all the citizens of Alchiere could participate. Once Amory's ship lowered onto the ground, the landing ramp was opened. The King's hand exited first and filed one to each side after the other, and then Amory decended the ramp. At the sight of him coming down, the crowds on both sides of the streets cheered. Then, Amory noticed a great arrangement of the city's armory fan out into equal sections on each side of the street, creating a pasage way for him to proceed through on his awaiting car.

    Amory smiled at the sight of his people giving him such a warm welcome, and waved back. He then sat in the car that would take him to his legal residence, were his wife awaited him on the great magnificient steps. As the car passed the filed soldiers, they all, in unison, saluted their king as he passed, creating a wave motion. And Amory returned their salute so they could go at ease. As he approached the great steps of the palace, he recognized the great band assembly of the University of Alchiere. A great band at that. The Queen was seated upon her throne, with her advisors assembled behind her, and his throne, to the left of his wife's, was waiting as well; along with his advisors. He then noticed one little girl that he had not seen before, standing to the left of his wife's side. She was clean and in nice clothes, but he still had never seen her before. She looked him right in the eyes, and then turned away, blushing, after she notced him looking at her. As the car came to a halt, he stepped out and ascended the steps and turned to silence the crowed. His wife made an official welcome before the assembly, and then he said a few words to acknowledge it and thanked them all for coming out. At that time, the maestro of the band conducted them through the haunitingly beautiful national anthem, since the planet was one big group of nations forming one larger nation, and fireworks were displayed and meals were eaten until nightfall. The king was happy to be home, but he knew that he had better enjoy it while he could; because his work resumed the next morning.
  13. Advenger

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    Nov 24, 2002
    May I join

    Name: Corban Dalos
    Age: 43
    Sex: Male
    Species: human
    Home-World: Kuat
    Affiliations: The MFCO (The Militaristic, Facist, Communist, Organisation)
    Goal: The create a militaristic government
  14. Senator_Amory

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    Sep 7, 2002

    All you gotta do is pop in and do what you did...which was tell about your character and start posting. Tell you friends in other boards to drop by as well. We will welcome everybody who wants to join.
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    Apr 16, 2002
    Averoth recieved a hollotranmission about the explosion.

    "Damn anarchists!" he yelled out, " I hope my....assasin does his job corectly"

    He went to hos speeder and whent to the secret millitary factorys. Inspecting the progress.

  16. Rofath_Ewerthis

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    Nov 18, 2002
    "Thank you for agreeing to see us on such short notice, Your Highness," stated Darth Assassin subserviantly.

    King Trone: "It is always a pleasure to meet representatives of our most faithful ally."

    Darth Avenger, standing next to Darth Assassin, and in front of King Trone, who is sitting relaxedly on his plush, jewel-encrusted throne, laughs to himself at the irony.

    Darth Assassin and Darth Avenger had been ordered to kill Trone by the DG Ewerthis. They had received the orders via secure holocomm the previous night.

    Darth Assassin continues, "Of course Your Highness, but our leader, DG Rofath Ewerthis, is quite concearned about your actions as of late. There are rumors that you are behind several Individualist attacks, is this true?"

    Trone laughs out loud as he answers, "Of course it is, nothing good will come out of this Guild of King Amory's, any who support him.....deserve to die." He continues laughing at his remark.

    Darth Avenger pipes in, "We are very sorry to hear that Your Highness!"

    Avenger has his lightsaber out in less than a second and immediately decapitates Trone, blood squirting everywhere and pooling upon his royal robes, Trone never had a chance to scream.

    Darth Assassin is already using his lightsaber to cut a man-sized hole in an outer wall. Both he and Avenger rush through the hole and run along a tree-lined walk leading toward the main hangar, so far no one knows of the murder of King Trone, but several nearby guards become suspicious of the running duo.

    One screams, "HALT!", but he is never able to finish that sentence; his neck is broken via force-choke. The other guards, terrified of this use of the Force, run away in fear of being killed by the two Sith Knights.

    Both Knights reach the hangar, run inside, and use force-lighting to fry several lackadaisical guards congregating in a rear corner.

    The Knights then board a waiting transport, which immediately takes off, and after exiting Naboo's atmosphere, enters hyperspace.
  17. Advenger

    Advenger Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 24, 2002

    Corban walked up to the podium, in front of millions, he began his speech.

    Corban Dalos, "Today, I see the people of Kuat, joined together, united as one"

    "I today, come to speak for the MFCO"

    "We, the MFCO, will establish a powerful military, to secure our planet, to make sure our people will not be hurt"

    "To make sure that any or all invaders will not invade this planet of ours"

    "We will stand strong, we will live forever!"

    "Today, I see our people rising up to the stars"

    "To Victory!!! and to an endless freedom!!"

    "We will be the ones to shape our future!"

    'We, the MFCO, will protect this planet of ours forever!"

    "So elect us now, to make sure Kuat will never fall, into the hands of corrupters and evil groups, who wish that we will suffer, forever!"

    "So join us, make us the Goverment of Kuat, Today, not tommorow!"

    The people, still amazed, went wild with excitement, they marched to the current government facility, and tore it done, chanting for the MFCO to step in as rulers!
  18. Fenja_Weada

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    Sep 17, 2002
    Weada was happy to be home. He often felt he would not be alive long enough to enjoy the beauty and serenity of Lastervia; these moments were to be treasured.

    He now sat at the edge of a small pond near the back of his living establishment. It was quiet here. And secluded. Far away from the city, in the forest regions of the planet.

    He stared at the placid water a moment longer and got up. It was time for him to go back to work. Head of Security was not an easy job, but he took pleasure in being responsible for his duties.

    He only hoped he would survive the difficult tasks ahead...
  19. AngelicPadme

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    Jun 23, 2002
    ooc- Changing character- just say that the lil girl ran away or something.

    Name- Caddy Buroughs
    Job- Theif
    Eye- brown
    Hair- Blue
    Race- Human
    Skin- Tanned
    Bio- Caddy was born and raised on Hoth- she has been a theif or assasin for hire since she was seven and one of the best.
    Personality- She is cunning and strong hearted, she alwasy picks the fights and usually wins.
    Weapons- Whatever she needs she can get.
  20. Rofath_Ewerthis

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    Nov 18, 2002
    While Rofath sits at his huge desk working, a holo of Darth Avenger and Darth Assassin appear.

    Darth Avenger: "Your Highness, mission complete, Trone has been assassinated on Naboo."

    Rofath chortles to himself and says to both darths, "Excellent, we must ensure that King Amory does not find out about this.....until it's too late. Have the Nabooans and Gungans found a suitable replacement for our dead autocrat?"

    Darth Assassin: "No, Your Highness, they have not."

    Rofath nods pleasantly and says, "See that they don't. Ensure that when elections are held, a man of Corellian support wins."

    Both darths laughs and Avenger says, "As you wish, Your Excellency."

    The holo disappears.

    Rofath pushes a button on his holocomm and says, "Minister of State Jhead Glopper, report to the Director General, immediately!"

    A couple minutes later, Jhead enters and bows to Rofath. Rofath nods to Jhead and says, "My Sith Knights report that Trone has been assassinated."

    Jhead nods happily, "That is good news."

    Rofath continues, "Even better.....the Nabooans have not chosen a replacement for their departed dictator. I have ordered the two Knights to ensure that the elections are setup so that a person loyal to Corellia wins the elections."

    Jhead nods again and says, "With Naboo under our control, King Amory will have to respect your position in the galaxy."

    Rofath laughs to himself, "I know.....but that is not all. I have further plans, my ambassadors are currently working with the Hutt Crime Syndicate to negotiate an alliance, we have put feelers out on the Hapan Cluster to see if they would be willing to negotiate. I am sure my Sith Knights will be able to convince these organizations to side with us......then King Amory will be forced to allow me to act as Supreme Chancellor of this little republic of his."

    Jhead looks admiringly at Rofath, "You are a brilliant statesman for coming up with this plan, but what if Amory refuses to grant you leadership?"

    A mischievious grin crosses Rofath's face, "Then he will be killed by Sith agents!"

    Both men laugh heartily at the idea of galactic conquest and Jhead leaves. Rofath leans back in his chair, grinning happily.
  21. AngelicPadme

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    Jun 23, 2002
    <b> Meanwhile On Naboo... </b>

    Caddy looked around at the people, She moved silently wondering at the solemn mood. Moving along the crowd, her pockets were soon full. She moved into a small restaurant, where things didn't look much different. Moving beside a stranger she asked.

    "What teh heck is goin on here?"

    "Nothing a stranger needs to worry about." He sneered.

    "Fine then!" Moving she left, without paying for her drink that had not arrived yet.
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    Oct 24, 2002
    I'm confused. Are we going to keep this RPG loyal (or at least somewhat loyal) to the time period, or are we going to completely eliminate what is established Canon and do whatever?
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    Nov 18, 2002
  24. Rofath_Ewerthis

    Rofath_Ewerthis Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 18, 2002
    Rofath and Minister of State Glopper sit across from each other, Rofath in his oversized executive chair and Glopper in a cushioned guest chair in front of Rofath's desk.

    After a several minutes of chit-chat and small talk a holo pops up saying that there is a waiting holocomm from the Corellian ambassador to the Hutts.

    Rofath nods his acceptance and several seconds later Ambassador Porther Fleck appears in the holo.

    Ambassador: "Your Highness, I have good news to report, the Hutt Crime Syndicate, led by Dordo the Hutt, has agreed to be annexed by the Sith Order. Unfortunately, several huttling died in a 'mysterious' explosion that occurred during negotiations." Porther giggles mischieviously.

    Rofath nods and says, "Send a message of heartfelt condolences to the Hutts....after we have annexed them and their territory."

    Porther nods and says, "I hope to return to Corellia soon, Your Highness. Porther Fleck out."

    The holo shuts down.

    Rofath turns to Jhead and says, "See, it is all working out as I have planned. Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta, and Ylesia are under our control. Soon the Hapans will accept annexation. Isn't politics wonderful?"

    Both Rofath and Jhead laugh heartily at Rofath's joke. Soon after, Rofath dismisses Jhead from the room with a wave of his hand.
  25. Amidala14

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    May 19, 2002
    The Queen and King were finally alone, after hours of ceremonies and speeches.

    "All went well?" The Queen asked.
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