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    (formerly Captain) Hidax








    Standard issue Stormtrooper armor, blaster rifle and sidearm. Z6 Riot Control Baton, betaplast riot shield. Pair of thermal detonators.

    Personal Ship: none.


    A loyal, longtime soldier in the First Order's infantry, Captain Hidax was once a rival even to Phasma in authority and influence. A decorated veteran of numerous battles, with a cold and professional commitment to First Order doctrine, Hidax was nonetheless a relatively fair man in comparison to his peers and tended to avoid unnecessary atrocities whenever possible - recognizing that to control the populace required inspiring loyalty as much as instilling fear. He was disgraced, however, by his contingent's failure to recover BB-8 during the Battle of Takodana - used as a scapegoat to shift the blame for such away from Kylo Ren.
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    OOC: Combo with the MAN, Sinrebirth

    Snoke & Belila Gambros (Bre)
    In a crazed battlefield, Yavin

    Fred was having an adventure. The droid was making his way towards one of the cannons when the skies seemed to suddenly open up, and ships were streaming in from all over the place. It gave Fred the cover he sought, but being around the cannons were also a bit more dangerious as well. But he did make it to one, and did what he could, before he scampered off in the direction of Genkal. He stopped however, when he saw the Falcon began to move. He wondered what he should do next, when he received a signal.


    Fred did his best impersonation of a thumperhopper, as he quickly made his way back to the speeder bike. It was past time to go.


    Bre didnt expect an answer from Snoke. But then, she wasnt expecting quite a few things that happened. The saber that Bre had hurled at Snoke, snapped to life, its blade out and ready to kill. To Bre, it seemed to happen in slow motion, as Snoke turned his body to avoid a killing blow. She felt his anger flare out as the blade creased his side. He gritted his teeth together in pain - his temper flared, he touched the hilt with his mind to accelerate it through Bre's forehead and out through her brain - and she did not need the Force to know that the man wanted her dead. But now it was her turn for her eyes to grow large, as her other attacked worked, and she managed to slam him to the floor. Bre was on her feet in an instant, ready to deal with whatever attack came. But none did. His words seemed to crawl into her head, full of malice and hate.

    "Well done, little Jedi. But I can promise you this:- I will vivisect you before I am done." Bre then watched in astonishment, as Snoke kicked off the floor and flew straight up and disappeared into the smoke and and flying debris. Bre quickly noticed that the Falcon was moving quickly towards the area she had seen Genkal disappear.

    Bre stood shaking for a few seconds, as she looked over the sceen in front of her. More Stormtroopers were heading her way. Qel-Droma was struggling to breathe. And there were far too many bodies around her and she felt herself begin to drain. It was Qel-Droma that focused her attention.

    'Run, girl,' Qel-Droma gasped. 'Find your droid and follow your friends.' He grimaced. 'You can't help me.' Another gasp. 'My time was over four thousand years ago.' Another breath, a chest heaving, and he held out the lumped char that had been his lightsaber hilt, almost unidentifiable, but one thing remained tenable; the power cell. The hilt was whining, as if the battery was being overloaded by having no emitter to express its energy, but the user was still pressing it to activate. It would only be able to express itself by exploding,

    Soon. Bre's eyes grew wide.

    Ulic's lipless mouth curled into a smile, his eyes blinking within charred skin. 'And I've been living on borrowed time for a while.' Bre looked at him, and nodded. "Thank you." she told him. It was time to go, for in a few moments, this place was about to turn into one VERY large blast area... again. Bre called the saber she had used on Snoke to her, and then began to run as fast as she could, using the Force to assist her. She leapt, and as she did, hidden within the smoke, she changed once more into her normal form that folks would recongize once more. As soon as her feet hit the side of the pit area, she began to key in a signal that would let Fred know that she was on her way towards her bike.


    As the shadow world gave way, and all was consumed by a light white, Darth Imperius, a woman known as Nereza, descendant of Lord Kallig, and progenitor of the Mikaru line’s Firedancers, found herself once again, standing among the forests and ruins, of the moon of Yavin. She felt the heat, and the wind, felt true sensations across her skin for the first time in hundreds of years. And she knew it was fleeting, knew that soon the power she’d drawn upon to manifest, Snoke's own, would fade. But it was still real.

    “Run, girl.” She turned, to see the shattered remains of a once great man, a man from before even her time, that she recognized from Sith texts that as she rose to power were ancient. He was charred, and broken, and willing a young Jedi to leave. “You can’t help me.” He pleaded, “My time was over four thousand years ago.”

    “Yes,” Nereza added, announcing her existence, “Run.” She slowly walked over towards Qel-Droma’s form. “Our time, has come and gone. The future is in the hands of the young and the gifts, and curses we’ve left our future generations.” She knelt down next to Ulic, placing her hand on his, feeling the weight and depth of a man that at one point had been a bastion of the Force, both light and dark, just like her.

    “Run, and fight another day.” She closed her eyes, she could feel the anchor she had on this manifestation loosening, it’s strength preparing to break. For once more time, the air around the temple felt cold, and dark, as Nereza drew all she could from the force, all she had left. A tendril of energy shot out from where she knelt, wrapped around the leg of the nearest approaching Stormtrooper, before forking out to his companions, pulling them off their feet, and dragging them towards her.

    Odojinya, the web of the Darkside, old Sith Magic, taught by the Sith Sorcerers of her Empire. More and more tendrils shot out, streaking into the jungles, their victims crying out in shock as they found themselves dragged suddenly towards the Temple. Nereza, her essence waning, looked up at the skyline once more. And in the distance, she saw it.

    It was so close, all of the ruins, and all the memories, of the Republic and the Empire uniting against the Cult of Revan and fighting at the steps of Vitate, no, Valkorian’s Temple of Sacrifice. She could still smell the burnt trees, and flaming hulks. Hear the screams and cries, and see the faces. The faces of those she’d lost, and the friends she’d made. Janus, Vial, all the others, who would eventually go on to become the Outlanders, the commanders of the Alliance against the Eternal Empire, her family.

    “You know Ulic…” She turned to the ancient Jedi turned Sith. “I don’t think the Galaxy we leave has much to worry about…” All around her, the signs were there. As Jedi and Sith had recently united against a foe. As Mandalorians and Republic officers coordinated assaults together against a common enemy. As history repeated itself, and alliances were born. She looked down at Qel-Droma’s lightsaber, and pumped the last bit of her power into it, as her tendrils snapped, having dragged as many troopers as she could to where they sat.

    “It is after all as they say… the darkest, before the dawn.” And then the fury of Ulic’s lightsaber erupted, and she let the light consume her.


    The explosion rippled out in a crimson flame, licking at the undergrowth and chasing Bre. It would buffet Fred, and all but tip the speeder. The aims of shooters on the ground would waver, and everyone within the pit, dead or alive, would receive their immediate crisping and cremation.

    And so ended Ulic Qel-Droma, for a second time, his second chance not used on heroism to defeat a Dark Lord, but as one piece of a far greater Dark Lord's dejarik board.

    A player who had noticed Bre, and now added her to the pieces.

    Assuming she survived this battle!

    The explosion, and ending of Qel-Droma sent Bre flying much further than she had expected, as the area immediately behind her blossomed into a deadly crimson flower of flame and smoke and death. It was close enough that Bre could feel the heat as it passed over her. She landed on the ground, not as gracefully as she had hoped she would, the impact taking her breath away. All she wanted to do was simply lay there, and breathe. She was quite sure, her body would be feeling this later on. There was so much death, and Bre, who had shut herself off from feeling it, was being buffeted by the many deaths in such a short time. Too much. She wanted to curl up, and simply ride the sensations out. But there was no time. The Falcon would be swooping in to rescue Genkal shortly, and if she didnt meet up with them, then she felt she would never be leaving this planet. And, with everything else going on, Bre WANTED to leave this planet, and quickly.

    So Bre mentally pulled herself together, her body complaining as she moved. She rolled over, and came to her feet. And then she began to run. And she didnt stop. Anything that shot at her, she would snap on her saber, just enough to deflect the blow, and then snap it off again. So far, the smoke was acting as a cover, and she didnt want to spoil it, keeping a saber lit, to act as a target. She let the Force fuel her steps now, her mind almost on automatic, as she sought out her speeder bike. As she ran, she wondered what happened to the other Jedi, but she did not have the time to look.

    Bre ran, for what felt like hours, when it was only a few moments, until she recognized the area where she had left her bike. A blinking light suddenly made her screech to a halt for a moment, until she recognized the source.


    Bre had never been so happy to see her old friend. Fred was moving to get into his familiar spot on the bike, while Bre closed the distance. She did a sudden leap, to close the rest of the distance, and landed next to her bike.

    "I think I've had enough of this fun spot. Let's get out of here. What do you think?"

    Fred let out various sounds, which sounded quite nasty.

    "Fred!" Bre exclaimed as she quickly climbed on her bike, and gunned the engines. She had to catch up to the Falcon quickly. Bre thinking of Kyp seemed to summon him to mind, but it was only for him to mentally to stress that she should go. Telepathy was beyond the man, but he could give her a sense of urgency and he did now. The Falcon was poised to climb, but the shuttle was bearing down so it could, but at the same time, it was about to hit some very hard trees if it didn't climb soon. They would need to avoid the burning pit that has been Strang, Qel-Deoma and the others before catching up, and Stormtroopers were trying to fire at the speeder as it cleared the smoke - but not the fumes and flames - however. an errant block of the Temple provided a natural ramp, surrounded by fire, if she could make it.

    Bre felt the mental exclamation point to the head, even as she turned her bike and scanned for a direction in which to point her bike. 'I get it!' she muttered to no one. She saw the Falcon, and from what she saw, it should be preparing to climb at any moment. Her eyes followed along, as she noticed a chunk of the temple, which seemed to be pointing the way. Fred bleeped his worry, but Bre didnt see that she had any other choices.

    Bre collected the Force around her, and she watched, timing when she would need to hit the ramp. Bre then took off, the hot air whipping around her, as she gunned her bike, revving the engines, and putting it into the red. It was a one shot deal. Of course, the ramp was surrounded by fire. A Force jumping bike jump? Well, it certainly looked as if Bre was going to find out, if indeed it was possible or not. With all the ships buzzing around, things were getting complicated quickly, and the Falcon was about to start it's climb. So it was now or never. Bre sat low in the seat until the moment of the jump.She called to the Force now, as she leaned up and forward, as if using her own bodies
    momentum, along with the Force, to make the jump from the make do ramp, to the on ramp of the Falcon. If anyone was still there, they better clear the way, because she would be coming in hot. 'Force, I'm getting as bad as Solo...' she thought to herself, as she went airborn.

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    IC: Kodo Prine

    The shadow world receded, Kodo's muscles ached as he came to, and with a few blinks the blur of his surroundings came into clearer focus. He was horrified. Bodies were strewn about - some injured, some clearly dead.

    Adrenaline had filled him during the fight with Snoke, but it was gone, and with it the triumphant feeling he had known for finally conquering the dark influence Plagueis had long held over him. It should have been more long lasting.

    But as it was, as he now sat awake on the battle cruiser, in a mess of bruised flesh and broken bones and extinguished lives, he remembered all too clearly what he had done. He had killed a man he didn't know. Not only could not attest to know a name - he didn't even know for sure which side his victim had been on. All because of a false memory, planted by Snoke. He was so easily manipulated.

    And then he saw Jan - her lip split and her eye bruised.

    "What... What did you do to me?" she asked, her hands bathed in red.

    Kodo started to speak, but stopped himself realizing that no words were forming. He looked down instead at the lightsaber in his palm, and produced a sound that was something between a grunt and a sigh, wondering if the vicious blow he had dealt to Snoke in the shadow world had found Jan in the physical one. He couldn't have. She had clearly been in a vicious struggle with someone, shown by her bloodstained hands, but Kodo's robes were unsoiled and his skin unbroken.

    Still, all eyes were upon him. Weapons were being drawn.

    "I... I don't know what just happened. If I am to blame, it is not that it was by my own design," he said, attempting to remain calm but involuntarily allowing a crack in the facade by the wavering in his voice.

    "Kyle, I don't know who it was that I... Killed," he choked on the word. "I had a sudden, overwhelming memory of him committing a murder on Dagobah. It was vivid, I saw his face. Now I know that it was a lie." He hung his head. "When Snoke is near, even my best intentions are twisted."

    "As to this," he gestured gingerly to the numerous injured who lay about the room, "If I was a catalyst, I did not know it," he insisted. "I clearly cannot pretend that I am impervious to the manipulations of those more powerful than myself, but I can proclaim that in the shadow world, I stood against and crossed blades with Supreme Leader Snoke with no regard for my own life. Vincent Mikaru can vouch for this fact. I can give no better evidence of my intentions."

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    IC: Argen
    Rosa, Yavin System

    Argen pulled the trigger again, and again. The loud unmistakable sound of an LL-30 blaster reverberated through the bridge over and over until the barrel gave of a wave of heat and Argen was sure, beyond the shadow of a doubt that the droid was dead. Holes riddled, and excess bits reduced to slag against the floor, a mess that Argen knew would be difficult to clean up. And a mess that he’d wished Cassie hadn’t been forced to see.

    Pulling himself back into his chair Argen cut the thrusters, and started to bring back on the gravity. He felt a weight in the pit of his stomach. He’d taken a life, yes it was a droid but it was still sentient. He hated it, but this damn galaxy would continue to try and make him a killer, and keep succeeding. He’d just need to make sure that it was the right people he killed, when it couldn’t be helped anymore.

    But things had not settle on the Rosa, not just yet. Veedo had long since boarded the Courier, following Argen’s orders to check on the ship, make sure it wasn’t a trap. He’d been using the codes Argen had uploaded to the Rosa’s database to get a complete list of the ships systems and armaments when suddenly he felt the ship begin to take action on its own. A preflight checklist. Curious.

    Veedo knew the order hadn’t come from Argen, he was linked to the ships database and had, to his dismay, watched the Protocol Droid try to kill his owner. No he knew this was something else. The droid considered using the codes to stop the process, but paused. It could lead into him being effected by whatever was trying to override the ship.

    No, Veedo decoupled himself from the control port, slipped into the access hatch that ran the length of the ship and rolled towards the engine bay. Rolling up to the primary power relay he switched out his tool set and began working to decouple the primary power junction. It’d shut down the ship, and the reactor, keep the ship from powering up. He could always fix it later.

    Back on the bridge, Argen looked at Cassie. “I’m sorry.” He’d at this point reoriented the ship and had it back on course, though they were still at the far edge, and could easily remask themselves with their ECM systems soon. “Send the broadcast. Let the republic forces know everything we know. They need to prepare, after that… well once this is all done we’ll see if we can fix him, after all it wasn’t his fault.”

    Argen looked back forward, eyes on the job. “He did say he had a master, and I doubt it was our sleeping guest.”

    --- --- ---

    IC: Vincent Mikaru

    Vincent accepted Vos’ hand and pulled himself up, “Kallig,” Was the first thing he said, “No no… not Kallig, Vincent…” He put a hand to his head. His temples pulsed and his head pounded as though it were in a vice. “I’m sorry I just…” His eyes turned to the cloaked figure, this now revealed Aden. His anger flared, and for the first time in his life Vincent for a brief moment radiated a darkness that overcast his inner light, his balance of nature.

    “You knew.” He spat. He lifted his hand, finger pointed directly at the Jensaarai. “You said I would see the truth I would feel the revelation. You knew didn’t you?” Had he the strength Vincent might have drawn his sword then, for the Mikaru’s were a proud people and they did not take kindly to being used, to being pawns. Luckly for Aden, though perhaps as equally for Vincent, the heir to the Mikaru line, and now revealed heir to the mantel of Lord Kallig, was drained.

    He pulled himself over to his control chair, Callista had already risen, giving him the seat, her control maintained wirelessly from this point as more systems came online. “I need… I need to speak to Kodo and Katarn.” He cupped his hand in his head, it was still reeling as he pressed the comm button on his chair’s arm. “This is Vincent Mikaru to the main hangar…”

    He could feel Kodo’s unease, a bond perhaps strengthened from their time together just now in that realm. “I need to speak to Kodo Prine…” He leaned back against the cushions of the chair, closing his eyes as the room spun. “The man may very well be responsible for all of us still being here… bring him to me.”

    Callista for her part looked at Admiral Niathal, “I announced our presence, because it is necessary. Look around you Admiral. You can see from here, that the Republic forces are not doing well. The Salvation is in need of assistance. Morale is likely low, due to the Force Presence of Snoke. Tell me Admiral, were you in command of the salvation, would not the sight of a Battler Cruiser, built for the sole purpose of killing Dreadnoughts along with its escorts baring down on your enemies lift your spirits?”

    She placed her hands behind her back, feeling as though she made her point. “Perhaps now Admiral, the next words out of your mouth should be you opening comms and announcing our intent to aid the Resistance, and that they once again will have the guiding hand of a great Admiral of the Republic Forces to lead them to victory?”

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    IC: Rhoen Aquilla

    As Rhoen began his run ordinance was flung from the Missileboat that missed him just recently. Some stuck the tree line possibly aiming for the stomies. The pilot used it to better angle in on the possible location of the stormtroopers. More missiles pepper zone, thrown off from their course towards the shuttle. Fire and smoke obscure his vison for only a moment until he and Lysa cut through it, unleashing their fire on the area. He had no way of knowing if he hit anything but, at least he tried.

    The two pilots move in unison, and Rhoen's heart settles a little. He is climbing fast Yavin's sky coming so close. On his scopes he and Lysa are almost one mark on the screen, separated only by the smallest of margins. He felt connected to her, like their hearts were beating as one. They curve around changing their trajectory, to straight down. The dark vessel grows larger as he let loose a flurry of blue lances that danced across the shuttle's shields, Lysa's Eta-5 added her fire power to it. Rhoen for the first time felt in control. The girl he met mere hours ago, and was now so important to him, backed him up. A flight of missiles descend from the sky, three of them directed at the shuttle.

    Once again the ship activated it's defenses, seemingly unfazed by the hammering the fighters laid into it. One of the projectiles, veers off towards the pair,

    "Lysa, break right." He called out over their private channel. He turned hard to avoid the deadly ordinance, a move his fighter protested every step. "Ace can you give me some stability here." Out of the trees more blaster bolts spring out, separating him from his partner. He could feel it, she wasn't with him anymore. His heart pounded in his ears, his breathing became uneven and panicked. He checked his scopes, not even looking for the shuttle his mind is on fire looking for her, looking for Lysa. "Ace, find Lysa…" the panic from his chest infected his voice, "NOW," The droid complied putting off its rushed repairs, putting a bright wavering beacon marking her location.

    Instantly he moved to her side, he could see it, her ship was bucking and jerking around, she was just as panicked as he was. The shuttle had disappeared, then reappeared in the time it took him to find his wingmate, not that he was paying attention.

    "Lysa," he called out on their private channel, their one lifeline in all this madness. "I'm right off your wing, I'm right here, we can still do this." He tried to calm his voice, he needed to be the support now, it was his turn to be there for her. "Let's gain some altitude, it'll get us out of range on the ground guns. We can dive on that shuttle again, a few more hits and it'll go down. We've got this, we can do this. Now follow me up." He pulled up just a little, trying to coax Lysa to rise with him. If she moved with him, he would continue his climb and dive back down on that shuttle. If she didn't he would do his best to calm her down, get her back to being the pilot he knew she was, one of the best and, the only person he'd want at his side at this moment.

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    IC: 'Han Solo' (Duke Praxon)
    Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Yavin

    He had heard the stories. They carried down from the waning days of the first galactic civil war, in which Captain Solo had played a major part. He had been convinced at the time that some, if not most, had been fabricated to spin a certain message for those simply trying to survive, but the more he listened, the more he started to believe the crazy tales of how Solo had repeatedly beat unsurmountable odds to ensure a victory. But it wasn't just the idea of victory that had grabbed people's attention – it was the way Solo had regularly utilized some rather…unconventional methods to achieve those goals. How could anyone be so lucky?

    After doing his own research in preparation for his segments in the holofilm series highlighting Solo's exploits during the war, he had begun to understand, but even with that knowledge behind him, he still could not fathom actually engaging in such reckless behavior in reality. Needless to say, it was quite funny how fast things can change in the heat of the moment when he was fully 'in the zone.' Before he knew it, he was dangling off the landing ramp and attempting a rescue, all while the ship was hurtling dangerously through the air. It was all in a day's work in the life of Han Solo.

    For the briefest of moments, with the wind whipping through his hair and stinging at his eyes, he had his doubts about whether he would be able to pull this off, but then his hand connected with clammy flesh of the Mon Calamari captain. Any further apprehension he felt over his decision instantly fled as he was bolstered with a renewed sense of confidence. He could do this. Gritting his teeth with determination, he tightened his grip around the Mon Cal's fingers and refused to let go. "Gotcha!" he yelled with a cocky grin.

    Of course, now came the hard part – actually hoisting both of them back onboard the ship without getting shot to pieces. That was proving to be more difficult than he anticipated with the constant threat of missiles charging the air around them. For her part, Wyn was doing a heck of a job keeping things as steady as possible while evading the wayward missiles, but he feared that even that wouldn't be enough. Even now, as he was helping Genkal back onto the ramp, the Falcon lurched precariously under his feet, causing 'Han' to lose his balance and tumble forward. His shoulder slammed into one of the support struts before he ended up on his side. If not for the cinch keeping him in place, and his rock solid grip around Genkal's arm, they would have both been ejected into the jungle.

    "That was too close," he muttered breathlessly as he struggled to recover. With his heart pounding in his ears, he continued the cumbersome climb up the ramp.

    Fortunately, he wasn't the only one to have noticed the close call. The comm instantly crackled in his ear and began to scream with the animated chatter between Wyn and the capital ship far above them. "This is Wyn here. Stop shooting missiles at us! What half assed nutcase thought it was smart to fire capital ship weapons into a ground dust up! The TIEs, sure, they're in orbit, just about, but a shuttle as low as we are!"

    'Han' had to inwardly smile. If there was one thing he had learned about Wyn over the years, it was not to tussle with her…particularly when it made her angry. The boys up above would certainly have their hands full.

    "Where is Captain Solo?" a second voice piped up. "I can only imagine he has recovered the Falcon if you're in the middle of a Resistance operation against Snoke."

    Oh, sure, now they cared about him! 'Han' clenched his jaw as they finally reached the top of the ramp and the maw leading into the interior of the ship. He allowed himself to collapse rather unceremoniously upon the deck plates as he took a moment to catch his breath. He wasn't as young as he used to be, and he was certainly feeling it, but that didn't stop him from voicing his mind regarding command's terse response to his whereabouts.

    "I'm right where you'd except me to be, ma'am…cleaning up your mess," he spat into the mouthpiece, feeling no sympathy over whatever hardships they had been facing. "I managed to secure one of your own – a Captain Genkal. You can go ahead and thank me later."

    Before the Mon Cal admiral could respond to his tirade, he ripped the commset from his head and turned to yell up the access corridor. "Wyn, we're in! GO!"

    With a wince and a groan, 'Han' staggered back to his feet and pivoted on his heel to slap his palm on the controls to close the ramp. But before he could do so, he hesitated. A soft, mechanical whine caught his attention from somewhere out in the distance. He was ready to dismiss it as the wind passing through the different nooks and cranies that made up the Falcon's hull, but the sound grew steadily stronger…and closer. Squinting, he stared out into the distance…and that's when he saw it, a speeder bike hurtling right towards him with Bre at the helm. His eyes grew wide with surprise.

    "Move! Get outta the way!"

    He tackled Genkal from behind, narrowly pushing the captain out of the damage path as the bike came careening onto the landing ramp and bounced into the corridor beyond, sending supply crates and a number of other things flying in all directions.

    When 'Han' came to rest against the opposite bulkhead, his head was pounding and he had to actively disengage himself from the tangle of limbs that was Captain Genkal. He balked at the sole occupant of the speeder, thinking of a number of curse words that would be more than appropriate for this particular situation.

    "Are you crazy?!" he barked as he rubbed at his temple. "What the hell was that?!"

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    Belila Gambros (Bre)
    Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Yavin

    Gotta make it, gotta make it, gotta make it...

    Oh Force!

    Bre realized two things at once. Well three, actually. One, Fred was bleeping frantically at her, giving her information she didnt really want to hear at the moment, something about missiles and a strange ship. Two, She was coming in far too fast, but it was the only way to make the jump, which meant the landing was going to be ugly. And three, Solo and Genkal were still on the ramp! She could see Han moving quickly, but not not quick enough. As soon as her bike touched the Falcon's ramp, Bre did her best to put her bike in the path not to run over Han and Genkal, as she dropped the bike, letting it slide. Both she and Fred waited for the last second before leaping from the bike. Fred,
    managed to grab hold of part of the ships pylon. Bre was not so lucky, as she rolled and slid the rest of the way onto the ship. She did manage to kick off to the side, as to not slam into Han and Genkal at the end. Bre came to an abrupt stop as something blocked her roll. She wasnt sure what. But it wasnt soft. Maybe she should have stayed as a Wookie. Maybe the landing would not have hurt so much. Thank goodness for her armor.

    Stars filtered through her vision, as she lay on her back, breathing in slowly. The adrenalin was leaving her body, and she began to shake, as she tried to comprehend all of what just happened. She vaguely heard 'Han's' voice in the background, as he was yelling. "Are you crazy?!" he barked. "What the hell was that?!" he asked. Bre vaguely smiled. What?, he didnt recognize a page from the famous book of Solo?

    Bre decided she was just happy to hear his voice, grumbling or not. She didnt respond, nor move. She simply closed her eyes, as she willed the stars she was still seeing to go away. So she didnt see as Fred moved, climbing down from his perch, and gently moved over to where Bre had landed. She could hear and feel the ships engines suddenly whine, as whoever was flying, was using some mad flying skills to get them out of whatever was going on. A gentle poke from Fred, just made Bre very slowly shake her head. Bre shook her head, and then make a gesture. Fred backed up, a soft whine escaped him. She wanted him to help out the others. She didnt want to deal with anything right now. She just wanted to suck in some air, and get away from this planet as soon as possible.

    What had she done?!

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    Combo with Sinrebirth

    IC: Jaina Solo

    Jaina was doing her best not to rely too much on the Force, Ben would home in on her in a heartbeat if she did, but a little push and tug should go unnoticed she thought. She flicked her hand to pull the stun baton from her attacker, then gave a small push of energy to force the flame thrower upwards.

    Subtlety was doing Jaina favours.

    Kylo Ren could not barely still his own ripples to detect something as subtle as Jaina's acts, but the trooper were persistent. The flame thrower twitched his weapon down, and the stun baton may have clattered to the ground but the trooper was jumping down for it.

    The gun wielding trooper, however, kept up the pressure with the blaster, attempting to keep her in place while the flame thrower swept back down.

    They were proving to be a smart trio. Heavily trained. Maybe the best of their kin.

    What you would expect on the command ship of the First Order.

    She aimed a vicious kick into the side of the trooper scrambling for the stun baton, then waved and sent the weapon clattering several meters away. There was a shelf just beyond the desk filled with all sorts of lubricants and engine fluids - flamables! She randomly selected a small container, and sent it flying into the flames throwers path.

    The fellow with the blaster was the biggest problem at the moment, batting his blasts with her lightsaber, she took a couple of running steps and leapt at him feet first and her blade flashing.

    The flame thrower saw what she was doing, but too late, and promptly became an all to unpleasant fireball. Her side kick had the unfortunate side effect of sending that foe away from the danger, and his armour shielded him just fine. He skidded into a bulkhead and came up with his baton to hand, running back towards her at full-pelt. He had a firm grip on his weapon in anticipation of an attempt to yank it free.

    Not that Jaina was where she was had been, having took the blaster wielding trooper with two feet in the chest and sent him flying over the desk. His blaster dropped to the floor, near the feet of the first dead trooper. He scrabbled to his feet and rushed for the alarm; if he could slap that then the entire ship would know where she was.

    Working quickly she called the dropped blaster to her hand and squeezed off two shots at the trooper to stop him before he raised the alarm. Aware of stun baton guy's advance, she pushed the chair from the now burned desk into his path and pulled the trigger, aiming for his chest with her purloined weapon.

    "Almost here Cappie? Ben's found the droid by now and we need to hurry up," she asked through her comlink.

    The X-wing curved the hangar edge as the two troopers died. Cappie tweeted a hello. 'Here!'

    Funny droid.

    It settled down and popped free, driving towards one of the consoles. It beeped for her to come and help. The console was a bit complicated, to be honest, but fundamentally it was about seizing a sufficiently sized asteroid and slamming it into the superlaser aperture.

    A joystick popped up, after an interrogation by the droid.

    Jaina studied the display and glanced over her little droid, "this should be fairly simple, can you locate how to lock on to something? We just need one decent sized asteroid, right?"

    She'd felt an outburst in the Force during her fight with the troopers, and she knew that was likely Ben discovering a cleaning droid rather than Jaina. 'He's always been a hot head with a short fuse,' she thought as she glared at the tractor beam controls. "We can't stay much longer, or we're going to be discovered," she told Cappie. She pressed a few unmarked buttons, and the joystick lit up. "Progress!"

    Cappie hooked into the ships sensors and picked out a decent sized asteroid, which it had judged would be sufficient in mass to crush the superlaser aperture.

    Shortly thereafter, though, the Star Destroyer noticed him.

    Now, it was ordinary for a ship to have its own AI. And being as R2-D2 had hacked and diverted the Eclipse II into another superweapon over twenty five years ago, it was to be anticipated by Cappie that the First Order would install a first rate AI on the Ravager - in-fact the little droid had anticipated it. However it had not expected an AI to be so aggressive - the droid barely had time to cut-off the alarm subroutine before it was drowning in cyberattacks.

    The console fluttered as the AI wrestled Cappie for control of it. The droid tweeted at Jaina to hurry, before its holoprojector was stolen.

    A floating head appeared, noseless, but with glowing photoreceptors as it orientated to face Jaina. 'Threatening: Desist your actions without delay.'

    She growled under her breath, "keep at it, Cappie," we've hacked into more secure systems before.

    While he was working, Jaina was typing furiously on a keyboard. She positioned a display screen and spoke into it, then typed a bit more. "There, I wanted to leave a parting message for Ben," how's it coming Cap?"

    Turning away from that screen, she went back to helping her droid with the tractor beam controls.

    Cappie razzed at her rudely. Well, clearly it wasn't Cappie. The floating droid head quipped. 'Recitation; surrender.'

    The display was still there, but it was also flickering. Cappie tipped forward and banged its head, but to no avail. Jaina had to act to seize an asteroid now.

    She grabbed the joystick control and adjusted some settings, she selected her rock and locked on, then put in the directions to sail it towards the aperture. The asteroid didn't seem to be moving, and she was about to try again when it's direction changed. "Yes! Cappie, I think we've got it! Come on big rock, let's break a big gun," she said as she continued to pull the asteroid closer.

    The asteroid nudged, and quickly - not quicker than the guns that were tracking such things could act, but Cappie had picked one which would be screened by multiple other asteroids on its move closer. But the guns for the ship went very, very live, and were pulling apart the asteroid. Any moment now...

    Then Cappie rotated and a claw reached out for Jaina, trying to catch her and zap her in a lightning fast act that Cappie didn't have time to warn her about!

    "Stang !" The yank from Cappie caught her off guard. "What was that?" She sputtered and shook herself like she'd been doused with cold water.

    Cappie shouted at her; the guns were tracking their asteroid and were about to blow apart the rocks shielding it. She needed to grab another one, and use it to distract the guns, and quickly! Equally, the droid unplugged and rolled to zap her again, the charge building to the point that it's movements slowed as a death-level charge was gathered.

    The AI meant business.

    Going through the same steps again, she snagged another asteroid - no, 'kriff it,' she thought and grabbed several, sending them spinning towards the super lasers aperture. "Cappie, get into the X-wing and debug yourself," she told him, "it's not helping us if you keep shocking me."

    Cappie pined mournfully, detached, and then tipped on its face. The AI had put the brakes on its third middle limb while Cappie accelerated with the other two.

    But, the asteroids did their bit. The aperture was hit, crumpled, and then crushed. In the prow hangar, so close, the ship shook, and it was probably a good thing that Cappie was on the floor as the droid would have fell over anyway. The ship suddenly vibrated anew, as it plowed through the asteroid belt and out; the captain had finally broken free so she had no more targets, but had done so too late.

    The sensors revealed, however, that ships were emerging from hyperspace, ahead of the prow where she had just remotely acted. The display told her their types.

    Three Star Destroyers - an Acclamator, Venator and Victory-class, two Republic-class star cruisers, two Mandalorian Crusader-class corvettes, Assassin and Scimitar-class frigates. A real motley affair; not nearly enough to face the Ravager.

    And then the AI cut the sensors connection and all they had was the internal details of the ship.

    Cappie whooped. Now it had no need to defend the alarm for the deck, it could defend itself, and it did so with aplomb, driving the AI from its circuits.

    The ship started to shake more, though.

    "We did it!" She cheerfully told Cappie as she squatted down to help him upright, "now go! I just need to make sure my note for Ben is playing, then I'll be right behind you." She knew she'd be foolish to delay, because the shaking was getting worse, and the notion of the fleet of ships waiting outside was a bit disconcerting as well.

    She stumbled over to the display where she'd recorded her message, Jaina typed in a command and the audio played along with her vid.

    "Get the start up sequence going," she shouted over her comm to Cappie. Any equipment not bolted down was vibrating loose and she was struggling to stay in her feet and maneuver past junk in the way between her and the X-Wing.

    Behind her at the tractor beam controls, a smiling Jaina Solo beamed across the large display. "Hey, Ben" she grinned sweetly, "this is for trying to kill me," her eyes hardened and she made a rude gesture with her right hand. "In fact," both hands rose and she flipped him off thoroughly, "it's for trying to do it more than once." The message ended, but immediately restarted since she's set it to play on a loop.

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    OOC: Thank you to Sinre for his contributions and input for this post.

    IC: ‘Han Solo’ (Duke Praxon)
    Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Yavin

    The girl failed to respond, and if not for the slow shake of her head from side to side, appeared to have been rendered unconscious by her flight. Judging by how ‘chatty’ she had been earlier, that was reason enough to be concerned for her well-being, especially when her droid also failed to incite some kind of positive response. In fact, the whole situation was quite sobering for him. After his own perilous rescue attempt, he was lucky to have pulled through as well as he had. Sure, he was hurting, and he would probably regret it even more the next morning, but that was nothing compared to Bre’s current state.

    A quiet curse escaped his lips as he ran a hand lazily over his jaw. Not only was Bre in need of assistance, but Genkal had seen better days as well. In fact, the Mon Cal captain was in much the same position as the girl. Of course, the blow from behind to protect him from the renegade speeder didn’t exactly help the situation, but it was better than having fish guts smeared all over the bulkheads.

    ‘Han’ winced at the mental picture that thought brought to mind and willed himself to move, slightly groaning as he turned to check on the captain. The man’s mouth was hanging open, his breath rattling from deep within his barrel chest as if he was struggling to breathe. The sound was enough to make him hesitate before speaking. “Hey, hang in here, huh?” he patted the captain encouragingly on the shoulder. “We’ll be outta here in a sec.”

    Drawing himself to his feet, albeit much more slowly than he would have liked, he moved towards Bre with a minor limp, slapping the controls for the landing ramp aimlessly as he passed. The girl was still lying flat against the deckplates, relatively unresponsive to everything going on around her. He wasn’t even sure if she saw him approach, and if she had, would she resist? They hadn’t exactly parted on the best of terms, after all. Plus, who knows what had happened down on the surface…what if all that crazy Sith stuff had gone to her head?

    He pushed that thought from his mind, willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, and instead, focused on offering her the help she currently needed. Kneeling down beside her, he checked her vitals before placing his hands underneath her shoulders to prop her up. “C’mon,” he coaxed gently, trying to hide the tension in his voice. “Let’s try to get you to one of the bunks to fix you up. How does that sound?”

    After failing to effectively move her, he gave up under the strain and fell back on his haunches, staring at her dejectedly. “New plan,” he panted after a moment. “Can you walk?”

    The sound of metal crashing inward cut off any reply that Bre made as Leia broke free from her makeshift prison and came bounding into the corridor. ‘Han’s’ eyes grew wide for a moment, and he recoiled as she approached, half-expecting her to strike him, or at the very least, scold him for his actions.

    But again, she surprised him by taking him up into a hug instead. “You're insane,” she stated softly into his ear.

    “Me?” He scoffed incredulously, relaxing a bit at her touch. “If you want insane, you should’ve seen what she pulled. I don’t even think I’m crazy enough to attempt that, and that’s saying something.”

    Leia considered those words before tapping the wall. “Wyn, everyone is in, Bre too. You can pull it up.”

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    IC: Susulur Dha'tra & Sinrebirth
    Yavin IV, where dead men stand and live men fall

    The enemy Upsilon class shuttle proved formidable, better than the common version in an obvious way. The enemy troops less so as cannon fodder continue to prove such. His pass bore fantastic fruits that saw Fett and Goran being able to return to their ships after his missile barrage against possible e-webs and laser blasts into searching groups. It was a bit fun looping about the sky, letting momentum and ships systems work at keeping him as comfortable and safe as if he was sitting on a couch in a cantinae instead of in the middle of a war zone. Many heroic pilots were noted for using this system, inertial dampners, at the max levels as he was now, of course most of them were also noted for dying horrendously unnecessary deaths when they could of ejected and possibly were even told to do so by other pilots.​

    Rubbing his thigh plate he thought the command that would release the sub-dermal medications to help with the inflammation, and several interlinked command strings to release a mild group of nanites from another one to ease the pain by blocking the nerve cluster to/from his sternum.​
    Meanwhile he tried to stay focused. Goran was still down. Troubling. Either the man saw the same problem he did, after all Susulur was flying a missile boat against a ship that was redirecting his missiles, or the man was having issues. Not an unheard of problem in battle after your ship makes an unscheduled landing. He needed more laser and blaster power. That was the sum of it.​

    Then it came, easing his discomfort was a good thing, although he still kept his breathing controlled, slow, and steady. Looking at the fires he had made from his initial attempts on the shuttle, as he made more laser runs on the troops painted by his fellow Mando's, he noted the final sensor data to the puzzle of the enemy shuttle. Slewing back he tracked more targets fed to him as he had an idea. Only his ship was not enough and Goran was still not on point yet.​

    "Goran. Need a. . .Lift? Just. Weapons. Get Ready."​

    Arming his ships tractor beam emitter he targeted his allies ship as he swooped low and rapidly slowed. If he could grab it, he could have a sufficient weapons platform added to his own to take on the enemy shuttle with a more decisive capabilities.​

    Goran grinned, working on reconnecting his guns instead of his engines. 'Love it.' He had his weapons up swiftly and was re-targeting the shuttle... That engaged it's cloak to avoid the capital ship missile that was still flying around. The shuttle deactivated the cloak when the missile lost its signal, and reappeared to reactivate it's traditional shields.​

    Lifting the Aggressor from the canopy he let his ships tractor pull it in tight under his craft. Then. . .nothing. Growling softly he took a slow breath in and let it out. He had him lined up to where the ship, well it was there. Closing his organic eye he went with his gut and trajectories. "Spray. And. Pray. Fett's, not behind. Target." It was that simple.​

    Sweeping out from the lift he tried to keep from being a sitting Nabooine duck, he tried sweeping back toward where the shuttle used to be and to where he felt it should be in a slewing back and forth doubling back in an erratically halting flight path. Trying to keep the Upsilon passing through his targeting marks and so in turn Gorans.​

    Goran opened fire with lasers, ion cannons, everything he had that wasn't projectile based. And then he did that as well, just because.​

    The shuttle clearly had power to spare but still took the whole amount; diverting the missiles. It seemed to be recovering, turning its nose to angle its weapons to strike them, and then it dipped, but it was caught in the laser fire stream when the capital class missile turned again. The cloak went up, and while it allowed for the missile to be distracted again and finally slam into the ground, the cloaking shield was insufficient to defend from Goran's fire and the hull was pockmarked and peeled. The nose dipped again to avoid the fire entering, and then it caught the treeline and vanished within it - there was no explosion, but it was gone into trees and that would not be easily survivable.​

    Goran began re-wiring his weapons to have his engines work, as the Falcon pulled up and the Slave I did so also.​

    'Time to go, Vode. Good work, my friend.'

    "Vode Sur'ulur" he merely comm'd back. Letting Goran know to keep an eye on it as he turned their ships to the sky and flew through the blue to the black. His own ship would do what it could to keep open sensors on the enemy craft. But so long as space was clean he could drop off Goran as he made repairs and return to blast the enemy ship into yet another crater in the surface of Yavin IV today.​

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    Act Two

    IC: Chapter Twenty One

    The Maw Command Fleet was on the move. It was considerably easier to stealthily cross one side of the Galaxy to the other when the enemy was in complete and utter disarray. Driving towards the Deep Core was simple enough, and navigating those depths even more so. While Pellaeon had handed over the remaining routes he had to the New Republic to assist during the Yuuzhan Vong War - and several Imperial world's and caches that had been undiscovered by the New Republic, somewhat frustratingly - Daala had been in the Deep Core for another decade, which was plenty time to find her own ways in and out.

    When the time was right Daala would be able to strike at anywhere in the Core or Colonies without any effort whatsoever.

    They had crossed the invisible line, and now they were dedicated. Her Muun banker had not been in touch, stating that he was about to make contact with the enemy, and he would be out of commission. He had however confirmed that he no longer required the Scylla to pursue him. He had plenty of data to hand to prove that he had been pursued clear across the galaxy.

    As such, Daala was back in command of her old flagship, as it had been agreed that making use of her newest acquisition would only place Pellaeon, attempting to find a middle ground, in a predicament. The Muun had been reluctant, but she had insisted, and being as she had the fleet, she had final say.

    All identifying information had been scrubbed, and then their engine signals masked. The experimental weapons were primed...

    ... Daala thought of all the remnant factions she represented; the Grand Imperial Union, the United Warlord Fleets, the Imperial Core, the Deep Core Warlords... And now the Maw Command. They were the Imperials who never surrendered.

    And they hadn't hidden away in the Unknown Regions for three decades, they had kept fighting until the Yuuzhan Vong had arrived and given them time to consolidate; but even then, they kept fighting the Yuuzhan Vong; at Exodo II; at Mandalore; at Esfandia. It was their Ryn Network which supplied the heroes with the information to foil the Peace Brigade plunder of the Koornacht Cluster, the Ssi-Ruuvi invasion, and the plot to drive a wedge between the Chiss Ascendancy and Galactic Alliance.

    But that was time which they would now use to seize control of the First Order, and the Centrists, and the Empire.

    Death to Supreme Leader Snoke.

    All hail Empress Daala.

    They were... here.

    The Battle of Yavin

    All of a sudden, everyone was up. Goran had repaired his Aggressor, Fett had taken back control of the Slave I, Susular was up with Rhoen and Lysa, and all they were faced with was open skies, with Leia, Wyn, Han, Bre, Fred, BB-8 and Genkal aboard the Falcon.

    Only it wasn't.

    The Snoke One broke from the tree line; it was following its master, even though it was considerably more dinged up now. Susular and Goran had expertly taken advantage of the cloaking shield not being as potent as its actual shields, but stubbornness seemed to be innate to the shuttle. But it's cloak was up now, all they had to tell them where the shuttle was going was the wake of left in the burning jungle, which promptly left nothing to follow. In point of fact, with said inferno blazing, the shuttle may not even have been noticed.

    Aboard the Falcon, Leia had tapped the wall, not having seen Han casually use the controls to pull up the ramp. Wyn asked about the one person Leia hadn't mentioned.


    Leia glanced at Bre, saw her lying there. She had felt it. 'He didn't make it.'

    That had the effect of dropping a pall upon the group. Wyn would have chimed in that she couldn't pull the ramp up from here, and that a manual override was required, but the line clicked off and another spoke up.

    'Oh do not fret.' The voice was deep, and grave, and it belonged to Snoke. He inclined his head to Han; there was no comment as to his survival, not even an acknowledgment. He noted Leia, her weapon still to hand. He smiled at Bre, the smile of someone looking at something he would inevitably own. 'You have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.'

    In his hand was his red lightsaber. His other hand was on his side, the same side that Genkal had shot him through, and was now scarred by Bre. 'You and Vincent and Kodo beat me, and beat the spirit of Darth Dreadwar. Very well done.'

    His voice was grating, harsh, and the tall man held out a clawed hand, slowly, to signify that he was not using the Force. 'I am very proud of you all.'

    The Dark Lord of the Sith was on-board the Millennium Falcon.

    Wyn reopened the line, when she realised it had been cut. 'We have a moody Mon Calamari with a battle cruiser and four Star Destroyers!'

    Snoke grinned, even in the wind of the ship passing through atmosphere, they could hear his whispered words, as if he was touching their minds; he spun out with the vestiges of the power that was dissipating throughout the system, touching the minds of Susular, Fett, Goran, Rhoen and Lysa too.

    'You were closer to finishing me then you know. I salute you.'


    With Rhoen's support, Lysa had calmed herself. She thanked him, profusely aware that she was not coming across as the most stable of partners, but wasn't keen to get involved with the shuttle again. 'We're low on fuel, and definitely not in a ship shape. We need to go, or it will be another insane dogfight, at this rate.'

    With Susular's efforts, his bounty hunter crew had escaped, even if Atropos had not completed his turn around the nearest moon and had simply vanished. Much like Elias. This battle had consumed many lives.

    And it was not over.

    There were indeed four of them. The Antemeridian Fleet, four Imperial-class Star Destroyers. The Salvation, laden with E-wings and Corona Squadron, drove towards the battlecruiser even as Niathal spluttered orders.

    On the bridge, Aden Kya shook his head. 'I knew about the prophecy. I didn't know about everything else. I wish I did, because your connection... It's potent. Maybe what we need to stop Snoke.' He was speaking on many layers, as Galen checked his comm.

    'She's here,' he announced, gruffly. 'In the Rogue Shadow. This isn't our fight. We're being forced in. Tholme is, and that's it.'

    Vos paused. 'You need out, Vincent. You are in a very delicate place. I have been there. Galen has.' Aden didn't say anything. 'I can't recommend you keep this fight going any longer.'

    'He can't come with us,' Galen snapped, 'he's a liability.' A lightsaber was in his hand. 'If he's going to fall, then he should be stopped.'

    Vos already had his hand on Galen's weapon, even though he was thirty years Galen's senior, even before Aden fully took a threatening step towards them. 'Enough,' Aden spoke. 'I will not let anything happen to Vincent, or Kodo.'

    Callista was watching them unerringly as Niathal began issuing orders on their ship, which was not in a good state but she knew it and was compensating. Callista was not so much worried about the ship; she was after all in constant contact with it. If anything, the staring Mandalorian was more unnerving.

    Niathal simply turned at them. 'Off my bridge with your Force claptrap. We have a battle to fight. You,' she said, eyeing the Mandalorian. 'Turf them off my bridge.'

    The man stood, flexing his shoulders, still deep in the Force bubble and readying weapons concealed in his gauntlet. Niathal took a breath; she was irate, too, by the flurry of battle. She was not known for her softer side, but she gestured the aides seeking her attention to be quiet, and the Mandalorian to stop. 'Please, Vincent. I will take care of your crew, and give you back your ship when this is over.'

    'I give you my word as an Admiral of the New Republic Defence Force, in front of these witnesses.' She paused. 'I will look after your crews, and your ship... And the galaxy, if you need to do this.'

    The Mon Calamari ignored the shaking of the ship. 'Because everyone seems to think that it is dangerous for you to stay, for us, and for you.'

    Elsewhere in the ship

    Kodo's plea had been lost of the tumult of the battle beginning, and Vincent simply being in no fit state to move forward. Much of the crew began to head to their work stations, excusing themselves from a confrontation, but the pilot's weapon was still out. Jan and helped Kyle up, just as much as vice versa. Kyle spoke, carefully. 'Master Durron and Leia are here. And other Force users. We need to go.'

    Kyle pursed his lips. 'Kodo, I am cutting you loose. Whatever your destiny, it does not follow the Jedi path at the moment. It might do soon, and you may very well have proven yourself, but it's too dangerous for people to be around you until you have figured this out.'

    He would ordinarily have suggested Kodo go on a retreat to Dagobah to renew himself, but they all knew how that would go. Kyle simply held his hand out to him, to shake goodbye. 'You are beyond my abilities, right here, right now. You are not as straight-laced as Jaden, nor as shaded as Rosh, let alone as earnest as Valin. You have a true destiny. Not one which touches you briefly, as it did with me, and Jaden and Rosh, but a life of it. I can see that now. I would recommend that Masters Skywalker personally train you, if I could.'

    The moment was somewhat made edgier by the gun pointed at Kodo, but just as suddenly a blond appeared with her own gun to the pilots neck. 'Now, now, there is no need for that.'

    'Can I offer you a ride, Padawan Prine? I'm here for my husband and another, but I can see a stray who needs a hand when it happens.'

    'We're going to join the Snoke Hit Squad, if I have any say in it, or I can drop you off wherever.'

    Jan tensed. 'Juno, you need to know - he's dangerous.' She was always sharp with words, and these were among the sharpest.

    'My husband danced with Darth Vader and came back. His friend tangled with Dooku. If Kyle can't do this, then I'm pretty sure he can.'

    She pushed her blaster harder into the pilots neck, who winced and dropped his arm. 'Thank you. Thoughts, Kodo?'

    The Battle Evolves

    Three Star Destroyers and escorts were pulling around to face the battlecruiser and pursue the Salvation, with one moving to an even higher plane to control the engagement.

    The fourth was orienting towards the planet, towards the engagement below. Six squadrons of old TIE fighters, seventy two ships, were now bearing down on the combined Heroes of Yavin as they emerged from the hangar and formed up.

    They were five ships. Rhoen, Lysa, Fett, Susular, and the Falcon, with the black shuttle behind them, in pursuit. Six; an X-wing came up from the jungle and registered as Dozen One - Kyp Durron; fully armed and fuelled... Unlike Rhoen and Lysa.

    'Well this looks good.'

    Lysa grimaced. She was near breaking point, today. Wyn was actually speechless at this point. Fett simply cycled through arming every weapon he had in preparation with a simple grunt. Goran found himself adjusting wires on the fly, trying to hook his weapon systems back in without cutting out his engines, swearing profusely.

    There was quite a gap between the swarm and heroes yet, with them in middling orbit and the Destroyer so high above.

    But the others didn't even know that the Falcon was breached.

    However, they all had sufficient fuel for a micro-jump to the system edge... Which may be all that some of them could manage. But where? There were very few ways out of this system, and even less if they had to claw their way into orbit through a fighter screen. Maybe the more capable or less damaged ships could buy some more time, but it would be close.

    Their data work tell them that there would be a very tight window between them breaking atmosphere and the gravity well, and them being swarmed; the Destroyer had released fighters early, betraying a naïvety in their command - the same direct and forthright approach that much of the First Order had.

    System edge

    Damask woke to the sound of gunfire and rushed to the cockpit. He didn't even cast a glance at the corpse of a butler droid before he saw the Star Destroyers. Four, tangling with a larger cruiser.

    The fleet they had seen at Barison. The data had been relayed but it was too late due to Snoke and the droid. A beep; a knot of signals on the surface pulling up. Damask didn't know what to say, but he knew he was to fault. He pointed at the symbol for the Falcon and the others. 'Can we jump in, act as a shield? Take them aboard? Anything?'

    Damask was pleading. 'They can't die. They're the Heroes of Yavin. This is supposed to be accounting, not war!'

    His voice raised, panicked.

    At this stage Damask would have paid any amount to reimburse Argen, if he had to.

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    IC: Kylo Ren
    On his way, Ravager, Unknown Regions

    It was clear as day where Jaina Solo was. The Master of the Knights of Ren was in pursuit of her, the droid escapade having lured them deeper into the ship and now they were working towards the hangar with the rogue tractor beam projector.

    The captain had acted smartly, drawing the Ravager out of the asteroid belt, and preparing to jump out of the star system. Once in hyperspace Jaina could not escape. They would fight, and, at the least opportune moment, Kylo Ren would tell her that had had killed Han Solo.

    And then, when she was at her weakest, he would cut her down.

    And he would grow stronger for it.

    Kylo Ren would do Darth Vader proud.

    The ship shook, but not with the impact of an asteroid - they all knew how that felt, even kilometres away, but Kylo knew he'd be able to divert blame to the turbolaser crews for their failures - but with the stress of the ship struggling with a manoeuvre. It strained, and a long winding screech echoed through the ship.

    Kylo Ren raised the bridge.

    No answer.

    Turning, he abandoned his hunt of Jaina Solo.

    She could keep. Shields were up, guns were primed, tractor beams were marshalled, after all.


    It was a quiet thing, a Metal-Crystal-Phase-Shifter, or, MCPS for short. From Jaina's limited perspective, the Ravager would simply be acquiring all manner of holes. Daala's fleet had arrived, and within short order had begun picking apart the Super Star Destroyer. It had fired back; ineffectually. It has sort to turn; and strained the hull all the more. Her fleet ran up the length of the flagship and cared not for the shields; the MCPS fired through them, and weakened the hull of the ship, attacking the composite atoms with a weakening force not too dissimilar to the affect of a shatterpoint.

    The Ravager had nothing in its armoury to defend it. For all intents and purposes, the ship would look like Yuuzhan Vong dovin basils had eaten holes in it.

    The fleet walked up to the end of the Super Star Destroyer, and promptly smashed the engines, leaving the ship listing. The bridge tower was pockmarked, and everyone dead. In point of fact, save for the prow near where Jaina was, by dint of the angles involved and a reluctance to fire MCPS weapons into a superlaser, the Destroyer was wrecked. The only consolation was that the outer hull was in essence opened up, but that included most of the weapons and hangars and ships with which one could escape.

    Much of the skeleton crew had been drawn to the outer parts of the ship to fight the asteroid field and now the fleet, and so most of the crew died. The commanding officers aboard the bridge, they too died.

    It was not out of the realms of possibility that the thousands of crew that had existed before did not any longer. Yes, there were a few hundred troopers clustered at the prow, focused on Jaina, and Kylo Ren and his personal retinue were taking the central lift system to the bridge, and then of course there was the sole occupant of the converted auxiliary bridge...

    ... But everyone was in a very bad spot.

    For as long as it took for Daala's fleet to jump. Which it did; out-system.

    Daala turned to face Verso, their elaborate triple agent. 'Well done.'

    The man grinned. 'It wasn't hard. Sell a heroic escape, and Jaina would jump away to live another day, without realising that I had replaced the star charts that her astromech was drawing from to plot a course home. She arrives here, and of course she would have to confront her brother and sabotage the Ravager.'

    'I shall take you to your rendezvous at Ilum, then.'

    Verso nodded. 'After manipulating Jaina Solo, walking into the First Order marshalling point should be simple enough. Especially with all of their command codes....'

    Daala smiled.

    It was all coming together.

    Prow Hangar

    Jaina Solo's limited perspective would simply tell her that the ship was undergoing catastrophic system failure; Cappie could confirm that the AI had fled to focus on keeping the ship stable. It could also confirm that the systems tally of shuttles and fighters had been reduced to zero; they had the only way off the ship. Even Kylo Ren was trapped.

    They had succeeded in disabling the superlaser just in time for another force to cripple the ship. Not destroy it; the ship was too useful an asset to risk destroying. The outer hull could be repaired, and replaced, and it would be, in time to finish off whatever Resistance survived the next two days.

    For while Snoke had intended to conquer the Galaxy over a matter of weeks, others had a much, much tighter deadline.

    Cappie whistled at Jaina. It was confused; did they have more allies, or where they being used? Or, more poetically, who was wielding the Sword?

    The troopers began to arrive, the first of many many to come. Four were here first, simply seeking to keep her busy long enough for the rest to catch up. They were firing with rifles, but Jaina didn't need to conceal her presence any longer; everyone knew she was here.

    TAG: @Lady_Belligerent
    IC: Hiram Drayson

    Chandrila had set the precedent for the New Republic moving the capital from Coruscant thirty long years ago. When the New Republic reconvened the Senate and drew representatives from the across the thousands of liberated systems, not three months after the Battle of Endor and halfway through the Nagai-Tof War, the Empire had been on the back-foot, but yielding ground without directly confronting the New Republic.

    The Battles of Akiva and Kashyyyk ended that relatively quiet patch and war escalated anew, with the New Republic, once it had defeated the Tofs at Saijo, launching a full invasion of Imperial space in the Mid and Inner Rims. When Brentaal fell five months after Endor, the Empire finally turned its eye to the capital of the New Republic, on the very frontline as battles raged across Coruscant, and Death Squadron imposed a seven Star Destroyer strong blockade of the planet. From then onwards the capital was a theoretical concept, but eventually it settled on Coruscant until the regime could detach the apparatus from the former Imperial throne-world. About the same time as the fleet arrived at Coruscant the six month blockade was lifted and Death Squadron next surfaced at the Battle of Jakku.

    Chandrila had flourished in spite of a brief reoccupation by the Dark Empire a year later, and in spite of Imperial terror attacks by the Empire Reborn movement. It was the latter that Hiram Drayson was concerned with. The Reborn had discovered within the Crystal Caves the tomb of the third Braesen'thor, a great Jedi hero who had, some whispered, transcended the concepts of Jedi and Sith in the war against the Eternal Empire as one of the Outlanders, an Unknown Regions power which nobody really knew a great deal of.

    Historians were still drawing information out about the era of the Great Wars, and HoloNet producers were serialising it as the Knights of the Fallen Empire serial, a puff piece which had nuances referencing just how bad an Empire could be in the hands of Sith, but Drayson had recently picked up a theme of whitewashing even Sith in comparison to more horrifying and eldritch foes... Which everyone seemed to have conveniently forgotten had identified as Sith to start. Drayson absently wondered if the First Order had gotten to the producers.

    His mind at wandered, and gone on a narrative. At his age it was to be expected, but, he needed to refocus on the issue at hand. The Crystal Caves had been rediscovered around the time of the Reborn Crisis, one of those innumerable terrorist groups which had violated the Galactic Concordance while the legitimate Empire kept to it. During the subsequent clash between the Jedi and Disciples of Ragnos, the tombs had collapsed, ending the possibility of any artefact within being used for dark aims. However, in the last fifteen days, a further collapse below had reopened the tomb, and Drayson had to decide what to do about it as the elder statesman of Chandrila.

    The former Director of New Republic Intelligence still had his sources of information, and the destruction of Hosnian Prime could hardly not be noticed, let alone the invasion of galactic north by the Empire. But without the central government, Drayson had nobody to report to, and he had not managed to track down Leia, let alone Han or Luke. Mara had tiredly briefly resurfaced but then Drayson had lost her, and Jaina hadn't returned from the Unknown Regions hunting her brother - clearly having missed him what with Kylo Ren having appeared in known space at Jakku and Takodona; Maz had handed Drayson an update about that before the HoloNet had became strangely difficult.

    However, the old wily Admiral had retained the services of a small staff and several of Calrissians couriers from the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, and had been using them and YVH-1-1 to re-establish an information network over the Galaxy. Not everyone had despaired for the last two weeks; he had been working. He now had a clear view of the Empire's progress to Ord Mantell, and had even managed to get in contact with various starships within the former New Republic starfleet that covered this part of the Core.

    He had not managed to track down Antilles, Bel Iblis or Sovv, but he had a way - even if limited, both by range and the need for utmost secrecy. But this Crystal cave reopening two weeks ago had been reported as Hosnian Prime was destroyed, and if anything was going to bring Jedi, or indeed worse, Knights of Ren, to Chandrila, it was the tomb of a three thousand six hundred year old Jedi Master who had found a new way of approaching the Force.

    Drayson thus had to make some exceptionally quiet enquiries of fringe archaeologists and hope that his report had not been noticed in the confusion of the Second Galactic Civil War.

    One such report made it to Myna'vera, requesting they meet Drayson's representative - YVH-1-1 - at the entrance to the crystal cave one day from now. It would be a tight trek for the young archaeologist from Hutt Space, but Drayson had only discovered the existence of the Twi'lek by chance. A few others had replied and he was not entirely sure if they were genuinely interested or being polite out of deference to his status as a war hero.

    And so the job was still waiting for her while she slept, desperately trying to avoid the nightmares that had plagued her since the Hosnian system had been wholesale destroyed.

    Her droids - in many ways, her family, in many ways, clucked over the jobs, and knew that she would largely ignore their concerns. As was Myna'vera's way. Constantly on the move.

    As she lifted out of her stunned unconsciousness, the dreams started. The usually faceless Dark Man, and even then glimpses of his face appeared they revealed one face with a scar running between his eyes, or a second face bereft of the scar but missing a nose - two distinct faces that changed, but both caused a ripple of supernatural dread. The tall figure reached for her, with rain and lightning crackling behind him and then -

    She would wake up sweating, but the droids would also want to press her to take a job and keep her distracted. It seemed to be all that they could do - keep her busy, as they didn't have the programming to help with the Force.

    But it was definitely calling her, even through the ysalamiri... A theoretical impossibility at the best of times.

    Was that all the more scary?

    TAG: Lord_Trekie
    IC: General Hux
    Battle of Finalizer, Battle of Ord Mantell

    It was here that the New Republic had decided to draw the line. Ord Mantell was on a direct hyperlane from the Rim to the Core, and capturing it was essential to solidifying their gains in the future.

    While the majority of the fleet had moved on, pushing towards Dorin - and holding there, save for their forces directed rimward to secure the territories that the First Order had invaded from the Unknown Regions - not all had filtered through Remnant space, in-fact - the flagship, the Finalizer was positioned in orbit, coordinating the armies of the Empire.

    And by the 'New Republic', Hux simply referred to the forces of the Second, Third, and Fifth Fleet that had managed to coordinate a withdrawal. It was not exactly a focused effort, but a defeat could be publicised, and that was not what they needed at this stage. Their forces were not infinite, and any delay could prove costly in the long term.

    And so Hux found himself cupping his chin in his gloved hand, standing over a hologrammic display. The line was open to several parties, including the adjunct Miat Temm, who was commanding the fleet at Dorin in the absence of Hux. Grand Admiral Dorja was in pursuit of the missing Star Destroyer of Azgath N'Dul and Knight of Ren Crusher, which had made it to Yavin only to go out of contact almost immediately on arrival.

    And Captain Phasma was below, trying to breach the capital building. Ord Mantell had supposed to be a walkover, what with the pleasureworld mentality it had, but the Mandalorian influence on world after the Yuuzhan Vong War had turned the safari game hunting into training. The New Republic, usually poorly equipped for surface contests, was thus barricading itself well, which meant Hux was stymied.

    The enemy task force was holding firm above the planetary shields, covered by suborbital defence platforms below them, and the shield generator was also the repurposed capital building - hidden within, as some tactical genius had rebuilt the capital around the remnant defences that has been erected to defend the planet between the first and second Battles of Ord Mantell of the Yuuzhan Vong War... And had also been the key point of the third Battle of Mantell when the Mandalorians chased the invaders away more than three years later.

    And then the Capitol building itself was covered by four towers which were former hotel blocks, and those had been reinforced with further defences - duracrate mixed from liquid durasteel - and so the hotel towers had dozens of sniper vantage points and were topped by a planetary turbolaser which could drive through AT-AT armour. Almost every other building that could have been used for cover to approach the quartet and the Capitol building had been destroyed.

    Three of the four towers had lost power, but the room to room fighting had kept busy most of the forces Phasma had to hand. Meanwhile the fourth tower was picking apart whatever made its way to support them. Among four Resurgent-class Star Destroyers. Hux had one shuttle left, and one four man squad of Stormtroopers, and one commanding officer left.

    None of which he wanted to rely upon.

    They were a private, Sava Boutros, and Hidax, a former rival of Hux and Phasma's. But two weeks was a short time in which promotions and prestige could settle, especially during a war.

    Both, however, were tapped into the feed with him and adjunct Temm, the young woman tapping away at a datapad even as she was not present by hologram. To be fair, only the private and her commanding Stormtrooper were present in the same room - in their shuttle.

    'Update, Captain Phasma.'

    The fifth hologram was in the centre of the table they were all around, static filled due to the battle. Her chrome armour was not as shiny as it used to be, dented and damaged. Hux did not especially like the woman, but she was better than many alternatives.

    'I am pinned down on the forty-second floor.' Hux eyed the hologram of the fourth tower. They had a few hundred troopers in the bundling, and four times that caught in the other towers and also unable to disengage - fifteen hundred soldiers tied up and over committed.

    Meanwhile another two thousand Stormtroopers were holding back ready to march on the Capitol building and take down the shield generator, holding back and exchanging fire with as many enemy New Republic soldiers.

    Eight thousand Stormtroopers were trying to suppress the rest of a planet which was refusing to surrender because they were poised to resist.

    Twenty thousand Stormtroopers had been lost.

    It was frustrating.

    Hux continued. 'I do not anticipate that I can progress any further.' As she spoke, an armoured Mandalorian went for her, and she was promptly wrestling with the foe. She was taller, but he was already in her reach, and Hux ended up feeling a spike of concern as the commander of his ground forces was bowled over. But then a blaster bolt burst from the back of the neck of the Mandalorian and she shoved him off. 'I need support,' she said, simply.

    Hux cut the feed to Phasma. 'You know the situation. You know that the turret on the fourth tower is cutting into our troops. You know that we can't advance any further. You also know that as long as the planetary defences are more generally behind that shield, I cannot advance the capital ships forward to support our fighters. If I am going to push with everything we have, then I will be reliant upon you and your men.'

    'You' being the private, and 'your' being the trooper. Hux did not approve of Kylo Ren's actions being whitewashed, but Supreme Leader Snoke's word was just that; Supreme. But when one looked at the up and down fate of infamous officers such as Maal Lah, it was likely that redemption would occur sooner rather than later for efficient soldiers. For the inefficient, there was always death.

    'The fleet is ready to launch once you have plan, or if you intend to launch a plan on the fly, you may do that also.' Hux would had had an aneurysm as to the latter half of the sentence a fortnight ago, but needs must. His father had pointed out that absolute discipline and doctrine was only as good as the commanders behind it, and being as Hux had not proven successful so far, he was fairly happy to rely upon a disgraced officer and a private to resolve matters. He could always edit the report to suggest that Hidax was to blame.

    'I shall drive the fleet forward, and once the enemy's position is broken,' assuming it is, he thought darkly, 'I shall pull up the fleet out of the planetary weapons range if you do not succeed and abandon the planet, and yourselves. Perish, if you fail, if you would.'

    'You have five minutes.'

    Hux cut the line to the two of them, leaving them aboard their troop transport in the main hanger. They had not actually had opportunity to speak before now, as the other three members of the squad were made up of troopers from other squads, wounded and patched up.

    The General expected them to move swiftly.

    He absently lamented that he was somewhat fond of Boutros.

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    IC: Captain Girdun
    Coruscant depths

    It was not often that New Republic Intelligence worked with Coruscant Security. There were reasons for that, usually that cross-pollination resulted in conflict among the chains of command. But even though Hosnian Prime had been destroyed, the law was still the law, and the day to day life of the citizenry had to continue.

    Not these citizens, of course. Four dead, all fairly brutally. Ripped apart, in part, but no fingerprints on those who had been torn. In point of fact none of them had fingerprints on. One of the younger police officers, Shevu, made a comment about how the Ferals could not have down this.

    Girdun didn't like Shevu, or his partner, Lekauf, who were studying the scene with him, but Shevu was likely right. It had followed an anonymous tip from what was presumed to be one of the workers returning from cleansing the depths of Coruscant of Vongformed life. However, they were way beyond the line that droids and teams were working, by a factor of a dozen levels. Why a worker would be this far down was beyond him.

    There were two others; Jenkins and Lory, the former a lanky woman and the latter a hulking Besalisk. They were corroding off the area, redundant as that was. They would not be here for long. Girdun tried not to glance to the abandoned building to his left, or to the gantry above and to the right.

    If he had, of course, then it would have revealed the sniper teams. Nobody was going this far down on an anonymous tip without backup. The Ripper might be down here.

    That was what the media was calling her.

    But they knew her as Izzy Stark. They knew she had been hired by Black Sun a few weeks ago. They didn't know what Mr and Mrs Falcone had to do with Black Sun, nor did they know what their adult children Marluxia and Pilo had to with them - as far as everyone knew, they were estranged from each other over some family farce during the evacuation twelve years ago. Marluxia and Pilo had been left behind, and resentment was what it was. The only connection was the money that their parents still sent to them, as penance for their sins, or some-such. Mr and Mrs Falcone were believers in Cosmic Balance... And as such they believed they could use credits to stave their guilt.

    It was, however, suspected that she was nearby.

    She was, actually.

    And she had been hired by a Muun intercessor of Black Sun to kill the Falcone's for skimming off the money they were making with Black Suns' help. The family bust-up was a cover to allow for the parents to divert funds from the slow sale of a cache of pure spice that their children had discovered in the fall of Coruscant. The Hutt who it belonged to had died during the war, and so Black Sun had helped finance the distribution of the spice for a tidy profit for all involved. Of course folks got greedy and the Muun had sent the children to a 'family reunion' on a pretext and hired Stark to kill them all.

    Then the Muun had hired her to kill the Besalisk Lory within the CS star squad, stating that he had been a Black Sun plant in Coruscant Security and had been assisting in skimming off the funds. His death had to occur without unnecessary killings, otherwise they lose their second agent, Jenkins. Equally, Shevu, and Lekauf were exceptionally useful in cleaning out rivals to Black Sun and the Muun had said they were not to be killed.

    But because Stark was rumoured to be a rogue Force user, NRI had sent Girdun too. She had no orders about Girdun.

    It was all very neat and tidy, even if this particular level was full of nastiness of the Vong variant, and the air was clogged with spores which would prove unhealthy after prolonged exposure.

    Rubble and foliage was strewn about, and the lighting was provided by Yuuzhan Vong biots, but all with a green tinge to it.

    Girdun decided it was eerie.

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    IC: Argen
    Rosa, Yavin System

    “Ever heard of venture capitalism?” Argen asked, by this point having activated a security force field that protected the pilot and operations officer, just in case the droid got up, again. “Nothing ventured nothing gained, and right now the First Order is operating under the pertinence of a hostile takeover.” Argen was flipping switches, bringing systems online, powering up engines, weapons, and every single electronic warfare system onboard. “I intend to give the Resistance a bit of extra leverage in order to counter the buyout.”

    He looked over to Cassie who nodded, and held up a hand, a data spike extending out of her palm that she inserted into a recessed node on her console. Cassie, among other things, was Argen’s EWO, she operated the ships counter measures when direct interaction was required. “Alright Cassie, start by opening a comm channel to the resistance ships, and begin working on jamming Imperial communications. Make them fly without being able to hear each other, sever the chain of command.”

    The droid got to work, and the comm light on Argen’s console lit up, letting him know that the channel was open. “This is Argen Devalie, of the CSV Rosa transmitting Alliance code Five-Gamma-Seven-Leth-Nine. It’s an old code I know, but I kinda retired from being a freedom fighter a couple of decades ago.” By this point the Rosa was at full burn, heading towards the Republic frigate, hoping to fall in line along with it. “We have been shadowing this Imperial fleet for several days, and gathering information. We are broad casting that information to you now.”

    “At the same time, this ship is equipped with military grade electronic warfare suits, we can argue the legality of it later. We are working to jam communications, and sensors of the imperial vessels. We recommend taking advantage of it as communications intercepted from the Imperial forces over several days lead me to believe that they are not the only force en route. Also be advised that this ship is capable of taking on several small craft and dozens of passengers, we see that you have vessels returning from orbit, they are welcomed to dock.”

    The light cruiser swung around with a grace highly unusual for a ship her size and came alongside the Salvation. “If nothing more we can provide some more powerful shields than a freighter or fighter while we get the hell out of Dantooine.”

    --- --- ---

    Mikaru Security Services fleet

    The Imperial forces had the benefit of larger ships, but force-to-force MSS, for the moment was equally matched, and maybe even have an advantage. While the Invective was the only large ship in their disposal, and the Salvation they now came in line with was overtaxed, the rest of the ship was far more maneuverable than the imperial forces. The Vindicators while older, were of the same vintage as the Imperial ships that they now faced against, save the Vision of Confluence the seventh of them, which had long been retrofitted into a carrier.

    Seventy Two third generation TIE/D Defenders launched in response to the Empire’s own. TIE against TIE, the rest of the fleet’s fighters moved into defensive formations around the fleet. Vincent’s forces knew this was not a battle to stand, but a battle to run. Echani however, ever the warriors, did not retreat, as the Empire would learn today. They attacked, in an exiting direction.

    --- --- ---

    Vincent Mikaru
    Invective, bridge

    “If I was going to fall,” the Echani growled, “the fourteen heavy laser turrets recessed in this bridges ceiling that are linked to my neural-implant would have already reduced you to holes.” He pulled himself up out of his chair, and directed his attention to Niathal and Callista, “You have one order, one. Get everyone who isn’t standing behind some kind of Imperial insignia back to safety. In know there will be casualties, but do what you can.”

    He looked back to Vos, “I need off this bridge, I need out this system but I am not leaving my people behind.” He looked out at the battle unfolding before him, “We need to give ourselves an advantage, just long enough for our Forces to escape… The enemy has used the Force against us… why don’t we use it against them?”

    Vincent was not so highly trained as Jedi of the past. Firedancers were more defensive weapons, than offensive ones. They could resist, they could defend, they could force the enemy into a close ranged fight that they had the advantage of. But Vincent had just learned he was not simply a Firedancer, something had awoken in him, just as it had awoken in the Force. He could feel it, at the periphery of his being, just out of reach, something more.

    Closing his eyes he reached out. He searched the void between him, and the star destroyer most right of the rest of its formation. He felt many things, tension, excitement, fear, anger, loathing. He felt fighter pilots, high on adrenalin as they jerked and jinked about trying to gain the advantage. He felt the determination of gunners as they trained the lasers, and batteries on targets. And then he felt what he was looking for.

    Vincent was a pilot, he knew the psychological differences one felt when piloting a fighter, or piloting a cruiser. In a fighter it was fast paced, it was exiting, moment to moment. In a larger ship, things were more calm, you were more focused, every single detail was important as you swung thousands of tons around in space, each maneuvering burst important, precise.

    He felt that on the other end now. A cold and collected mine running calculations and statistics. How much forces does lateral thruster array Peth-7 need in order to adjust for the magnetic variance of the Fury’s hull pulling itself towards the Behemoth. Star Destroyers were massive things, they gave off lots of interference, magnetics, radiation from the engines and reactor, all required precise manipulation otherwise…

    Hard to port. Vincent forced the command, and he could feel the person on the other end take pause, had he misheard? The bridge was alive with chatter after all, maybe a fighter commander had called out something.

    Hard to port. There it was again, who said that? He could feel their eyes look around, the confusion, the concern, they were unfocused now, unaware.

    You will adjust heading, 90 degrees, hard to port. Ram the Behemoth. For the glory of the Empire. Vincent willed it, even added the inflections, and he demanded it, knowing that if he succeeded, thousands of people were about to suffer. And for the moment, from where he stood, in the chaos of battle, he could certainly live with that.

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    IC: Rhoen Aquilla

    Rhoen felt a weak smile grow on his face as Lysa's confidence returned. While she apologized for not being the most stable of wingmates, he shook his head.

    "It's ok Lysa, we…we were unprepared for this." They were pilots yes but, detonating temples, dark waves of energy and fanatical soldiers were not something they had trained for. They were both cast into a deep ocean and told to swim. Given all that has occurred, they were allowed time to tread water, to get their bearings.

    "We're low on fuel, and definitely not in a ship shape." He looked out his canopy seeing sparks and flashes of loose cables arcing across each other where his S-foil should be. They most defiantly weren't in the best shape. "We need to go, or it will be another insane dogfight, at this rate."

    The young man hung his head letting out a sigh, the shuttle had disappeared once again, and they were very low on fuel. Sweat dripped from his hair and ran down his forehead. His muscles ached and his joints pained him from being in the flight seat for so long in such a stressful situation. He needed a rest, they needed a rest. "You're right, you're absolutely right." He gave a look over his shoulder. His heart pained him, he was abandoning Yavin, the birthplace of the New Republic, the thing his mother gave her life for, the thing he swore to protect. He looked over to Lysa's Eta-5 still without shields, still in so much peril. They had done what they could, done far more than what could have been expected. With a heavy heart he pulled his nose skyward up into the clouds.

    Breaking though the atmosphere his heart nearly stopped. Four Star Destroyers greeted him, and swarms of TIEs like an approaching storm front came rushing towards him.

    He set his shields to the front, swallowing hard as he did. "Lysa," he said worry cracking his voice, "Get behind me." He could feel his X-Wing buck against his commands 'Ace' screeched that it was doing everything it could to give him more control. Rhoen looked at his scopes, he and Lysa could make it to the Salvation but, did it have any room left, could it take two more? His mind was racing so fast he didn't notice the other ship launching fighters to counter the TIEs streaming towards him. He readied his proton torpedoes there was still a gap, still a chance to escape. He had enough fuel for a micro-jump, just to the edge of the system, he and Lysa could get out of the fray. But, to what end, who would follow, who could pick them up if they blindly jumped? It would be a cold, lonely death for both of them.

    Then out of seemingly nowhere a ship appeared an Etti cruiser appeared. "This is Argen Devalie, of the CSV Rosa," A voice called out over an open channel, "transmitting Alliance code Five-Gamma-Seven-Leth-Nine. It’s an old code I know, but I kinda retired from being a freedom fighter a couple of decades ago." 'Ace' tweeted that the code checked out, some of the stress left Rhoen's chest, "We have been shadowing this Imperial fleet for several days, and gathering information. We are broad casting that information to you now." As it played on the screen Captain Aquilla was only thinking about how fast he could get to that ship. He and Lysa were in no shape to fight, they had done that long enough. The only energy they had left was to run.

    "At the same time, this ship is equipped with military grade electronic warfare suits, we can argue the legality of it later. We are working to jam communications, and sensors of the imperial vessels. We recommend taking advantage of it as communications intercepted from the Imperial forces over several days lead me to believe that they are not the only force en route. Also be advised that this ship is capable of taking on several small craft and dozens of passengers, we see that you have vessels returning from orbit, they are welcomed to dock." That was all he needed to hear. In a flash he turned his craft, it protested but, he forced it around. His heart pained him, he was running, running like a scared child. He hated himself for this, he felt like he was abandoning his post. What more could he do, would his throwing his life away accomplish anything?

    He didn't have time to fight with himself, he needed to make a decision now. "All friendly forces," he called out over the open comms, "This is Captain Rhoen Aquilla of the New Republic Star Fighter Corps. I do not believe we can hold this ground." His voice cracked as he spoke, after his fiery speech, about his their wings bearing the light of hope, about defending the sacred ground of Yavin, to give this order, it felt like a betrayal. "We need to pull back, to regroup. Our light will do no good if it's snuffed out here." He fought back his emotions for just a little longer. "CSV Rosa, this is Corona Lead, I will be landing onboard your ship, I'd ask permission but, I don't have that kind of time." With a flick of his wrist he swapped over to the private channel with Lysa. "Lysa, we need to run, move as fast as you can, get to the Rosa, I'll be right behind you."

    With that he threw his throttle fully forward eking out as much speed as he could from the engines. Their whine filled his cockpit, and 'Ace's tweeting added to the noise but, he was focused on one thing, getting out of there. It was close, the TIE's nearly got to him and Lysa but, they made it, they got to the safety of a ship they didn't even know. He set his ship down as gently as he could, though it still landed with a heavy thud, rattling what remained of it.

    He popped his canopy and removed his helmet, tossing it into his flight seat as he descended. His hair was slick with sweat, and his legs nearly jelly from the fading adrenaline but, with the last of his energy he rushed over to Lysa's fighter heart pounding again. As she exited, he only said one thing.

    "Are you ok?"

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    IC: Kodo Prine

    "Kodo, I am cutting you loose. Whatever your destiny, it does not follow the Jedi path at the moment. It might do soon, and you may very well have proven yourself, but it's too dangerous for people to be around you until you have figured this out."

    And then Kodo was on his own again. The sting was significant after what he had just done to Snoke in the shadow world.

    "You are beyond my abilities, right here, right now. You are not as straight-laced as Jaden, nor as shaded as Rosh, let alone as earnest as Valin. You have a true destiny. Not one which touches you briefly, as it did with me, and Jaden and Rosh, but a life of it. I can see that now. I would recommend that Masters Skywalker personally train you, if I could."

    "Clearly so," Kodo noted curtly, at Kyle's admission. He eyed the Master's extended hand, and took it hesitantly before releasing as quickly as he thought could still be called somewhat polite. "Snoke has decided that, for whatever reason, I'm worth attempting to break. If I have to bear that burden alone, I will find a way," he added. There was a streak of irritation beginning to show in his words, made no less prominent by the gun the pilot was still pointing at him.

    Then as if out of nowhere, a handsome blonde appeared and pressed her own weapon to the pilot's neck. "Now now, there's no need for that."

    Kodo blinked with annoyed confusion.

    "Can I offer you a ride, Padawan Prine? I'm here for my husband and another, but I can see a stray who needs a hand when it happens," the blonde explained. "We're going to join the Snoke Hit Squad, if I have any say in it, or I can drop you off wherever."

    Kodo made a sound somewhere between a sigh and a groan. "I don't even know you!"

    Jan spoke up. "Juno, you need to know - he's dangerous."

    Kodo's ire turned palpably to Jan. "You are aggressively ignorant and dangerously unhelpful. You were ready to kill me at Eshan. You both were, because you were more vulnerable to Snoke's holocron than I was. Or have you forgotten already? You spent a few hours in its general vicinity and were ready to solve problems with murder. I spent *nine years* with the damned thing talking to me and I willingly threw it away," Kodo failed to realize he was ranting. It wasn't anger, per se, and he wasn't drawing on the dark side of the force, but he was most definitely indignant, and beyond the point of mincing words. "Don't pretend for a moment that you can escape danger by getting rid of me. This is bigger than any of us."

    He felt purified -- and somewhat vindicated to focus on the faults of someone other than himself, if even for a moment.

    Juno cut in. "My husband danced with Darth Vader and came back. His friend tangled with Dooku. If Kyle can't do this, then I'm pretty sure he can." The pilot finally dropped his aim as she pressed her blaster more stiffly into his neck. "Thank you. Thoughts, Kodo?"

    "I could share thoughts for days, right now," he glared momentarily at Jan and Kyle again, before turning to pick up his lightsaber from the floor. "I'll go with you, Juno - I would ask to speak first to Vincent Mikaru, but I doubt he understands any of what happened to him in the shadow world any better than I do."

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    Chapter Twenty - Interlude

    IC: Aden Kya
    Bridge of the Battlecruiser

    The three of them joined with Vincent. The Jensaarai did so immediately, Vos a moment after, and Galen out of frustration with the others. Vincent took the lead, the Force allowing him to reach for the mind of the pilots of one of the Destroyers. Well, pilot was fairly accurate, but with a ship that size one would consider them drivers, as nautical terms did not seem to reach; it was all airspace terminology aboard nautically labelled 'ships'.

    The man was surprisingly receptive to the idea, and adjusted almost immediately. An inner narrative of the man's mind revealed an intention to move the Destroyer to compensate for the movement of its parallel comrade... A movement that it had not yet made, and never intended to. The lever of manipulation was supplied by Aden, and then it lunged into a ram for the glory of the Empire - Aden was merrily, on the fly, demonstrating how to bypass internal resistance with the subjects own preconceptions and prejudices...

    ... Quinlan and Galen withdrew before they had the opportunity to see their handiwork, a faint ripple of disgust present, especially from Galen. Quinlan was more accepting of what had to be done, but this kind of mental manipulation felt pure dark side. Aden, however, sought to keep Vincent's mind in place to ensure the pilot could not adjust... To keep it on course until the moment that the Destroyer passed the point of no return.

    He could withdraw with the others, or stay, but he could be assured that Quinlan and Galen would not be there when he came too if he did the latter; they would go to join their rendezvous.

    Aden allowed a wobble to enter the meld when the others withdrew; it was feasible that the pilot would recover in time to save the Destroyer from the move if Vincent abandoned the meld.

    Callista took the comm to Kodo. When Kyle and Jan eventually left the ship, they would acknowledge that they had fallen under the influence of the miasma permeating the system, directed by the shadow Plagueis for one last act of revenge upon Kodo; isolation in victory, isolation from those who could not understand him.

    Juno held up a hand to stymie Jan's retort to Kodo's well worded snipe, and made a shooing gesture. Jan's cackles raised, but Kyle sagged and she focused on him, fixing Kodo with a dirty look which Kyle was simply too tired to admonish. And so Kyle Katarn, a man who firmly believed that there were no Dragons in the Force, that there was nothing you could not quantify, allowed himself to abandon a student.

    It was a sign of the times, to be sure.

    Callista spoke. 'Vincent is preoccupied. I gather something happened while he was under. Involving the Sith.' Callista resisted he urge to confide that she was worried; she didn't know Kodo well enough to classify him as trusted.

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    IC: Vincent Mikaru
    The Meld

    It had to be done. These were the words that steeled Vincent's nerves and solidified his resolve. The empire, the first order, they had done horrible things, killed and maimed countless billions of people. The people on the other side were not innocent, even if they were following orders, they knew what those orders entailed. Would Vincent sleep easy tonight? No. But that had already been a given. Vincent had people under his protection. Jedi, even if they didn't want to be here. Republic, even if some schemed with their own ideals. The heroes of Yavin, the freedom fighters of the past, his own kind. This had to be done, because it was them, or the Empire, and Vincent would not stand by and let the Empire win, not this day.

    Aden provided the lever, Vincent provided the push. He was broken, yes, psychologically and to a degree mentally, his encounter with Snoke and subsequent commandeering by his ancestor Imperius had done a number on him, and he was reaching. He was now aware of a well of power deep within himself, but he did not know how far that well went, how deep he could pull that power from, or if he wanted to know. But here, now, in this moment, when the lives of so many and the potential fate of the galaxy stood on edge Vincent didn't care if this was a violation of some ancient Jedi code, if this was going to far if it was tainting him. Vincent Mikaru was, in the end, a business man, a practical man. You do what you have to do, to make sure that your people get paid, that they go home at night, that they're safe. In this moment, there truly was no Lightside, nor Darkside. There was only survival.

    So Vincent gave one final push, one final drive to commit the man he was manipulating into sealing the deal, and may Saara the Divine Mother of Eshan have mercy upon them all.

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    Apr 6, 2011
    IC- Izzy Stark a.k.a. The Ripper

    Izzy looked up from cleaning her daggers as not only CS arrived, but the NRI as well. Her dark blonde eyebrow rose slightly. She's been getting noticed to have both prestegous organizations investigating her work. Well, her opening act, anyway.

    The main act was about to begin.

    She bent her head back to her cleaning, unhurried and unconcerned. She kept an eye on the law enforcement as they surveyed her act and put their little pawns on nearby rooftops. They would never find her if she didn't want to be found.

    Izzy, again, slowly lifted her deep, stormy grey eyes up as a small group of both CS officers and NRI came on scene. She felt a small thrill in the pit of her stomach and a corresponding smile on her face as her eyes jumped from one being to the next.

    She ignored the two cops, glancing at them briefly to store the memory of their faces just in case they became too much of a nuisance. That happening seemed pretty doubtful at the moment.

    Her gaze was, also, caught by another who seemed to be with the two young cops. Him, she would have to watch out for. Her instincts were screaming 'threat' at the mere sight of him.

    Izzy watched him as he seemed to be a bit too focused on not looking to where the snipers were hiding. She fought to roll her eyes at the useless gesture.

    She only removed her gaze when the two NRI officers moved. Her small smile grew to a full blown grin. Her target was in sight with his female compatriot. She let out a small sad sigh, when she remembered she had been specifically instructed not to kill anyone else but her target. She really enjoyed her job.

    The assassin wiped the last remnants of blood off her second blade, then sheathed it, all the while taking care to never take her eyes off her target.

    When she was sure of the opportune moment, Izzy left her post. She only moved in the snipers' blind spots. When none were available, she sent a vague feeling of paranoia to make the cops look away. Easy work. It was laughable how weak they were.

    Izzy stopped when she was completely blocked from the snipers behind a building. She waited until the cops' attentions were on the bodies and nudged the Besalisk's mind gently, turning it in her direction. I have orders from our masters. Come with me.

    At the same time, an unstable abandoned building collapsed in the opposite direction from her position. If Izzy had done her work right, which she made sure of and had set up before the Falcone's murders, the sound of the collapsing building, and the recorded sounds of children screaming, should direct everyone's attentions to it. This would allow Lory to come to her without being seen.

    There's not much time. This mission is for only your skills. Hurry. She added urgency that would be impossible to ignore.

    She truly enjoyed her work.

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    IC: Myna'vera

    The young Twi’lek’s head was still pounding when she finally decided to get out of bed. The harsh voice at the other end of this, force headache, didn’t seem like it was going to stop any time soon, despite the presence of the quartet of Ysalamiri at her home. When she finally opened her eyes and sat up to face the world, Kate was there with a tray, on it, breakfast, and some Symoxin, which it likely hoped would help.

    Ignoring the pills, Myna reached for the food, and Kate started tweeting and blurting about how a new message had come in just a few hours ago about a tomb that was recently re-opened on Chandrila, and that she was being courted to explore it, and offered a fair sum in order to do so at an expedient rate. As her droid ran over the cost-benefit comparisons to the plan it had concocted over-night, Myna was unfortunately dreading such an excursion at the moment, what with the, nature, of her headache. Kate rambled on and on about this and that, how they hadn’t done a proper archaeological job in over a year, how it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, yadda yadda blah blah blah…

    Eventually Myna lost her patience with the droid and yelled at it to shut up. The money was too good to pass up, and there was no guarantee that going to this tomb would affect her even more-so than she already was being. With a sigh Myna reached over the side of the bed and picked up a datapad off the floor and accepted the offer. Well, at least the pay was indeed decent. “Prep the ship Kate, go get fuel from the spaceport, and by the time you get back, I’ll be ready to go.”

    Seemingly happy with the decision, despite being told to shut up, the R2 trundled off to do as it was told. As it disappeared, Myna took note that the mess she had left getting to bed last night, had been tended to. She immediately felt a bit more regret for yelling just a moment ago.

    By the time her droid got back with the ship, she was dressed, gear was readied and waiting to be loaded, and the pair of Ysalamiri, which almost seemed like a moot point given the pounding in her head, were ready to go as well. If it weren’t for the fact that she had to assume that whatever was causing her grief at the moment, wasn’t the only thing that could do so, then she might’ve just left them behind. If the pain wouldn’t have just caused her to outright collapse anyway.

    The droids focused on loading the supplies while Myna went up to the cockpit of the E9 and re-readied them for lift off. Definitely would be cutting it close, trying to get to Chandrila in a day, but it could be done...

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    IC: Jaina Solo

    Jaina had been running full tilt when Cappie updated her that the fleet had jumped out of system. She slowed to a stop and bent over to catch her breath, "who has that many resources, and would show up, damage a ship, and then disappear?"

    "Cappie, how damaged is this ship?" If it wasn't going anywhere soon, this might be her best shot at getting Ben to listen to reason.

    While she waited on him to reply, four troopers rushed up with rifles blasting. Her lightsaber ignited instantly and she was deflecting the bolts. She used the Force to pull a large tool cart towards the troopers, it caught two of the men off guard as it struck from behind.

    "I hate this," she growled.

    "I'm going back in, Cappie, locate Ben and give me a map," she said quickly and picked up pieces of debris that had called from racks. She sent ship parts, and barrels of engine fluids raining on the troopers still firing.

    She dashed for the door, her lightsaber flashing as she drew closer to the men still shooting. "Update my mother on what's happened, I have a feeling she'd be interested in this, and it may have something to do with what she's dealing with as well."

    Jaina closed the door and jammed the controls, "I've jammed the door controls, move to another hanger if anyone bothers you," she whispered into her com and waved to scramble the security camera at the end of the corridor.
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    The answer flickered through K'Kruhk's mind, but it wasn't anything he'd seen happen. In fact it was...impossible. He saw a shuttle. He saw Vader and Luke Skywalker...fighting side by side. He saw Royal Guards cut down. He saw them march upon the palace, and enter, like Vader did alone so many years before. Yes.


    "We go to Coruscant."

    K'Kruhk felt the holocron glow in contentment. He felt Tholme's skepticism in the Force, and Caleb Dume's deep frown. The captain nodded. K'Kruhk closed his eyes as he listened to the whispering open/shut of the door. He let himself sleep.

    When he woke, hours later, he saw the holocron's gatekeeper standing, blue and shimmering, above the tiny pyramid. K'Kruhk knitted his brow.

    "What are you? How are you? What is this?"

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    OOC: This is Part I of an epic combo post with Ktala and Sinrebirth – it's been one heck of a ride!

    IC: Belila Gambros (Bre), 'Han Solo' (Duke Praxon) & Snoke
    Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Yavin

    Bre continued to lay on the floor, eyes closed as she willed herself to breathe in and out slowly. She
    hated shutting out poor Fred, but right now, she felt simply overtaxed. So many years alone, and just
    she and Fred fending for themselves, looking to find a cause, or a friend to remind herself of what it
    was like - before. But they were always moving, always drifting about. So many years.

    She could hear Han grunting to move. A quick scan assured her that while Genkal might be a bit sore, as she, he would live. Bre felt like she was there, but yet at the same time, a bit removed from it all as well.

    “Hey, hang in here, huh?” he patted the captain encouragingly on the shoulder. “We’ll be outta here in a sec.” Han was talking to the Mon Cal Captain. They diidnt need her right now. She could simply lay here, and compose herself. So many questions that would not have answers. At least, now at the moment.


    They were drawing close. Sounded funny. Then a slap, and the ramp began to close. About time, it was breeze in here. Still, she didnt open her eyes. Suddenly, there was a gentle touch on her wrist, and then around her face. It took her a few seconds to realize what he was doing. Probably making sure that she didnt die on his ship. A slight frown. That was a horrible thought. Probably because she felt so exhausted. Suddenly Praxton was placing his hands underneath her shoulders to prop her up. “C’mon,” he coaxed gently, "Let’s try to get you to one of the bunks to fix you up. How does that sound?”

    Well, that sounded fairly nice, but right now, she didnt think she could manage it. Fred wobbled around on his many legs, giving a peep of concern about his mistress, and her lack of movement. She wiggled a finger. 'Han' tried to move her, and Bre heard him grunt, before he fell back on his haunches. A few seconds of silence, and then she heard his voice once more. “New plan,” he panted after a moment. “Can you walk?”

    The sound of metal crashing inward came from somewhere inside the ship. And then the sounds of fast moving feet. While Bre didnt feel any warning within the Force, it was enough to make her open one eye.

    It was Leia, who came bounding into the corridor. Bre could see that ‘Han’s’ eyes grew wide, and he
    recoiled as she approached. Woah.. what did I miss? she wondered hazily, as the General came up to him. Leia simply scooped him up into a hug. She whispered something into his hear, but Bre really didnt want to try that hard to listen in.


    “Me?” Bre heard Han scoffed as he spoke to Leia. “If you want insane, you should’ve seen what she pulled. I don’t even think I’m crazy enough to attempt that, and that’s saying something.”


    Leia paused for a moment before tapping the wall. “Wyn, everyone is in, Bre too. You can pull it up.”
    Someone finally asked about Strang. 'Strang?' Bre heard Leia's voice respond. 'He didn't make it.' Bre could see once more in her mind's eye, the look that had frozen on Strang's face. Bre squeezed her eyes tight. Bre still laid quietly non moving, until she heard another voice.

    "Oh do not fret." The voice was deep, and grave.

    NO! Cant be!

    Bre's eyes snapped open staring straight towards Snoke. He looked at her, as if he was looking at a
    piece of meat, he was about to dine on. His very smile made her flesh crawl.

    'You have succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.' In his hand was his red lightsaber. His other hand was on his side. 'You and Vincent and Kodo beat me, and beat the spirit of Darth Dreadwar. Very well done.' Bre's eyes followed his movements. His voice was grating, harsh, and the tall man held out a clawed hand, slowly, to signify that he was not using the Force. 'I am very proud of you all.'

    No. Bre's mind refused to listen to his words anymore. There was no anger or hate. She simply wanted him gone.

    So Bre simply reacted.

    She WISHED she could do Force lightening in the moment. Not so much like Sith lighting, but simply for the fact that she just wants to move him FAR, FAR, AWAY! But lacking that, she went for what she knew. The drew the Force to herself, as she moved, coming off the floor so fast, she knew poor Han would swear she teleported, as she charged Snope, going for the biggest mega Force shove in the history of the planet she could muster while charging him. Every fiber of her being had one thought right now, as she moved, whipping out a saber at last mibute to block him. Right now, her only thought is to get him OFF THE SHIP. Away from the General. And away from her. Pretty much in that order. Bre didnt want to die. But she didnt want such evil to get ahold of Leia, 'Han', and Genkal either.

    And she did have a plan.

    Well, maybe not much of a plan.

    But a plan none the less.

    The specter had appeared out of nowhere, breaching the ship through what 'Han' assumed to be a faulty landing ramp. He stood there, now, mocking them with his deceptive tongue as the wind whipped wildly at his tattered robes. Even from the low vantage point upon the deckplates, he could not ignore the off-kilter tilt of his frame and the scarred visage of his features, making him all the more grotesque. There was no doubt in his mind that this was Supreme Leader Snoke, the very entity he had been warned about since stumbling upon these unfortunate circumstances.

    For the briefest of moments, 'Han' was frozen, simply staring at the creature as he taunted them for their string of 'successes.' Things suddenly felt more real as he was thrust outside of the bubble; this was no longer a play-act. This was the moment where he would need to either convince Snoke of his identity...or fail and bring everyone else down with him. There was no middle ground and no room for 'do-overs' in order to perfect his performance. It was do-or-die, and in that mindset, the choice was quite simple.

    The look of surprise melted from his features and was instantly replaced by a burning hatred...a hatred that reflected in his eyes for the very man who had taken their son away from them. Falling to one knee, he cleared his blaster from its holster in one fluid motion and aimed, knowing damn well that it would likely be as effective as targeting a charging rancor. Still, he needed to try. He started to depress the trigger...

    And that's when Bre awakened and thrust herself upon the Supreme Leader in a flurry that was hard to track with the naked eye. 'Han' staggered at the sheer speed and intensity of the attack, but quickly recovered as he realized he had lost his shot. With Bre constantly passing within his field of vision, it would be next to impossible to take out Snoke without hitting the girl as well.

    He cursed and lowered the blaster. He hoped she knew what she was doing. At the very least, it provided the necessary distraction he needed to alert the others.

    With splayed fingers, he reached outward for the headset he had discarded earlier and pulled it back to his position. When he returned it to his ear, Wyn was ranting over the open channel about Mon Calamari commanders and Star Destroyers. He frowned and cut in to interrupt as he rose to his feet.

    "Forget about that!" he shouted, retreating backward to cover Leia. "We have bigger problems – Snoke is here!"

    Snoke's eyes widened as Bre went for him. 'You insane girl!'

    No, the lunge was a feint, she would push -

    Snoke did a push of his own, to the right. Her push sent him into the wall, the two directions of the Force making a diagonal, but it still hurt; he was glad he had the presence of mind to push the opposite side of his wounds, but his surprise was such that he nearly dropped his lightsaber, the weapon wavering in his hands.


    He swiped his hand, and sought to divert her into the bulkhead opposite the ramp with a snarl. BB-8 had out his miniature blow torch, and fired a stream of flame that Snoke simply parted as Han reached for the headset. He managed to shout into it before Snoke had time to short it out with a gesture, and then Genkal was shooting at him, and he simply reflected the shot back

    - into Leia's activated lightsaber, as she side-stepped to block the bolts. Snoke growled, and Leia threw a glance at Han as she batted bolts back and forth.

    And then Bre hit the bulkhead that Snoke had lobbed her at - events were going so fast, and the wind was still whistling from the open ramp -

    Leia shouted at him. 'You have a weapon you love so much, use it before he does.'

    Snoke had not yet had the presence of mind to allow the ramp to go up, he was refocusing on his organs, which were shifting in ways they should not -

    - but when his mine caught up...

    Bre considered grinning, as she saw the look on Snokes face as she ran straight him.

    'You insane girl!'

    Yep. Bre was moving full speed, meaning to bhove him if her force push did not work. Unfortunately he had other plans. Bre suddenly felt the Force gather around her, but it was not of her doing. He had initiated a push of his own. The two opposing forces met, and from Bre's point of view, it was spectacular! From her view, she managed to smash Snoke into the opposite wall, just as his sent her flying, seeking to merge her into her own side of the wall.

    She heard various sounds as she went flying, but she was concentrating. Bre heard another lightsaber activate, even as Snoke almost lost the grip on his while dealing with the others.

    Bre shifted, just before she hit the wall, barely managing to get her legs under her. *Woof!* Wookieefied. She grunted. But with a small difference. She gathered the Force once more, and bellowed at Snope, using the Force to amplify her yell as she bounded from the wall, using her now larger body as she pushed off with her legs.

    FORCE! She was definitely going to feel the effects of this, but he would feel them more. As Bre drew closer once again, she hit him, this time, with her Lumablast Rocket that were on her wrist at point blank range. They would let out a blinding light. And she was positioned so that her body would spare the others of the blinding flash. And she had another surprise for him, if she got within swinging range.

    A set of virbonuckles.

    Screw the lightsaber. Tough she still kept it out, for blocking. And still the chant in her head played on.



    Fred was busy. With Snokes first appearance, he had hidden himself, moving back towards where the bike had come to a stop. He recognized the being in front of him. But with Bre
    seeming having lost her mind, and attacking Snoke, and even BB-8 trying to lend a hand, Fred figured out that this being also had that strange power. And Fred could not simply just fire stuff off at him, or it would go the wrong place. He only had a smokescreen, but he did know where to go looking for ideas.

    He rolled over, and opened up Bre's toolcase. His hands busy digging into the bag, and he searched for anything useful. He pulled out some cables. Snagging those, he kept digging.

    Micro tools
    Laser pointer
    Power shears
    Specimen hopper
    Steam press

    Steam press! Fred grabbed the tool, and rolled as close as he could. Might not do a lot of damage, but at the right moment, well.. it was the best he could do at the moment. He would just wait for an opportunity. he kept the cables close by, just in case, latching on end to a nearby pylon.

    As Leia busied herself with deflecting stray blaster bolts, a knowing look passed between them, and 'Han' gaped in protest as realization dawned.


    His words were lost on the wind as Bre accelerated her attack, her form shifting before his eyes into that of a Wookiee. It took him a moment to adjust to the spectacle playing out before him, but once he did, he came to the conclusion that Leia was right. While he would have preferred to stay behind to help, he realized that he was horribly outmatched with a simple blaster against the spectral Force that sustained the others. Even Leia, who had dedicated her life to politics, seemed to be able to hold her own with a lightsaber. If he continued to fumble around in an attempt to protect her, he would only get in the way.

    In the end, his place was in the cockpit.

    With a begrudging sigh, he started to backpedal, slow at first in order to keep an eye on the fight and to ensure that Leia was capable, but steadily moving faster until he turned to head up the corridor at a full sprint. Once he reached the annex that connected the cockpit to the main corridor, he burst through the door without preamble, no doubt taking Wyn by surprise. He held up a hand to stymie any protests and simply pushed her aside to reclaim his spot at the pilot's station.

    "I'll explain later," he muttered hastily and out of breath as he quickly put the Falcon into a corkscrewing dive.

    Snoke hissed as Bre inverted mid-fall, and then turned back into a Wookiee. It was enthralling, if not intimidating, in his wounded state. He had expected a physical lunge, and readied himself while flinging out with the Force at Genkal with BB-8 as the medium; the spherical droid crashed into the Mon Cal's stomach, winding him and also upending the droid.

    He battered the last of the bolts into the bulkheads around Leia's head as Han fled, issuing a series of sparks from the console which saw the woman duck down and then trip when Snoke slid Bre's speeder bike across her path.

    It all took a mere moment, and was all too easy, and Snoke could bring his mind inexorably back to Bre's childish lunge -

    - and then she bellowed at him through the Force, and Snoke found himself completely disorientated for the moment she pushed off. His mind rushed to clasp itself around rational thought and she blasted him with the blinding light and his senses were overwhelmed; his weapons sense, on autopilot, focused on her lightsaber, but he was completely caught by surprise by the vibroknuckles; he staggered back in pain, but his mind found purchase in analysis; ribcage crushed where she had hit him; maybe a heart perforated, no, wait, he only had one heart in this body, not three -

    The Muun would have slammed into the bulkhead and rebounded at her, but the ship tilted, and Snoke, who was already off the floor, found himself tilting with it, falling down the corridor and crashing off the wall - more pain, but pain was good, pain helped him refocus, he felt Bre falling with him, deeper into the ship, felt Leia, Genkal, Fred and BB-8 holding on, he gestured at Bre, a flippant move, designed to redirect her into the hold as they fell, or at least bash her against a bulkhead; she was relentless -

    - his refocus until he landed just outside the cockpit. He still had held onto his lightsaber and kicked out, both to clear some space and also to yank himself back to his feet.

    Wyn, who was poised to shout at Praxon at his insanity, and Fett, who had nearly been clipped, was on the comm shouting at him already, simply screamed as Snoke turned to take his step into the cockpit, ready to take an opportunistic slash in the moment he might have if Bre had been slowed for half a second -

    Wyn's scream convalesced into vocabulary, 'Turn the other way, you nerfherder!'

    Bre roared and in Wookiee form had managed to make contact with Snope. Her lightsaber focused his attention there, but he was certainlly NOT expecting the vibrokunckles. If Bre had not been so preoccupied in trying to save the people she now cared for, she would have most likely relished the sensation of making contact. But right now, see was simply too focused on keeping them and herself alive. But she had hit him, and she felt the crunch. Her rockets had gone off, and done the job. Now to simply push him out and...

    WHAT THE FORCE!?!?!??!

    The ship suddenly tilted DOWN, which sent Snoke, who was already on the floor, hurdling straight towards Bre, who was now suddenly on a rapidly tilting floor, tilting in the WRONG direction. Bre cursed, as they suddenly found themselves heading not OUT the ship, but now further down the corridor, towards the cockpit.

    Suddenly Snoke gestured at Bre, a flippant move, most likely another Force shove as they fell, or at least bash her against a bulkhead. But her current form made that a bit more difficult. And, Bre quickly realized, this was a corridor. Much smaller, tighter fit. He couldnt build much momentium to smash her into much. Still hurts like heck thought. She braced against the move. Bre was annoyed that he still managed to hold onto his lightaber, when Snoke kicked out, both to clear some space and also to yank himself back to his feet.


    Wyn screamed as Snoke turned to take his step into the cockpit, ready to take an opportunistic slash. Wyn's scream convalesced into vocabulary, most likely at Han, 'Turn the other way, you nerfherder!'

    But Bree was not about to give the sole focus of her very being at the moment, any pause or escape from her attacks. Not while her friends were still in danger. Wyn's scream seem to fuel her even more, even though her own body ached. If Snope got inside the cockpit, they were all dead. So much death. Because of this man. He already had stated what he would do to her. She could imagine if he got a hold of Master Luke's sister Leia. It had to stop.



    <GET OUT!>

    Back so many years ago, Master Skywalker had them levitating rocks, and other objects. It was not a thing, to simply try to push a move a thing, but it was more like to envelope an object, to feel the Force flow around it, and then direct it. On a moving object, it was using an objects own force, to redirect it, and make it go in the direction that you wanted. Bre was never really good on remembering names for some of the techniques he had them try. But she was very good in remembering her lessons. And she called it forth now. She stretched out around Snope, as if one was scooping up a pile of hot steamy nurf poodoo, and wrapped it tightly around him. And then she yanked. But not just a simple yank. She held on to it as long as she could. And as she did, she ran, using her longer arms and legs, embued with the Force, to pull them straight back to the open end of the ship, and the waiting ramp.

    And she didnt plan on stopping.


    Fred was hanging on for dear life, as the ship had taken an unexpected turn, and right now everyone else was all tangled into each other. Only Fred, a bit of a distance away from everyone else was clear. And right now, he could hear screams. But it was not Bre. And then suddenly another roar.

    Whatever she was doing, he would be ready, as he held on to the steamer and the cable.

    Because from all the strange sounds coming from the area of the ships cockpit, it sounded as if things were quickly going bad, and he needed to be prepared if he was to help his mistress save the others. And he was sure that she would. After all, she had saved him.

    Snoke had, finally, had enough, Bre was holding, holding, and pulling, using her weight against him, in reality and the Force. And even wounded, with difficulty breathing and in a constant state of surprise, he was still a Sith Lord, and he was now angry.

    He had already been dragged back down the corridor a fair distance when he rooted himself with the Force. He stuck his feet to the ground, he wrapped mental links to the sides of the corridor, he snarled and he dropped his lightsaber; enough was enough.

    Snoke had quite forgotten his objective here. Now he wanted to kill.

    He pointed one hand up, and one hand down, towards the cockpit and Bre respectively. Her pull was powerful, he could almost feel parts of his body shifting inside, and he applied himself once more, securing himself as if he were rooted in the heart of the Force.

    And then blue fire burst from his fingers, both directions, both ways, at Bre and the cockpit. Enough was enough.

    Bre would be overtaxed by her efforts now, the transformations wearing down, the battle drawing her to exhaustion when she was pouring Force skills out of underused portions of her mind; she was rusty, and she was striking out of fear, and aggression, and desperation.

    That could not sustain her against his refined hate.

    TAG: To be continued...
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    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC: This is Part 2 of an epic combo post with HanSolo29 and Sinrebirth – WHEW!

    IC: Belila Gambros (Bre), 'Han Solo' (Duke Praxon) & Snoke
    Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Yavin

    For his part, 'Han' simply ignored the string of angry retorts that filtered in over the comm as he sent the Falcon careening through the net of ships escaping the moon below. They would get over it, especially once they realized the reason for his bizarre behavior. While he had already tried to send out a distress signal to warn them, he wasn't sure if he had been successful, particularly when Snoke decided to detonate the commset while it was still in his hands. And right now, well...he was kinda too busy to try again.

    Unfortunately, his little maneuver was proving to be more costly than he anticipated. Acting on a whim, he hadn't exactly thought through the process enough to realize that angling the ship down would bring Snoke – and everyone else – tumbling up towards the
    front of the ship. He could hear them, now, staggering in the corridor outside the cockpit as they struggled to regain control. His muscles tensed as he realized his mistake.

    And then there was Wyn, shouting orders into his ear as she played the part of the backseat driver. He didn't have time for this...
    "I know!" he hollered in response to her demands. There was no point even trying to hide the irritation in his voice. Even as he tried to concentrate on the task at hand, he could hear the others scrambling in the corridor, their struggle more distant than it was previously, but still close enough to make him uncomfortable. It was also accompanied by another sound, one in which he could not yet identify...and it was racing closer and closer...

    Something told him he didn't want to know what that was...Grounding his teeth together, 'Han' tightened his crash webbing and reached over to do the same for Wyn. "To hell with this! Hang on!"

    He dialed down the inertial compensator to the point where it was dangerously low and pulled the control yoke back so that it was touching his stomach, and the Falcon began to climb. But he didn't just stop there, he pushed the old freighter as hard as she
    could go, accelerating to the point where he was well beyond the safety perimeters. He could feel the pressure building against his chest and pulling at the sides of his face, the sensation exacerbated by the steep angle of their climb. If he wasn't careful, he would black out...or worse.

    But right now, he could only think of the consequences it would have for someone like Snoke, who was already weakened by injuries. If that didn't outright affect him, hopefully it would be enough to finally tip the scales and deposit him into the vacuum...

    Snoke hadn't expected the acceleration of the Falcon. Then again, nobody ever did. He was one moment rooted as an object within all reality and the next hurtling back the way he came, his lighting burst cracking along the corridors, digging into conduits, rippling across consoles, shattering light fixtures.He could feel that he was about to hurtle right out of the Falcon. He didn't have time
    to grab at Han, though he would have if he could, but he could grab at Bre with his mind.

    BB-8 had coiled Genkal and itself to the deck, and Leia was pinned under Bre's speeder - even using it to keep herself and Genkal in-place with the Force.But, with all the bouncing and shattering parts of the corridor, Snoke didn't know if he'd still have Bre in his mental grip when he burst out of the ship.

    But he would try.

    He did say he would have her, after all.

    Bre knew she was in trouble.

    One moment, she was struggling, being driven by pure determination and effort as she was doing her best to drag Snope away from the cockpit and the others. And then suddenly, something changed. Every cell in her being screamed that things were turning horribly wrong, as Snoke had suddenly come to a stop. An overwhelming wave of darkness and hate stuck her. Bre had never felt anything like it before in her life, and the effect was staggering. Wave after wave of dark hate. She had managed to push him over the line, and now, he was no longer controling his feelings. The urge to kill swam over her, causing her to waver.

    And then all fark broke loose!

    Bre smelt and heard the sounds once more of force lighting being discharged. She turned, bringing up her lightsaber, but she didnt think she could counter it as effectively as she had before. She was tired, her head hurt, and her body felt like someone had tied weights to her body.

    And then, Fate and the Universe decided to hand her another surprise.

    Without any warning the Falcon suddenly accelerated, and shot straight up. HAN!!

    NOW he went in the direction she wanted. But now, it was worse, because she was now behind Snoke, and her eyes went wide, as she saw him hurtling back towards the ramp once more, his lightning burst crackling along the corridors, shattering light fixtures. As the deck tilted towards the open ramp way, Bre quickly flicked off her saber, and jumped to the side, trying to grab one of the pylons that was closest to her. She wrapped her arms around it, and was basically tring to get a good hand hold..Snoke went flying by, and Bre ducked to avoid the now wild lighting bolts that were flying throughout the ship. A sudden wave within the Force brought her head up, along with a powerful yanking sensation. She was so tired, that she wasnt prepared for the sudden pull, and Bre lost her grip as the ship bounced and rolled about.

    She yelped from the unexpected yank as she now also went sliding along, heading for the exit as well.She shot past Fred, who was anchored down as well, beeping wildly as he saw Bre go flying by. Bre was trying to free herself from the mental yank, but it was so
    powerful. Bre could hear Fred's wild bleeps, and she was aware that he was doing something, but she was giving her all to breaking free of the mental grasp. She continued to slide, even as Fred was now moving down as well. As Bre got close to the ramp, Bre grabbed hold of the ramp on the side, as she looked wildly about to see where Snoke had gone. Fred was rolling fast, trailing the cable, just in case it was needed. She tried wrapping as much of her body as she could, while the wind wildly buffeted around her body.

    Was he finally gone? she wondered.

    Snoke felt her tether herself, felt her little droid readying itself to rescue her, felt her panic.

    He didn't care.

    He really didn't.

    He grabbed for her leg as he fell by her.


    And missed.

    He was gone, he was out, and the Falcon was wildly gyrating. His grip of the ramp slipped, and it rolled up, finally able to. Leia finally dislodged the speeder bike and rushed over to help Bre up, straining to do so as the ramp closed.

    For a long moment, the only sound was of the sparking corridors, blackened with flame and damaged, and Leia felt herself shift again. 'Han, dial back up the compensators, he's gone.'

    Bre squeezed her eyes tightly, holding on as best as she could, as the wild wildly tore at her. She felt cold, but she didnt care, as she squeezed tightly, trying her best to simply hold on.She could hear Fred beeping something about Snoke, but she refused to open her eyes. She could FEEL motion around her, but stayed still, simply holding on. She was spent, and it took all of her concentration to simply hold on.The Force touched her, and so did the darkness, as Snoke moved past her. Then he drew very close, and Bre tightened her grip around the pylon she was clutching.

    And then..

    ... it was gone.

    Bre dared to open one eye. The Falcon was wildly gyrating she vaguely noted, the ramp finally rolled itself up. Bre very slowly rolled out of the way, as Leia ran over to her, straining to help Bre as the ramp closed. Bre did not stand. She simply rolled on her side. She tried to shift back to the form she was more recognized as. It didnt work. She groaned. For a long moment, the only sound was of the sparking corridors, blackened with flame and damaged. Bre heard Leia's voice call out 'Han, dial back up the compensators, he's gone.' She sounded farther away for some reason. Funny. She wondered why.

    Bre tried again, to shift back to her 'normal' form. It was like her brain was fuzzy, and she coudlnt quite concentrate on the task at hand. She had drawn from years of reserves she never knew she had. She had done something, she never would have seen
    herself doing, but she had. She had gone from hidden orphan, jumping from place to place, to suddenly being shove front and center. She had face SEVERAL Dark Lords, and had seen even stranger events in such a short order of time, she had had no time to
    wrap her mind around it all.

    Third time was the charm, and Bre shifted back. But it was much slower than normal. And it hurt! She swore she could feel every hair disappear from the wookie form. She grimaced, still keeping her eyes closed. Did they think she was a monster? She had
    always tried her very best to keep her shapshifting abilities well hidden. But this time, not only had she needed to do so in front of her companions, but in front of Soke as well! Bre shook once more. She wanted to scream and cry, but she did not have any energy left in her to do so.

    So she withdrew. She felt Fred once more come near her, and she gently raised a finger to try and reassure him. But even that felt like such an effort. She was utterly drained. And she didnt want to face what everyone might think of her right now. And she was in pain. It was simple.

    She stopped fighting.

    And she let the voices melt away, as she slipped unconscious.


    'Han' exhaled deeply as the sound of Leia's voice wafted up from the hold with the news. He didn't need to be told twice.Between the sparking control panels and the alarms blaring for attention around the cockpit – all of which could have been related to the stress of his little maneuver –

    he wasn't sure how much more the old freighter could take. Even in their current state, he knew they would likely be facing a period of lengthy repairs. He didn't want to overdo it and make matters worse...

    Then again, seeing how it had successfully contributed to Snoke's 'timely' departure, maybe it was all worth it.
    Or maybe not...

    "Ah, kark it..." he muttered under his breath as the simple gesture of dialing up the compensator triggered a new set of problems. The electrical glitch that had fried some of the subsidiary systems and was affecting the lighting apparently ran much deeper than he initially thought. The lights on the dash dimmed dangerously low before the panel directly to his right began to smoke, and it shorted out in a shower of sparks. The Falcon instantly responded by lurching violently as the control yoke suddenly became sluggish in his grip.

    "I think we're in trouble."

    Fortunately, it seemed as if someone was looking out for them. The comm, which was full of intermittent static, came to life with a broadcast from an inbound cruiser. " Argen--valie, of the....Rosa," an unfamiliar voice announced over the channel.

    'Han' furrowed his brow as he concentrated on trying to piece together the scrambled message. "...been shadowing this Imperial fleet for several days--broad casting that information to--jam communications, and sensors of the imperial vessels. We--be advised that this ship is capable of taking on several small craft and dozens of passengers--welcomed to dock."

    'Han' straightened at that last bit as he turned to exchange a look with Wyn. Under normal circumstances, he would've jumped out of here on his own freewill, but with recent developments, he wasn't sure if the hyperdrive was quite up to the challenge. With an electrical malfunction, it was better to be safe than sorry. He knew what he needed to do...

    "I hope they have plenty of room onboard that thing," he mentioned as he angled the Falcon towards the signal for the cruiser. "We're gonna be coming in hot."

    Wyn took a breath to steady herself. She had been on the periphery of everything that had happened and Wyn was as shaken as she could be. But it still wasn't over. She helped Praxon steer, but the TIEs wouldn't be far off. Slave I was using long range
    missiles to pick at the formation, to disrupt it, but seventy two TIEs would not be stopped in total.

    She prodded the display, to her right. 'We don't fit. There is a hatch on the top, but as soon as we break out of atmosphere...' And they did with a shudder. 'We should have more control.' Which they did, helpfully.'Can you sort it so we land on top, Praxon?' Wyn said, rushing to jig power from the cannons to the manoeuvring thrusters. She glanced at the tractor beam. 'This could help?' It could also crash them quicker but it was a thing.Leia, unbeknownst to them, had dove aft to help keep a hairline crack in the hyperdrive from spreading. Bre's work had been good, but an energy surge from Force lightning into the ship was, again, a thing. BB-8 had gone elsewhere to directly monitor coolant levels; a leak had been sprung in one of the pipes that ran under the central corridor.

    The Falcon needed as much love as the rest of them did, right now.

    While he was grateful for the return of some semblance of control, it was a small consolation compared to the net of fighters and other craft descending upon Yavin. To make matters worse, Wyn had delivered the news he had been expecting, but didn't dare
    to admit to himself – they wouldn't fit on the cruiser.

    This prompted a series of curses as he visibly shrank back into his chair. Despite the odds, he was tempted to try and get into the hangar anyway, even if it meant making room, but fortunately for everyone onboard, Wyn presented another option. This seemed
    to sober him a bit, even if he was going to grouse about her using his real name, especially after he had been so insistent about staying 'in-character.' But on the whole, it was a trivial matter, particularly when faced with life or death.

    He swallowed and pressed his lips together in thought. "It'll be tricky, but..." he trailed off as he studied the readouts, and then, lifted his gaze to size up the cruiser steadily approaching outside the viewport. He smiled as a hint of confidence returned to his voice. "Yeah, not a problem. If I can catch and reel in an escape pod that's plummeting through a planet's atmosphere, this will be a cinch."
    Even under protest, 'Han' was able to maneuver the Falcon around and into place so that she was lined up with the top hatch of the cruiser. "Alright, take it's not gonna take much..."

    A minute passed.

    He needed to time this just right...


    "Now!" he yelled as he gestured for Wyn to hit the switch.

    TAG: ?

    OOC: Fini
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    IC: Susulur Dha'tra
    Yavin IV, Breaking into the black

    Pulling up he joined all in leaving this world behind. His plans unchanged from those first moments as he unlinked from Goran's ship. Rerouting power from the tractor beam back to his weapons systems, watching as their charge indicators rose much as his ship did. Then the voice had come and filled his head, a darkness and voice that pulled within like a void. Being saluted, by Snoke he was certain. Of all things.

    It came as a surprise as the Falcon turned sharply and narrow missed both Slave I, Goran, and himself in rapid succession. The pain of breathing was still there, but so was the comfort of just sitting after narrowly having a mid-air collision with a temporary ally. Not exerting his ship unless something else crazy and unexpected were to happen, it was not until the clouds gave way to the darkness of the open sky illuminated by it's millions of lights, gas giant, cruiser and four star destroyers with flowing shards of sparkling light of smaller ships that a finger grazed the throttle.

    "Osik." he simply stated with a grunt as pseudo motion imbued another light upon the scene. Hearing Mandalor's grunt on the comms he cycled through his long range scanners and began setting up the multiple targets with his missiles. Waiting until Mandalor's were away before alternating his targets and unleashing five missiles to thin out the enemies and sow more confusion as he routed his blaster and ion cannons power to the engines. If he could get free of gravity before the clash of what his sensors were labeling as TIE variants he could reload later.

    His systems took a beat longer than some present he was sure, but when it came to finally hearing the message he gladly turned to the 90 degree angle of his prier heading to the new port in this storm. "Coming in Rosa. Bat, in rack, and, have, medic, prepare." he simply commed ahead.

    It wasn't long until he was nearing on approach, launching one lone torpedo to target the patch of Yavin where Snoke had gone down. Letting him speed the last part of the journey until he could fly in inverted to the other ships and slowly activated his mag clamps at the closest to the rear above and between the other ships were he would not block hopefully any others from fitting inside the cramped hanger.

    Securing a tow line to his ships hull at the top of his chair before popping the canopy. Releasing his webbing he slowly turned down the ships own inertial dampners and small gravity pad to slowly let himself fall until he was jerked the last hand spans to the end of his line. Sending a coded signal via remote the ship powered down the overtaxed inertial dampener and gravity field.

    Grunting he took a moment as he hung there, taking in the hanger and everything in it. Interesting. Activating the cable he slowly lowered himself gingerly to the hanger floor in a cradled position until he was far enough down. Once down he simply stood there, slowly turning about he held the slack of the cable out to the side. "Medic?" He simply called out on the used comm frequency and out into the hanger as he stood there, half ready to lean back let the cable take his weight again from how all of these motions still pained him even with deadened nerve clusters.

    TAG: Sinrebirth, galactic-vagabond422, @Others at Yavin IV
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    GM approved 'meanwhile' post

    Relgim Sector, Outer Rim
    Ord Trasi system

    Probe droids had been a mainstay of the military complex of the Galaxy for thousands of years. While the Arkyd produced Viper Probe Droid had been made infamous by the Galactic Empire in recent decades the overall design had existed in use for thousands of years. They just got bigger, angrier, and more efficient at their presumed jobs.

    One of those jobs, was watching without being seen, and they were very good at that. Launched with a pod that had nothing but a single use hyperdrive thruster their exit into realspace produced nearly no discernible radiation burst, the material they were composed of had them blend in with the darkness of space, and it absorbed latent radiation allowing it to seemingly blend in with the universe around it.

    And right now, one was watching the happenings of the Ord Trasi system.

    Trasi had been a major point in the Outer Rim for a long time, but had been devastated in the last war. In the years since it’s been rebuilt, but at the same time has remained under Imperial Remnant control. This was fine, as the Remnant had been seen as non hostile and even an ally of sorts, till a few weeks ago. Now, any ship of the Remnant was public enemy No. 2.

    Brigadier General Nial Strumla stood in the bridge of the Advanced Dreadnought-class Assault Cruiser Harrier II and watched the sensor scans of the probe as they came in. “Seems like we’ve found ourselves some glowfish in a barrel.” The servos of his cybernetic arm whirled as he brought the lit cigarra up to his mouth and took a puff. Smoking on duty was a direct violation of Republic Military Code, Nial did it anyway. With modern air scrubbers it didn’t make much difference.

    “Looks like two Republic-class cruisers and an old ImpStarDuce.” Captain Nereda, his XO spoke up from the sensor station, only taking a moment to glance up at the hologram being projected in the center of the bridge. “So two light weights and a ship that was state of the art thirty years ago, and even then it had issues.”

    “That’s not saying much.” That was lieutenant Djin, another violation of code, but the Harrier II had a tendency to ignore code, and do what worked, and sometimes that meant wisecracking. “I mean we are currently flying in a glorified tin can based on a design from over a century ago. Not exactly a spring hawkbat if you know what I mean.”

    “Difference there lad,” Nial spoke up again. “We’re based on the old Dreadnought design, but we’re bigger, angrier, and a good twenty-five years more advanced than that bugger out there.” He motioned his cigarra at the ISD on the holoscreen. “Alright, so we all know how this is gonna go down. Navigation, plot us a hyperspace intercept course towards our big arrow shaped friend there. All hands to battlestations, and brace for impact.

    Nial placed his organic hand on a hand rail, getting a good grip as he watched the reinforced blast shutters close down across the bridges view ports and a smile hit his face. Imperial bastards might have hit the Republic hard, but they were about to learn that it was only a flesh wound. “Go for lightspeed.”

    --- --- ---

    The Republic-class cruisers Valiance and Swiftsure along with the Imperial Class Hephaestus sat in a pretty standard geosynchronous orbit over shipyard that remained under construction. Below on the planets surface ground facilities pumped out materials, prefabs, and equipment needed for the work above. The Ord Trasi Imperial Fleet yard was set to be a shining jewel of the First Order military machine, and it was about to have it’s day ruined.

    Sensors started to go ballistic as they started picking up the tell-tale energies of an impending hyperspace window. Problem was, it was far too close. The cruisers had time to move, smaller more agile craft they had the maneuverability, but the Hephaestus was a sitting nerf.

    Realspace flashed, and 800 meters of armored hull dropped in from hyperspace, engines going at a full burn, down at a 45 degree angle straight towards the Star Destroyer. A suicide move for most any other ship, but for the Harrier II it was modus operandi. Based on the Dreadnought-class it was a good two hundred meters longer, armor plating five times the thickness, secondary and tertiary shield generators. The ship was a flying fortress, designed to deliver troops to enemy ships and planetary surfaces, and it had some interesting ways of doing so.

    Laser blasts flashed across the Harrier’s forward shields, all but ignoring the desperate assault as two of her main Heavy Turbolaser cannons slid out of their recessed ports along her ‘chin’ and began a steady bombardment forward, pounding away at the Star Destroyer’s shields until finally, both fields met.

    The two ships strained against each other, the Star Destroyer had more mass, but with more modern systems the Harrier trumped her in shield and engine power. Her turbolasers continued to fire away at point blank range until finally the destroyer’s shields fluctuate, and durasteel gave way to an 800 meter long battering ram.

    The Harrier had buried itself a good hundred meters into the dorsal plate of the Hephaestus by the time the Valiance and Swiftsure had come back around. Their weapons opened fire on the Harrier as the cruiser returned the favor, a broadside layout of turbolasers and ion cannons, demonstrating the difference in power of a ship built for the sole purpose of war, and two built for keeping an enforced peace.

    The Harrier’s engines fired in full reverse, a unique aspect of the ship's design allowed it to emit full thrust backwards, as it activated tractor beams to push the Star Destroyer away. Bits of hull, scattered armor plating, and the ejected bodies of troopers and imperials flushed out into space as the air seal the cruiser's shields had formed suddenly decompressed the center of the ship. The Destroyer shuttered, and started to list, as the turbolasers now fired at the exposed inner workings of her. It didn’t take long till something delicate was hit, and a cascading explosion began working its way through the ship's power network.

    The Hephaestus engines flared thrice, and died, and suddenly the ship was at the mercy of Ord Trasi’s gravity well. The ship began to sink towards the planet, towards the massive industrial complex below, and between point A and point B, one unfinished shipyard, that was in no position to stop an out of control Star Destroyer. To add insult to injury however, a flurry of concussion missiles flew out from the Cruiser’s forward launchers, the explosions severed the destroyer in two, and a burst from her tractor beams sent the forward section careening towards another section of the Shipyard.

    -- -- --

    Back on the bridge of the Harrier, Nial watched as the destroyer began its descent, and then turned his attention to the two other cruisers. The ‘Maglev Train Maneuver’ had put a strain on their shields, their primaries were now down to twenty, and secondaries were already at eighty. Not once in the history of his commanding this ship had the vessel fallen to using its tertiary shield generators, and he was not having it today.

    “Transfer power from the main batteries to the Ion Cannons, I want those ships disabled.”

    “Sir?” Nereda asked raising an eyebrow.

    “Look,” He averted his gaze to the Faleen officer, “I’m all for gallivanting around the Galaxy, putting a hurt on the First Order and these Imperial bastards. But I’m gonna do it with more firepower.” He hadn’t really needed to explain, his orders were already being followed by the CIC staff, and he could see as blue ionized bolts shot out towards the smaller cruisers, pounding away at their shields.

    “I get that sir, but we don’t exactly have the means to crew those ships.”

    “Not yet Las, but once we take em, and space the bastards onboard as a good show of what’s coming to these buggers when the New Republic is done showing them exactly how bad they kriffed up. We’re gonna head towards SpecFor Cold Station Six. Betcha the FO Skragnuggets don’t know about those lovely bunch of rays of sunshine. Becha we’ll also find a few good volunteers who aren’t too happy they’ve been stuck out of the fight for weeks.”

    The captain gave something of a half nod have shrug in agreement, not really finding any need to argue with what seemed like a sound assumption. “Alright sir, looks like one target’s already disabled, and listing, other should follow suit soon. I’ll go get boarding teams readying in the launch bay. Anything else?”

    “Yeah... be sure to have the teams take some holos of the aftermath. We’re gonna drive home exactly how big a band of ‘rebel scum’ we still are to these farkled Imperials. We’re gonna make em bleed, and before we do that, we’re gonna make em piss themselves.” The General put his cigarra back in his mouth and took another puff as he watched the the shattered remains of the Star Destroyer enter the upper atmosphere.

    “That’s right... burn you bastards.”
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    IC: Sava Boutros (combo post with Darth_wanderguard)
    Battle of Finalizer, Battle of Ord Mantell

    "You have five minutes."

    Those were the last words General Hux spoke before cutting the line, leaving Hidax and Sava Boutros alone save for the four stormtroopers which made up the rest of the squad.

    Hidax towered over the private in stature and experience alike, and it happened that he wasn't particularly keen on the idea of submitting to a far younger commander. Takodana had already humbled him to a place far beneath taking issue with whose orders he was expected to take, but the sting was present and lingering nonetheless.

    He would be damned if he'd let her know that.

    "Are you comfortable with dying, Private?" he asked dryly, his helmet resting under one arm. "Because if so, this should be much less of a disappointment to you."

    He sighed, and ran his gloved fingers across his closely shorn scalp. "Time is short. What are your orders?"

    He had ideas, if she didn't. But he would let the young Boutros take the lead regardless, and support her command however possible.

    Upon hearing General Hux tell them they had five minutes to get Phasma's team safe, Sava formulated a plan. She absentmindedly heard Hidax asked her if she was comfortable dying and she shrugged in response. She heard his voice again and this time he asked for orders. Sava knew he was angry that she was his superior for now and she was still at odds with the feeling of power. She crisply replied to Hidax and told him her plan.

    "We're already skimming the surface so all we need to do is land near the tower. Preferably in cover. Then, two members of our team will sneak into the tower and disable all communication to the soldiers. I want no one in that tower alive. Meanwhile, you and I will take the other two stormtroopers and cover the base of the tower. After our team who entered the tower has finished their task, they will place the detonators in the tower and we will leave. Our goal at the base of the tower is to get Phasma's team as far away from it as possible so they won't be killed in the explosion. I think the best move would to be to extract Phasma's team but I know Hux won't allow that. That being besides the point, those are my orders. Let's move." With that, Sava curtly nodded at Hidax and strapped on two extra blaster pistols as well as vibro-blade. She already had a dagger under her right sleeve. It never hurt to be prepared with Mandos.

    Hidax noted that Boutros appeared to have leadership poise beyond her years as he replaced his helmet, and tightened a wrist strap. He checked his weapons - a short blaster rifle lay holstered against his left hip, a tonfa and riot shield were slung across his back, and beneath his left shin plate was a slender blaster pistol.

    "Might I suggest one of us enter the tower? The rest of our squad is..." He looked over his shoulder. The four men whose help they were to enlist in bringing down this turret were paying little attention. "Well, I think it's clear without my saying."

    Sava glanced in the direction of the rest of the team and noted what Hidax was hinting at. Sighing, she mentally scolded herself for not analyzing the team before blurting out her plan.

    Nodding she answered Hidax, "I see your point. I'll go to the tower. I think I can trust you to help cover down below. However, I will take a trooper for back up so there will be only three of you down below. Do you think you can manage?"

    Listening for his answer she checked in with the pilot to make sure they were ready to land. Seeing a perfect place with great tree coverage that was about a mile from the, tower, Sava told the pilot to land there.

    Turning back to Hidax, she said, "Remember to be stealthy. Besides the ship landing, they can't know where we are until I enter the tower and you start holding off forces below."

    Hidax grinned inside of his helmet. "I can manage. The worst that could happen is I get us all killed - which will probably happen either way."

    He only realized afterward that the flatness of his voice wouldn't betray that he was only having a bit of fun. And then he realized he was half-serious anyway.

    Drawing the blaster rifle from his hip, he checked it once more and felt the ship land. The ramp opened, and he looked to Sava to lead the way.

    Sava Boutros knew Hidax had a negative attitude and his off-hand comment certainly assured her of that. Raising her eyebrow at him she nodded to acknowledge that she knew he could manage holding down the tower base. The ramp opened and Hidax gestured for her to lead them. Signaling to the rest of the team, Sava turned and exited the transport. She was prepared for the chaos that met her. Yelling, blaster fire, and explosives could be heard. Sava waved for Hidax to follow her and put a finger to her lips to remind them to stay quiet and almost invisible. They slipped through the trees and over rocks for a mile until they reached the tower. Just as she had hoped, Sava found a metal ladder that was connected to the back side of the tower. She nodded at Hidax to let him know she was going up and that he could begin to fire at the enemy. Sava climbed the ladder nimbly and soon reached the metal balcony that encircled the top of the tower. She continued around the balcony quietly until she found a door. She gave it a tug and then noticed the keypad next to the handle. The stormtrooper who was assigned to her was on guard behind her.

    "Kriff!" she muttered to herself.

    This would take some time they didn't have unless she wanted to abandon her element of surprise. So she abandoned it and took out her blaster and shot the keypad. She heard yells inside and wrenched the door opened. She started shooting. She saw some Mandos as well as other species who must've been working with the enemy. Her Stormtrooper went down as several bolts whizzed passed by her and she rolled onto the floor drawing her vibro-blade while going down. Springing back up, she started to whirl and cut down the others. Soon, all that was left was a Mando in extremely heavy armor. He was pointing a flame thrower at her which she promptly shot out of his hand and continued with three more shots at his armpit. Down he went and she hurried to the control board.

    Outside, at the base of the tower, two shots rang out near simultaneously. The troopers flanking Hidax fell dead, and he scrambled to find cover. Another shot rang out, and another. Both were intended for him, but only one found a mark. He dropped his blaster rifle, now a smoking, useless chunk of metal, and drew the pistol from his calf while scanning the trees from cover behind a stump. Two Mandalorian snipers were perched in the canopy above. Another shot came at him, striking the stump at the top corner and sending embers across his visor.

    He silently cursed the First Order's stubborn insistence on putting troopers in white plasteel armor on a greenish world. He might as well have been a white game bird against a black background.

    After ducking behind the stump as another shot landed near its edge, Hidax popped up quickly, blaster pistol in hand, and fired twice - aiming center mass for each sniper.

    Sava heard shots coming from the base of the tower and knew Hidax had gotten down to business. Meanwhile she was in the tower surrounded by the bodies of those she had just killed.

    Leaning into the mic, Boutros spoke into it making her voice low and gravely, "Soldiers, stand down and retreat. I repeat, stand down and retreat. This battle is for another day."

    She waited a few moments for a reply from the Mandos and was rewarded with several replies of "Roger that" and "Copied". Then, she jammed the communication so no more messages would get through. Sava checked the tower through for any more beings but found none. She grabbed a high powered blaster that was lying on the floor and hurried out to aid Hidax. Running down the ladder, she saw two dead Stormtroopers. Furrowing her brow, she found Hidax behind a stump and joined him. They watched as the snipers made a few more shots but then they and their fellow soldiers began to retreat. Sighing with relief that that part was done, Sava looked at Hidax and said, "Now we need to find Phasma," with a grim tone to her voice.

    Hidax nodded. "We'll have to move carefully - snipers are all over the place. I blasted two while you were in the tower but they obviously weren't alone, and they'll try to pick off officers as they withdraw."

    He patted her twice, stiffly, on the back of the shoulder. "The joys of being in charge," he chuckled. Carefully, he stalked over to one of the troopers who had been killed, and collected the dead man's blaster rifle. Still crouching, he quickly checked it for damage and then looked back to Boutros. "Let's find Phasma."

    Sava lead the way and Hidax and her slowly started to pick through the trees. She saw the bodies of stormtroopers everywhere and clenched her jaw at the stupidity of the First Order for not training them better. Sava knew there were only a few that were like Hidax and could survive the Mandos. About a few miles away from the tower, she caught sight of a flash of silver. She motioned for Hidax to get behind a tree. Boutros poked her head out from behind another tree and saw Phasma surveying the area. Nodding to Hidax, Sava moved out from behind the tree and ended up with Phasma's blaster pointed straight at her head.

    Putting her hands behind her head, Sava said, "I'm Sava Boutros, private of the First Order and this is, um, Hidax," unsure of what to call him, she just nodded her head towards him. "We've been ordered here to come help you by General Hux," she explained further.

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