Star Wars and X-Men go one-on-one!! Humor.

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    I'll start it out but I'll expect you all to join in!

    Scott Summers glared at the person in front of him. "You think you're so tough, huh?"
    Mace Windu looked up from the floor where his eyes had been. "Yeah, Blinky."
    "Blinky?" Logan asked, form his seat next to Scott.
    "It's the best I could think of, Hairy," Mace replied.
    "Mace stop calling every one names," Qui-Gon Jinn warned him. "It only means trouble."
    "If anyone's hairy it's him!" Logan pointed to Qui-Gon.
    "Hey! He's my friend!" Mace told them.
    Professer X walks-er come's in and looks around. "Ah, here you are!"
    "Oh, great! Another bald guy!" Luke Skywalker threw his hands in the air.
    "Professer, why are we here?" Jean Grey asked.
    "We are here for the entertainment of the posters'."
    "Huh?" Logan stared blankly at them.


    More in a jiff!
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    When no one answered him he began to worry. "You mean people watch us?"
    "No, just us," came a reply from the door. "They torture us, make us fall in love, and make fun of us, too."
    "Who are these people?" Storm asked.
    "They are The JEDI COUNCIL!!!!" As the words escaped Mace's mouth, lighning flashed around them.
    "But Ah thought you were on the Jedi Council," Rogue said.
    "Not this one." The stanger stepped out from the shadows.
    "Padawan!" Qui-Gon jumped to his feet. "What happened this time?"
    A very brused looking Obi-Wan Kenobi limped to a chair. "I was attacked by a mob."
    "Again?" Mace asked.
    "This is freaky," Logan told them. "We're don't belong here!"
    That doesn't matter to THEM!" Mace shouted.
    "That's enough, Mace," Qui-Gon remarked.


    More tomorrow, or if some one would like to add on, go ahead!
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    hehe, lol Mariah!! Hm...I wonder where this came from? ;) Can't think of anything right now, but I might add on later! Love it!! (we really nead Milan in here!)
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    Send her a private message. I'd more people on here! Come!
  5. Neon Star Jedi Grand Master

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    I don't have anything to add, but I think it's cool.
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    I know nuts about X-Men so I won't be contributing to the story... but hey, I'll read whatever you guys dish out! *grin*
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    I am loving the story so far. I don't think I will add anything though. Please post more up soon. This is great stuff.
  8. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    Okay, I'll try to get the next part out later today if nobody adds. I just make it up as I go along though.
  9. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    I'm thinking! I'm thinking!
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    Hmm, maybe I can contribute something. I was an X-Men fan before Star Wars . . . so let mesa think for a momento.


    "A mob, Padawan?" Qui-Gon was wearily to the boy slumped in the chair. "What kind of mob? Angry nobleman pursuing you after you sneezed on their child, or another mob of local girls from the mall?"

    "I don't KNOW!" Obi-Wan wailed dramatically. "It's a MOB! What else do you need to know? The writer didn't tell me! I just know enough to run!" The Padawan begins whimpering, then pauses as he looks at the people gathered around him. Why do they all looked so confused? "Hey--what's going on exactly?"

    "Plot device," Mace Windu muttered. "I have yet to figure out a way to harm these JCers!"

    "No, Mace, do not give in to your dark feelings," Qui-Gon soothed. "It is not write for a member of the Jedi Council to suddenly go dark side. Wouldn't that be a hoorible influence on my Padawan?"

    "These WRITERS are a horrible influence your Padawan!"
  11. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    lol! That's so funny! I think you remember Remy Leabu, no?

    The X-Men watched with blank faces. They couldn't figure out why they were there or what was these people's problems.


    Gotta wash the car! Brb!
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    Back for a sec.

    "What's your problem?" A white haired boy asked.
    "Who are you?" Storm asked.
    "That's Bruck. He's been killed four times and these stupid people keep bring him back," Obi-Wan explained.
    They sat quietly while Mace ran around the room screaming.
    "So, you mean to say these people control your lives?" Logan asked.
    "Just like Stan Lee controls yours," Qui-Gon said.
    "Stan who?" Jean asked.
    Professer was oddly quiet.
    "Stan who?!" Remy Leabu asked.
    "Who are you?!" Obi-Wan jumped as the other person walked in.

    dinner time. Write for me!
  13. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    "I...Am MAGNETO!!!!!" The stranger yelled.
    "Hoo-boy!" Bobby Drake (Iceman) sighed.
    "And these...are my brotherhood of mutants!" He pointed around the room.
    "Oh, great!" Scott cried. "These people never die!"
    "Hey!" Mace looked around despretly. "Do you know how to get out?"
    Toad spits slime in Mace's face. "Shut up."
    They all sit down.
    "So, I'm here to kill you so I can rule all mutants," Magneto explaind. "Who are they, though?"
    "We are from 'Star Wars'," Luke tell's them.
    Obi-Wan watches Mace run around the room trying to rip off the slime. "Uhh..."

    okay! I'm done for now. Will be waiting for posts!
  14. Amidolee Force Ghost

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    "Would some please stop screaming and running around and explain something!" Jubilee sighed, waving her arms dramatically.

    The Jedi looked at each other, then shrugged. "Should we tell them?" Mace asked Qui-Gon.

    "I don't know. I don't think they could take it very well."

    Mace sighed. "You are fiction."


    "You know fiction. Someone whose probably been hyped up on something or was deprived of sleep and thriving on caffeine alone thought you up. You're fake. Not real. A crazy old guy in flannel thought us up, and his minions decided it would be real hilarious and entertaining if they started writing fan-fics about us. You are in one now."

    Confusion was written on all of the stranger's faces. Mace Windu sighed and looked at Qui-Gon. "Okay, your turn. You explain."

    Qui-Gon stands up and motions for everyone to stay seated. Obi-Wan eyes the doorway and inches out of his chair. "Well, it's like this. Well, you see . . . ah, scrattem! Padawan!"


  15. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    There you are, Amidolee! I was begining to think I was alone.
    I didn't really know alot about Jubilee, so I was waiting for somebody else to write her down.

    "Where did that boy go?" Qui-Gon scrached his head.
    "Maybe ah'nothah mob went aftah 'em." Rogue shrugged.
    "I'm not real?!" Logan sat in shock.
    Bobby sneaks up to Rogue. "Hi, Honey!"
    "Don't call me that."
    "If she an'abody's honey, she's mine," Remy stepped up to Bobby.
    "Prepare to die, Jedi!" Darth Maul runs in.
    "Oh, great!" Qui-Gon throws his hands up in the air.
    "Who's this?" Luke asked.
    "This is Darth Maul," Mace says in dusgustedly.
    "Oooooooh! A Mall!" Jubilee sqeales.
    "Hey! It's Maul!" Darth Maul looks hurt.
    "Could this get any worse?!" Logan asked.
    Suddenly a odd looking being walks in.
    "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Mace and Qui-Gon shout in horror.
    "Meeeeessssaaaa baaaaaaaaacck!"

  16. womp_rat208 Jedi Master

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    Ok, don't think this will be too funny, but who knows.

    Darth Maul walks over to Toad, who is sitting on the floor. "You know, there's something familar about you..."

    Toad looks up at Darth Maul, then leaps over backwards. "Bring it on wise guy."

    Darth Maul pulls out his double-bladed lightsaber, and twirls it around. "I can do that too," Toad yells. He picks up a broom and repeats Darth Maul's move.

    "Hey, your pretty good. How many black belts you got?" Maul asks.

    "Six, you?"

    "Six. That's what's so familar about you! You're me!"
  17. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    That is sooooo wierd! I was thinking of them seeing each other but I thought you guys wouldn't like it. Funny! Keep going! (don't want to sound rude, but you can only have one blackbelt (that makes it even funnyer.) and Ray's got a second degre.)
  18. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    "Oh, no! There's two of 'em!" Logan shouts holding his head.
    Professer thinks their problem over while in the back Toad and Maul start to mirror eack other.
    "Professer, who is this 'Stan Lee' guy?" Jean asked.
    "He is the man that made us up-"
    "I'm not real!!!!"
    "Logan, it's not nice to interrupt Professer X like that," Jubilee said, shaking a finger at him.


    Qui-Gon and Mace pushed themselfs into the wall as Jar Jar got closer.
    "Give mesa a bombbad hug!" He cried with open arms.

  19. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    One more before I have to get off.

    Mystique rubbed the bridge of her nose. It was very hard to understand right now.
    Professer Xavier was busy talking to Magneto.
    Taod had found a ugly friend who he thought was his twin brother.
    Sabertooth....where was Sabertooth?
    And those two guy screaming to get away from that rubbery thing.
    And why weren't they atackking the X-Men? Their enemys were busy talking to them selves and trying to get out of the big room where they were stuck.
    "That's sooo wiserd!" The tattoo faced man said to Toad, as he spit out slime.
    "If you're me, then you should be able to do it, too!" Toad said cheerfully.
    She rolled her eyes as the guy with horns *did* spit. It wasn't slime though.
    "Ewww!" Jubilee looked down at her boot, where Maul's spit had landed.
    "S-sorry. Wait! No, I'm not!"
    Toad stepped next to Maul. "Yeah! He's not! Got something to say, little girl?"
    I'll post tomorrow. But you can post too.
  20. womp_rat208 Jedi Master

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    Jubilee looks at them, then raises an eyebrow. "Hey, wait a minute, you can't have six black belts, you idiots!"

    Darth Maul scrathcs the flesh around one of his horns. "Well, let's see. I earned one, then I beat up my teacher and took his, and I guess I just kept on doing that until I had six."

    "Well I never earned one, just stole them all. Kinda fun to say you have six, though."

    Jubilee sighs. "Ok, I'm REALLY confused now." She looks over at Logan who is banging his head up agaist the wall. "Will you puh-leeze stop doing that? Your giving ME a head ache."
  21. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    Scott groaned. Between Jubilee yelling how much she missed the mall and Logan banging his head on the wall, he had one BIG headace. "Calm down!"
    "They're confused, Scott." Jean leaned on his shoulder.

    Mystique looked at the white haired boy who was making eyes at her. "Go away."
    "Uh-uh." He shook his head. "Why would I want to leave you, Baby?"
    She turned into The Beast. "Because I'll crush you if you don't."
    "Would everyone please stop screaming!?" Scott yelled.
    She turned back when the boy ran away. "Ha!"
    Toad jumped over to her (maul not far behind.) "That was cool, Mysty!"
    "Don't call me that."
    more soon!

  22. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    Maul stepped in front of hie new found little brother. "He can call you anything he wants!"
    Suddenly Jar Jar ran at Toad. "Give mesa a hug!"
    "Ahhhhhhh!" Toad jumped to a wall and stayed there. "Get away!"
    Maul turned and saw Jar Jar. "Force, it's you! I should have killed you before!"
    He tried to jab Jar Jar but the Gungun was too fast. "Hold still!"
    "Get 'em!" Toad cried from a pillar.
    But as almost everyone watched Maul the doors flew open. Everyone truned to see who was at the door.
    "No one's there," Mace remarked.
    "There somebody there alright!" Scott cried in horror. "Mr. Giggles!!!!!!" The X-Men and the Brotherhood yelled and ran screaming.
    Gotta go for now. Be back soon! X-Men's on!
  23. Jedi_KnightMariah Jedi Master

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    Do you know who Mister Giggles is?

    "But there's nobody there," Mace said.
    "He's there alright," Scott saidlooking around the room. "You just can't see him."
    "Watch out!" Jubilee warned.
    Qui-Gon jumped away from where he had been standing. "Where's that blasted Padawan when I need him?! He's always the target!"
    Suddenly Obi-Wan appeared. "Whaa?"
    "Duck!" Jean shouted.
    "Owww!" Obi-Wan ran around the room holding his arm.
    "Mr. Giggles heard you," Scott explaind.
    "Oh," Qui-Gon said quietly.
    Maul was hidding behind Toad. "So can you see him?"
    "No. Nobody can."
    "Mesa very scared!" Jar Jar shouted from behind Mace.
    "Shut up!" Obi-Wan kicked him
    Suddenly Obi-Wan was thrown in the air. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
    Toad jumped out of the way-but Maul didn't.
    "Huh?" He turn too late. "Owwwwww!"
    "Thank's for breaking my fall." Obi-Wan pulled himself up.
    "Oww!" Maul whined.
    Toad leaned over him. "Quit playin' around!" (Sorry. Had to put that.)
    Bruck slowly walked over to Mystque. (Backround you see Obi being thrown back and forth by nothing.)
    "So, You wanna go on a date with me?"
    "Let me think, no," she said quickly.
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    "FOR THE SAKE OF THE FORCE, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!" Obi-Wan screamed as he was thrown at a wall.
    Toad watched as he hung upside down. "Hmmm. Mr. Giggles want's t' play, eah?"
    Maul grasped Jubilee in hid behind her. "This is so wierd!"
    "Look, Horny Mall-"
    "It's Maul! M-A-U-L!!!"
    "Whatever." She made a 'W' with her hand and stuck it in his face.
    "DO SOMETHING!!" Obi-Wan shouted at Logan.
    "I'm not real," he whispered.
    Jean grabbed him by the shirt and began to shake him. "Get ahold of yourself!"
    Qui-Gon stared out the window. "I think we should do something about those JCers."
    "Let's get rid of 'em! All of 'em!" Mace laughed hysterically.
    "Uh, Mace?" Qui-Gon frowned.
    "Ah ha ha ha ha!!!"
    "Oh, great! Just great!"
    "What is it?" Professer X asked.
    "They turned him."
    "The JCs. They turned him to the darkside."
    What will happen to Mace? Why is Obi the easyest target? And why does the moon look yellow when it comes up some times? Find out SOME of the answers next time! Or make them up????
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