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Discussion in 'Literature' started by Darth_Zandalor, Jan 5, 2013.

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    I know this book already came out last year, but I didn't see a discussion thread for it, official or otherwise. So, an impromptu one I suppose.



    I was a big fan of the first Art book, Visions, it was fun seeing how other artists interpreted Star Wars, and how that was reflected in the direction their pieces went. I never bought the Comics Art book, having only a cursory glance one time in Chapters.

    But I think that of all three, this is the book I like the most. Some of the art is reused, true, but that doesn't stop it from being eye gougingly gorgeous. The illustration of Vader receiving reports from the Snowtroopers amidst the wreckage of Echo Base's defenses is a personal favorite of mine.

    So usual schtick, did you like the book, what would you have done better, particular pieces that stood out to you? Normal stuff.
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    *Ahem* :p

    I have all three books and think they're all great. It was great seeing Hellboy-creator Mike Mignola do a piece for Comics.

    As for Illustration, I loved all the pieces by Ralph McQuarrie and Tsuneo Sanda, as well as some others. But those two especially had some great stuff that I loved seeing here.