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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Kev-Mas_Colcha, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. Kev-Mas_Colcha

    Kev-Mas_Colcha Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Dec 15, 2002
    This opening post is going to be a bit different than most, with nearly all the detail being put into our [link=]dedicated website[/link], and just a short OOC description being posted in this post.

    With that said, I welcome you to Star Wars - Balancing Act. This RPG is a follow-up on the 100 ABY and 128 ABY RPGs, taking place in 135 ABY, dedicated to telling a story of three factions, all of which have minimal interaction with Star Wars Canon. This game is unusual in the aspect that we won't be interfering with canon much, because we don't have to. It is a game focusing on political intrigue, struggle, military and force user conflict.

    This game WILL be played here, the dedicated website is just a place for information to be accessed easily. Here are the rules so this thread won't be locked:

    [link=]Game Rules[/link]
    Character Creation Rules

    [blockquote] 1. Kev-Mas_Colcha - Main GM
    2. Kahn_Iceay - Co-GM
    3. Sinrebirth - Co-GM[/blockquote]
    2.No canon characters are to be played.
    3.No Mary Sue or Gary Stu characters will be accepted.

    Common Sense Rules

    1.READ EVERYTHING before submitting your character sheet.
    2.Follow the TOS.
    3.Obey the Game Masters.

    God-Moding Rules

    1.No Auto-hitting, which is posting another?s damage or consequences.
    2.On the same vein, you are not invincible. Post your damage or consequences afflicted against you.
    3.No Meta-gaming, which is using OOC knowledge for IC gain.

    Realism Rules

    1.No possessions that offer significant advantage over the other players with little or no weaknesses are to be allowed.
    2.When you die, unless you are able to come up with a legitimate, Game Master approved reason for coming back that is realistic within Star Wars lore, you are most likely dead.
    3.This game strives for realistic time settings, and as such, generally the actions of one post don?t take longer than a minute, unless it is a long character development post with little to no interaction with other characters.
    4.Hyperspace isn't instant, so wait a bit before posting your arrival in another system, judged upon what type of ship you have, knowledge of any natural or artificial gravity wells in the way (ignore this if you don't know), as well as how fast other players of similar ship types get to places of the same distance.

    So, with that, here is the [link=]link to our dedicated website once again[/link]. Have fun!
  2. CPL_Macja

    CPL_Macja Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Nov 29, 2008
    [hl=green]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    Character's Name: Josch Decinchi
    Known Aliases: None
    Species: Erphae; They were once Sephi who were banished. A small group of young Sephi began a revolt against the ruling family. When their revolution was suppressed they were exile from Thustra. The rebel rousers were all sealed on to a long range freighter and sent away.

    The Sephi had input a random coordinate that would erase once they arrived at their final destination. At this time hyperspace routes were being discovered and plotted. Thustra had not yet foraged into the know galaxy and was isolated from the core worlds.

    The group of exiles crash landed on Vernet, a planet that was heavily forested, but lacked mountain ranges. Sephi traditionally lived in cavernous areas in and under the mountains. These exiles were forced to adapt and lived amongst the trees deep in the forest.

    They eventually built up their society and developed farms in the open spaces of the forest. Vernet was eventually found by traders and was added to the many agriworlds in the Expansion Region. For a short time they had been the chief exporters of Hete Grain used in several alcoholic beverages and breads.

    Gender: Male
    Languages: Basic, and comprehends Shyriiwook & Ewokese
    Residence: Guardians of Light Temple on Saridona Prime
    Home Planet: Vernet
    Age: 300 but looks 30
    Personality and Traits: Josch is a playful soul. He is always quick to strike up a conversation, especially with a female. He has been labeled as a trickster, but he doesn?t agree with that assessment. Due to his longevity, time is not a concern for him.

    Josch doesn?t like to sit in one place for too long. If he is sitting still, he is usually playing the [link=]Deej Pipe[/link] that his Ewok friend, Logray, gave to him when he lived on Endor. When meditating he must have the sounds of nature in the background so that he can concentrate.

    Josch likes music, berries, and a good joke. He dislikes silence, tough meat, and droids. He will only utilize a droid when it is absolutely necessary.

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Josch is a strong member of a team, however most leaders find him difficult to work with because of his playful nature.

    Josch can jump, without using the force, an extra-ordinary height and has extremely good balance. However he is not able to lift heavy weights, without being aided by the force, and cannot run for long distances or over long periods of time.

    Appearance: Josch stands at 5? 9? tall and weighs 179 lbs. He proudly displays the pointed ears that distinguish his ancestry. His skin is lightly tanned by spending most of his time in or under a tree. His hands appear to be delicate, but are as tough as leather. His skin is smooth and unremarkable. He has deep, piercing blue eyes and dirty blonde, collar length hair with long bangs. Wears a tan shirt with matching pants. A brown undertunic with a dark green overtunic adorned with an elaborate dark brown stitch work. Robes are a dark brown with black stitch work on edges that matches the overtunic. His boots match the color of his robes.

    Force Sensitive?: Yes, member of the GoL
    --Blade Type: [link=]Standard x1[/link];[link=]Short x1[/link]
    --Blade Color: Gold
    --Saber Amount: 2
    Combat Forms: Form V: Shien / Djem So; Jar?Kai
    Strong Area of the Force: Plant Surge
    Weak Area of the Force: Droid Disable
    Pets: [link=]Endorian Ferret named Fidget[/link]
    Weapons: Bowcaster, Vibro-blade, Vibro-dagger
    Starship: G1-M4-C Dunelizard fighter: ?Arrow of Light?

    Biography: The only thing t
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