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Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by skye_solo, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. skye_solo

    skye_solo Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 6, 2004
    Wow, the boards get all old school when everyone's taken their ball and gone home. Oh the tragedy...and how exemplary of reality.

    Really just wanted to stop by for old times sake.

    Go Star Wars!
  2. Jedi_Tenken

    Jedi_Tenken Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 11, 2000
    Civil War does that... The ball is still on the court, everyone is just sick of how some people play...
  3. kay_dee

    kay_dee Jedi Master star 4

    Jun 15, 2002
    Exactly - some of us can't believe that three people turned personal issues into a "Civil War" to burn an otherwise very fun club to the ground. It is not and was not a civil war (though some might like to glorify it as such or worked very hard to make it into a civil war when it could have and should have remained a personal issue and not drag the entire club into drama they didn't want to be in!). It was essentially 3 people who did not get along very well just due to I don't know, personal philosophies and personality conflict undercurrents, maybe some hurt egos when a long time CR was asked to give another member a chance to be CR for a while. Maybe they never really got over it. (In fact, two people at the eye of the hurricane had been former CRs, or leaders, or whatever you want to call positions of leadership here) IMO bruised egos and tensions built up over the course of the years and it lead to two people setting off the fuse on a time bomb and letting that time bomb explode as they walked away from the club and let it burn.

    When others asked repeatedly for said time bomb to stop with publicly ridiculing their friends so the club could just move forward they refused to stop. I think those of us who were friends with those being ridiculed found the atmosphere of the club to be beyond unpleasant. So, we just left the club and all the negativity and unresolved drama behind us because we could not make the two parties who were at odds get along and never wanted to be in the middle of it. Its a real shame - the rest of the club members suffered because of egos and not being able to at best put differences aside enough to move on for the sake of the rest of the members in the club. That doesn't mean kiss and make up, doesn't mean be best friends, but just stop the bitching - we didn't want to hear it! So many of us left because that was the only way to get away from it. So stupid, so sad.

    So here you are with a ball by yourself in this court pretty much. :/ Play dirty ball, everyone loses as far as I'm concerned. Matt and Dale did not play well in the sandbox, and Ming did not play well in the sand box. The other kids had to get out of said sand box because they were tired of getting dirt flung in their eyes because those three could not stop flinging it. Yes, all three. Nobody in the incident was innocent. All three flung dirt, just in different ways.
  4. Jedi_Tenken

    Jedi_Tenken Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 11, 2000
    LOL... Forgive me Kat for I really could care less what you say. You're inability to see anything outside you own lil costuming world and what's "right" and "wrong" is comical to me at best. Oh dear, a seam is wrong... Oh no... someone is selling unauthorized RL/501st patches on Ebay... oh no... I can't seem to get this stick out where binary stars don't shine... Egos huh? Sure, there was a lot of that going around... I gladly fess up to that but that's also the bottom line. I'll fess up and I'll take the hits glady, unlike some... but I'll protect what's important and what's right. And cue your laugh... "Did he say what's right?"

    Indeed I did. Action at the time dictated that things needed to be brought to light and the narrow view of "everything is okay" and sweeping everything under the rug was not going to cut it any longer. What you don't seem to understand is that I could care less about some message boards. I could care less that the membership of SF Fan Force was small or we no longer wanted a table at WonderCon. I could care less about recruitment and needing to do every event in costume... If you want to measure success by a number then by all means take that as a measure of success... Congrats, you win fandom! lol

    The club is not solely these boards, they are not about total membership, or quantity/quality of costumes, or even number of particular events monthly. It was ALWAYS about people... friends... and when two supposed friends are traitorous pieces of garbage and are revealed as such... You expect no reprocussion to the club that is made of... well, let's just say mostly friends, NOT be shaken? Furthermore, when they outright deny their obvious betrayal and continue their ways of "I got mine and too bad for you"... You don't see anything wrong with those particular people in the role of "leadership". This club was falling apart even before their final betrayal, we couldn't even get people to man tables at WonderCon in the last year of it's full operation. So you wanna blame me for that? Go right ahead, I'm happy to take false and ridiculous amount of blame if it makes you feel better. Cos clearly lashing out at me and being chummy with you costuming pals Matt and Dale is far easier than seeing any truth... But I protected my friends from them, I protected my real friends the best I could, and yes there were loses which I am sorry for but I came to a few realizations along the way:

    #1 Even with a dormant message boards guess what? We're still friends! oO lol Well... not you and I of course Kat, but a lot of other people I have and do give a damn about. ^^
    #2 I don't need any club to justify my existence and to do is tantamount to losing any sense of a real identity in the real world...
    #3 I don't care about your games or fan politics... I'm not here to win fandom. These message boards ARE NOT THE CLUB and saying that I'm "here alone with the ball..." lol I love how you're on your high horse talking about how we act with your verbal jabs which is just a lot of hypocracy dressed up in neutral dialog. Did make you feel better? To make your lil speech? I found it amusing... as clearly denial is easier than action or standing up when it counted most. Too lil too late Kat.
    #4 Star Wars is totally screwed up, and anyone who says otherwise is delusional and just in their own lil world...

    Lastly I will say the club did function once upon a time and technically it could function again. We (well not you clearly) all still talk. Hangout every so often... have drinks, laugh, and geek out. Not in the name of any club or any group... just friends. I can live with that and I can even let this all go... but the only reason I did come back here, on to these boards... was that intel suggested that those two traitorous fierfeks along with that useless other guy with the initals of E.S. were going to "restart" the club and call it "SF Fan Force Revisited". My message to them, start whatever the hell club you want, I really do not care but "Revisited" is a clear act at mockery at something that is far bigger than any of them, built on the spirit of true fan cooperation and collaboration... and most of all there is respect... So like I said and I'll say it again I protect the things that are important and right. Have a nice day. ^^