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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by BLemelisk, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    ~~~Star Wars: Betrayal Across the Stars~~~

    The following is taken from [i]Star Wars: The [color=green]New[/color] Essential [color=green]Chronology[/color][/i] (page 7), in order to set the scene for those unfamiliar with the ancient Jedi Knights:

    [blockquote][i]"The Next Great Schism between the light and dark sides occurred approximately 7000 B.B.Y. By this time lightsabers had become more robust, although each required the use of a plug-in power pack attached to the user's belt. Among the Jedi Order, a cadre of darksiders made a significant discovery - Force of sufficient intensity could bend life itself. They pioneered the twisted science of dark side mutations, and the century-long war that followed is known as the Hundred-Year Darkness.

    The exiled Jedi raised an animalistic army - some of their soldiers monstrous, others merely pitiful. During the war's later years, their science birthed Leviathans, living superweapons that shambled across battlefields and drew life-essences into the blister-traps that speckled their broad backs."[/i][/blockquote]

    This is where the RP shall pick up, around 90 years into the war. Despite what anyone may find in the [i]New Chronology[/i] about the war's outcome, this game will be open-ended and anything may happen. Historically, the darksiders are defeated and flee into unknown space where they find the Sith species. Whether or not this actually comes close to occurring will be the players' decision.


    It is a time of great uncertainty in the Old Republic. A bitter conflict, which will come to be known as the Second Great Schism, has engulfed the Jedi Order. Wielders of the dark side, abhorrent to the Jedi teachings, have turned against their fellow Knights in epic battles across the length and breadth of the galaxy.

    The leader of the opposition to the Republic and the Jedi is the charismatic former Knight [b]Ajunta Pall[/b]. His savage armies stalk scores of war-torn worlds, longing patiently for their opportunity to destroy their adversaries.

    The Republic however, with a Senate presided over by the human [b]Supreme Chancellor Kelcus Veltescha[/b], is in disarray, and two factions are present in the Senate. The majority party, the [b]Perovign[/b], are strongly opposed to the war which has gone on for so long. Almost to be considered radicals, the decades of strife have, in their eyes, blurred the line between the opposing sides of the Force, and they see it all as a mere holy war between differing religions. Those who support the war make up the rest of the whole, and are in a minority. The [b]Kekk'Domin[/b] are the militarists who can still see the underlying currents which drew the Jedi into conflict in the beginning. The Senate is filled with debate and drama as the two sides battle for complete control in the Republic's decision-making.

    [b][color=darkblue]The Factions:[/color][/b]

    [color=firebrick][u]The Dark Jedi:[/u][/color]
    Flaring strong still after 90 years of battle, the Dark Jedi, along with their conscript and mutant armies are drawing ever-nearer to the Republic's key worlds. Their drive toward victory is insatiable. Their thirst for the discovery and free-use of the potential powers of the darkness of the Force has driven them through the decades. They know only war and do not tire of it. Their fortified capital world and the site of their horrific mutation work is the planet [b]Corbos[/b].

    [color=purple][u]The Republic:[/u][/color]
    The ruling force in the galaxy, the Republic has existed for 18000 years. Their reign has been at times tenuous, but they have always managed to persevere thanks in no small part to the Jedi Order. In more recent times, namely since the beginning of the still-furious Great Schism's conflict, the Republic and many of its citizens have lost faith in the Jedi, as this is the longest war the Republic has ever fought. The true patriots from the war's early decades have since passed on due to old age and dying in battle, and the Jedi are now viewed by many as the instigators of the enti>
  2. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    Name: Andur Macshael
    Gender: male
    Age: 27
    Species: human
    Homeworld: Corillia
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Force Alignment: Light
    Rank: Jedi weaponmaster
    ---Traits: deep sense of personal honour, calm but quick to combat, tends to keep his own council but is not afraid to speak his mind.
    ---Likes: testing himself in combat, the gardens of Ossus, fellow Jedi, soldiers he has served with.
    ---Dislikes: Politicians, dark jedi, mutants, those who he percieve's as having no honour.
    ---Habits: stroking his chin when he is thinking, arguing with politicans, constantly practicing with his blade and barehand forms as well as with the force.
    ---Skin Color: light tan
    ---Hair Color: light brown
    ---Eye Color: hazel
    ---Clothing: flowing, light eazy to move in robes{the tunic being a deep green colour and reaching his knee's with slits up the sides for movement}, with durasteel shoulder guards and bracers on his arms, a wide blue sash and brown belt around his waist, black travel pants and black knee length boots.
    ---Other Attributes: his hair is medium length and he bears a tatoo of a wolf claw over his right eye.
    ---Other Details:Tunic fringes are etched with intricate patterns known only to him.
    Weapons: Andur bears a cortosis weave vibroblade sword strapped to his back, a blaster and a green belt pack lightsaber
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: high
    ---Force Abilities:standard {push,pull,speed,jump,sense}master defence, force defence, and battle meditation.
    ---Force Weakness: cannot use any darkside abilities
    ---Personal History: Andur was raised from a jedi family with a strong warrior heritage and a long line of well known weaponmasters. Andur was taught by his father from a young age in the skills of a jedi showing a close affinity with the force. However true to his roots Andur's true skill with the force manifests itself in battle where he has fought by his fathers side in the long war from the time he was 14. He gained his knighthood at the age of 18 but by then he was already a seasoned warrior and tactician quickly building a reputation for his skill with a blade.

    Andur was 25 years old when he and his father lead a republic strike force against a dark jedi ruled world. The battle was fierce with many falling on all sides but the tactical and physical skills of the Macshael's lead their troops to a sorely needed victory. However at the height of the battle he and his father fought against the dark jedi coven that had lead the defence. In a titanic battle surrounded by las fire,explosions and falling men from both sides the father and son vanquished the dark jedi but not before Andur's father took a mortal wound from the dark jedi master. Soon after Andur cremated his fathers remains he was raised to master by the jedi council and has become one of its leading warriors and defenders against the dark jedi.
    ---Military History: Andur has served in numerous campaigns since he was 14 years old, and has commanded republic armies since he was 19. He is widely regarded by the republic military and one of their greatest generals, and since his fathers death he has been at the forefront of every republic offensive against the rebels. Earning himself the enmity of some of the most powerful dark jedi and their supporters in the senate.
  3. Squishy_Vic

    Squishy_Vic Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 18, 2004

    Senator/Politician Character Sheet:

    Name: Miles Victor Dominus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 61
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Trantor (Core World)
    Galactic Senate Faction: Kekk'Domin (Leader)
    ---Traits: Demanding, Logical, Sacrificial (he'd be willing to sacrifice some things in order to attain an even greater success)
    ---Likes: Power, to take action, to completely kill the enemy
    ---Dislikes: The weak willed, waiting (has big impatience)
    ---Habits: Never likes to laugh in joy or happiness, almost always has straight face and arms across chest showing strength
    ---Skin Color: Dark brown complexion
    ---Hair Color: Gray (Was black)
    ---Eye Color: Dark brown
    ---Clothing: Senator robes, with military armor beneath the robes
    ---Other Attributes: His hair is short and balding at the top (buzzed, somewhat). Also has a short beard he likes to keep
    ---Other Details: Has some minor war scars upon his body



    ---Personal History: Miles was born on the city world of Trantor within a powerful family. His father taught him hard discipline as a child, and enrolled him into the military early, at the age of 13. From there, he became tough and stronger, deciding that only strength would prevail; the weak would perish. His will to fight on and become stronger, and including his pride (or ego, as some would call it), made him tough and very difficult to break. A few times he was punished for turning the tables on his instructors, but the torture only made him more powerful. He loved power and domination. He was known as Miles Dominus, but he legally changed his name to Miles Victor Dominus, representing "Soldier" and "Conqueror" in his first two names. He loved it. He graduated with high militaristic honors, and was known well throughout the entire Trantor academy. He officially began to fight as a soldier for the Republic in the war at the age of 20, fighting hard, enjoying the rush of war and domination over the weaker enemies of the Republic. Even though some viewed him as evil or heartless, he was still a well respected patriot. He moved his ways up in the ranks, until he reached the rank of General. He still fought on, but he eventually retired at the age of 55. He decided to command the armies of the Republic without having to exhaust himself. He ran for senator of Trantor a year after retirement, and won the election. He now is still the Senator of the planet. Some even have come to call him a military dictator. He also is the head of the Kekk'Domin.
    ---Military History: Was a Soldier of the Republic, for his homeplanet Trantor. Now he is retired and was elected to represent his planet.
  4. Winged_Jedi

    Winged_Jedi Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Feb 28, 2003

    Name: Agrias Crimnade
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Species: Half-Zabrak
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Force Alignment: Light
    Rank: Jedi Master
    ---Traits: Perhaps paranoid, introspective
    ---Likes: Battle
    ---Dislikes: Dark Jedi and their monsters
    ---Habits: Always moving, rarely still
    ---Skin Color: Grey
    ---Hair Color: None
    ---Eye Color: Orange
    ---Clothing: Normal Jedi robes
    ---Other Attributes: Fairly well built and of medium height
    ---Other Details: Three broken horns on his head
    Weapons: A plug-in lightsaber, emerald green bladed, with a long hilt
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: High
    ---Force Abilities: The normal- Telekinesis, Speed, Push, etc
    ---Force Weakness: Lightsaber combat
    ---Personal History: Rough in appearance, Agrias is mostly human, though clearly has Zabrak in his blood, seen in his skin tone and the horns on his head. Recently honoured with the rank of Master after having defeated enemy forces several times in combat, he has known nothing but war. His first padawan died after only a year in his charge, and the second died shortly after becoming a Knight. Agrias sees the crusade as something that must continue until all the Dark Jedi are dead.
    ---Military History: Is a veteran of numerous battles
  5. Arch_Clone_Trooper

    Arch_Clone_Trooper Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 27, 2005
    Jedi and Dark Jedi Character Sheet:

    Name: Kewi 'Tafumsee
    Gender: male
    Age: 234 (Looks 38)
    Species: unknown in databanks (Caviet)
    Homeworld: unknown in databanks (Corito)
    Affiliation: Dark Jedi
    Force Alignment: Dark
    Rank: General
    ---Traits: Viciouse, rational thinking
    ---Likes: killing, drinking the blood of worthy kills
    ---Dislikes: weak warriors, jedi order with thier fake religion
    ---Habits: fighting along side his troops, leading is the best way to motivate.
    ---Skin Color: black
    ---Hair Color: none
    ---Eye Color: red
    ---Clothing: Black armour
    ---Other Attributes: scar along left arm, and along right side of his hip
    ---Other Details:
    Weapons: 2 Black lightsabers, elite rations pack-belt.
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: medium
    ---Force Abilities: hu??? dark jedi powers, very strong in ground combats
    ---Force Weakness:
    ---Personal History: used to be a jedi but didnt really go along with the religion of it, thought it was bogouse, when the war started he
    turned agianst the jedi
    Military History: has been fighting in the war since the start
  6. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003

    In the rules it asked if you could PM me the sheet before posting so I would approve it. However, the rules don't provide for any consequences for not doing so.

    Your sheet is approved, but please, everyone PM them in the future.



    On another note, I have a few players who still need to post their sheets. We need a few darksiders as well, so keep sending them in. We will start soon, possibly early next week, or as soon as this weekend.

    Thanks again
  7. Genimay

    Genimay Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2005
    Name:Miaka Yanta (My-a-ca)
    Force Alignment:Light(with a hint of spice)
    ---Traits:has lost three Masters and it has made her somewhat hard but not unlikable. Will get the job done no matter what.
    ---Likes:fighting for what is right,using her own style,animals,a chanlenge
    ---Dislikes:Easy targets,loseing,following all the rules
    ---Habits:cracking her kunkles,not always listening,wrinkling her nose when thinking
    ---Skin Color:tan
    ---Hair Color:brown(sliky,long)
    ---Eye Color:brown/ruby
    ---Clothing:Black tunic and white robe
    ---Other Attributes:pony tail,black leather gloves,
    ---Other Details:swirled teal tattoo on left cheek that reaches up over eye,scar on right cheek down neck
    Weapons:Lightsaber(yellow),sword(long),eight throwing daggers and four long knifes
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity:very high---Force Abilities:push,pull,jump,limited heal,mind sway,memory
    ---Force Weakness:lighting and levitating herself
    ---Personal History:Started her training at a young age and was a very tatlented child. At nine she was with her first Master.

    He died in the war because Miaka didn't listen to him. Only a few months after that she turned 12 she got another Master. This Master was killed only a days after she was pleged to Miaka.

    This time is was not Miaka's fault and she was devestaed. Her next Master was dark and tried to turn Miaka. It almost worked and that is where she gets her dark tint.

    Miaka killed him and is now stuck at the temple training. Which she does about four hours a day.

  8. BLemelisk

    BLemelisk Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 19, 2003
    C'mon, everyone wants to be evil! We need some Dark Jedi and/or Dark Jedi military men. Send some sheets this way!


    This is a bump of sorts...[face_plain]
  9. Deiskrad

    Deiskrad Jedi Knight star 2

    Sep 22, 2004
    GM Approved

    Name: Dardon Kelcimer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 54
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Berchest
    Affiliation: Republic
    Force Alignment: N/A
    Rank: General of the Army
    ---Likes: Order, Cigarellos, Good drink, Polia.
    ---Dislikes: Disorder, Dark Jedi, Friendly fire.
    ---Habits: Chain-smokes in battle situations.
    ---Skin Color: Olive
    ---Hair Color: Dark Brown
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Clothing: Republic General?s uniform
    ---Other Attributes:
    ---Other Details: Carries the baby socks of each of his three children next to his heart.
    Weapons: Officers side-arm. Ceremonial Sword. Carries a Dirk In his boot, even though he has not used it in years
    ---Personal History: Born on Berchest in the town of Calius, Dardon Kelcimer was born into a family of mild aristocracy, with a history of serving staff positions in the Army of the Republic. Likewise, he entered the academy at 18. He worked very hard. The general ideas of warfare came easily to him. He was able to to impress his instructors tactically and strategically. But what was most interesting was his ability to keep the strategic council from getting into destructive arguments. He instead was able to get the best points of everyone?s plans on the table and made sure everyone could still work together even if there were serious disagreements. Gradually, this political acumen garnered him the position of Military Liaison to the Supreme Chancellor. He is Married to the Daughter of a prominent Coruscanti Merchant, and they have three children.
    ---Military History: (denoted by age)18-22: Military Academy. 22: Basic training and awarding of commission as Lieutenant. 22-24: First Posting to staff of 125th Infantry reserves. 24: requests and receives transfer to Reserve Army Head office on Coruscant. Meets Polia Merchreet. 25: Dardon and Polia wed. He spends 3 nights with her before being transferred to a combat posting. 25-27: Defensive battles on Kar-Cherrat. Evacuated when Kar-Cherrat falls. 27: posted to Coruscant to re-form the battered 78th Guards Infantry Division. 28: 78th sent to the siege of Bast Menthoria. 78th participates in hard fighting, with success in repelling the Veteran Dark Jedi 12th Armored. Commended for bravery. 28: receives communique that due to a clerical error, he is overdue for promotion. Promoted to Major. 29-30 78th participates in ill-conceived Admiral Zarovskyn offensive. 78th breaks out of encirclement by Dark Jedi Forces. 30: Promoted to Lt. Colonel, given command of 1278th Infantry regiment attached to the 132nd Infantry. 31-33: relative domestic bliss as 132nd is placed in reserve for re-fitting and retraining. Joined by his wife whom he has not seen in two years. She becomes pregnant soon after with their first child. 34: 132nd division activated, sent to the deadlocked Wachambria system. 132nd participates in Wachambria campaign. 1278th commended for its actions. 35: Becomes commander 132nd division when previous commander is found unfit for duty (Health concerns). 36: plans and executes infamous Marbeln Maneuver: Defeats a force twice the size of the 132nd with guile and brashness. Decorated again. 37: Birth of second child. 38: 132nd transferred to 18th Army. 38-39: assists in planning, but not participating in the defense of Ootamborr. 40-44: Transferred back to Coruscant on medical leave. Spends next five years on half-pay. Third child born. 44: Reactivated to full-pay. Promoted to Full General. Transferred to General Army staff on Coruscant. 45: New government elected. Dardon is asked to be Liaison to Supreme Chancellor 45-54: serves in this capacity, helping to plan and execute battles, also participating In the more mundane tasks of being an army diplomat.
  10. Arch_Clone_Trooper

    Arch_Clone_Trooper Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 27, 2005
    OOC: srry bout that.... it was early... and i wasnt in the best set of mind... but thxs for approving it...
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