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    IC: Commander Wallings (NPC)
    Black Sheep briefing room, carrier Intrepid

    The commander of Intelligence regarded the pilot, Flight Officer Pallas through a steely eyed stare as she asked her questions.

    “I actually have three questions,” she said. “First, is there any existing Rebel cell operating on Naboo who we could turn to if things go Rimward or whose feet we might be stepping on? And secondly, do we have a copy of the guest list for the wedding, to know how many non-combatants and children are attending? Because there appears to be a strong possibility that we are about to give the Empire a major propaganda victory. I was under the impression that High Command is trying to win the people of the Galaxy over to our side, ‘winning hearts and minds’ by liberating the oppressed and all that. Attacking a wedding, a happy family affair, and slaughtering innocent flowerbearers and old grannies would only cement us as the lawless, coldhearted terrorists that they are trying to portray us as. But then, perhaps that’s the intent?

    The woman looked to Major Taab, giving him a look that their discussion would have to wait for a moment as Commander Flagg took Flight Officer Durham aside and began explaining the mission to him. Meanwhile Wallings looked back to the defiant pilot and regarded her for a momet before answering.

    "The rebel cell on Naboo has been effectively wiped out, there may be a few survivors, but if there are they are laying low and will be of no help." She looked to the remaining pilots in the room. "You will be on your own here, no backup from us, and no support from outside." She gestured to Taab. "For those of you infiltrating the party, he is the only backup you've got." Taab shrugged at that, if they need his to back them up then the mission had already gone sideways, and he doubted many would survive such a situation regardless of how much backup they had.

    "Rebel Intelligence does indeed have a guest list, but it's eyes only and I cannot provide it to any of you." She caught the dirty looks at that but she didn't seem to care. "If any of you are captured it would be readily apparent to your interrogators who had provided us with that list and I won't compromise the safety of our source." She seemed to gloss over the fact that she fully expected that if any of them were captured that they would break and reveal rebel secrets to their captors.

    "That intelligence suggests that there will be no children attending the reception, it's not... it's not that kind of party." Taab considered that for a moment before realizing that this sort of occasion would be a grand one for the guests to discuss strategy and other topics important to running the sector in a social rather than a governmental setting. Children underfoot would just get in the way. "Yes, there will be collaborators present, but make no mistake, those 'civilians' would all turn each of you over to the Empire in a heartbeat should they discover your true nature." She let that sink in for a moment. "None of the people there will be your friends, or sympathetic to our cause, they are the enemy. Treat them as such." She looked around at the pilots, meeting their eyes one by one before sighing and revealing something she had hoped to keep under wraps.

    "From our sources, this is not a joyous occasion but a political union between two powerful families, one a Moff's and the other a member of the Imperial court. Arranged for the benefit of each." She paused, some of them may have gleaned that on their own already, but what followed would be a bombshell. "As such, it is not just local individuals of influence who will be attending." There was another pause and the pilots still in the briefing room could tell that this was not something she wanted to say. "Intelligence indicates that the Emperor himself may be attending, to oversee the marriage and give it his blessing." She stopped again. "I cannot stress enough then the importance of this mission and how vital it is to the Alliance that you all complete it successfully."

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    Maxime “Max” Pallas
    Black Sheep briefing room

    Max stood, thinking hard, as all the others began to disperse. Wallings had left, Flagg was with the new guy, her new squad mates were milling around arguing and debating in low voices. She didn't trust Wallings statement that there would be no kids --there was always SOME parent who refused to believe that their little darling wasn't invited-- and would have to see the passenger list for herself. The officer had said they'd culled the info from Balzroth; Max felt sure he'd share. And if the Emperor was coming... no, couldn't be. They wouldn't stand a chance; he was a Dark Jedi. He'd know about the plot when his ship jumped out of hyperspace. There was impending disaster written all over this.

    Wallings was using a bludgeon when she needed to use a shiv. This situation required subtlety. A more stealth approach. She spotted Lurell, the four-armed woman, heading for the door and had a sudden inspiration. She rushed across the room.

    "Lurell! Lurell, hey!" She tugged the other pilot's sleeve, and it...squeaked? Max let go of the sleeve cautiously. "Uh..." she said, eyeing it, "got a minute?" No, she wasn't imagining it. The skin under the sleeve was...moving. And purring?

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    IC: Louise "Lou" Gray

    Intrepid Ready Room

    Lou didn't get very far in her escape from the ready room when Commander Wallings launched into another hardcore mission briefing. Lou took a seat, the next available one as she was far enough from her original spot, and sat tight. She wasn't about to draw any unnecessary attention to herself. Wallings was a real frakking hardliner and she wasn't about to get on her bad side.

    "You're going to an Imperial party, so some of you will be wearing Imperial uniforms," Wallings said.

    Lou felt a cold chill run through her veins as if they'd been dunked in carbonite and left to linger for a thousand years. She started to get a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as Wallings launched a holographic list of squadron assignments. Lou didn't even have to look at the list to know what her upcoming assignment was going to be. She was dead to rights.

    "Commander Flagg, Lieutenant Gray, Sergeant Sunwalker, you will each be disguised as Imperial officers and carry four thermal detonators apiece. Your uniforms should grant you access to most of the villa.." Walling said.

    Once an Imperial, always an Imperial Lou thought as she shook her head. At least she was going to a wedding, though, because the last time she went to one it was her own. That had been a beautiful day. Surrounded by friends, family, and love. Seemed like forever ago. An age ago. A time long past.

    The briefing droned on with squad assignments, roles, etc. Lou noticed Zara storm out of the briefing, the arrival of a new pilot known as Durham, and then the challenges brought forth by those in the room with ideals so strong it could make Darth Vader's suit of armor melt. She sat quietly and listened as there was a passionate plea for a more humane strike, for a prevention in civilian casualties, for a public declaration of why the Black Sheep fought and died for the Rebellion.

    Lou felt a heavy, sinking, feeling slip down across her chest. She'd never really thought about why she fought for the Rebellion. It certainly wasn't for freedom or social justice and it wasn't entirely about revenge against her ex-husband. There was another reason. One far more simple and truer to her own feelings. One reason that reverberated in her mind: peace. Not peace between galactic governments or organizations out to kill one another but peace in her very soul.

    She was fighting a war against herself every single day. Not a war that would lead to depression and suicide but a war against all that she'd done, all that she'd been, and all that those who had once loved her had tried to make her out to be. When she left her time in the Empire, when she nearly killed her ex-husband in their last fight, she had gone home to find herself. Home to her family's ranch. That had all been destroyed, ripped away, when her brother was brought home dead by his best friend, Airen following the Battle of Yavin IV.

    Lou had fled the family home, no longer it sole owner thanks to her brother's executive power on the family will, and joined the Rebellion to find that peace that so desperately eluded her. Now she found herself in this very briefing room listening to talk of collateral damage and high profile targets and alternative plans and lost dreams when the real question in the room should have been one thing.

    Why we fight?

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    IC: Maxime “Max” Pallas & Akiva "Wolf" Lurell
    Black Sheep briefing room

    "Lurell! Lurell, hey!" Max tugged the B-wing pilot's sleeve, and it...squeaked? She let go of the sleeve cautiously. "Uh..." she said, eyeing it,"got a minute?" No, she wasn't imagining it. The skin under the sleeve was...moving. And purring?

    Akiva’s mouth had moved a few times at the mission briefing and Q&A. To be honest she didn't know what to do, turning she had headed out when the most rude thing happened. Sure the pilot had been calling her name, but to be honest she knew only one thing, this pilot was not in her wing, old or new, and she had just wanted out of the room to breath. A sigh of relief of not being in trouble, and to try to catch her breath on why this whole thing seemed off. The other pilot though was not in the mood to take the hint and had grabbed her sleeve, not just her sleeve but had startled Chak!

    Spinning she barred her teeth at the woman, growling slightly in the back of her throat when she had heard the squeak, another arm coming over to guard the one that Chak was in. It wasn't until there was a purring sound that her lips slipped back down as she eyed the woman pilot. "What do you want?" she more gingerly asked as she worked on opening the collar of her flight suit.

    "Um," said Max, still eyeing the lump moving under Akiva's sleeve, "that stuff you gave that officer, Teague, the knockout you have any more? I'm just thinking...there might be a better way to pull this off than by blowing everyone up. I don't trust Walling's intel, there are bound to be some innocents caught in the crossfire."

    Wolf hung her head at that. Someone had seen, shave it all! Ugh. Raising a hand to her forehead she rubbed gently as the small ball in her sleeve scampered up to poke it's tufted ears and little gleaming eyes out of the opened collar. Cooing and rubbing her neck Chak was trying to calm her down before it's little eyes fixed on Max and just glared.

    "They weren't knock out drops." she whispered back low. "It was just something to prevent me from getting drunk last night. Not that I don’t have a little bit of what you want, I just would need more supplies if you’re thinking what I think you're thinking."

    Max's eyes widened at the tuft of fuzz sticking its head out of Akiva's neckline, and she couldn't help smiling. "A Voorpak! I was wondering what that was. Sorry, little guy." She grinned up at Wolf."I think we're thinking the same thing. We'll have access to all the food supplies when they're loaded on the Valkyria, and as wait staff, we'll have access to everything... I just think that some missions are better accomplished...quietly, y'know?"

    Akiva nodded slightly at this. Ok, so this Max person was part of her ground team. That meant a lot actually. "Yes." she said her mood visibly lightening. "Come back with some small snack from Naboo and I am sure he will love you. Won't you Chak?" she tutted down at the little guy who cooed back up to her.

    "So long as they aren't testing it. If the Emperor is coming security might be testing it, I know if I was his bodyguard I would be insisting on it. This falls on classic Munto Cudro paths that are rarely tried because everyone knows them. Which just means we might need to spike it as we bring it out instead if we cannot get someone in the kitchen messing with it."

    Max nodded. "I think we'd need to spike everything...some people won't eat the poulet, some won't eat bantha steak, some won't drink the sparkili... we'll have to make sure it's in everything." She pondered. "I wonder how much we'll need?" she said. "I guess I'll have to corner Balzroth and get what info he gathered on the guest list, since Wallings is being precious and acting like it's some big secret."

    "Numbers would be critical but so would flavor. Some things will hide well in some things, but ruin the flavor of others. Also the bodyguards often of better caliber will not eat or drink on duty. When people start going down we would need to handle them quickly, and antidote any of the team who will be eating or drinking so as not to have to kidnap our own people out of there." Nodding she thought about this some more. "What was your take on what to do after we had murdered the guards and put everyone else to sleep? We wouldn't have much time. . .unless we aerosolized the drugs. Make them breath it in. We would have to replace bombs with odorless and colorless knockout gas dispensers." Tapping her chin with a free hand she busily set to pulling out her datapad to start trying to sketch out tac plans as if this was another kidnapping venture with her family. Now that caused a familiar pang of survivors guilt and anger, but she pushed it aside as she tried to see the equation from angles of kidnapper and bodyguard.

    Max frowned. "I was actually just thinking of shooting the uniforms. Taking out the civilians... I dunno, just doesn't ring well to me." She frowned, and looked up at Akiva sadly. "Plan sucks, doesn't it?"

    Looking up from her pad in mild consternation, Akiva had to take a beat before she understood what the woman was saying. Smiling she reached out a hand squeezed the other pilot’s shoulder."If we had a brilliant plan between only two of us, this fast, there wouldn't be a war anymore. We need to pool other skills and try to see the odd angles of opportunity.”

    Max looked around at the other Sheep who were slowly beginning to disperse. "I think we need an 'unofficial' squadron meeting," she agreed. "Maybe without the Bossman. Wonder if Captain Wystari would let us borrow the Valkyria?"

    Tilting her head, Akiva thought through it a moment, nodding as she ticked off a few points. "He'll be part of it. He's my wing and I carry the bombs. He'll let us use it." With a firm nod she looked at the other woman, "Lets just grab those we think we can trust. Feel out the new members and go from there."

    Max nodded, and looked at the fluffball. "Sorry again, Chak, I didn't mean to squish you." The two exchanged a conspiriatorial smile as they split to round up a few of the others.

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    IC: Maxime “Max” Pallas
    Black Sheep Hangar
    Two days ago…

    Max was nearly finished going over her punch list with Sparky when Balzroth approached. He announced loudly that they were getting up a game of sabacc and all were welcome to attend, although the strange winks and facial jerks suggested that he was trying to convey another message.

    Sparky shook her head. “I’ve still got stuff to do,” she said, “no game for me.” Max eyed the Devaronian, who was moving towards another group.

    “I think he has an ulterior motive,” she said.

    “Like relieving us of all our spare creds?”

    “What spare creds?” Max lowered her voice. “Did you have a chance to look at the stats on those Defenders?”

    “I took a quick look, but I didn’t have a chance to dig in when we had that weird energy pulse. I’ll look more closely later.”

    Max nodded. “Start with the shields,” she said. “I couldn’t get a shot through. There’s got to be a way to configure the cannons to do some damage.” She looked across the hangar. Balzroth was waving at her, urgently. She waved back. “He’s not gonna drop this, he’s up to something. Okay, keep on the Defender stuff, and I’ll tap back when I can.” She started to walk across the hangar to join the small group near Kayn’s A-wing when Digger rolled up beside her and chirped softly. Her datapad buzzed.

    “A message? From who?” Digger swiveled his head towards Kayn, and with a grimace, Max looked at her datapad. A list of crates and equipment. “What is this? The stuff we took off the cruisers? What about it?” A long, intricate string of droidbabble. “He wants you to track it? Why?” A doubtful whistle.

    The young Corellian woman sighed. “Well, track it, then. I’ll see what he wants.” She wandered up to the group who were dealing cards. Zara, Kayn, and an Ugnaught. “I’m not playing,” she said, “I’ve got hand-to-hand training in two, I’ll just watch.” But she had to look at Kayn. What are you up to?

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    IC: Kayn "Mean Streak" Balzroth
    Wheeling and Dealing

    Max sauntered over to the incipient sabacc game on the crates. “I’m not playing,” she said, “I’ve got hand-to-hand training in two, I’ll just watch.”

    Kayn grinned at her. "Pull up a crate. Call it a B Flight bonding opportunity. You might even win something interesting." He tossed a data disc onto the table-crate in front of her. "Come on, it won't do you any harm to play just one quick hand before you go hit people. And we've never had a chance to just relax and have fun as a flight. That's good for morale; it says so in the Officer's Handbook."

    As she reluctantly joined the group, Kayn suddenly snapped his fingers. "Nearly forgot, I've been meaning to hand this over to you ever since we got back from Naboo." He pulled open his flight bag, dug down to the bottom, and pulled out a device. "Imperial homing beacon, launched by one of the Skulls and latched onto my tail. I deactivated it with a code in the tech data that Joy gave us. And here's the battery; I pulled it out to make sure it didn't switch on by accident. Could be useful for decoying bad guys if we turn it on at the opportune moment, and I figure if anybody here can reprogram it to do what we want, it's you."

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    IC: Maxime “Max” Pallas
    Black Sheep Hangar
    Two days ago…

    Max made a face and did as she was told. <<I hate sabacc,>> she muttered, to no one in particular. Not that anyone would understand Corellian anyway. As the cards were dealt, she took a look at the homing beacon. She had no idea what to do with it, but it had possibilities. Oh, yes. Definite possibilities.

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    IC Amber Tehanis

    Briefing Room - present

    The questions were answered, not answers she was completely happy with, but answered none the less. The Emperor attending? Looking at her feet from where she leaned in the corner of the room she twisted her lips, she highly doubted the Emperor himself would waste his time at a wedding, no matter how important the attendees were. Her boots needed a clean, but right now looking at them hid her clear emotions on this mission. Around her she almost felt that she was not alone in those musings and that at least 50% of those around her were having serious reservations regarding the possible murder of innocents. She knew as well as those around her there was a very fine line between 'Rebel' and 'Terrorist'. She'd seen the Empire twist the accidently deaths of innocents to their advantage, her own late husband was just that. He'd gone into battle knowing the cost, died and the Empire claimed he'd been pushed to go and died the day after his wedding to his young bride. Somehow they portrayed her as a heartbroken teen who'd gone into hiding to heal her broken heart. More like her broken bones. She snorted softly out loud as she recalled the propaganda machines lies. She was far from broken hearted, relieved, overjoyed, thrilled? They were closer to the mark.

    Lifting her head she saw Maxime stop Akiva and speak to the four armed female. Akiva had been her wing, but no longer. Their discussion was intense and she was sure she saw something moving beneath Akiva's garments but disregarded it. Glancing over she saw a couple others were like her and had not moved out yet, holding their positions as they contemplated the mission. Looking back to Max, something was being discussed, something important and something secretive it seemed. She'd have to keep her eyes open. It was time to end the self imposed privacy, pushing off the wall she made her way over to Sergeant Malek and introduce herself. Better to know her wing this time, he might be less inclined to let her flame out. Sitting down nearby she draw a deep breath to calm herself and lifted her chin slightly.

    "Tehanis, your wing. Thought it was time I met you." She hoped it wasn't too cold.

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    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Sunwalker
    Location: Intrepid briefing room

    Joy sat there listening to the briefing. The mission sounded straightforward enough - take out as many Imperial higher ups as possible. The fact that she will be wearing an Imperial uniform again made her a bit excited along with the fact that she will be with Lou. Jocelyn was worried how Flagg was going to act as she was not sure whether he had an Imperial background. That could be problematic as Imperial officers were famous for their demeanour and if you never had been one could be hard to act as one. Hopefully it won’t be a parody as it will surely will draw suspicion. Another thing worried her, she was in the wanted list of the Empire and she might meet one of her father’s colleagues or friends, even the Skulls will surely be present. It will surely be like walking in a minefield without a map.

    She concealed a grin when Wystari was paired up with the Zeltron. It was couple of days ago when he mentioned that she would be trouble. Probably now he will experience it firsthand. She wanted to wish him luck, maybe after the briefing was done.

    New names were mentioned, which was natural since the squadron lost several pilots. Hopefully this time they won’t lose any… If they all came out of it alive that is. She looked around and saw that people were not happy with the mission. She did not expect them to be given how idealistic the Rebels were, or maybe she was too Imperial? The Empire won’t have any qualms to strike at an Alliance wedding even if it was packed with women and children. Joy looked down as she remembered that mission some years ago.

    Seven Years Ago

    She was fresh out of the Coruscant Academy she and Anais were flying patrol near Lothal. They were still flying the regular TIEs when a call from their carrier came. A Corellian freighter carrying dangerous terrorists was trying to escape. They were to blow the ship up or at least disable it before it could jump to hyperspace.

    They immediately headed towards the coordinates that had been transmitted. And there it was an old, unarmed freighter trying to get away. The other pursuers were coming, but not fast enough. They were on intercept course so they managed to catch up. Jocelyn had issues with the mission as the freighter clearly was civilian.

    Fairy opened fire as she did not had any qualms about the mission. A stream of emerald shots struck the freighter but its shields survived the assault.

    “Black Seven why are you not firing!?” came the voice of command.

    “There must be a mistake. The target is civilian.”

    “You will obey the orders Black Seven. There are terrorists on-board.”

    Jocelyn clenched her jaw under the helmet but obeyed. There was no way around it. Besides why would Command lie about it? There was no point in shooting down civilians, so they must be terrorists. She squeezed the triggers and a spray of of emerald bolts hit the freighter along the hull. It didn’t take long until the shields fell and the blasts started tearing the outer shell sending plumes of debris and escaping air. Fairy struck the cockpit on the right side sending the ship cartwheeling. Jocelyn managed to hit the engines creating a cascading reaction as the YT disintegrated silently.

    “Black Seven and Eight return to ship for debriefing.” came Command’s orders.

    There was no congratulations, nothing, it was just business as usual.

    The Present

    It was later when she found out that the freighter was full of civilian refugees and that Command had lied to them. That was the first time her trust in the system was shaken. She had felt dizzy and nauseous. Probably her father had similar misgivings which warranted his and her mother’s arrests.

    Something caught her attention, it was the Twi’Lek, Zara, she stood up angrily and stormed the briefing room. She could sympathize with her as Wellings assigned the tasks in a very offensive way, former Imperials to play current ones, Twi’Lek and Devaronian to be the entertainment. It made sense but still. A new face came in, but she stopped paying attention.

    The briefing was over but Max had a question. It was a good one, though Joy was going to carry out the mission. She was hoping that something will come up and will allow them to minimise the collateral damage. Her interest was piqued when she heard that the Emperor would be there. That sent a shiver down her spine. She had seen him from a distance while in the Coruscant Academy. She had met Darth Vader there and on Lothal, that too was an unpleasant experience to say the least. Wherever the Palpatine went his Enforcer followed.

    When the briefing was over she stood up and headed towards the door thinking about their future mission.

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    IC: Maxime “Max” Pallas
    Hallway outside the Black Sheep briefing room

    Max was feeling a bit more positive. She needed to find Zara and Kayn to tell them about the mission. She debated who else to invite. Joy? Lou? She had some serious concerns about their role in this, but they were both former Imps, “by the book” types. Would they agree to alter Walling's battle plan? She wasn’t sure about the new guys, if they could be trusted… As she headed towards the door to look for her flightmates, someone tugged her sleeve.

    She turned to see the Sullustan, her new wingman, blinking at her. What was his name? NumNum? Something like that? He burbled something at her. Oh, not now.

    “Um,” she said, “we might have a problem. I know you understand Basic, but I don’t understand Sullustan.”

    The man held up a hand, then reached into a pocket, fumbling with something. He pinned it to his collar.

    >>Many apologies, he said. >> I am Nib Nombunn, although I am usually called Folds. I wished to say that I am pleased to meet you and look forward to flying with you.

    “Oh,” said Max. “Thanks, yes, me, too. Um, I really have to—“

    >>I do not wish you to be concerned about my abilities, continued Nombunn. >>I have had extensive experience with the Rebellion prior to my reassignment here. I was trained as a freighter pilot for the SoroSuub corporation—

    “Wow, that’s great,” said Max, looking around desperately for a rescue. “Um, listen, Nib, I don’t really have time to get acquainted right now. There is an awful lot I have to do before this mission, and we don’t have much time to do it in. I need to check in with Lieutenant Balzroth, the flight leader, to get some info from him." And to recruit him to a secret meeting.

    >>Excellent! The Sullustan’s ears perked up. >>I have not yet met our flight leader, this is a good opportunity to introduce myself! Please, lead the way.

    Easier said than done, as Max had no idea where Kayn had gotten himself to. She figured she’d try the pilots’ lounge first, and she headed down the corridor with Nombunn chattering happily beside her.

    >>By that time there were seven of them, so Mimb and I kicked in the afterburners, and—

    Max smiled and nodded, not listening at all. I hope he sticks this tight in combat, but damn, I wish I could shake him now!

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    IC: Ianna Mcear
    Black Sheep Ready Room, Carrier Intrepid

    Ianna sat back down as Wallings addressed Max's concerns and everyone else's. It wasn't whether or not there was another cell to support them. It wasn't if they had the guest list, though the thought of capture and interrogation by the Empire did make her shiver. It was hearing that there would not be civilians at the reception that brought her some peace. She didn't want to kill those that didn't deserve it. If it was all going to be Imperial Officials the people that make the decisions the men and women that if they were gone the Empire would be in dire straits.

    What stunned her was hearing that the Emperor was going to be there. The boogeyman, the leader of the Empire. Suddenly everything made sense, why they were so willing to throw this mission together send whatever they had at this mission, and why the planet was so well defended. The stakes were now real. If they fail they are either dead or worse but, if they succeed they could end the war right there.

    Even if the hope of stopping this conflict was presented did that make the destruction and death she was about to reap justified? Did the end she strived for make the means irrelevant? She looked at the ground face scrunched in thought.

    The end of the war, she could go home, she might even make it before Harvest Day, she wouldn't miss it. Her family could breath free once again, she'd be free to tryout for the Patriots, everything she ever wanted laid at the end of this mission. If they succeeded all her dreams would come true.

    But, did that make what she had to do right? Did that make mass indiscriminate murder justified? If it was to build a better galaxy how many sins would she commit?

    She was always raised to nice, to be good, in combat they were trying to kill you and yours. Here there was no threat, not directly, the imps wouldn't know what hit them and they could even get the man at the top, they could end this war by tomorrow.

    That was her quandary did killing hundreds without a care, staining her hands deep in evil blood make her good as long as they were washed in the waters of justice and peace?

    She didn't know what to do which way to go. She looked to her wingmate...well former wingmate but, he seemed engaged with another the red haired woman that didn't seem to socialize much. Ianna forced a smile on her face giving a wave. At the door she saw Joy making her way out.

    The young woman jumped to her feet chasing after. If there was anyone she trusted or would seek advice from it would be her.

    "Joy." she called out waving her hand, "Joy," she continued coming closer, "Could I talk to you for a moment?"

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    IC: Akiva "Wolf" Lurell & Zara Yaren
    Halls of the Great Ship

    Leaving the meeting after the briefing had shown her that she needed to follow through on what she had originally wanted to do. Find that bartender, ne' fellow pilot, and see if she wanted to join the meeting or needed help. After all she doubted that someone that couldn't even differentiate drinks could be that good of a entertainer. Once out in the hall she had to rely on one simple fact, there weren't that many Twi'leks on this ship, and this was the only one she had gotten a full sniff of when she had been the bartender. Letting her instincts be her guide after remembering the layout of this boat and where the pilots areas were. Hopefully she would find her soon.

    Imperial ships were built to be trouble, where every hall looked the same to Zara, too angry and too full of jumbled thoughts to sort out directions. She wasn't going anywhere, just away from people, following one line until it had been a good time since she'd seen anyone else. There, she slumped against the wall and slid down to sit, rubbing her face as her temper cooled. Away from the moment, it was easier to look back rationally, but the impulse to get away from all this had never been stronger. Take her A-wing and just leave, give up on all this. As she turned that thought over, the pilot known as Wolf appeared, suddenly enough that Zara shot her a sharp look as she sat up straighter. Unsure if she'd been followed by the intimidating woman, Zara remained seated, not wanting to invite conversation.

    Wolf looked down on the woman that had been a pain in the sinuses to find. To find and only be glared at. "I agree." She simply said as she took a squat across from the pilot, resting her arms on top of her knees only to have Chak scamper out of her suit and down her top left arm to sit as a ball of fluff and big eyes soulfully staring at the purple pilot, "He does to." She simply added.

    She wasn't sure what the creature was supposed to be, all fluffy and definitely at odds with its owner's appearances. Probably poisonous or something lethal. Maybe they could use that on this stupid mission. Zara eyed it warily, then looked back at Wolf, who seemed to be making herself comfortable. "What do you want?"

    "To be able to pilot my B-wing whilst standing, endless fuel, never need to repair my wing again, and. . .last one always escapes me. . .galaxy peace?" Akiva stated with a smirk. "Missions a raw deal and I think they mixed our assignments up mostly across the board. So either I can try to teach you a few moves to pass as entertaining, or we could go to a meeting in secret about unscrewing this situation, Black Sheep only." Chak purred softly on her hand at this point.

    "Raw deal... yeah, that's an understatement." A part of her wanted to tell the woman to shove off, but maybe if the others were unhappy about the situation too... "Feels too intentional to be a mix-up. Like they want us to fail." Zara shook her head, not entirely convinced of what she was saying. "This whole ship feels like a blasted conspiracy. But if you want to take a shot at fixing this then I'll be there."

    Nodding Akiva made a small high pitched bark that got Chak moving back to hide in her sleeves instead of ontop of them. "Right, that cargo hauler from our squadron, we are using his ship. Meet in. . .ten?" nodding she stood and set off. Pulling a comlink she started to dial in for that previously named cargo hauler. It was about time to let him know he was going to be having guests.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari
    Location: Valkyria - Intrepid Hangar
    Two days prior

    Wystari cleared away the tray of refreshments when Joy left. Their discussion had made him reminisce about the past. The old crew he had worked with during the war and who knows where half of those pirates had ended up now.

    Matey, the treadwell droid chittering at him as he left the galley to inspect the holds. His eyes were looking for signs of damage that might had happened. He didn’t see anything out of place until he got to the small workstation over on the starboard side. It would have been closest to the mysterious disturbance in the hangar. A few tools and material had tumbled out of place but that was about it.

    “Is this all?” He looked to the droid.

    Matey wheeled past him, it’s telescopic neck rose as it’s photoreceptors moved about. It then gave an affirmative tune then a low series of notes.

    “Did you get a sense of anything?” Wystari asked, trying to make sense of what it was saying.

    Matey gave a negative note. The manipulation arms waved frantically and beeped, and one arm mimicked something falling.

    “You had been knocked over and had trouble getting up?” Wystari looked at the droid in disbelief. “But nothing touched you, so how…”

    The pincher arm pointed to a power wrench that was on the floor and gave a series of chittering.

    “Slow down…” Wystari shook his head and picked up the tool. “That unbalanced you? You were spooked by the falling equipment and moved away… rolled over this, then over compensated and tipped over?”

    Matey nodded and gave an indignant sound.

    “Hey, I am not playing any tricks on you. There had been…” He didn’t know what to call it yet. “ event in the hangar. Oh, never mind. It’s beyond your logic.”

    It gave a curious beep at him.

    “Some other time... I’ve got this.” Wystari said as he collected the rest of the things and placed them away in their proper place as the droid looked on. Once the workstation was fixed up, he turned to the droid. “I’ll be back soon…. outside to check on a few things.”

    He made his way to the boarding ramp and left the Valkyria. He walked a few metres away and turned back to take in the sight of his ship. His gaze following along the length and then paced about to the other side. He made a mental note of where to stick Matey up to patch things up. Overall, the damage from the mission wasn’t too bad.

    Once he had finished, his ear pricked up as he heard some familiar voices nearby in the hangar. He followed the sound of their voices and found a card game happening with Max, Zara and Kayn amongst the players.

    “Don’t mind me,” He said as he approached. “I’ll observe this round.”

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    Location: Intrepid - Pilot’s Ready Room
    Present Day

    In the darkened ready room, illuminated by the holo display. Wystari kept his face impassive and listened as their Commander spoke about the status of their squadron. New pilots and flight assignments brought a change in configuration and dynamics to the squadron.

    That was understandable to fill the gaps. He appeared to have moved up in position and part of a proper wing. The new Delta wing is to be comprised of Wolf, Taab and himself… that makes two B-Wings and a Corellian Freighter. Not too shabby.

    He caught nod of the Mandalorian's helm at his direction and the Corellian returned a nod of respect back. It should be an enlightening experience to fight alongside the warrior and Wolf. No doubt their wing are meant to be the war hammer in the field. Which meant he desperately needs to stock up on supplies if they are required to do so soon...

    The lights came on and that lady, Commander Wallings, had entered and silenced the room. There was something… he could not put his finger on about that person. He thought as she took the centre stage.

    Wystari folded his arms in front of his chest and watched as she announced for them to forget their assignments as their upcoming mission would not require their crafts. The pause she gave after stating was for effect and he used that time to ponder over the meaning. So they are a multipurpose unit?

    He did not mind being grounded… not his favourite work and it depends on the role he be taking. Will he need to unbox his battle armour and axe?

    Operation: Wedding Crasher? That brought a smirk to his face. It reminded him of something from back in the day… he looked about and remembered he has no one here who would know about it to share the in joke with.

    He pushed that thought from his mind as he focused on the key points of the mission details:

    Wedding on Naboo… between daughter of Redbeard and a self-proclaimed, unfortunately-named person… could have been worse though. The luxury cargo recovered was meant for this event and guest list has enough brass turning up with and a ton of doonium to keep a metalworks factory happy for a lifetime...

    And Wallings want to send people in, very few people… on the ground… who are these lunatics to do so? Us apparently.

    He pressed his teeth against his tongue to not speak out. Oh, it gets better. A festering, stinking Trade Federation ship… would not be surprised if it was a Lucrehulk…

    Right on cue, the image of the old Federation freighter converted battleships appeared in the holo display. Wystari wondered if the irony was lost on anyone about one being near the Naboo system and named after a Gungan city- Wait, what?

    His eyes widened a fraction as a detail stood out to him. Did Wallings just said she managed to get the Valkyria hired for the job to deliver that cargo? He narrowed his gaze at her as he saw her grin.

    He listened on and calculated some figures. It sounded as though his ship will be used to transport everyone, a team of 15… to possibly 20 passengers… from wherever here was to the Naboo System… doable since it shouldn't be a long journey and won't put too much of a strain on the consumables. Cargo capacity should be fine with the equipment and hauling the catering for the party. If his role for this was to be the ferry service then it won't be too bad.

    He pictured everyone else in their guises for the operation… but the objectives. He bit the corner of his bottom lip as Wallings mentioned what should happen at the reception area located at Naboo's Lake Country… and that did not sit well with him… he replayed what was just said and a realisation came to him about the implications of the mission. What was supposed to be a joyous occasion will be their last. He cursed under his breath. People will be there with their families! Not to mention the system will go into lockdown with the 'blockade' in orbit and to have to slip past all that.

    As he thought about that, he almost missed the part about the Intrepid and the Federation ship being at the same point. Does that mean the Federation ship is an Alliance affiliated or operated by a sympathiser? Or someone who was paid off to turn a blind eye. What would it matter if the Valkyria ended up as atoms and they all meet their own chosen deities. No doubt Kára would be waiting-

    The pitch of the Zeltron's voice interrupted his thoughts as she asked about uniforms. Blinking, he shook his head to focus on the rest of the details…

    Three as Imperials… three as catering staff…

    He met Wallings' gaze as she said his name and looked to him. He was expecting his role to be the pilot… he had not expected to be attending at all and she surprised him with a role as a wealthy guest… and that Flight Officer Quin to be attending as his date. Date? He glanced to the Zeltron, ignoring her remark and then back to Wallings. Was she serious? Before he could say anything, Wallings had moved on.

    He half listened to the rest as he pondered what it meant. He will be posing as both the pilot and wealthy guest… dual personas to play. He rubbed his chin. It be fine, just give the greatest performance of his life as his life depends on it. He looked over to Quin again… the unknown variable… and he didn't know her enough to know how she handles under pressure.

    Zara had unexpectedly jump to her feet and watched as she storm out of the room. He wondered which element of what Wallings had said to upset the Twi'lek the most… to be fair, He wouldn't be surprised if it was all of it.

    Max's voice. Wystari looked to the fellow Corellian as she asked her question to Wallings. What she had said echoed the sentiment he was feeling. That is a moral dilemma…

    He looked expectantly at Wallings, wondering how she would answer that question and what might be omitted from her response. The answer given was not one he was expecting. It was more a political and strategic occasion than one of joy. He wondered about the real innocents attending the wedding and never far from his mind was that nagging doubt about the credibility of Wallings. Rumours of the Emperor attending did not put his mind at ease… which probably explains sizable Imperial presence stationed at Naboo.

    It was clear that the briefing was over and everyone was had started to leave. The more he thought the mission, the more he kept thinking back to the missions structure, the objective and the potential collateral of it all… He needed someone to talk with, as a sounding board. Too many questions and tangents that needed to be pondered over and sort out.

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    OOC: This is a joint post between me and @galactic-vagabond422 thank you!

    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Sunwalker, Ianna Mcear
    Location: Intrepid briefing room

    Jocelyn was about to leave the room when she heard Ianna calling her. She turned to face her and gave a quizzical look.

    "Ianna, how can I help you?"

    The younger woman kept the smile on her face though it was hard to do. Other pilots were brushing past her some whispering to each other. She was a little worried about others hearing them or what they would say. After a long moment of silence she spoke up.

    "I was hoping we could talk," she looked away still a little nervous it showing in her shaky smile, "About the mission?"

    Jocelyn caught her gently by the elbow and pulled her away from the stream of people going.

    "How can I help you?" she smiled encouragingly.

    The smile faded a little and she began to fidget with her fingers her leg threatening to bounce as she thought more and more about how to broach this subject.

    "Well," she started still looking down, " you think what we are doing is...right?" finally she looked up a look of concern on her face. "I mean we're the good guys right? We don't just murder a whole bunch of people...but...but, if it ends the's ok, we're not murderers? Or are we? I...I don't know what we should be doing. I mean killing these people sounds like a good idea but, does it have to be done this way, and if it is does that make it right?" She was rambling unsure of what to feel or what to think. It was all a jumble in her head. These were the bad guys and would think nothing of doing the same to them, why should she hold back. On the other hand they were supposed to be better than the Empire not sink to their level, not become the people they fought against.

    "I just don't know what to do."

    Jocelyn pursed her lips as she considered the question. She had been asking herself the same, but could not come up with an answer. "I think you are asking the wrong person about it. I have the same issues with the mission, but I will carry out my part of the mission, though I hope for an opportunity for improvisation. Knowing our squadron it will come up soon."

    Ianna seemed unsure looking up then back to the floor. Joy had not truly put her fears to bed but, it was good to hear that she too had misgivings about this mission. That she wasn't the only one that was unsure, that had doubts. She felt like less of a traitor.

    "So...we go through with it...and hope the others come up with something better?"

    "Or come up with something ourselves. People reacted too emotionally to the mission. Yes, it sounds morally wrong, but we have to choose whether to end the war now or protract it longer. I know this may sound callous, but the victor will write history." Joy shrugged "Besides, we will be doing the bride and groom a favour, given that they are being set up to an unhappy life together."

    Ianna didn't laugh or make any sign that the enjoyed the joke. It wasn't that funny, they were talking about saving them by killing them. She shuffled her feet again looking down.

    "So no one would ever know...if we won? That still doesn't feel right...but, you also right about ending this war. Would it not prevent more deaths? But, would that still be right? I...I don't really know...It sounds like you don't either...or...or am I just being too...too," she couldn't find the words...too inexperienced, too stupid, too blind thinking that the galaxy could be fixed with a smile and kind word. "too naive. I want the Empire gone as much as anyone else but, do I want to be like them by the end of it?" She thought for just a moment longer. "No offense, you're not like the other Imperials you chose the right side."

    Joy sighed, her crude attempt of humour fell flat as usual. "Ianna, this is war, it will never feel right. We need to find a middle-ground. I can't give you the straightforward answer that you are looking for. It is something that I have been struggling with for quite some time. But if Command had given us those orders they must have taken into consideration all those aspects."

    Ianna was quiet for a long moment trying to wrestle with what has going on, to come to terms. Though there was nothing to latch onto nothing to assuage her conscience. Should she just follow her orders and hope for the best or should she seek out the other way, the path that feels right. Maybe there wasn't, maybe blood would have to be split, she'd already shed so much of it would a little more be so wrong.

    She shallowed hard letting out a long breath.

    "Well, I guess they would give these orders if they didn't think the mission was important." Another silence. "I guess there isn't a lot left to talk about...I guess I should go talk with my 'Date'." She said referencing the new pilot that she'd been paired with for the wedding they were going to crash. "Catch you later?"

    Before letting go of Ianna Joy caught her hand and squeezed it gently "I am sorry I was not much help."

    The younger woman paused before pulling Joy into yet another hug. But, this one was less, forceful as the others. More like one you would give at a funeral to a loved one. Light and comforting. Ianna needed it more than Joy. Afterwards she made her way to her quarters. To try and make sense of all of this.

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    IC: Louise "Lou" Gray
    Three Years Ago
    Massassi Temple
    Yavin IV

    Louise walked down the still hissing ramp of the U-Wing cargo transport and was immediately guided to a briefing room away from the main Rebel hangar. She felt pressured, hurried, as she entered the briefing room and took a seat. She found herself gazing into the eyes of a captain in the Rebel Alliance. She could tell he was studying her very closely and from the look in his eyes he hadn't quite yet made up his mind about her.

    "When did you pick her up?" The captain asked.

    "Two hours ago, sir, she was alone. No tracking devices were found," the pilot of the U-Wing stated.

    "We're getting more of these every day," the captain observed, "but this one can fly."

    "Damn straight I can fly," Louise said, "I can fly anything out there in your precious hangar."

    "I find that surprising," the captain said as he glanced down at a datapad in his hand, "since you have logged most of your flying time in the TIE fighter and its relative the TIE Interceptor. I'm surprised that they didn't start you on the TIE bomber. That would've been appropriate. You trained on Carida and you are married. Tell me, is the Empire growing soft in its old age?"

    Louise's eyes flashed with anger. "How'd you get my file?"

    "It's my job to know every single one of my pilots," the captain replied.

    "I'm nobody's pilot," Louise replied.

    "Yet," the captain said.

    "If you think I'm going to dress up in a stupid orange clown suit with a battered helmet and a craft that's leaking oxygen into space forget it," Louise said.

    "She's got some spunk I'll give her that," the captain said turning to look at the U-Wing pilot.

    "I think if you want to be free you'll do exactly what we tell you to do," the captain replied, "you do want to be free don't you and I take it you also want to fly again?"

    Louise sighed and nodded her head. The cuffs around her wrists were killing her. She'd say anything to get out of feeling like an inmate on Kessel.

    "Good," the captain said and reached into his pocket for a key. He moved fast and quickly unlocked Louise's energy cuffs.

    Lou rubbed her sore wrists and paid attention when the captain spoke again.

    "Here's the deal. We know you're a fleeing Imperial pilot. We also know that you must have a really good reason to purposefully plant yourself where we're likely to find you and take you in which means you're either a spy or you've got a death wish. Either way, you fly for us, we provide you with shelter and a square meal, in exchange you provide us what you know about Imperial flight doctrine and generally behavior. You're free to move about the compound and you'll be assigned to Gold Squadron," the captain said.

    "Gold Squadron, even the name sounds fun," Louise replied.

    "They're bombers, Y-Wings," the captain said.

    "Y-Wings, you've got to be kidding me," Louise replied.

    "I wish I was," the captain replied, "we'll start you at no pay, basic rank, until you're off your trial service. After that, well, we'll see what lies in store for you."

    "You really trust me with Rebel weaponry?" Louise asked.

    "At this point in the game," the captain replied, "I don't have a choice."

    The captain turned to leave and Louise called out, "What's your name?"

    The captain paused and looked back at Louise with a smile, "Jon Vander, also known as Gold Leader, but my friends call me "Dutch"."



    "Red Leader this is Gold Leader: We are starting our attack run on the shield gate. Keep it tight and watch out for those towers!" Dutch's voice crackled over Lou's comm unit.

    Lou kept in tight formation as she armed her proton bombs with the rest of Gold Squadron. This was the final attack run on the shield gate over Scarif. She lined up the HUD and heard a chime in her ear as the target was acquired. She double checked her telemetry and then toggled the pickle switch letting the bombs loose as the shield gate raced past and the beautiful world of Scarif hung quietly below.

    Lou pulled up in formation away from the shield gate and looked over her right shoulder as she flew away. To her dismay the shield gate was still up and barely damaged. She pounded her console in frustration just as a pair of TIEs destroyed a nearby X-Wing breaking for cover. She watched as the S-foils came apart and the fuselage exploded in a fiery ball of debris raining remnants all over her canopy.

    She'd long ago avoided looking at her sensors. The Empire was using its numerical superiority to tip the tide of the battle. Standard procedure. She allowed herself a moment of studying the Imperial flight doctrine and nearly was shot down herself for failing to maintain situational awareness. She barrel rolled back into the maelstrom of the fight losing her attackers and quietly rejoined with Gold Squadron.

    It felt so odd to her to be fighting for the Rebel Alliance. She had been raised to support the Empire. Her brother was an Imperial officer. She'd gone through rigorous training on Carida before she was scrubbed. She bled loyalty to the Empire. Now she was a traitor. Now she was fighting for them.

    And yet, Lou thought, here you are.

    "Hit that opening!" Dutch cried out as he rallied the Y-Wings around him once more.

    Lou got her head back into the battle and rallied with the other Y-Wings as this time they did the unthinkable: assault an Imperial Star Destroyer. Her HUD identified the Star Destroyer as the Persecutor. If there was one thing about the Empire that Lou had to admire it was that they always picked vicious names for their capital ships. It was as if they weren't trying to hide what they were or how they fought. The name alone drew a chill as it was designed to do.

    Lou checked her loadout. All she had left were ion bombs. The Persecutor loomed larger and larger in her cockpit window. Its pristine white hull shone brilliantly in the light of a distant star. Her eyes tracked across the bridge and it was then that she noticed one of the shield generators was gone, destroyed. That meant that the Star Destroyer was vulnerable to attack and suddenly it made sense why Dutch had insisted they take on the capital ship with everything they had.

    Lou punched the throttle forward as she lined up her attack run. The enormous wedge shape of the Star Destroyer came at her now, unforgiving, unrelenting. She unleashed the remnants of her payload and let loose with her ion cannons at the command tower. A part of her heart reached out to the occupants on the bridge. Once power was out, life support would fail, and they'd all start to die quite slowly. She pushed such thoughts from her mind as Gold Squadron lit into the Persecutor and zipped beyond the command tower in perfect formation.

    "That Star Destroyer's disabled," Admiral Raddus announced to the fleet.

    Cheers went up across the Rebel wide comm. systems. There was a general sense of success and victory across the surviving members of Red, Gold, and Green squadrons. Lou even relaxed a bit in her flight harness. Maybe, just maybe, she'd make it out of here alive. She watched in horror as a Hammerhead corvette slammed into the Persecutor and rammed it directly into its sister ship the Intimidator. Her gloved hand hit glass as she tried to cry out in anguish over such destruction as the two Star Destroyers became one in a twisted mass of metal and death and ultimately collapsed into the shield gate below.

    "All craft begin the jump to hyperspace," Admiral Raddus ordered moments later.

    "Gold Squadron, pack it in, we did well today," Dutch said, "let's head home."

    Lou was about to engage her hyperdrive lever, as various smaller Rebel ships slipped away from Scarif, when her eyes caught sight of something that made her heart stop. A massive battlestation, larger than any moon, had just exited hyperspace along with a new Star Destroyer. Lou's eyes widened as she realized the immensity and expanse of the Empire's war making power.

    The Star Destroyer quickly laid waste to the remnants of the Rebel fleet and Lou could see an emerald laser powering up on the battle station's main weapon. At that point she knew she had to leave. At that point in her combat career with the Rebellion she knew that there was no going back to the Empire and their system of order and fear. She fought back her own fear at being near such unimaginable weaponry and slipped into hyperspace.

    Destination: Yavin IV.


    Present Day
    Pilot's Quarters

    Lou quietly played with her dog tags as she sat on her bed contemplating the upcoming mission. She was tasked with being an Imperial officer. Tasked with putting on the mask and role she'd worn for a decent chunk of her life. This time, however, she was fighting for the other side. For the Rebel Alliance and for the cause of galactic good. The pilots she'd known at Scarif were all dead. Gold Squadron was no more. The Death Star had seen to that.

    She didn't have any misgivings about the upcoming plan. She didn't have any personal reservations about killing people at a wedding and especially if they were the wrong people. Her moral compass had died at Scarif. Her ability to see right and wrong had been dimmed during the attack run on the Star Destroyers over the tropical world. She had changed. The war had changed her and now what was left was a remnant of the woman who had stood before her husband so proudly on Roon to say her vows.

    "All I want is peace," Lou whispered quietly to her tiny compartment of a room, "is that so much to ask?"

    There wasn't an answer save for the gentle thrumming of the deck and the occasional noise of crew members walking down the hallway....

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    IC: Kayn "Mean Streak" Balzroth [face_devil], PO3 Lughdyt [face_pig]
    He's Bluffing

    “Don’t mind me,” Skipper said as he approached the card players in the hangar bay. “I’ll observe this round.”

    Kayn grinned at the older man. "Hey, here's the hero who made sure the victors absconded with our much-deserved spoils from the field of battle! Glad you were with us to make that whole fiasco worth our while. Too bad the brass have decided to steal it all back from us, but I guess there's not a thing we can do about it now." He hoped the others heard the warning inflection in his voice. Judging by their expressions, they had noticed something odd about the way he had spoken.

    Lughdyt had dealt the cards while Kayn was turned toward Skipper. The Devaronian frowned at the Ugnaught.
    "What are you doing? Switching cards on us behind my back?"

    Lughdyt snorted in umbrage. "What're you talking about? Alls I did was shuffle and deal! Ask th' others, I'm no cheater!"

    "You're sounding awfully defensive for an innocent man. Why don't we just reshuffle and start over?"

    "Why should we?! It's a fair deal! Pick up th' cards and play, or forfeit yer ante!"

    "Forfeit my ante! Are you joking? I'm not forfeiting to a cheater!" Kayn's tone was pure over-the-top outrage. In an instant he had moved behind Lughdyt and grabbed his left arm, twisting it up behind his back and forcing the plane captain's face down onto the table-crate. Lughdyt squealed in fury, his right hand pounding and scrabbling at the crate, tearing the cargo manifest papers off it.

    "How many cards you got up this sleeve?!" yelled Kayn. "Admit it, you're a fracking cheater!"

    "Am not, you big frelling bully!"

    Lughdyt kicked backward and caught Kayn across the knee. The pilot fell to the deck and Lughdyt launched himself downward, landing on top of him. The two grappled furiously, rolling back and forth across the deck, slamming into a crate. Kayn pushed Lughdyt back against it, their arms wrapped tightly around each other. With his hands hidden behind his plane captain's back, Kayn ripped the manifest off that crate and stuffed it up his sleeve. He winked at Lughdyt, and the two of them rolled away, colliding with another crate as they yelled curses at each other.

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    IC: Maxime “Max” Pallas
    Black Sheep Hangar, 2 days ago, losing badly

    Max studied the cards in her hand, trying to keep a neutral face. The object of the game was to get as close to 23 points as possible. Max was currently at -5. Of course. Really, the only way to win is to cheat, she thought glumly. She discarded the Moderation card, and pulled up a Six of Staves. Up to 14. Well, that was better.

    Wystari came up to stand behind Kayn. “Don’t mind me,” he said as he approached the card players in the hangar bay. “I’ll observe this round.” Max suppressed a snort. Sure, HE gets to just watch.

    Kayn leaned back to smile up at him. "Hey, here's the hero who made sure the victors absconded with our much-deserved spoils from the field of battle! Glad you were with us to make that whole fiasco worth our while. Too bad the brass have decided to steal it all back from us, but I guess there's not a thing we can do about it now." He had an odd note in his voice, and he winked at Max and Zara. He IS up to something. Something to do with the crates? She looked at Zara, puzzled. What was the plan? Was there a plan? What were they supposed to do?

    Lughdyt had dealt the cards while Kayn was turned toward Skipper. The Devaronian frowned at the Ugnaught. "What are you doing? Switching cards on us behind my back?"

    Raised voices, angry words. A few of the others in the hangar wandered over. Then, to Max’s alarm, Kayn tackled his crew chief, and the two began to roll around on the ground. Max jumped to her feet, dropping her hand –she was losing anyway—and looked helplessly at Zara. What was she supposed to do?

    Digger whistled softly behind her. She looked at him. He was accompanied by one of the load lifters, covered with a large tarp, and as she watched, he keyed the seal to one of the crates, and swiveled his head to look at her. Her datapad vibrated in her pocket. She stepped back, frowning at it while more people in the hangar pushed forward, some cheering on the fighters, some placing bets on the outcome… Tyr, the Deck Chief, was charging forward, shouting at the two to break it up.

    She looked at the datapad. Two blast cannon mounts… wait… was this a shopping list? She stared at the chaos. The man was crazy. Digger whistled urgently. Max took a quick peek. Flashback suppressors. There were 8 in the crate, but Kayn only wanted 2. She slipped two under the tarp and sealed the case. She could see Zara nearby. The Twi’lek winked.

    “Digs,” Max said softly, “we need more help. And we definitely need to be sure that any security cams are offline.” The little droid whistled and rolled off while Max moved to the next crate.

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    Joint post with @Anedon - not only a pleasure but really fun and worth the time zones! Thanks mate. ;)

    IC: Ethan Malek, Amber Tehanis
    Briefing room
    - post briefing.

    "Tehanis, your wing. Thought it was time I met you." The young woman, his new squad mate introduced herself to him, pulling Ethan out of his dark thoughts. He couldn´t help but but notice a certain cold bitterness in her voice, nothing of the warmth and optimism he had got to known from Ianna. She has experienced a lot of pain in her life, he realized though he couldn´t say if it had happened to her in the war or before. He asked himself what had lead her here, to the rebellion and into his squadron, and what she thought of their current assignment.

    He was distracted when she first spoke that much was clear, his mood felt unsettled if not disturbed to her. He turned to look at her and his clear blue eye were kind yet troubled. In her mind he felt as she did about this mission. His slight smile gave him away as he introduced himself, speaking of his dismay at not flying.

    Giving her a weak smile he introduced himself, "Sergeant Ethan Malek, at your service. Though, with our new mission, I guess it might take us some time before we get to fly side by side."

    "If ever." She said "Looks to me like another suicide mission to me. Starting to wonder why they aren't just using a firing squad? Not to mention the whole fine line they are walking here." She snorted. "This feels wrong."

    "It is wrong," Ethan said firmly. "Killing a man at his own wedding, alongside his family and friends. Who knows how many innocents will be there."

    He stopped for a moment after realizing the weight in his words. Had he made a mistake in being so open about his concerns towards the mission? But it was too late to take them back now, so he continued.

    "I don´t think our superiors are planning to get us out of there at all. I feel that when we die they can praise us as martyrs to the other rebels while distancing themselves from our actions to the rest of the galaxy."

    Ethan was surprised how calm his voice was talking about his almost certain suicide mission, how he has more upset about taking the lives of the Imperials at the wedding than losing his own.

    Listening she could see he was speaking from the heart. Sitting forward so the conversation would be more private. She added.

    "Exactly. You noticed that there was no out for us huh? So did I." She glanced at her boot again before going on. "I'm the first to admit I am not the most pleasant person around, but I don't want to be anyone's martyr, and I kinda like living." She bit her bottom lip. "I'm not talking mutiny or outright disobedience, but surely there is a better way to do this where the innocents live, and we do too?"

    Ethan nodded slowly. "I hope there is."

    He fell silent for a moment thinking about it. He could try and use his new toolset to sabotage the engines of that ship the Otho Gunga hoping the damage would prevent them from reaching the wedding altogether. But damage like that was usually easy to fix and if his superiors would find out about his actions he would probably be executed for treason. Thinking back to everything he knew about the planet of Naboo and his experiences from past mission Ethan had a few ideas.

    "A few years ago, I was in a mercenary team tasked with killing a Huttish slaver and we ended up causing a slave revolt which gave us the cover to get close to the slug and take him out. Maybe we could try to go for a similar strategy here, if we had guest list we could figure out which ones of the guests are targets and which civilians. If we focus on the targets I think the civilians would panic giving us cover to eliminate the Imperials and, hopefully escape amongst the fleeing crowd. From what I remember, that world Naboo or at least parts of it are covered in thick swamps and bogs which are probably hard to reach for the heavy imperial tanks and soldiers, maybe once we finished our mission we can try to escape into the wilderness."

    Listening carefully Amber was almost a little excited as to how similar their minds were thinking.

    "Funny, I was thinking of causing some sort of panic to get the innocents out and make the Imps react in defense mode. Figured we'd plant the bombs, pretend we are innocents and find one of them and you know, cause a panic. Kinda the same idea." She looked almost hopefully at him, he was calm, but not resigned and she liked that.

    "Yeah that could work," Ethan said slowly, glad that he and his new wingmate were on the same page on the matter. "Separating the imps from the civilians and covering our escape. The only problem is we need a complete guest list and if possible a holomap of the villa showing places like panic rooms and the number of exits. I still have a few old imperial codes so maybe I can hack into the villas security system to get a map or we could ask Max to do that. Maybe we could even start a fire drill or something along those lines to create the panic we need."

    "Though," he lowered his voice even more. "When we are doing this we should make sure our superiors don´t find out about it. If they truly want to cause panic in the empire, as well as getting a few martyrs, then they will undoubtably disapprove of our plan. Also I´m not sure how to get our hands on a guest list, as I doubt our superiors will just give it to us. Wallings seemed awfully dedicated to dispel Max concerns, which tells me there is more to this list then they want to admit."

    Amber thought for a moment. "You know so much as I dislike him, I suspect Kayn may have access to a list or at least know how to get it." She pursed her lips in thought. "For now, we need to keep this idea low key. I don't know, maybe find out if we're not alone in this? See if anyone else is looking for a better option?" Lifting her head she looked around, most had gone, but Skipper was still there and the look on his face told her he wasn't on board with the plan. "Pretty sure we aren't alone."

    Ethan bit his lip, thinking about Amber's words for a moment. Looking around he could see several of the other pilots were still around them and in some of their faces he saw worries similar to the ones he felt himself. He was sure that many of their comrades didn´t agree with the mission, whether because they did not want to be sacrificed or felt uncomfortable at the thought of the civilian causalities. But he wasn´t sure if he speak up to them, if he could trust them to keep his concerns for themselves instead of reporting them to their superiors. But there were a few he trusted enough to ask them.

    "I don´t think Ianna would be happy about this either," he told his wingmate. "Especially if there will be truly civilians at the wedding. Also Max, she has asked the commander before and I doubt she was fooled by Wallings answer, though I´m not sure if she would listen to me. The last time I suggested a plan to her it ended in a disaster. Are there others you trust?"

    Glancing again at Skipper Amber gave a quick nod in his direction. "I trust him, and my gut tells me he's on board and not happy. Sadly I don't really know anyone else and that's my own fault." She gave a slight shrug, "Not good at being social." She lowered her eyes, there was part of her that was ashamed of her lack of ability to be friendly, and the fact she was interacting now proved she was capable of it. Maybe the time had come to end her 'self imposed' isolation. Looking up at him she noticed his clear blue eyes almost searching for a reason. "I'll speak to Wystari, you handle who you know. Not sure where we can talk about this more but we can work that out when when know who, better sooner than later." She waited for his confirmation as she needed to catch Cassell before he left.

    "Maybe we could talk in the mess hall," Ethan suggested. "Its always full and loud there so our superiors won´t get suspicious when we met there, or maybe in the lounge." On the imperial ships he had served there had been spies everywhere but he wasn´t sure how it was here.

    "Then you will talk to Wystari while I will try to get Ianna and Max onboard?" he asked standing up and trying to locate his former wingmates.

    Amber nodded before leaving to speak to Cassell.

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    ~OOC~ This is a joint post between @Adalia-Durron , @TheAdmiral and myself. Many thanks for that :)

    ~IC~ Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari
    + Flight Officer Amber “Vixen” Tehanis + Sergeant Jocelyn “Joy” Sunwalker
    Location: Intrepid - Pilot’s Ready Room
    Present Time

    Approaching the older man she saw the expression on his face was similar to that which Ethan was wearing only moments before, and in her mind she knew he was not on board with the mission parameters. "Can we talk privately?"

    Wystari double blink and his hazel eyes focused Amber as he heard her voice. Sighing softly as he cleared his mind, he smiled to her and gave a small nod of acknowledgement. “Ah, yes, of course.”

    She glanced back to where the senior staff had been, and thankfully they had left mostly. "We were talking, my new wing and I. And we're not comfortable with this whole mission and from the look on your face, I have a gut feeling you aren't either."

    Wystari nodded and gave a small grimace. “Aye… too many variables that don’t add up, not to mention the nature of some of them.” He said as diplomatically as he could. He was not sure who else might be listening to them.

    "Either way, we both think there is a better way to do this, maybe with less casualties? But we need to talk to others as I just don't believe we are alone on this. Do you think maybe we can find who wants to talk options and meet on the Valkyria? What do you think?"

    Wystari nodded as he thought things over. “I think that can work… that would be a suitable place to meet. Max had spoken my mind when she asked that question so it would make sense to ask her to come along too.”

    Jocelyn was about to leave the room after her brief conversation with Ianna. The younger girl introduced some doubts in her mind and she was not entirely sure about the mission. ‘There has to be a way...’ she thought. Joy turned around to see the briefing room again and saw Skipper and waved at him a hello. He seemed busy talking to the younger woman from two days ago.

    "Agreed, you get her there as I don't even know her. My own fault, and I plan to address my issues, promise." the young red head conceded. "I'll tell Ethan and see you there asap?"

    Wystari smirked. “I might be able to help you in that regard…” He had caught Joy’s wave and waved her to approach. “Allow me to formally introduce Sargeant Jocelyn Sunwalker…” he looked to Joy and then to Amber. “...and may I present, Flight Officer Amber Tehanis.”

    It was awkward, but well done and a smooth move. "Eh, pleased to meet you, sorry I've not done it sooner, Jocelyn is it?"

    Jocelyn gave a brief smile and produced a hand “Pleasure to meet you. No problem, we all have been busy.”

    Amber took her hand and shook it firmly, best to let the woman know that she was strong minded. "Busy, yeah, that's it."

    Wystari smiled. “We are going to be holding a… gathering at the Valkyria.” He said softly to bring Joy up to speed. “To discuss whys and wherefores…”

    Amber said nothing, it was up to Jocelyn if she wanted in.

    Joy covered her reaction by remaining passive. That sounded dangerously like mutiny. But if Wystari is coming maybe it was something else? Or she was wrong about him, given that he was basically a freelancer. She decided to attend and observe and then decide what to do. “I see, mind if I join?”

    “Of course. Just need to speak with Max and whoever else…” Wystari turned to Amber. “I’ll meet you down there shortly?”

    Giving a quick nod, Amber quickly left the briefing room, heading directly for the hangar. There was much to discuss.

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    IC: Max Pallas, Amber Tehanis, Sage Parvil, Ianna Mcear, Zara Yaren, Kayn Balzroth, Ethan Malek, Jocelyn Sunwalker, Akiva Lurell, Cassell Wystari, Louise Gray
    Lounge of the Valkyria, shortly after the mission briefing –the Epic Post!

    Max looked unhappily around the lounge of the Valkyria. She was surprised that so many had come. Even the new guy, Parvil, had turned up. She'd reiterated the two objectives they'd been given by Walling, to take out high-ranking Imperial officials and to cause chaos and disorder, while adding, "...I'd like to think we're also agreed that we should minimize any harm to innocent bystanders and civilians. I don't care what Wallings says, there is no way that every single guest is an Imperial officer or governor. Some of them will have spouses or plus-ones who have no official status, the staff of the villa, the catering crew, florists...there will be innocents in the line of fire." She glanced at Akiva. "Lurell and I were thinking that we'll have the opportunity to drug the food that will be served. It won't kill everyone, just knock them out. At the very least, it might make them groggy, slow their reflexes... we might have a slim chance. Anyone else got ideas on what to do?"

    The Wolatarian CWO had started to retire to the Pilots’ Lounge after the briefing. They had visited the Lounge a couple times, finding it a bit busy for their liking, but ultimately the Wolatarian knew they needed to get to know their new comrades. The other pilots, however, were still lingering, whispering among themselves. They caught a few phrases: "secret meeting to discuss," "Valkyria in 10," and "Wallings." Curious, they had gone along to the hangar where the Corellian freighter was berthed, and had watched several of their new squadron mates coming aboard. They had followed, expecting to be kicked out, but apart from a few startled looks, no one had paid them any special attention.

    The briefing left them baffled. It seemed like a dead-end mission for what were supposedly accomplished pilots and crews. This sort of mission was the place of intelligence operatives, and with such a high probability of failure, it seemed like the only logical conclusion was the Commander Wallings simply wanted to eliminate the entire group in a long shot suicide mission. What troubled Sage the most, however, was the assignment they were given; to play a slaveholder over two of the other pilots. The implication was clear and this left an unpleasant taste in the Wolatarian's mouth. Even if it was acting, to take part in the sexual exploitation of other sentient creatures was just low brow. Sage really wanted to talk with the Twi'lek and Devaronian about this and get their opinions on the assignment, and so they took the the lounge to hope and breach the conversation with them. They opened up a holo-reader and read a old political treatise they had read many times before.

    Max finished her outline, adding, "Anyone else got ideas on what to do?"

    "Why?" Sage said, lowering the holoreader from in front of their face and speaking slowly, and deliberately in their heavily accented Basic. "There is no innocence in a war. We all, everyone, you and I, the florist, bakers, or waiters. We choose...where to stand in this revolution. It's said, 'you cannot remain neutral on a moving mag-lev'."

    They paused for a moment, realizing that most the crew here were beings they had never spoken with, yet continued,"an ek'nash--which is, how do you say a--philosopher?" They stumbled with the words realizing they were now the center of the room's attention. The tapped their holoreader a few times and scanned over pages until they found what they were looking for.

    "Anyways, this being wrote that purpose 'of an armed struggle is social transformation' and 'rivers of blood will flow before this is achieved... The blood of the people is our most sacred treasure, but it must be used in order to save more blood in the future'," Sage read aloud from the text on the screen in front of them. They lower the holoreader again, looking to those gathered in the lounge, and sighed as they settled back in the cushions they had sat themselves upon. "Even the being lost who perhaps did deserve none of this...those pressed into servitude of the Empire who may be taken by our bombs. All of their sacrifice will be repaid in the blood that is not shed by these tyrants tomorrow."

    "The way I's see it is, the plan is impossible as presented--the Empire has too greats a securities in place for we to ever make it far--but if we did...and we did have such a chance to kill so many of our oppressors...the hope for true revolution would be advanced very much by such an act. No matter the cost."

    Ianna had some time to think...too much time to think. Her conversation with Joy had settled nothing in the young woman's mind. It was all still a jumbled mess. She had taken lives before, how many deaths were due to her torpedoes, how many widows, widowers and orphans had she created with just the pull of the trigger. There was blood on her hands, no denying but, was that wrong? They were the bad guys, that was what she told herself. With every life taken, with every family torn apart by her actions she took solace in the fact that she was just removing bad guys. Why was this so different? They were bad guys, important bad guys.

    If they could kill them, the war would end much sooner, less death would be wrought, her hands would be less stained.

    Did the good of outweigh the evil? Could she stomach the terrible things she was about to do?

    She still couldn't come to a decision, to end the war or save her soul.

    Summoned to the meeting by Max, the youngest among them sat, uncomfortable, her stomach tied up in knots. The plan was laid out, drug them, then kill the ones we want dead.

    Her face was this better, how did killing them in the sleep make it better? They would still be killing them without their ability to fire back, to defend themselves. They might still be bad guys but, murdering them like just wasn't right.

    Then one of the new pilots shot back, declaring that the plan would fail, that they shouldn't worry about the collateral damage that all were complicit, and that the deposing of the tyrant would make the blood worth it. It was so...cold. That their loss now would mean a future were all could be safe. But, what about her...what about her soul...her smile.

    'Never lose that smile.'

    Maniac… his voice returned to her in her times of need. But, a new image appeared to her, the last time she saw her father.

    She was just caught trying to sneak aboard the smuggler ship that would bring her to the Rebellion… they argued, they shouted but, eventually her father relented. He handed over his rifle, tears in his eyes. Just the thought brought tears to Ianna's eyes as she sat in the lounge. He pulled her into his large arms, his tears falling on her shoulder.

    "You are my world little girl." he eked out between sobs, "You mean everything to me...I can't stop you but, promise me, promise me that you'll be good...and that you'll come home. Promise me that little girl."

    "I promise daddy...I'll be good."

    It was her final promise, to be good...and this was too far from that. She had spilt blood yes but, every drop she shed was to protect. At Hoth she destroyed cruisers and walkers to protect the Rebels making their escape, at Naboo, she stopped weapons from getting to those that would harm more. Every time she was under fire, under attack from all sides. She was fighting for her life and the life of others. Here, this party, it wasn't that...even if they drug them, they would still be killing men and women that could not defend themselves.

    Surely they would do the same given the chance but, that meant nothing. The Rebellion was better, had to be better. She would not sacrifice her soul on this altar and it seemed some others wouldn't either.

    "NO!" she rose to her feet a tear falling from her eye, "No, I will not do that, I won't kill a defenseless person. Even if they are evil, even if they would do the same. I might as well...smother them in their sleep. I won't do it..." She was silent her chest rising and falling in rage and disgust. However just saying no wouldn't do, whether she liked it or not this team had chosen to go ahead with the mission but, she would turn it around. In either a flash of brilliance or ignorance she continued.

    "I won't shed a single drop of blood. I will not let a single hair be harmed on their heads. We crash their party, we drug them," she gestured with an arm towards Max, "We let them get woozy, or even pass out, and we walk away. We leave each and everyone of them alive." She looked to all smile forming on her face. "We will hold their lives in our hands...and give it back to them. We will show unequivocally that we could have killed them all right there but did not. We will show ourselves to be better, to have more honor in a single finger than they have in all their metals and titles. We sent a message. We are not the same, we have power, we could end them in a single night but, will not. Because we are better, we have to be better."

    "If we build a galaxy on the sins of the past, what good is it. What good are we if we sacrifice our morals for victory that will be torn apart by the darkness done here?"

    "No blood, no death, leave all alive. That is what I say we do."

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    IC: Max Pallas, Amber Tehanis, Sage Parvil, Ianna Mcear, Zara Yaren, Kayn Balzroth, Ethan Malek, Jocelyn Sunwalker, Akiva Lurell, Cassell Wystari, Louise Gray

    As members of the Black Sheep gathered on the Valkyria, Zara kept herself to the back, arms crossed and tucked in as much of a corner as she could find. Out of the way. She was still angry, still frustrated, at the mission, at Wallings, at anyone who came too close. Better to just avoid them.

    Some of the others spoke, laying out opinions and options. Zara had been weighing the mission herself, turning it over in her mind. She wasn't a leader, wasn't a planner, and changing a mission's parameters before they'd even launched wasn't in her wheelhouse. What would Grim do? She could almost see the older woman in front of her, calling the shots. Grim had lost everything to the Empire, but she still kept their cell away from civilians, even on a planet full of collaborators. What would she do in the face of this disaster of a mission?

    "I don't have a problem with killing Imperials," Zara spoke from her spot at the back after Ianna's emotional objection, an edge to her voice. "I've even blown up an Imperial outpost or two. But we hit an alarm first, gave 'em an opportunity to get out. The damage was enough without killing haphazardly." Maybe not the moment to mention they used the chaos to pick off specific, usually high-ranking targets. Things were different back then.

    "Drugging won't do much on its own."
    Ianna's suggestion maybe wasn't entirely off the mark, though. "Need to do some sort of damage to make an impact on those scum." The last time she'd gone undercover, she'd come away with a new defector. She doubted things would be so easy this time.

    Amber stood quietly near Cassell arms folded defensively as usual, she felt comfortable there, funny she also felt comfortable near Ethan. They were both older men, was it the 'father' figure thing affecting her? Who knew? Zara suggested the alarm idea and she immediately turned to look at Ethan, seems they weren't alone in their thinking. The drugging idea was good but needed structure, it had to be specific, it had to be isolated and it had to be clever. She hated to admit it, but that was Kayn's department. Lifting her hand as if in a class she waited a moment before speaking.

    "Agreed, wiping everyone out isn't being a Rebel, it's Terrorism and trust me the Empire will use that to their advantage. We won't be the Rebellion anymore, we will be a Terrorist Cell and no one will trust us again. A thought, do we have Foodie? I mean will he be repaired? Or another droid similar as drugging needs to be isolated and carefully pinpointed. If we get the target Imps moving slower....." she let her voice trail off as she shrugged slightly.

    Max sighed. "Foodie is on the docket for repair, but there's no telling when he'll be back online. At least I got him moved up to priority." She frowned. "Something else Wallings hasn't mentioned is how, exactly, we're supposed to smuggle in all these grenades and explosives. I mean, with all these high rankers there, we're all going to be submitted to security scans when we arrive, as will any cargo, and squads will have swept the area before we arrive, which means that stashing explosives prior to our arrival is impossible." She looked at Zara and Lurell. "I don't have a problem with targeting the rankers and killing them, this is a war. If they survive, but are humiliated while doing it, it will only be an incentive to come after the Rebellion all the harder. Better to cut off the heads, eliminate those with experience... it will weaken the Empire overall." She looked apologetically at the young Chandrilan. "Sorry, but I'm afraid we are going to have to kill somebody. A few somebodies. But we can choose, and make sure those somebodies at least deserve it."

    There was no way Ianna could look more disgusted with what Max said the others, well those that spoke, they at least seemed willing to entertain the idea. But, Max dismissed it out of hand.

    "Come after us harder?" she asked voice cracking, "What do you call what they did after the Death Star?" her green eyes looked to the Corellian, "What they did after Hoth? They are already putting everything they have into hunting us down and killing us. They can't do more than they already are. If we humiliate them and show it to everyone we can, more will join our cause. No one wants to follow a group of fools that can have one pulled over on them by little girl and a bunch of misfits." Another smile, "They will look like idiots, the vaulted Imperial Military knocked out and shamed at their own party. I'm sure we can find a holo cam or something can we throw together some sort of wedding photographer cover for someone?" Again she was putting out other ideas trying to get more on her side.

    Amber gave her head a shake. "Unless we broadcast that, them Empire with squash it and no one will ever hear of it. Won't work."

    Max did a double-take. She’d been surprised that Tehanis had shown up, but the fact that Amber was actually speaking up and contributing was a shock to the young Corellian.

    The Wolatarian shook their head at the conversation before them. How could so many, supposedly, battle hardened fighters be such idealist? They turned off their holoreader and placed it in a cargo pouch on their torso as they crawled off the cushions.

    "Tell me," they began, to no one in particular, but looking at Max. "When you blow Star Destroyer, you believe there is none you think innocent on board? How many prisoners were on the battle station at Ya-vin when it went down. How many deckhands are on every transport you shoot down? If you have gone through this much war thinking you are not killing anyone who 'doesn't deserve it', you are only fooling yourself."

    "They already call us terrorist and pirate; not taking a chance to devastate their leadership because of a baker isn't going to change that. It will only prolong this war."

    "Devastate their leadership?" Ethan said towards the Volatarian. "Maybe if the emperor himself would be there, but these Moffs aren't important. The empire is filled with thousands of young and ambitious men and women eager to fill the places of those we would kill. It’s the emperor who matters, Vader, the Grand Admirals maybe. When Tarkin died over Yavin, how much did his death change? Nothing as Ardus Kaine was right there to replace him and it will be the same here. This mission doesn't have the goal of killing important imperial personnel, it’s about sending a message that they aren't safe, that we can get them wherever they are. A message that can be delivered with only a few casualities."

    He gave Ianna a sad glance, her intentions were noble he knew but finishing the mission with nobody dying was unlikely.

    Then he continued, "Yes we have killed people in battle before but does that excuse killing even more? Every innocent life should be protected and now, on this mission we have the opportunity to protect them, an opportunity we don't have in space. So we should take it and save a few lifes, for all the people we killed in battle."

    "I am now questioning what sort of outfit I have joined," they scoffed. "It does not matter. We'll never see the inside of that wedding hall. We'll be dead before that."

    Amber snorted. "That's kinda defeatist."

    At first Ianna was emboldened by her plan, then was soundly torn apart. She was about to retort when the new pilot spoke comparing their acts in combat to this outright murder. They were not the same, not to her. Each and every person that stepped aboard the Death Star, that staffed a Star Destroyer knew what they were doing. They were serving on a machine whose only purpose was to subjugate and destroy. It didn't matter your job or position, the moment you stepped on that deck you were a soldier in the war.

    Ethan spoke up bolstering her once again, only to be ripped away from her when he continued to mention casualties. There would be none, not on this mission. Her plan would work, if everyone could just for a moment believe that it could.

    "No," she said again, it was becoming her refrain in this conversation, "We will get in, we will succeed, and once we have the recording we send it to every rogue broacaster we can find. Once the message gets out, the Empire can't stop it. From here to home everyone person with an emitter will be sending it out. We have to give it a chance. There is no alternative. This will work." She smiled again trying to boost the waning spirits. "No more talk of loss before we've even tried, we have to believe that it will work or we have already lost...and we don't lose."

    Kayn had been silent long enough. That damned kid was getting to him again. "I like her plan. There's no way we're going to win this war by just killing people, we're outnumbered at least a thousand to one. But making the bad guys look stupid? That's worth more than a million dead stormies right there. We've got some devious minds here, maybe even twisted ones, and we can make this mission happen any way we choose. And I'm choosing to take the high road, believe it or not. I don't know how we're going to do it, there's still too much that we don't know, but we'll figure it out. We've already proven we can come up with cunning plans on the fly, and we'll do it again, and they won't know what hit them."

    Lou was sorry she came to this meeting. She hadn't wanted to in the first place but ultimately she showed up because she wanted to show she was a good team player first, a former Imperial second. The opinions, the ideas, the philosophical waxing of how best to take out the targets at the wedding were draining on her. She already felt the weight of her former occupation hanging heavily on her shoulders. Now, she'd have to put the uniform on again except this time she wouldn't fail. She quietly resolved to herself that she would detonate the bombs, regardless of targets and regardless of collateral damage. She owed the Empire that much.

    She knew better than to think that the Emperor would actually be at this wedding. The Emperor wasn't a fool and he hardly seemed liked the kind of person to attend a wedding regardless of who was on the list or not. She knew that wherever the Emperor went so too would his Royal Guards. They were the elite. They would protect him with their life. Lou would have as well had she still been under oath. An oath she'd sworn to forever uphold or until death took her from this life.

    "Enough," Lou said growing frustrated, "enough."

    A heavy silence hit the room.

    "Star Destroyers, Death Stars, body counts, the whole frakking war, enough," Lou repeated. "We are fighting for one thing, folks. One thing. Survival. Do not hesitate out there because they are trained to shoot first and never ask questions later. I know. I was one of them. Don't think for a second that going to Naboo, dressing up the part of an Imperial officer, is easy for me. I've done my time. I've served my sentence.

    "Better pilots than me have gone to their deaths fighting the Empire,"
    Lou replied, "far better pilots and for far better reasons than why I fly with you today. I am going to plant those bombs. I am going to walk away and detonate them without any moment's hesitation. Why? Because I'm told to do it and those are my orders.

    "This isn't about terrorism or why you fight with the Rebel Alliance. This is about what we need to do to end this war. A wedding here, a convoy there, a sniper's rifle somewhere else, this is about ending the war and bringing peace and so if blowing up some folks on the supposedly happiest day of their lives accomplishes that mission, so be it.

    "There," Lou paused as she looked at everyone in the hold, "I've said my part and I'm done. Coming to this meeting was hard enough. You all do what you need to do and I'm frakking doing what I'm going to do. Maybe our objectives will meet in the same place, maybe they won't, but don't try and stop me. It won't end well."

    Lou headed out of the hold of the Valkyria and then paused at the door, "No, I won't blab to Command about this little meeting. I'll promise you that."

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    IC: Max Pallas, Amber Tehanis, Sage Parvil, Ianna Mcear, Zara Yaren, Kayn Balzroth, Ethan Malek, Jocelyn Sunwalker, Akiva Lurell, Cassell Wystari, Louise Gray

    The outburst caught Amber off guard, but she didn't react, nor did she agree. Waiting for the woman to leave she muttered, "Don't think we can count on her help."

    “What kind of disguise are you planning to wear, Lou?” demanded Max, irritated. The woman turned to stare at her. “How many of your old buddies, classmates, squadron mates are going to be there? Because they will recognize you. Did Wallings give you a cover story or new identification yet? I haven’t had a chance to go over the passenger data Balzroth gathered yet, but I will be stunned if Wallings has bothered to implant our ‘additions’ to the passenger list. A list which will have every single plus-one background checked, whether or not the Emperor decides to come. At the very least, you’ll have to change your haircolor and your eyecolor.” Lou was frowning at her, but she frowned back. Typical Imp, following orders.

    She looked around the room. “And these bombs that Wallings wants us to set off… did she actually say how we were supposed to smuggle them in past security? They will have scanners set up, you know. We’ll be lucky if the caterers can get the kitchen knives in.”

    Max looked around at the team. “We can waste time debating the morality of the mission, but not taking out top administrative officials, the Sector Moffs, ranking officers, heads of command is a wasted opportunity.” She looked at Ethan. “I disagree that it won’t make a difference,” she added. “Their knowledge, their years of experience, the connections they’ve made are vital. Yes, there will be new people eager to fill their places, but those folks won’t have the background, the skillsets. They’ll have to start fresh and that is advantage Rebellion.”

    “So,” she finished, “how do we pull this off?”

    "Lou's not wrong." Zara shook her head as the words echoed in her mind. Sniper's rifle somewhere else. Method more than the action itself bothered her, but the Sheep were split. "Neither is... them." She indicated the new addition, who'd been so very vocal about their opinion. "Our orders are a piece of poodoo that are going to get us all killed. If we're all working against each other, the new 'plans' are going to kill us even quicker." And her especially, if they expected her cover to hold up. 'Entertainment' left a bad taste in her mouth.

    "There's a reason the rebellion isn't a committee. Eventually someone has to make the hard calls and it sure as frak isn't me. No one's going to be happy about this no matter what gets decided." She paused. "I just don't trust Wallings, I don't trust that they want us to survive this. Not after they clearly disregarded each of our skillsets on this assignment." It was more than just herself: Max's slicing, Wolf had hinted at her own talents, and there were certainly more still in this room. All going to waste instead of using them to their advantages.

    Zara was right, and Amber couldn't believe she'd missed that fact. "You have a point, I did dance for 15 years, why am I not 'Entertainment?'. She wants us to fail!" Amber said with disbelief.

    Lou's words hit like a charging staga. could she still go through with these orders? That even with everything that was said she would set the charges and light up the wedding. Even Meanie was on Ianna's side, the one person she never expected even when everyone around her walked away or eversated her. Even her closest friend, Lou, a woman she trusted with her life, tore her down. Part of her just wanted to run away to leave this little meeting tears in her eyes. Almost everyone here stood against her, sheaded her plans without providing solutions and they were getting nowhere near the ideals they set out to defend.

    In a moment of weakness Ianna thought of drugging Lou, and the others that were against the 'No Blood' plan. But, that would be traitorous and hypocritical. More talk of failure, this wouldn't do.

    "Then we make sure we don't fail we change the plan was that not the point of this meeting? Orders or no we don't murder, and this would be as cold blooded as they come. We drug them, film it and send it out the galaxy, agreed?" It might have sounded like she was handing out orders but, she was drawing her line in the dirt. There was a time to bend and a time to stamp your feet and not give an inch.

    For her that time was now.

    Ethan had kept silent for the last few minutes thinking about the others words. So they want us to fail, because we are uncomfortable. They get rid of us and get their martyrs and a big action at the same time. This plan seemed almost too well thought out for Wallings and their other commanders but it seemed to fit with his earlier observations. This truly was a suicide squad from the beginning. For a brief moment he asked himself what had been the reasons he was here, his past in the Empire and as a mercenary? Him being from Eriadu? He couldn´t tell, but guess it mattered little.

    "I agree with Zara on this," he said slowly after a moment. "The method, the fact that there is no backup, us not used for jobs that fit our skills. There is something very wrong with this assignment, which makes me wonder if even our targets are so important after all, maybe the whole thing is just a farce to get rid of us."

    He made a pause before he continued, "Which is why I agree with Ianna as well. Don´t let us become murderers over this, I´m not sure if her plan would work, but I think it’s at least a better one than our superiors gave us."

    Jocelyn remained silent throughout the discussion. A nasty thought formed in her mind... how could the Rebels survive for so long? They were blindingly idealistic. Before joining this discussion there was conflict in her mind, but now it was getting clearer. If they were to survive they had to carry out the mission. Sure, there are things in the plan that can be debated but this discussion was not getting them anywhere. Lou and that caterpillar were right. They had to cut off the head if they were to win. She felt sorry for Ianna, but there was nothing she could say or do to console her.

    "She understands," Sage spoke as they gathered themselves and made their way towards the door. "I knows my orders and I will follow them...and I'll follow her." They gestured towards the door that Lou had just departed. Pausing at the hatch, they turned their torso back to the crowd of discontents, and spoke before leaving.

    "There is old saying in my worlds: a fool looks at our sins and says, 'this is not of I'."

    Akiva had stood back for the meeting until now, having let the woman that had approached her lead the meeting. Meanwhile, she had raided the galley of the Valkyria, the result was she stood there shaking a topped off tumbler as others spoke. It was interesting to see the passionate extremes shown here. Some good points were brought up and she even went to point (standing on tip-toe and raising two arms in a basic dancer pose) and nodded at her ex-wingmate. They could of had a secondary language besides starfighters to use in combat if she had known or rather gotten to know her wingmate before the battle. It was frustrating in a way. "If we are seriously thinking of changing this from a bombing to a humiliation and assassination, let’s at least add on a kidnapping so that our superiors have something to flex their jaws on besides our surviving hides." Raising the shaker she nodded, "With common kitchen ingredients I can make knockout gas bombs. Although this tub is missing one ingredient." Shrugging she nodded, "Variety is the spice of life and we can use the bombs for escape and covering our tracks if not mass murder."

    Max nodded at Wolf’s words. She looked at Ianna and Ethan. “There will be Grand Admirals there, Fleet Commanders, heads of the Imperial Army group… sorry, but I can’t see just letting them go with a little light humiliation. We need to make sure they are dead, that is the mission objective given to us by Wallings. I just think we need to mitigate any collateral damage.” She nodded at Akiva. “A kidnapping would be a good idea, if we can pull it off.”

    Akiva nodded at the last, "Now that, I know how to plan!" Her grin at this was feral and showing of teeth. "Sad thing is we don't know the types of bombs we are smuggling, method to conceal, actual structure of the venue or even numbers beyond some images from a single ship. It's hard to plan anything with nothing but vague notions." at this she sulked a bit, "Bloody Naboo." she muttered. Something which elicited a small bark from her chest where Chak was resting since she had been using his usual resting spots of her arms.

    Max nodded. The plan was vague. And Zara was right, too. They were being set up to fail.

    So many variables, and it looked to Amber that her former wing mate might have the start of a plan. They needed more intel, they needed more structure and the needed more time.

    "One of us needs to ask the brass more questions,” she said. “There's more to this, I can feel it."

    "Can we use that? If we expect to be recognised, use it to cause a distraction, and those that aren't recognised do... something." Zara didn't much like the idea of painting herself another colour, so hopefully wanted holos hadn't made it this far. She suspected there were more than a few that had the potential to get spotted, other than Lou and Joy. "Make them think they foiled our plan, let them think they have the upper hand, and then out a flux card into play." But what?

    Ianna was crushed, though she kept an uneasy smile on her face. She thought she was finally getting traction but, no these people were intent on taking lives, on staining their hands with blood. The kidnapping was fine, they would still be alive and could be a source of information but, she couldn't stand by the killing. Not while they are easily killed. To her it was the same as blowing the place sky high. She wasn't abandoning the plan yet.

    "So you'd slaughter them like animals? Sedate them and murder them kill them while they are defenseless. Does that make us better? What's the point of ending the war sooner if we lose our souls in the process? Yes, it is a hard choice, but, if we give in here, where does it stop? What good will the New Republic be if it is founded on the same death and destruction that the Empire was? Are we not trying to make something new? To burn away the sins of the past? Have you forgotten what we are here to do? To save this galaxy, not rule it under the same tyranny." The smile, however weak and broken returned, her friends had abandoned her, the majority of her squadmates had turned against her, she was devastated inside but, she wouldn't give up, wouldn't drop her smile. "Anything worth doing is never easy and is not a merciful kind and peaceful galaxy built on the noblest of acts worth taking the hardest road possible?"

    Amber listened to the woman impassioned plea and it in a strange way made some sense, but this was war. If the roles were reversed and they had been in the past, the Empire wouldn't hesitate to destroy all of them in one foul swoop. If they had another Death Star right now, they'd all be dead and that was a fact.

    "I do see where you are coming from, but right now, we need more intel. How are we getting in? How are the bombs they want us to carry getting in? We've been given a puzzle and only half the pieces. We either demand more intel or we can stand our ground and say 'Not till you give us more, we aren't going to be disposable pawns in the game you are playing'. Taking orders is the right thing to do, but good leaders want their subordinates to survive and be successful. I'm not seeing either of those traits in our leadership right now. I say we wait till we get more and reconvene in 12 hours with all we can get."

    Jocelyn stepped in as she decided to say something.

    "I think this is the time to say that I might be a bigger danger than Lou to this mission. You see I used to command the same TIE Defender squadron we faced and I am sure they will be invited to the wedding, or at least some of them. Especially my ex-girlfriend would be there as her family is well connected since it had some connection to the Tarkins back on Eriadu. Also my father's colleagues will be there and they knew me since I was a child. Don't get me wrong I am not opposed to killing them in whichever way it is decided and I mostly agree with our colleagues who left, I just wanted to be honest with you."

    Max looked at her former flightmate. "Joy, we'll have to do a bit of disguise. Haircolor, eyecolor, we can alter your nose. Up close, face to face with your ex, yeah, she'll probably see through it. But from twenty feet or so, it might go as a miss." She looked around. "There is some stuff, some powder, we used to use it, back in the Bandits... you put it in skin lotion, smear it on your face... it dries invisible, but it refracts light in a particular way that holocams can't get a clear shot of you, it confuses facial recognition software."

    And she turned to Ianna. "I understand what you are trying to say, but I think that in this scenario, mercy is a luxury we don't have. The Empire won't be impressed, the Rebellion and Wallings certainly won't be impressed, and if we have the chance to take down Staff-level Imps, I for one plan to take a shot. Pacifism is a noble dream, but look where it got Alderaan. Sometimes, you need to be ready to kill, and don't kid yourself...if we get caught, there is no way they are going to let us go with a scolding, just to prove that they can be merciful if they choose to be."

    She sighed, looking around the room. "I think Amber and Zara are right. Wallings could only have found out about this all a few days ago, there's no way top brass have had time to plan something, which is why the plan is so basic: plant bombs, run away. If they had trusted us from the start, I'm sure we could have come up with something better, subtler. That was what I was hoping to do here. But..." She shrugged, and move to sit between Zara and Amber. In a low voice she added, "I think kidnapping is a great idea. I'll take a look at the list Kayn gave me, but frankly, anyone with a fancy insignia is probably fair game. I guess we need to discuss this further."

    “If I may have a word.” Wystari stepped to the centre of the hold and turned his head look at each and everyone in the eye. “Given what we know so far, we’ve all presented valid perspectives and opinions about the impending mission. I’ll skip over how the information was presented to us at the briefing…” He folded his arms behind his back. “ there is no clear cut right or wrong at this point in time until we are actually there. Then we can gather what we can, assess our options that presents itself and the situation… then follow through on what might be the best course of action.”

    He had a twinkle in his eye as he looked over to the Devaronian. “I mean, I’m all for Kayn charming the bride and bridesmaids as we make off with what we can. However, I will touch upon one critical thing before we disband this gathering.” He looked around to each squad member. “The only way this can work out if we have each others backs. We work together, we get out together. If you feel like you are compromised, do not panic, do not deviate from your cover. To them, we are there for a reason and should not have any reason to doubt otherwise... so we just be our charming selves. Without seeing the layout yet and going by our roles, at least one of us should be in proximity to one another to provide coverage if we need it.”

    He clapped his hands together and inclined his head. “Until then, we keep our council. We clear our minds, an eye out to the horizon… and prepare for the unexpected.”

    The meeting was breaking up, some people nodding to Skipper and departing down the ramp, others availing themselves of his well-stocked bar. But a few clustered into smaller groups, talking in very low voices.

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    IC Cassell Wystari & Amber Tehanis
    Breaking up of meeting

    Amber watched as most left, some were making drinks and she didn't want any part of that. She turned to Cassell who seemed to be supervising those on his ship.

    "I don't think anything was really established then, but we know who stands where now at least." she said in a low voice.

    "That is something."
    Wystari said in agreement. "Even if something isn't agreed on by everyone, it has brought us together as a unit in a sense."

    Amber gave a nod. For the first time in her career she felt like part of something, a team. "It has, and despite the differences, we are a team. Even those who disagree, aren't turning on us."

    That last part has made Wystari pause. "Not everyone had a chance to attend… however, I'm sure we will get a chance to know them better soon. I mean, we all be spending time together onboard the Valkyria while we are en route to our destination."

    She smiled. "I have a good feeling about them, all of them." It wasn't a lie.

    "As long as they took from this something positive and remember we are all there for each other, we should be alright." He said almost wistfully.

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    ICC: Max Pallas
    Still on the Valkyria

    She had been mulling over the conversation, seeing who stood where. It came as no surprise, really, that Joy and Lou were going to follow orders, no matter what. Years of Imperial training could not be overcome, after all. And her heart broke for Ianna. She could understand the young woman wanting to give the military guests a fair chance, but there was no 'fair' in war. The idea of simply humiliating them and leaving them alive was, well... naive. Kidnapping someone would be a great idea, which reminded her that she needed to go over the info Balzroth had given her. Which got her thinking about Wallings again. Zara felt they were being set up to fail. Max didn't quite agree with that; if the Rebellion wanted to get rid of the Sheep, there were other, easier ways. And yet... her former wingmate and Tehanis had a point. The assignments didn't make much sense. Wallings was the question mark, to her. She could only think of one way to learn more.

    Captain Wystari was talking to Amber. Max was still rather shocked that the young woman could speak; since she'd spent the last two weeks on the ship pouting and glaring at everyone. Moreover, she'd made good points. Maybe there was more to her.

    She went up to the two, waiting for a chance to break in, and when a pause came in their conversation, she said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, this will be quick. Skipper, when we're making the jump out to pick up the new foodstuffs from the rendez-vous point, could you do a halfway jump before we get there? I need to comm someone, and I can't do it from the Intrepid or while we're in hyperspace." She glanced at Amber. "We've got questions about Wallings, I think I know someone who might be able to find out. Someone in the Rebellion. Would you mind?"

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    IC Amber 'pouty' Tehanis :p

    Amber hadn't met this woman, and right now couldn't remember her name and as the question was not directed at her she took a small step back and remained silent. Listening she was somewhat pleased to know someone might be able to look into the background of the woman sending them into a suicide mission. She gave a couple slight nods of approval, though said nothing.

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