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    IC Ethan Malek, Ianna Mcear, Amber Tehanis Kayn Balzroth

    On Board Valkyria

    Ianna looked over smiling to Ethan, at least they has someone on their side. Two somebodies, they could of had three, but, she failed. Her boots shuffled against the deck of the Valkyria, still recalling the anger, and vitriol she directed towards Max. She still felt she was right, that she held the moral high ground but, it still didn't feel good. Her insides were all knotted up. If they failed it would be blood on her hands, cold blood on her hands. She would be a murderer. Her smile returned as they walked with Ethan over to the quiet woman with bright red hair.

    Amber had been reading the mission parameters again when a shadow was cast over her and her data pad. She looked up to see Ethan and the young woman he'd been with in the pilots lounge. "Just reading the mission briefing." she said with a forced smile, this was an expression she'd have to learn to use better.

    "Well, we won't need that too much." the younger woman said in a whisper, smile on her face. Maybe a little less forced than the other woman's but, still a little put on.

    Dumping her datapad onto her duffel, Amber stood and put her hand out.

    "Amber Tehanis". She stated simply to the young woman who looked to be a very similar age to herself. Lowering her voice she added, "We still need the parameters and details. And I've not seen Kayn, so I have no idea if he has been able to help." She thought back and it crossed her mind he might not want to help or maybe didn't even understand her request and thought it exactly what he suggested. That alone was a scary thought.

    "I hope we can trust him," Ethan said quietly. He didn´t know much about Kayn and had no idea how Amber had convinced him to help them with their plan, which made Ethan nervous. And there was something else that worried him. "We need a safe way of communicating with each other. You two are amongst the guests, Kayn with the entertainers and I´m with the staff most likely in the kitchen. Not sure if we can take coms with us and even if there is a chance the other squadmembers and our commanders will be listening. So we should use codes, or if coms are unavailable look for a different way to stay in contact."

    "Like what?" she was unsure as to what he meant, and he was right. The entire plan relied on Kayn's involvement. If he was out, this was a bust.

    Ethan kept silent for a moment, thinking.

    Then he said slowly, "maybe if that entertainment that Kayn happens to be a band. Maybe we could time the moment of our strike with a certain song. If they play it loud enough we all would hear it and be able to act together."

    It was an unconventional plan he knew, and it would force them to rely even more on Kayn but it was something that probably neither the imperials nor their superiors would think of.

    Amber frowned, the plan was once again relying on the one unreliable member of this group. First they had to hope he could access the gasses, second they had to rely on him to change the explosives out for the gas bombs, and third for him to play a particular song. She bit her lip, "I don't mean to sound negative, but that's an awful lot on Kayn when we don't even know if he's on board for sure."

    Ianna was about to introduce herself when the pair started talking about how to send the signal, and how much they were putting on Kayn...who was that again? They started talking around they young woman as if she knew what the plan was. She thought she did then they started talking about gas bombs. Wait that wasn't....

    "Someone want to tell me what the plan is?" she asked in a confused whisper. "I thought we were just going to start a fire and walk out in the evacuation." She pulled out the borrowed lighter to drive her point home.

    Amber let her mouth drop open, it'd not occurred to her that Ethan hadn't shared their plan! "I'm sorry!!" She glanced at the older man, "You didn't tell her?"

    Ethan threw a glance at Amber, "Didn't have the time, yet." Then he turned towards Ianna. "Sorry for not telling you, but I thought we would go through our plan again once Kayn is here." He made a pause before he continued. "Amber suggested that just starting a fire might not have much of an impact. The imperials could easily get it under control and if there is a controlled evacuation our squad mates might still throw their bombs into the crowd. So Amber brought forth the idea of us using smoke bombs to create a panic and a chaos for us and the imperials to flee."

    The young woman's face soured a little, she felt like the last to know everything. Again her plan was torn apart but, at least something else, that didn't involve mass murder was put forward. She could take some solace in that.

    "It wasn't just one fire." she muttered to herself. She thought a bit more about the plan, and it seemed that they were relying on Kyan to bring the materials and now possibly be the signal to start the ball rolling. Though there was some clear worry about making him the linchpin in the plan. "Well, if we can find some stuff at this station we might be able to make it ourselves." She leaned in closer to Amber, looking at the datapad on her duffel. "You think you can look up how to make smoke bombs?" She knew about using the holo-net to find information, not that she did that. She wasn't the most literate when it came to technology. She also didn't have a datapad. "I'm sure there has to be a way to make it out of stuff we can find. Don't need to worry about Meanie bringing the stuff." She thought for a little longer. "We could demand to speak to the cook, or throw something on the nearest waiter's clothes so that when they go back to the kitchen it's clear what happened. That way if Ethan is in the back he gets the message."

    Amber frowned slightly, smoke bombs? She thought. Was he purposely not telling her the whole truth? She continued to listen as she realised that maybe he had done it intentionally. Ianna seemed very intent on no-one getting hurt, and there was no way that was going to happen. When she mentioned looking up construction of said bombs, she gave a slow nod.

    "Yeah, I can do that." She said, giving Ethan a knowing look. "I actually think Kayn, Zera and.....I don't know his name, the caterpillar? Are in the cargo hold, going over things with the Mando. At least he's getting a good look at what they've got and what needs to be done to them." When Ianna went on to suggest a way to give a signal by making a mess, once again she gave short nod. Making a mess is something she did without even really trying these days. She bent down and picked up her data pa while Ianna spoke, wondering if looking up the instructions to make such a bomb were even needed and if she found that on the holonet, could it be traced? Could it jeopardize the entire operation?

    " I have to ask, is me looking this stuff up on the holonet going to be dangerous? I mean, the net is not private, not safe. The Empire could be tracking anyone looking up weapon construction."

    A smile bloomed on Ianna's face as Amber reached for her datapad. It finally felt like things were going their way. However it wouldn't be a conversation involving her if there wasn't complication after complication. The Empire tracking them. She had no idea if they could or not, it was possible but, how many searches are done on the holo-net, could they really track down everyone that looked up smoke bombs? They were juvenile pranks at best not weapons of war.

    There was that word again juvenile, it seemed everything she thought of was childish and by implication stupid.

    "I don't, computers aren't really my strong suit but, once we get in motion they won't have a good trace on us right?" she looked to Ethan for some validation or at the very least a second opinion on her idea.

    "There are probably parts of the holonet that the empire is watching and were they might even be able to track us down. I still have some old imperial codes which could give us a greater access to the holonet but the codes might be out of date by now and could lead the empire on our track. Though there are pages that might be not as suspicious, smoke bombs and other non lethal means are standard bounty hunter equipment and there are certainly guides on creating them on bounty hunter pages. If we look them up there it shouldn't cause suspicion."

    Once again Amber frowned slightly, he's still talking about smoke bombs and really wants me to look up their construction. Had his ideas changed? From the start she'd been talking gas, not smoke. Smoke would only cause panic, gas would hinder and harm somewhat but not kill. He did say 'other non lethal' so many be was on the same page and just covering to protect Ianna? Right now she was very confused and her only response was . "O..K."Somehow she needed to find out what he meant without her around and now was not that time. "I can look this stuff up in a bit, but I won't be digging deep as that will alert someone, somewhere. Dumping the data pad down she straightened up to see Kayn approaching.

    Kayn had woven through the Sheep aboard the Valkyria, looking for the conspirators. There they were, huddled together, casually working at not seeming furtive. He slipped into their group.

    "Lots of people in a small ship. Mind if I join you? I could use some peace and quiet, and this group looks quiet."

    He turned to Amber and lowered his voice, Amber instinctively felt her defences kick in as she lifted her chin in a very small act of defiance.

    "If you were serious about what you suggested in the brig, you have the wrong guy. I have no idea how to get that stuff. But if you want to tweak the plan a little, I have a suggestion. We're all going to have bombs, bombs that have dead-man switches. If you arm it and drop it, boom. So how about this: at the opportune moment, we grab our bombs, hold them up, and yell, Dead-man switch! Anybody attacks us, we all die! Then we'll round up all the VIPs, call for extraction, and kidnap the whole lot. If these people are important enough to be worth murdering, they've got to be worth interrogating. If we can pull that off, the Empire will still lose all these dangerous leaders, plus we get the bonus of picking their brains at our leisure.

    "And here's the clever part of the plan. All the Sheep in Imp uniforms stay in uniform and in character, we'll round them up with all the real Imps, and then we'll have undercover assets among the prisoners. If the bad guys try to escape or fight back, our people will be right there to stop them. And if they can keep their cover, they can even milk the bad guys for intel.

    "So that's what I think we should do. If y'all like the plan, spread it around to the others. I'm not the most popular person in the Sheep, so it might be better coming from someone other than me. Think about it, all right?"

    She listened and pursed her lip to think for a moment. "Bigger risk of dying, and you like that risk, not all of us do. Having said that, the fact it's your plan irks me, but I like it." she conceded. "But right now the Captain wants to see me in the Cockpit, before you ask, I have no idea why. Told him I'd be there in a minute and it's been longer than that, better go. A part of her was very glad now that the plan was clearer and relied so much less on one person to pull it off. She was mildly surprised he was unable to access those items, a smile touched her lips as she thought not as clever as you think then?

    "So yet another plan?" Ethan said quietly to Ianna. He knew now that Kayn had made it clear he wouldn't be able to get them the non lethal bombs they needed it was unlikely they could still follow their current plan. These non lethal bombs were pretty expensive on the black market and creating them without any real knowledge was extremely dangerous."But," he continued towards Ianna. "It's probably either that or back to our original plan of starting a fire." He made a pause, unwilling to make another suggestion. Max words came to his mind, haunting him about the Grappler. His plan had failed that day and many good soldiers had died because of him, because he assumed command and made the wrong decision. "You are the one who first suggested doing this non lethally." He gave Ianna a questioning look. "I will support you whatever you decide."

    Ianna was quiet, for a while Meanie just showed up and said he couldn't get a hold of what they needed. They could just make their own right? But, Amber was worried about getting caught, about the Empire finding them. Though the horned humanoid put down one plan he offered another one that made her spine shiver.

    It sounded like the plan she'd thrown away with only second thought, the 'Republic Forever' plan. The question was could they pull it off with just themselves. With her conversation with Max, it seemed everyone was set in their ways. They wouldn't join their plan of that she was sure. The issue would be convincing their comrades that they would detonate, that they would kill everyone rebel and imp if it came to it.

    I don't know," she shook her head, "I mean, Meanie's plan could work but, we'd need everyone else to go along with it, and they won't...they just won't. Though is there a chance that we could do it ourselves? But, I don't think we can control the whole party with just the four of us. And if we did pull it off could the people we want fit on this ship?" She just didn't know, her head was swimming, her mind trying to find the right path out of this mess and it just wasn't coming. Her face soured in thought, too much going on, too much to keep track of, and she just couldn't.

    All she knew was that she wanted no one to die.

    She pulled out the lighter flicking the top, if they wanted to go through with Operation: Fire Starter, it would have to come early, almost as soon as they arrived, to at the very least pre-empt anyone else's plans.

    "Ok, maybe we don't just start a small fire. Maybe we try to burn the whole place down, make them have to cancel the event. I don't know how we do that...other than running around like crazy people setting fires wherever we go. Maybe use some cooking oil or grease or something from the kitchen, I might be able to use the alcohol to get the flames burning faster. But, then I don't know if we can get out without anyone dying."

    Another shake of her head.

    "I just don't know. But, I do know that whatever we do, we do it as soon as possible. Don't give the others time to prepare."

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    ~OOC~ Thank you Addie, once again this was a joint effort and was a pleasure to write :) Side note, Addie says she "is really sorry and really embarrassed that she is involved so much." but I think that's a great thing. :p

    ~IC~ Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari,
    Flight Officer Amber “Vixen” Tehanis and (guest starring) Flight Officer Nib Nombunn
    Location: Intrepid - Hangar - Valkyria
    Prior to take off and departing the Intrepid

    When the Captain entered the cockpit, he found the Sullustan was already there making himself comfortable in the copilot seat. He shook his head and held his tongue, it would take something to get used to. Nombunn turned around and gave an inquisitive look and asked if everything was okay.

    The Corellian just nodded and waved him off. "Yeah, whatever. No pressure. I'm going to be watching you every step of the way so let's see what you are capable of..."

    Amber made her way up to the cockpit with trepidation, totally unsure as to what or why Cassell wanted to speak to her about. "Arh, hey? You wanted to see me?"

    Cassell was standing behind Nombunn, observing the Sullustan putting his beloved ship through the start up sequence. He turned around as he heard Amber's voice and nodded.

    "Come in, ah…" He waved her in and then frowned. He inclined his head in the direction of the Sullustan while arching his brows to Amber as to say he cannot talk just yet. "This just be a moment…" He gestured down the aisle to the pilot's chair stationed infront of the copilot's position. "I'll let you have the front seat."

    Cautiously following his instructions she squeezed past and lowered herself into the over sized seat. Immediately she noticed how soft if was and began to sink into it comfortably. Turning she watched the Sullustan continue his start up sequence while she waited silently still very unsure as to why she was there at all.

    There was a purr and then a thrumming as the ship woke up, its systems coming on in the proper sequence. "Very good…" Cassell remarked under his breath. Despite his misgivings, the Sullustan seems to know his way around the console. "Flight plan… good… check the inertia dampeners in the rest of the ship…" The last thing he wanted was everyone thrown about. Satisfied it was set to a level where no one should feel a thing, he pressed down on the button for the internal p.a. "Attention, this is your Captain speaking. We are clear for take off."

    Outside the viewport, everything shifted as the ship rose up gently on repulsars. "Easy does it." He murmured as Nombunn turned the ship to face the MagCon field and took them across the hangar and out into the void of space. Once they were clear, He patted the Sullustan on the shoulder. "Okay, well done. Go get yourself a caff in the galley or something. Amber, would you like anything?"

    Gazing out at the starfield she suddenly felt at home again and didn't turn when spoken too. "No, thanks."

    Cassell smiled and made room for the Sullustan to get past him. "We've got the rest. You can handle the next jump. There's a few more to go." He assured him and then closed the door behind. He took a deep breath and let out the stress he had pent up. He looked over to the pilot's chair and the back of Amber's head and the star field beyond the viewport. For a moment, with the red hair, she could almost be someone else… this could be another time and place… he pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head. All in the past, forget it.

    He stepped down the aisle and stood beside the chair and folded his arms. "Look to the centre of the dash, to the right… there… that controls the pitch… take us a few degrees up."

    She spun to him, "WHAT?"

    He let out a good natured chuckle and winked. "You're in the pilot's seat, Capt'n."

    She gave him a look of shock and disbelief, before glancing at the console and back to him. "Are you serious?"

    "We just need to move a klick or two away from the Intrepid but our jump point should be where…" he point at the starfield overhead. "...that twinkling blue star is."

    She was still in shock and disbelief when she turned to controls and did as he asked. "Taking her up three degrees." she said as she executed the move glancing up toward the star he'd pointed at. "Continuing for two klicks. I have to ask, why am I here Captain?" She glanced back at him "I mean I can feel how much this ship means to you, why me?"

    He opened his mouth and then pursed his lips and then nodded. "You've been through a rough patch lately with your injuries. I wanted to know if you are okay... and…" He shrugged. "...I thought it might be a treat for you to be the one to take us to lightspeed for this first jump and a chance to talk."

    She listened and gave a nod. "I'm fine, well ok anyway. Thank you." She turned to look at him, "Really, thank you. I've not been the friendliest person on the team, but you have been." She turned back to face the field. "Are the co-ords set?"

    "You're welcome." He glanced over to the console. "They are set and just recalibrating based on our our vector. When that counter ticks down to zero in a few moments then we are set to go." He then pointed to the levers at the top of the console. "Then with a hand, grab those two and squeeze together and pull them to you and easy."

    She nodded, similar to another ship she'd flown back home a few years back. Reaching forward she watched the counter and when it hit zero she performed the move in one smooth movement. Starlines formed outside the ship as it jolted ever so slightly into hyperspace. Once there she glanced down and released the levers gently so they moved apart again, a smile on her lips.

    "Perfect." He whispered praise.

    "So now what?" She asked without turning, she felt comfortable here.

    "Well.. there's a few things I wanted to run by you... I mean... we can go over some of the controls if you wish, our covers for the mission... or... about the other day if you are comfortable about that."

    There it was. "The other" she asked hesitantly. "Not sure what you mean." She said evenly without looking at him, she could feel her cheeks flushing, she wasn't a good liar when it came to her self.

    He tilted his head as he regarded her. "Your hands were bandaged and you had fallen over. We've... overwhelmed you with concern... and caused you anxiety. There was a mag pulse like disruption."

    "Is that what they are calling it?"

    "That's what I explained to them what it was... and no one has proven otherwise."

    She considered his words, and the implication that he knew it was more than that. "But you think differently…." she conceded. "And you'd be right." She slumped slightly, the earlier joy gone.

    "I've only speculations…" He paused as he registered what she had said. "Oh. I best let say."

    She sighed as she had no idea how to put it into words, but she decided that starting two generations ago was a good point. "My grandmother was an apprentice to a Jedi Knight, I was told. Mum said I didn't have the gift, but I've always been able to predict things when I'm calm, and I've had dreams that have come true." She paused and picked a bit of fluff off her pants. "When I was around fifteen, after my parents died, I was ........well a bit emotional and there were a few times when in a temper......I moved things." She looked up at him. "Mum lied. " she stated with a good deal of sadness. "And she left me to figure this out myself. The only thing she did leave me was a box. I opened it before I left home and I retrieved its contents before I boarded today." She looked down. "It was my grandmother's Lightsaber." She waited for his reaction.

    Wystari placed his hand on the back of the pilot's chair. A million thoughts raced through his mind: What her family must had been through... That she is still young and would be frightened as these abilities manifests themselves… That there is no one to show her how to live with them. That there is a danger there but also a hope. the main thing he felt was concern for her safety.

    "Thank you," he said softly. "Thank you for entrusting me with your secret."

    "Secret. I guess that's what it is right now." she said quietly. "It scares me." She looked up at him. "I don't know how to control it or how to make it make it happen on purpose." She shrugged. "It might be useful if I could....I might be useful."

    "Amber, you already are useful." He knelt down beside the chair and looked her in the eyes. "Don't ever forget that. I can only imagine what you must be feeling and experiencing… and you don't have to go through this alone."

    She gave him a sad smile, he was so much like her late father. "But I kinda do, there aren't any Jedi left and there's no one out there to teach me." Turning to the console she scanned the readings to make sure they were stable. "I heard about a guy in the Rebellion who has a lightsaber too, but don't even know who it is. I just have to figure this thing out, figure myself out." She sat back and looked at him "Changing the subject, are you all in for this terrorist act?"

    He was about to say further but she caught him off guard with the subject change and the bluntness about it. "First of all, if you need anyone to talk to about it, I'm always available." He gave a warm smile. "And as for what you called it," His smile faltered. "No. Goes against my principles and morals." He shook his head. "To be honest, what was presented to us… I think they don't know what they're doing and this is the best they could come up with in the time they have. It stinks of desperation… and that says a lot." He sighed and glanced out to the shadow dimension of hyperspace. "Having said that, there is more at work than meets the eye here and we haven't consider all the angle yet. On the surface, seems counterproductive to the core of what the Alliance stands for. It will be up to us all to work out and decide what is best for the Alliance."

    She listened to him, and he might be right maybe there was more at work, the idea the Rebellion leadership would do this seemed wrong on so many levels. "I can't do it." She confessed. "It's different when they are shooting at me, or on a Star Destroyer or any other kind of ship. They fire back, we fight. But this isn't that. This is cold and reeks of terrorism. It's fine line and they're crossing it." She hoped she might be able to convince him to help her, Ethan and Ianna to change the course of this mission.

    "You don't have to tell me twice. The last war was easier when all we were up against were mostly droids. Though shame how some species got a bad rap like the Nosaurians and Quarrens because of a few individuals had sided with the Seppies... but look what happened to us? The Republic became an Empire and now I guess we're the Seppies…" He sighed. "As I said earlier to everyone, we don't know the complete picture... and only when we are there, then we can assess what really is going on and take it from there. I hope our friend can help shed some light before we arrive."

    She nodded slowly and made fists with her hands as she considered her next words carefully.
    "You know, there might be another way?"

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    OOC: This is a joint post between me @Bardan_Jusik, @Vehn and @Sarge221 Thank you for it, it was fun!

    IC: Jocelyn “Joy” Sunwalker, Louise "Lou" Gray, Arick "Boss" Flagg, Kardon “Grin” Durham
    Location: Otoh Gunga, Chommel Sector

    Jocelyn had never expected that she would set foot on a Lucrehulk. She had seen the huge ships in holos during the Clone Wars. The closest she had been was during the last big battle of the war, when the Separatists blockaded Coruscant. She remembered the falling debris and sheer panic. It all seemed to have been lost, the Chancellor abducted, the Jedi trying to stop the enemy. But this was a different war now, hopefully one that will end after this mission, or at least bring them to a conclusion of sorts.

    She looked at Lou, trying to gauge her feelings about the mission given the opinion she had expressed earlier. Joy mostly agreed with the sentiments so she was going to perform as best as possible. Only thing concerned her was the disguise. If Anais was there or some of the other former squadron mates she would be discovered thus rendering her a liability to the mission. She needed a better disguise.

    Joy eyed Flagg and the new guy as they were walking towards the more private area where they could check on the uniforms and decided to ask the question that had been gnawing her "Commander Flagg, sir, I am sorry for prying, but does any of you have prior Imperial experience?"

    Flagg looked at Joy, a stern look on his face. "Me?" He questioned her even before he gave his own answer. "No," he finally said through a scowl. "Before the rebellion I was a cop and militia pilot back on Dantooine." He didn't go into it any further. Most of his time had been spent flying patrol gunships for the local constabulary. His militia work was done on the weekends as a reserve officer. He'd never been a member of the Imperial military, but didn't see how it mattered either, though the Bothan did raise a furred eyebrow at the answer while muttering something under his breath.

    Durham had maintained a mask of stoicism ever since the end of the briefing and had followed in silence, his facial expression hardly ever changing since the journey to the LucreHulk and, now, their path to what would be their disguises. He was relieved of his kit bag at the very least, having been assured that it would be delivered to his quarters once they were assigned, but was still dressed in his dark green flight suit, missing the helmet. Joy's inquiry encouraged something, a shifting of his eyes over in her direction before they went to Flagg, listening to his brief background.

    Feeling that the question was for him to take as well, Kardon answered, "Eight months of Imperial flight school, first stationed on the Ahriman, then transferred to the Abyssal. Star Destroyers." Had things turned out differently, he would've graduated in another month. Still, it was plenty enough time to integrate into the strict and formal doctrine of the Empire. Enough, he was sure, to act like an officer of the Imperial Navy at some reception.

    Jocelyn thought about Flagg's answer. So law enforcement, that was close enough, but still she was not sure he would fit the role of an Imperial, though his demeanour was pretty close. It seems Wellings chose them for their background and Flagg had to oversee them. He was the closest to an Imperial, aside of the Mandalorian, they had. She was thankful that Ianna was not assigned to their group as the Kid was too good to play the part and would not be convincing.

    Jocelyn looked at Lou and tried to give her a signal that she should step in too, after all she was the second in command in their group. After all it was not the Sergeant's place to tell the officers whether or not they will be able to play the role of an Imperial or not. She then shifted her attention to Durham.

    "Oh? Which school? I graduated from Coruscant and Lieutenant Grey from Carida." she felt awkward being so chatty but she needed to assess the new guy. It was an Imperial way to judge the person's skills from where he was trained or stationed, but it was fairly accurate, with a few exceptions of course.

    Lou didn't waste any time stepping forward at Joy's invitation. She listened while Durham spoke about his own Imperial experiences. They sounded,partially, like her own.

    "Our covers need to be air tight and so do the uniforms. If there's one thing I learned in the Empire it's that an improper uniform is the fastest way to catch heat."

    "Flagg, with all due respect, I should take point on this mission. I know we may run into old friends but I can navigate our way through this with minimal casualties."

    "We need to see the uniforms first. I don't want my cover blown by a storm trooper or curious officer," Lou replied

    "There wasn't a school," Kardon clarified while digesting the extra information. Coruscant, Carida; the Imperial Capital and the center to one of the more famous Imperial Academies respectively. Different from his own experience, which he told now. "I was put through a two-month basic training course and then assigned to a training squadron aboard the Ahriman." Most flight schools, from his understanding, tended to be aboard Star Destroyers save for the exceptions - Carida and Coruscant being two, obviously. The Empire preferred their hands-on training curriculum, including transferring training squadrons between Star Destroyers as he had done. "I would've graduated in another month aboard the Abyssal but that was when I defected and picked up by a local rebel cell. I was able become a pilot for the Rebellion afterwards."

    Flagg nodded along as everyone gave their own history as it related to Imperial service. Seemed they had all actually served the Empire in some way shape or form. Save him, but his militia experience was close enough. They should be able to pull this off, depending on the uniforms available.

    He looked at Lou, nodding his understanding that she want to take point, though he didn't cede anything yet. Like her he wanted to see the uniforms first. Following a still silent Frogfoot they left the promenade deck and made their way to short term living quarters. "I've arranged these for you and your squadron. You won't be here long enough to stay in them, but they can provide a base of operations for the short duration you're here." He keyed the entry pad and led them inside. "I've scanned these for listening devices and they are clear." Flagg just nodded, wondering briefly if they could trust the Bothan spy before realizing that it didn't matter. They really had no choice, they all nodded and Flagg closed and locked the doorway behind them as the Bothan went to the closet and removed four sets of clothing which he lay on the bed. "Four Imperial officer's uniforms, as promised." Flagg cocked his head to one side at the layout and sighed loudly. They had a problem.

    "This is a problem," Kardon stated, unintentionally voicing Flagg's thoughts. He had taken a step forward, examining the Imperial uniforms as they were laid out on the bed, checking the tags and lifting the sleeves of the larger male uniform.

    He knew it was too much to hope for uniforms of the Imperial Navy which would suit him best so seeing the uniforms of different branches didn't bother him. However, he had recognized immediately that the MP uniform would be too small, and despite being slightly above average himself in terms of height, the Imperial Army uniform that he was looking at was somehow proving to be too large. He let go, letting the sleeves drop back onto the bed.

    "Neither is going to fit me," he explained. "I'll stand out in a gathering like that." An important wedding with such prominent officers and aristocrats expected to attend, with the possibility of the Emperor himself? Whether these do manage to get them to bypass whatever security they have stationed there, wearing a too large or too small uniform was going to make him stick out like a sore thumb, and if there was anything he knew well enough in his near-year of his Imperial training, uniformity and the obsession that Imperial officers had for it ranked pretty high in the Empire, punishments coming down hard on any recruits that were not immaculately dressed. Eyes, he expected, would be drawn on someone like him during such a high profile gathering with any of the attending officers that would be of higher rank to his no doubt more than willing to give him a stern talking to about his state of dress and making a show of it.

    When he defected, he had done so with his own Imperial uniform but he had turned that in to the Rebellion. No doubt they had wanted it for any possible infiltration efforts that may come in the future. The irony concerning the current situation was not lost on him.

    "This is all we have?" he asked, directing his question to the Bothan. Just because he identified the problem, if there wasn't a solution or some alternative, there was nothing he could do about it. If he had to go in dressed in an oversized or undersized uniform, then what other choice did he have?

    The Bothan nodded, at first confused by the pilot's reaction. It took him a moment to realize that one uniform was too small for the man, and the other human male as well, instead having been fitted for one much shorter than either of them. While, the disdainful lifting and tossing aide of the sleeve of the other showed a uniform meant for an being far more rotund than the obviously very fit rebels. Who knew the Empire had let their physical fitness standards lapse for non combatant roles?

    "This is all we have," he sounded irritated now. Amateur operations indeed. "I wasn't given sizes beforehand!" He bared his fangs in challenge to the furless human. "Surely there is some way for you to make do with these?"

    Lou felt as if she was coming home seeing the Imperial uniforms in all their starched, folded, and unrepentant glory. She flashed back to her days on Carida and mastering the art of Imperial protocol and the high responsiveness of the TIE fighters. She'd graduated basic flight school but when entering into the more advanced fighters, such as the Interceptor, she'd been scrubbed by her ex-husband, Dietryk. He'd come down hard on her, physically and emotionally, and the two were now on opposite ends of the shooting war.

    Lou's service to the Empire had lasted three years. Much of that had been in support roles around the Academy and she remembered begging her husband to get behind the cockpit of a TIE. He'd finally caved and then ultimately reneged when he could see that her skills with the yoke would've put her directly into the line of fire and out of his life, forever. Ironically, that was precisely what happened as he attempted to control her. The more he tightened his grasp the more she wanted to flee. One day she did flee and deep into Rebel space. Her TIE uniform was most likely reacquired by the Empire when they combed the secret Rebel base on Yavin IV after the Death Star attack.

    Her attention returned to the uniforms. She reached inside her pocket and pulled out a small vibro knife and needle. She coughed to catch the attention of Flagg and Kardan. "I can hem up the larger uniform. Before I joined the Empire, before I became what I am now, I grew up on the frontiers of Roon. I know a lot about making do with very little and my mother taught me to sew at a young age. I can make that larger uniform work and do any modifications to the others, within reason."

    Kardon had stared blankly at the Bothan's bared fangs, unperturbed at the alien's aggravation. It was only at Lou's interjection that the pilot switched over to her and nodded slowly. "If you can get the larger one fitted without making it too obvious then it should be fine. We'll still be a uniform short though." He had noticed that the smaller uniform wasn't going to fit Flagg either.
    Joy looked at the uniforms. She was sure she will be getting the Ensign one given Lou's recent promotion as it will be strange if an Ensign gave orders to a Lieutenant to say the least.

    "Any make up or other disguises that we can use?" she turned to the Bothan and Flagg.

    Flagg looked at the Bothan as they shrugged simultaneously. "We'll have to wait and see what Pallas and her group can scrounge up." Flagg finally said. Looking back to Lou he asked her. "Is there anything you can do for the smaller uniform?"

    "I might be able to take a few pieces from the larger uniform here," Lou replied examining the material, "and extend the tunic sleeve length or the pant length a bit to allow for more room on the MP uniform. I don't have everything I need to make the shoulder width more accommodating but I noticed that the other uniforms are designed for women. That actually give me something to work with. Honestly, for all the Empire's talk of High Human culture and men being so important they always had one fatal flaw in their uniform design: their uniforms were rather unisex in design. Generic, uniform, for lack of a better word."

    "Sure, men and women have different body shapes but the pants could be swapped out to get a better fit for you Kardon. Joy and I seem to have similar body styles so its not like we won't be without. I'm not particularly, uh," Lou paused thinking of how to say her next words, "biologically gifted in the chest area so I could wear any one of these tunics. It appears that the female tunic, whoever wore them, was of an athletic build and with a bit of reconfiguring I might be able to make those work for either one of you. I know that only gives us four uniforms and I can't promise they'll be a perfect fit but hopefully we won't be at this wedding for too long. Give me a few minutes with these and I can work wonders."

    Flagg mulled it over for a moment. "All right, that sounds like our best option." He looked to Lou, a stern look on his face. "Get it done."

    Lou nodded and immediately went to work. Old skills returned and her hands flew across the uniforms as she hastily adjusted their sizing. She surprised herself with how quickly the knowledge came back to her. It'd been decades, to say the least, since she'd last done this kind of work. Old memories of sitting on the covered porch of the family home of Tesserone on Roon with her grandmother came back to her. Memories she'd long since suppressed. Memories she'd long since hidden away.

    She was done.

    Lou stepped back and admired her handiwork. The job, to the naked eye, was perfect. From her seasoned experience, she'd missed a few places. Still, the uniforms were more than serviceable. She slipped one of the tunic's on over her clothes and showed off the fit. It was professional. It was suitable. It was very Imperial.

    "Anyone else want to try one of these on?"

    Kardon silently reached over and retook the once too-large uniform once Lou was done. Stepping off to a corner where a mirror was present, he unclipped and removed the life support box, followed by the flake vest, before finally unzipping his flight suit and setting it and the gloves and boots aside. It was quickly replaced by the pants and, soon enough, the tunic.

    Unconsciously the pilot found himself standing a tad straighter upon working the buttons, fastening the tunic tight. He had never done this with his flight suit or whatever else he wore in the Rebellion, but the sight and feel of the Imperials uniform and its ranks and awards had his spine stiffening and shoulders locking back. His chin, which he raised upon fastening the collar, remained so when he did the final work of smoothing down any wrinkles and other imperfections, hands smoothing and patting the material down before they eventually fell back to his sides to leave him standing in a perfected posture without a sign of neglect.

    He nodded in approval - whether to the uniform or his own appraisal of his stance was anyone's guess -, and soon commented, "A good fit." He broke the image to do quick stretches of his arms and legs, taking any note of where the uniform may be pulling and stopping when he was satisfied. "This'll do."

    Joy picked her uniform unsure whether she should proceed and try it on given the demographics. She did not have any qualms against that but the others might object. "So... should we change here or everyone should find a secluded place?"

    Kardon looked over his shoulder and shrugged, offering a noncommittal, "Up to you", before reverting back to the mirror. As it was quite plain here, he had no reservations about changing in the same room as others.

    Jocelyn shrugged and moved away then started unzipping her flight suit and kicked her boots. It did not take long to be in her underwear and tank top. Putting on the Imperial uniform brought back many memories the feel of the material, the cold and utilitarian aesthetics. In a sense she had missed it all.

    After she was done with the pants and tunic she bent to put on the boots. These were always hard to put on, but she managed. She tucked the down part of the pantaloons in and huffed as she stood up to take them for a "spin" as comfortable boots were essential to any mission. These would do for now, hopefully won't be stuck in them for too long.

    With a quick gesture she reached and started tying her hair. It was essential as the Empire did not allow for long hair to stick out under the caps. She made a simple, but a durable knot. Then took the cap and put it on slowly. The finishing touches were the gloves.

    Joy adopted the neutral-arrogant facial expression used by many Imperial officers "So how do I look?" she asked in a strong Coruscanti accent.

    "Very Imperial," Lou replied as she herself had changed into her designated Imperial uniform.

    It felt good to be back in Imperial dress. It was as if she were coming home. The Alliance was the side she was fighting on now but if things had gone differently with the Empire, well, she would've fought for them and her life would've turned out very differently.

    "We look the part," Lou added, "and I think we'll damn well act the part."

    She examined her uniform, properly tucked and arrayed in Imperial fashion, in the mirror. She tied her hair back as well. It wasn't that long but there were protocols to follow in the Empire. She gave herself a sharp nod. She was back.

    "What do you think, Flagg?"

    Flagg watched with a critical eye as the Black Sheep slowly transformed into Imperials before his eyes. At first he was unsure that this would work, and after seeing the uniforms he had become certain that it would not work. Now though, seeing a trio of Imperial officers before him, his confidence in the mission started to grow. He took the last uniform, the MPs, and quickly changed into it. He was a slender man, narrow shouldered, so the alterations made to it didn't have to be drastic, it was still a little snug, but manageable.

    "What do you think, Flagg?" Lou asked. The Commander now in a major's uniform turned to her slowly, nodding his head. "This is going to work."

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    IC Jeen Talgana
    Hangar Deck - On Board Intrepid.

    He'd nearly fixed the electronics that had fried inside the console of the X Wing the woman Amber had flown, no more like destroyed. He'd been doing this kind of work for a good few years but never had he seen the damage this one woman had brought upon her poor craft. He stopped and thought for a moment, he was already suspicious of her and the damage he'd been repairing looked as if someone else had been in the heart of the ship, tearing the insides apart. He didn't even know where to start with that one.

    "OK Squirt, wanna give it a bit of juice and see if we got it sorted now?" he called back to the little purple droid seated behind the cockpit, to which he was rewarded with a short beep. Sitting back he smiled as a few of the lights came on, then a few more began to flash. It looked like he'd got it this time when suddenly behind him Squirt began to scream and shake in his seat. "What?!?! What!?!??!" he cried turning back to see electrically charged blue light dancing over the droids dome. "SHUT IT DOWN!!!" he cried, but seemed the droid was no longer in control. Turning back he knew he had to stop it or fry the droid and the last thing he wanted to do was make that woman angry. Using his insulated hydrodriver he stabbed it into the console and ripped out the new wires he'd only just completed installing. Sparks flew and he duly shielded his face from them as behind him the droid fell silent. When the drama had died down, he slowly turned to Squirt to see wisps of smoke coming out of various points beneath its dome. "Great, just great." he moaned as he slumped into the seat. "Wonder if she can rip my insides out too?"

    IC Amber Tehanis
    on Valkyria

    Amber had sat alone in the cockpit for some time, staring at the starlines and thinking. There was only so much thinking one person could do, so when she'd completed the first jump and made the second she was relieved the Sullustan returned and took over. She had to prepare for the next part of her mission and speak to Akiva about her pet. She'd then sought out Taab and had her basic instruction in the bombs, learning how to turn them on and more importantly off.

    It didn't take long to find the elegant yet somehow dangerous looking woman and as Amber had been raised on an Estate, adjusting to the small fury Voorpak took even less time. The ball of fur was quite friendly and as she sat with her data pad. With nothing to research she spent her time looking at ideas for outfits as she'd been paired with to find. Cassell had told her their budget and it was even more meagre than her clothes and she was now considering her own credits. She had finances and no use for them, so why not? Quinn, there was something about that woman, no girl, that wasn't right. She seemed, for want of a better word, unbalanced and glancing up at her as the Harley seemed to fidget with nothing in her hands. She made Amber feel very uncomfortable. At that moment Quinn looked up at her and grinned, it wasn't even a friendly grin more intimidating. Amber turned her attention back to her data pad and wondered what she could possibly find to make that one look like a wedding guest at an Imperial Event. Her hair colour for a start broke most Imp rules. Ianna, well, she'd be easy as would the new guy, Buck was it? She'd had a quiet word with Zara and had a good idea of what she and Kayn wanted although the temptation to mess the latter one up was strong, very strong. The ship jolted slightly as it came out of hyperspace and a few moments later it was back, she mused her jumps had been smoother. She dedided to see if she could get some sleep and lay down with head on her duffel, instinctively groping at the bag and feeling the weapon buried in her meagre clothing. Closing her eyes, she realised how tired she was as she curled up a little and clutched the data pad to her chest and the Voorpak curled into her neck as she drifted off.

    A jolt woke her only what seemed like a short time later, with none to follow, told her they'd arrived She pursued her lips, the 'fun' was about to start.

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    (This shopping interlude brought to you by @Adalia-Durron and myself, enjoy.)

    IC: Ianna Mcear Amber Tehanis
    The Otoh Gunga

    Ianna watched dispassionately as Taab demonstrated how the explosives worked. It was horrifying and somewhat eye opening. Even once the bombs were armed they could still be turned off. Maybe she and Ethan could use that to their advantage. Let the others plant them, then go in behind and turn them off. It wasn't any worse than what she had thought up before.

    The trip was kinda a blur after that, until they arrived at the station, she didn't really look outside the view ports. When they landed a they were hit with yet more information. Information that just made everything more difficult. Stormtroopers would be present, a lot with a lot more just a call away. Whatever they were going to do they needed to do it quick.

    The last thing was getting a hold of proper attire for a party. Their contact Frogfoot which Ianna had to chuckle at, hadn't gotten anything like that together but, he did have a few credits he could supply to help.

    Well it was a start.

    She broke off with her group the guests of the party. Looking around she felt a little nervous. She'd never been to an event like this, one where she had to dress in fancy clothes. The closest thing was a sundress she wore for a summer wedding for a close family friend. It was the furthest thing from an Imperial event. It was daunting, if she didn't dress appropriately she might blow the cover or not be let in.

    Another sweep of her group there was only one other girl, Amber...maybe she knew about this kind of stuff. Sheepishly the young woman approached redhead.

    "Um…" she started bringing her gaze up from the deck. "Amber...Do you think you could help me pick out a dress?" She fiddled with her braid to give her hands something to do, "I...I don't really know what to wear for these things. Not a lot of call for fancy dresses on a farm."

    Amber had been looking at the prices and cringing when she heard Ianna's request. Turning to the young woman she smiled, still not comfortable with the act but getting better.

    "Sure. I saw what people wore to my own wedding, it was pretty posh, we can do this." She'd only told the truth, her own wedding had been a very formal affair due to her late parents wealth, at the time she'd had no idea how much his father had spent, but when it became clear she only knew it was a huge waste. "The prices here are insane." She added in a lower tone as she pulled her datapad out of her duffel on her shoulder and began to tap at the screen. "I am sure we can do this cheaper." A few moments later she gave a nod. "Thought so, there's a second hand fashion place in one of the smaller streets. Sure we can find more affordable stuff there."

    Ianna's face got a quizzical looking hearing Amber mention her own wedding. At first the Chandrilan was a little confused, Amber looked a little young for that but, maybe she was older than she looked. She certainly appeared far more mature than Ianna, who could easily be mistaken for an early teen if someone wasn't looking hard enough. There was also the way she spoke about it, a 'posh' affair, did she come from money or was she marrying into it? Was she still married. Almost unconsciously Ianna looked for a ring, the typical way of showing one's status back home. She didn't see one. Maybe it was like Lou, her husband on the other side of the war.

    Either way now did not seem like a good time to bring it up.

    "That sounds good." She said a happy smile on her face, even if in the back of her mind she was still worried about the mission. There were too many people around to bring it up, who knows what ears the Empire had around here. "So, where you from?" she started, she'd never worked with Amber, haven't even really met her until a few hours ago. Getting to know her would be a good way to pass the time, to keep her thoughts off the deadly mission that lay before them. It wasn't a good feeling in her stomach, the team was pulled it four or five different directions and no one could agree. She patted the lighter in her pocket, if nothing else she had a plan...not a good one but, one she believed in.

    "I'm from Chandrila myself." she offered giving of herself first.

    Amber was already walking and reading directions on her data pad when Ianna said where she was from. Glancing up she gave a simple answer,.


    Home, it was a million light years away and it was a distant memory.

    "Its in the outer Rim before you ask."

    It'd been her experience that few had even heard of the place not ruled by Imperial forces but interestingly enough many had tasted the namana fruit the planet was mostly known for. An industry her father had gotten into and had brought them prosperity when the Empire came interestingly as all high ranking Imperials wanted the best of everything.

    "Here we are." she announced a few moments later as she looked up at a rather dingy looking building that has seen better days. The sign on the dirty window read 'Specialising in that one off outfit for that Special Occassion.' She glanced at Ianna. "Let's hope what we need is here. What's your favorite colour?" She asked as she pushed the door open.

    Ianna nodded her head, she'd heard of Bakura before, the Miners were from there. Though she couldn't really point it out on a map. It was an artifact of her somewhat simple upbringing. She was aware of the wider galaxy but, never really studied the map of the galaxy. Amber didn't really elaborate on her family or her home, then again, Ianna didn't really either. But, they were getting there, she'd soon have a new best friend.

    "Hm..." She started looking up at the dingy shop sign. It didn't look like the most glamorous of places but, she was willing to give it a try. "Ah...Green and white...Patriot's colors," she answered with a smile, they where her favorite colors had been since her father took her to Stony End Park in Hana City. "You watch Limmie? Do you support the Miners?"

    "Green? Huh?" she let Ianna step past before closing the door, "I like emerald green. Sometimes hard to match this." She said flicking her braid. Looking around she saw the room was full of racks and the racks were stuffed with gowns on one side and suits on the other. "Ah, so this is where fashion comes to die then?" she remarked as she began to peruse the gowns.

    Ianna looked down as she crossed the threshold of the store. It seemed either Amber missed her question about Limmie or just chose to ignore it. It was no matter, she would ask again later. Looking around she was a little stunned at first, there were so many fancy gowns and suits all just crammed into racks. She didn't really notice Amber's comment about fashion but, she was becoming concerned. All the dresses she was seeing had either no straps, or very thin ones. And necklines that were indecent by her mother's standards.What worried her more was the amount of skin that was shone. It was hard to tell giving that she mostly wore clothes with sleeves but, the parts normally covered up by her clothes were, deathly pale, in stark contrast with her tanned skin gained over summers working in the sun.

    "Do you think they have anything with sleeves?" she asked pawing through the racks, "I don't think my tan is" Pulling up her sleeve she demonstrated what she meant pasty white flesh where the clothes covered and tanned skin where it didn't, the line was noticeable from orbit, or so she thought. Then there was finding something that fit her form, short and stocky. Most of these dresses seemed made for someone with a slimmer or curvy figures. Not her frame, one built more like a staga, than a willow. "Though I might have to take what I can get...It's not looking like I'm a common size."

    Amber smiled as the young woman's comments.

    "Back to your previous question, I don't watch or follow sport at all, sorry. And as for your skin not matching, I have no idea oh that front." Subconsciously she rubbed at the right side of her neck. "Looks like there's something for everyone, regardless of race, colour or creed."

    "And you'd be correct Madam," Amber turned to see a shorter stout woman who looked to be in her 50's with long brown hair coiled up to a bun on her head, a twinkle in her brown eyes and a warm smile on her lips. "I am the owner of this store, Anna is my name, how can I help you two lovely creatures?"

    Ianna looked at the metal deck under her feet. She felt just a little awkward hearing that Amber didn't really follow limmie much less sports in general. Looking back to the racks there might be something that fit her but, finding it was another matter. It was all a kaleidoscope colors and fabric, and she didn't know what she was looking for. Thankfully an older woman came to help/save them.

    "Ah...yes we're looking for some dresses for an...event. We want to look our best but," she gave a side glace at Amber, "We have no idea what to look for." She gestured to herself, still shorter than the owner of the shop, "Especially for someone like me. I don't really look like a holo-star." Looking at her tanned arms, she continued. "I work for a living."

    The woman gave a gentle smile.

    "Salt of the earth beneath us child, that's what you are. Special and needed and natural. I Have the perfect thing for you!" She started to hurry away. Amber raised her hand.

    "Um we're on a limited budget too, and we need to get something for our..." she hesitated for a split second,"Friends." Kayn a friend? That amused her.

    The older woman turned and gave an exaggerated nod before diving into a rack and digging through.

    "And we both like green!" Amber Added.

    Ianna returned the smile following the kind older woman. That was the most amount of complements she'd ever received in a single breath. There was a thought that it was just to butter the young woman up to make her want to buy what was on offer. However it seemed she was genuine, and caring, maybe a mother herself.

    The pilot nodded in agreement with Amber.

    "Yep green," she added though she wondered which friends they were talking about. It wasn't Buck or the Captain, it wasn't Ethan or those with him, nor was it Joy and Lou, then...was it Meanie and...and what was her name again? Zara, the Twi'lek, they were 'entertainment' right? Her green eyes look around, well, if they have something for everyone they might have something for them.

    Amber watched the older woman but almost felt confusion from beside her.

    "Something worrying you?" she asked in a hushed voice, "You seem....confused?" It was hard for her to let Ianna know she was feeling her emotions but she couldn't tell her that.

    "Huh..." Ianna started looking to her partner, it wasn't to hard to tell what was going on in the farm girl's head. She was still turning over the friends Amber mentioned, and the worry about what was going to happen when they got to the wedding. "Well..." she kept her voice as quiet as Amber's, "Just want to make sure we're talking about the same 'friends' it's Kayn and Zara? or is it someone else?" She wanted to talk about the mission but, she knew enough not to speak openly not with someone right in front of them.

    Amber gave a nod.

    "Zara had a word to me, told me what she didn't want mostly and I understand that. As for Kayn, wonder if they sell Wookie suits?"

    Ianna giggled a little, imagining the horns sticking out of a fuzzy mask.

    "I don't think that's going to work very well." She looked to the suits that hung on the wall. "Maybe a bright suit, in rockus colors."

    Amber smirked.

    "So much as I'd love to do that, and seems you would too. Apparently a simple black tie and tux is all that is required." She stopped and bit her bottom lip as a smirk touched her lips. "But we could misread the size."

    It seemed that their mischievous nature would be curbed by the realities of what they were trying to do, though it seemed the full reality was far away from them.

    "I guess, though do we want it to be too small or too big?"

    Amber considered the two options.

    "Let's make him feel like he often makes us feel, uncomfortable. Lets go one size smaller." She smiled, this time it was genuine and it felt nice.

    "Ladies! I have chosen out a few options for you! Please come down and try them on!" the woman called. Turning to Ianna she winked.

    "Show time." For the first time in a long time she felt almost happy.

    Ianna returned the smile it look real this time, not forced. It looked almost like she was having fun. With a cheery grin she followed Anna into the back. It was time to see if she found anything that worked for her.

    Standing in front of the reflector Amber was able to study the outfit she'd finally chosen. Having tried on 5 other dresses, this one somehow made her feel good. It flowed around her body, clinging in places and at times revealing much more than she normally liked. Looking at the right side of her neck she could see the white line of the scar her late husband had gifted her on their wedding night. Lifting her left hand she traced the line down to her cleavage, stopping where the fabric started. Shifting her hand she allowed s small smile as she admired the soft spattering of glittering stars she'd had tattooed over the scar.

    The tattoo was a year or so old now, and the stars ranged in size from tiny through to slightly bigger than her thumbnail, all in a gold sparkle ink that almost, but not quite covered the scar. No one was ever supposed to see this, no one. It was an act of defiance and somehow redemption for her alone and now it was there for all to see.

    Brushing her hair back with her hand the solution was suddenly there right in front of her. Pulling her braid over her shoulder she teased the sides out to make it larger and cover not only the scar but the stars. If she placed a gold clasp over the tie at the end it would be mostly covered. This was a look she thought she'd never wear again, she might have 3 years ago, but that was another time, and another life. Turning to the chair nearby she extended her arm and the tiny Voorpak jumped onto her hand and ran up her arm to snuggle into her hair.

    "Good boy Chak." She muttered reaching up and scratching him, "You make this complete, I think we look the part now."

    Back in the other changing room Ianna started trying on the dresses all in some variation of green, from seafoam to forest it seemed most shades were represented. There were almost too many options to choose from. Closing her eyes she grabbed one at random, a blueish green floor length gown with some sleeve like things that just covered the shoulders. Unsure she tried it on and quickly found that the puffy sleeves seemed to only draw attention to the hectares pale skin that she bore across her chest and arms. It also did an excellent job of showing off her bulky shoulders and arms. The cooler color didn't seem to make the problem worse. However she just didn't feel right wearing it.

    Setting it to one side she closed her eyes again and grabbed the next dress. Her face souring a little, it was ever so small, even smaller than her frame. The lady was kind enough to pick it out for her she might as well try it on. It took some doing but, she was able to pour herself into it. It fit, rather snuggly but, it did fit. The problem was, while most of her chest was covered she was showing entirely too much leg. Her muscled calves, toned thighs, everything above the knee still as pale as the rest of her body covered by clothes. That area was normally covered with shorts, and not the thin bits of fabric she saw once or twice in the city. She shook her head, this wouldn't work either, though its deep green color did appeal to her, a reminder of the fields of wheat in middle summer, right after a rainstorm.

    She poured herself back out of the dress and set it to the side with the other one. This time she didn't close her eyes looking back to the collection of dresses. She knew what color she wanted and the length she was looking for now, it might make it easier. Scanning over them she found one that had an opaque white shawl that could go about the shoulders. That could work, cover her up but, still have that elegant style most were looking for.

    The dress itself was that deep green but, with a strip of white running down the side complementing the shawl. She tried it on hearing Amber just outside.

    Leaving the change room the other woman was looking at herself in front of another reflector as Anna fluffed out the gown at her feet.

    "I have it on good authority this was worn only once by a princess no less!" Anna clucked. Amber didn't believe her, but it sounded nice.

    It seemed Amber had found what she was looking for while Ianna was still unsure.

    She looked in the reflector now that she was fully dressed. The gown ran to the floor but, didn't gather upon it. The shawl did was it was supposed to covering shoulders and chest, she might need a pin or something to hold it in place without her hand. And she would need shoes, she doubted that her boots were suitable for such a party, though she wouldn't wear those ridiculous heels. She had work to do at this party, she couldn't do that if she was tottering back and forth heels.

    She walked out a weak smile on her face, turning to Amber the smirk began to waver.

    "What do you think,"

    Amber heard Ianna come out and turned to look.

    "Wow, you look lovely!" she said honestly, Anna had chosen well. "Really, you do." she reassured her nervous looking new friend. "You're gonna do just fine."

    Ianna returned the smile, Amber looked almost like royalty, or maybe the idea was planted in her mind by Anna. Either way it was nice to hear her saying that she looked nice.

    The pair stepped out acquiring some new shoes and accessories to match their outfits. Ianna chose a pair of simple white flat soled shoes. As well she picked up a simple polished metal pin with inlaided false emeralds to secure her shawl.

    On the way out they collected a rather nice dress for Zara and a one-size-too-small suit for Kyan.

    She thanked Anna with a nod of her head and walked back out into the station at least for a moment forgetting about the turmoil that lay ahead.

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: PO3 Lughdyt [face_pig]
    Black Sheep Hangar Bay

    Lughdyt glared suspiciously at the Treadwell droid working on 7841's tail. The droid's multiple arms were handling long coils of superconductive monofilament, bonding the wire to the inner surface of the A-wing's thrust vector rings in a tight, precise pattern. It was a monotonous task requiring concentration and precision, a task that even Lughdyt had to admit was perfectly suited to a droid. Just don't get any ideas about stealing my job, tin man, he thought. I'm the plane captain here, and a droid's place is to obey its boss, no more and not a bit less.

    Marginally satisfied that the droid was working to spec, he scanned his datapad, checking the list of modifications Lt Kayn had given him. The new weaponry should wait a little longer until the heat blew over from the heist, he'd leave those stashed out of sight for now. This seemed like a good time to work out the software updates. The flight control computer was already reconfigured to respond to Kayn's neural enhancements, but he still needed to tie in the new targeting programs. If Lughdyt could patch the subroutines together, the guns should be slaved to Kayn's cybernetic eyeball, pivoting up and down to aim where the pilot looked. It would be a much quicker and more intuitive traverse system than the manual controls. And he had found a similar system program that was once used in old gunships to aim turrets by tracking the movements of the gunners' helmets. Since Kayn couldn't wear a helmet over his horns, Lughdyt would just have to adapt the program to track the Devaronian's eye instead.

    About an hour later, he looked up from the lines of coding. The human who was plane captain on the all-black A-wing parked in the next spot was working. Lughdyt remembered him from the Vipers; he was bad luck. But there was on old saying among Ugnaughts, that it's bad luck to try to outrun bad luck. He sighed, hoped he was making the least unlucky choice, and walked over to the black ship.

    "Morning. I'm Lughdyt. Been working on a helmet aimed targeting program. Might be helpful to your pilot, if she wants to give it a try." He offered the man a data disk. Before the human answered, crackles and sparks drew their attention to the top of an X-wing. Lughdyt grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher and hustled over to the excitement.

    A purple R2 unit reeked of burnt insulation and smoked from multiple seams.
    Ooh, that one's fried like a Lifeday porg. Wonder if the servos burned up? I still need actuators to make my guns turn 360, and R2 unit leg servos might do the job. He waved to get the tech's attention. "Hey, buddy, I was just on my way to the droid maintenance shop, you want I should drag that thing along the way?"

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  7. Adalia-Durron

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jeen Talgana
    Cockpit Ambers X Wing.

    He'd sat there staring at the burnt and melted wires trying to figure out where the heck he went wrong. It'd only been a minute or so of him shaking his head in disbelief and poking when he heard someone call out to him.

    "Hey, buddy, I was just on my way to the droid maintenance shop, you want I should drag that thing along the way?"

    Leaning over the side of the craft he looked down to see the Ugnaught who'd been working on the nearby A Wing looking up at him.

    "Naw, I'd better deal with this one myself, lady who owns him isn't pleasant at the best of times and for my own health I should keep tabs on her droid fried or not.
    he responded. Fact was he'd probably be able to fix Squirt, might take a bit of time but he was sure that not all his servos had been fried. Truth was if 'she' was going to angry with anyone, it had to be him. "Thanks for the offer buddy." Sitting back he twisted his lips to one side before sighing deeply and glancing over his shoulder. "Ok, let's get you out and all this mess out and start again. I see a lot of overtime in my future."

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    Oct 4, 1998
    IC: Kayn "Heartbreaker" Balzroth [face_devil]
    In His Own Mind, In His Own World. Enter if You Dare.

    He turned in front of the full-length mirror, critically eying the cut of the suit. The pinstripes were a nice touch, but the fit was snug. Very snug. He was sure he had written his size down clearly; how had Kid and Vixen gotten it wrong?


    Maybe one of them just wants to check me out in tight pants. I doubt it's Kid; the farm girl isn't the type. Vixen? She's always so hostile to me, could be a sign of repressed feelings. Let's hope the poor girl gets over it soon. She's pretty, for a human, but I prefer women a little less... psycho? No, that's unkind. Let's say, unstable.

    He returned his attention to his appearance. It had been years since he'd dressed so formally. This kind of fashion had been common growing up in the Balzroth's manor, and after leaving home he had occasionally donned tuxedos to attend formal functions with sponsors in the galactic racing circuit.

    Wonder if anyone will recognize me? Being famous could be a problem for an undercover agent. Could trim the beard a little differently. Still, I'd better have a plan in case someone recognizes me. He thought about that, chuckled, and grinned.

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    Sep 3, 2006
    IC: Zara Yaren
    Otoh Gunga, trying on clothes

    It would do, but she wasn't going to be happy about it. When Amber had brought her the dress, she'd been a bit surprised; given their credit limitations, she thought it'd be unlikely they'd find anything for the "entertainment" team, but here they were. The gold dress didn't cover her shoulders, there was a slit up the leg she didn't like in the slightest, the skirt was so long it would drag when she walked-- how was someone expected to move in this? Run in this? Maybe if they did their jobs right there wouldn't be any running involved, but as she threw the-- train? shawl?-- over her shoulder, she had to admit it looked... all right.


    Kayn looked passable too. Fine, so they might make it in the door. At least until they found the explosives they were all supposed to be carrying. Then they'd all get arrested and executed and wouldn't that be a fine end to a doomed mission.

    In the mirror, Zara's reflection scowled back at her. On the list of things that wouldn't work, that was at the top. She tried to set her expression into something more neutral, or pleasant, but remained looking vaguely annoyed. Her smile looked forced. Her headtails revealed her displeasure-- but at least a bunch of human Imperials wouldn't know how to read that. How to fake looking happy wasn't really in her wheelhouse, but maybe it would be easier when the time approached.

    She took off her headband and slip on the matching one Amber had brought. Gold too, sparkly and shiny, decorative rather than useful like the goggles she had on hers. The shoes were too light too, not at all like the boots she always wore. It's just one night Zara, suck it up. They did a good job finding something in a pinch. She took a breath and her mirrored expression seemed to lighten a bit. She'd have to thank Amber and Ianna later, better than the mumbled "oh, thanks" when they'd handed the pieces over.

    "We almost ready to do this thing?" she groused.

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    IC: Kio Daumé
    Black Sheep Hangar Bay

    The shield upgrades were going surprisingly well, a hallmark of how much time he was putting in in an attempt to keep his mind off thoughts of what might be happening on Naboo. This A-wing wasn't as nice as the last one he'd operated on, but with time the circuits would sing. The original shield generator wasn't going to waste, pieces of it used to strengthen the new one, reinforce what was already there, make it more durable for when his pilot would inevitably take it into fire. Some of this would have to be finished later by the hangar droids, but he preferred to do as much as possible by hand; the Daumé guarantee. While he'd been told little about the generator he was working with, the way FO Yaren had handed it off made him a bit suspicious of how she'd gotten the high-quality part. Regardless, he was well-versed in keeping his head down and no one had asked any questions. And if they did, he truly didn't know where the piece had come from.

    The small, grumpy tech, headed his way. The one who worked on 7841. The suspicious A-wing that shouldn't be here but was here. "Morning. I'm Lughdyt. Been working on a helmet aimed targeting program. Might be helpful to your pilot, if she wants to give it a try." An interesting offer, though he knew the helmet Yaren wore was unusual, like most that the non-humans had to wear. Just as he was about to ask further about the program, an R2 unit in a nearby bay went up in smoke, and the two rushed over with handheld fire extinguishers.

    "Hey, buddy, I was just on my way to the droid maintenance shop, you want I should drag that thing along the way?" He'd heard talk that this one was... unfriendly to droids, but he was awfully quick to proclaim the droid destroyed. Many rebel pilots were quite attached to their droids, though perhaps that's why the Ugnaught had gone for an A-wing; few of those pilots had droids, as the ships didn't have an astromech port.

    "Naw, I'd better deal with this one myself, lady who owns him isn't pleasant at the best of times and for my own health I should keep tabs on her droid fried or not." At least the tech for the droid wasn't so quick to give up on the droid. "Thanks for the offer buddy."

    "Ok, let's get you out and all this mess out and start again. I see a lot of overtime in my future."

    "Perhaps I can offer my assistance?" Kio suggested, clasping his hands in front of him. "My current work is going well, and not in any hurry. Between the two of us we may get the droid back on its feet before your pilot returns." It would be a better distraction, too, from the talk of the mission the Black Sheep were currently embarking on. Some claimed they were headed for Naboo, his homeworld, and he worried for the state of the planet. What the Imperials might do to retaliate if they knew the Sheep were operating there. What might happen to his parents. And what damage the Sheep might do themselves. Fixing a droid would be a nice change of pace, if the tech wanted the assistance.

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC Jeen Talgana
    Still sitting in the ship.

    Another voice spoke so he looked over again to find a rather elegant looking man with the longest hair he'd ever seen on a human male, and it was beautifully clean and cared for. His offer of assistance seemed to have less of an ulterior motive. Its was genuine Jeen felt, unlike the other Mechanic, he didn't act like Squirt was no more than spare parts.

    "You know what? I think that'd be grand." He let out a sigh, "Was just about to get him down and take a look, his owner is pretty attached to him from what I saw and she's got a temper. I don't want to get on her wrong side." he said with a smile. Somewhere in his mind he knew their latest mission might have her not returning and he'd not have to worry himself at all as to whether the droid was fixed or not. He lifted himself up as he glanced back at Squirt. "If you could get the lift, we'll get started on this, and " he looked back down, "thank you."

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    Sep 3, 2006
    OOC: Joint post with @Adalia-Durron... something a little lighthearted for the middle of our drama ;)

    IC: Jeen Talgana, Kio Daumé

    Kio reached for the lift controls to get the little droid down. "What is its name?" he asked, driving the lift over the X-wing. "And your own, if I might inquire?"

    Sliding over the side having hooked the droid up, Jeen's feet hit the ground. "He's Squirt." he straightened up, "And I'm Jeen, Jeen Talgana." He responded reaching his hand out in a handshake greeting that he hoped the man was familiar with. "And you are?"

    He drove the astromech carefully down, cautious of its already delicate state, then clasped Jeen's hand in greeting. "Ah, I'm Kio Daumé, I've been with the Vipers for a while but I was... recently transferred." It was mostly true, at least. "I hope to stay with the Sheep for a while."

    Jeen studied the scorch marks on Squirts dome. "I was ground crew on Hoth, got sent here due to my specialized knowledge on unusual damage." He shrugged, "I'd like to stay here but I guess that depends on how long we have the Black Sheep for."

    Kio shook his head. "I count myself lucky that I didn't end up there myself. Though the Evil Eye-- the Intrepid, I mean, has its own sort of bad luck." He crouched next to the purple droid, tracing one of the scorches with a finger, trying to feel where the damage would lead on the inside. "Hopefully this didn't overload the memory banks, there won't be much we can do to save him if the damage runs deep."

    "If his memory banks are gone, I'm jumping ship." Jeen muttered as he also bent to look at Squirts damage.

    "What do you think, time to open him up and see?" He reached into his tool belt to find the appropriate sized hydrospanner. "The sooner we look, the sooner you can find an escape pod." Jokes didn't come easily to Kio, but it was a soft one.

    Jeen chuckled, "You have no idea, and doubt I'd even use one, just out the air lock thanks." He said as he helped to find the appropriate points and pulled out his own tools to help. "He might need a paint touch up too."

    "Paint is an easy fix. This, I suspect, will not be." Kio gently pried open some of the droid's panels, frowning at the damage within. "The damage radiates out, but memory seems clear." The centre of the damage traced around and into-- "The power core, on the other hand..."

    Jeen peered in, "That seems to have taken the brunt of it, the converter is fried beyond recognition."

    "Not sure this can be fixed before your pilot returns. Unless luck is on our side and the parts just happen to be lying around," Kio sighed. Luck was definitely not ever on his side. "So shall we find you an airlock?"

    Jeen sat back on his haunches and allowed his shoulders to slump. "Yep, I say I got a day or two, but after that....yep."

    Kio puts a hand on Jeen's shoulder, a small smiles on his face. "Come, the sooner we start looking, the sooner we might find the necessary parts. And in the meantime, perhaps you can paint another droid purple."

    "You think she'd notice?" he asked as he stood. "Actually pretty sure she would. How about a drink first?" He looked down at Squirt, "Not so sure about leaving him here like this though, I suspect that Ugnaght has other ideas."

    "You could leave him in my bay," Kio suggested. "Most mechanics tend to give my workspace a wide berth, lest they catch something." That sounded bad. "Not that I'm ill." That sounded worse. "I mean, there's a superstition around me. It's nothing, I assure you." He took a moment to recentre his thoughts. "Or perhaps we take him to your quarters, where he'll be safe from prying... hands."

    Jeen smiled. "Sounds grand, I'm not the superstitious kind, so no worries there. After that I say we check out the ladies on board?" Jeen was essentially a lover of the ladies, his success rate wasn't great but it never stopped him from trying.

    Kio chuckled to himself. "I believe I'll enjoy watching you do that. As long as we stay away from the Vipers-- they particularly don't like me. And Commander Kryze. She may break your arm."

    "Kryze, got it. Let's get Squirt settled and then I'll show you how it's done, watch and learn." he said with a cheeky grin, "Just watch and learn!"

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    Jul 11, 2009
    IC: Meili Han
    Intrepid, Black Sheep Hangar

    More driving Glimmik music filled the tech's ears as she worked mostly just repairing the powercouplings held together with adhesive and hope. Again she was amazed at the little green and white droid and the hoops it jumped through to keep this old bird in the air. Swapping out the last wire and securing it into place her head bobbed, her mouth speaking the shouted words. It had been a strange few days on the deck. An EMP blast that knocked fuel lines loose and now the secretive mission that had the Kid worried.

    Meili shook her head, no use getting worked up about it. Not like she could go down there with a spanner in hand and protect Kid, not that she could when she took the Y-Wing out on missions. However she could do her best to keep the bomber in good repair, and after days of working on it she was pretty sure it was in the best shape she could get it in. Yep, it wasn't factory new but, it was as close as the former speeder mechanic could get it. Just in time for the Little Girl go break it again.

    A thought crossed her mind like a passing phantom…

    'If she comes back.'

    Another shake of her head. It did no good to worry about it, nothing she could do.

    A long breath left her as she looked over her shoulder seeing sparks and smoke rising from one of the X-Wings.

    "By the Arcadia." She muttered under her breath using a particularly Carratosian expression, well, the locals anyway. The Imperials did their best to suppress the Legend of the Arcadia, and the immortal captain which helmed her. She turned around and finished buttoning up her bomber, making sure the bolts were extra tight. Pulling out her earbuds she made her way over to the gathering group, cherry red tool box in hand, the Skull of Arcadia emblazoned on the lid.

    A long whistle left her resounding through out the deck. There was the ugnaught, the one that got into a fight with the horned guy with ego the size of a planet, the human with long dark hair that they say misfortune follows, and another human she hadn't heard much about.

    The two humans were carrying a droid with some scorch marks and clear signs of being opened.

    "Our little friend have a meeting with the wrong end of an electrode?" She asked pointing to the busted astromech, completely unaware of the conversation had before hand.

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    Sep 14, 2009
    IC: Airen Vehn

    Airen had finally finished the repairs to Lou's Y-Wing. The old wishbone that had seen a handful of hard battles was ready to fly again. He was proud of his work and the chance to belong to a cause again. A former Imperial himself Airen wasn't about to lose perspective on which side he wanted to win the war. After serving aboard the Death Star, and narrowly escaping, he had personally witnessed the horrors of the Empire's policies on such far away places as Jedha and Scarif and knew in his heart he could never serve the Empire again.

    C-8, Crazy Eight, scooted up alongside Airen and warbled.

    Airen looked over at Lou's droid and smirked, "What is your domed head getting all worked up about?"

    Crazy Eight spun his domed head around and moved from side to side as the droid drew Airen's attention to another burned out droid not very far away.

    "You want me to lend a hand?" Airen asked.

    Crazy Eight hollered a response.

    "I'm no saint," Airen grumbled.

    Crazy Eight protested.

    "Yeah, okay, I am a mechanic. Let's go take a look," Airen said as he grabbed his toolkit and made his way over to where the other mechanics had gathered.

    "Anything I can do to help?" Airen asked.

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    Mar 9, 2002
    ~IC~ Captain Cassell “Skipper” Wystari + Flight Officer “Harley” Quin + Flight Officer Nib Nombunn
    Location: Valkyria - midway to Otoh Gunga

    The Sullustan showed aptitude and respect for the Valkyria. That, or the fear of what might happen to him if something happened to the ship. Midway through the several hour long journey, the Corellian Captain felt comfortable enough to leave the cockpit to tend to things and see how everyone was fairing.

    He paused and watched over one of the demonstration sessions that Taab and the Marines were going over with the rest of the squadron. He kept his concern to himself about what might happen if someone accidently set the things off. After that was over, he caught the eye of the Zeltron and made his way over to her.

    “Flight Officer Quin?” Wystari asked her. “May I have a moment of your time?”

    She eyed him at first, then flashed a big grin. “Sure.” She said as she bobbed her head, her blue and red dyed ponytails danced about.

    “We haven’t been formally introduced… I am Cassell Wystari, Captain of the Valkyria.”

    “Quin, but you can call me Harley.” She said and stuck out her hand. “Put it there, Pardner.”

    “Ah… thank you, Flight- um… Ms- Harley.” Wystari was unsure what to make of that and shook her hand. “They tend to call me ‘Skipper’.”

    “Skipper…” She arched a brow and frowned. “Aren’t you a Lieutenant?”

    “In the Alliance hierarchy, I am… but I operate my own ship and I am it's Captain.”

    “Yeah, but… isn’t having a crew a prerequisite to make one a Captain?” She looked about. “No offense but you seem pretty alone operating this ship, Mister.”

    “I have hired help.” Wystari narrowed his gaze a fraction. While it is true, he has hired on people though their roles had been temporary. There was a toot-toot as Matey rolled past and he ignored its jab about asking for a pay rise. “Ah, the reason I wanted to speak with you is about this upcoming mission.” He gestured to the access way for them to go deeper into the ship.

    “I’m excited, it’s going to be a blast!” She said with glee in her eyes as she followed him.

    “Ah, about that…” He rubbing his chin. “...have you given some thought about our identities and cover stories?”

    She paused momentarily. "No. Not really but that part is not really important, we're smart people, we'll figure that as we go along. The important part is what kind of a party are we going to? Is it themed? I hope it is!" She said with excitement in her voice.

    “It’s a wedding between an unfortunate soul and someone with an unfortunate personality.” Wystari said as they entered the galley. “Given the implied attendees… somehow I have a feeling it might be some strait-laced affair… though given the lack of guidelines and dress code, no one said we could be flamboyant if you want to go there. Umm, water?” He offered as he got down a glass.

    "Sure. Thanks." She was lost in thought as she accepted his offer for a glass of water. "Yes, let's be flamboyant! I like that it'll let us give us a bit more freedom to get what we need a lot easier and really push some buttons." She said excitedly.

    Wystari smiled at that. "Flamboyant it is. It should fit the personality we are going for as well… something a bit different but one we can relate too... a chance to flex our thespian skills with the audience… what an audience we be having."

    Her smile broadening. "Yessssss.....this is gonna be a lot of fun! When do we get to work!?"

    Her enthusiasm would have been infectious if not for the fact they were about to embark on a deadly mission that could wipe out the entire squadron... he wondered how she would perform once the going gets tough. "We can start right now if you are keen… I mean, we have a couple of hours before we arrive at the station for the supplies for the mission."

    ~~~ Hours later ~~~

    The transition into the region was smooth. But that’s not what jarred Wystari. The doughnut shape of the Lucrehulk that awaited them brought back a flood of memories. He had to resist the urge to power up shields and weapons and bring them in at full speed for an attack run. However, he was not at the controls this time, his new acting pilot was and the large freighter/warship had apparently been converted into a commercial vessel and been deemed a ‘friendly’. The IFF indicated it was the Otoh Gunga… whose owner must have a sense of irony to have it named after the famed Gungan city since the faction who owned that vessel class had attempted to wipe the Gungans out back before the Empire was established.

    How the times have changed.

    He shook his head at the question Nombunn had asked. “No, how about if I roll the r’s like so… ‘it is imperrr-ative that we arrre on schedule’…” His voice was more crisp, an air of aristocracy to it.

    That caused the Sullustan to chuckle and asked a query.

    “Yeah, you’re right, probably makes me sound like I’m from Eriadu… let’s try another accent… a bit more, northern quadrant…” This time he projected enthusiasm in his voice as he gave a hearty laugh. ‘Crea-shh-ion is an act of shheer will… and next time, it’ll be flawwless.’ Hmm… how did that sound?”

    Nombunn shrugged and pointed to the dashboard at the incoming transmission and mentioned he is about concentrating on the landing process.

    Wystari rolled his eyes. “Sure, sure. I’ll work it out later.” He was no closer working out the finer details of the persona for the mission and it was constantly on his mind, he wanted it perfect. The brainstorming session with Ms Quin was useful in that they were getting to know each other better and had eliminated a few possibilities. It was decided that once they seen the ‘costumes’ that were on offer for the performance, the rest should fall into place. Theoretically.

    He sighed and pursed his lips as permission was granted for landing. He pushed that from his mind as he focused on what Nombunn was doing.

    The approach was smooth, could be smoother but it was fine. Entering the cavernous hanger arm was something altogether and Nombunn had brought the Valkyria to the assigned landing zone and landed the ship with a small thud.

    “Not bad not bad… just ease up on the repulsars a tad slower so we don’t feel that drop.” He stood up and patted the Sullustan on the shoulder. “You be fine. We’ll bring you back a souvenir if we make it out alive.”

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    Jun 3, 2003
    IC, Amber Tehanis
    Corner of the Valkyria

    It was done and it matched. Having gathered all the outfits, she'd helped Ianna to distribute them and now she was sitting with her newly purchased sewing kit and the small amount of fabric alone in an alcove on the Valkyria. Amber was grateful her mother had taught her to hand sew as a child and right now the fabric sleeve she'd created to tie to her thigh would hold her weapon she had hidden in her duffel perfectly. The flow of the gown would cover it, she was sure as it was the prime reason she'd chosen a gown with such a flowing like fabric. Standing in the gown she lifted the skirts and deftly strapped the sleeve to her thigh, as tight as she could before reaching into her duffel and after a quick glance around to make sure she was alone, she pulled the weapon out. The slim lines of the hilt due to her grandmother being a smaller woman was a huge advantage. Standing she lifted the skirts again and slipped the cylindrical hilt into the sleeve and dropped the skirts again. There was no reflector but looking down at herself she could not see it and she allowed herself a small smile. If she was going to have an advantage, this was it.