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Discussion in 'Canada Discussion Boards' started by MarieM, Nov 26, 2003.

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  1. MarieM Jedi Youngling

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    Star Wars: Clone Wars is coming to Canada! Starting Jan. 3rd, TELETOON will broadcast the series Saturdays at 5pm(et/pt), leading into a CINETOON feature, and Mondays and Sundays at 9:30pm(et/pt) as a special KAPOW! presentation., more info you will find!
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    [link=]WooHoo![/link] :D
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    Having already seen it I can assure you folks that you won't be dissapointed. Has everyone kept themselves spoiler free by not watching them on the official Clone Wars section of the SW site?
  6. Qui-Dawn Jedi Knight

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    Why would anyone wait? After the tactics that were employed in preventing Canadian fans from watching the show to begin with, particularly with regards to the online fiasco - but also with the very apparent, distinct impression that only after all the Canadian SW fans were up in arms and howling for blood, did Teletoon finally clue in....taking such a clear lack of forethought and regard into account....I don't see why anyone would choose to wait on them. I was fortunate enough to have people help me out with viewing them online - and I am also very much waiting for the DVD release of the shorts, which will hopefully be much sooner rather than later. Now, with regards to the second batch of the CW shorts, airing in, I believe, the early would hope that Teletoon learned their lesson from this latest brouhaha....but I'll believe that when I see it.

    In the meantime, I wouldn't consider it any great wonder at all if people only continued to be wholly disenfranchised, mistrustful and confounded with the network, because after the run-around that we've already been given....well, it surely is a case of once-burned, forever-shy, I wouldn't doubt....and it may take a lot for people to forget the frustrations they suffered the first time around, or for them to otherwise feel appeased or content.

  7. Uilmuteiz RSA Emeritus

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    Back in 2002, there was this Special Star Wars Trailer that was going to be shown on FOX sadly, as Canadians, we didn't get to see it because of the CRTC regulations.

    long story short: it's about showing canadian commercials.

    Now did I stop watching Global for taking over the airs.. well I wasn't really watching it that much to begin with anyway so..

    Now Canada has granted us with a nation wide Cartoon station. Ever since they have been around, they have never listened to what us, fans, had to say.

    They show what will in the long term profit to people who can help them pay for their rent. (Mostly stuff (toys and plush) you can find @ WalMart....)

    So to go back to the Clone Wars, apparently, they had to wait for Cartoon Network to release the Clone Wars to whatever networks wanted to buy it.

    so the fault would be on Cartoon Network.

    But still, once again, we paid the price.

    and that's one of the reason I paid the 28.95 (taxes included) for the HyperSpace service.

    as for Teletoon, well I don't really care that much about the station itself, and to be quite honest, I'll keep on watching YTV on saturday morning.

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