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  1. JediFrankenstein Jedi Youngling

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    The Star Wars The Magic of Myth exhibit comes to the Toledo Museum of Art on Sunday, Aug. 5th. This is one of only 5 places in the US that the Exhibit travels to. It is not to be missed! Special guests over the 5 month course of the show will include Doug Chiang, Steve Sansweet, and David West Reynolds and they will be autographing and lecturing. I hope everyone makes the time to come to Toledo for this unique opportunity.
    Tickets are on sale NOW!

  2. Xmaveric Jedi Master

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    Thanks for the update, JF. Most of the South Bend Force have alread seen the MoM exhibit when it was in Chicago. I'm sure you will have a great time!
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    Don't forget your camera like I did. I brought my camera bag, but forgot the camera at home.
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