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    If there's anything I love about the development of any sort of media, be it a film or video game, it's how it's made. And the one thing I love msot that comes out of the production of a film is the concept art. It shows us what the artists have in their mind for the film, in the form of visual exhibition, and it comes out with amazing results. Post some of your favorite pieces of Star Wars concept art here.

    One of my personal favorites is this sandcrawler painting my Ralph McQuarrie.

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    I've always loved the vehicles designs used in Star Wars, but this painting just captures the calm essence of Tatooine, the twin moons, the rock mountains, and the sandcrawler laying there in the night while the two droids wobble away make for an interesting piece.
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    When it comes to SW concept art, there's Ralph McQuarrie's - and then there's the rest. Nothing against the likes of Joe Johnston, Nilo Rodis-Jamero and Doug Chaing, but McQuarrie will always be #1.

    I put this montage together a while back & had it printed to use as a backdrop for my McQuarrie collection of figures:


    There's heaps of concept art posted in these threads (and others here & there):

    It's all mixed in with various discussions, though, so couldn't hurt to start afresh with this thread & just repost the pics as needed.
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