Star Wars Custom Guild Logo- Presentation

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    Well, I cant edit the thread I started this on. so i got to add this one...

    Just finished this off some so it is more complete.
    See Wip images thread>>

    This is 100% 3d CG Cinema4d. ( includes the Footage )

    I was invited to what is now my 2nd Guild. Some saw my Cg Short Battlestar Apocalypse: The Battle Begins Pt.1
    (Full Length)

    Battlestar Apocalypse: The Battle Begins Pt.1


    Video Screens:



    Counterpoint Resistance
    See The Guild Logo in promotional type video animation. >>> HERE

    VIDEO ^^^^^^^^^^^^^WATCH^^^^^^^^

    I was asked if I could re do their existing logo.He gave me an image that he was using....


    Well, I couldn't clean it up enough in PS to get any good path selection to export or using the the fine tools that I am
    not real adept at anymore.So, I did a Point to Point Bezier to create the splines.

    I made 3 working images for him to look at...




    Well, I just started having ideas out the wahzoo! And had to act on some of it before I lost em... :)

    So, I used some of the footage from my (incomplete) Star Wars Action CG Short.
    This would be my first Star Wars stuff since joining SWTOR. Had not really done but 4-5 Shorts of SW's.

    "Too bad Imperial Army army@the sanctum, could have been your elitist logo had you not kik'd me from Last Shroud on 2nd try.

    Thank you for watching.....

    Model Mesh-Credits can be found on this video.....

    And if you missed the Video,here it is again

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