Star Wars Customizible Card Game by Decipher

Discussion in 'Games' started by JediMasterChiefYoda, Apr 17, 2013.

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    Now that Disney owns Star Wars, is there any chance that the SWCCG could be resurrected? The cards that come from Attack of the Clones of Revenge of the Sith would be pretty cool.
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    I don't really see that happening. If anything, a new card game will be designed, but even that is a stretch, in my mind. I'm not sure if Disney would view creating a trading card game as a priority.

    I really miss SWCCG and I wish Lucasfilm would have renewed Decipher's license back in 2001, rather than granting it to Wizards of the Coast (who went on and developed their own card game). I still have all my decks and cards, and play on occasion with some friends. The SWCCG community continues to exist though, with online player committees, new "virtual" decks, and tournaments and what not.
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    If you click on 'Cards' at the top of the thread list you can bring up all of the card threads. I'm pretty sure there have been a few about the virtual decks.