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    OOC: Sorry for the long wait.

    Veanor sighed slightly. "Go on and get it treated, alright?"

    Selena shook her head ?It?s not that bad. It just caught me by surprise.?

    She waved her hands around the ankles and with a pop, the ankles went back into place.


    Sheeal Barzak sensed something was wrong. He woke up from his bed. It seemed that his doctor had finished working on him and put him on his bed.

    ?Well he still has some use? Sheeal thought as he walked over to a communicator and pressed some buttons. Then he went back to sleep.

    Back to Vjun:

    Four vulture droids activated and sped out of Lord Shagrat?s personal hanger. They flew towards Bast Castle in attack position.

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