Hawaii Star Wars designer Iain McCaig lecture

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    Iain McCaig, Concept Designer for "Star Wars: Episodes I, II
    and III," will present the keynote address at the 30th annual
    CSA Symposium in Houston on May 26, 2004. The Houston
    Symposium Planning Committee invites you to join McCaig as
    he explains and shows his illustrations of the character and
    costume images he created for such Star Wars icons as Queen
    Amidala, Darth Maul and Anakin Skywalker. His designs began
    the creative process for these films even before the
    scripts were written. He has finished his design work on
    "Episode III," scheduled to be released in May 2005. An
    internationally known designer, McCaig's other principal
    design credits include Francis Ford Coppola's "Pinocchio"
    and Steven Spielberg's "Hook," plus "Terminator
    II," "Star
    Trek VI," "Dinotopia," "Sesame Street" and
    "The Young
    Indiana Jones Chronicles." He was recently approached to
    work on the next "Harry Potter" film.

    An internet search of "Iain McCaig" produces over 100
    articles about this multi-talented artist. KAY KING, Houston
    Symposium Co-coordinator, adds: "For our conference on 20th
    Century Design, CSA is proud to bring you the current
    concept/character/costume designer of 'Star Wars,' one of
    the 20th century's most legendary film series."
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    Thanks for the invite. :)
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