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Speculation Star Wars Episode 7 Plot Ideas

Discussion in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' started by DarthRuss, Oct 31, 2012.

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    If the Absentee Han Solo Dad card is played, I can see the younger Solo (daughter?) learning to love her old man, right before he has a heroic sacrifice to save all of their lives. And Ford only has to work in 1 movie!
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    I am fairly certain that at some point Luke will discover a "Vergence" in the force.

    I am positive before the end of IX somebody will free the slaves on Tattooine. (With or Without ghost Hayden)
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    Star Wars: Episode VII
    The Phantom Curse

    Finally, it is a time of peace. The forces of evil have been defeated. After the death of Emperor Palpatine, the New Republic forces, led by Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, have brought order to the galaxy one sector at a time. Sometimes defeating rogue Imperial Governors, and sometimes liberating planets from the rule of gangsters or the unchecked assaults of pirates. During this period of time, Luke Skywalker has encountered enough force sensitives to slowly but surely reestablish the Jedi Order, which now comprises twelve masters and twenty knights, each knight with their own apprentice. 52 Jedi in total.

    The episode opens with quick space battle, where a small number of Republic forces, which includes one Star Defender (formerly a destroyer) and squad of X-Wings (they are sleeker than before and painted a solid silver/gray color reminiscent of Padme's ship in the PT), which are flown by Jedi. They easily defeat a larger group of clunky pirate ships and old Tie-Fighters.

    The battle takes place over a gray planet in the outer rim which we have never seen before (the primary color of Middonne is gray, due to the intense winds which never stop throwing the detritus of rare minerals and spices into the air). Middonne has been under the control of an old Imperial Admiral Zel wanted for war crimes. His forces are a mix of imperial troops and pirates, who he pays to supplement his forces and to run illegal goods to fund is war chest.

    A small Republic task force (14 members) emerges like a group of vague shadows out of the gray wind. Although everyone is masked, we hear the voice of Han Solo say, "I don't suppose this plan of attack includes an actual attack anytime soon? And what about a target? Does anyone in charge here know where the hell we are?" Luke Skywalker calmly responds, "We're here now," and we see his green lightsaber erupt, bringing a bright glow of light to the dull grayness. Luke stabs the blade down into the rocky ground and cuts a large swath of rock away, revealing a tunnel. The group, composed mainly of Jedi Masters, but also of General Solo and Chewbacca, enter the hole and disappear into the underground structure, the hidden base of Admiral Zel.

    The group is stealthy, and with the help of the Jedi, they're able to move past Zel's security cameras and sensors fairly easy, until a small hatch opens and a cleaning droid the size of a bug, which looks like a cockroach, rolls out and begins shrieking in a loud techno voice. Before the Jedi can react, Chewbacca smashes the droid with his foot, prompting Han to remark,"Well, at least we finally found our target. I was starting to think this is just another abandoned station---" Luke interrupts Han by raising his hand. "Duck," he says. "Right now."

    Lasers begin flying, and Han and Chewie fall behind the Jedi, who are able to block most of the blasts. The battle is short and sweet; the Jedi make short work of Zel's ragtag force, and soon the Admiral is in their hands.The Admiral is a fairly pathetic yet mean looking old man. This suggests how creaky the end of Imperial resistance has become.

    The Republic forces return to Coruscant for a celebration that marks the defeat of the last remaining Imperial rebels.

    During the celebration, we meet the son and daughter of Han and Leia, Pax (Paxan Organa Solo) and Nab (Naberrie Organa Solo) and also, the son of Luke Skywalker, Owen Ben Skywalker. All three of them are complaining amongst themselves about being left out of the Assault on Middonne; they all had to stay on board the Star Defender to observe the mission from afar. Pax and Nab are more annoyed than Owen because they're younger (late teens) and still apprentices while he's in his late twenties and a fully-fledged Jedi Knight (Pax is his apprentice). Also with them are Crisanda Calrissian (late teens), Lando's daughter, also an apprentice, as well as her Master, a light green male Twi'lek Jedi called Zeznin Ransor, and Nab's Master, an Ithorian Jedi named Plas Limoth.

    As usual, Nab, who is more like her father Han than her mother Leia (her brother Pax is more like Leia), is making the loudest complaint about being sidelined, and also as usual, Master Limoth, a calm and wise Jedi, is left to the task of calming his fiery apprentice. Also, unlike the rest, Nab is the only one not dressed for the occasion; while the others are formally dressed, she is wearing her pilot garb, which is reminiscent of something Han might have worn during his smuggling days, but with more of a punk rock gist. Her hair is also wild in the front but really long in the back, falling all the way to her lower back.

    The group is sitting at a table eating a variety of bizarre foods. Nab is just picking at what's on her plate. "Can I ask why we're sitting on our butts eating this fancy junk when we could be out, I don't know -- saving something? I'd be getting more accomplished if I was being sucked on by a Mynock."

    "Nab," says Master Limoth, "since we're celebrating the end of a long, hard fought peace, perhaps you could indulge us with a few moments of peace from your long-fighting mouth?"

    Nab is struck silent from the joke from her master who rarely indulges in humor.

    "May the force be with you, Master Plas," says Pax, barely holding his laughter back. "The last time Nab was this quiet dad had a bottle of Zoc milk nose bomb her mouth.

    Owen says, "Easy, Pax. I can remember when you were being milk-bombed too. Quiet, now, your mother's up on the vid-screen."

    Up on a huge vid-screen, Leia Organa Solo begins a speech from the Senate chamber. She talks about everything that's been lost and regained with the defeat of the Empire. Applause fills the chamber when she's done, but after she leaves the podium, Han guides her urgently into a room where a group of Republic generals and Jedi Masters, including Luke Skywalker, sit around a long table. A hologram is playing in the middle of the table. The holo is of a Corellian military leader, who is reporting that a mysterious squadron of ships they've never seen before has easily destroyed their defenses and is now devastating their major cities of industrial production. As he's speaking, a group of masked warriors can be seen surrounding him, and cutting him down with red lightsabers. The surprise and shock in the room is palpable.

    Back at the celebration, Owen Ben Skywalker seems to sense something amiss. When Pax and Nab ask him what's going on, he simply waves them off, as though he's having a vision. Then he says, "It's too late. Corellia will be destroyed. Coruscant will be next."
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    The scene shifts to Corellia now, and to the leader of the Sith army, a Sith Pure Blood, who goes by the title of Darth Sanguinus. He's in his private spaceship which looks like a sharp black blade. In his hand is a black Sith holocron that houses a kyber crystal. From the holocron appears a hologram of a cloaked figure, known only as Darth Infernus. Darth Sanguinus is reporting on the results of the battle so far: "It is as you have foreseen. The engine of the Republic burns." Darth Infernus replies, "Leave the planet as the Jedi left your people. Leave them nothing but ash." "I will only have justice when Coruscant resembles a flame," says Darth Sanguinus, and as if in response, the image of Darth Infernus begins to fade away, and as it fades away, we hear laughter.

    On Coruscant, the Republic leadership and military meets with the Jedi Council. The President of the Republic, Sans Phileaben, a human male, is listening to a plan of attack from some generals, who caution against a quick response to the apparent Sith forces on Corellia, whose technology seems too far advanced for a direct engagement yet. Their weaponry is too powerful for any Republic shields, and they quickly turned the Corellian fleet into, literally, flame, ash, and smoke. The questioning quickly turns to Master Skywalker, as the Republic leadership is angry and scared that such a powerful force could have remained hidden from the Jedi. Before Skywalker can respond, the meeting is interrupted by a transmission from Darth Sanguinus. No one recognizes his Sith Pureblood species, as they had been destroyed thousands of years ago by the old Jedi Order, and the records of their existence and genocide expunged. The Sith Purebloods were the home species to the planet Korriban, a planet so strong in the darkside of the Force that the old Jedi Order deemed its existence an anathema to the lightside and, upon finding that the Sith Pureblood were all naturally born with powerful force abilities, determined their destruction, including women and children and those who had no rigorous training in the Force. However, although the Jedi thought them gone, a few renegade Jedi, some of the original practitioners of the Dark Side, helped the species escape to the abandoned ice planet Ziost, another powerful darkside world, and they resettled in secret, and grew strong.

    Darth Sanguinus begins delivering an ultimatum. "I will offer you the chance for life that you forbade my people. You will avoid annihilation if you disarm the Jedi and hand them over to us, in chains." A murmur runs through the Republic leadership and Jedi. "You must answer now." "I'm sorry," Sans Phileaben says, "but we do not respond to threats and terror. We--" Before Sans Phileaben can finish his thought, Darth Sanguinus gestures towards him, and blood begins to leak from his eyes, nose, and mouth. Slowly at first, then horrifyingly quick. Within just a few minutes, his body is fully drained of blood. The hologram of Darth Sanguinus fades out.
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    Yeah I'm not sure if I like the idea of another Immaculate Birth but I think that there would have to be something important about his true parents. I thought it could be something like Vader killed the boys parents and Luke felt guilty so took him as his own son. I also think it could be an interesting twist if the apprentice of the main villain is actually Luke's son's biological brother. I'm just making this up as I go but I think twin brothers, one raised by the main hero and the other the main villain, on opposite sides of the conflict could be something fun to watch.
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    Edit for page 1: "May the force be with you, Master Plas," says Pax, barely holding his laughter back. "The last time Nab was this quiet dad had a bottle of Zoc milk [dive] bomb her mouth.


    After the body of Sans Phileaben has been taken away, the Republic leadership and Jedi Council restart their meeting:

    "Well, that was pretty," Han Solo says. Chewbacca grunts with Wookie laughter. Han continues: "What do we call this guy, Darth Bloodus? Hey, Luke, I thought the Sith were gone -- where'd did this guy come from?"

    Luke, who has been in deep meditation, with his eyes closed, opens them and says: "The presence of this Sith is unlike anything I sensed in Vader or the Emperor. He has no lust for personal power. He is driven by an injustice so great, so ancient and hidden, only absolute destruction can satisfy him."

    "Yeah," Han says, "'his people, his people.' I heard him; whatever the hell it all means."

    "Luke," says Leia, "do you have any idea who he's referring to? It sounds as though he's accusing us of genocide."

    "Better yet," Han says, "do we have any idea what to do? Judging from Mr. Angry's temperament, we don't have a lot of time."

    "There is no time for evacuation," says a Quarren Republic General. "Our only choice is to bolster our local forces and make a stand. A call has already been placed for reinforcements, but they will likely arrive too late."

    "No," Luke says, "the Jedi will buy Coruscant the time it needs for evac."

    "What do you mean, Luke?" says Leia, a worried expression darkening her face. "You don't intend to face the Sith alone?"

    A sly yet serious smile spreads across Luke's face. "We won't face them at all. We're going to hand ourselves over."

    The scene shifts to a landing pad and the Millennium Falcon, which looks exactly as we remember it from the original trilogy. Chewbacca and Han Solo are working on some internal pre-flight repairs when Pax, Nab, Crisanda, and Owen arrive and find Luke and Leia arguing over Luke's plan of action. R2-D2 and C3PO are also there (and they were with the younger Jedi earlier at the Celebration).

    "Han, aren't you going to tell your brother-in-law how deluded his plan is?" Leia says.

    "I gave up giving Jedi Masters advice a long time ago. But she's right, Luke. This is a suicide mission," says Han.

    "Father," says Owen, "Your reasoning is sound. Perhaps this is the only way to save Coruscant. Perhaps it's the only way to learn the Sith's true motives. But I feel sure that they intend to slay you; to slay us all. I have foreseen that Coruscant will fall, and that any Jedi that remain will perish. Won't you consider coming with us? We may be able to learn how to defeat them, in time."

    "I know what to do," says Nab. "Let us stay and fight with you. If we stick together, we'll cream 'em good, just like we always do."

    "No way, Nab," Pax says. "These guys are crazy. Owen's right: we need to figure their tech out. There isn't anything we can't beat with time."

    C3PO interrupts: "Master Pax, the odds of escaping the Sith long enough to develop a shield technology capable of defending against their superior weaponry is one million two hundred and five thousand to one." R2 tweets a worried tweet.

    "Goldenrod is right for once, Luke," Han says, evoking a look of surprise from everyone, including Luke and 3PO. "Let's handle this like old times. And run."

    "No. The Council and I must stay behind. I sense there is a great wrong in our past that has been hidden from us, a curse that we have brought on ourselves. Only a dialogue with the Sith can show us how to make reparations. We will engage them long enough to secure the evacuation." Luke turns to face his son. "Owen, the future of the Jedi rests in your hands. Follow the plan as we discussed, and safeguard your apprentices. If we fall here on Coruscant, you will be our final hope."
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    Tribbles with lens flares.
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    Someone with "unlimited power!!! "
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    Here's an idea: remember at the end of Return of the Jedi when Luke through his lightsaber away? What if at that point he was trying to say "no more warfare, no more weapons. we should just be peaceful people" and therefore at the beginning of Episode VII Luke's new Jedi Order does not have lightsabers because he seriously thought they would never be needed again.

    But then, a new evil shows up so Luke has to take his new wave of Jedi to that ice temple on Ilum to get crystals so that he can teach them how to make lightsabers. We've never seen how lightsabers are built in movies so that'll be something new for most audiences and also the absence of lightsabers in the beginning of the film will cause some cool suspense. It'll leave audiences waiting for that awesome moment when they finally see the first new lightsaber go on.

    One of the major issues with the prequels was that they all had too many lightsabers. It got boring after a while and the tension died out. It even gave some people headaches.
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    The Jedi were passive enough in PT as it is, making them even more passive sounds like a poor idea. Luke should know better than that.
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    The Jedi should fight evil with the power of love and prayer!
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    Okay, you make a good point.

    Ironic, though, how the Jedi were "passive" in the prequels yet they pulled out a lightsaber in, like, every other scene. What made lightsabers so special in the original trilogy was that they were rarely used so whenever they were pulled out it was kinda tense. Even if my "no lightsaber policy" is stupid, they should still be used rarely in VII to maintain their novelty, me thinks.
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    I can agree with that one, I'm hoping no one ignites a saber for at least 30 minutes or so in the first movie. When it ignites for the first time on the big screen after a decade, the audience will probably cheer their lungs out.
    Me included.
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    I feel like the audience will cheer their lungs out for a lot of things.

    When Luke, Han, Leia, Chewy, R2, 3PO and the Falcon are all seen again...yeah...expect some loud roars. Same goes for the opening crawl.
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    Maybe the audience will have Tourette's and cheer at every random moment?
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    Episode VII

    The Empire has been defeated & a New Republic has been formed. However the scars of the Empire & the decades of war remain. There has been a backlash against the notion of the Force from within the political sphere & the wider population. The rise of Palpatine, Vader & even going back to the Clone Wars & Dooku are all portrayed as a result of the infighting & corruptibility of Force users, namely the Jedi & the Sith. The claim is they are too powerful & even Jedi were shown to be seduced by this power. After Palpatine the New Republic leaders are paranoid about a powerful Force user ever holding a position of influence again. Despite the objections of a minority including Leia, it is decided not to reinstate the Jedi Order as protectors. Due to these fears it is hoped by many that the Force will fade out of all knowledge & existence.

    Despite these developments, Luke was determined to carry out Yoda's charge of passing on his knowledge of the Force. However he could not do so within the Republic. Though greatly saddened by this "new world" he decides to respect the law & leaves the boundaries of the Republic. He establishes a base at a far off remote location. He takes on an apprentice, maybe a few.

    Cutting to the chase, when an old Imperial bad guy shows up with the former Imperial fleet (& a Sith or some nasty old Jedi) the New Republic is quickly overwhelmed. They soon realise that aided by the Dark Side this isn't an enemy they can hope to defeat via conventional means. Eventually the Republic appeals to Luke & co to save the day. An emissary is sent to him asking for help, maybe Han with Chewie. To up the personal motivation for Luke I'd have the bad guys either capture or kill Leia. That ought to fire him up. Another thought, perhaps the bad guys then publicly discredit Luke by revealing he is the son of Vader.

    Any good?
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    Star Wars Episode VII

    Rise Of A New Dawn

    it has been 40's years since the destruction of the second death star and fall of emporer palpatine , darth vader and the empire,

    The construction of a new New Republic has been completed and Princess Leia Has Become A Senator

    former commander and now jedi mentor luke skywalker has restarted his own jedi academy on the planet of yavin 4.

    A Search Team lead by lando calrissian Has Unearthed a Unkown Pyramid/Monolith On One of The Former Imperial Outpost Planets wich is dated to be over 5000 years And A New Evil Awaits.
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    Since the OT often gets compared to WWII, the ST could look to the Cold War for inspiration.
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    I'm thinking of an even more modern comparison to a more sinister enemy whose similarity might be seen as controversial, stemming from a galactic realignment resulting from the defeat of the Empire.

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    Here's my synopsis.

    Star Wars: Episode VII — A New Threat

    It is a time of despair. After many years of fragile peace, a newly established Empire has somehow taken over a vast quadrant of the Galaxy.

    In order to restore the old Empire to its former glory, the New Emperor has declared war on all the seditious worlds who have refused to submit to his rule.

    In hopes of finding out who this new threat is, and against orders that prohibit them from engaging this new enemy, a small group of Jedi have travelled to the outer rim to investigate an enormous traffic of cloned slaves....


    A small craft arrives in the Aquilae solar system and heads for its primary planet. Its crew notices large barge ships coming and going from the surface of the sixth planet, which confirms the highly priced information they paid for was correct. Rumors of slave clone trafficking are being spread throughout the Galaxy. The Jedi's ship is a small freighter class designed to hold a small crew. Two of the crew members are the Jedi trained son and daughter of Han and Leia - the twins Jacen and Jaina Solo. The other two are new characters - one a tall and handsome male human named Aden Moonshadow, and the other one is called Raki, a medium sized, wiry male from a scaly and cold-blooded alien race not commonly seen in the galaxy. Like the Solo twins, both are skilled Jedi warriors, although not as experienced as the former. See Threepio and Artoo Deetoo, who were given to the Solo twins as gifts when they first became teenagers, tag along on all their missions.

    After taking many precautions, they manage to land on the surface of this world in the cover of darkness without incident. There they find thousands of clone slaves mining a strange mineral, and hundreds of vessels transporting the mined cargo onto the space barges that were coming and going out of the system.

    After seperating in twos and searching the mining base for some time, one of the Jedi teams (Jaina and Aden) start bickering with each other about what to do next and are soon discovered by patrolling security forces . Radioing to the other two-man team to leave, they make an attempt to return to their ship. Only Jacen Solo and the other young alien Jedi make it back to the ship. The other two Jedi, Jaina Solo and Aden fight their way out and managed to get to the surrounding mountain side — to stay hidden from the scouting air patrols and to signal for Jacen to leave with the little information they've discovered. Jacen and Raki both manage to escape, but not before the ship takes heavy damage from cannon fire — enough to force it to crash land in a nearby system.

    Meanwhile on Coruscant, Leia Organa Solo meets with the new senator of Chandrila. Senator Hehtra thanks all who have voted for him and excuses himself and everyone with him when he sees Han Solo enter the room to meet with his wife. Han notices the group leaving and makes a comment to Leia about Hehtra always creeps him out. When he sees everyone has left, Han Solo informs his wife that Jacen and Raki are stuck on some remote planet, and that Jaina and Aden were left behind on some mining base in the outer rim. He was assured that their daughter is still alive, but she's hiding somewhere near the mining installation. He also mentions that they've uncovered what is happening on this mining base that they left to investigate. Frustrated at her kids for going off without the consent of the Senate, Leia tells her husband that they should send word to her brother, so he knows what's going on, too. But before they leave for Luke's refuge, Han advises sending a message to his old friend Lando, so they can use his expertise in metallurgy.

    Luke Skywalker, now an old Jedi Master, lives in seclusion by choice on some mountain covered outer rim system moon. A moon he calls Sanctum. Having no contact with the outside worlds, his family are the only ones who know where he is. Han and Leia, with their old friend Chewbacca, arrive on the Falcon to meet with Luke at his tree-covered hidden abode. Old and tired, a disheveled looking man uncovers his hooded head to greet his family as they land near his home. After a short greeting, they enter Luke's adobe. When inside, Leia tells Luke about what the young Jedi have uncovered and tries to convince Luke to help. Luke reluctantly agrees, but only because he will do it for his family and the young Jedi that he trained, and not for the New Republic that he no longer believes in - mostly because the Senate has accepted this New Empire as a legitimate monarchy and will do nothing to oppose it. Luke insists on making haste, as he senses his nephew and friend are in danger too if they don't get there in time. They send another private message to Lando just before they leave.

    On the mining base a small shuttle arrives. As the ramp lowers, a huge, dark robed and black armored human shape quickly strides down it, with a small gray armored escort in tow, and continues toward the entrance of the main facility. Nothing can be seen to make out who this giant is as the two remaining hidden Jedi stay in the shadows of a cliff face. Jaina and Aden are amazed at the size of the man. The leading member of his welcoming committee had held his throat before collapsing to his death when the giant man walked by him. Jaina and Aden both look at each other with the look of apprehension. Could this be a Sith Lord?

    In a corner of one of the Core World's solar systems, Lando Calrissian, business man and risk taker, owns one of the richest mining companies in the galaxy. He tries to get his son to be more involved in the family business, so one day he could take over, but Rand Calrissian, who regardless has a genius IQ and can be an asset to his father's company, has no desire to be a businessman like his father. Rand and his two high spirited friends - a human female named Kes Daro, and a human male named Deak Starblazer- are only interested in seeing the galaxy and what it has to offer for excitement.

    Intercepting and reading the decrypted holo message from Han and Leia before his father read it, the young trio agree to set out and find out what this new mineral is — hoping to beat the incompetent Jedi from finding out what it is first - and to hopefully sell the information to the New Republic for a hefty price, too. Plus, Deak would do anything to see Jaina again, and Rand and Kes both know that. Rand thinks the Jedi and the Force are overrated, which is why they got caught, but Deak could care less of what his friends think. Lando reads the message on his comm desk and discovers too late that his son and two friends had already left. Frustrated, he decides to leave for Luke's sanctuary, anyway.

    On the mining world, Jaina and Aden (after more bickering and the latter's insistence that they learn more) decide to find out who this dark robed person is and make an another attempt to infiltrate the facility. They make their way into the complex and cut down guards that got in their way with their lightsabers, but this time they get caught by dozens of gray armored troops and brought into a confinement room of some sort. In binders made of material they've never seen before, they wait for the unknown.

    In hyperspace, Lando receives the transmission from his friends to meet them over the world where Jacen's ship crashed. His son, Rand, who also has the decrypt code for any of his father's communiques, tells his friends that they have to make haste in getting to this mining base as soon as they get to the system.

    On the Falcon, Han tells his family that they're nearing the system where Jacen and Raki are marooned on. Scanning for their distress signal, a screeching radio transmission by Threepio informs the Falcon's crew that they need immediate help. A group of hostile indigenes have surrounded their ship and are attacking them. The Falcon flies down and retrieves the two Jedi and two droids. And with some lightsaber action from Luke and Leia, and fine shooting from Han, they manage to escape without anyone being wounded. Once they're aboard and heading for Aquilae, Artoo beeps an insult at Threepio for failing to communicate with the savage natives, and the latter voices an insulting retort at his counterpart droid.

    Meanwhile, in the mining base of Aquilae lights come on in the Jedi's prison cell and a squad of gray armored troops enter the room and spread out in two lines of six at opposite sides of the door. At this moment an eight foot tall, black cloaked and helmeted figure comes in and stands in front of his captives - a hilt of an ancient lightsaber is visible on his belt. Fastened to the other side of his belt, the hilts of their own weapons can be seen, too. When the Dark Lord pressed a button on his wrist to retract his black masked helmet, the Jedi can see that he's of a race that hasn't been seen in a thousand years. Sith yellow eyes and blood red skin gave this huge being an ominous appearance. His huge frame, hairless head, bony wide brow and clipped skin tusks that ran straight from his cheeks and down along his double spiked chin made him everything but human. He was surely of the pure blood race called the Sith that had died off in numbers thousands of years in the past, with only a few thousand surviving and then dying off in the great war with the Sith Lords a millenium ago. After studying his prisoners for some time, he questions them. And after they refuse to answer why they've come, he orders them taken to his ship.

    Rand and his crew arrive in the Aquliae system and search for where the mining base is located, but see nothing going on — no ships can be seen coming or going now. But instead of leaving, Rand insists on searching the mountainous regions on the surface of the planet. When still no signs of civilization are reported on the scanners, Kes and Deak grow bored and insist on leaving. But Rand knows they weren't duped in going there, despite what his friends think, and flys the ship closer to a large cluster of mountains. And as he did so, they discover that the region was covered with some type of undetectable camo-net technology that surrounds the miles long mining complex.

    Inside the fortressed facility, the dark cloaked figure is conferring with his master via a hologram. The visage of this image that's projected above the cloaked man is the same as his servant's, but extremely old looking. The cloaked figure informs his master that the base has been discovered and suggests an abandon and destroy solution to the problem. He also tells him that he has two Jedi Knights in captivity. The Sith Master, called Darth Magnus, orders his servant to initiate the plan, but informs him that he would be sending the other Dark Lords to assist in the evacuation and protection of the remaining cargo cruisers. When the image fades out and the Dark Lord, Darth Nimbus, is left alone, sirens start to blare, notifying all in the complex that there's an intruding vessel in the vicinity.

    High above, but close enough to see, Rand and his copilots notice the two Jedi in binders being lead to a ship. As the two Jedi are being escorted across a landing platform to the Dark Lord's shuttle, a volley of blaster shots fire from Rand's ship and take out most of the captives' escort party. The remaining troops fire a vicious attack back at the intruding ship and damage the only two cannon wells that it had.

    Aden, who's bound with binders like his fellow Jedi, Jaina, uses the Force to Force Push his assailants off the walkway and down into the chasm below — or to guide his wrists in the path of one of the armored trooper's blaster fire that was now directed at him. The blaster bolts bounce off and back to their original path, taking out the trooper who fired at him. He's astonished to learn that the wrist binders have no scorch marks from the blast. Jaina ran for cover under the shuttle, but not before Force pushing or kicking some of the troops off of the platform, too. One of the blasts from the troopers had hit her leg before she finished them off.

    When the smoke cleared and there were no more troops left, the rescuers' ship came down to land. But this time, the double doors to the platform opened up and out strode the Dark Lord, Darth Nimbus. Rand and his shipmates look on in amazement, wondering who it is.

    Knowing the rescue ship wouldn't come in close enough for them to board on time, Aden runs over to stall the Sith Lord long enough for Jaina to board. The tall Dark Lord ignites his lightsaber and slashes at the young Jedi. Aden, knowing somewhat the properties of the metal binders, uses them to deflect the red blade as it comes crashing down on his bracelets. And as guessed, the binders withstood the impact of the energy blade. Jaina tries to persuade Aden to run to the ship, but he tells her to get on the ship first. She does so, but only because her leg was wounded and Deak and Kes had to drag her in. As the ship's shields take more pounding from reinforcement troops pouring onto the platform and turret cannons from high above , Rand decides to leave the other Jedi behind — thinking the remaining Jedi's hide wasn't worth risking his own life for. Jaina is devastated that Aden was left for dead.

    The Millenium Falcon and Lando's ship, The Lady Luck, arrive in the Aquilae system just in time to see Rand's ship limping for space. Lando tries to convince his son to stay and help, but he tells his father that he wants no more part in it now — hoping to fly back to a safe system to get repairs done to his precious ship. Lando signs off in frustration. Han tells Lando to let it go, and asks him to stay in orbit to cover their escape. Lando agrees to stay put, but chooses to hide behind the tiny nearby moon in case there was incoming trouble.

    As the Falcon approaches the surface, Han and Chewbacca notice there aren't any signs of civilization anywhere. Luke and Leia stretch out with the Force and feel the presence of many lifeforms in the region of the clustered mountains. They convince Han that it must be some type of camo shield that hides the mining base. Han and Chewie reluctantly agree to fly into one of the mountain sides, and breathed a sigh of relief when they discovered it was just a technological trick to fool any onlooker.

    Once the Falcon penetrated the camo shield, cannons on one of the facility's turrets started firing at the new arrivals. As they fly over one of the landing platforms, Luke notices that Aden is being escorted to a nearby shuttle, with a huge black cloaked figure in tow. like Jaina and Aden had done themselves before, Luke and Leia look at each other in apprehension. Jacen voices their theory out loud so all could hear, asking if that is a Sith Lord.

    Luke tells Han to drop him down on the landing platform, but Leia insists on going, too. The Falcon lands near the shuttle as the underbelly blaster starts firing at the troops on the walkway. Luke and Leia exit the Falcon's ramp and run over to free Aden from his captors. Han waits at the bottom of the ramp. Jacen and Raki, who were both ordered to stay aboard and man the gun wells, decide to help their elders anyway. They run past Han and towards the battle that will ensue. Han, aggravated, yells up into the ship to tell Chewie to cover the ramp and runs after the young Jedi to make sure they get back. As they run across the platform, more armored troops arrive to support their Sith Lord.

    The Sith Lord stops and orders all of his men to not to fire on the oncoming intruders. Luke tells the Sith Lord to free his captive, but the Sith refuses, and orders all the Jedi to surrender instead. Luke telepathically informs Aden to Force push all the troops that surround him, and informs the other Jedi to retreat once he engages the Sith Lord. The Sith senses what is about to happen and orders his men to kill them all.

    The battle begins, and Luke Skywalker and the Sith Lord fight toe to toe with each other. Whenever he got an opening strike with his lightsaber, Luke noticed the blade would just glance off of the Sith Lord's armor without harming its wearer. As Leia runs over to cover Aden's retreat, Han starts blasting at the remaining troops picking themselves up. Jacen and Raki started cutting down armored troops with their lightsabers until all were down. When they saw that many more were coming to reinforce the dead troops lying all around them, Leia orders them to retreat.

    Luke, knowing that the only chance of escape was to stay behind and stall the Sith Lord and his forces, uses his lightsaber and the Force to split the walkway bridge that would seperate the Dark Lord and his troops from his family and friends, but also leaving him to his fate as well. Turning to Leia, he smiles an assurance that he will meet all of them again. Seeing what this Jedi Master was doing, the Sith Lord tries to run back across the walkway and to safety, but not before he cut down the old Jedi. The Jedi watch in horror as Luke disappears from the killing blow. As the dozens of troops on the bridge walkway fell to their deaths, the Sith Lord had managed to leap back across in time and strode back into the mining complex and out of sight.

    Luke's family runs back to the Falcon and see Chewie shooting cover fire at the pursuing troops from the bottom of the ramp. When all were aboard, Han and Chewie quickly punched the controls of their ship and headed to high orbit as fast as they could, but not before Jacen and Raki, in the Falcon's gunports, took out the Sith Lord's shuttle sitting nearby.

    As Lando sits and hides behind the rocky moon, a large vessel enters the system and heads for the planet of Aquilae. A whole squad of starfighters exits the ship and flys escort for a sleek looking shuttle that also drops down from its underbelly. Seeing that his friends are in trouble and that he can't make radio contact with them, he decides to send a coded transmission to an old friend in the New Republic.

    On the bridge of the large vessel, the Dark Lords, Darth Venger and Darth Sear, look out to see the small squad of ships descending toward the world below. A bridge officer walks up to the Sith Lords and tells them they've picked up an unidentified ship's presence leaving the planet. They order the ship's captain to get ready to use the tractor beam. The New Imperial fighter escort splits in half - six still running escort and descending down with Darth Bale's shuttle to Aquilae's surface, and the other six forming up behind the Millenium Falcon to give chase.

    Down below in the mining base, the Dark Lord called Darth Nimbus senses one of his fellow Dark Lords will be arriving soon. He orders his men to begin the evacuation of his remaining forces and the activation of the base's self destruct mechanism. One of the clone slaves overhears the orders.

    As the Falcon screeches for outer space, the New Imperial vessel's tractor beam starts to track and lock onto the Corellian's freighter. Han curses their bad luck and shuts down his ship. Everyone in the main cabin shakes out of the mourning of Luke to gather their thoughts about what they're going to do next, while Artoo uses one of his tools to unlock Aden's binders. Aden tells everyone about the Dark Lord that killed Luke, and that he looks like he might be of the Sith race that died off centuries ago. But at this time, as Leia reminds them, it doesn't matter who they are, since they will be captured soon. Jacen (remembering what his father and uncle had told him about the great Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and how he saved them once) comes up with a plan. Han reminds him that tricks like that only work once, but reluctantly agrees.

    Down on Aquilae the evacuation had begun. After hearing what one of their own said about the orders to destroy the facilities, the clone slaves revolt and make a run for it to save their lives from the destruction of the mining base, but many are gunned down before they reached the exterior. Some show compassion for their brethren and stayed behind to find how to stop the self destruct mechanism from blowing up and killing all the slaves that are still deep down in the mining complex.

    The Sith Lord, Darth Sear, along with dozens of armored troops, wait for the Falcon to be pulled in through the landing port. As the ship's walk ramp is lowered, and its crew disembarks, New Imperial troops run up into the Falcon to search and scan for any more passengers. The crew of the Falcon stare in amazement at the size of this Dark Lord, too. Who are these people, and where did these beings come from is all they can wonder, for their situation was pretty grave at the moment. After searching the ship for some time, the troop leader descends the walk ramp and reports that no one else is on board. Darth Sear orders the captives to be searched for any hidden weapons before being wrist bound and taken to the vessel's stockade.

    Still trying to get into hyperspace, Rand's ship continues to have problems. Jaina, now freed of her binders by Deak's skill in picking locks, tries to convince Deak and Kes to return to Aquilae and help his family. Deak, being highly infatuated with Jaina, agrees to it and tells Rand to head back. Hearing his father's frantic coded transmission that was sent to a New Republic official, and worrying about his father's bad predicament of maybe getting caught too, he decides to give in and help her.

    High over Aquilae the first of the last remaining cargo ships head for deep space. The Dark Lord, Darth Venger looks out the viewport at the tiny rock moon over the planet, sensing something there. Just then, a large squad of x-wing fighters enter the scene. Darth Venger orders his captain to send out a flight of star fighters of their own to intercept.

    Meanwhile, hidden in one of the Falcon's secret compartments, the cold blooded Raki and the two shut down droids avoid detection. After sensing no one else is on board, Raki decides to make his move. He uses the Force to bring Artoo and Threepio up from the same storage compartment that he hid in. Artoo and Threepio are reactivated so they can be of help, too. Sensing that there's no one nearby, except for the occasional maintenance personnel or droid passing by, the young Jedi carefully searches the area for any computer terminals. He sees one and runs back in to tell the droids. Threepio objects, thinking they'll be caught and that he and Artoo will be melted down. Raki tells Threepio that he doesn't need him but only Artoo to go down and plug into the ship's computer. Like always, Artoo obliges. After quietly skittering across the hangar, tapping the computer's terminal for information to the whereabouts of the tractor beam and the location of the stockade, and skittering back to the Falcon, Raki inputs the info onto a data pad and sets out carefully to find both.

    On the Republic Cruiser the Defiant, Admiral Wedge Antilles stares across to the Sith Cruiser as it ran cover for the cargo ships leaving the system. A swarm of fighters had been dispatched from its docking bay and engaged the X-Wing squadron that was released by his ship. Lando's incoming transmission could be heard over his comm telling Wedge to cripple and capture one of the ships before they leave the system. In spite of the dangers inherent in coming to Aquilae, Lando thanks his old friend for showing up on time and knows that he and his crew getting involved here would definitely get him court martialed. Wedge shrugs it off and acknowledges what has to be done. He orders his crew to begin attacking one of the cargo freighters. But as the ship traverses to make its attack run, the Sith battle cruiser began its counter attack that would distract the Republic Admiral from engaging the ore freighter.

    Raki finds the tractor beam control system deep in the ship, but not too far down that he wasn't able to sleek in and out of the rooms of the ship and risk the chance of being discovered before getting to his friends in the stockade. As they waited in the cell, Han and Chewie sat and talked about Luke, and all the good times they had together despite the last ten years of the old man's reclusion. Just then Jacen senses someone coming, and stretches out with the Force to see who it is. Raki; he was sure of it. After a quick dispatch of the guards, Raki greets his captive friends through the view glass window and frees them — glad that they were freed of binders before being thrown in the cell. He hands them all their lightsabers that he carried in with him. Han is amazed that Jacen's plan had worked and pats his son on the back for it. Leia, who knows time is of the essence, reminds his family that they need to go. Han picks up a dead trooper's rifle and tells Raki to lead the way. Chewie and Leia grab a blaster, also.

    Returning to the Aquilae system, Rand sees the battle unfolding in front of his eyes and wonders what they're going to do now. Jaina insists that they need to get in contact with his father. Lando responds and tells his son that since the Republic cruiser and its X-Wings were preoccupied, they have to find a way to capture one of the cargo ships, but to make sure they keep it intact. Rand, knowing that the cargo ship isn't a warship, comes up with an idea and tells everyone about it.

    The Republic Cruiser takes heavy hits before returning a full barrage onto the Sith Vessel. As seconds tick by and the Defiant looks as if it's about to lose the face off, Wedge calls for a retreat. Lando, seeing that the Sith Cruiser was indeed a powerful vessel, calls in for help from the New Republic, but is harshly declined. Feeling bad for getting his friend and his men involved in this mess, and knowing there wasn't any other way to save Wedge and the three hundred man crew of the Defiant, he sets on a collision course towards the Sith vessel's bridge.

    Racing down the corridors of the Sith Cruiser and battling New Imperial troops along the way, Raki leads his friends to the safety of their ship. Chewie and Jacen covering the rear, had to sometimes cut down or clobber any troops that came in too close to them.

    While the battle raged around them, and that his ship had gone unnoticed among all the remaining cargo vessels, who one by one were leaving the system, Rand nestled his ship along the side of the last cargo cruiser. As the magnetic emergency passenger dock extended out and made contact, Kes and Deak begin burning through one of the cargo ship's outer ports with their hatchcutters. Breaking through, they at first met no resistance. But as they tried to get to the forward bridge, a squad of New Imperial troops tried to stop them as they got further in. Blasting their way through, they managed to take the bridge and stop the ship from leaving the system.

    Up on the bridge, the ship's klaxons blared out loud to alert the Dark Lords that their prisoners are escaping. To make sure that no one will leave their ship, both Darth Venger and Darth Sear head towards the elevator that will take them to the hangar bay. As the Dark Lords began to leave the bridge, the ship's captain yells out for all to take cover.
    Lando, former card playing gambler and businessman, crashes his ship into the bridge, killing all but the two Sith who've managed to close the blast doors leading onto the bridge.

    Down on the mining base Darth Nimbus and Darth Bale make ready to leave on their shuttle. During this time the clones are trying to find a way to disarm the self destruct mechanism, but to no avail. Knowing that time is running out for them, they decide to flee — leaving their comrades deep in the caverns below to their fate. Most of the clone slaves had made it to the outer reaches of the surrounding mountains, thinking they are safe. As they look up and see their masters escape on their shuttle, mere seconds later a mushroom shaped cloud plooms up, and its eye blazing heat spreads across the entire region, taking all with it in a thousand mile radius.

    As Han and his family and friends arrive at the hangar bay, they discover that the way to their ship wasn't heavily guarded — mostly because most were out and about searching for them in other areas. And since the Imperials thought their ship couldn't leave anyway because of the tractor beam, they only left a small squad to guard it in case the escapees did come that way. Aden and Jacen quickly dispensed the guards, and Raki made sure no more came into the area as the others boarded the Falcon. Threepio and Artoo were ecstatic to see their old masters, but Han impatiently tells Threepio to get out of the way. Punching switches and pulling levers, Han and Chewie has the Falcon ready for takeoff. Once all were aboard, the small freighter blasted its way out of the hangar bay and free of any sign of a tractor beam. As the Falcon flew out of the hangar, the Dark Lords, Darth Venger and Darth Sear, who've just arrived in the docking bay, look up in dismay and curse their timing.

    As the Defiant limps away from all the damage it sustained, Wedge was still in a state of shock when Lando had crashed his ship to save them. Just then he notices a familiar smuggler's freighter blasting it's way out of the Sith's Cruiser. As he finally comes to and looks around at the battle, he sees his outnumbered fighters doing well against the Imperial Fighters. But as the battle progressed, more and more reinforcements had drop downed from the underbelly of the Sith Cruiser and destroyed most of them. Knowing when to fight and when to retreat, and that the Falcon had finally made its escape, he orders his crew to call back his remaining fighters and to save what's left of his ship.

    After taking the ship, Jaina and Deak went aft to search its cargo holds and have made a shocking discovery. Instead of finding what they hoped woud be the mineral that the Sith were mining, They saw instead hundreds of filthy, soot covered clone slaves chained to the deck's floor in rows. Looks of fear was on every face. Saying nothing, Jaina looked at Deak with a sad expression on her face, and the other could only return the same.

    As Han radios in to the Defiant that they're okay and it's time to vacate, Rand and Kes cut in the conversation to inform them that they've captured one of the cargo ships. Concerned about his father's whereabouts, Rand asks if anyone knows where he is. Wedge breaks the news about what happened. Just then, a familiar voice cuts in on the secret comm channel and tells everyone he's all right, but he's going to need his escape pod picked up before the Imperials notice him floating in space. Elated, the Falcon's crew prepares to retrieve Lando. When Lando's lifeboat was portanchored to the Millenium Falcon's side hatch and the old gambler got on board, Han and his allies made the jump to light speed, leaving the crippled Sith Cruiser and their pursuing fighters in the space dust.

    Over the moon Luke had called Sanctum, the allies' ships join up once again. Landing their smaller vessels near Luke's humble abode, the Falcon and Rand's now untethered ship's crew disembark and meet face to face. The cargo ship wasn't too big and managed to land a short distance away, too. After the first ship had landed, a small shuttle from the Defiant settled down nearby, with Admiral Wedge and a few of his officers coming out to greet and meet his old friends. After telling Lando during the voyage to the moon, Han and Leia tell their old friend about Luke,too. Wedge was sad that his friend was gone, but understood what he had done to save his friends and family, too. Jaina and Aden hug each other for the first time; the former jokingly trying for a kiss, but Jaina avoids it by turning her head and throwing up a hand over Aden's mouth. Deak had that look of jealousy on his face as he watched. After some time, the cargo ship's side hatch opened up, and out came Rand and his copilot, Kes, leading a huge procession of dirt covered slaves from the slave barge. Everyone couldn't believe the state of health the clones were in. Lando asks about the mineral, but Rand tells everyone that it was a only slave barge and that no ore was carried on board. Aden, remembering the binder brace, tells Lando about them. Jaina reminds Aden that they have two and not just one. Rand and Kes are disappointed that they didn't find a sample of the metal first. Jacen asked why they had long faces, but Rand ignores him and walks away. Kes, seeing that the Jedi took an interest in her for the first time since meeting each other years ago, tells him to don't worry about it and runs to catch up with Rand.

    Over the New Empire's secret homeworld, a shuttle passes near a large orbiting construction site. A ship the size never before seen in the Galaxy is being built. Hundreds of supply ships and contruction crews can seen working on the project. The New Imperial shuttle lands softly on a landing pad situated on a tall castle-like structure; a tower that stretched at least a thousand feet high. As the shuttle's exit ramp opened, the four Dark Lords wasted no time to disembark, wading between the escort that was waiting for them. Striding into the castle and into the throne room located in the center of it, the four Dark Lords retract their collapsible helmets and kneel before their Emperor. Like Nimbus and his dark Emperor, the remaining three who had not shown their faces before were also from the same ancient race of Sith. After some discussion of thousands of clone troops being produced somewhere in the outer rim, and now having enough resources to build their great weapon, the New Emperor voices his pleasure. And because the New Republic didn't get their hands on the mining operation, the New Emperor is pleased to know that the fleet of the New Republic will be no match against their new armored weapon when it is soon fully operational.

    Leia, grieving alone and staring at the beautiful mountains and valleys all around her, hears a familiar voice to her side. The ghostly image had startled her at first, but mere seconds later the feeling of sadness over her brother's death was washed away. Luke Skywalker reveals his ghost-like self to her for the first time and tells her that he is now with the Force, just as he always had told her he would be, and that one day she will be, too — and that they can and will make the journey back to the temporal world if the need arises . However, the upbeat conversation is cut short as Leia senses what he plans to say next. He warns her that hard times are coming and that the Jedi need to stick together, regardless if it's with the New Republic or the Jedi alone.

    Han, wondering where his wife is, finds Leia off alone on some makeshift balcony that Luke had created at the back of his hut. He wonders who she is talking to, but when he approaches her, he doesn't see anyone. He asks his wife if she's okay, and she smiles and tells him that she's fine now. They both look to the sunset and wonder what the future holds for their family and friends. Jacen and Jaina eventually find their parents on the balcony and sidle up to embrace them. Leia, assured that all will be well, could only grimace and stare at the red colored horizon that continued to grow darker.

    The End.
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    There are two elements I'd like to see, or at least these are the takes on 2 elements I'd like to see

    1) I don't think it is realistic or would make sense for there to be a new Jedi Order in just 20-30 years. I'd like to see Luke with a very small group (2-3) students and former students. I think there should be a fear/distrust of the Jedi and force users in most people, many people in the Republic who don't want the Jedi Order to return, maybe Luke isn't sure what role the Jedi should take, and he is taking his time to train new Jedi, taking 10+ years to train someone, probably the way Obi-wan and/or Yoda would tell him too.

    2) I dont want to see Han and Leia's children as adventures or Jedi etc... ASSUMING that Leia plays some role in the government that replaces the Empire, its likely that Han and Leia probably settled down on Courscant (At least to a certain degree). I think the realistic and natural reaction of parents who spent their lives fighting, running, hiding, is to give their children something better. They wouldn't want their children to be running around the galaxy in a space ship, killing people, fighting for their lives, avoiding bounty hunters etc... I want their child/children to have a somewhat privlaged live in Courscant, and then to be forced out of that life similar to how Luke and Anakin were.
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    Despite the midichlorian thing having been received badly, what if they made it a big part of the plot? High midichlorian counts we know are what indicate a Jedi's strength with the force, and presumably, everyone in the galaxy has them, just not in the concentrations of a Jedi. But what if midichlorian levels could be artificially changed? You could have children or even grown people "upgraded" to being force users. Perhaps you could even have a virus or gene therapy that could conceivably turn everyone into force weilders. Imagine that, a whole galaxy of force users. At least a portion would be lured by the dark side. I don't know....just some random idea I had.
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    Apparently Plagueis was trying to learn how to create force-powerful beings. What if he did?

    What might those be like? Monstrous? More dangerous than Palpatine? Something to feel sympathy for?

    Please give me mad scientist force creations in ST.
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    I doubt it. We seem to be getting a product similar to the OT. I doubt they even get mentioned
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