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TFA Star Wars Episode 7 Plot Ideas

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Sequel Trilogy (Released Films)' started by DarthRuss, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. plaidphoenix

    plaidphoenix Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Nov 6, 2013
    Couldn't put it better myself.

    I would add that whatever Core world is destroyed should be well known as economic/financial powerhouse to equal Coruscant's reputation as the center of political power.
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  2. Dra---

    Dra--- Force Ghost star 6

    Dec 30, 2012
    Destroying Corellia would anger Han and probably his children.
  3. yggdrasil311

    yggdrasil311 Jedi Master star 3

    Oct 7, 2004
    Taking out Coruscant would be a ballsy hello back and balancer.
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  4. Darth Punk

    Darth Punk Force Ghost star 6

    Nov 25, 2013
    In creating Anakin, were the midiclorians putting a hit out on Sidious? Did they deem him somehow too evil? If so, what if Luke has become too good by Episode VII?

    DARTHVENGERDARTHSEAR Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jun 8, 2002
    Anybody come up with a story that has a drifter/stowaway character who might be one of the main characters?
  6. Jair Crawford

    Jair Crawford Jedi Knight star 2

    Nov 3, 2012
    This actually sounds pretty legit. That has some REALLY good ideas in it.

    Especially the first half before 'Cutting to the chase'. All of that is a really great set-up IMO.
  7. purplerain

    purplerain Jedi Knight star 4

    Sep 14, 2013
    It is a period of cold war. In the 30 years since The Emperor's death, two rival Republics have emerged. One is the former Empire, the other the former Rebellion.
  8. Jonipoon

    Jonipoon Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2014
    I'd like to add my story arc to the thread. I thought about making a whole new thread for this first since it's so long, but since I'm a new member I didn't want to be banned on my first day. ;)
    You're free to come with backlash and critique, aswell as suggestions and further ideas! Personally I'm pretty proud of my idea since I'm taking real rumors and casting calls into consideration. I'm also trying to think like JJ Arbams and Hollywood. The themes I'm bringing up in my arc are basically female power (since I'm having a female main character) and brotherhood in broken family relations. I've decided to give the film the title "The Will Of The Force", which will be further explained in my story arc below. Oh, and it's still in development. Enjoy!

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Will of the Force
    BackgroundUp until the events of Episode VII the galaxy is ruled by the New Republic which was formed after the destruction of the Empire. It consists of thousands of star systems and bears several resemblances to the days of the old Republic, and also has its seat on the capital planet of Coruscant. The difference is that it is no longer directly influenced by some sort of Jedi Order. The new Jedi Order, which was formed by Luke Skywalker, has limited influence compared to its ancestor and is more or less seen as a cult with its own representatives in the Senate. It has its seat on the lush planet of Dagobah where Luke built the Jedi Academy in 4 ABY. Luke's Jedi Academy welcomes everyone who wants to learn the ways of the Force, and after you finish your education you are more or less on your own.

    The problem with the galaxy is that several star systems have begun to question the mere existence of the New Republic and its endless debates, stating that things were decided more quickly under the rule of the Empire. This ideology is spread among certain Jedi Knights, who gathers and falls into the Dark side of the Force. These Dark Jedi flees to the Sith homeworld of Moraband where they secretly start their plan of reviving the Sith legacy, overthrowing the New Republic, killing all Jedi and once and for all ending the line of Skywalkers. At this point, we are talking about 10 years prior to the beginning of Episode VII.

    In Episode VII we will be introduced to a female main character, the daughter and only child of Han Solo and Leia Organa. There are no twins, but I've still decided to give her the name Jaina Solo to make things easier aswell as providing fan service. Jaina is a Jedi Knight in her middle twenties who previously studied at the Jedi Academy on Dagobah which was built by Luke Skywalker in 4 ABY. She is humorous and sarcastic, much like her father, but maintains a strong compassion for order and compassion. Like her grandfather, she is extremely strong in the Force.
    Jaina's best friend is another female Jedi Knight of Twi'lek heritage called Koda Brie.

    Luke, while central to the main plot, will actually have less screen time than you might think. After the destruction of the Empire, Luke had a son together with an unknown woman which he named Derrick Skywalker. However, Derrick's mother died in disease when Derrick was just a child, and in the years that followed he started blaming his father for her death. Derrick couldn't understand why a powerful Jedi like his father wasn't strong enough to save his mother. As a result, Derrick lost faith in the Jedi and swore to himself that he would never become a Jedi. He fled from his family into the far reaches of the galaxy without telling anyone where he was heading. He gave himself a new name and settled on Tatooine to become a pod racer just like his grandfather.
    Devastated by the "loss" of his son, Luke chose to adopt one of his most precious apprentices and got a new, younger son. This adopted son is named Zak Skywalker. Zak is by the time of Episode VII a young Jedi Knight in his early twenties, and his having troubles with nightmares. He often looks into the mirror, fearing that he is no real Skywalker. Meanwhile he is also having a small crush on Jaina Solo even though they are technically cousins.

    Han and Leia lives on Coruscant where Han makes a living operating a starship factory while Leia works as senator in the New Republic, representing the Jedi Order. Leia previously served as a chancellor in the Senate. She owns a lightsaber but prefers to use words rather than violence. C-3PO is their house droid, while R2-D2 remains with Luke at Dagobah. Chewbacca is of course Han's partner at the factory.

    In Episode VII, Jaina Solo is on her way to Dagobah to visit her uncle when the planet and its Jedi Academy is surprised-attacked by a whole fleet of Dark Jedi. The fleet, which was organized with the help of disappointed star systems, destroys the Jedi Academy and with it thousands of Jedi dies. In this intro, Jaina fights off a group of starships before heading to the remains of the academy to look for survivors. In the surrounding area, she senses her friend Koda and finds her hidden in one of the ship hangars, together with R2-D2. "Believe it or not, but this little fella saved my life..."
    The three of them manage to escape the planet and head for Coruscant to warn Jaina's parents and the senate about what have happend. What happens to Luke and Zak is yet unknown to them.

    As a result a small crisis emerges on Coruscat, but the destruction of the Jedi Academy on Dagobah is not seen as a huge threat to the Republic by the majority of delegates in the Senate.
    Leia senses through the Force that Luke is alive but held captive by the Dark Jedi. Zak is, to the dismay of all, thought to be dead among with the other Jedi. Han is immidiately turned furious by the fact that someone is trying to mess with his best buddy, and gets all nostalgia and starts repairing his dusty old Millenium Falcon in the basement together with Chewbacca. Leia says he is too old and can't go out there by himself. Meanwhile the rest of the group starts to worry more and more and no longer feel safe on Coruscant. They also feel they need help since so many Jedi are dead and the Senate won't listen.
    "These are dark forces," Leia says. "Dark forces that none of us have felt for a long time".
    The whole group with Leia, Han, Chewie, Jaina, Koda, R2-D2 and C-3PO goes with a "somewhat repaired" Millenium Falcon to Han Solo's homeplanet Corellia to take shelter and await the situation.

    At Corellia Jaina gazes to the stars above the sky where she knows her cousin Derrick must be somewhere. She can feel it in her heart that they will need Derrick to help and save uncle Luke. But where could he be?
    Both Han and Leia tells her that's its no use since Derrick hates them as much as he hates Luke. Plus he could be anywhere in the galaxy, maybe even dead!
    "That kid is not part of our family anymore," Han says. "Accept it."
    Jaina won't listen, and one night together with Koda, R2 and 3PO she sneeks into her old man's Millenium Falcon and starts on a journey to find her "lost" cousin...

    At the same time a small group of surviving Jedi on Dagobah have been forced to move deeper and deeper in to the jungle to hide from the Dark Jedi. Among them is Zak, who is badly hurt but still very much alive - and angry. Finally they are found by a Dark Jedi called Carmentes who slays them all except Zak who fights to the end. During the lightsaber battle, Carmentes looks into Zak's nightmares and immidiately understands that he is Luke Skywalkers adopted son. Carmentes then mocks Zak and tries to make him give in for the hate by saying stuff like "You're no real Skywalker". He ultimately succeeds in turning Zak to the Dark side (so it seems), and Zak pledges his service to the Dark Jedi. Carmentes then brings Zak to the planet Moraband where the Dark Jedi are studying everything they can about the Sith. It is here that Luke is being held captive.

    During their search through the galaxy, the dear old Millenium Falcon starts to break apart and Jaina calls her dad's ship "a piece of junk". They are forced to emergency land on the closest planet, and this planet happens to be Tatooine. After a crash landing in the outskirts of Mos Eisley, the ship is basically doomed and seems to be on its last legs. While they continue their search on foot in the sandy dunes, C-3PO says that he has a strange feeling of being here before and that it didnt end well. Koda says that it's okay, because this time they have two Jedi Knights under their protection. C-3PO then advices both Koda and Jaina not to use their lightsabers on Tatooine, and then Jaina proves that she is like her father by saying: "What do ya mean I can't use my lightsaber, bulbhead?"
    C-3PO then explains that the planet is controlled by the Hutts, which are very powerful, and therefore they must keep low profile if they wish to survive and escape the planet without getting into trouble.

    Back on Corellia, Han is turned furious when he discovers that his daughter has stolen his precious starship. But Leia is happy and tells Han that it's destiny. She calms Han down by telling him that she is grown up and must follow the will of the Force.

    On Moraband Zak is getting a glimpse into the Dark Jedis plans during his intensive new Sith training. It is being revealed that the leader of the Dark Jedi is in fact (.........), and that the Dark Jedi will not overthrow the Republic until every single Skywalker has been hunted down and killed. To them, the Skywalker is seen as the only threat that can stop their evil plans. Upon learning that Zak is Luke's adopted son, the Dark Jedi plans to use Zak and Luke as a bait to find the real son of Skywalker.
    At the same time, Zak is fighting with his inner self - is he good or evil? Because Carmentes was right about him, after all he is no real Skywalker. And maybe this is his destiny, his true self, the way he was meant to be... Maybe this is the will of the Force. Zak finds Sith holocrons where Palpatine speaks to him, and as he is being guided further and deeper in the paths of the dark side he is also growing more and more powerful.

    To be continued...
  9. Bullhead CIty

    Bullhead CIty Jedi Knight star 3

    Dec 1, 2012
    Luke and company find themselves fighting for the old Empire against a corrupt New Republic government.
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  10. Jonipoon

    Jonipoon Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 22, 2014
    ^Were you referring to mine? Because that's kind of what I had in mind for the rest of the story.

    DARTHVENGERDARTHSEAR Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jun 8, 2002
    This is what I've been hoping for, pretty much. But I just know that they're going to have a full and goofy Jedi Order up and running again, though. I just know it. :(
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  12. I Are The Internets

    I Are The Internets Force Ghost star 8

    Nov 20, 2012
    What's so bad about full and goofy?
  13. Darth Punk

    Darth Punk Force Ghost star 6

    Nov 25, 2013
  14. James Skyrunner

    James Skyrunner Jedi Padawan star 1

    Nov 5, 2013
    Oh no

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  15. Jair Crawford

    Jair Crawford Jedi Knight star 2

    Nov 3, 2012
    Darth_Downunder I should also point out that I like that last part toward the end.

    "Another thought, perhaps the bad guys publicly discredit Luke by revealing he is the son of Vader."

    Something like this would be really interesting. It would be a great way to tie the 3 trilogies together, by bringing up the truth of Vader's past. There's a good chance that hardly anyone knows that Vader used to be Anakin Skywalker. Most people probably assumed he died during Order 66.

    If the truth about that were to be revealed, that would be some serious fuel against Luke's new fledgling order that the bad guy can use.

    DARTHVENGERDARTHSEAR Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jun 8, 2002
    I think it would make sense that the new government would be against another Jedi order, anyway. What with all the trouble that Force Users have caused in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if they were outlawed this time around.
  17. The Hellhammer

    The Hellhammer Manager Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 4, 2012
    Here's a random idea:

    The galaxy is more or less in a state of Cold War - New Republic on one side, the Imperial Remnant on the other. While both sides still control a considerable chunk of galaxy, a large number of systems and regions maintain their independence, forming their own governments. The hatred for the Empire is still strong, even though the Remnant is now led by more benevolent rulers and while it is still a militaristic regime it is no longer the mass genocidal Space Reich it once was. On the other hand, New Republic is looked upon with skepticism as the memory of the Old Republic's corruption and the unparalleled destruction of the Clone Wars is still somewhat fresh in people's memories. Among the strong independent nations is the expanding Mandalorian warrior nation (or something along those lines) which has used the chaos after Endor to occupy vast territories in a huge crusade of sorts. To top things off, there are rumors of a mysterious growing power in the Unknown Regions, dismissed by many as nothing but fear mongering by the deadlocked governments in an attempt to divert attention from current problems.

    While the galaxy is on the brink of another huge conflict between three powerful sides, Master Luke Skywalker and two young Jedi travel to the Unknown Regions to discover the truth behind the rumors of this new foe. Not really thought this to finer details, but the point is - he finds something of a resurgent Sith Empire, preparing to invade the Core Worlds. At the same time, tensions between the New Republic, the Imperial Remnant and the Empire escalate. With no reconcilliation possible between the former foes, both the Empire and the New Republic attempt to win over the Mandalorians to their side. Of course, things quickly get FUBAR and a huge three sided battle erupts where the Mandalore, an old legendary warrior (played by Max von Sydow [face_dancing]) is killed under mysterious circumstances. Both the Empire and the New Republic blame the other for the murder, while the Mandalorians don't really care who did it and launch a full on galaxy-squashing Crusade. It all ends on a somewhat positive note, with the Republic winning a costly first victory but far from winning the war.

    And of course, the Sith from the Unknown Regions are coming, to cause even more chaos.

    Pretty much made it up on the fly in a moment of inspiration, just thought I'd share hah.
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  18. T-R-

    T-R- Chosen One star 5

    Aug 13, 2003
    The Sith were creating their own destruction. A classic motiff
  19. Granek

    Granek Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 12, 2012
    I just hope if there is a Jedi Council are not made to look like bumbling idiots.. granted we know that EPV-VI HAD to happen but how couldn't the Jedi council see Palpatine for what he was is beyond me.. yes I know he was clouding the force, but shoot, you didn't need to be a force sensitive to understand that Palpatine was making himself into a Monarch/Dictator with the 'emergency powas' he was getting...

    As long as:
    - Luke is shown kicking ass as the most powerful Jedi ever should be I'm good
    - Leia is shown doing some of the above
    - Han being Han

    everything is gravy for me
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  20. Darth Punk

    Darth Punk Force Ghost star 6

    Nov 25, 2013
    sith are idiots
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  21. jedijax

    jedijax Force Ghost star 6

    May 2, 2013
    They've never had a young female be trained as a Jedi. Perhaps the focus is on the male padawans who end up going bad and, by need, they have to train Daisy. Han and Leia don't want it, but she leaves and secretly gets trained anyway.

    Having a girl start as a combo of Padme/Leia but end up going the Luke route is a nice change of pace and a plotline in itself that is refreshing.
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  22. Valin Halcyon

    Valin Halcyon Jedi Padawan star 1

    Apr 29, 2014
    Yes for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. Anakin was created in reaction to Plagueis trying to harness the force to his will. I just got done watching Voices from the Clone Wars and feel that it was probably the most Star Wars like episode out of all of them. If the Jedi have found a path to immortality through the Cosmic Force what could a serious dark side user achieve with such knowledge? The plot of the next movie has such an opportunity to tell such a tale. The pall of the dark side has fallen before and Sidious's grand plan was almost perfect. What kind of evil plot could happen 30 years after ROTJ? I always thought an anti hero such as A'Sharad Hett would be perfect. He was always a day late and a dollar short. Always humiliated by certain Jedi. Some one like his character would fit perfectly.

    Anybody seen an old friend after 30 years and feel like you still know them? I have not. That's what I'm worried we are up against with this new movie. We know the galaxy but only because things after ROTJ have been laid out for us through books, games and other material. If we have no past to look back on for our old friends how well are we going to understand their situations and troubles they are facing now? I'm sorry but I don't think a crawl before the beginning of the movie is going to cut it. I hope they release some new material so we can get caught up in the state of the galaxy they live in now.
  23. Miles Lodson

    Miles Lodson Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 10, 1998

    I like this but I would flip it...make Luke the one who is reluctant to restart the Jedi, and give the Republic a good reason to pressure Luke to restart it.
  24. T-R-

    T-R- Chosen One star 5

    Aug 13, 2003
    fixed it for ya' ;)
  25. Django Fett

    Django Fett Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 7, 2012
    Whats the odds that Adam Driver's Sith Lord will have been a former student of Luke?
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