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Saga - PT Star Wars Episode I: Rise of The Skywalker (Prequel AU)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Deliveranze, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Deliveranze

    Deliveranze Force Ghost star 6

    Nov 28, 2015
    Author: Deliveranze

    Updates: COMPLETED 2/7/18

    Background Info
    : Oh boy! This is my first fanfiction so I hope I'm doing everything right. :p So, I decided to do another Prequel Rewrite, and let me be clear: I LOVE THE PREQUEL TRILOGY. I wrote this not because I dislike the prequels, as they are my favorite SW movies as most people would know. I find the entire idea of the prequels in general very fascinating, so I came up with another version is all. :p This is just an exercise in creative writing. I read a lot of alternate PT fanfics before, some are awesome, but I feel a lot can get a bit redundant. (Evil Clones, Mandalorians, Darth Maul as the main villain) So, I decided to get a little weird with my ideas. :p Anyway, without further ado, this is Episode I in my alternate PT trilogy. :p

    Star Wars Episode I: Rise of The Skywalker
    30 years before A New Hope
    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

    Opening Crawl:
    " It is a time of great uncertainty in the Galactic Republic.
    Jantek Industries, a mega corporation that influences the
    Republic's economy, has been targeted by a violent insurgent
    movement, known as "The Suns of Freedom," for their usage
    of clone slaves. The Jedi Order, located on the planet of Yavin IV,
    assist Republic leader, President Ryasa, in hoping to amend this crisis

    Chapter 1: The Attack on Coruscant

    *pan down to the Galactic capital where we see a Republic presidential ship land*

    The ship lands at the Senate building, where President Ryasa storms out, flanked by guards wearing metallic protective plates, and holding bladed staffs. A young man awaits Ryasa.

    President Ryasa studies the young, thin, pale Republic officer. "Captain Tarkin. What's the status report?"

    Ryasa notices the coldness in the young man's eyes.

    Tarkin's demeanor stiffened. "The insurgents have targeted another Jantek-owned business on Nar Shaddaa. They are making demands for releasing all cloned laborers."

    Ryasa sighed. "I can't do that. Jantek has too much influence in the Republic. If I make an order to ban cloning, I will be targeted by senators who are on Jantek's payroll."

    Tarkin gave a smile that Ryasa didn't reciprocate. Ryasa never trusted Tarkin. He was a loyal soldier, and an ingenious military strategist, but Tarkin also believed the Republic needed to purge the corruption in the Senate through fear and force. Tarkin began to speak.

    "Then we must strike back at these anarchists at once, sir! We cannot allow these pesky insurrectionists to interfere in the ideals of the Republic." President Ryasa shot him back a dirty look.

    "Do you truly believe slavery is an ideal of the Republic we serve?"

    Before Tarkin could even answer, the Coruscant skyline ripped apart in a blaze of fire. The Presidential Guard all surrounded Ryasa and Tarkin pulled out his communicator.

    "Report! Report! What just happened?!" Tarkin was screaming at the top of his lungs. A faint voice came through. "Captain Tarkin! This is Corporal Keils. We have had several bombings in the Industry District, the Capital District, and the Entertainment District. We believe all these attacks were targeting Jantek or Jantek-affiliated buildings."

    Tarkin gritted his teeth. "Blasted insurgents! Get the Jantek CEO on holo this instant!"

    President Ryasa watched helplessly as the smoke and debris filled the air. He smelled the ashes of innocence taken away. Screams and panics permeated in echoes. The sirens of Coruscant police and emergency vehicles. Ryasa knew he couldn't have a war. Not while he was in office. Ryasa looked at Tarkin.
    "Captain, put Jantek's CEO on hold. Get me communication with the Jedi."
    The reaction of the word "Jedi" left a sneer on the face of Tarkin.

    "As you wish sir."
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  2. Deliveranze

    Deliveranze Force Ghost star 6

    Nov 28, 2015
    Chapter 2: The Jedi Get Involved

    On Yavin IV, the Jedi Temple was barely hidden under the thick brush of the forest. Jedi Master Yoda and Jedi Master Lok Dantos were in the Holo Room, talking to President Ryasa.

    President Ryasa was nervous when he spoke. "We believe The Suns of Freedom's next target will be a Jantek outpost on the planet Gardia. I have deployed the entire Republic military to Jantek locations all across the galaxy. I need help preventing this crisis from escalating any further."

    Master Dantos looked concerned. "We will do what we can to help the Republic, sir." The hologram faded out, and Lok Dantos looked at Yoda. Master Dantos was a human with dark, long hair and a beard. He was the second in command of the Jedi, next to Yoda.

    "Master Yoda, I think it would be unwise to send the entire Order to work on this crisis. Jantek is a corrupt monopoly, using slaves for labor."

    Yoda sighed. "The Jedi, a duty we have, protecting this Republic. Even through its morally inexcusable times, the Jedi have been there, always."

    Master Lok shook his head. "I understand, but it doesn't sit right with me at all. We will send one Jedi peacekeeper to Gardia, to make sure there's no incident. We will be sure that whoever we send won't get too involved in Jantek's business."

    Yoda nodded. "I agree."

    "Then who should we send?"

    Yoda smiled. "My apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, has just returned from a mission dealing with a warlord on Ord Mantell. Send him to Gardia, we will."

    Chapter 3: Always Looking To The Horizon

    On the green hills of Gardia, the small village laid. A spaceport for visitors, and travelers, young Anakin Lars and his brother, Owen, would always see Republic pilots come and go. Someday, he thought. Someday, he would be able to fly away and find his own purpose. Anakin hoped for that day to come. Anakin was young, but not inexperienced. He had just turned 18, and spent his free time looking through piloting books and mechanical engineering. He lived with his parents, Kane and Nora Lars, running a shop for fixing broken equipment or speeders. Anakin was watching the sunrise, his blond hair blowing in the winds of the quiet plain, when his brother came. Owen was a year older than Anakin. "Anakin! Dad wants you to come inside. Breakfast is ready."

    As the Lars family ate, Kane looked at Anakin.

    "A Republic Troop Transport arrived here a couple hours ago. Something about Jantek. Anyway, I heard from our neighbor that they were sweeping the countryside. I want you to stay away from them, Anakin. I know how you've been thinking about running off and joining the military."

    Anakin looked down, frustration being visible on his face to the whole family. "Father, I'm 18 now. I can't stay here forever."
    Kane frowned. "Why not? Our family has been here on this same planet for years and you don't see us complaining." Nora looked at Kane and said, "Anakin is right, dear. He can't be here forever if he doesn't want to. You can't keep deciding his destiny." Kane gave a look to Nora that made her quiet. As the silence grew, Anakin got up from the table and stormed out. Owen ran after him.
    "Anakin! Wait!" Owen grabbed Anakin's arm. "Please don't tell me you're going where I think you're going..."
    Anakin looked at Owen.
    "Come with me, Owen. We can both get off this rock and do something with our lives." Owen shook his head. "We are home, Anakin. This is our purpose. The more you get that though your head, the more you will understand." Anakin shook his head and sighed a breath of defeat. He walked back to the village, Owen behind him.
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  3. Deliveranze

    Deliveranze Force Ghost star 6

    Nov 28, 2015
    Chapter 4: "A More Civilized Age"
    *The Jantek Outpost on Gardia*

    The starship landed with Jantek Industries's CEO, Tye Fennis, walking down the ramp to be greeted by the planet's corporate director, Akus. Akus spoke immediately. "S..Sir. Republic troops have arrived and the Jedi is on his way..." Tye smiled. "Very good. Are the cloned slaves secure?"
    "Yes, sir. We locked them away. These terrorists won't free them."
    Tye smirked. "Perfect."

    Obi-Wan Kenobi's ship landed. The Jedi Knight was greeted by several Republic soldiers, all wearing Alderaanian uniforms. Alderaan, a highly loyal system in the Republic's Core Worlds, was the manufacturer for Republic troop uniforms. The commander spoke. "You must be the Jedi." Obi-Wan gave the soldier a smile. "Indeed. I hear the Senate has ordered a state of emergency. Any news of the insurgents' movements?" Obi-Wan wore a dark brown tunic with a cape, with shoulder-length hair, and a beard he stroked when in deep thought.
    "We've been patrolling the perimeter of the Jantek base. No sign of TSF activity." Obi-Wan nodded. "Stay on your guard, commander. I'll head to the Jantek facility to meet Tye Fennis."

    As Obi-Wan arrived at the Jantek base, he saw white-armored paramilitary soldiers, with T-Visor helmets. They were Jantek's Security "Stormtrooper" Force. Obi-Wan knew they were usually former Republic soldiers, and usually were only recruited from the best of the Republic's armed forces. Obi-Wan knew they weren't mercenaries however. Jantek is part of the Republic, and has become so powerful and influential in a corrupt Senate, that even their security force was almost like another Republic army. Strange, he thought. To serve proudly, only to work your way up to being a muscle for corporate interests.

    As Obi-Wan walked towards the "Stormtroopers," one of them stepped to him. "Halt! Who are you?"
    "Obi-Wan Kenobi. I'm the Jedi Knight the President requested." The trooper nodded. "I'm Lieutenant Boba Fett of the Jantek Stormtrooper Security Force. I'll tell the boss you are here."
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  4. Deliveranze

    Deliveranze Force Ghost star 6

    Nov 28, 2015
    Chapter 5: Skirmish On Gardia

    Obi-Wan was on lookout with the small Republic platoon and Jantek Security commandos. He had consulted with Tye Fennis about just keeping an eye out for any TSF activity. The Suns of Freedom were not an easy group to detect. They knew where they MIGHT attack, but it could just as easily be a false alarm. Still, Jantek wasn't taking any risks.

    Two young human men, wearing ragged clothes approached the Jantek base. All the Republic troops lined up. Lieutenant Boba Fett walked towards them. "STOP! ID yourselves." The one young man looked at Fett with a sorta determination. Boba noticed a wire connected to the civilian's leg. Bomb, he thought. Boba immediately shot the man with his rifle. The other "civilian" charged the garrison. "BOMB! EVERYBODY GET BACK!"
    The detonation went off, Republic troops being thrown all across the area. Obi-Wan jumped off the watchtower, igniting his blue lightsaber. Boba looked off to the horizon. "Oh no."

    At least two dozen heavily armed TSF insurgents, mostly humans, were on the hill. Obi-Wan looked at Fett. "We're gonna have company, Lieutenant." As the TSF insurgents ran down the hill, firing their weapons, Obi-Wan started deflecting their attacks. Boba looked at the remaining Republic soldiers and his Jantek Shock Trooper Force. "Men! Attack these rebels! Make sure they don't breach the facility!"

    As blaster fire was exchanged between both sides, Obi-Wan saw one TSF insurgent, a blond haired man in his 30s, charge him with a vibroblade. Obi-Wan easily dodged the strike and his blue blade slashed across the man's torso, effectively taking him out. Boba and several Republic troops shot at 3 TSF rebels hiding behind a Jantek speeder. One of the insurgents threw a thermal detonator at them. Boba jumped out of the way, but saw two Republic soldiers go flying with debris. Boba used his Jantek-made jetpack to fly up to the watchtower. He saw the three insurgents behind the speeder. As he attached the scope to his rifle, he picked off one insurgent, who crumpled to the floor. At this point, the other two knew they were the next targets, and started scurrying. He took down another with his rifle, the man only making it several feet. The last insurgent, a woman, shot at Fett and hit him in the head. Fett fell out of the tower, collapsing on the hard ground. "UGH!"

    The female insurgent was running out of blaster ammo. She was on her last pack. Two Jantek stormtroopers moved in towards her. In a final stand, she put the pack in her blaster and fired at the troops. One stormtrooper was hit in the head, immediately hitting the ground. The other fired a short burst of lasers, the woman collapsing.

    Obi-Wan engaged two more insurgents with his saber, dodging their blaster fire with the power of the Force to detect their aim. He slashed one rebel and the other started running to get ground between him and Obi-Wan. But the Jedi was aware of this strategy. The insurgent ran, sweating, and turned around to face the charging Jedi. His rifle opened fire but the Jedi jumped several feet in the air. Obi-Wan front flipped, and with the shock of the insurgent giving him an advantage, he impaled the man on his saber.

    Lt. Boba Fett got up. Obi-Wan deactivated his saber. "Lieutenant, you alright?" He noticed the smoldering dent in the upper left corner of his helmet. "I'm fine." Obi-Wan looked around, surveying the carnage. "Looks like the remaining insurgents retreated." Boba began to speak. "There's a village several clicks away from here. My best guess is they are trying to escape off world." Obi-Wan nodded. "Hit and run tactics. We must send any remaining forces there to try to stop them. Load your men on the transport. We will find them."
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  5. Deliveranze

    Deliveranze Force Ghost star 6

    Nov 28, 2015
    Chapter 6: Call To Adventure
    *The Eloo Kirat Village, Gardia*

    Anakin was in the workshop, fixing a speeder, when he heard the blaster fire outside. He ran out to see locals running in all directions. Anakin only saw a glimpse of the gunmen before Kane ran downstairs. "ANAKIN! Get back!" Kane was holding a rifle, Nora came down with a blaster pistol. Owen heard the commotion and ran down too. The Lars family heard the sound of Republic forces landing in the village. Kane looked at Anakin and Owen. "You two, get out of town! Your mother and I will hold the home just in case anyone tries to come in." Owen grabbed his father. "We can't leave you here!!" Nora pulled Owen off. "GO! Don't worry about us." Anakin grabbed Owen and the two ran out of the home.

    They saw several Republic and Jantek soldiers running down the road. One of them told boys to take shelter. As Anakin and Owen ran down a block, Anakin stopped. The town was mostly empty, with people either leaving town, or hiding in their homes. Anakin saw several dead civilians laying in the street. The sudden sporadic bursts of blasters going off, every now and then.

    Owen was panting. "Anakin, why are we stopping?" Anakin swallowed. "We have to help them. The Republic."
    "What?! What are you talking about?"
    "We need to do something. Mother and father are still in the town. We can't just leave them!" Anakin ran back in the direction of the firefight. Owen chased after him, screaming, "Anakin! Come back!"

    Anakin ran down a narrow alley, towards the Republic transport. The ship contained blaster cannons. "Perfect." He jumped into the cockpit, looking at the controls. All that studying was definitely worth it. He took off, setting the ship to hover mode and flew where the TSF insurgents were. They all stared in wide eyed fear. Anakin opened fire.

    Obi-Wan and Lt. Fett were battling the insurgents, trying to flank them from the right. When they saw the Republic transport firing on the rebels, Obi-Wan looked at Fett. "Lieutenant, while your men seem to be gifted in targeting the enemy, I thought we agreed that no ships would be used in such a highly populated area? Fett was confused. "Uh, sir. That ain't one of mine."

    Anakin pummeled each insurgent position with controlled shots, several insurgents falling. One of these insurgents, a human male with spiked dark hair, and a balaclava, was aiming a Plasma Launcher at him. "Not on my time." Anakin motioned his controls to the right, dodging the shot. He then flipped his turrets to aim at the insurgent. Pressing the triggers, the insurgent was pulverized by the green lasers. The insurgent's body hit the nearest building wall. While this was going on, the Republic force moved in and eliminated resistance. The fight was over.

    Anakin landed the ship back down, and popped open the cockpit. Obi-Wan and Lt. Fett greeted the boy. Fett looked at Anakin, admiring the civilian's courage. Still, he was upset. "Hey kid! What are you doing flying around a Republic transport? You could've.." Obi-Wan raised his hand towards Fett. He then looked at the boy.
    "What is your name, young one?"
    Anakin looked at Obi-Wan. The Jedi Knight noticed something...special about this kid.
    "Anakin Lars," replied Anakin. Obi-Wan nodded. "I'm Obi-Wan Kenobi. Jedi Knight of the Republic." He saw Anakin's eyes widen. "That was a heroic act you performed. I thank you, my young friend." Anakin gave a sheepish smile. Boba Fett grabbed Obi-Wan's shoulder. "Kenobi, I need to speak to you." Obi-Wan moved to the side with Fett.

    "This kid was able to control the rate of fire of 33.7 cannons without collateral damage. Even the best pilots I knew at the Republic Academy couldn't pull that off."

    Obi-Wan was curious. Did he find a Force-sensitive kid? This boy proved his bravery and skills. Obi-Wan reached into the Force, trying to sense Anakin's power. It was strong, already manifesting itself in the young man. He knew he had to take Anakin back to Yavin.

    "Thank you, Lieutenant." Obi-Wan turned around and walked back to Anakin.

    "How would you like to become a Jedi Knight?"

    Anakin's grin grew wider. "A legendary Jedi? Me?!...uh, Yes!" Obi-Wan nodded with a warm smile that made Anakin feel something liberating. Suddenly, Owen, Kane, and Nora all spotted Anakin and ran towards him. They all embraced. Kane was overwhelmed joy. "When Owen came back and told me ya ran off, I thought you were dead." He noticed Obi-Wan. "Who is this?"

    Obi-Wan spoke. "You must be this young man's father. He saved my troops, and I believe he has a gift. I would like to take your son to become a Jedi Knight. To serve the Republic."
    Kane shook his head, repeatedly. "No. No. No. Anakin isn't going anywhere. He's staying right here with his family." Owen stepped forward. "My brother can't leave here." Nora looked at the ground. Obi-Wan sullenly looked at Anakin and said, "We leave for Yavin IV in a few hours."

    Anakin knew what he meant. Anakin looked at his family. "I need to go my own path. This is my opportunity." Kane became angry. "To join some mythical cult!?!? Anakin, use your senses! This isn't you. This isn't us. We're commonfolk! Why would you serve the government that has done nothing for us?!" Anakin saw the tears stream from Kane's eyes. Owen's eyes began to water too.

    Anakin shook his head, and defiantly said, "No! This is what I'm going to do! This is what I WANT."
    Nora grabbed Kane's shoulder. Kane's head began to sink. Owen stepped forward and pushed Anakin to the ground. Nora yelled, "OWEN!" Owen didn't hold back. "Leave then! Abandon your family like you always planned to." Anakin was hurt by those words. He wanted to beat back at Owen. He was angry. How could they think that? But he knew they were upset and just as hurt. He got up and brushed himself off. He looked at the ground. "I'm sorry. This is my choice..."

    As the sun set on Gardia, Anakin walked towards the Republic transport, ready to face his destiny.
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  6. Deliveranze

    Deliveranze Force Ghost star 6

    Nov 28, 2015
    Chapter 7: Assassination

    Coruscant's skyline illuminated from the high rise building light, always constant in activity and motion. As the people were recovering from the devastating terrorism experienced, Senator Palpatine has started his own organization, The Sith, to adhere to his agenda. On an abandoned office building terrace, Palpatine talks to his Dark Side servant, Darth Vindis. Senator Palpatine became enamored with the dark side as a young boy when he discovered he was Force-sensitive. He later rose his way to politics, hoping one day to shape the galaxy into one singular vision. Until then, he would have to wait. The senator rubbed the thinning white hair on his temples. "With the The Suns of Freedom occupying the Republic's time, it is now the perfect opportunity to strike. You know what to do, my servant." The metallic-masked Sith Lord, a plated helmet with a grin-like mouth mold, bowed to Palpatine.
    "It will be done, my Lord."

    As President Ryasa was on his way to the Senate meeting to discuss the Republic military's strategy during the Jantek Crisis, he stepped out of his cruiser ship, the Presidential Guard lined up around him. Several black-armored soldiers watched the President from a building adjacent to the Senate building. The one armored soldier with the binoculars looked at the other, aiming a sniper rifle. The binocular soldier gave a signal to the one with the sniper. The sniper aimed down his sights, lining them up to President Ryasa.

    Ryasa dropped to the ground, the two black-armored soldiers escaping without a trace.

    Senator Palpatine heard the news of Ryasa's death by the Sith organization immediately after the shot was fired. Palpatine was elated with joy. With the President dead, he would fill the power vaccum. And, most importantly, send the Republic into civil war....

    Chapter 8: Legend of the Skywalker

    As the cruiser landed in the thick forests of Yavin IV, Anakin was nervous. He had never left home before, and then he thought of his family....No! He would not think about them. The feelings made him sad and then angry. Obi-Wan interrupted his thoughts. "Anakin, we are here."

    The two men walked into the large Temple structure, the opening hangar being full of Jedi Knights, training in lightsaber combat, meditating, and even building ships. Anakin was in complete awe. As the two walked down into a room, Yoda and Master Lok Dantos greeted Obi-Wan. "Obi-Wan, good work on Gardia," said Lok. Obi-Wan bowed. "Thank you, Master Dantos, but it wasn't completely my doing..." Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Lok all looked at Anakin.

    "Hmm, and who are you, young one?", asked Yoda. "Anakin, sir. Anakin Lars." Yoda studied the boy. "I take it Obi-Wan wants you as an apprentice, yes?" Obi-Wan began to speak next. "Yes, Master. He is unusually strong in the force, and I am ready to take an apprentice on."
    Yoda put his weight onto the cane he carried.
    "Agree. Come with me, Lars." Yoda motioned Anakin to follow him into a dimly lit room.

    The room was empty. "Sit." Anakin sat down. Yoda closed the door, Obi-Wan and Master Lok giving one last look at the two. Yoda sat down across from Anakin. "Young Anakin, fear the dark, do you?" Anakin frowned. "No. I don't fear anything." Yoda giggled. "Wrong! The dark side is to be feared. Very strong in the Force, I sense in you. The dark side latches to those who are strong, to make them weak."
    Anakin didn't understand. "I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about." Yoda told him to close his eyes. "What do you see?"
    "Nothing. Just...darkness."
    "Don't see with your eyes, see with your mind, you need."
    Anakin focused his mind, and saw a light. "I see..light. It's glowing like a sun..or a star."
    Yoda's eyes widened. "The sign of a Skywalker, you see!"
    Anakin opened his eyes. "A Skywalker?"
    Yoda nodded. "The Skywalker is an ancient lineage, not tied to family tree, but to the Force. The Force chooses one worthy enough to be a Skywalker, to save the galaxy in its darkest times. If the Force chose you to be the next Skywalker, will you follow the call?"
    Anakin shook his head. "I think you're mistaken. I'm just Anakin. Anakin Lars."
    "The Force doesn't make mistakes. If a journey you seek, you must take the steps needed to go. And will you is the question?"
    Anakin thought about it. Going back to Gardia wasn't an option for him. He nodded.
    Yoda smiled. "Very well. A Jedi Knight, you will be under a new identity. Welcome, Anakin...Skywalker."
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    Nov 28, 2015
    Chapter 9: Palpatine's Rise

    On Coruscant, the Senate was in shambles. Senators argued about who would be the next leader.
    "What will we do?!"
    "We must send all troops back to Coruscant!"
    "Declare martial law!"
    Senator Palpatine stood up. "My fellow senators. This is no time for fighting. One must think logically in these tragic times." Palpatine walked to, and stood, at the Presidential podium. "Ryasa was a hero to the Republic. A man who knew the risks of being leader." Everyone in the Senate remained silent. Palpatine's voice was kind, yet commanding. "We must continue to be strong in this time of crisis. Our soldiers are facing a serious threat. It is up to us to find a leader who can grab the Senate's attention, and be strong enough to carry on President Ryasa's legacy." Senator Uk D'rass stood up. "What about you, Palpatine?" Murmurs of approval rose. Palpatine sighed. "I cannot take such a responsibility. Unless...the Senate agrees." Senators all stood up saying "I do." Palpatine smiled. "Then I will be the next leader of this beautiful democracy." The senate cheered and applauded the new president. "Fools," Palpatine thought. "So weak in times of distress, they would put anyone in power to continue their greedy, war-profiteering lives." Still, Palpatine feigned humbleness to the crowd. It was the perfect disguise for the darkness in his core.

    Chapter 10: These Are Your First Steps

    Anakin and Obi-Wan were at the entrance of the Temple. Obi-Wan looked at Anakin, curiously. "So you're a Skywalker, eh?" Anakin wasn't sure what to say. "I guess. I still don't know what anything about that has to do with me." Obi-Wan smiled. "No one does, Anakin. But whatever the Skywalker name has on your destiny, I hope you're up for the challenge. But for now, we must train. Move those rocks." Obi-Wan pointed to a stack of rocks laying on the ground. Anakin frowned then went to walk towards them. Obi-Wan grabbed his shoulder. "Not with your hands. With the Force. Put out your hand. Reach for it. Let it guide your actions." Anakin looked at the rocks, and reached out. He tried to move the rocks, but they wouldn't budge. "Let go of your doubt. Believe in what the Force has to offer." Anakin gave up. "Master, no offense, but I don't even know what the Force is about." Obi-Wan nodded. "The Force is what gives all living things life. It is an energy that resides within. As a Jedi, it is your job to find that energy and use it for the greater good. Now, try again." Anakin nodded. He reached out again. He focused on himself. Focused on the feelings that gave him strength. Enthuisiasm for adventure. Sadness from his family. Fear of the unknown. Happiness, to be here.

    The rocks started to budge. Anakin tried to focus those feelings harder. The rocks came off the ground and levitated. He pushed his feelings forward again, and the rocks went flying. Anakin felt a surge of power within himself. A luminous force that grew ever so slightly. He felt he unlocked something. And it felt good to be free of the chains.

    Obi-Wan tapped him on the back. "Good job, my apprentice."

    Anakin's blond hair was matted on his head from the humidity on Yavin. He was meditating to find that light again. But something was bothering him in the back of his mind. Owen, Father, Mother. He felt angry and sad when he thought of them.
    Obi-Wan walked up behind him, and sensed those feelings too. "Anakin, you must learn to keep those feelings of anger in check. Your family cares about you, but they have a right to not agree with your choice to leave Gardia." Anakin frowned. "I know...but still. My father was always holding me down. Never letting me figure out things on my own. And my brother? Well, he's just as bad..." Anakin got up and walked back to the Temple.
    "Anakin." Obi-Wan's stern tone had Anakin stop. "Let me teach you about the elegant weapon of the Jedi Knight."
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    Nov 28, 2015
    Chapter 11: Escalation

    On Coruscant, a Jantek cruiser landed at President Palpatine's office. As the ship descended onto the platform, Tye Fennis walked out. He had heard a new president was elected and wanted to make sure Palpatine knew who he was dealing with. As he entered Palpatine's office, the old man he saw was sitting at his desk, drinking Dewback tea.

    Palpatine knew who he was. He was all too aware of his fellow Senators profiting off Jantek's clone slavery operations. Tye spoke. "Ahh. You must be the new President of the Galactic Republic. My name is.." "Tye Dennis, CEO and founder of Jantek Industries," Palpatine interrupted. Tye gave a look of smugness. "So, you do know who I am? Then you must be aware this Republic is mine. I, you can say, own it. And as "leader," I hope you plan to keep Jantek as deeply rooted in the government as possible." Palpatine laughed. "Oh I think you are mistaken." Tye's admiration for himself turned into confusion, and then anger. He got close to Palpatine's face, gritting his teeth. "58% of the Senate supports my business's operations. I fund their careers. I make the Republic the rich, capitalistic power that it is. If you dare cross me, you will have a huge population of the Senate wanting you dead." Palpatine gave a hint of a smirk. He was counting on it. Palpatine stood up and gave a posture that was almost animal-like. He wanted to let Fennis know who was in charge. "No. This is not your Republic anymore, Fennis. And if you storm into my quarters again, I will have you regret that decision. Now, guards. Escort Mr. Fennis back to his ship." Two Presidential guards, carrying their staffs, grabbed Tye by the arms. Tye was shocked at Palpatine's confidence. He never felt so humiliated. Palpatine knew Jantek was very powerful. But he also knew that in order for the Republic to be his, he had to rip it apart from the government. It was the only way to gain control. As Palpatine sat down, a holo message from Captain Tarkin came through. "Sir, our intelligence agency has gained news that the Suns of Freedom are launching a full-scale attack on the Jantek HQ on Aquilae. We are awaiting your permission to reorganize out fleet to move in." Palpatine nodded. "You have full permission to move the Republic forces to Aquilae, Captain."
    "Thank you, sir." Palpatine knew he had to formally tell the Senate of his actions. But he also knew they would agree anyway. They were spineless and afraid.

    One of the guardsmen, who escorted Tye Tennis out, came back in. "Sir, Tye Fennis has gained news from his corporate connections of an incoming attack on Jantek HQ. He is headed to Aquilae." Palpatine was ecstatic. It was the perfect time to crush Jantek's control of the Republic, using the upcoming battle between the Republic and the TSF as a backdrop. "Thank you for bringing this to my attention." The guardsman bowed and walked out the door. Now it was time to contact the Sith.

    Chapter 12: Anakin vs. The Droid

    Obi-Wan brought Anakin to the Jedi workshop, where students built their lightsabers and other technology. Anakin was looking around. He was impressed by the students who carried their lightsabers, practicing offense and defensive moves. "So," Anakin started. "When do we begin?" Obi-Wan grabbed a long stick and handed it to Anakin. Anakin stared at the stick. "You gotta be joking, right?"
    "To learn how to use a lightsaber, one must learn the most basic of weaponry. Control yourself, remember the lessons I taught you and you will be victorious." Victorious? What does Obi-Wan mean by...then Anakin saw what Obi-Wan was talking about before he finished his thought. A reprogrammed IG-88 Droid that Obi-Wan defeated during a Droid Revolution on Hoz Relleta stepped in front of him, carrying the same wooden staff. "I have a bad feeling about this..." The Droid ran at Anakin, and smacked him right in the face with the staff. Anakin dropped down and fell back onto the ground. "Oof!" The Droid raised the staff high and was ready to strike Anakin, who regained his sense and kicked the Droid in its torso. The Droid stumbled back, and Anakin moved in to grab his staff. The two made parrying strikes at one another. Anakin tried to smash his staff over the droid's head, but the droid hit him in the stomach with the staff, and uppercutted him. Anakin was back on the ground, groaning. Obi-Wan yelled to remind him. "Anakin! Remember, you have one advantage a droid doesn't have. The Force!" Anakin reached deep in himself. He searched for the light that made him stronger. The emotions that fueled him. His strength began to rise, his senses became more heightened. As the Droid tried to charge him again, Anakin dodged the attack, and swung the staff into the Droid's head. The Droid stumbled backwards and Anakin swung again. The Droid deflected it, but Anakin was not done. Using lightning speed strikes, he pounded the Droid with his staff, noticing the Droid was starting to have a hard time keeping up with Anakin's pace. The Droid made one last attempt to gain the advantage. As the Droid prepared to swing at Anakin's legs, and break them, Anakin focused all his energy into his lower body. He jumped in the air, over the Droid, and behind him. He then stabbed the Droid in the torso with his staff, using his amplified strength from the Force. The Droid crumpled to the ground. As Anakin looked around, he saw Obi-Wan, Master Lok Dantos, Yoda, and several other Jedi, in awe. Obi-Wan stepped forward. "You are ready."
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    Chapter 13: Fire on the Horizon

    Palpatine was in the abandoned office building on Coruscant, waiting for Darth Vindis to arrive. He spotted the Sith organization's ship, fleeting through traffic, towards his location. The small black transport landed in the building's garage. The armored Sith Lord walked out, two Sith troopers at his side. Darth Vindis bowed. "What is thy bidding my master?"
    "I am sending you and the militia to Aquilae. I want you to kill Jantek leader, Tye Dennis. He is a threat to our plans."
    Darth Vindis nodded. "But what if we get caught in the crossfire between the Republic and TSF?"
    "Then I expect you not to." Palpatine's voice became sinister. Vindis looked at the ground. "Yes, master. The Sith will not fail you."

    The next morning, President Palpatine watched from the Republic Senate building as thousands of Republic soldiers walked into Dauntless-class cruisers. The TSF were expected to attack Aquilae in a matter of hours. Soon, the galaxy would be at Palpatine's knees.

    The Republic Armed Forces were loading up at the military airfield. One member of the Republic military, was a woman with brunette hair, and light brown eyes. She was a pilot in the Republic Navy, and flew a standard Republic TIE-Fighter. She was fixing repairs on her ship, due to a pirate excursion in the Lamant Cluster. Captain Tarkin approached her. "Krayt Squadron Commander Arcadia Speedstarr." Arcadia turned. "Yes, Captain?" Tarkin's eyebrow raised, his thin face giving a wry expression. He was holding data files in his left hand. "Your accolades are quite impressive. I have decided to include your squadron under my command to Aquilae." Arcadia was surprised. She had never been involved in any major Republic offensive, minus anti-piracy operations and small insurrections. "Yes sir. My team is ready." Tarkin gave a dry curve with his lips that could barely qualify as a smile. "Excellent. We leave in an hour." Arcadia finally felt all that time in the Republic Academy was paying off.

    Chapter 14: The First Mission
    Back on Yavin IV, Obi-Wan realized something he never asked Anakin before. "Anakin, how did you learn to control the Republic gunship back on Gardia?"
    Anakin was quick to respond.
    "I was a mechanic at my family's workshop. I also helped repair other technology. That, and I always wanted to be a pilot in the Republic Navy, so I studied a lot of holobooks on it." Obi-Wan was impressed. "Well, then you won't have any trouble with this."
    "With what?"
    Obi-Wan walked towards a chest and brought it over to Anakin. Obi-Wan waved his hand, opening the chest with the Force. Inside, were a variety of colored crystals. Anakin saw blue, green, and yellow colors. "What are these?" Obi-Wan faced Anakin. "Kyber Crystals. Found on Illum. They are what powers the lightsaber. Each color represents who a Jedi wants to be. Blue, for the warrior, green for the peacekeeper, and yellow for the guardian." Anakin looked at a blue crystal, and picked it up. "This one, Master." Obi-Wan smiled. "Let us get building then."

    Anakin welded several pieces of metal in the Jedi Temple workshop. Dirt covered his face, as the hilt was near completion. He took the forceps and picked up the blue crystal, placing it in the hilt. He then ignited it, the blue-colored blade sprouting out. He was in awe. Obi-Wan walked to him. Anakin was briefly startled. "Good job, my young student. Good job, indeed."

    As Anakin, now with his newly made blue lightsaber, and Obi-Wan left the workshop, Master Yoda and Lok Dantos were standing at the entrance. "Kenobi. Skywalker. We have just received word that President Palpatine has just sent the Republic military to Aquilae to defend Jantek's HQ from the The Suns of Freedom. We are sending you two to assist and protect the Jantek leader. He is being stubborn and won't willingly leave the planet. Are you all up for the job?" Obi-Wan nodded. "Yes." Dantos gave a sign of approval. "Good. We are also sending three other Jedi Knights to assist you." A Mon Calamarian, another human male with a grey beard and pepper hair, and a Bothan Jedi, all waited at a Jedi transport. "Good luck, and may the Force be with you," Yoda interjected.
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    Chapter 15: "This Is Where The Fun Begins"

    The Republic Fleet arrived in the Aquilae system through hyperspace. Arcadia and her, second-in-command, Deak Antilles, we're orbiting the planet. "Any readings on your scanner, Deak?" asked Arcadia. "Negative. Looks like we made it before the TSF's force arrived." "Roger that. Captain Tarkin. We are in formation. No sign of TSF activity."

    Tarkin was on his command ship, the Leviathan, watching the entire Aquilae system through holoprojections. "Very well, Commander. Keep on watch. Blue and Red Squadron will join you soon." "Yes, Captain."

    Dozens of Republic transports started landing on the desert-like planet. The planet wasn't barren however. Mass metropolitan kingdoms surrounded the planet, all linked by several bridges. The planet's sand was too hot for any individual to be in contact with, so citizens had to use the bridges to get to one place and the other. The Republic transports landed in the cities, hundreds of Republic soldiers in their Alderaanian uniforms, stormed out. They began making barricades, asking civilians to stay in their homes. One of these cities was Jantek HQ. The city was the most technologically advanced, with only the richest of Aquilae (and the ones who help fund Jantek's operations) being allowed to live there. The Stormtroopers were as close to a Defense Force the planet had. There was a reason why it was nicknamed "The Corporate Republic Planet." Dozens of stormtroopers were on towers, watching out for the TSF. In "Jantek City," the HQ was the tallest building on the planet, overwatching the other cities. Tye Fennis looked out the high rise window from his office, Lt. Boba Fett was at his side, consulting the Jantek CEO. Fennis was ready for war, ready to show the Republic's military might against those who attacked his corporation. He knew Palpatine would get in the way of total control. He would worry about him later. Fennis turned to face Boba. "Lieutenant, are the Stormtroopers in position?" Boba nodded, his T-Visored helmet showing no facial expression. "Yes, sir." "And what about the clones?" "The slaves are locked in the lowest part of the building. Jantek locations all over the galaxy have sent the clones to Aquilae just as you asked. The city is heavily fortified. There is no chance the TSF can break through." Tye Fennis grinned as widely as Fett had ever seen before. "Excellent. Soon this rebellion will be crushed."
    Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the three other Jedi were in the transport, arriving in the Aquilae system. It was the first time Anakin had seen what the Republic's military might was like. He stared in awe at the countless TIE Fighters and transports in the atmosphere. Obi-Wan looked at Anakin. "Stay close to me, Anakin." Anakin nodded. He trusted Obi-Wan to make sure he wouldn't be killed. Obi-Wan turned to face the three other Jedi. "We are gonna be arriving in Jantek City to protect Fennis." The Mon Calamari Jedi, Qia Koolo, asked, "What if the TSF's attack on the city becomes too much? Is there an evacuation order?" Obi-Wan shook his head. "Fennis is too stubborn to leave, and overconfident in his ability to win. We have permission from Master Yoda to engage in the battle if necessary to keep Fennis alive." The other three Jedi nodded. Obi-Wan could tell they were in uncomfortable with the circumstances. No back up, and protecting a man who thrives off corporate slavery. It was wrong in every way they looked at it. With President Ryasa dead, Fennis has pretty much the entire Galactic Republic in his hands. Obi-Wan then remembered Palpatine's recent rise to president. What could he do?, Obi-Wan thought. The corruption in the Senate had plagued the Republic for years. Still, Obi-Wan had to pretend to have faith. Maybe he can change things for the better. Maybe.
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    Chapter 16: Battle Of Aquilae

    Arcadia and Krayt Squadron were orbiting the planet, patrolling their assigned sectors, when an armada of ships entered from Hyperspace. Mostly made of freighters and other local ships, The Suns of Freedom did not have a standing navy, but used dozens of modified M-wing ships. They used aggressive guerrilla/hit-and-run tactics to slow down enemies. As swarms of TSF rebels began firing on the Republic ships, Tarkin, aboard the Leviathan, called for all ships to launch Republic fighters. "Get all forces to engage those terrorist scum!" Swarms of TIE Fighters left the Republic cruiser hangars, and engaged the M-Wings, the atmosphere lighting up with laser fire. Some of the TSF ships began landing on the surface in the ensuing chaos.

    "Krayt Squadron! Fall in! We can't let the TSF have an advantage!" "Copy that," Deak said. As the 5-man Krayt Squadron engaged the TSF, the battle became more intense. Two TSF fighters were shooting at Arcadia. Arcadia jerked her controls to the left, dodging the hail of blaster fire. She pressed the buttons on her thrusters to reverse them, and hopefully the TSF fighters would fly over her to give her the advantage. "Here goes nothing." The TIE slowed to a sudden halt, the two M-Wings passing by. "I have you now." Arcadia turned on her targeting computer, locking onto the target ahead of her, and fired at one M-Wing. The ship blew apart in a blaze of fire. As Arcadia engaged the second, she heard alarm from one of her ships.

    Boa Ellis, a Zabrak, was having trouble shaking off several TSF fighters. "Commander Speedstarr, I need help!" Boa tried to dodge the blaster fire and was able to shoot down one fighter. All of a sudden, the other TSF fighters broke off her tail and headed back to a TSF freighter. "They all left..." A TSF kamikazee struck Boa's X-Wing before she had time to react. The massive explosion crackled in Arcadia's head set. Deak spoke. "Boa has been hit. I repeat, Boa has been hit." Arcadia's determination to destroy that second TSF fighter increased. As she engaged the fighter, she locked onto the M-Wing. "Yes!" She fired and the M-Wing caught flames, crashing down onto the surface of Aquilae below. Before she could celebrate, green laser fire hit her TIE, one of the wings completely breaking apart. Her ship started losing control. "I'VE BEEN HIT! I REPEAT, I'VE BEEN HIT!" The TIE spun out of orbit and she began to crash.

    The TSF transports landed in the cities, dozens of TSF guerrillas stormed out, firing on the barricaded Republic troops. As several transports hovered over Jantek City, Tye called down to Boba Fett and his Stormtrooper Force at the entrance of the city. "SHOOT THEM DOWN!" Several of Jantek's Defense Cannons opened fire on the frieghters, one of them crashing into a Jantek Hotel. The other one landed in the street below, several rebels launching out. The battle had officially begun.

    As the Jedi Transport was flying over Aquilae's harsh sand, Anakin saw the metropolitan areas ablazed. Anakin saw several Republic troops mowed down by a TSF gun emplacement in a pothole on one bridge. He cringed at the violence displayed. Obi-Wan turned to Qia Koolo, the Bothan Miz Horra, and the human, Porak Savis. "We are entering the Jantek capital. Remember the mission! Don't engage unless we have to." As Obi-Wan spoke, Anakin noticed a burning TIE Fighter on one of the bridges, several TSF gunmen closing in. Anakin used the Force to sense if the pilot was still alive. He felt a faint presence. There was no Republic troops in that area, and if the Jedi are supposed to serve the Republic....

    Anakin turned to face Obi-Wan. "Master, I see a crashed fighter that needs our help!" Obi-Wan turned to face Anakin. "Anakin. There is plenty of casualties in war. We have a job to do!" Anakin shook his head. "They're alive, Master. I'm gonna help them." Obi-Wan got angry. "You're gonna potentially botch the entire mission for one pilot?! Do you expect to save every one you find in this battle, Anakin!?" Anakin screamed. "This is different! We have an opportunity!!" Obi-Wan's frustration increased. "An opportunity for what!?" Anakin fell silent and spoke very softly. "To prove myself." Before Obi-Wan could respond, Anakin jumped out of the transport, using the Force to guide his fall. Obi-Wan sighed. He couldn't believe Anakin just disobeyed him on their first assignment together. Unfortunately for Obi-Wan, this wouldn't be the last time.
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    Chapter 17: The Fight Continues

    As the Jedi transport reached Jantek City, Obi-Wan saw the Stormtroopers in a firefight with several TSF rebels. Looks like the fight has begun here too, Obi-Wan thought. The transport reached the Jantek HQ building, Porak opening the hatch, and leaving the pilot seat. The four Jedi Knights ran down the corridor, while dozens of stormtroopers moved in the opposite direction. As the Jedi reached the office of Tye Fennis, they saw the man watching the battle unfold from his window. "Director Fennis." The man turned around. "Ahh Kenobi. Good to see you again. Are you hear to support my troops?"
    "No, we are only hear to protect you."
    "Protect me!? Why in the galaxy would I need protection? Ah, very well then."
    Obi-Wan turned to the other three Jedi. "Keep an eye out for any TSF counterattack into HQ. Make sure we have a defensive team at every entrance and exit."

    In Jantek City, Lt. Boba Fett was pinned down by several TSF gunmen. The stormtrooper next to him was wounded, shot in the right arm. "Trooper," Boba sternly said, "Hand me your ballistic ammo." "Yes, sir." The trooper gave Fett a pack on 7-87 Detonator rounds. Boba put some in his EE-3 Carbine. He got out from cover behind the speeder, and charged the rebels. One TSF gunman, a Bith male, started firing on Fett. Boba used his wrist rocket, firing on the gunman. The gunman exploded in the blast, vaporizing into dust. Boba then aimed his carbine at two other gumen. One of them, a bald human with a scar on his cheek, shouted "DIE, YOU CORPORATE SLAVER!" The human charged Fett with a combat knife, and Boba's armor was chipped by the slash. Boba grabbed the man's arm, yanking it, dislocating the shoulder. "AGH!" Boba then shot the man with the ballistic round through the stomach, the human TSF rebel flying back. As the third gunman, an Ithorian wearing a white jacket, and carrying a rocket launcher aimed at Fett, Boba used his jetpack, flying several feet in the air, to the surprise of the Ithorian. Boba then used his missile, built into the jetpack, aiming at the Ithorian. The Ithorian tried to run, but was engulfed in the explosion the missile caused. Boba landed back down. He hoped they could hold off the TSF before they were able to penetrate HQ.

    On the bridge, Anakin Skywalker saw a blaster laying next to a dead Republic soldier. He ran and picked up the pistol, and ran towards the crashed TIE debris. The TSF hadn't noticed him, but it was a chase to get to the TIE Fighter first. Anakin ran as fast as he could, and saw two TSF rebels, running in front of him, one a Wookiee, the other a Twi'lek. Anakin fired at them, but missed, and alerted the two. The two rebels opened fire, causing Anakin to hide in a crater. "Blast!" As the laser fire went above his head, Anakin used the Force to push pieces of debris at the rebels. The rebels fell to the ground, hit by the dirt and chunks of split metal. Anakin used this distraction to shoot the Twi'lek. The red laser fire hit the Twi'lek in the chest, and Anakin then set focus onto the Wookiee. The Wookiee managed to shoot the pistol out of Anakin's hand, with a bowcaster. Anakin thought fast, and unclipped his lightsaber, igniting it. The Wookiee froze in fear, and then caught its bearings. The Wookiee lifted its bowcaster, but it was too late. Anakin was in close proximity and slashed the Wookiee across the torso. The Wookiee hit the ground with a hard thud. Anakin, wasting no time, ran to the TIE fighter. He saw the flames rising and licking the fuel cells. As Anakin cut and hole in the cockpit, he saw a woman, with a cut above her head. She was slightly dazed, but holding a blaster pistol in her hand. At least she's ready to fight, Anakin thought. "Who are you?," the woman asked. "I'm Anakin Skywalker, I'm here to rescue you." The woman nodded. Anakin picked her up, pulling her arm over his back to support her. The two jumped out of the TIE Fighter, and ran to the nearest speeder. They hid behind it as the TIE exploded. Anakin peaked at the debris. Both of them were out of breath, panting loudly. Anakin turned to face the pilot. "Thank you." She had a spark in her eyes that Anakin admired. Anakin smiled. "Anytime." Anakin saw Jantek City across the bridge. He looked at her. "What's your name?" "Arcadia. Arcadia Speedstar. I'm a pilot in the Republic Navy. Got shot out of orbit." Anakin nodded. "I have to get to Jantek City. My master is there. Can you walk?" She nodded, then looked at his belt. "So you're a Jedi?" Anakin flashed a grin. "If we survive this, I hope so." Arcadia gave a grin back. "Well, let's hope we get there in time before TSF reinforcements." The two began to run towards the city entrance.
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    Chapter 18: The Raid

    As the battle raged on, Republic transports landed for reinforcements, TSF militiamen gathered ammunition from fallen rebels or even Republic soldiers, and a black ship entered the atmosphere.

    Darth Vindis had arrived with the Sith militia troopers, all clad in dark armor, their helmets molded into a skeleton-like design. Vindis's metal mask covered his face, his yellow eyes only being visible through the sockets. He looked at the soldiers. They all knew the Jedi were already in Jantek City. They would have to operate quick and fast. Vindis smiled under his mask. He couldn't wait to kill Jedi Knights. Hiding in the shadows, starting a crisis on the planet Skye, funding terrorist groups to attack the Republic: all these operations he had undertook for Palpatine were finally going pay off. He was confident he could handle all the Jedi.

    As the ship arrived in Jantek City, Darth Vindis overwatched the battle. He saw Jantek's stormtroopers and The Suns of Freedom rebels battling over control of the city. He knew this conflict was over cloning rights. Palpatine gave him an order to take care of that....
    The ship landed on the platform where a Jedi transport was. Two Jantek Security Troopers walked to it as Darth Vindis exited the ship. "Hey! Are you Jedi reinforcements?" All of a sudden, from the darkness of the ship's hull, two red blaster bolts hit both troopers. Dozens of black armored commandos stormed out, entering Jantek HQ.

    Obi-Wan was growing suspicious. Something didn't feel right. He sensed the dark side. Tye Fennis was sitting in his office chair, observing the carnage. Obi-Wan walked into the hallway, seeing the bodies of two Jantek guards. Alerted, Obi-Wan pulled out his comlink. "Jedi Knights, this is Obi-Wan. Come back to the office immediately! I repeat, Come b-." A red beam shot straight at Obi-Wan and, quicker than the average person could see, a blue lightsaber was drawn, deflecting the shot. A black soldier came at Obi-Wan, and the Jedi Knight swung the blade into the soldier's torso before another shot could be let off. Obi-Wan observed the soldier's corpse. The armor was slick, yet contained tiny markings on the breastplate. Obi-Wan grew incredibly worried. As he went back to the office, he heard blaster fire in another hallway. He ran down to see Qia Koolo, holding his blue blade, against several black armored soldiers. Obi-Wan drew his saber, and assisted his fellow Jedi. One Sith trooper fired in his direction. Obi-Wan timed the shots. One blaster shot hit his blade. Another one hit the blade .2 seconds later. Obi-Wan picked up the pattern, and when a third one came, Obi-Wan swung his saber into the shot, deflecting the laser back into the Sith trooper's head. Qia Koolo used the Force to pick up two soldiers and slammed them against a wall, turning their endoskeletons into gelatin. With the soldiers dead, Obi-Wan turned to Qia. "What happened?" The Mon Calamrian Jedi shook his head. "They came out of nowhere. I had a Stormtrooper platoon that got completely wiped out." Obi-Wan nodded. "We have to find the others. Let's move."
    As the two Jedi Knights made it back to the office, Darth Vindis was standing in front of the entrance, with Porak Savis in a chokehold. The struggling human Jedi's face was red, his temples visible. "Ah," the Dark Lord started, "How pleasent it is for you all to join us." He clenched his fist, Porak's neck making a crackling noise that made Obi-Wan wince. The Jedi's body hit the floor. As Obi-Wan and Qia drew their sabers, Vindis used both hands to shoot bolts of electricity into the two Jedi, causing them to fly back into a wall, knocking them into brief unconsciousness. Vindis then entered the office where Tye Fennis was. Tye turned his chair to face the Sith Lord. "Who the blazes are you?" The Sith Lord's eerie silence was broken, as a crimson bladed weapon was ignited, running the Jantek CEO through. As the smoldering corpse crumpled in the chair, Vindis went into Fennis's Security Archives. He found the location of Jantek's clones. They were being held in a containment facility in the lower underground levels of the HQ. He contacted the Sith militia. "Men, I want you to head to the lower levels. Find the clone specimens."

    As Anakin and Arcadia made it to Jantek HQ, they saw the streets full of Jantek stormtroopers. Lt. Boba Fett was behind the Stormtrooper security barracks when he saw the recognizable young man. "Hey, kid!" Anakin turned to see him. "Get over here now before ya get yourself killed!" Anakin and Arcadia hustled to the barracks. "We're pinned down by the TSF." Arcadia grabbed a blaster off a dead stormtrooper. Several TSF gunmen were surrounding the barracks. Anakin faced Boba. "Lieutenant, I have to get to HQ! I'll create an opening for your forces to get through, but it's up to you and Arcadia here to get them out of the city." Fett nodded. "Roger that. And kid, Good luck." Anakin gave a small smirk before his face turned stoic. He then drew his blue lightsaber and charged through.

    One TSF rebel was cut down by the blue blade when they were looking for stragglers in an abandoned outter barrack, another was chuckled through a window by the Force. Anakin cut down two more, a Chiss carrying a short burst rifle and a Rodian with a sniper. As Anakin ran into Jantek, Arcadia looked at Boba. "Were you two friends or something?" Boba was in awe at Anakin's skill. "If I knew the kid could do that, I wouldn't have wanted him in a jail cell on Gardia..." Arcadia raised an eyebrow, but Fett and his men charged the TSF rebels. She sighed, picked up her blaster, and joined.
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    Chapter 19: The Strike At The Heart

    Darth Vindis watched from Jantek HQ's high rise terrace, the battle unfolding. The urban city was burning with the fuel of warfare. On the horizon, he saw Republic and TSF fighters blasting one another in the sky. It was finally here. The Dark Side of The Force would rule the Republic. A message went off on his comlink. "Sir, we found the clones." Vindis grinned under his mask. "Good. Execute Operation: Signal Fire." "Yes, my lord."

    *Dozens of Sith soldiers stormed the underground bunker containing the clone slaves. The slaves were all in several large quarantined cases, wearing blue jumpsuits, and all had shaved heads. They were human, or clones of the same human at least. One of them walked to the front of the glass. "Are you the The Suns of Freedom? Are you here to save us?" The Sith troopers pulled out their weapons and aimed at the clones.....*

    Anakin Skywalker ran through the halls of Jantek HQ. He had to find Obi-Wan and the rest of the Jedi. He saw bodies of Jantek Security guards, and black armored soldiers he had never seen. Was there an attack on the base?, he thought. Is Obi-Wan...He immediately erased the thought of that from his mind. As he continued running, he was halted by a green saber that almost took his head clean off.
    "Skywalker!" Miz Horra, the Bothan Jedi, disengaged the blade from Anakin's neck. "I'm glad to see you."
    "What happened here?"
    "An ambush from these soldiers. Just came out of nowhere. Looks like some kind of dark side worshipping paramilitary force."
    "Where's Obi-Wan and the rest of the team?"
    "I don't know. We split up before the attack. I think there is more of them in the building. We have to stay close."
    The two of them continued searching the halls, until they found the bodies of three Jedi. Anakin saw Obi-Wan and Qia laying next to a wall, with Porak's body slumped in front of Tye Fennis's office entrance. Miz checked Porak. "He's dead." Anakin was searching Obi-Wan and Qia's vital signs. Please don't be dead, Please don't be dead, he repeated in his mind. He felt a pulse in both of them and sighed a breath of relief. Miz walked into Tye's office to find the body of the Jantek CEO.
    "Oh no. We failed." Miz clenched his fist, and pounded the wall next to him. As Miz walked out, a 4 man patrol of Sith troopers came down the corridor next to them. "Jedi!" The troopers all fired on Miz, Miz getting pierced by the constant laser volley. The Jedi Knight hit the ground with a thud, smoking. Anakin was horrified.
    "NOOO!!!" Anakin felt something deep inside him grow. But this time it wasn't light. It wasn't sun. It was something much more...primal. Sinister. But he felt a rush of strength, the anger within boiling. He would not die here. He would not allow Obi-Wan to die here either. Anakin drew his blue saber and screamed as he ran at the troops. They were no match for his lightsaber, and they were all cut down, before they even had a chance to fire a shot. Anakin thought he heard a beg of mercy, or surrender, but he didn't care. He wasn't going to allow anyone to harm him or his new family. Anakin felt the surge of anger decrease, like a slow realization that he felt afraid of himself for a moment. Before he had anytime to think on that matter, he heard clapping.
    Darth Vindis exited the shadows. "My my, boy. That was impressive. You killed my men, without hesitation. I felt you lose control."
    Anakin was frowning, the blue in his eyes becoming consumed by the fire that rested within his heart. The flame increased. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Darth Vindis. Leader of the Sith Army. It seems you failed your mandate to protect Director Fennis but no matter. He was a disease that needed to be cleansed anyway. Just like the Jedi Order you serve."
    Anakin was wary. "Why are you here?"
    Darth Vindis ignited his red lightsaber. "To bring order to the galaxy. And you can be part of it. Join me, young one. Together, we will create an empire from the ashes of this stale Republic."
    Anakin declined. "I would rather die than join you." Darth Vindis bellowed a laugh that echoed through the hallway. "It will be my pleasure...Jedi."

    Anakin ran at the Sith Lord swinging his blade at Vindis's chest. Vindis blocked the blade, the two sabers interlocking.

    "Ahh, the strike at the heart. Not very Jedi-like to make the first attack, no?" Anakin grew increasingly angrier at the Sith's taunt. He swung his saber again, this time at Vindis's head. Vindis ducked, arching his blade with his right hand and tried to chop Anakin in half. Anakin's eyes widened but he rolled to his left, to avoid the attack. Vindis continued to taunt him. "Sloppy, sloppy. Are you sure you're a Jedi?" Anakin threw several strikes at Vindis who blocked each of them with ease, but Anakin kicked Vindis in the shin, and tried to swing into Vindis's torso. Vindis was caught off guard for a brief moment, but quickly blocked the attack. Still, the strike was much more powerful than he anticipated. The Sith Lord knew he had to end this fight quickly. Before Anakin could make another strike, Vindis swung his blade into Anakin's shoulder, severing several tendons. Anakin screamed in immense pain, dropping his saber. "AAAGGGHHH!!" Anakin fell to the floor, looking up to see Darth Vindis's shadow over him. "Pity..I was almost starting to like you." Vindis raised his crimson saber with both hands, ready to make the killing blow. Anakin closed his eyes. So this is how it ends....
    As Vindis's blade began to stroke downward, a blue beam blocked the attack, to the surprise of both Anakin and the Sith. Obi-Wan was standing over the young, wannabe Jedi, looking into the face of the Dark Lord before him with a steady determination that even the Sith Lord feared.
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    Chapter 20: An Enemy That Needs To Be

    On The Suns of Freedom capital cargoship, The Raiser, Tarn Mothma paced back and forth. He was the leader of the TSF. Tarn was a middle aged man, with long mullet-like hair, grey stubble on his face, and a cybernetic left eye he lost during a skirmish with a bounty hunter on Kessel. He knew Jantek had collected their clone labor force and were hiding them on Aquilae. The battle in space grew more desperate. His men on the ground were pushing into Jantek City to hopefully find the slaves. The Republic were closing in, but he knew the risks. He knew facing the Republic, and Jantek, head-on was a suicide mission, but it was the only chance he had. The galaxy feared him after his attack on Coruscant. Over 20,000 dead. It was an ugly operation, but it needed to be done. The Republic needed to see there would be consequences for their ignorance.

    On The Leviathan, Tarkin spotted Mothma's ship. It was different from the other frieghters the TSF utilized. Bigger and bulkier. Then it must be important, Tarkin thought. He looked at Lieutenant Motti. "Lieutenant, scan that ship immediately," pointing at the giant cargoship. Motti used The Leviathan's scan equipment to find the history of the ship. "It's a TSF command ship, sir. It looks like TSF leader, Tarn Mothma, has been recorded by Republic Intelligence to have boarded it on a multitude of occasions." Tarkin smiled. "We must seize the opportunity. Command all turrets and cannons to open fire on that ship, immediately!"

    Tarn noticed a giant Republic capital ship starting to turn and block off his cargoship from entering Hyperspace. Ah, and so the Republic sees the true face of violence, he thought. He knew it would only be a matter of time. "All personnel, get to an escape pod, or any ship in the hangar! Now!" Dozens of alien species began ditching their posts, hastily retreating from the ship. A young red-headed girl, about the age of 17, ran to the front of the ship. "Father, what is going on?" Tarn looked at her. "Mon, get out of here now. It is too late." Mon's eyes began to water. "No, we must leave together." Tarn walked towards her. "The Republic will fall, my dear. The revolution will not be silenced." Mon nodded. "I agree, father. But destroying democracy is not how we should proceed. I love you, but your increasingly violent attacks on the Republic is the reason you're gonna get yourself killed!" Tarn looked out the window. The Republic cannons began to aim at the ship. Tarn looked at his daughter again. "The Republic will not change, my daughter. Democracy is a flawed system. Only one who knows what they're doing should be leader. Besides, it looks like I'm going to be killed anyway." Tarn's voice was calm. Mon knew she could not get through to her father. He had already made up his mind. The tears streamed down her face. "I will continue to rebel against corruption, but I will not destroy what the Republic stands for, and I won't resort to the tactics you have sunk to." Tarn smiled at his daughter one more time. "Go then. Carry the flame of resistance." Tarn looked back at the window. Mon Mothma ran towards an escape pod, opening the hatch, and pressing the eject button. The pod jettisoned off. She looked out the window to see the Republic's red blasts of energy destroy The Raiser, the cargoship slowly falling into an orange fiery ball. She held back the tears. Unsure of what to do now. Unsure of where to go.
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    Chapter 21: Obi-Wan Vs. Darth Vindis

    In Director Tye Fennis's office, Obi-Wan and the Sith Lord dueled ferociously, each of their blade strikes crackling with energy with every hit. Obi-Wan's blue saber swung down on Darth Vindis, who blocked the attack. "Ahh, the master. Your student could use a better teacher." Obi-Wan had a flash of anger in his eyes. He hoped the Sith didn't notice. He made several strikes towards Vindis, but the Sith Lord uppercutted him with the back of his elbow. Obi-Wan moved back. "ACK!" Vindis then made a lightning whip-like attack at Kenobi's neck. Obi-Wan tried to block it. The blade absorbed most of the blow, but the strike was powerful enough to knock Obi-Wan's saber out of his hand. Darth Vindis made a grunt of victory. "Well, I must say, I'm disappointed in your Jedi Order. I expected a lot mo.." Obi-Wan reacted and used the Force to push the Sith out of the office window, the glass shattering. He used the Force to grab his lightsaber, and ran to the window. He didn't see any falling body, and he still sensed the dark side lingering. He knew the Dark Sider had survived. He deactivated his blade, clipping it back onto his belt. He ran to Anakin, and the unconscious Qia.

    "Anakin! Are you alright?" Anakin was sweating, barely able to speak. Obi-Wan lifted him up. Qia began to awaken from his state. "Uhhh....what happened?" He looked to see Anakin's shoulder, scalded. Obi-Wan gave him a wink. "No time to explain, Qia. We must move. With Tye Fennis dead, we have to search the HQ for the clone slaves. This conflict must end now." The three began moving.

    As they made it down to the lower levels of the compound, they ran towards a door that was smoldering, two Jantek stormtroopers dead. Someone broke in. The three walked into the room, a huge area with giant quarantined-off glass isolation chambers. Bodies of identical men laid in each one. Obi-Wan and Qia gasped in horror at the site. Anakin, as in much pain and shock from his wound that he was, was also horrified at the atrocity. Obi-Wan just muttered, "No. I...I can't believe this..."

    Chapter 22: The Republic's Victory

    The battle was winding down on Aquilae. News of Tarn Mothma's death, leader of The Suns of Freedom, began to surface through Republic comms.
    In Jantek City, Arcadia and Boba were fighting the last resistance of TSF rebels. Arcadia saw two human TSF fighters try to escape the city. They must know they are losing, she thought. She aimed her rifle at the TSF rebels, a woman with blonde hair and a man with green, and took them down. As the stormtroopers made their way up the block, gaining ground, the TSF were calling for retreat. At the entrance of Jantek City, several Republic transports landed, soldiers storming out. "Move! Move!"

    The rebels were surrounded. Several of them dropped their weapons, got on their knees, hands up. The Republic soldiers pinned them down.

    The battle on Aquilae was won.

    Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Qia all walked out of the HQ. Lt. Boba Fett and Arcadia approached them. Arcadia spoke to Obi-Wan. "What happened to Anakin?" Anakin, dazed, looked up and gave her a faint smile. "I'm all right. Just a scratch." Arcadia shook her head. "I will call for a medical evacuation," looking at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan nodded. How does Anakin know this woman?

    As Arcadia took Anakin away, Lt. Fett looked at Obi-Wan. "Where's the CEO?" Obi-Wan looked at him, solemnly. "He didn't make it." Fett took off his helmet. Obi-Wan saw a man who's face was rough, and patched, from warfare. "...And the clones?" Obi-Wan looked down. "Dead. All of them." Fett shook his head. "No...not all of them." Obi-Wan and Qia looked at each other. Obi-Wan was suspicious. "What do you mean, Lieutenant?" Fett sighed. "Several Republic planets were funding Jantek's cloning operation. Jantek made the clones and supplied them to several Republic worlds. Director Fennis covered up the corrupt practice as a Jantek-only workforce, to supply the Republic with whatever goods are needed. Of course, the reason why Jantek had such an influence in the Republic is much dirtier."
    Qia shook his head. "You mean, other Republic worlds have clones?" Boba nodded. "Yes, and with The Suns of Freedom completely decimated, there is no one to stop them from having them, even if Jantek is discontinued."
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    Chapter 23: The Revenge of Darkness

    As the sun was setting on Coruscant, Palpatine looked at the skyline from the balcony of his private office. He sensed Darth Vindis behind him. "I take it everything has gone well?"
    Vindis looked away. "Yes, master, but at a high cost. Our Sith militia was completely wiped out." Palpatine nodded. "No matter. With Fennis dead, the corporate influence on this rotten Republic is liberated. Also, with the clone massacre, we have a scapegoat for this attack. Now, we begin to create war in this fragile Republic."

    Darth Vindis nodded. "But with the militia dead, what force do we have to carry out your bidding?"
    "Look around, my apprentice. I AM the Republic. We don't need to keep in the shadows for long. Soon, the Republic will collapse. Soon, the galaxy will be ours."

    Chapter 24: Conspiracies Grow

    On Yavin IV, in one of the private chambers of the Jedi Temple, Obi-Wan Kenobi began to converse with Yoda and Lok Dantos on the dark siders who killed Tye Fennis. Yoda was disturbed. "Hmm...with Dark Siders involved and the Republic's secret cloning operations, adding up, it isn't." Obi-Wan nodded in agreement. "Qia reported to the President of our findings. He is to announce a plan of action." Lok frowned. "This all seems like a coincidence. The Dark Sider you and Anakin dueled killed Fennis for what motivation? Who killed the clones? Did Fennis order their execution and kill security witnesses to make it look like an attack? Why did he even round them up in one location in the first place? Was the Dark Side group in league with the TSF?"
    Obi-Wan was at a lost for words. "No. At least, not the TSF fighters we interrogated, and with Tarn Mothma dead, who knows for sure? Fett talked about how Fennis wanted all the clones on Aquilae so the TSF would expend all their resources trying to free them. But he doesn't know if that was a cover-up excuse." Yoda spoke with caution. "Great care we must take. Watch the Republic, we must. The corruption is revealed to have been more embedded than we thought."
    "And what about Anakin?," asked Obi-Wan. Lok spoke next. "Your apprentice was sent to Coruscant. He is being awarded by Palpatine for saving the Republic pilot. As brave as he was, that was a reckless move."

    Obi-Wan sighed. "I know. I tried to talk to him about it, but...he wouldn't listen." Yoda frowned. "Apprentice he is to you, Obi-Wan. Listen, he must."
    "Yes, Master."
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    Chapter 25: Love In The Air

    On Coruscant, on the Senate platform, Anakin Skywalker watched the air traffic in complete amazement. He had heard about the Republic capital, but never imagined anything like this. In awe, he turned to see a familiar face. Arcadia noticed his sense of wonder. "Never seen a planet made out of one big city?" Anakin gave a half grin. "Never saw a city until a couple days ago. But this...this is something else." Arcadia got closer and kissed him. Anakin began to blush. "Then what is that?" He was enamored with her. "Something....else." He realized that sounded stupid, but it was the first thing to come to mind. Arcadia raised an eyebrow. "Not very slick with words, huh?" They both laughed. They both slowly grabbed hands, Anakin was nervous, but Arcadia's warm smile made him calm. "Thank you for the medical attention." They were smittened. "And thank you again for coming to help me." They were looking in each others' eyes, mesmerized by their increasing feelings for one another.

    A ship landed outside, and Anakin and Arcadia glanced to see President Palpatine, flanked by two armored guards. Palpatine approached Anakin. "Ahhh, you must be the young Jedi I have heard so much about." Anakin smiled and bowed. "Pleasure to meet you, sir." Palpatine put a hand on his shoulder. "No, my boy, it's a pleasure to meet you. A strong, powerful warrior, who was so brave in the face of terror." Anakin was honored. Palpatine began to speak again. "I hope this will be a start to a wonderful friendship." "Thank you, sir." Palpatine had heard about Anakin's old name "Lars" from spies. Now the young man was going by the name of "Skywalker." When Palpatine was studying the dark side, manifesting his powers as a young boy, he read about the legends of the Skywalker in Jedi philosophy. He was interested in this man. He knew there was something very powerful lurking within him....

    Chapter 26: The Clone Wars

    Palpatine stood up at the Senate podium. "With the The Suns of Freedom defeated, I have realized in this crisis that the Republic has become too weak to face its enemies. I have also learned, thanks to the Jedi Order, that shadowy forces have killed Jantek's clone slave force, and that several senators here are part of worlds that use clones for labor." The senate began to start talking amongst themselves. "I have decided to create a more powerful military force in the Republic. Cloning is now illegal and will be banned. Also, I have seen the problems that arise when conglomerates such as Jantek have too much power. All corporations will be absorbed under government control. Jantek's Security Force will be absorbed into the Republic military to create "The Stormtrooper Corps." A force for peace and prosperity." The senate was in uproar. Most cheered. Palpatine was the powerful leader the Republic needed. President Ryasa had allowed this corruption to take hold, but now a real leader was in charge. Several senators, who were angry at Palpatine's proposal, all eyed each other. Mid-Rim planets, Malastare, Bakura, Omoa, and Femorran, all stood up. Senator Kombus, an Bakura representative and leader of the Bakuran Socialist League, objected. "This is unfair!! Cloning is a means to an end on our world. We need them to sustain our economy. Our people, and our militia force, runs on clone labor!" The other three planets' representatives agreed. Palpatine apologized. "I'm sorry, Senator Kombus, but an unethical practice must be eliminated." Kombus then said what Palpatine had hoped for. "Then as representative and leader of my people, I declare secession from the Galactic Republic. If you dare send your military force to my planet, my people will take up arms and fight back." The other three leaders of the cloning planets agreed. "We all declare secession too." Palpatine's eyebrow raised. "An alliance to rebel against the Republic? Is this an act of war, senators?" Kombus and the three others all walked from their assigned seats. "The Cloning Rights Union will only declare war if you dare attack our homes." Palpatine feigned sorrow. "Then I'm sorry, senators. I must do what is right for the galaxy. The Galactic Republic will stop your cloning operations." Kombus yelled in frustration. "Then war it is then." The four senators walked out. The remaining Senate cheered. "The Clone Wars have begun, my fellow senators. Conscript your people to my new stronger military. We will make the Republic strong again." The eruption of applause made Palpatine delighted. Now, everything was going as plan.

    *FADE OUT*


    Well, my SW Episode I is finally completed. :p To anyone who is reading, and enjoyed it, I'll be working on Episode II straight away. Hopefully, this is enough to hold on for the wait.
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    Excellent action and schemes of Palpatine. Very different from the PT but definitely with the same outcome, i.e., Palpatine in control. :eek: Love Anakin's changed back story but seems like his pitfalls with giving into emotion is still a problem. [face_worried] Like Arcadia. She's competent and the sparks with Anakin. ;)
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    Great back story for Anakin. I like the changes. :) Same ol' Palpatine; scheming and manipulating. :mad: Good work!=D=