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  1. JevanShevu Jedi Knight

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    Everyone is focusing on if the "Big Three" will be appearing in the new Star Wars films, my question is; Who will play the newer characters? The children of Skywalker and Solo? I think those are the bigger questions to ask. Because if reports and rumors are correct it will be a new generation of heroes.

    Who do you think will play the Solo/Skywalker kids?

    I know that this is looking far ahead but it is fun to think about who will be our new heroes in this new Star Wars.

  2. Ryus Jedi Master

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    I take it we cant post anything EU character and actor choices least this thread get locked down faster than the Falcon making a Kessel Run...
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    I think Chris brown would be a big hit with the ladies. He can be Smackyo Calrissian. Ya get it!
  5. Darth Claire Force Ghost

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    Give it time. In a couple of months we'll be flooded with soo many "These actors are being looked at by Lucasfilm for a lead role" that we'll all be going insane. Expect at least one fake Twilight/Hunger Games/Disney Channel/Shia rumor. Its bound to happen.
  6. PrincessKenobi New Films Manager

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    Already a thread on this.
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