Star Wars Episode VII The Lurking Darkness - (A Wishful Thinking)

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    Hi, I am not terribly good at English, so I am not going to attempt to write a fan fiction story. I don't know what is involved in writing a screenplay either, so I am just going to do it my own way - call it a Jedi-Sith style screenplay or what not.

    I thought a long time ago what fun it would be to make Episode VII. GL doesn't appear to be making any sequels so I started constructing a story. It started with many ideas. Mainly just a few sorts of scenes that I would have liked to see in a Star Wars film one day.

    I started with using Luke, Leia and Han as the major characters but soon came to realise that I would have to use the next generation more actively. I turned to EU for Jacen Solo, Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker.

    Well here is the first scene, I shall update with another scene once a week, hopefully on Wednesdays, if not I may have to move the day to weekends, but enough of that, lets get on with it...

    A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away


    Episode VII


    After decades since the fall of
    Palpatine, the galaxy is
    experiencing an era of peace and prosperity. The old members of the Rebel
    Alliance have restored the
    Galactic Republic after many
    decades of war and struggle.

    A new generation of Jedi
    Knights, guardians of peace
    and justice, have arisen under
    the guidance of Jedi Master
    Luke Skywalker. In the many wars,
    many heroic lives have been lost,
    including the great Wookiee,
    Chewbacca, the youngest child of
    Leia and Han Solo, Anakin Solo and
    Luke?s wife, the Jedi Mara Jade

    Now in this time of peace darkness
    is ready to reveal itself to
    the new Jedi Knights. An evil
    hidden since the days of Palpatine,
    with an order of loyal dark warriors
    at his command, is ready to strike
    at the new Jedi Order. And could
    bring the galaxy back into darkness?

    Against the backdrop of space, the GALACTIC REPUBLIC SHUTTLE, Saviour III, exits out of hyperspace above the small planet of TREEVIN. The shuttle descends to the surface.
    The planet is filled with tropical rainforests and many flying creatures can be seen above the canopies as the shuttle flies over the rainforest towards a clearing where the city of PHORE is situated.
    Shuttle lands, and five Republican delegates exit followed by two hooded robed bodyguards. Seven TREEVINIAN delegates including a child greet them.
    The Treevinians are a feline species, with the males having a mane like a lion.
    The delegates meet and head for the building away from the landing pod.
    As they reach the building a man in MANDALORIAN ARMOUR lands in front of them after flying on his jetpack. The Mandalorian raises twin blasters.
    One robed figure jumps forwards igniting a violet bladed LIGHTSABER, revealing the bodyguards as JEDI KNIGHTS.
    Other Jedi ignites green-bladed lightsaber and directs delegates away from the fight. Another Mandalorian appears in front of second Jedi and kicks the lightsaber from Jedi?s grip, then trips Jedi up by sweeping legs from underneath. Hood falls down to reveal MALE HUMAN with long wavy dark brown hair.
    First Jedi while cutting down first Mandalorian spins to see fellow Jedi fallen, hood falls back to reveal FEMALE HUMAN with long straight brown hair. Female Jedi throws lightsaber and watches it pierce the second Mandalorian in chest.
    Male Jedi flips up into standing position and calls lightsaber back to him, as does female Jedi.
    Looking for any other danger, Jedi shut down lightsabers and head for shocked delegates.

    MALE JEDI:Greetings delegates, I am Jedi Knight Ja?
    TREEVINIAN DELEGATE: <interrupts smiling warmly> We know who you are Jacen Solo. You and your sister Jaina?s heroic efforts in your years rival that of your parents and uncle.

    Both Jacen and Jaina Solo bow smiling,

    JACEN: Thankyou Delegate, however I am afraid we must leave this place for the moment, it is not safe here?

    Jacen and Jaina lead the delegates back towards the building keeping an eye out for trouble.

    JACEN: <continued> I am told we have a
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