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Star Wars Star Wars - Episode VII - Visions of Peace (a Non-EU Game)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by SirakRomar, Apr 5, 2013.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Star Wars
    Episode VII
    Visions of Peace
    The Battle of Endor is over and the Galactic Empire has suffered a fatal defeat at the hands of the Alliance and it´s greatest heroes. The Emperor and his apprentice Darth Vader are dead and the Empire´s Second Death Star has been destroyed by the fleet of the Alliance. But while the heroes of Endor celebrate their victory, the war has not stopped. People all over the galaxy have risen against their oppressors and overthrow their regional Governor´s to join the Alliance. The Empire is retreating on a thousand planets. But still, wounded and desperate as it is, it is the single greatest military in the galaxy. And like all wounded beasts, it is most dangerous when it has nothing to loose . . .

    Imagine there would never have been an EU. Imagine a SW galaxy . . . the Star Wars galaxy you had in mind when first watching the movies. And then imagine . . . nothing more. There is no cloned emperor, no blue skinned admiral, no Sith Tribes in hiding. Nobody will ever flowwalk anywhere and if Han and Leia get children is as unwritten as the question if they stay together in the first place. Imagine anything could happen. That is what this game is about. This is an Episode VII set in an alternate universe where none of the EU exists. Only the movies, Episode I to VI are canon for our players and only they will count.

    Whatever happened after Luke defeated the Emperor and redeemed his father, whatever happened after the Rebels one the Battle of Endor . . . this will be your story! It starts two days after Endor and it ends wherever you lead it . . .
    The Universe

    This is your Episode VII. Only yours. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is meant to happen. Whatever happens after the Battle of Endor, is up to you alone.
    Every bit of EU is voided for this game. No Bakura will call for help, no Thrawn of Vong invasion is bound to happen. There are no secret Sith in hiding anywhere. We will use planets from the EU on occasion and we also allow for most alien races known from the EU (the Vong are not allowed), as long as they are not force-related, but what happens to them is completely up to the players and the universe as it develops through this game.
    The same will be true for any ship or ground technology, with the exception of anything that would qualify as a Superweapon. Those things won´t exist in this Star Wars universe. It goes without saying that anything you have seen in the movies is somewhere out there anyway.


    The Characters

    You can play whatever character you want, if he exists in the Star Wars universe and if he is in line with movie canon. Canon characters are welcome, so are original characters. Original characters can be created in any faction and from any part of the galaxy. This game aims to explore what these troubled times mean to the “ordinary” people of the galaxy and what happens in the corridors of power alike.
    Considering canon-characters we will hand them out on a first-come-first-served basis.
    EU characters will be allowed on a case-to-case basis, but they will always be alternate version of themselves and whatever position or power they have in any book, they will not necessary have it in this version. I reserve the right to not approve any character who would probably lead to an reenactment of EU events.
    If you are in doubt about the canonicity of an idea you wanna use, send a PM and we will discuss it.
    Please use the character sheet below and send any CS to me for approval before posting.


    Rank: (only if he has any authority over others)
    Canon: Yes or No
    Possession: (only if anything special is in his possession like a ship, fleet, planet, unique armor, lightsaber or the like)
    Appearance: Description or picture, whatever you prefer
    Bio: (as short or long as you feel appropriate, for canon-characters a link is okay)

    ALL PLAYERS ARE WELCOME, therefore don´t be shy if you are new to this. We will help you out with anything you need.

    If you need inspiration for character creation have a look at the faction overview in my second post.


    1. GM word is law, in this kind of game more than ever
    2. Send all CSes for approval
    3. No player can have more than two active characters
    4. No reference to EU events shall be made, if they are not verified through the movies (for example Master Sifo-Dias and the mentor of Palpatine have existed at some point, because they were mentioned, Revan or the Vong invaders do not)
    5. The GMs will update at least once a week, we expect responses in appropriate time. If someone vanishes or holds up the game for too long we will take control of the character to keep things moving.
    6. No unfair behavior towards any player.
    7. OOC is allowed, OOC discussions about the games content are not. We will establish an OOC thread for that.
    7.b Your GM is from Germany, so forgive her any bad English!
    8. Be ambitious! Have fun!
    9. I mean it, HAVE FUN!
  2. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    The Factions

    There is no fixed list of factions and you can feel free to come up with any number of new groups . . . but there are of course those we already know to exist and the time after Endor is an interesting one for those, certainly.

    The Alliance

    The tide of the war has turned. The alliance is growing with every minutes and fleets, planets and people now rise against the Empire´s oppression and look for the former rebels for leadership. But leadership comes with great responsibility and even greater challenges. How will the Alliance organize to avoid making the mistakes of the past? How will they deal with their defeated enemies? And also a battle was one, the war is far from over. Fighting could go onj for decades and cost billions their lives. Or is there a better way? This is the time of diplomats and spies as much as it is the time of Admirals and soldiers. If the Alliance wishes to bring peace to the galaxy, it needs every soul it can get.

    The Empire

    Despite the crushing defeat, the Empire holds the majority of the galaxies military material, thousands of planets and billions of troops. A military engine is still left and it is fueled by cloning tanks and giant factories and shipyards who never stop producing the means for war.
    An Empire without an Emperor is both a dangerous entity and one with the chance to change. There is no heir left to rule, no system to find any new Emperor on which the Empire could fall back to. So what will the Imperials do? Unite under one new leader or splinter and give in to infighting? Will those prevail who favor an all out war to see the galaxy burn for their crimes or will the reasonable forces finally secure their dominance. Will peace be negotiated? Can the empire change? Does it want to? Or is a new Emperor all it needs and if so, who will that be? What will be his agenda?
    Could the Empire win this war after all, ruining all achievements the Alliance has made?
    No matter if you are a mighty Admiral, Moff or a simple soldier or even a clone, these are the times for great change for everybody within the Empire.

    The Fringe

    The Fringe isn´t a faction really. After Jabba´s death it is even less so, as the criminal underworld has lost it´s one leader it still had. But it is a time of great opportunity for those who have stayed neutral in the conflict. Smugglers and mercenaries will be high in demand. Both sides of the war will have need for Bounty hunters. But even lesser known groups might rise to prominence. Treasure Hunters, traders (both small and big), corporations no longer suppressed by an Empire, miners, farmers, scientists, explorers and leaders of smaller communities or even planetary leaders . . . they all might see the opportunity this new order . . . or lack of . . . offers to them. For the fringe of the galactic society this is a fight for survival or the chance to secure their own corner of the galaxy and make it their domain.
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    GM approved!!!

    Name: Luke Skywalker
    Commander, Jedi Knight
    Age: 23 years
    Canon: Yes
    Possession: A lightsaber created by himself

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: (taken from the wookiepedia) Born in 19 BBY as the son of the fallen Jedi KnightAnakin Skywalker and the Queen and Senator of Naboo, Padmé Amidala, Luke was raised on Tatooine and hidden from EmperorPalpatine and his father, who had become Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. In 0 BBY, Skywalker's life changed forever. A chance purchase of two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, led to him to receive training in the ways of the Force from Jedi MasterObi-Wan Kenobi and to meet Han Solo, and PrincessLeia Organa, who was, unbeknownst to him, his twin sister. Skywalker then destroyed the firstDeath Star and joined the Rebel Alliance.
    Over the next few years, he fought in many of the most important battles of the Galactic Civil War, helping fighting Imperial forces across the galaxy. In 3 ABY, Skywalker received Jedi training from Yoda, and learned from Vader that the Sith Lord was his father. One year later, he fought in the Battle of Endor, and succeeded in turning his father back to the light. Thanks to Skywalker, Palpatine was killed, and the Empire was dealt a crippling blow.
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    GM Approved!

    Name: Kilgo Retrout

    Faction: Alliance (Ret.)

    Rank: Major (Ret.)

    Age: 57

    Race: Human

    Canon: No

    Possessions: Standard issue Alliance officer's blaster, kept for the sake of nostalgia; an assortment of altogether snappy threads; a very nice tea set and an assortment of accompanying teas; enough credits to get by


    Bio: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a man who had gotten tired of fighting the good fight.

    He was not precisely sure why he had grown tired of the good fight - and it was a good fight - but he chalked it up to the inexorable march of time and a certain sense of personal denouement that accompanied the completion of a particularly successful battle, where he helped to coordinate the destruction of a military installation of unprecedented size.

    Four years later, the good fight was won, and the presence of the man - Maj. (Ret.) Retrout, Kilgo, to be precise - had not been required, contrary to the insistences of some of his fellow fighters. And then something very peculiar happened - Maj. (Ret.) Retrout got drafted.

    … Well, drafted was the wrong word for it. Strongly asked for, probably more correct. Asked politely by a good friend, still more. In any case, within hours of the fall of a military installation of unprecedented size (Except for that one other time), Kilgo - as he now preferred to be called - found himself asked to work on the advancement of strange, new concepts. Governance. Interplanetary relations. Restructuring.

    Kilgo was now a bureaucrat. Force help us all.
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    GM approved!

    Name: Eibon Kalt
    Rank: Grand Moff of the Galactic Empire
    Age: 42
    Race: Human (Kuati)
    Canon: No
    Possessions: The SSD Vengeance and escort fleet
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: From one of the youngest Moffs in the Empire´s history to Grand Moff was a long way for Eibon Kalt. Governor and later Moff of one of the most rebel infected territories in the MidRim he had originally scored several key victories to secure the most vital planets for the Empire´s industrial complex and therefore secured the resources necessary to create projects like the Death Stars or the new fleet of Super Star Destroyers envisioned by his Emperor. Yet, once he had been appointed Moff his policy changed into a more moderate approach to rebels. This was probably also because the Emperor drained his system for resources, he decided the war had to be won another way.
    Anyway, the Emperor voiced more than once the opinion it was a lack of will, that spawned such unwanted ideas like negotiations with the enemy. Within the Corut he was more seen as a candidate for a quick replacement and soon he was ordered to govern the Anob-System and the almost extinct race of the Miraluka he was considered done. Also his sense of duty made him a rather effective hunter of the Miraluka remains on the ruined world, he gained no recognition for any of his deeds. The rumors that there was some sort of secret program running on the planet under his guidance were usually waved off as Kalt´s desperate attempt to regain some relevance among the Moffs.
    People reconsidered when he was suddenly and unexpected appointed Grand Moff of the Empire after Grand Moff Tarkin´s death aboard the Death Star. Yet, soon this was explained as well. With a weak Grand Moff like this Lord Vader could take over as much of the military and resources as he saw fit, without expecting any political opposition. Some smart minds began to grow suspicious, if the weakness Kalt had presented had probably only been serving the purpose of convincing the Emperor he was the right man for this office.
    If so the Grand Moff was one of the few people who succeeded in manipulating the Emperor successfully. And that would make him – the court agrees on that – a very cunning and dangerous man. Yet, the opinion he was a weakling generally prevailed.
    With the death of the Emperor he is one of the most powerful men within the Emperor, though. As a prime-candidate to sit on the empty throne and in control over vast resources within the Empire many Moffs look to him now to give the withdrawing imperial forces order again. Now the time will show what kind of man Grand Moff Eibon Kalt really is.

    Name: Anasi
    Rank: Non
    Age: 19
    Race: Human
    Canon: No
    Possessions: some expensive gowns and an assortment of weapons who are easy to hide
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Anasi is a mysterious young woman who has been at the Grand Moffs side from time to time. His lover? His aide? His bodyguard? All three positions seem to have been held by her over time. Yet, none she seems to fill out permanently. To most people she is a rumor, as the Grand Moff, obviously fed-up by her or finding her to young or distracting left her behind when he left his former system to become Grand Moff.
  6. Skywalker_T-65

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    GM Approved!

    Name: Kavan Masa
    Faction: Un-aligned, though friendly to the Alliance
    Rank: Governor of Dantooine
    Age: 45
    Race: Human
    Canon: No
    Possession: Dantooine and its Military
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Born on Dantooine prior to the Clone Wars, Masa was raised in a wealthy family. While Dantooine was considered a remote world, Masa was able to attend a prestigious political and military college on Coruscant, where he gained the interest of several Republican bureaucrats.

    These men and women sponsored him, allowing Masa to get a posting in the Dantooinian government on graduation. He would be working with the then-Governor when the announcement of the dissolution of the Republic was made. As Dantooine was remote, the new Empire didn’t do much to the planet. This allowed Masa to continue to climb the ladder of power, until nearly two decades after the Empire was formed.

    As the Vice-Governor at the time, Masa was privy to many secrets his superior had. Namely, the fact that the then-Governor allowed a Rebel base on Dantooine. Masa would protest this decision, pointing out that if the Emperor ever found out, Dantooine would not be spared his wrath. Eventually the Governor caved in, and requested the Rebels leave the planet. This they did, but it would not save the man from the Empire’s wrath.

    With Princess Leia using Dantooine as bait to ‘save’ Alderaan, the Empire sent a scout fleet to search for the old base. On finding it, they began a purge of the government to find any Rebels. Masa managed to avoid this by turning in the former Governor. In thanks, the Empire made him the new governor, and gave Dantooine a much-needed boost to its military.

    Now…several years later, the Empire is in disarray, and Dantooine is in a ripe position to take advantage of this. The only question, is what side Masa and his people would lean towards…
  7. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    GM Approved

    Name: Yan Dookuu (Do-que)
    Rank: Jedi Master
    Age: Physical Age: 45, Clone Age: 25, Chronological Age: 108
    Race: Human Clone
    Canon: Yes and No
    Possession: Count Dooku's lightsaber and broken memories, with his apprenticeship with Yoda and his student Qui-Gon being the most prominent memories.
    Appearance: A clone of Count Dooku, though appears in his late forties. Wear's dark colored Jedi robes.
    Bio: Jedi Master Dookuu is not aware that he is a clone of the Sith Lord, Darth Tyrannus. He also does not know that Palpatine is a Sith Lord, despite the Emperor's knowledge of the Force. He only knows that he was tasked to protect and serve the Empire, which he has done faithfully for twenty years.

    Conceived on Kamino shortly after the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Dookuu was given Dooku's lightsaber by Emperor Palpatine five years later when he was born as a fully grown human clone. He was told the Jedi Order had attempted to overthrow the Republic and therefore been outlawed and all members declared traitors. But because he had been “in carbonite stasis for many decades” and has little to no memory of his life, a permanent side-effect of hibernation sickness, he would not be held accountable for the actions of his brethren. Given amnesty to the Emperor's Decree, Palpatine befriended the clone and slowly seduced him to the Darkside of the Force, eventually tasking him as a protector of the Emperor's Throne and a servant of the Empire.

    He remembers very little of who he is or how he ended up in carbonite. The memories he remembers well are his early years as a student to Master Yoda and his own apprentice Qui-Gon Jinn, though he has conflicting memories of Jedi such as Jocasta Nu, Mace Windu, Ki-Adi Mundi, Plo Koon, Obi-wan Kenobi and so on, and an older Qui-Gon Jinn. Because of this amnesia and contradicting memories, he has become mentally unstable over the years as he tries to piece together who he is and what he is. It also does not help that a certain Force ghost tries to reason with him too.

    At one point, he had come to realize he was not Jedi Master Dooku at all but a clone and such a realization had left him so scarred that he forced himself to deny the truth and forget it. In his mind, he is Master Dooku and will kill anyone who says otherwise. Palpatine was wise enough to humor him. He was also wise to keep the clone away from his current apprentice, Darth Vader, whom is unaware of the clone's existence but the clone is aware of him. As for the Clone Wars, he believes that Count Dooku is the clone.

    Dookuu hates Vader with a passion for his role in the destruction of the Jedi Order and that he is the only Sith Lord that Dookuu is aware of. He knows of the Rule of Two, a master and an apprentice, but Dookuu has never been able to figure out who the second Sith Lord is and whether Vader was the master or the apprentice, or even if there is a second Sith. He has never drawn the conclusion that Palpatine was the second Sith Lord, simply because his own mental instability prevents him from seeing that truth. To him Palpatine is the benevolent leader with a knowledge of the Force that makes him the perfect being to rule the galaxy.

    With the death of Emperor Palpatine and the galaxy in the middle of a civil war, Master Dookuu intends to but has yet to reveal himself to the hierarchy of the Imperial High Command under the premise that he will be acting as Regent until a suitable candidate for the throne can be chosen or discovered. However he intends to take the throne for himself and no one will get in his way to thwart him.

    He has also taken an interest in Luke Skywalker, but has yet to decide on whether he should seduce the young Jedi to join him or eliminate him for the death of the Emperor.
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    Name: Wedge Antilles
    Rank: Commander (Rogue Leader)
    Age: 25
    Race: Yes
    Canon: Yes
    Possession: Incom T65 X-Wing Fighter, Service Blaster, Astromech Droid
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Wedge was stationed on Yavin when the Death Star approached to wipe out the rebel base. He was dispatched with the rest of Red Squadron in a desperate attempt to destroy the battle station, using a design flaw found in its stolen plans, before it could fire its planet killing super laser and destroy Yavin 4. Wedge racked up an impressive six kills during the engagement as well as saving Skywalker when he took out a TIE on Skywalker’s tail. During their trench run Wedge acted as a rear shield blocking Darth Vader’s shot while Skywalker was making his trench run. His X-Wing was damaged and he was ordered by Skywalker to fallback. Wedge had to watch as Darth Vader targeted his squadmate. He was sure that all was lost until the intervention of the Millennium Falcon. With Vader’s TIE damaged, Skywalker made the shot that gave justice to Alderaan and saved Yavin 4 from the same fate.
    3 years later Wedge was stationed on the newly established Echo Base on the Ice-planet Hoth. Wedge, along with the others of Rogue Squadron (formerly Red Squadron) when out in search of Captain Solo and Commander Skywalker, the latter going missing on patrol and the former going out on Tauntaun to look for him. Wedge was relieved when Skywalker and Solo found, by Rogue Two, as he was good friends with the Commander.
    When Echo Base came under attack, Wedge was with the Rogues in the T-47 Speeders that were dispatched to counter the Empires AT-AT assault force. Wedge, after the observation by Skywalker that the Walker’s armor was too strong for their Speeder’s blasters, assisted Skywalker in his of using their speeders tow cables to trip up the walking death machines. Wedge and his gunner, Wes, successfully downed an AT-AT. He was then able to target the downed AT-AT’s vulnerable neck and destroy the downed Walker. Wedge assumed command of Rogue Squadron at Skywalker’s order when he was shot down. Wedge continued to provide opposition to Imperial ground forces as his fellow Rebels evacuated Echo Base.
    Wedge, now Rogue leader, flew as General Calrissian’s wingman during the battle of Endor. After terminating their run on the battle station, as it still had shields, Wedge and Lando advised the Rebel fleet to engage the Imperial fleet at point black range as to take away the battle stations ability to target them with its super laser.
    Once the shield were down the pair lead a starfighter assault group into the heart of the station. Flying by interments, sight and instinct alone Wedge led the force into the main reactor chamber. Wedge took out the power regulator while Lando fired on the core itself. Again Wedge took the lead as he flew at break neck speeds to escape the fiery explosion of the Death Star’s core. Wedge’s X-Wing shot away from the Death Star like a blaster bolt, with the Falcon close on his heels.
    After the battle had concluded, the Rebels held a victory celebration in the Ewok tree village, the home of the native Ewoks who had aided Solo's commando unit. Wedge was present, where he was overjoyed to see Skywalker had survived confronting Vader and Palpatine, who were both now dead, aboard the Death Star, and his friends on Solo's team alive as well. With the Empire dealt its greatest blow yet, the festivities went on well into the night as Antilles partied with his friends


    Name: Rock Torrey
    Rank: Admiral
    Age: 58
    Race: Human
    Canon: No
    Possession: Command of Imperial Task Force 4-Alpha”, consisting of six Star Destroyers; his Flag ship the ISD Relentless, ISD Monarch, ISD Dauntless, ISD Discordance, ISD Cronus, and ISD Bloodstar.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: Rock was originally commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Republic Navy and he fought in the Clone Wars. He received a battle field promotion to Captain after his commanding officer was killed in a skirmish with CIS forces. He distinguished himself in battle many times and has been commended for strategic excellence.
    When Palpatine established the New Order, Torrey supported him. He believed in what Palpatine stood for. Torrey was accepted and transferred into the New Imperial Navy. A devout believer in the Emperor and his ability to bring stability to the galaxy, Torrey served his Empire to the best of his abilities. In exchange for his dedicated service and unwavering loyalty, Torrey was promoted to Admiral.
    Torrey served the empire for twenty years without a question, until Alderaan.
    The destruction of Alderaan shook Torrey to his core. Torrey didn’t know what was worse, that a peaceful and unarmed planet could be destroyed without remorse, or that the Empire he so loved would lie about it and blame the Rebels. Torrey was unable to believe that the Emperor would condone such action. As such Torrey believed the blame fell directly at the feet of the Moffs. And although shaken, Torrey was still firmly rooted in his beliefs in his Emperor. He carried out his duties and orders, but with more forethought then he would have in the past. He started to choose his officers and crew more carefully in an attempt to weed out all the zealots to leave behind the men loyal to his command.
    Torrey commanded Task Force 4-Alpha during the battle at the Second Death Star. When it was destroyed and the Emperor was killed along with it, so were his hopes that the great man that he had believed in could bring peace and stability. Torrey disengaged the Rebel forces and regrouped. No longer willing to fight for an Empire in which he no longer had faith, he took his Task Force to the Chigrance sector, a highly defensible sector with more than a modicum of resources and in which his home planet of Nimiz resided.
    He had prepared for this day, the day he had hoped would never come. His Emperor was dead and he didn’t trust the Moffs. His entire task force was commanded by Officers and crews loyal to him and the Ideals the Emperor stood for. Torrey still remembered the Imperial inauguration and one part had always stuck with him.

    “By bringing the entire galaxy under one law, one language, and the enlightened guidance of one individual, the corruption that plagued the Republic in its later years will never take root.”

    That corruption, Torrey believed, had infiltrated the Moffs. It was because of them that a rebellion had started. It was because of them that his beloved Emperor was dead. He would root them out and cast aside the corruption. He would see the Empire whole again… or die trying.
  9. Penguinator

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    May 23, 2005

    Name: Ishmael Davenport
    Rank: n/a
    Age: 45
    Race: Human
    Canon: No
    Possession: Tri-Mark VII Interceptor (personal spacecraft)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: Gruff, rough, and tough, Ishmael Davenport is a bounty hunter with a shady past (hardly surprising, given the profession). He's spent time in Imperial forces and prisons, not to mention a few small Rebel cells in the early days of the war. He doesn't really care about any of that - his immediate goal is profit, whether via smuggling or collecting bounties. The galaxy is his oyster, and he's ready to reap the rewards.
  10. HanSolo29

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    GM Approved!

    Name: Han Solo
    Rank: General of the Rebel Alliance
    Age: 33
    Race: Human/Corellian
    Canon: Yes
    Possession: The Millennium Falcon - heavily modified Corellian Engineering YT-1300 light freighter; modified BlasTech DL-44 blaster pistol
    Bio: Han Solo was a cocky Corellian with a wry wit and a reckless disposition, who began his career as a notorious smuggler alongside his co-pilot, Chewbacca. However, during one Kessel Run, the Imperial Navy intercepted and boarded their ship, the Millennium Falcon, forcing Solo to jettison his cargo to avoid arrest. This resulted in a large and mounting debt to his former employer, Jabba the Hutt, who placed a bounty for Solo's capture. Desperate to pay off his debt to Jabba, Solo accepted a charter to transport Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and their two droids to the planet Alderaan. As a result, Solo reluctantly became involved in the Rebel Alliance and helped them rescue Princess Leia from Imperial custody aboard the Death Star. After delivering them to safety and receiving his payment, Han parted ways with the Rebels, but a change of heart would have him return and help Luke Skywalker destroy the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin. Solo was handsomely rewarded and given, along with Luke Skywalker, the Alderaanian Medal of Freedom.

    Three years later, Solo, who is still being hunted by Jabba's minions, again attempted to leave the Rebel Alliance after helping them establish their new base on Hoth. However, he is once again dragged back into action when he saves Luke Skywalker from freezing to death and Princess Leia from an Imperial invasion of the rebel base. It is likely that Solo's personal feelings toward the princess played a major role in his decision to help her escape. After a cat and mouse chase with the Imperial fleet, they take refuge on Bespin's Cloud City, but his old friend, Lando Calrissian, eventually betrayed him and turned both Han and Leia over to Darth Vader. After being tortured by Vader, Solo's body was frozen in carbonite and given to the bounty hunter, Boba Fett, as a reward, who then delivered the incapacitated Solo to Jabba.

    Six months later, Luke Skywalker, now a nearly full-fledged Jedi, rescued Solo from Jabba (with help from Leia, Chewbacca, and a penitent Calrissian). Upon rejoining the rebels, Solo, now promoted to General, accepted an offer to lead the commando raid on an Imperial shield generator facility on the forest moon of Endor. By destroying the shield generator, the strike team allowed rebel fighters to enter the second Death Star's superstructure and destroy it in the ensuing Battle of Endor, which permanently crippled the Empire and brought victory to the Alliance.
  11. Lukes_Apprentice

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    Oct 15, 2008
    Name: Lando Calrissian
    Rank: N/A
    Age: 35
    Race: Human
    Canon: Yes
    Possession: Cobra: modified Mu-class Model 2 shuttle; Lady Luck: SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000
    Bio: Calrissian is a professional gambler, entrepreneur, smuggler, and general throughout various points in his life. Born on Socorro, he became a gambler and con man early in his life and acquired his own ship, the Millennium Falcon, in a game of sabacc with a man named Cix Trouvee. After a series of events led to him losing the Millennium Falcon to a Corellian named Han Solo on Bespin, Calrissian eventually became the Baron Administrator of Cloud City for a time—a position he once again gained through sabacc.

    In 3 ABY, Cloud City was taken over by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War as part of a deal gone wrong. Calrissian had previously agreed to turn over a group of Rebels to the Empire, including Han Solo and
    Leia Organa, as part of bait for a trap for Jedi Luke Skywalker. However, Darth Vader altered the deal to the point where Calrissian felt he was no longer able to tolerate it. Subsequently, he joined the Rebel Alliance and took part in numerous missions on its behalf; in particular, in search for Han Solo, who had been frozen in carbonite due to Calrissian's betrayal on Bespin. Calrissian eventually participated in Solo's rescue and the defeat of Jabba the Hutt. Following Solo's rescue, Calrissian continued to serve with the Alliance and during the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Calrissian piloted his old ship, the Millennium Falcon, into the second Death Star's core to destroy its reactor and succeeded in destroying the beast.

    Clarissian is also fluent in eighteen different languages.
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    GM approved and looking forward to a limited run . . . yet I´ll try to make every post count!

    Name: Mas Amedda
    Rank: Advisor of the Emperor
    Age: about 60
    Race: Chagrian
    Canon: Yes.
    Possessions: Many, but favors is what he really stockpiles


    Bio: Mas Amedda was a maleChagrian who served as the Vice Chancellor of the Galactic Republic during the administrations of ChancellorsFinis Valorum and Palpatine. Amedda served during the Clone Wars and continued to serve under the self-proclaimed Emperor Palpatine as one of the first members of the Imperial Ruling Council.
    The politics changed over the year though and with them the balance of power within the Empire. Being no human became a problem for the once most powerful of the emperor´s advisors. Of course, Xenophobia was a powerful tool of his Master over the years to indoctrinate certain political powers. Therefore Mas Amedda willingly took more of a backseat in the Empire´s affairs, but behind the veil of imperial hierarchy he remained the closest of all imperial advisors. Knowing many of the Emperor´s secrets he also was one of the most dangerous of all imperial advisors.
    With the sudden and surprising death of both his Master and the heir Lord Vader the loyal Amedda is aware, that he is the steward of his Master´s realm and it will be his quest to make sure the Empire build by Palpatine does not fall. For this goal he needs an Emperor though. Good he knows where to go looking for one . . .
  13. Reynar_Tedros

    Reynar_Tedros Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 3, 2006
    GM Approved!

    Name: Dario Bastion

    Rank: N/A

    Age: 16

    Race: Human

    Canon: No

    Possession: Nothing special


    Bio: Dario Bastion's life has thus far been unremarkable. He is an only child from Naboo, and his father was an Imperial Stormtrooper stationed on the first Death Star when it was destroyed at the hands of Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance. As a result, his mother became distant, not that she was ever around very much anyway. Dario hardly ever spent time with his parents, instead opting to hang out with his trouble making group of friends. As a result, he was mostly unscathed emotionally from the death of his absent father, and harbors no resentment or allegiance to either side of the war.

    Dario's friends have always held him in high regard due to his knack for getting them out of tricky situations, sometimes in ways that are difficult to explain. Indeed, Dario seems to be the only one who hasn't come around to the thought that maybe his destiny lies beyond petty burglaries and the rousing of local authorities. Whether that's good or bad remains to be seen...
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  14. Mikaboshi

    Mikaboshi Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 12, 2005

    Name: Xen Gaal
    Rank: Master Instructor and newly appointed Commander of the Royal Guard.
    Age: 43
    Race: Human
    Home Planet: Coruscant
    Canon: No
    Possession: Royal Guard Armor, Force Pike, Imperial DH-17 Blaster Pistol, TIE Interceptor.

    Bio: The Royal Guard having recently lost it's leadership at the Battle of Endor has turned to the ranking member of the elite unit, Xen Gaal, the Master Instructor of the Royal Guard who at the time of the Emperor's death was on Coruscant at the Imperial Center. A highly disciplined unit the Royal Guard is loyal to itself, and with no Emperor to serve Commander Xen Gaal is in complete control of the entire Royal Guard.

    Though down, the Royal Guard is not out, not by a long shot. Their strength still numbers in the thousands, and they were the elite of the Imperial Army. Each one hand picked by the Emperor or Darth Vader, all of them highly trained troopers of unparalleled skill.

    Xen Gaal finds himself in a unique position, with his Emperor dead it is up to him to forge a new path and ensure that the usefulness of the Royal Guard is not diminished. In the past they not only guarded the Emperor, but enforced his will upon the galaxy and brought those that crossed him to justice. They were his right hand, and rightfully feared by those who were familiar with them.

    As the new Commander of the Royal Guard Xen Gaal has called all existing units back to Coruscant to protect Imperial Center for the person who would become the next Emperor, and though he knows that he has a lot of political power at this time he is unsure how to proceed or who to support, if anyone.
  15. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002


    Name: Nyla Holst
    Rank: None
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Canon: No
    Possession: Personal Anti-Grav belt (See Below)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Nyla was brought up by a rather successful trader family on Naboo. She lives a rather pleasant and comfortable life,
    being able to study various arts and subjects. She has always been encouraged to study various subjects, ranging from the arts and music, to more Empirical studies, and current affairs (Which she finds BORING!). Her family also made sure she took defensive combat training, and hand to hand, reasoning with her that since she did come from a successful family, she might have to take care of herself, in case someone ever tried to harm her. It's been useful, for the few time some of the local boys get a little 'grabby' when she has visited the local nightclubs.

    While she is on Naboo, she has studied the 'conflict.' She felt that most seemed to like the idea that was being offered by the Empire, but that neither side was perfect. The rumors of entire planets being destroyed or ruined whether true or not, were a bit disturbing. But she notes that the news seems to be rather 'filtered' in her part of the galaxy, so she takes it all with a grain of salt. Is it real, or is it some part of a huge propaganda plot? Nothing is as it seems, that much she is certain.

    And then there were her nightmares. Horribly dark, nightmares of explosions and creatures and other horrors she could put no name to. She didnt tell anyone of her dreams. Her family would not have understood them. Best not to worry them with such things, after all, they were only dreams. And there were some subject, she rather not discuss with her family. She always kept a guarded tongue, using her feelings to guide her. But her best friend, Griffen seemed to understand, even if he did not speak to her directly about it. But at least he did seem to sympathize with her, if nothing else.

    She was 15 before she was told that her 'parents' who had raised her since birth were not her real parents. That they had adopted her, and her real parents had died long ago. When she tried to ask about them, no one seemed to know much, except that they were wealthy enough to provide for her long after they were gone. Probably merchants, like her family was now.

    The only other person she had contact with remaining with her family was a distant Uncle who would visit her from time to time, to make sure that she was doing ok. He would check up on her studies, and sometimes bring her various gifts and such. But he never would discuss where she came from. And whenever she wanted to go on a trip, it was an ordeal! She just figured, after losing her parents, they were being extra cautious with her. Sometimes, she imagines that maybe they were some sort of secret agents or spies, just for fun. But really!! They are far overprotective of her. But she takes it all in stride, as they have always been good to her. She wants for nothing.

    She recently has learned the family business, and became quite good at dealing with precious gemstones. She seems to have a nack for weeding out the stones. Her uncle has been really busy lately, so she has not seen as much of him, as she had before, so she keeps herself busy, as she tries to figure out what she wants to do with herself. She finds it easy to talk and make deals that have helped the family business, using her charms and wit to acquire various items.

    One of her hidden pleasures, she that she is an anti-grav dancer. She loves moving about in zero-G. She has a Anti-gravity belt, that allows her to enjoy her dancing. She has also used it for fighting as well, combined with her natural abilities, giving her a great range of motion.
  16. BLemelisk

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    Aug 19, 2003


    Name: Avar Cole (Also fond of a number of aliases, including but not limited to: Troy Heimdal, Vincent Ocka, Ashton Lightstride)

    Rank: N/A

    Age: 28

    Race: Human

    Canon: No

    Possession: Holds substantial wealth in the form of Imperial credits and acquired treasures. Has been a well compensated Imperial double-agent embedded in the Alliance for almost 3 years, and hasn’t had time to spend on much of anything.

    Appearance: Tall, well-built, and handsome he has black hair and dark brown eyes. Will alter his style and appearance dependent on what angle he is currently working. Presently can be found wearing a Rebel Alliance officer’s duty uniform.

    Bio: Avar Cole is not who he says he is. Orphaned and forced to fend for himself at a young age, he has been many things to many beings over the years. From seducing a young and naïve Twi’lek journalist who was the heiress to a shipping fortune, to selling a union-troubled Coruscant design firm an army of ficticious construction droids, he is a confidence man plain and simple, unable or unwilling to form emotional commitments. Or so he’d like to believe.

    As he advanced his career and began developing a reputation for accomplishing the impossible, he was contracted by the Empire to impersonate a Senate official to help root out Rebel sympathizers on the eve of the Emperor’s dissolution of that government body. After helping to finger numerous “subversives,” his employers were pleased enough to offer him his biggest and longest job yet: infiltrating the Alliance.

    Beginning to develop a taste for espionage, he accepted the offer without hesitation, and joined the Rebels under the guise of a displaced Alderaanian enraged at his homeworld’s destruction. Soon he was feeding the Empire intelligence and undermining Rebel actions, a service for which he was able to negotiate a generous salary. He has been able to work completely undetected for the three years he has been embedded, and was even a member of General Solo’s strike team on the forest moon of Endor.

    There, in some of the most brutal action of the war, something unexpected happened. If only for an instant, when he watched in awe as the mission succeeded and the second Death Star detonated, he felt like he was part of the Rebel ideal.

    After the conclusion of the battle and the resulting celebration, he is at a crossroads. While still maintaining his mission status for the Empire, Cole is starting to suspect that he doesn’t truly know where his loyalties lie.
  17. Republic_Anvil

    Republic_Anvil Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 24, 2009
    GM Approved

    Name: Leia Organa
    Rank: Princess
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Canon: Yes
    Possession: SoroSuub X-30 "Lancer" blast pistol
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Bio: Born on Polis Massa, Leia grew up believing she was the daughter of Bail Organa of Alderaan. She was given the status of a princess and afforded all the best opportunities for education and social status. At eighteen she was elected to the Imperial Senate. Leia was also secretly part of the Rebel Alliance and she used her influence to advance her cause.
    Her ship, the Tantive IV, intercepted the plans to the first death star. Upon capture she sent the plans with R2D2 to Obi-wan Kenobi, an old friend of her father, who, with his new apprentice Luke Skywalker and the handsome scoundrel Han Solo, rescued her from Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin, but not before she witnessed the destruction of Alderaan at the hands of Tarkin.
    Following the Rebel victory at the Battle of Yavin, Leia held a public ceremony, rewarding Luke Skywalker and Han Solo for their accomplishments and heroism during the battle. She gave Han the rank of Captain and Luke the rank of Commander
    Leia helped establishing Echo Base since it was but a small outpost. Luke went missing while on a patrol. Worried, Organa sent Han to look for him. Fortunately Han returned with an unconscious and badly injured Skywalker in tow. When Han confronted Leia on the issue of their relationship, an incensed Organa kissed Luke, causing a love triangle between the three friends.
    Discovering that the Alliance was at risk, Organa helped coordinate the evacuation of the Rebel base from Hoth. However, the attacking forces penetrated the rebel base, and damaged it substantially. Despite the ongoing battle, she remained composed and issued commands from the crumbling base. Luckily, she was able to escape any danger and flee with C-3PO, Han Solo and Chewbacca on the Millennium Falcon. Pursued by Imperial fighters, and hobbled by a non-functional hyperdrive, they escaped by flying into an asteroid field. Princess Organa's initially adversarial relationship with Han Solo around this time evolved into a more romantic one. In the asteroid field, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia landed in a tunnel on a small asteroid, attempting to repair the damaged hyperdrive of the Millennium Falcon. The trio did not realize that the tunnel was in reality the throat of a fabled space slug, but escaped just in time. They then tried to find a system near enough to reach; they make their way to Bespin.
    Not long after their escape from Hoth, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, and Threepio went to Cloud City, then owned by Han's friend, Lando Calrissian, to get help with the Falcon. Soon after they landed, on platform 327,Cloud City officials came to greet them, but the group does not know that they only allowed them onto the system because the Imperial bounty hunter, Boba Fett was present searching for the escaped rebels, and had followed them. C-3PO went missing, and Lando took them in for breakfast, only for the trio to find that Darth Vader and his stormtroopers were lying in wait. Han was soon tortured and Leia and the Wookiee were thrown in the dungeon. Moments later Lando came to the dungeons to tell the group that he did what he needed to and informed them of Vader's trap for Luke Skywalker.
    Solo was then used as a test subject for the carbonite-freezing process, which Darth Vader intended for Luke Skywalker. Before he was frozen, her parting words were "I love you," to which Solo responded "I know." After Han was frozen Leia unsuccessfully warned Luke of the incoming danger before being taken as Vader's prisoner. Leia then escaped with Lando, Chewbacca, and the rediscovered C-3PO and R2 in the Millennium Falcon.
    Leia displayed latent telepathy, despite having never been trained in the use of the Force, when she sensed Luke's distress as he hung from a weather vane after being defeated by Darth Vader. She led the Falcon back to rescue him, and together they departed for a secret rendezvous point where the Rebel fleet was hiding.
    Upon discovering that Han was being held captive in Jabba's Palace, Leia posed as the bounty hunter Boushh, who brought a "captured" Chewbacca to Jabba for reward. She played her role well, for the urging of more money led the Hutt to believe "he" was his kind of scum. However, in order to convince the ruthless Hutt, Leia coldly held an armed thermal detonator ticking down its time until it blew unless Jabba agreed to a higher bounty.
    That night she freed Solo from carbonite but Solo and Leia were caught by Jabba. Han was thrown into a cell with Chewbacca, while Jabba had better plans for her. To Leia's discomfort, she was forced into replacing Oola as Jabba's favorite slave girl.
    Leia's spirits rose when Luke arrived to rescue everyone but were temporarily dashed when Jabba tried to kill Luke by putting him into the rancor pit. To her relief, Luke killed the monster, however Leia was rewarded by being choked and hassled around by her furious master.
    After Luke escaped once again and as Jabba's skiff guards fell into the sarlacc, Leia made her move. She crushed the light that lit up the barge and turned it into a pitch-black frenzy. As everyone was too preoccupied to help Jabba, Leia hopped over him and choked him with the very chain that held her captive, dealing with the vile gangster once and for all. R2-D2 then cut her chains and she joined Luke on the top deck of the sail barge. From there she pointed the deck gun at the barge and swung away to safety with Luke.
    Soon after Leia accompanied Luke and Han to Endor, using a stolen Imperial Shuttle to bypass the Super Star Destroyer Executor. On Endor, Leia and Luke confronted stormtroopers, attempted to ride speeder bikes back to an Imperial Base. In order to make sure their arrival was kept secret, Leia jumped on a speeder bike, with Luke in tow, and chased them throughout Endor's dense forests. Leia was able to shoot down one but was also shot down herself and collapsed. After falling off of her stolen speeder bike, she was found by a curious Ewok named Wicket Wystri Warrick, a local to the sanctuary moon of Endor. Soon after a stormtrooper attacked them, but Leia and Wicket were able to subdue him. To keep her safe, Wicket took her to his village where she was considered a princess to the Ewoks.
    Leia reunited with her friends and tried, unsuccessfully, to convince them to let her friends go. Fortunately 3PO was able to persuade them to let Han, Luke, Chewbacca, and R2 go, with the help of Skywalker. Later on, the Ewoks accepted them as part of their tribe.
    The night before the battle, Organa received news that forever changed her life. Her long-time "friend", Luke Skywalker, asked Leia if she remembered her real mother. Leia explained that her mother had died when she was very young. Though she had some memory of her, they were only "images" and "feelings." She recalled her mother as being "very beautiful, kind, but sad". Luke confided that he had no memory of his mother. He then revealed to her that they were brother and sister, and that the fallen Jedi, Darth Vader, was their father. After Luke revealed to her of their relationship, Leia told Luke that she had somehow knew that Luke was her brother. When Luke told Leia that he had to confront Darth Vader, still stricken with shock, she tried to convince him to just "run far away" instead, but Luke had already made up his mind and left her deeply shocked.
    Leia fought alongside Han in the battle that followed, though she was injured with a blaster wound to her upper arm during the fighting. They were able to infiltrate the sheild generator, but Imperial reinforcements arrived and they were captured. But with the help of Chewbacca and a tribe of ewok warriors, they managed to escape. Even with this injury, Leia was able to push down a stormtrooper with her foot and shoot two others who attempted to capture her and Han at the shield bunker. The mission to Endor was eventually a success, and the Death Star II was destroyed. Following the battle, Leia informed Han of her familial relationship with Luke, and the two shared a kiss as the explosion of the Death Star lit the skies above.
  18. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    Name Samantha Irisa
    Rank Lieutenant
    Age 32
    Race Human
    Canon: No

    Possession: Personal ship
    Name: The Detective Wyms
    Class: Firespray
    Weapons systems: Twin Borstel GN-40 rotating heavy blasters, Krupx MG9 proton torpodoes
    Crew Complement: 1-3
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes
    Appearance: Caucasian, short shoulder-length brown hair with bangs, slim but curvy.


    Participated in Battle of Endor in
    Class: B-Wing
    Weapons systems: ArMek SW-7a light ion cannons(x3)
    Gyrhil R-9X heavy laser cannon (x1)
    Gyrhil 72 twin autoblasters (1)
    Krupx MG9 proton torpedo launchers (x2) --payload 8 proton torps each
    Crew Complement: 1
    Hyperspace Capability: Yes

    After escaping Order 66 as a jedi padawan, and hanging around with other survivors for four years, she was aged 15 when an Imperial blockade meant that she had to be abandoned on the leisure waterworld of Pantolomin.

    She was taken in by another Order 66 fugitive, former Secret Galactic Intelligence Service mission supervisor, Angeo Lim, who enrolled her in school on that world, and raised Irisa as her own.

    Irisa stayed there for several years, completing school, working summers in the planet's thriving tourist industry, but always harboured ambitions of being a starfighter pilot.

    Upon Lim's death from old age, Irisa was re-united with her Firespray, that she had originally stolen as a padawan, on Master Yoda's orders, and she promptly departed Pantolomin to join the Rebellion.

    She and her well-armed vessel have been put to good use, defending an Alliance starfighter base (not sure where it is parked now), and for the Battle of Endor, she was assigned to the B-Wing squadron that attacked an Imperial communications ship, however, she still wants to be a starfighter pilot in one of the squadrons. A or X-wing preferably, but she really does not mind.

    She has not revealed her jedi heritage since she was fifteen.
  19. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    Character-Sheet GM Approved!

    So, you wanna buy some deathsticks?

    Name: Elan Sel'Sabagno, aka Elan Sleazebaggano, aka Medic Sel, aka Potentate Sabagno, aka Diplomat Elan
    Rank: Potentate, Diplomat, Minister of Labor
    Age: 52
    Race: Balosar
    Canon: Yes & No
    Possession: Personal anti-grav belt, boots, and gauntlets to withstand enviromental gravity levels. Personal Ship Dart, Subterrel (system), and the Miners Guild Subterrel Defense Force
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Elan grew up in a wealthy Balosar family and eventually attended a prestigious Coruscant Medical University. While there he fell into a bad crowd and eventually began supplementing his income on the side by selling death sticks, and wasting most of that profit in his own use of them, until one night he uttered the often stated phrase "You wanna buy some death sticks?" to non-regular in a cantina. Little did he know how that event would change his life. That night he felt compelled to rethink his life, and soon he was in rehab, finished his degree later that year. Only now the Republic was at war, and he had to rethink his life again when a notice came of 'asking' for his services in the war effort as a recent medical graduate.

    After rethinking his life once more, he decided to dodge the 'request' and taking what money he could he headed out into the non-aligned systems. He figured a medical worker could find easy work somewhere and eventually by dodging conflicts he ended up in the system of Subterrel caring for, and eventually overseeing the care of, the planets unique labor forces.

    Historical Data file: A system located off the Hydian Way just beyond Polus Mesa. Strong business ties were held between Subterrel and Kamino, upon galactic war and Kamino becoming an at risk ally, ties were forged with Polas Mesa to maintain their work forces. On Subterrel the gravity is higher by a factor of 2.5 than standard, and the world is a dead one beyond what has been created beneath it's surface. Another world in system, a grass world, is used for raising and supplying food stuffs to the cloned shovel handed labor forces and civilians that inhabit the system. The mineral rich world in system, although capable of containing stable atmosphere and minimal subterranean life forms, was inundated constantly by strong magnetic storms and shifting fields that make droid use on Subterral for mining infessable which led to an interesting alternative to continue access to the systems potential mineral and jeweled wealth. The cloned labor force was that answer, or more accurately the originally cloned labor force has continued to be controlled in its breeding and laboring to mine the wealth of this independent system. Only the mining guilds interest and possible pirates have ever gave the inhabitants worry and had led to the growth of a moderate standing defense by the time of the Clone Wars. During the conflict the system remained neutral and was annaxed by the Empire in 0BBY with no fuss from the inhabitants so long as they were left alone beyond supplying Imperial orders and Empire sponsored Mining Guild fees. The defense force was left untouched, as it meant the Empire had no need to keep a presence to protect another resource, and as the Rebel threat grew so did the defense forces as older Seperatist and Imperial vessels were bought and updated, officially staffed with Droidika's for ship and cargo security and outdated Vulture & Hyena Droids for starfighters. Unofficially after the Empire's annexation the Subterrel leadership began ordering starfighters from non-aligned systems/governments to build a starfighter superiority force that is hidden in areas previously listed as condemned mines. The current Potentate after three years after the destruction of Alderaan, and his peoples taxations, went to the Hutts personally to see if outside backing for their freedom from the Empire and Miners Guild could be given by a non-aligned government and left the Minister of Defense and Minister of Labor as joint leaders until his return. A message probe returned a month later with a holo of the Potentates pleas for the Subterrel system to pay the ransom and agree to the terms for his release, the ministers voted on the matter and was decided to not bow down to the demands. One month later another probe arrived in system with a holo of the Potentates consumption by a pair of Gundarks. The Imperial governor for the Subterrel sector stepped in at this point and effectively froze the current governmental positions, decreeing that his office would suffice for the mineral rich world. When the news arrived that the Emperor was dead a vote was once more held and the Minister of Labor was elected Potentate, although still to it's Imperial governor who has been kept effectively in the dark about the secret goings on in the system has been kept in the dark to this new development as well. What will become of the system is yet to be seen. Although during Imperial annexation the world had a more lenient acceptance of 'displaced peoples' from other worlds and races, so long as they were willing to contribute to society, this has led to bolstering the ministries of defense and labors personnel off the books.

    Into this Elan made a life for himself and rose to the level of Minister of Labor by the time that the world was annexed by the Empire. This advancement was largely due to his effectiveness at dealing with the labor force and instructing the minders that tended and corralled them in better methods. The becoming popular for his effectiveness and innovative ideas to reuse what his Laborers could prepare he enjoyed a good position, pay, and even an adopted family. Only visits by his aloof parents and questions if he will ever work in an aligned world, give true grandchildren, and other such questions made him dislike his life. These were infrequent and passed quickly, so in the end he was happy, even when dealing with the Kaminoans and Polas Mesa diplomats that resided on world. Being Minister of Labor with an originally cloned breeding stock of laborers also officially came with the title of diplomat due to the situations.

    When the Empire annexed Subterrel once more Elan went to his home and rethought his life, only by the dent of his rutian Twi'lek wife was he deterred from leaving and stayed on. If he had known he would eventually be asked to stand in a few years later as Joint Potentate, and eventually be elected sole Potentate he might of chosen differently. Still with the fate of a star system on his hands no one is quiet sure where the new Potentate will lead them, to violent independence as the Minister of Defense suggests? To joining the Rebels for independence as per a growing popular notion alternative to regaining independence? Or to seek greater power in the Empire to secure greater autonomy? None are certain, not even Elan who upon hearing of the Emperor's death left his ministers to go home and rethink his life.
  20. Jedi General Gelderd

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    Mar 6, 2004
    My first ever CS - GM approved!

    Name: Connor Harrison

    Rank: Former General in the Galactic Empire

    Age: 36

    Race: Human

    Canon: No

    Possession: A Clone War era DC-15 Blaster Rifle and access to two small hand held blasters. Also carries a small knife on his belt. Wears a long dark hooded overcoat over a warm, dark navy tunic which looks like a former Imperial design to keep the wearer warm on all planets. He doesn't have a ship and rather travels as a citizen, a stowaway or simply in disguise.


    Bio: Born on Naboo to a loving family after the liberation of the Trade Federation's blockade, Connor was eager for adventure growing up young enough to learn of the galactic Clone Wars.

    However his world was rocked once the Galactic Empire was born and the Jedi he once admired were branded traitors and hunted down. In his 18th year he signed up to the Imperial Academy to work for those who seeked out injustice and corruption, which left his view on the galaxy blurred as he thought those who fought for good, actually would turn out to be evil.

    Connor was one of many who worked hard, trained well and gained a warm following amongst friends and superiors. He was quick to join the legion of Stormtroopers acting as soldiers for Sith Lord Darth Vader, whom he feared but respected. During many battles and conflicts across the galaxy, Connor soon proved his worth as a commander and leader of others and was escalted to General after saving an entire fleet from a Rebel ambush in the Outer Rim.

    Once Civil War broke out, Connor witnessed moments that started to question his sanity even more. The birth of the Rebellion. The battles raging on. The murder of seemingly peaceful people.

    This came to a head during the Empire's assault on the Rebel base on Hoth. Connor just watched, and listened, and spent time evaluating his path in life and saw that if you didn't follow the will of Lord Vader and the Emperor, you really wouldn't make it very long. He had more to give the galaxy, and had the training and mind to do it.

    After volunteering to travel down to Hoth with a squadron to clean up the remains of the Echo Base, Connor took a troop transport before it was cleared and fled one of the Star Destroyers he was stationed on, never to be seen again alongside the Empire. It was only a matter of time before Connor could carry out what he felt was best for the future of the galaxy with the resources he had...
  21. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    And the final CS, approved by me.

    Posted for TheGoodImperial on his request.


    Name: Louven Losomin Baale
    Rank: High Admiral (Admiral 5 Stars)
    Age: 62
    Race: Human (Kuati)
    Canon: No
    Possession: The “Immortal”-fleet, consisting of 1 Assertor-Class Battleship, 3 Bellator-Class Dreadnaughts, 10 Secutor-Class Star Destroyers, 3 ISD II-Class Star Destroyer, experimental ship “The Dark Anvil”.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Louvan Baale had been meant for great things since his birth. Born into a family that despised weakness and honored only the strongest ones, his military career was a given and his meteoric rise within the Republic´s and later the Empire´s ranks came only as a mild surprise, at best.
    Even the transition left his reputation and dedication unharmed. He served the Empire as feverish as he had served the Republic. And driven by personal ambition he scored success after success, until he finally reached the highest Admiral´s ranks within the Empire. It did not hurt, that he had developed a productive friendship with a certain Tarkin and helped him with various aspects of his secret weapon research program and later with the construction of the Death Star.
    The only surprise of his career came to him, when Grand Moff Tarkin was killed aboard his mighty battle station. Everybody assumed Baale would be his heir, yet the Emperor appointed a minor Moff as his successor, Eibon Kalt. Baale was instead ordered to continue with the “IMMORTAL”-initiative and send to the secret shipyards inside the Deep Core. There he developed new ships for the future of the Imperial navy. A prestigious mission for a lesser Admiral, but for him it kept him away from his allies on Coruscant, from the war and all glory. It basically isolated him within the Empire.
    Yet the future was in his hand. Prototype stormtroopers, prototype weapons, prototype ships. He oversaw a power to protect the Empire for many years to come.
    So, Baale obeyed. And he succeeded in the development of future weapon systems and soldiers as he had in all other fields before.
    But when the Emperor´s death was announced he finally realized, he had lost all his faith in the man. Now, he decided he would return to the Empire and this time he was sure he would be able to claim the position he deserved. Taking the ships and troops of the secret shipyards with him and ensuring a continued production, he set course to Kuat.
    And why stop at Grand Moff or High Admiral? The new Empire came with surprising broad career options for a man with the most powerful fleet of the galaxy under his command.

    The Emperor had made him an agent of a future Emperor. Maybe it was time this Empire became real . . .
  22. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    GM Note
    This game begins within the next 26 hours.
  23. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    The Battle of Endor is over and the Galactic Empire has suffered a fatal defeat at the hands of the Alliance and it´s greatest heroes. The Emperor and his apprentice Darth Vader are dead and the Empire´s Second Death Star has been destroyed by the fleet of the Alliance. But while the heroes of Endor celebrate their victory, the war has not stopped. People all over the galaxy have risen against their oppressors and overthrow their regional Governor´s to join the Alliance. The Empire is retreating on a thousand planets. But still, wounded and desperate as it is, it is the single greatest military in the galaxy. And like all wounded beasts, it is most dangerous when it has nothing to loose . . .

    Two days and nine hours after the Battle of Endor

    Slowly the stars move away until we see a battle over a blue planet. X-wings swarm through the orbit, filled with damaged Star Destroyer´s in a desperate last stand. Some of the giant ships are burning, others already are sinking into the atmosphere. But a bit farther away a single ship speeds away from the lost battle.

    The Woman
    The Shadowcaster, above Christophsis

    She watched the battle with little interest. Through her viewport she could see the fire and movement, the lights. Yet it did not matter. It was just a planet in the galaxy. Those lives? They were just lives. There was nothing special about them, except many of them ended that day. But sometimes she thought, that was what the living were fore.


    The words of the Emperor were echoing in her mind. Even after all those years, even with him dead . . . no because he was dead, even more powerful than ever before.

    What do you desire?
    Oh, one day you shall have the power to see this galaxy burn, my dear. One day.

    Was this the day? Had this tiny bit of information he had shared with her and apparently nobody else given her that power? She had to find out. She had to find out and if his prophecy had come true she had to prepare. Because she had the feeling even if she had the power to make the galaxy burn, someone would soon set it aflame anyway.

    Because there was another lesson she had learned from the old man.

    Never, never underestimate the power of the Dark Side.

    Oh no, she wouldn´t. Not again.

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    Lt. Alisa Shanti, Commander Lorven Test
    Battle of Cerea

    The Battle of Cerea had build up within minutes and escalated within the first hour. The planet, located near Endor and the Rebel fleet gathering there, had become the only chance of trapping the rebels, when the Empire had lost control of most of the Midrim within the two days after the Emperor´s death.
    It looked as if the Imperials would have to withdraw to the Expanse, when suddenly a single Admiral had refused to follow orders and attacked the peaceful, neutral planet in an attempt to build a bridgehead against the rebellion.
    When the call for help had come, the Alliance had reacted quickly and many veterans of the Battle of Endor were reunited again to face no less than two Imperial Star Destroyers hovering over the planet as an obvious threat to it´s peaceful inhabitants.


    But the Rebels had once again showed their to be better in adapting the enemies strategies than he was adapting theirs. The MonCal Cruiser Amodon had jumped in system, but had yet to enter the firing-range of the two Imperial warships. Instead it had been used as a carrier and now no less than six X-Wing squadrons, two A-Wing squadrons and two squadrons of B-Wings swarmed towards the Empire´s lines. The X-wings went in first and had hit the first wave of TIE-Interceptors and Tie-Fighters amidst the two battle lines. It became painfully clear, the Empire did not think of retreat, but every single one of them had come here to win or fight to death.
    Death was what many of their inexperienced pilots found. Another Tie-Fighter exploded, just as Rogue Leader Wedge Antilles hit the trigger of his laser cannons. Shanti, his wroonian wingman yelled into the radio in joy and another one exploded to Wedge´s left, taken down by her just as he tried to cross Wedge. But the victory was short lived, as nearby a whole squadron of Interceptors regrouped to attack the Alliance´s center, where Green Squadron was now reinforcing Rogue´s lead attack to break through. Green squadron was the most feared one, of course. The fear was inspired by the simple fact it was commanded by no other then the last of the Jedi, Luke Skywalker, who had joined the battle on short notice.

    Farther away, twelve B-Wings began to get into position. Not really made for dogfights they waited for an opening to break through and deliver their deadly load of Proton Torpedoes. Lt. Irisa had been called personally into this squadron by Flight Commander Test, who was also her wingman. “Black leader to squadron. S-foils into position. Looks like the Rogues are breaking through.”He ordered and looked over through his cockpit window to Irisa, who was Black-Two to him. “Ready, BlackTwo? We will take lead on this.” He hissed into the interlink and straightened in the cockpit. B-Wings were all or nothing. They had devestating firepower and no chance of surviving long, if they did not bring their prey down quickly. “We go straight for the shield generators on top of the Iron Hammer.”
    And to their left and right a Squadron of A-Wing – Blue Squadron – went into position to cover their attack.

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    Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, General Crix Madine
    Home One, Above Endor


    The conference room had been crowded with pilots and soldiers a few days ago, when they had planned the attack on the Second Death Star. Here Leia, Han and Chewie had volunteered to go to the sanitarium moon, here Lando had received command over the attack group and it had been here the friend had parted the last time.

    Now the room was almost empty compared to that crowded day. But those who were present watched the Battle of Cerea unfold, as they awaited the Alliance leader Mon Mothma. “Their lines break.” Admiral Ackbar dryly remarked, as another wave of Ties went from red to black.

    Lando had not kept his promise and delivered the Falcon back with more than one scratch. Actually a whole turret was missing. That was why Chewie had not come, but was overlooking the repairs to the Falcon. Han and Leia, who had hardly separated over the last days were her though. And with them was Lando Calrissian. Avar Cole, one of the commandos who had been with Han on Endor was present and so was . . . a small man called Kilgo Retrout. Leia knew him as an early helper of the Rebellion. But among these heroes of Ednor he seemed to be a it out of place. Nevertheless he was the first to be greeted by Mon Mothma, as she entered the room, followed by Crix Madine, who nodded to Han and Leia, before shaking hands with Avar and Lando. He always was more informal with those he considered friends.

    “My friends, as I see you are aware of the situation on Cerea. Regrettably the time to celebrate our victory seem to be over.” Mon Mothma declared that cooly and stepped to the holodesk. The hologram dwarfed immediately, as if it ducked away from her presence. “The Empire is crippled and I am glad to announce no less than three hundred planets have declared allegiance with our course. About the same number has declared independence and another thousand are in preparation to join this growing club.” She nodded to Crix Madine who now took over, as Ackbar slowly walked over to the two colleagues. “The Empire seems to retreat on most fronts. Yet our Bothan spies report that Grand Moff Kalt is summoning his fleet to Vandelhelm, so is Moff Voren at Mygeeto. Once the time of despair is over for them and once they have sorted their lines, we expect retaliation. And outnumbered and spread as our fleet is, we are afraid not all planets will be under our protection by then.” He made a dramatic pause, giving Leia a long look, then he nodded to Mon Mothma again, giving her the word again. “With military means we cannot end this war without losing billions of lives. Therefore we will need to end it by other means. We have summoned you, our most trusted friends here today for a good reason. After all you did, we will need to ask even more of you.”

    The words were lingering in the air for a moment, before Mon Mothma send another sigh into the air. “If you are willing to serve the Alliance once more. I understand some of you considered this to be an temporary Alliance and after all you did, we can hardly ask anymore of you.” Her look never went to Avar or Leia. Even Kilgo only gained a brief look. To Han Mothma send an almost ironic smile, as she knew “General Solo” had reasons to stay with them. But finally it rested on Lando, the man whose allegiance she was least certain of, obviously.

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Grand Advisor Aballeus, Advisor Teuka
    Coruscant, Imperial Palace, The Throne Room


    Celebrations had ended and the Empire had ended most of them bloody. A peaceful and silent grief spread over Coruscant now, radiating from the giant structure of Imperial Palace. Within the palace, all around it and even above it security measures had reached an almost bizarre quality. Hoovering gunships, passing TIE-Interceptors. AT-AT and AT-ST walker in the streets of Coruscant building three lines of perimeter around the palace and about 10.000 Stormtroopers now concentrated on the few miles making up the Government building. In addition almost half of the 2.000 remaining Royal Guards had arrived by now, several Storm Commando units were present and above it all hand several small warships in the sky. Not one but two mighty shield generators were active. The Palace was sealed in every possible way. It was a fortress. It was a tomb.

    And in the biggest of all rooms inside the vast palace they met. The Imperial Advisors, or at least those who had stayed behind when the Emperor had begun his final journey. They were gathered, about a dozen of them and a few additional holograms and men in the trademark uniform of Moffs were present. A little at the side, nearby the Imperial Throne there was a single alien among the purely human elite, though. A large Chagrian called Mas Amedda had been allowed to join the gathering. The newly appointed Commander of the royal Guard was also present, Xen Gaal. He had been paid especially little attention to, as the Advisor´s whispered among themselves. None of his guards he been allowed, as this meeting had been ordered to be held under greatest secrecy.

    Then finally the man who had summoned them made his appearance. The huge gates to the Throne Room opened and the rather small figure stepped into the halls.

    The pale, thin man known within the Empire as Grand Advisor Aballeus entered the room slowly, showing all his grief in his thoughtful movements of the legs, as he stepped to the end of the giant hall and stood right in front of the throne. For a moment there seemed to be the chance he would sit down and simply declare himself Emperor, but Aballeus knew better. He had been the Emperor´s Advisor for two decades now and knew the political battlefield like no other. The Advisors would have sighed in relief, but other powers within the Empire would have smashed him for such an offensive move. So he stood there, the Throne behind him and watched all other present bow their heads.

    “Let's not stand on ceremony, here.” He bowed to the assembled. “We have much to discuss.” Everybody stepped closer, but Aballeus turned to Xen Gaal and addressed him. “Commander of the Guard, the Advisory Council accepts the choice of your unti to make you commander, also we reserve the right to let the new Emperor review that decision.” It was a political more powerful gesture than it appeared to be. Of course, Xen Gall had overstepped, even Aballeus had. Only the Emperor had the authority to declare new commanders or to summon such meeting in these rooms. They both had taken initiative and with the acceptance of Gaal by the council he established for everybody to see, he assumed the council would lead the Empire on the Emperor´s behalf until a heir was found.
    A first question seemed to be answered; many remained, especially if this interpretation of the Council´s role would be shared by others, especially by those within the military. “Tell me, Commander Gaal, can you and your men secure the throne until the Emperor´s heir claims it as his?” The question was actually would he do so for Aballeus? And the other question was, what would Aballeus do with him, if the answer was no.

    Aside from this unfolding scene Advisor Teuka stepped to Mas Amedda. The Chagrian had served the Empire longer than anyone, but Teuka was a close second. They both had followed the Emperor´s ascendance to the throne and beyond. “A heir, that is what they ask for. Yet, what would they do to such an heir should he really step forward, hm? Amedda, share your thoughts. Should we throw ourselves behind the Emperor´s dog?”
    A nickname for Aballeus from the time he alone had decided who was allowed to meet the Emperor. The Emperor´s dog. “Or should we rather support Kalt? I heard he is already summoning a mighty fleet on Vandelhelm. What do we have so far? The Moff of Coruscant. A single Moff and his fleet against the might of a Grand Moff. Maybe it is time to rethink our positions, isn´t it?”

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    Admiral Pest
    Vandelhelm, Aboard the Vengeance

    A million stars shining in the sky above Vandelhelm could not hide the fact, that this was probably the Empire´s darkest hour. Yet, the Empire reacted to it with no apathy and no grief, but a nervous hyperactivity, whose center had become this very planet.

    A sprawl of activity was running around the planet and imperial warships orbited it in such masses, they seemed to create an iron belt surrounding the planet. The Empire´s Admiral´s and Moffs and some of it´s most notorious Captain´s had been summoned here after the news of the disaster of Endor had spread and among them was Admiral Pest, who arrived late. The elder man wore his best uniform, and walked with pride and dignity through the halls of one of the two Executor-Class ships that build the core of the planets newly assigned protection fleet. The Vengeance was the Grand Moff´s flagship and in the large halls was tense silence, as he made his way to the big conference rooms. The assembled had expected news from him and those news he brought with him, as he entered the room , the doors sliding away, as he passed them.

    “It has been confirmed, the Emperor.” The aged man in his Admiral´s uniform had shaking hands as he stepped towards his place at the long desk and allowed the datapad to slip from his fingers and hit the huge conference desk. Finally, among his equals he showed his weakness. “The Emperor is dead.” He finished his sentence again and nodded to the other men, most in his age, but a few younger. They were all wearing their black and white and brown uniforms of the Empire, their insignia and their despair and had gathered in this room to discuss their reaction to the spreading rumor of their Master´s unexpected end.
    “So is Lord Vader.” The sentence stayed almost unnoticed. Everybody was too shocked.

    “We need to fortify the shipyards and prepare for terrorist attempts.” That was Crachta, one of the young Captain´s of the Imperial Fleet. Always eager to proof his worth to the elder officers, yet with the reputation of being a tactically skillful officer.

    “Yes. Yes, I think that is . . .” And the voices began to rise, all at the same time.

    “Nonsense, we regroup and strike back, immediately.” The man to his right said. “The Emperor deserves our loyalty in life and death. Retribution, I say.”

    “Revenge is a noble goal, Admiral Flask, but it should be properly planned. . . “

    “Like the Endor trap?”

    “Are you saying our planning was responsible for . . . !”

    “I am saying shut up, Rear-Admiral.”

    “We have 250 Star Destroyer in the Expanse, I had half ordered back weeks ago and who have not . . . “

    “Endor, most were at Endor.”

    “My planet has a considerable rebel presence, I urge you to act now or the risk of defection is growing.”

    Naboo has declared independence, so have two dozen more systems. Subterrel among them. Some Admiral´s have not even reacted to this call! I hear Mygeeto is doing fine, though.”


    “Or dead, there are battles going on everywhere, on my way here . . . “

    “Shut up!” This was Admiral Torel speaking, the highest of all present Admiral´s and commander of the second command ship present, the Dominator.

    “What do you say we shall do now, Grand Moff?” The Admiral´s question cut the air and all heads turned to the end of the table.

    Grand Moff Kalt was not even facing them, but instead he had turned his throne-like seat to the window and watched the fleet outside in all their busy glory.

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    Major Gilad
    Diplomat-Class Cruiser “Serenno III”, Leaving the Palace on Serenno


    Gilad had been ordered to keep an eye on Dookuu, but after a few years he had simply remained with the man, because the Emperor had considered him to be useless for any other task. Obedient to the point of slavery he had been subject to thousands of manipulations of the mind by the old Jedi Master and it left him with little sense of himself or independence.


    When Master Dookuu had told him they would leave the citadel on Serenno, he had simply obeyed, organized the small frigate from the Emperor´s private hangar and killed two Stormtrooper who had resisted. Without even reflecting the idea of betrayal he had finally left with his Master. Only in space he had begun to wonder where they were going.
    “Conflicting orders, Master. The Advisory Council calls all forces available to Coruscant. But I received a message from Grand Moff Kalt that all forces of the Empire shall gather at Vandehelm.” He looked behind him, where the tall graceful figure of Dookuu stood. “Your orders, Sir?” He asked, pleading to release him from the confusing situation, by taking the decision from him.

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    Moff Trachta Voren
    Mygeeto and the Bridge of the “Imperator”

    The blue hologram of Moff Trachta Voren appeared the moment the communication was establish and it was transmitted through all the galaxy right into Admiral Baale´s chambers. They had been friends for a long time, these two. Trachta Voren had basically lived in the shadow of his powerful friends Tarkin and Baale. But this shadow had made him Moff of one of the Empire´s most valuable planets and commander of a well-sized fleet. He had been a natural choice to contact first.

    “Under which stone have you crawled forth, old friend! No moment too soon!” Voren greeted Baale with a grin. It froze though and made room for a more concerned face moments later. “I guess you heard the news. The Rebellion is spreading like a wildfire. The Empire needed you, so where have you been?”

    Outside the fleet prepared for their jump to hyperspace and Voren had probably no idea what power Baale commanded now. Rumors had been spread he had been another victim of Vader´s ever changing tempers. These rumors had served their purpose well, to hide Baale´s true mission.

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  25. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Orven Rasp
    Subterrel, Mining Center


    Potentate Sabagno and Orven Rasp met in secret these days, so they had chosen the central mining control, because it was a place of hard-working people and Imperial´s rarely mixed with those. Governor Gaban was an especially lazy fellow and he seemed to be proud of it, residing in the unmined fields in the south with his garrison, which all in all had a remarkable resemblance with a huge villa guarded by troops.

    Rasp had always held a strong animosity towards the Empire who took half their net-profit and offered only insufficient protection against raiders and pirates in return. Despite the incredible output of raw ore and iridium the planet had provided they had not even send an updated fleet, but a single ancient Venator-Class Destroyer was all they had cared to send. What had once been an insult was now a blessing. At least when it came to Orven Rasp. “With a little help, I mean really only a very little help we could get rid of that chunk of metal and the Stormtroopers? Well, what do we outnumber them? Twenty-thousand to one? Only if we mobilize the northern mines. I tell you, there will probably never again be a chance like this!” The human in his forties was a scared veteran of the Clone Wars and a loyal follower of the democratic idea. Everybody knew he was the most effective Minister of Defense they ever had, but it was also known he had been surprisingly unable to keep rebels from stealing iridium. Now he leaned forward to his newly elected Potentate. “I know we had our differences, but this is OUR time.”

    A polite cough from the left broke the tension of his little speech. Before the tall window looking out to the mining fields was the lean and slender appearance of a woman who looked a lot younger than she truly was. Lava was a Rattataki and a brought member of her species, tough, hardened by decades of mining work. She was also known to have her people come first, which had probably made her the perfect Minister of Resources. “What is the chance? Yeah, they got not fleet here, but they have a fleet. And what do we have? Twenty Orehaulers, big but with no weapons and about ten gunships which barely can handle the pirates, nowadays. Seriously, Sabgano, you go to war, this planet will be reduced to a piece of rubble with all of our people dead and then the Empire rebuilds and brings some of their own clones in. Really, the best chance is to wait if the Rebels . . . “ “The Alliance!” “The Rebels come our way to save us and if not, so be it. Empire it is.”

    Orven hammered his fist into the simple metal desk before him and folded his arms. “If all planets think like this, the Alliance is doomed to fail. We got ore, we got metal, we got things they will need to win the war. And they will give us a share, something the Empire has never truly done, has it?”

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    Asul Haako
    Dantooine, The Governor´s mansion

    Dantooine had never had much of an Imperial presence. The Empire had always avoided stationing too many troop that far away from it´s centers of power. But now they were all gone. The small garrison was abandoned, their few ship called back to some summoning point. The Governor Cole had been left on his own, with his small defense fleet and his few thousand men under his command.


    Asul Haako felt relieved by the lack of Imperial Presence, as he approached the lonely figure awaiting him in front of the Governor´s mansion. Asul was a tall Neimodian and the years were showing, but he moved with the authority and dignity that came with his office. The Governor´s man for inner affairs had been resourceful over the years, making smart choices and had abandoned political allies just the right moment to survive the cleansing after the Alliance had been uncovered. He was also a man who had suffered under the Imperial rules, which ad cost him two sons. Therefore it had been a bit of a surprise he had summoned a former imperial of all possible allies to meet him here.
    Ishmael Davenport was a notorious man these days, but he also was a well-trained professional and the last was what Asul probably needed nowadays on this planet. “Davenport, I assume. You look taller than on your holo.” Haako smiled and bowed his head slightly to greet his guest. “Can I assume you made sure nobody followed you?”

    From above the Governor Cole probably saw Haako talk to the unknown human. Haako had always been doing his own thing. He was meanwhile in a session with his remaining Government. “They are gone, doesn´t mean they won´t come back. What I hear about Grand Moff Kalt, we will regret crossing him.” It was Prova, a young Iktotchi who was commander of the protection forces, as the ground troops were called. He had won this position through his father, a powerful man on the planet, but had shown to be mildly competent on the job. The man talking back was Lesop Cole, nobody else but the Governor´s cousin. He was their minister of finance and export and accordingly his solution was always a trader´s.
    “So many planet defect, why would they come here first, hm? And even if they come, we got a fleet. A good fleet. They would need some ships to take our planet. Aren´t there easier targets? I say independence is a real option here. Trading with the Empire, maybe making a few treaties in return for our goods. We can send them wood, food and what metal´s we can spare. If we remain free in return. The food exports alone will make us rich and powerful in time.”

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