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Star Wars Star Wars - Episode VII - Visions of Peace (a Non-EU Game)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by SirakRomar, Apr 5, 2013.

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    Apr 9, 2007
    posted for Fin, who has problems accessing the site from work

    Alphideres, Ice Desert

    The ice was beautiful, the wind cutting cold into her flesh like the promise of rebirth. A new dawn, a new day.

    A shuttle to sweeten the day. The time had come. She knew it, even before the Imperial fool told her that little detail. Slowly, without hurry she raised to her feet and sighed. "We should gu then, should we?"

    With a smile she turned, it was that sweet, innocent smile of hers, which froze and became a cruel mask, showing no emotion at all. "Order 55676, troopers. Kill him." She simply said and passed the doomed Imperail Officer with still the same smile. It had it´s advantages to be the Lover of a Grand Moff and it certainly was fun to convince him of a non-witness policy. As she entered the shuttle she already wondered how to get rid of the pilot and the two troopers once they had overstayed their usefulness.

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  2. Jedi General Gelderd

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    Mar 6, 2004
    Connor Harrison
    1313, Coruscant

    “Men like us have much to win in days like these. Our dreams, our goals can be fulfilled. We can also waste them in hiding, or with the obedience to lesser minds. I guess you know that better than me. It hasn´t been that long you freed yourself from the enslavement of the Empire.”

    Calrissian's softly spoken words hit Connor hard. This pirate certainly had done his research, and Connor wouldn't be surprised if he himself was once one of his intended targets as an agent of the Empire. However, it was slightly un-nerving to hear that Calrissian knew of his past with the faction. More importantly, his freedom from it.

    It was from gowing up surround by visions of what he once thought was a peaceful time, and that the Jedi Order were a constant beacon of hope in the galaxy, as they had helped free his homeworld of Naboo from the might of the Trade Federation. But since the rise of Emperor Palpatine, the mighty Clone Wars and the emergence that the Jedi were traitors, Connor knew his destiny was with those who rooted out and destroyed anyone wanting to bring corruption and anarchism to the galaxy.

    But it was watching from the shadows, fighting alongside the Imperial Army and deciding which system to invade next that the grip of Emperor Palpatine was too rancid for even General Connor Harrison to stand, and it was during the Battle of Hoth almost 2 years ago that he had stolen a troop transport in good faith of cleaning up the fallen Rebel Echo Base, that he never returned to be seen with the Empire again.

    And now this man, this pirate whom he knew little about had summoned him?

    Connor leaned in softly. "You don't know anything about me, Oson Calrissian. You're lucky I came down to this place to even bother seeing if you were actually here."

    Oson´s hands made a slight gesture, hinting a change of topic. “I have lately acquired a very rare, very valuable information. This information is yet incomplete, but contains a hint where to get the rest of it. If it turns our true, we two could change the galaxy."

    The former General scoffed and sat back upright, looking around quickly to make sure he wasn't being watched or flanked. It was obvious nothing he said had gotten through.

    "We two . . . and a few comrades I have summoned for this . . . I think they call it a quest, do they? . . . we would have the power to influence galactic policy. On a big scale.”

    Connor met the steely gaze of Calrissian, a non-threatening gaze mixed with his soft voice immediatley started to tell Connor this old relic was speaking truth. But who's truth was he speaking? His? A bounty hunters? A warlords? A nations?

    He leaned forward. “But to get that kind of power, I need the best, the very best I can get and you, Mr. Harrison, you have been strongly recommended by me as being the right man for such an undertaking. So my question is . . . quite simple and without saying a word more: Are you interested in acquiring such power?”
    A loud confrontation between a couple of Bith in a nearby booth didn't phase Connor or detract his attention from Calrissian and what he had just said.

    "Calrissian," Connor said, "what sort of power are you talking about? You can't find any sort of power strong enough for what you want to change, not now. Not ever. I've seen people with power, and those around them suffer the consequences." He drummed his fingers on the table, dacing around the knife. "The only power in this galaxy is the one that now is fighting for control of what has been left to take. The Rebellion on one side with their warlords, their Jedi, whatever, and the Empire on the other with their Star Destroyers and tyranny. Power is not something I can easily take just yet."

    Connor stared at Calrissian, who sat with an expression hard to read.

    "Tell me something. If you know so much about me, convince me this quest of yours is worth my time, before I walk out of here and forget I ever wasted my time with you."

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    Jul 3, 2006
    Dario Bastion
    Naboo, Warehouse

    Dario's heart skipped a beat... or rather, a hundred beats at the wink Alisa gave him as she departed. He knew that she was Laki's and that seduction was part of her life, but he couldn't help the butterflies he got whenever she was around. But he was very easily impressed when it came to the female species. He had no real type or preference. He loved them all equally.

    He pushed the thoughts from his mind as the group's little shindig accelerated. Laki moved forward to the ship, continuing to hide behind cover. Onder did as well, only a little less carefully, and Dario inhaled sharply and held his breath, staring at the guards who surely must've heard something. Strangely enough, their attention seemed to increase more elsewhere. Or maybe Dario just imagined it. Either way, they were still safe for the time being.

    Dario watched in awe as Onder lowered the ramp of the ship, and still no one came.

    "Captain?" Onder grinned at Dario and beckoned him to the ramp. "Ready to board our new ship?"

    Dario's smile was wide and ear to ear, and his heart began to race the same way it did when Alisa winked at him. He didn't say anything to Onder or Laki, only rushed up the ramp with nearly silent steps and into his new toy... and probably a world of trouble as well.

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  4. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Jedi Master Yan Dookuu

    Serenno III, Coruscant Orbit

    The cloned Jedi Master had tried to meditate once they had leapt into hyperspace from Serenno and he knew he had managed to achieve it for a while before mental exhaustion overwhelmed him and he had fallen asleep in his commandeered quarters. Asleep while still sitting in his meditation stance on the floor. But he was aware of the dreamscape he had found himself in.​

    Pitch blackness, as dark as the soul of a Sith Lord. There was absolutely nothing in the place and he could not make sense of a floor or a ceiling or even walls. It felt like what oblivion would feel like, or at least what he thought oblivion would be. He swore he was standing on a floor and looking down his feet were firmly planted on a flat surface he just simply could not see.​

    Dookuu turned around in a full three sixty degree turn to assess his situation and his surroundings but like his initial observation, there was nothing that stood out in the darkness. Had he died and gone to the equivalent of a Force forsaken Hell? No, such nonsense! He was alive, he was aware of being alive. He was either meditating deeply or he was asleep, he could not be certain as to which.​

    The clone took a hesitant step forward, afraid that he might step off an unseen precipice and fall forever into the darkness but his foot met more solid, unseen ground and with each step he grew more confident in his pace. But where to go, what could possibly be here that was worth searching for? Why was he even here anyway? What could the Force possibly be trying to tell him that he was simply not understanding?​

    He didn't have answers to those questions and wondered if he would even find them. His meditations, although helpful in keeping his self-control and maybe find a solution to a mission, did little in resolving his own personal issues. He had tried for twenty years to quell the madness that consumed him every now and then, to heal the fractured memories in his mind by unlocking suppressed ones he believed he had, and for twenty years he had failed in everything to help himself. It only added more to his frustrations.​

    His attention was drawn away from his own inner thoughts and simmering fury at his suffering when his eye caught a faint glow in the distance. It stuck out like a sore thumb in the darkness, the celestial blue glow immensely powerful and alluring. Dookuu tried to see what it was but the light never drew closer and no matter how quickly or how far he tried to approach, the distance between he and the light never changed. The Force told him it was a person, someone familiar and yet a stranger as well and when he stretched out in the Force to ascertain who it was, his eyes snapped open in shock.​

    Then he became aware that he was drifting, drifting away from the darkness and the glow as a strange but familiar voice spoke to him through the clouds of sleep. “In a galaxy without the force you my friend will be precious. As precious as eyes to the blind...” He awoke then, abruptly to an annoying and insistent proximity alarm, becoming completely aware of his surroundings in an instant and recognizing the sound for what it was.​

    He snarled angrily at it's untimely intrusion and would have thrown something at the speakers emitting the sound if Gilad's voice had not come over the intercomm. “Master. We have reached Coruscant and I have begun landing procedures. Our request to land at the Imperial Palace has been denied, shall I take the next nearby landing opportunity?” There was a pause as if the major took a moment to consider something and his next words confirmed exactly that. “Or shall I contact the Grand Advisor?”​

    Dookuu did not respond to the mindless servant the major had become, at least not right away. His mind was more interested in the dream—or was it a vision—he had seen in his meditations, he was not going to admit that he had fallen asleep. He had seen a Force spirit in his dream, he was certain of it and this one did not feel like an illusion his mind made up to torment him like he believed Qui-Gon Jinn was. He thought the presence was familiar but he could not put a name or a face to what he had sensed. Had he been granted more time to probe the vision—that was what he will call it from now on—he could have been able to discern the identity of the spirit.​

    But what interested him more was what the voice had said. Thinking about the strange baritone words spoken to him, he wondered what it could mean and who or what had spoken to him. Perhaps it was simply the Force trying to tell him something or perhaps it was the spirit he had caught a glimpse of in the vision. But why would a spirit visit him? He had no visitations from any spirits, Qui-Gon did not count, in the twenty years he's been awake.​

    In a galaxy without the Force you my friend will be precious. As precious as eyes to the blind...” he softly repeated and narrowed his eyes as word for word sounded exactly like the voice that had first said it. NO! The Force would not be so cruel as to send him to me! He wanted to rage at the thought but his curiosity was stronger than his anger. The clone was a man himself and although had stolen his life, how could he blame him unless the clone was aware of having taken what was not his? That was a thought for another time, when he was secluded back at his family estate and could vent his temper.​

    Right now, he had more puzzling enigmas to solve and an obedient major to answer. First, Gilad and then he could solve the cryptic message his clone's spirit had apparently delivered to him. “Contact the Grand Advisor and if he refuses, keep the line open and transfer it to my quarters,” he commanded. Even if the Grand Advisor denied him, he could persuade his officers to get him what he wanted and then make the fools in the Palace control tower suffer for denying him clearance.​

    He was a sentinel of the Emperor, he had clearance to come and go as he pleased from the Imperial Palace!​

    Dookuu unfurled the fists that had clinched together tightly in his anger once he became aware of what he was doing. He took a deep breath and went through the techniques his old master, Yoda, and later Palpatine had taught him until he had regained the peace and stored the anger for later use. He had a feeling he might have to choke a few subordinates to get into the Palace if the Grand Advisor refused to grant him an audience.​

    Once he was certain he was not going to destroy his own quarters, he turned his attention back to the cryptic puzzle Dooku had given him. What had the spirit meant that he would be precious in a galaxy without the Force? Did he mean because he had the Force and now that the Emperor and Lord Vader were gone he was the last of those who could touch it? No. He wasn't the last. He had heard the stories of the Alliance hero that was Luke Skywalker and although there had been no public announcement that the young man was a Jedi or a Jedi-to-be he had heard his Emperor talk about the boy during the few times he had been on Coruscant in the last five years.​

    His master, the Emperor—for that is what the man was in all but name—had asked his opinion on what to do with the young, aspiring Jedi. Dookuu had been thrilled at the idea of there being another Jedi out there and one that was still young and mostly untrained too. He had suggested to Palpatine to replace Vader with the boy, to get rid of the Sith Lord before he could be rid of him. But like always, Palpatine dismissed his concerns about Lord Vader and sent him away on another mission in the Outer Rim to deal with some insurgent politicians on Utapau without telling him if he thought the idea of recruiting Skywalker had merit.​

    The clone gave a frustrated sigh when he noticed his thoughts drifting off track once more. He did not understand what Dooku had meant with his message and doubted he ever would until more was unveiled to him. He was the last Jedi in the galaxy, he was certain of it and the boy did not count. As far as Dookuu was concerned, Skywalker was untrained—perhaps given just enough instruction so he wouldn't crush his own allies with his power—and therefore was not a Jedi. He had not gone through years of training, passed his Initiate Trials to Padawan and became a Jedi Knight upon the completion of his final Trials. The boy was nothing more than a charlatan believing himself a Jedi.​

    Yet the boy had potential and if he was going to secure his own power within the Empire, he needed an apprentice to do his bidding and ensure that no one would challenge him. Perhaps he could be the one to recruit Skywalker where the Emperor had not.​

    But that was for another time.​

    The here and now demanded his attention and he returned his focus and thoughts back to reality and awaited for the Grand Advisor to answer his request for an audience or deny him. A part of him hoped the man would so that he could force his way inside and remind him that those who welded the true power in the galaxy would have absolute power. Through power, I gain victory, he recited a line from the mantra of the Sith, the one thing the Dark Lords had that he had to admit held some wisdom.​

    The Force shall free me.
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    Jul 12, 2005
    Xen Gaal, Commander of the Royal Guard
    Coruscant, Imperial Palace, The Throne Room

    The past 48 hours had been a blur. Though many of the bloody uprisings had been dealt with by the Storm Trooper legions, Xen Gaal had been busy in his own way. Upon hearing the news about the Battle of Endor he was stunned just like everyone else, but it was not long before he realized that he was the ranking Royal Guard as such he summoned all deployed units back to Coruscant, then it needed to be determined who would take responsibility for the Guard which ended in his field promotion by his peers.

    Sleep had eluded him the entire time. He worried constantly about the future of the Royal Guard, their purpose was to protect and serve the Emperor. However there was no Emperor to serve at the moment, and already the political landscape was chaotic. What was worse was that Xen had no patience or talent as a politician, he was a soldier and instructor and a damn good one at that.

    Only one thing was certain to Xen, and that was that the Imperial Palace would be protected until the next Emperor ascended to the throne.

    Commander Gaal had no real desire to be here at all, there was so much to be done elsewhere. So much to learn about leading the Royal Guard, coordinating the arrival of incoming units and determining how to coordinate the ongoing training of the units and ensure the security of the Palace.

    As he was pondering the minutia of his new job he was surprised to hear Grand Advisor Aballeus speak directly to him, after all people rarely spoke to the Guard. “Commander of the Guard, the Advisory Council accepts the choice of your unit to make you commander, also we reserve the right to let the new Emperor review that decision.” Commander Gaal thought the comment odd, but what came next even more so. It didn't take a political mind to know what the Grand Advisor was implying, or threatening. “Tell me, Commander Gaal, can you and your men secure the throne until the Emperor´s heir claims it as his?”

    The question was vague enough, but the implication was clear. Irritated, the Commander replied. "Of course Grand Advisor, the Guard is here to serve the Empire." Whoever that Emperor turned out to be remained to be seen. In the past day he had spent some time with the Royal Guard rank and file attempting to learn about those who may contend for the throne, in fact he still had a lingering headache from the effort. That headache was well earned however, he knew that the Grand Advisor was one of a few who could take the throne. He also was aware that former Vice Chancellor Amedda was another contender, as well as a handful of others both in the Empire and the Rebellion.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lieutenant Samantha Irisa, Black Four, Cerea

    Samantha wondered if the people aboard those star destroyers, and flitting about in TIEs above that beautiful blue orb, realised that they had earned the personal attentions of Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker, out there.

    She wondered if they would care. The Empire was desperate, after all. At least, that was the concensus of the Alliance strategists.

    "Cerea. That's the guys with the massive foreheads, right?"

    Irisa smiled, glad for something to take her mind off the deadly flight through the TIE fighter storm ahead, though it looked like Commanders Antilles and Skywalker were punching a route through, so she and the others of Black Squadron could reach their target.

    "Yeah, Black Four. It's called hydrocephalic, and its not confined to the guys. The girls have them too." She liked to share knowledge; maybe if being a combat pilot did not work out, she could be a trainer.

    "That size forehead has got to be good for spamming," her colleague continued, referring to the youngling activity of slapping an open palm across another person's forehead.

    "You do know that is not why we are here liberating them, right?"

    "Have you ever met a Cerean?#"

    A long buried memory bubbled up from her subconcious; there had been a big-skulled jedi master on the Council. Of course, she did not mention any of that, notwithstanding that youngling circles had been sketchy as to where the jedi hailed from.

    "Could give new meaning to the term First Contact!"

    Okay, there was a bit too much humour now. "Alright, that's enough. Cut the chatter Black Four."

    "Black Four, copy."

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    Apr 2, 2007
    Grand Moff Eibon Kalt
    Aboard the Vengeance, Vandelhelm

    The Grand Moff leaned back and eyed all the officers, who had given their advise. Some was uncreative and unsubtle, some was expected. Yet the young captain had show the trust in his wickedness was absolutely justified. Ithor. That was extreme, even for the Emperor´s death. Kalt almost had to laugh at the idea of the tree-herders burning for the rebellion´s sins. But he knew he could not give in to such enthusiasm.

    "Jaemus it is." He finally said and smiled. Nodding to the Crachta he gave the words a moment to reach everybody. "Ithor will be blockaded, I want them to feel it coming before the heatwave hit them. But we need potential to escalate things, if the Alliance requires it." With that he became all business again.

    "Admiral Pest, you will form Strike force Vengeance consisting of both command ships and twenty of our Star Destroyers. Lead them to Jaemus and bombard hte planet. Captain Crachta, you are Rear-Admiral Crachta now, acting Admiral for the attack. I will accompany the mission personally." With that he turned to the other two Admirals.

    Flask had shown ambition, therefore something ambitious would fit. "You Admiral Flask pick our best officers and assign a fleet of five to seven Star Destroyer´s to each of them. We should be able to have four to five such task forces. Send them after the rebels, one shall blockade Naboo. It is intolerable the Emperor´s birthplanet has turned it´s back on us. Leave the rebels main fleet alone, but make sure the galaxy sees the Rebel cannot protect their own."

    And the final command went to Admiral Torel. Eibon smiled at him and then slowly turned to him. "You Admiral torel will lead the evacuation of the Lower Outer Rim, Every ship between these two lines shall be withdrawn and returned here. I want all worlds to be under red alert all the time, we hereby declare the galactic state of emergency and our ground troops who remain on these planets shall act accordingly." He smiled again and folded his arms. "Once these fleets are summoned report and we shall see if we have enough already to return corewards and execute our dead Master´s last will." With a nod and no further explanation what that was he stood up. "Gentlemen, you got your orders."

    He watched them all stand up and leave, only his commodore remained with him. "Asanti shall contact me once she arrived in system. Prepare for a long night. I want you to contact any Moff from here to the core and see where they stand. If we wanna pull this through, we will need the Middle Rim, maybe parts of the Inner Rim as well. Find out who is against me and provide me with a list tomorrow." Eibon Kalt nodded. The Commodore would leave immediately, leaving him alone.

    He finally sat back in his seat and closed his eyes. Who was left? Aballeus. Some Moffs. That was it. no other immediatey power in reach of the thrones.

    He had to act fast.

    It was all that counted now.


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    Sep 7, 2002
    Nyla Holst
    Estate of the Family Holst, Theed, Naboo

    Nyla offered her mother Sanara a smile as she came from garden. Nyla looked at her mom. She was a very pretty woman, even if she didnt always believe it. Nyla felt bad though, at the worry she had caused her. Even if she was just out in the garden, the woman was worried. Nyla could see the concern. So she was glad when the woman smiled back, in relief. Before she could give it any more thought, her mother greeted her, and grabbed her by the arm, as they walked back to the house.


    “Oh, my dear. My dear, you won´t believe who just arrived. Baron Asani. And guess what? He has his son with him. A very interesting young man.”

    'Not again!' Nyla voiced in her head. Lately, her mother had suddenly deemed it her life's mission to show her off to certain young men. Unfortunately, Griffen never seemed to be one of them. And Baron Asani? He was downright obnoxious. And his son could make you fall asleep in mid sentence.

    “Elegant.” her mother told her.

    'Only if you considered two left feet elegant. She liked to dance. He do nothing, she guessed.'

    “And single.”

    Of course he was.

    Her mom grabbed her hands. “You two gotta meet!”

    Nyla sighed, but she stayed silent. She had just HAD this discussion with her mom, to no avail recently. It was like suddenly, it was of high importance for her to find herself a mate. But, her mom had raised her to be a proper lady, even if it killed her. So, she would at least say hello to the man. She tried to put on a brave face, and smile even as she heard the loud voice announce her.

    “You must be Nyla!” The Baron stated. 'Yes, I must be..' Nyla thought to herself. She smiled. "Baron Asani." she replied politely. The rather bulky man with a loud voice came to her. “Look how you have grown!” Polite small talk. Not that he was really hear to talk to her. She had not really changed since the last time he had been by, so he quickly moved on to the real reason of his visit. “Have you met Temeron? My son?” He stepped aside an revealed his son, who was a it skinny and looked bored. Nyla felt as if the smile had froze on her face. He looked as if he was being pushed as well. But at least he could try and ACT the part. As the Baron pushed pushed him towards Nyla, Nyla felt her mom do the same. She almost shot her mom a look. The boy wasnt even looking up at her at first.

    “Hi.” He finally looked up at her. She was about to offer her hand, but his looked too bored to care. “I am Lovarre.” Another looong pause. Looking to his Dad he sighed. “Pleased to meet you.”

    Wow. Being pushed together was one thing. But this guy was so unhappy to be there, he didnt even TRY to look vaguely interested. But she guessed that was better, than having a leech trying to attach itself to her. Nyla smiled once more, as she gave Lovarre a nod. "Hello Lovarre. I'm Nyla. And I am very happy to meet you. Especially since I'm guessing this was not your idea either." She offered him another smile.

    The argument of the fathers had become really loud, but the battleground had shifted into the salon, where they were smoking waterpipes and drinking Corellian Brandy while arguing. “Are they fighting or something?” Lovarre asked, looking at the open door of the salon.

    Nyla gave a small laugh. "Always. But it is something they do often. I do believe they enjoy it." Nyla told Lovarre. She then moved, and using the same technique her mother used on her, touched Lovarre's arm. "Might I offer you something to drink?" she asked, as she began to steer him towards the area they could get something to drink. As they passed the salon, Nyla called out, "No fair! Calm down before you hurt yourself, father!" She laughed as she passed by. Outside Nyla could see a ball jumping up and down, certainly Griffen, throwing it up and catching it to fight boredom, while he waited. OH yes, she couldnt escape fast enough out of this situation. She just hoped that Lovarre was not a priss.

    "So Lovarre, what do you do for fun?" she asked him, chatting him up, to keep him off balance, while they moved. Let's see what kind of guy was this one. If nothing else, it got them away from the Baron and her mom, while she tried to come up with a way to disappear from this mess. She hoped he was not another board strategist...

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  9. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Potentate Sabagno
    Subterrel, Mining Center

    Lava grinned at Orven who was close to hammering his fist into the desk. But finally he just pressed a “fair enough” through his teeth and stood up, folding his arms. “The ore reserves.” Lava ended the topic by stepping forward herself now. Her brows seemed to move to each other, hinting there would come nothing good form her. “I found a way to make plenty. Actually I just reported 44-7-2 as being overhauled and the guys volunteered to do double shifts. Did that for two days now, got 400 megatons of ore.” That was far beyond most optimistic expectations, also Lava usually overperformed with any task given. Except friendliness and empathy, probably.

    Nodding he felt a little disappointed in himself, he was sure he had gotten better at reading her than this. Perhaps those years of sampling the wares he peddled in medical university were catching up with him.

    “There is a problem though. One I wanted to talk about with both of you.” She somehow drew a holorecorder from her belt with such a swift motion, it seemed to appear from nowhere. And a picture of a man appeared, chained, guarded by two security droids and obviously beaten up. “An intruder right into the serect stash, an hour ago. He does not talk, but he must have got a pretty good idea what we´re doing there.”

    Nevermind, it seemed that he was in fine shape mentally, although her speed at withdrawing that recorder did give him pause. He was more of a smooth operator at making things appear, but she was able to do so in a more efficient manner, one which he thought possibly could be applied to a small blaster as easily as a holorecorder. Looking the young man over he felt his pedi-palps dip forward as though listening more attentively he could discern something he otherwise couldn't from the image. Nothing of course was revealed, except that he had forgetten to stretch them properly this morning. Oh the horrors of getting old when you actually worked and worried for a living, how the Emperor had managed to live to be killed instead of dropping dead from the strain of office was beyond him.

    Still one thing was clear, either the kid just fell of a luxury yatch in what he could buy to blend in from off world, or he was addicted to death sticks and this was all a delusion. "Doesn't live here." he muttered to himself.

    “Look at his boots, he is not from here.” Orven confirmed with a nod.
    Lava nodded. “My thought and too young for an Imperial spy, if you ask me. The thing is, who is he with? And does that somebody know of our secret stash?”

    Walking for a moment he came to a support strut and leaned against it, it was more a means to buy time. The conclussion was clear, his mind wasn't that old. Still he despised doing it he had to suggest it, "We'll have to drug him. I'll have to drug him, get the truth out of him. I would like to keep this as unofficial as possible, but if he is here for someone they will come looking if nothing is reported. Or know. . ." sighing he let himself settle into a squat and with a well practiced flourish of his hand an irridescent blue vial appeared. "Our friend needs to officially have had an accident, serious, but touch and go. A natural one that happens all the time to those not used to living underground or being around mines. Lava, make it convincing, even if it causes minor setbacks."

    With another flourish the vial once more disappeared to it's holding spot in his sleeve. "Orven, I'll get one of the Ministry of Labor's med units sent in for a thurough one day off duty cleaning, but will be diverting to this. I'll need you to make sure no one is poking around closer to home uninvited. If so see if we can tag them and follow. We don't want to set anything in carbonite until we know more." Silently unsaid was the worry about their added relief fighters and extra personel that they were keeping hidden and in reserve incase Orven's desires became a reality.

    Glumly he pushed himself back up to his feet and looked at both members for this worlds leadership, "Any input?"

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Grand Advisor Aballeus
    Throne Room, Imperial Palace

    “Serve the Empire.” Aballeus gave these words more thought than anyone would have expected. “That is good, Guard.” He smiled, his thin lips barely expressing any humor. “Very good, because there will be false contenders, false heirs. Many of them. Power attracts deceivers like a banta the flies, you know? So if you are ready to defend the throne against them, I assume you will be ready to help us fight them of? Eliminate them?”
    Aballeus knew the Royal Guard was not trained for such missions, yet it contained many of the greatest warriors of the Empire. Their prowress in battle would be very useful if he could direct it against his enemies.

    Teuka did spend little of his attention to the scene. “These guards are boring, are they?” He just whispered. “But like you they do believe in true Emperor.” A mocking grin passed the humans old features. “I have a legion ready to die for me near the southern goals, you know? My son, my bastard son. The Emperor allowed me to nurture him, provide a little help with his career from time to time.” Teuka half-turned his head to Mas Amedda. “What do you think, how long could these Royal guards defend the planet against a legion?”

    Mas Amedda´s wrist-comm blinked twice. A message was there. A certain “Serenno III” was requesting permission to land.

    Tag: Mikaboshi, LordTroepfchen @CmdrMitthrawnuruodo (when LordT answers your call)

    Lt. Shari, Fl.C Test
    Battle of Cerea

    Test sighed into the radio and then the explosion right in front of him took all his attention. A whole wave of TIEs scattered and burned. “Skywalker.” He guessed without keeping the formal code of communication up.
    “Black Squadron, now or never. Attack. Blue Squadron, keep us alive long enough to punch them, will you?”

    And Black Squadron began it´s attack run, passing the battlefield with all the deadly dogfights to it´s right, if they were lucky.

    They weren´t. They had just not even made it half way, when Irisa heard the beeping of proximity alert. Right behind them was half a squadron of old but fast Tie Fighters who seemed to have appeared from nowhere. They had escaped both green and rouge and regrouped just in time to be overlooked.

    “Beedidip deedeip.” R2 approved this course of action, as Luke began his attack run on the Tie- Interceptors. His squadron had problems keeping up with him. But before him the Empire´s squadron parted, desperate to dodge the attack. The TIEs were getting fewer and the Alliance had barely losses. The heroes of endor were simply veterans and these pilot-clones were not.

    But on the other side Wedge was not as lucky, as suddenly Shanti yelled out in shock. “Wedge, you got two Interceptors right behind you, dammit!” she warned him and his R4 unit howled, as his aft-shields broke down under the first hit. Raging after him the two deadly fighters spit green fire. “Dammit, one is behind me, too!” Shanti yelled out now and broke away. “I´ll get rid of him and . . . “ A shot iht her X-Wing and communication was gone. She was still flying though, so they had only hit her com-unit.

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  11. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007
    Oson Calrissian
    Coruscant, 1313

    Calrissian looked up and then he leaned back and released a loud laughter.
    “I offer you a chance to jump on board, take it or take it not. I am not in a position where I have to beg, Harrison. I will probably never be again.” He took another sip from his bottle. “But fine, I need to give you something, I guess.”

    Raising his brows and downed his drink and then leaned forward. “Ever heard of the Neimodian Conspiracy?” Who hadn´t? The galactic legend the Neimodians had a weapon with which they would have won the Clone Wars, yet someone or something made them not use it. Calrissian smiled. “It is true. And I am going to find it.” He put down his glass. “Which will make us a de facto overnight superpower in this galaxy. I don´t now what you think, but to me . . . that gives me ideas.”

    Tag: @Jedi_General_Geldert

    Asul Haako
    Dantooine, Courtyard of the Governor´s Estate

    “Data? Oh you will get all the data you need.” Haako smiled. “And a false ID, I took the liberty to have one created for you, including an account for expenses.” He handed Davenport over a small holographic display. If Davenport would activate it a hologram of a single building in some desert would appear. “”Geonosis. A small and secret outpost created over sixty years ago.” Haako explained. “By myself.” He added then and looked at Davenport. “It is an hour away from the next settling, so I assume you have that amount of time for sure. Anything more will depend on luck. In the center of the outpost is a datacube in the central chamber. Bring that one to me and make sure the outpost does not survive the attack. No witnesses. No questions. Return the cube and you will receive your full payment. I guess a 25% advance is still common in your line of work? I will have it transferred before you make it to the starport.” He nodded. “Where a pilot awaits you. That is a witness, too. Once these things are done. And I guess you already got the thing about not witnesses, right?”

    Tag: Penguinator

    Orven, Lava
    Subterrel Mining Center

    Orven nodded, watching the holo with concern. “Yes, I will send my best to guard the complex. Maybe we should check outgoing shuttles from the Imperial Estate? I think the worst case scenario is we have a Moff who has decided to take an interest in our operation suddenly, right?”
    Lava nodded. “Good point.” Then she began typing things into her datapad. “I´ll have him transferred to MedBay 44.3.567. A good bit into the abandoned parts of the mine. You will have your privacy there.” Lava nodded.
    Orven took his gun and raised his brow. Obviously it was unquestionable who would come with the Potentate. Orven usually did not tolerate discussions about these kinda things. He only accepted silence acceptance.

    Tag: @Mitth_Fisto (you can move to the Medbay)

    Minister Prova, Minister Cole-Masa

    Prova nodded, but it was obvious he was concerned. Dantooine was small, it was important to the Empire´s food-production, especially when combined with Garqi which was nearby. But it was obvious Prova doubted it could play the game the Governor had suggested. Everybody else seemed to agree though.
    “Grand Moff Crachta Voren of Mygeeto for the Governor.” The computer voice announced an incoming call suddenly and without warning. And all in the room soaked in air and held it. Not as bad as the Grand Moff, Voren was a man with power. Power that could easily be used against Dantooine´s interests.

    Prova nodded to his Governor. “I´d say we will have answers, soon.” He stepped away to make sure nobody else appeared on that holo. “Do you take it?”

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  12. Lukes_Apprentice

    Lukes_Apprentice Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 15, 2008
    OOC: thank to HanSolo29 for the response for Han

    Lando Calrissan

    “Thanks to all of you. In this time our friends and trust among ours is probably the most precious weapon we got. Because the Empire is already showing signs paranoia and we assume soon the powerful remnants of the old regime will turn against each other. When that time comes, we will destroy them. But not by military might, but by giving the galaxy . . . “

    She looked at each of them. “An alternative.”

    Admiral ackbar then gave out assignments Liea and Han to go to Subterral, and Major Retrout and Colonel Cole the task of going to Dantooine, Garqi, Dubrillillon, and Ord cestus with dantooine there focus.
    Finally Crix Madine turned to Lando. “For you, General Calrissian we have a very special mission. I am glad to hear you will help us from here on, because what we must ask from you, we could not possibly ask from anybody else. Please come to my office, once you all have had time to let things sink in.”

    “That´s it. May the force be with you.” That was Ackbar hurrying out of the conference. Mon Mothma stayed behind a moment to sort datapads. Crix Madine nodded to Lando a final time and left the conference room.

    Oh great I’m still a general, thought Lando.

    He looked over at Han and Princes Leia the two obviously come to an understanding. Lando walked over to them he knew Han was upset, but it would pass eventually.
    Lando walked up to Han and Liea and began by saying, “So, I see you two get to go off on another adventure and I am somehow guessing that R2D2, C3PO, or both are going to tag along. Oh and Han you can send me an expense report for Millennium Falcon because I feel I owe you credits for the repairs.”

    Han replied, “You owe me?” he asked a bit incredulously, one corner of his mouth twisting up slightly. “I never thought I'd hear that coming from you, but as much as I enjoy the change, I ain't looking for charity. I can handle the repairs myself.”

    Lando said seriously, "Being near death has changed me. I made you a promise and I broke it. Unlike the past, this time I want to do something about it. I'll give time to think on it you old pirate." Lando nodded to Han and Leia and headed out the door.

    In truth Lando did not want Han to lose face in front of Liea so he had made it easy on him and he had changed, maybe for the better.

    A few moments later
    Lando arrived at Crix Madine’s office and entered.

    Lando looked around at the mementos but did not dwell on them and said, “So what is so important you did not feel you could tell anyone?”

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  13. SirakRomar

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    Mar 30, 2007
    Lovarre, Griffen
    Estate Holst

    “Fun?” Lovarre looked at her and then looked around. “I train to join the Imperial Academy, actually. Also it is quite hard work, I´d say to me, it is also fun.” He lay his head aside and looked at Nyla for a moment. “Actually, may I speak freely? Is it a conincidence, or has the force lead us two here? Because we both seem to be such a perfect couple to have conversation.” He laughed out, stepped closer and then spoke less loud. “Because we both desperately wanna be somewhere else, hm?” He asked.

    Tag: Ktala

    Laki and Onder
    Warehouse, Aboard the “Endymion”

    Onder looked around and the small ship certainly had limited room, but the small lounge in the center was luxurious. Two tall doors to the left and right seemed to contain lockers. Another door leading to the aft-section doubtlessly lead to the engine section. A corridor to the front and they entered the glass bowl of a cockpit. Onder was with him. “God, this thing mus be worth a fortune.”

    And almost as if guided by a ghost Darius hands found all the levers and buttons to get the ship going. A few movements and the ship suddenly ripped from the ground and into hovering mode. “Does it have any way to open hangar doors?” Onder asked and put the seatbelt on.

    Laki shouted from joy from behind. “To the STARS!” He yelled.

    Of course it had an automatic to open hangar doors. And above they would find only the black sky and a billion stars in it . . .

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  14. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Nyla Holst
    Estate of the Family Holst, Theed, Naboo

    "So Lovarre, what do you do for fun?" she asked him.

    “Fun?” Lovarre looked at her and then looked around. “I train to join the Imperial Academy, actually. Also it is quite hard work, I´d say to me, it is also fun.”

    Oh joy, another Imperial Academy boy. They were alright for the most part. But some of them, just seemed so impressed by it all. Like everyone else was supposed to be equally impressed. Actually, the young men who did make it into the Academy were quite bright, and many of them gifted as well. And of course, from well off families. Things her father found QUITE interesting. It was like he was trying to find her someone who was like him. Maybe that's why he didnt seem to like Griffen. He liked Griffen's dad. But they were nothing alike. So, not for 'her'. Instead, it was this endless parade of young men, that most time were nice - but usually quite boring.

    She watched as Lovarre lay his head aside and looked at Nyla for a moment. “Actually, may I speak freely?" She nodded. "Please do." He continued, "Is it a coincidence, or has the force lead us two here? Because we both seem to be such a perfect couple to have conversation.” He laughed out, stepped closer and then spoke less loud. “Because we both desperately wanna be somewhere else, hm?” He asked. He was at least refreshing. Nyla smiled.

    He was brave. He mentioned both the Force, and the fact he wanted to be someplace else, as much as she did. Course, he could have also been a plant. She knew full well, the pressures of family 'commitment.' He could be telling the truth. Or he could be testing her. Nyla did her best to 'read' her guest, to try and figure out his true intentions. She smiled, and gave a soft laugh. as she poured a glass of juice, and took a sip.

    "So..." She gave him another smile. "The question is, what do we do about it?" She leaned back, and gave him a look. "You seem nice enough. I'm sure I can give you a chance for you to plan an 'escape'. Nyla laughed softly. "Think of it, as an Academy training mission." she added, as she took another sip of her drink.

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  15. Jedi General Gelderd

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    Mar 6, 2004
    Connor Harrison
    Coruscant, 1313
    “Ever heard of the Neimodian Conspiracy?” Calrissian asked, leaning in over the small table, glass of green liquid in hand.

    As a beautiful young Twi'lek waitress sauntered past their booth, Connor motioned for her to stop and he took a glass from her serving tray. She nodded softly and carried on. Connor helped himself to the green drink on ths table, filling up his glass a couple of measures.

    Connor had heard of the Neimodian Conspiracy during his time with the Empire, and at one point had even been conisdered to carry out an investigation sanctioned by the Grand Moffs to discover if this were true. As far as he knew, the legend had fabricated that the Neimodians had built, or were given, a weapon that if used would have turned the tide of the Galactic Clone Wars in their favour, and pretty much helped them win the war with the Separatists.

    Nothing had been seen or heard of sthe Conspiracy since and the rumours had died out as fast as the Clone Wars had ended. There was no idea of size, scale or creator to the myth, but the search would have started on Geonosis and gone from there.

    Connor didn't break eye contact with Calrissian. He certianly wasn't going to show any sign of flattery at being offered a chance of redemption on the back of these two short words, even if it did make the hairs on the back of his neck tingle with anticipation and excitement. He downed the mouthful of the strong, sweet drink.

    He had been living in the shadows for too long, waiting for an opportunity to seize a piece of what was his in the galaxy. He had the knowledge, training and skills taken from the Empire but never the chance to use them. He was better than some washed up old bounty hunter trying to get back in the game. In fact, the game had never really started for Connor, he was still waiting for the right player to come along. Calrissian may be this player, but he didn't like the fact he had been so easy to track down.

    It was almost as Calrissian had read his mind as the small smile cracked on his worn face. “It is true. And I am going to find it, which will make us a de facto overnight superpower in this galaxy. I don´t now what you think, but to me . . . that gives me ideas.”

    Trust? Trust wasn't even a issue in this offer. Connor didn't trust anyone these days, especially after the destruction of the Death Star and fall of the Empire. It seemed everyone and their droid wanted a piece of the galaxy as their own now in the aftermath, but Connor had something bigger to give. He had been right in the middle of it all at the height of the war and now wanted to stake his claim.

    Connor felt the world go silent for a few moments.

    He looked down at his hands at a couple of scars from battles gone by marked his palms. There was no other opportunity as great as this one being offered for him to get back into the heart of a war he lad left, but under his own rules at a time when the superpowers were at their most fragile, at their turning points. His thumbs traced the scars, a mini-map of his own destiny imprinted on his hands. It was now, or not at all.

    "Alright." Connor's sharp, fearless voice spoke, his head lifted, his empty glass hitting the table. "When do we begin."

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  16. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Mas Amedda
    Throne Room, Coruscant

    Mas looked at the Advisor at his side from the brink of his eyes, turning his head only slightly, then he turned his gaze back towards the assembly.

    "they could not hold out long, that is for sure. Yet, how long would a tiny, little legion stand against Aballeus allies? Or Kalt´s? A legion is nothing, until she means everything, you understand? So I would wait if I were you for the day a legion makes the difference between victory and defeat and you might actually get something out of that legion." Mas nodded and with a smile he turned. "If there aren´t to many on the market."

    They all had friends, they all had power. As he moved closer to watch Aballeus at work his wrist-comm informed him of another arrival. Oh, the Clone. He had almost forgotten about this failed experiment.

    Breathing in he lay his head aside. Dookuu had greater potential than watching Aballeus make his move. The Grand Advisor would not allow Mas to play out his gambit tonight, anyway.But Dookuu, he had the force, als only filtered through his crazy mind. And the history of the galaxy had always been the history of those who could touch and control the force. Contacting the officers in the control tower he slowly made his way through the galleries of giant pillars out of the Throne Room. "Serenno III has permission to land, guide them to platform 9 and make sure the guest and I am undisturbed."

    All as in motion and there was no control. The Emperor had made sure nobody but him was ever holding true control over events. Now that he was gone, only lesser minds were left with a lesser degree of control.

    Why do you keep the clone? He could be more dangerous than he is useful, Master?

    Really, they asked the same about you, my old friend. The same question.

    I . . I . .

    Yes, his old Master had easily unsettled him, used his emotions and lack of understanding against him. Mas had learned valuable lessons from that. One was to use what was given to you. Of all players in this field him and Aballeus had the best chances of winning, because they had information nobody else had. But only one of themn would survive the coming days. That was obvious. And an insane clone might just be what Mas needed to push the chances a bit to his favour.

    Ten minutes later he entered the upper parts of the palace and finally reached the platform he had guided the ship to. Patiently waiting for the ship to end it´s docking procedure he awaited Master Dookuu with the same indifferent look he gave all thing living.

    Mas Amedda was nobody to be read easily. To him that was worse than defeat. Predicatability was hte ultimate sign of incompetence in the game he had played all his life . . .

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  17. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lieutenant Samantha Irisa, B-Wing “Black Two”
    Location: Cerea

    Samantha closed her eyes lightly, Guys with the massive foreheads, indeed.

    Her eyelids tightened as she felt multiple deaths in one large conflagration ahead. She would have thought she would be inured to the feelings after the mind-frag thathad been the Death Star’s doom, but these wwere still making her wince.

    Skywalker.” Black Leader announced softly over her comm.

    Irisa opened her eyes to see a wall of flame between her and the distant star destroyers hanging there in the blackness, dissipate in the airless vacuum, hungrily eating the dispersing accelerant, oxygen and fuel from their disintegrating craft.

    Her eyes flicked to her targeting computer, and she could see that Commander Skywalker’s group had cleared a path for them. Not the clearest looking path this side of the galactic centre, but one that she could imagine Flight Commander Test going for.

    Black Squadron, now or never. Attack.

    Irisa disengaged the manouvering jets that had been keeping her starfighter in position with the rest, and fed power to the engines, feeling the JZ-5 Fusial Thrust Engines thrum into life behind her.

    Black-gloved hands turned dials to regulate the power so she did not shoot ahead of the pack like some Leeroy Jenkins acolyte.

    That made her smile.

    She was still smiling at almost halfway to the target when dee-dee-dee-dee

    She looked up through the canopy and frantically over both shoulders. “Boss, Black Group, my proximity alarm is picking up something, but I cannot see anything yet.

    Pick up your visual scanning.” Black Four advised in response.

    Copy, Black Four.” She sent back.

    Imperial TIE fighters right behind us!

    Irisa recognised the panicked tones of Jill, flying Black Six.

    Wh-what do we do?! What do we do?!

    Let’s build a fire, sing a couple songs; how about that?

    You are not helping, Four!

    Black Group, calm down. Increase power to your rear deflectors, but stay in formation. Like Lead says, we may never get another chance at this.” Samantha toggled her comlink to a private ship-to-ship with Test. “Lead. Two. This staying in formation lark is starting to look a little dicey.

    Although she was at the front of her group, and more at risk from fire from the front, she followed her own advice and increased the power to her rears, in case of exploding B-Wings throwing shrapnel into her.

    And if Black Four followed his own advice and started to sing, she hoped it wouldn’t be the one about rowing a boat merrily down the stream.

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    OOC: Thanks go to SW Wiki, Aliens, and the mythic gamer that is Leeroy Jenkins (via
  18. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Jedi Master Yan Dookuu

    Platform 9, Imperial Palace – Coruscant

    Master Dookuu's mind still played over the enigma that he had been given by his clone's spirit when Gilad informed him that they finally had clearance to land at the Palace. He was pleased that he did not have to resort to more persuasive techniques to get what he wanted. The inner part of him that was still a Jedi strongly disliked having to resort to those methods when he felt that the power he had should have been enough to convince the simpletons of the Empire to let him pass unquestioned. He prided himself in his abilities to talk people into doing what he wanted and showing them up with the authority he held.​

    His greatest gift aside from the Force was his oratory skills, something he hasn't had the opportunity to practice in some time. There was little use for speech making as a sentinel for the Emperor unless he wanted to intimidate a bunch of thugs into surrendering to him. A smug smile graced his lips at the memory of one such occasion when he had been outnumbered by a gang of cutthroats that had ties with the Hutt crime lord he had been investigating. They didn't know he had been working alone, nor did they know how much influence he had with the regional governor and so he played on their ignorance and made them believe he could bring the entire Empire down upon them if they didn't desist with their hostilities toward him and gave him what he wanted.​

    Carefully the cloned Jedi Master rose to his feet as the last of the memory faded into the back of his mind and he focused on the matter at hand. The ship was settling on a docking platform and he could already sense an unease amongst the retreating security. It interested him that they were vacating the area and he wondered if perhaps he had been lured into a trap, but then quickly dismissed such an idea. Very few knew he existed and even fewer knew his importance in the Empire so what would they have to fear from him?​

    The unknown. Irrational beings fear what they do not know and what they fear they destroy. Fear leads to the Darkside, to suffering. The suffering of others and the suffering of one's self. He straightened his robes while he observed his surroundings in the Force. There was one individual who remained and although he could perceive the alien was Force-less, the man's mental control was impressive. He has encountered very few individuals who could resist a probe in the Force and most were sensitive, but to encounter one that was not and still had the strength to hide his thoughts and emotions was something he found... curious.​

    Dookuu stepped out of his quarters, noting that the individual was not a human and therefore he suspected was not the Grand Advisor. That disappointed him and insulted him at the same time. He was no simple lackey to be delegated to a lesser official but as he probed deeper he noticed that he recognized the presence as belonging to the former Vice Chancellor of the Republic, an adviser and personal aide to the Emperor. Someone he despised for simply being despised in return.​

    He knew there was no love lost between them both.​

    As the ramp lowered and with Gilad at his side, Master Dookuu confirmed what he sensed with his own eyes, the blue chagrian stood alone and waiting for him. His face was as impassive as he felt in the Force. The clone strode down the ramp, his hands tucked into the sleeves of his Jedi robes which were a dark shade of brown, darker than they had been in his old life as a Jedi but still a few shades lighter than those of the Sith. He was not wearing the formal attire of his House, those he only wore when he was entertaining guests—which was rare these days—or had to endure the politics of his homeworld—which was even rarer.​

    “Mas Amedda,” he greeted civilly, but the contempt he felt was hidden within his tone. He disliked the chagrian for the simple fact that the alien had accused him of being a failure. He remembered that day well, so long ago when he was still adjusting to the fact that his entire world had been lost to him. He had been kneeling before the Emperor after having failed a mission and the first signs of his madness had begun to make itself known. Amedda had called him a failure, not because he had failed in his mission but as if he were an experiment that the Emperor had been conducting that had not given him the results he had wanted. Since then, Dookuu has tried to prove the chagrian wrong. His pride demanded it. That same pride inflated when the Emperor defended him. “I was expecting the Grand Advisor.”​

    He stopped a couple meters from the former Vice-Chancellor, eying the alien carefully and probing him in the Force to seek a weakness, a chink in the alien's mental armor and allow him to view the inner workings of the man's mind. He doubted he would get a glimpse. The only other person he was unable to probe successfully was the Emperor himself, so to see this Force-less alien standing before him and not knowing what he was thinking or feeling unsettled him. That same unease he did not allow to show in his body language.​

    Like the chagrian, he was as emotionless in expression as a Jedi was.​

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  19. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Luke Skywalker
    The Battle of Cerea

    He pulled his X-Wing up and tried to sort his thoughts. With the Interceptor´s approaching, Wedge and the Rogues in a dog fight and now the Blue and Black under attack . . .

    The battle was shifting and the Empire had managed to endanger their best chance of defeating the Imperial´s quickly, they had found an attack angle against the B-Wings. Where had those come from? The Battle of Cerea had just been almost won and then suddenly these TIEs turned up in their backs? Had they escaped? Had they tricked them?

    Later . . .

    In the here and now only Black Squadron´s survival counted. "Blue´s break away. Black, make sure to scatter on my command. Green two to four, follow me in. all others, keep those Interdictor´s of our backs." His X-Wing accelerating to the maximum he breathed in and allowed the force to lead his movements. They had only one chance in this, or those TIEs would get a good bite out of Black Squadron, he knew that. He did not plan to allow that to happen.

    "Black Squadron! Scatter!" He yelled and pulled the trigger of his board-cannons, as his X-Wings went to collision course with Black Squadron and the charging TIEs at the same time. If the Black´s broke he would aim right at the hopefully unexpecting Imperials. Lives would vanish in the force and somehow Luke felt . . . the thrill of anticipation.

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  20. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Potentate Sabagno
    Subterrel, Mining Center

    Letting his attenae pulps droop he knew the time was done with for now of things to say. That and that Orven and Lava were now set in their tracks of how things would go, it was a good trait and a little unsettling how they had all become so good at leading their own things without accepting rebuffs from each other past a certain point, and this was Orvens as he stated in his usually blatant manner. He rather profered it that way, a simple government where everybody knew their part. Now if only his part wasn't so complicated. "I'll need to grab a few things, file work so I am working as Minister of Labor, and then we can go." Nodding he knew the next stretch of time would arduous and tedious, and not just because of the necesarry government work of two positions.

    What truly was hard was that right now, he wanted nothing more then to go home, find his wife and let her talk him into staying this course of action. Because what he was about to do was making him sicker to his stomach than the detox from death sticks. If no one objected he was going to be true to his word, though he doubted he could keep very focused with the way things were headed.

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  21. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Mas Amedda
    Platform, Imperial Palace, Coruscant

    Leaving Teuka behind felt good, meeting Dooku´s leftovers not so much . . .

    Yet, the history of the galaxy was the history of men who controlled the force. That was something that Mas Amedda was not blessed with, yet this abdomination was. Therefore this was more than a tool, more than a toy. This thing was power in a raw, yet unused form. Mas Amedda would use it or it would soon be used against him. He knew that and showed none of his thoughts as he bowed his head and choose his entry . . .

    "The Emperor would have been more than a bit amused of the irony, don´t you think? Of all the creatures the galaxy has to offer the survival of his heritage might now lie in the hands of a Jedi." Mas slowly turned, allowing the clone to flank him. "Welcome to Coruscant, Master Dookuu." He greeted the man. "your arrival is not a moment too soon. The Vultures have already begun to pick apart the legacy of our great friend, only hours after he has left the galaxy a so much darker place, with his presence absent."

    Once the doors opened Mas Amedda dropped the hint . . . the hook . . . and it wasn´t even a lie. "Grand Advisor Aballeus will try to claim the throne."

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  22. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Samantha Irisa, B-Wing cockpit, Black Two
    Location: Cerea

    Samantha hushed and listened intently as a light on her comm panel indicated an all-units communication was coming through, and heard Commander Skywalker's voice snapping out instructions:

    "Blue´s break away. Black, make sure to scatter on my command. Green two to four, follow me in. All others, keep those Interdictor´s of our backs"

    Interdictors? Irisa frowned at the mention as she prepared to move out of formation at his command. The Iron Hammer and its mate / wife / girlfriend / Significant Other were the only enemy capital ships that her own scopes had picked up. What Interdictors?

    "Black Two, copy."

    Some of the distant stars that she took to be starfighters, swept across the battle and started to grow, resolving into recognisable shapes as they quickly grew nearer.

    That...That was an X-Wing! Her eyes popped wider as the command confirmed her recognition.

    "Black Squadron! Scatter!"

    She wrenched her joystick and banked hard to starboard - the right - as bright green plasma fire from the X-Wing's guns cut through where she had just been!

    "Green Leader from Black Two; you're getting my laundry bill, Buddy!" She snarled into her voice-pickup, too caught up in the adrenaline of the moment to worry about her abuse of ettiquette.

    She look around, wanting to aim for a bit of clean space, and spotting light from the system primary glinting off hexagonal solar fins, momentarily caught a glimpse of the TIEs her systems had been warning her about, before her main s-foil obscured the sight.

    She frantically steered away from them, jinking and dodging the expected fire when it came, wanting a middle course between colliding with the rest of her pack, yet staying clear of the Imperials.

    dee-dee-dee-dee, went her proximity alarm.

    "Yes yes yes, TIE fighters; I know! Thanks for the scoop."

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    Oct 24, 2009
    A Combined post of HanSolo29 and Republic_Anvil.
    Han & Leia
    Home One, Above Endor

    Subterrel. Well that is an important mission. Leia started to make to-do lists in her head on what she would need to negotiate with the Subterrelian Government with, but all the lists stopped short. She just didn’t know enough about Subterrel to make immediate plans. She’ll have to go and do some research. Leia noticed Lando swinging by them on his way to Crix’s office.

    “So, I see you two get to go off on another adventure and I am somehow guessing that R2D2, C3PO, or both are going to tag along.”

    Leia smiled slightly at the mention of the protocol droid. “Yes I expect C-3PO will be very useful on this trip.” Secretly Leia enjoyed the droids ability to drive Han insane. She may love the man but he could be infuriating some times.

    “Oh and Han you can send me an expense report for Millennium Falcon because I feel I owe you credits for the repairs.”

    Han replied, “You owe me?” he asked a bit incredulously, one corner of his mouth twisting up slightly. “I never thought I'd hear that coming from you, but as much as I enjoy the change, I ain't looking for charity. I can handle the repairs myself.”
    Leia arched and eyebrow at Han’s response. Stubborn man.

    Lando said seriously, "Being near death has changed me. I made you a promise and I broke it. Unlike the past, this time I want to do something about it. I'll give time to think on it you old pirate." Lando nodded to her and Han and headed out the door.

    A frown crossed Han's features as he watched Lando slip from the room. What made him so special that he was granted a private meeting?

    “You should let him pay for the repairs. It seems important to him.” Leia glanced to Han. “At the very least sleep on it.”

    While he would never admit it to Leia, he felt a twinge of jealously over the whole situation, especially since he had been assigned to what appeared to be a diplomatic mission on the surface. When he opened his mouth to speak, he was sure it was that line of thinking that contributed to his bitter reply.

    "I can't make any guarantees," he groused, refusing to deter his gaze away from the door in which Lando had passed through. "You know, I don't understand what makes him---"

    Now that they were alone she turned into Han and reached up to brush his lips with hers. “I need to go see what Intelligence has on Subterrel. Do you think the Falcon will be ready in time? Or do we need to arrange for another transport? I think I can get the Tydirium back.” She was teasing Han a bit. She knew very well how attached he was to the Falcon.

    Leia silencing him with a quick kiss and poking fun at him in regards to the Falcon and the ongoing repairs had raised his spirits. He had to give her credit - she knew how to reel him in and change his mood with a simple flip of a coin.

    His expression immediately softened as he turned to finally face her, one corner of his mouth turning upward into his trademark grin. "No need, sweetheart," he said in a deep baritone, pulling her in at the waist. "I got it all taken care of. It might mean we have to travel with a cranky Wookiee, but hey, I wasn't lying when I told Lando I could handle it. Don't ya trust me?"

    Leia caressed his cheek and ran her had across the stubble there. The man was always in need of a shave, he seem to have a permanent evening shadow. Leia would never have told him but she actually preferred it to him clean shaved.

    “Of course I trust you.” She said lightly but meaning every word. “I’ll meet you at the Falcon when I have the data from Intelligence. We can go over it on the way to Subterrel.”

    "I can hardly wait," he said in a flat tone, rolling his eyes to express his discontent, but it lasted only a second. He knew he couldn't fool Leia no matter how hard he tried and he grinned, showing that he was simply teasing her.

    He lingered a moment longer to plant a final kiss on her forehead before parting ways to head towards the hangar.

    Leia sighed as she watched Han walk away, the warmth of his lips on her forehead just now fading and leaving her a bit giddy. She took a deep breath and pushed her emotions to the side. She needed to focus on her mission. At to that end, she pulled out her comlink.

    “C-3PO. Please meet Han and me at the Falcon in an hour. We need your help with a diplomatic mission. Oh and pull up any information you can on Subterrel.” With that Leia set off to go see Alliance intelligence.

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    Holst Estate

    “Well, I guess if we simply walk out . . . “ Lovarre looked over his shoulder at their parents. Her mother nodded to her with an encouraging smile. “ . . . they will think we begin a romantic relationship and be discreet. So basically we will have no followers, right?” Lovarre turned and smiled at her. “Not that I would not love to . . . it´s just . . . we barely know each other you know?” He turned a little red, when he realized what he had got himself into.

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    Orson Calrissian
    1313, Coruscant

    “Good.” That was all he said and he took his knife and downed his drink. With a satisfied grin of a feeded predator he stood up and looking around he nodded to Harrison. “Then come with me. I think we should not stay around Imperial Center any longer than necessary, right?”

    He nodded and began to walk out. There wasn´t much to say, as he certainly would not share secrets while in public. But his eyes were searching his surrounding; the security routine of a man hunted all his life.

    It was when they entered the turbolift, that Harrison had this strange feeling. Was it the corridor with bad lightning or the return into Imperial controlled territory of the upper levels? No, it was the man who had glanced at him as they passed. He knew the man, he had seen him before. On Carida what appeared to be a lifetime ago. They had been together in some special training. The man was called Gantoris and he had been working for Imperial Intelligence.


    How great were the chances that he met a famous pirate and an intelligence officer of the Empire in the same place at the same time without those two events being connected? The second before the lift doors closed Gantoris threw a look at the two men. It became obvious he had recognized them, too. Or maybe he had known who he was meeting down there all along.


    A good thought to have on the way up, as the turbolift began to move upwards and out of the lawless region of 1313.

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    Crix Madine
    Home One, Above Endor

    Crix breathed in and looked around his small but comfortable quarters. He had a usual officers room, not demanding or getting priviliges for being one of the prime strategists of the Rebellion. Finally he took a small holographic projector, identified himself through pressing his thumb on a small display and put it down.

    Immediately a picture of a man hissed alive. A black man in his early sixties, but physically still strong and full of energy. He was accompanied by an insectoid, most likely a Verpine and a tall Iktochi. Lando would immediately recognize his father, Oson Calrissian.

    “This was recorded by security cameras three days ago. I assume you know this man, do you? Also you, like almost everybody else, haven´t seen him in a decade probably.” Crix left Lando alone with the hologram for a second. “He is after something and from what our Bothan friends heard it is something big.”

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    Fl.C. Test, Black squadron, TIE Pilots
    The Battle of Cerea

    For those who had a connection to the force the cold and deadly impact of space fighting was always a bit more bitter than it should have been. When you felt something vanish in the force, leaving a vacuum where life had been before . . . seconds before your scanners confirmed the death, it was something a Jedi hardly ever forgot.

    Samantha Irisa felt exactly that when Black Twelve did not get his deflector´s to the necessary strength in time. The explosion forced Black Nine to dodge and loose formation. The roaring of TIE-Fighters was immediately behind him. Then there was confusion in the force. Strong, radiating confusion as the A-Wings had finally made it around to attack the approaching TIEs. Even Luke Skywalker would feel little else.

    “Scatter!” Test shouted and the B-Wings all swarmed aside to make room for Luke Skywalker to do another heroic deed. The only problem was . . . there were no Ties anymore. Only a confused squadron of A-Wings looking for an enemy.

    “Where are they?” “I think I saw one vanish right before my eyes.” “Yes, Green 2 to Green Leader, what . . . by the force, they are back!”

    Luke was almost hit by the green laser-fire, but it had not been meant for him. Instead a full volley of turbo-laser energy hit Flight Commander Test where his shields had now been the most weak . . . the front. With a scream of Terror the commander vanished in the force and a second later the scanner confirmed it by erasing his signature from the display of Samantha and Luke. Lt. Irisa had suddenly become commander of Black Squadron. “They are everywhere!” “Black 6, behind you.” “No, that is impossible!” Irisa barely heard them through the bristling of her shields as it was bombarded by debris. But she saw what they meant . . . and the first thing she saw was the problem they were having.
    Two Tie Fighters appeared out of nowhere right behind Luke Skywalker and his Wingman. As if they had been invisible and suddenly became visible again. Tie Fighters unlike any she had ever seen . . .


    “What the hell . . . “ That was Black Three.

    Suddenly the Battle of Cerea turned into something very different from the certain victory Luke had been so afraid of. Suddenly it had become a battle for survival . . .

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    May 17, 2009
    Admiral Baale – Somewhere near the Deep Core – Aboard the “Imperator”

    Baale leaned forward, knowing that his features would now be larger than life for the Moff. He gave the words of his old friend and ally a moment to be considered. Indeed the Rebellion had grown strong, but what danger could they pose to a united Empire? None.

    Was the Empire united though? No, not if Baale had to serve Kalt to unite it. No, indeed the Empire was far from being one force. But there was only one way to change that and it would get worse before it got any better.

    “Close your lines, Voren. Find out who is for you and who is against you and do as much damage to those who are not with you as you can. But we will probably have to fight more than one battle and there might be more than one way to serve the Empire.” He looked at Voren and then spoke out what both thought. “Before this is over, we will have to take care of Grand Moff Kalt. He has the lower galaxy in his grasp right now, but the upper parts have been left to you. You make sure you stay in control and I make sure the game is prepared and we have the higher grounds when he arrives where the true battle will happen . . . in the center.” Baale nodded and pushed himself into the standing position once more. “I will send you a new flagship. It is unlike anything you have ever seen, I assume.” Baale smiled. “Use it wisely and keep your fleet on alert. We might need them sooner rather than later. I will make my presence known meanwhile. And secure my position within the core.” He awaited Voren´s reply and then cut the line, sure it was a confirmation.
    While he folded his hands behind his back he turned to the window and watched the fleet outside adjusting their formation. They were the most technically advanced ships the galaxy had ever seen. Powerful, proud and dangerous. Yet, what did they mean? Nothing. They were nothing for themselves. Only the results Baale would achieve through them counted. For there was only one Emperor and all of the galaxy bowed to his will. Having a fleet meant nothing to him. Having control over the mind guiding the fleet was his true power.

    The Advisory Council would oppose Kalt and have their own infightings. A heir was not existent as far he knew. Kalt was the highest ranking officer and would claim supreme command. Would the Advisor´s and other Moff´s manage to oppose this claim? If not Kalt would simply kill them of one by one until nobody stood between him and the throne.
    So Baale would make sure that the Advisory Council did not fall into that trap. He would make sure Kalt would not allow the balance to shift into his favor. Baale would actually position himself between Kalt and the throne and by that he would be pushed closer to the throne himself.

    How was a question. But Baale had foud the answer to this question in the metaphor itself. What was lying between Kalt’s de facto headquarters on Vandelhelm and Coruscant with the Throne? The shipyards. Corellia, Rendilli, Koros-Mayor, Kuat. Without those one could not rule the Empire.

    “Admiral Baale to fleet, set course for the Corellian system.” Baale´s words were gently spoken into the coom and he did not wait for confirmation. Corellia. There it would begin . . .

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