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Star Wars Star Wars - Episode VII - Visions of Peace (a Non-EU Game)

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by SirakRomar, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007

    Devon Varel
    Medbay, Sector 7 of the Subterrel Mines

    Everything was prepared just the way the Potentate had ordered it to. Orven had made very sure of that. Guards they could trust, no miners anywhere nearby, well hidden from any eyes. No doctors, only a young man – not so different from the young man the Potentate had been once – chained to a chair. He looked up, bruised from the fight with the guards when he had resisted.

    “And that would be the Boss, right?” He forced a smile on his face, but it gave away his fear. “If I were you I would think about my next step. Torture? He won´t like that. He won´t like that one bit, when HE is coming!”

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    Home One, Above Endor

    The Falcon had a special place within the hangar and the repairs were going good, well better than expected. They would have no time to integrate a second turret, so they were flying with only half their protection, but the Falcon was flyingand that was what counted.

    Chewbacca greeted his friend with an annoyed growl and threw one of the hydrospanners into the machinery in frustration. He said something about compensators, but Han probably knew what was bugging his friend. The Falcon had not been up for a fight, it had stayed grounded when Luke had been flying of into battle. A battle they were still waiting to hear from.
    Another growl pointed to the energy couplings to the left. Chewie obviously thought Han should do those, as his tall hands usually did not work there. And with another series of frustrated howls he asked where they would actually be going.

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    Commander Tel’ya
    Intelligence Central, Home One above Endor

    The Bothan intelligence coordinator was more thn useful handing Leia all the data she needed. As always the Bothan´s seemed to know already what they would be asked. Information was a passion for these men. And indeed Subterrel appeared to be a perfect target. Mon Mothma still had an eye for opportunity. A single ancient Venator above planet, a Garnison which kept millions of worker clones in check and a Government lead by a Potentate who controlled most of the operations with only regular reporting to the Empire. The Empire had kept the planet in check with it´s promise of security from attacks, but with the Empire withdrawing from the Outer Rim this security was vanishing. Also the threat of retaliation was growing less and less urgent.
    So Subterrel, rich and with enough resources to outfit a dozen fleets the same time was alone in a part of the galaxy were strong allies kept you alive. Free trade, protection. It was obvious what the Alliance could offer. Not so obvious was how the people of Subterrel would take it. The Potentate was new and despite him handing the security to a known rebel sympathizer, his political agenda was still unknown.

    Then suddenly the room seemed to come alive. Bothan´s and Mon cal´s crowded together before the screens and Leia had the feeling, Leia knew it had something to do with Luke.

    On the screens were strange Tie Fighters who seemed to vanish from sight. X-Wings breaking away in panic. “Those were taken above Cerea, everybody . . . I want to know WHAT these things are and WHERE they came from!” Tel’ya yelled his orders and everybody followed immediately. When he saw everybody was at work he turned to Leia. “Misses Organa, as you see we are having some kind of situation here. Would you probably be able to study the material in your quarters, if it´s not too much of a complication?” He was polite, but she saw he was tense. The losses at Cerea had doubled within the last minutes, as a holographic display in the center of the room showed. They were losing the battle they had considered an easy victory this morning.

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  2. Ramza

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Maj. (Ret.) Kilgo Retrout
    Home One, Above Endor

    Due to the obvious pressing matter of the ongoing hostilities, Admiral Ackbar had excused himself with some haste. Kilgo noted to himself that this was to be expected, and sipped his tea. It had not been so long ago that he would have been similarly harried, in a similar situation.

    No, he did not miss that one bit.

    So the name of the game was encirclement - get everybody else in a sector on your side, take out the ones that can't be won over with words with simple pressure. It was simple, elegant, if a bit too prone to being described with metaphors relating to decapitation or general limb severing. Particularly if the ones that couldn't be won over weren't too keen to back out without a fight. Still, it had been a very long time since Kilgo had made a trip to Dantooine, and if he were doing Alliance work in the process, well... that was all the excuse he needed.

    He turned to his assistant, the one who had been talking about the Battle of Endor, and something about a... General Solo, which was apparently one of the other faces he didn't recognize - although he did look vaguely like that one smuggler, back on Yavin IV...

    Eh, but what were the odds of that?

    The former major extended his free hand to the man he did not entirely know to be Colonel Cole. "I suppose we'll be working together, then. The name's Retrout - Kilgo Retrout, though Kilgo will suffice, I'm not particularly keen on formalities between teammates. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Colonel."

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  3. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    Han Solo
    Home One, Above Endor

    The familiar scent of coolant and engine grease greeted him as he entered the sprawling hangar bay in the depths of the Home One. Han paused upon crossing the threshold and inhaled deeply, thankful for the change in setting. This was where he belonged, not hanging around with the upper echelons of the Rebellion. He felt at ease down here, more in his element...and speaking of element, it didn't take long for him to spot the familiar outline of the Millennium Falcon against the hustle and bustle of the technical crews.

    As he approached her berth, she seemed to be okay - to his standards, at least. She might have had a few more pits and a few new marks of carbon scoring to her hull, but that was nothing compared to the mess she had been in two days before. Chewie had really come through for him, which meant the Wookiee was probably irritated beyond belief. Making repairs had never been an easy task, especially for one person, and it gave Han pause as he moved forward to seek out his co-pilot.

    He ducked underneath the Falcon's forward mandibles and brushed the hull above his head with his hand to inspect it as he passed. Satisfied with what he saw, he smacked his lips together and was about to move on to the next section when a series of angry howls drew his attention to his immediate left.

    Chewie was hunched over there, pounding away on a particularly stubborn piece of machinery that wouldn't give. But a Wookiee's patience would only go so far and Chewie had apparently reached his limit. Before Han could object to his methods of repair, the Wookiee took the hydrospanner that was in his hand and hurled it into the mess of delicate equipment in frustration. The panel sputtered under the abuse and sprayed a shower of sparks before Chewie even noticed that Han was there. But once he was aware of his presence, it did very little to alleviate his anger and he simply rattled off a complaint about the malfunctioning compensators.

    "Well, what do you want me to do about it?" he shot back, crossing over to Chewie's workspace to assess the damage he had caused. He picked up a portion of charred wiring between his thumb and forefinger and glared at the Wookiee. "This ain't gonna help! We're gonna have to replace this whole section, now! No thanks to you!"

    The Wookiee barred his teeth and went into another series of grunts and howls as he gestured wildly to another section of the freighter that had been causing him grief. Han narrowed his eyes and followed his friend's frantic gestures to a pair of energy couplings. He inwardly groaned when it became clear what the Wookiee wanted him to do. And the hard reality of the situation? If he didn't do it, it would never get done.

    Han sighed in exasperation and slammed down the wire that was still within his grip. "Yeah, yeah," he muttered under his breath, now clearly irritated as well. "You just worry about this mess and make sure it gets back together!"

    He turned on the Wookiee, not waiting for a response as he picked up a toolbox and sulked over to the panel containing the energy couplings. While he had prepared himself for a harsh welcome, he hadn't expected it to be that bad. Han knew his friend well enough and he was aware that Chewie's frustrations were not all born out of his woes with the Falcon. He was worried about Luke and the ongoing battle above Cerea. He believed that they should be up there lending them a hand and Han couldn't have agreed more. He was restless as well, but there was nothing he could do to change the situation. There will be other battles and he could guarantee that they will not be sitting out again.

    Chewie, seeming to read his thoughts, paused in his repairs and woofed another question. While his tone still had a tinge of annoyance, he had calmed down enough to ask something intelligent. That was a start.

    "Subterrel," Han said simply as he rolled up his sleeves and leaned back on the gurney to get to work. "But don't get too hopeful, pal. It just sounds like another boring, political rally to me. Nothing that we can really help with, anyway. I guess we just get to stand around and look pretty...or something."

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  4. TheSithGirly

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Luke Skywalker
    The Battle of Cerea

    They vanished and appeared again. Cloaking technology and actually cloaking-technology unlike any he had seen before. How did they build those in such small ships?

    Luke pushed his X-Wing up, be pulling the controls towards him. "R2, all energy to rear shields! We got company!" He yelled and then decided against any more spectecualr maneauvers. While the force guided him through any danger, his Wingman had no such ally and he would not let him alone.

    How do you battle an enemy you cannot see? Luke breathed through and realized he already knew the answer. A Jedi did not rely on unsophisticated senses so easy to be deceived like his eyes, right? Yoda would have poked him with a stick for not realizing that immediately. No, a Jedi perceived the galaxy through the force and his connection to it. It had worked on the Death Star, it would work now. He trusted the force. He had to trust it.

    Closing his eyes his finger hoovered over weapons control as he gave his body and mind to the force to trusting it to guide his movements.

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  5. Splinterthemindseye_

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    Feb 24, 2012
    Battle of Cerea

    Wedge’s starfighter shuddered as his aft shields faltered. With Shanti’s warning still ringing in his ears, he broke port as she broke to starboard. Shani’s comm gear was apparently shot, but she was still maneuvering which meant she was still in the fight. Wedge instructed R4 to reinforce the aft shields as he looped around almost completing a circle.
    The two Interceptors on his six were angling to get kill shots on him and he had to continuously juke to keep from being fried. He hoped Shanti had the same idea when she had broke to starboard. The defensive split was an effective maneuver. Two craft flying in a wing pair get enemies on their tails, and they break port and starboard. If enemies follow just one of them the other is free to maneuver behind the enemy and take them out. If the enemy divide and follow both then they can set up a head to head run against each other and shoot the enemy off the other’s tails. Or the enemy could be smart and break off and regroup.
    These two Interceptors and the on Shanti didn’t seem to want to break so that just left it up to Wedge and Shanti to come around in a head to head. Without comms Wedge had to trust in his wingman’s experience and skill.

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  6. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Jedi Master Yan Dookuu

    Imperial Palace, Coruscant

    Having to deal with Amedda left a bad taste in his mouth and one he doubted he would ever get rid of any time soon. But it was a necessary evil he had to endure in order to achieve his goals and those of the late Emperor. If it meant having to listen to the man joking about the irony of a Jedi protecting their master's legacy—though he didn't quite understand why it was ironic—then he would endure it, biting his scathing tongue to keep himself from retorting.​

    Dookuu's eyes narrowed dangerously at the morsel Amedda had dropped for him. His pace flanking the chagrain did not falter as he followed alongside the alien to wherever he was leading them. “He can try, but it will only be his death. He is not worthy to sit upon our master's throne.”​

    No one was worthy but him. He had the Force and knew how to use it. There were others, he was certain, that had been trained to a degree so they could serve the Emperor, but unlike them he was fully trained in the Jedi Way and knew some of the Emperor's teachings. That made him superior by default. But he knew the Force would not be enough to claim the throne. He would need allies and he would have to play the game of his enemies, a game that—although familiar on Serenno—had different rules than those he was use to. I should have been more involved in the Imperial Court, Dookuu silently regretted.​

    He had avoided Court politics whenever he could and that decision, he realized, would hinder his efforts to claim the throne.​

    He had not wanted to get involved. He had seen enough of the politics back when he had been awake and there was still a Republic Senate. He had seen enough politics amongst his own brethren, having to play that distasteful game with the High Council one too many times. He did not want to be involved in that way again. He detested the idea of courting individuals to sway them to his point of view, especially when it went against the Will of the Force. But he had played it because it had been a necessary evil and useful tool to achieve the Will of the Force and succeed in whatever mission he had been in then, as it is necessary and useful now whenever he needed it.​

    And he remembered having played that game well.​

    “As the Emperor's sentinel,” he continued, “I am now tasked to protect the throne from those who would use it for their own gain and not for the Empire or to further along the Emperor's plans. I will do what is necessary to protect His interests.” He side-glanced at the former Vice-Chancellor as he added, “Even if it means getting my hands dirty in unfamiliar ground.”​

    An uncomfortable pause fell between them for a moment.​

    “I... am not well versed in Court politics,” he admitted reluctantly. “It was not required of me to be so.”​

    Dookuu knew he had just chained himself to Amedda with that revelation. Whatever happened from this point on, he would be dancing to the chagrain's tune and the mere thought of it infuriated him. He would endure it as he endured everything else. The Force is my ally, it will guide me, he recited to keep his calm.​

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  7. Jedi General Gelderd

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    Mar 6, 2004
    Connor Harrison
    1313, Coruscant

    His hood up over his head, protecting him for anyone taking issue with him, Connor stood beside Calrissian in the turbolift, the faint hum of the shaft rocketed them steadily up to the surface of Coruscant, towards the steady glow of natural light, into a more open world away form the lawless safety of 1313.

    Connor stood silent and still, a step behind the pirate, his back to the rear of the lift. His eyes fixed on the steady rise of the landscape in front of him as they sailed by; neon signs, huge steaming water and ventilation pipes and dark buildings sprawling down into the lower levels from which they had just left.

    It was the man Gantoris who had surprised him the most, and he used what brief time he had in the lift to recall all he could about the brilliant Imperial Intelligence Officer whom had just locked eyes with. It was too much a coincidence that Gantoris was on 1313 at the same time as a man as wanted as Calrissian and a former Empire agent such as himself meeting about a mythical super-weapon. His well groomed, near perfect looks mixed with his crisp Imperial uniform said that he was acting on official duty.

    Connor had worked alongside Gantoris almost 5 years ago. Well, it was more like training rather than work, but the two men had crossed paths and learnt a great deal about each other in their time together.

    The Imperial training centre on Carida was where Connor had been given most of his military training as a Major in the Empire, under the watchful eye of Colonel Veers. The AT-AT programme had been developed by Veers himself and tested across numerous landscapes of Carida including the harsh forests and icy plains. Major Harrison was thankful to be involved in these operations, as well as training some of the finisest stormtrooper squadrons at the Empire's disposal.

    Gantoris never revealed much about his position, except he had been an Intellignce Officer for the best part of his time serving the Empire and it was a job he was good at. It was there on Carida that Gantoris was working with other important figures in training both himself and others in the skills, tactics and persuasive methods availiable to gather their intel. Connor was obviously working a totally different angle to Gantoris, but they both understood each other and their objectives, and it actually pleased Connor to find someone similar to him. Working for the good of an Empire that believed in the administration of fair justice and seeking peace

    Connor openly chatted to Gantoris about his daily training, working alongside fresh meat for best Stormtrooper squadron in the Outer Rim, devising the best battle strategies for the use of the AT-ATs and other such goals. Dare he admit, he quite liked Gantoris and his realistic outlook on life.

    Gantoris openly chatted to Connor about his daily training, developing his ability to listen, to observe and to infiltrate, working alongside the greatest collective minds in the Empire and devising the best strategies for locating and decoding any intelligence they deemed useful.

    The turbolift slowed and came to a stop on the surface level of Coruscant. Connor had been watching the planet creep into view but was lost in a weak emotive dream to a memory thought long gone, a memory that now had resurfaced.

    Calrissian shifted his balance as the door silently opened and led Connor out into the cool, dusk evening. The skyline was as busy as ever. Noises of every imaginable pitch, depth and frequency sounded at occasional times as the huge planet-sized city continued to thrive with life. The former General kept his eyes peeled for any other surprises as his dark eyes peered out under his hood, a faint breeze blowing through him.

    He was getting frustrated again at the situation. Fair enough, the Neimodian Conspiracy was a little glimmer of excitement and a path to possible salvation for Connor, but it was Gantoris appearing out of the shadows all these years later that sounded alarm bells. The Imperial Intel never were where they didn't need to be. He had to do something.

    Connor stepped up the pace to walk alongside the pirate. To everyone else they were just a couple of travellers having a quiet convesation as they strolled across the streets. To Connor, they were targets.

    "Listen to me Calrissian. I've just had a wonderfully brief encounter a former colleague of mine who is either stalking the shadows for new direction in life or he's been following you. I count on the latter."

    They avoided a couple of dancing Jawas in front of them.

    "The Empire's found you, old man. And sorry, but you're not taking me down with you."

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  8. Reynar_Tedros

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    Jul 3, 2006
    Dario Bastion
    Warehouse, Aboard the Endymion

    Dario quickly made his way through the interior of the ship with Laki and Onder, not bothering to closely examine his surroundings, only worrying about the cockpit. They would have time to appreciate the luxurious inner workings of the ship later. For now, they needed to get off the ground. Off the planet. And quick, before anyone noticed their presence.

    When the boys finally reached the comfortably sized cockpit, Dario took a seat in the black leather pilot's chair without hesitation, his eyes furiously scanning the controls all around him. The hangar bay the ship rested in loomed large in the viewport.

    "God, this thing must be worth a fortune," Onder mused aloud.

    Dario flipped a few switches, in a strange way feeling like he'd done it all before. The ship came to life with a hum, and Dario's stomach dropped as the repulsorlifts engaged and she came off the ground to hover. They were undoubtedly found out now by whoever was outside.

    "Does it have any way to open the hangar doors?" Onder wanted to know as he sat down in one of the passenger's chairs.

    "Yep," Dario responded quickly, pressing a button on the far left of the panel and watching as the hangar doors slid open at his command, the vacant streets of Theed on the other side. He had to remember to breathe.

    Laki shouted with joy from behind, "To the STARS!"

    Dario pushed the throttle forward, and soon enough the ship was out of the hangar, leaving the bewildered and probably quite angry owner in its wake. He pushed the ship upwards, and the clouds of Naboo approached. Soon, the planet would be an afterthought. Dario's home, the home he'd always known, was sinking rapidly beneath him. His heart was racing and his eyes were wide. He was probably grinning like an enamored fool, but he didn't bother to notice or care. The galaxy was his... if the trio of troublemakers could get away without a fuss.

    Hah, Dario laughed to himself. Like that's gonna happen.

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  9. SirakRomar

    SirakRomar Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 30, 2007

    Chewie growled once more. Stating that that would be easier for him than for Han, looking pretty.

    Then he looked at the turret or where the turret had once been and send out a long doubtful howl. Obviously he seriously did not believe any of their missions would ever go so well they would to need to shoot their way out.

    Then a familiar voice came from behind. C3PO was passing Han and carrying two bags inside the falcon. That he actually entered it, did not keep him from commenting the state it was in.

    “Captain Solo, might I remark that the ship does not look as if it could actually be used in space anymore? May I suggest you brink it to a junkyards as long as you still get a good price for it? It might interest you to hear that durasteel pirces have been up all week since the Emperor´s demise.”

    He kept on talking, while he boarded the too familiar ship.

    Chewie shrugged and laughed, as he returned to work. C3PO had a point. The falcon had seen better days.

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    Lt. Shari, Phantoms
    The Battle of Cerea

    Luke felt the force come to him naturally and with an intensity he had never dreamt of when he had done this for the first time, above Yavin IV. His fingers pulled two times and the hands pulled the stick to the left and made his X-wing roll away just as a third Tie-Phantom . . . as the pilots now called them for the lack of a better word . . . appeared and fired. The shots missed Luke and his return almost destroyed the small fighter. His first two bursts had actually destroyed one of them and it was gleaming out now, but the second dodged skillfully and returned to it´s invisible state.

    Meanwhile Wedge´s gamble paid off. Shari knew exactly what her Wingman planned and played along perfectly, firing just as the crossed and both pursuing Tie-Fighters exploded. And that was the moment Wedge saw for the first time what Luke and Black Squadron was facing by now. Directly before him a Tie-Phantom appeared and with a nerve-wrecking roar passed him, firing at Rogue Seven. The pilot had no chance, never seeing the attack coming, his X-Wing exploded in an orange burst of flames.

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    ooc: Sorry JGG, I took a bit over the scene, but my fever made me write and write . . .

    Oson Calrissian
    Coruscant Upper Level

    Oson laughed out as he heard the anxiety in his companion. “They found me? You really think that I came here with the expectation not to be found? I am certain they found me the moment I entered the security zone, I am sure they found me at least when I entered 1313. Of course they have found me. They have followed me. Studied me.” Oson stopped at a spot where they had an especially good view over the city, with the Center of Intelligence in sight. Oson´s voice suddenly became serious, malicious. “You haven´t wondered why I came here? The Neimodian Conspiracy, it is true. It is all true.” Oson smiled. “And there are two places where the secret can be unearthed where this weapon is hidden. One is far away, almost impossible to breach, the other one is over there and that one I found out is actually impossible to breach.” He pointed at the intelligence center. Oson took out a small remote, looked at Harisson and smiled again. Behind them Harrison could probably see the two men, obviously spies, drawing their blasters to arrest them. The plaza had now Stormtroopers entering from through the south and western entrance. Oson seemed to ignore them.

    “Two places was one too many.” He said then and pulled the single button on his remote control.


    They could probably see the explosion from orbit, as the tower of the Empire´s Intelligence service was devoured by plasma flames and half a block with hundreds of thousands of Imperials with it.

    The shockwave ripped both Oson and Harrison of their feet and did the same to almost everybody else on the plaza. Oson laughed as he slowly raised himself again and withdrew his blaster pistol from the holster.

    The firefight was now inevitable, as the Imperial´s among the civilians on the plaza slowly came back to their senses, angry, desperate and hungry for revenge for the humiliation of their pride they had just witnessed.

    “The Empire found me, but they did not find my men!” Oson laughed out in pure ecstasy. It was terribly obvious this man hated the Empire. He seemed to enjoy the carnage and destruction.

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  10. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Medic Sel
    Subterrel, Medbay in Sector 7, Mines

    Stepping into the room with his head low focused on the black beatup bag he had brought with him that dangled against his knees and blue medical surgeons long coat. He looked up, only furtively to Defense Minister Orven when the captive spoke of finally meeting the man in charge. As the intimidating man with a blaster stayed silent he then looked at the prisoner with a wary glance. "Good mercy you're hurt." he simply stated. As though that was his only concern as hurried over and set his bag on a rolling table a few feet behind the prisoner. Heading over to a dispensory on a back wall he keyed in the proper code to the cubard and removed a small bottle. Heading back he kneeled and sprayed finely along the more clear bruisings. Knowing that he was merely covering up signs of foul play should an official med-scan be performed he felt a little quesy, all the more when the thought of the lads age nearly matched his own the night he had made a different choice for his life that first time.

    "Shh. Shh. Quiet. This will sting." In a more conspiratal whisper he spritzed one of the bruises. "Minister Orven doesn't talk much. He likes results and answers. You seen like a bright young man, a future ahead of you." dabbing a bruise with pad he rubbed off the dirt and a small blood sample. A rather rough bruise indeed. Proper edema doing it's job had already told him a volume of limitations of what species this kid was. Yet one could never be too sure. Stepping back he put a small smearing onto a disc he slid into a very small machine that would code the genetic material and spit out a result. While the machine worked he went back to his patient with a small laser scapal and leaned forward behind the chair, his atenalpalps straining out toward the back and simply listened. "One heart. Seven-. . .ty-eight beats, no eighty-nine beats a minute. You're in good shape. Resperation good, blood pressure and pulse a little high. Well, stressful environ, we wont' keep that against you then."

    Hearing a ding he moved back to his maching and looked at the display. Human. "Corellian. Core-el-ian, Core-alien, Core-ell-ian stock. I never know how to say it. A far way out but only one route." Coming around he sat down in a crouch opposite side of Orven. "Now I don't like torture, never gives good results. Humans, are one of the most prolific and studied species in existance though, and leads to other things. I have some juice, you'll like it, but it will make it so only the truth can be spoken. I would rather not use it, just tell the man what he needs to know." Patting one side and then the other he found a pad and pulled it out and shifted it around whilst squinting. "Right, ah. Introduce. . .oh my. I would forget my head if not attached." he said with a smile and patted the man's hand, "I am Medic Sel." reaching up he flipped open his doctor coat and showed the name tag that said just that with the official Subterrel medical facilities logos.

    "What's your name? And. . .who's HE?"

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  11. Penguinator

    Penguinator Jedi Grand Master star 6

    May 23, 2005
    Ishmael Davenport
    Dantooine, Governor's estate - courtyard

    The mercenary exhaled a long cloud of smoke, using the moment to suppress the frustration. Why the hell wasn't Haako letting him use his own ship? A pilot only complicated matters - "silencing" him, to use the Nemoidian's favourite term, wasn't the issue at all - and introduced variables he preferred to keep out of his equations. If nothing else, though, Davenport was a professional. He nodded his understanding and took another pull from his cigar.

    A thought crossed his mind for the umpteenth time since he'd begun speaking with Haako. He'll silence you too, if you're not careful. The bloody trail that would be left behind by this one excursion, that would be quite the mark against an individual like Haako. The only safe thing was to do it all absolutely perfectly (as if Ishmael would permit otherwise), smile and nod, obey without question, and then remember everything for when the friendly pat on the back carried a knife.

    Another cloud of smoke curled from his lips. "Consider it done. Show me to the ship."

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  12. Lukes_Apprentice

    Lukes_Apprentice Jedi Knight star 3

    Oct 15, 2008
    Lando Calrissan
    Home One, Above Endor

    Crix looked around at his quarters as if he felt awkward or maybe was just distracted by Lando’s interest.
    Either way Crix got down business and got the holographic projector going. Immediately a picture of a man hissed alive. A black man in his early sixties, but physically still strong and full of energy. He was accompanied by an insectoid, most likely a Verpine.
    Lando stepped back, it could not be, but it was his father and he cringed.

    Crix not paying attention continued, “This was recorded by security cameras three days ago. I assume you know this man, do you? Also you, like almost everybody else, haven´t seen him in a decade probably.”

    More like almost twenty, but who is counting?, thought Lando.

    Lando had heard rumors about his father like he had gone off the deep end and he was extremely dangerous, but Lando did not concern himself with rumors at least not until today. Was this irony or the galaxy paying him back for all those backroom deals he made?

    Crix said, “He is after something and from what our Bothan friends heard it is something big.”

    Lando did not like this not even in the slightest it made the mechanical unfeeling behemoth that was the Death Star and the Battle of Endor seem almost like child’s play.

    Lando crossed his arms, looked at Crix incredulously, and said, “You have a funny way of digging up the past Crix. However, I doubt this is a joke. I want more information from you than he is after something big and confirmed intelligence of last time he was seen. If what I heard about him being extremely dangerous is true then I will need more help on this than just me, a lot more help.“

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  13. Republic_Anvil

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    Oct 24, 2009
    Home One, Above Endor

    “Those were taken above Cerea, everybody . . . I want to know WHAT these things are and WHERE they came from!” The Bothan Intelligence Coordinator barked the words at his subordinates. The entire office kicked into high gear at his words. It seemed that when he was satisfied with them he turned to Leia. “Misses Organa, as you see we are having some kind of situation here. Would you probably be able to study the material in your quarters, if it´s not too much of a complication?”

    Leia continued to stare at the screens. Vanishing TIE Fighters? By the Gods where had those come from? Worry poured from her as her thoughts centered on Luke and the others.

    Oh Luke, be careful.

    “No, of course it isn’t a complication. I can see you now have your hands full. Thank you for your help.” Leia left them to their work, and headed to the Hanger Bay.

    Invisible TIE Fighters. What else did the Empire have in reserve to throw at them? Leia pushed that question away. “What if’s” were not going to help at the moment and she desperately needed to help, but how? It wasn’t like she could get Han and fly out to Cerea to join the battle. By the time they would arrive it would be over. Even if they could get there in time, what could one more ship, even a freighter as resilient and modified as the Falcon, do?

    Leia resolved herself to having to sit on the sidelines of this fight.

    She found the Falcon easily enough through the chaos of the Hanger bay, all she had to do was follow the Wookiee bellows. It seemed that Chewie was in a bit of a mood today, and Leia had no doubt it was because of the Falcon.

    She arrived just as C-3PO had entered the ship after remarking on its state. Leia grinned at the aggravation Han must be feeling at the droid, but her mirth died as she remembered the situation at Cerea. Han was arm deep in machinery as she approached. “I got the information of Subterrel. We can go over it later. Han the Empire is throwing something new at us.” With that Leia filled Han in on the newest reports from Cerea and about the new TIE Fighters.

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  14. Jedi General Gelderd

    Jedi General Gelderd Jedi Master star 5

    Mar 6, 2004
    Connor Harrison
    Coruscant Upper Level
    Connor was half-listening to Calrissian. He was more concerned about the sudden emergence of a Stormtroopers and Imperial officers in the plaza where they were stood, looking over the sprawling city. He also felt there was trouble coming up on them from behind. Damn fool, Connor thought. This deal was getting worse by the second and he didn't feel like marching up on the Centre of Intelligence in the heart of Imperial territory to carry on getting himself deeper in what now was obviously either a set-up for his arrest or a suicide mission.
    It was the menace in the pirate's deep voice as he pushed the remote trigger he held that confirmed to Connor he wasn't working for anyone but himself.
    The inferno engulfed the Empire's Intelligence Bureau in a second; the explosion rocked the city and engulfed what seemed to be half of the Imperial Palace in the hellish plasma that spewed out of the explosion. If the Death Star had exploded on Coruscant, Connor imagined it would feel like this for a split second.
    Along with everyone in the area he was thrown back, crashing into Calrissian and tossed across the smooth floor of the plaza. Screams, shouts and ringing bellowed in his head. It was nothing like he'd seen or heard before, at least since the early days of his operations with the Empire. It felt like hours passed, but it was only a few moments before he came to, along with the rest of the panic stricken city.
    He spun over onto his hands and knees, his view ahead taken up with the horrific yet awesome sight of the burning Imperial quarters. The skylines were already veering out of control as the emergency services were attempting to reach and subdue the mass scene of devastation. Smoke. Fire. Death.
    Staggering to his feet with others around him, Connor saw that Calrissian was up, kneeling slightly with a blaster ready in hand. “The Empire found me, but they did not find my men!”
    Connor's training kicked in. He reached into his overcoat and pulled out his small firearm, a DC-15s blaster which had been holstered to his back the whole time; had he known he'd be in the middle of a battle, he'd have brought something heavier.
    He dived between a group of fleeing Coruscanti and raced towards Calrissian, now taking cover behind one of many giant stone statues across the plaza. The Stormtroopers seemed to have converged together with their Imperial officers to destroy the ones who dared attack the Empire. Scanning the area as best he could, he couldn't see Gantoris in the crowd, but didn't think this welcome party were here just out of sheer coincidence.
    Connor stuck to cover across from Calrissian who was already taking wild shots at the attacking Imperials. Blaster fire chipped away at the stone, sending shrapnel in all directions. Thankfully with the chaos created by the explosion, there was still enough time to use the confusion to their advantage. Connor ducked to one knee, pushed out from behind the statue and released a quick burst of fire towards the sitting duck targets of the gleaming white Stormtroopers he once fought alongside. How ironic.
    He pulled back, avoiding more fire. Looking over at Calrissian, he couldn’t help letting out a laugh in disbelief at what he had done in such a short space of time. For an old pirate, he certainly had more power than Connor at his disposal. It seemed that he was with the right man to help find a way to secure his place in the galaxy.
    More fragments of the stone staue fell onto him from above. Connor didn’t want to be isolated on his own for too long and expected the Imperials to use flanking tactics, delaying whilst more heavily armed back-up arrived. If that happened, Connor knew they wouldn’t get out alive.
    He had to get away from the plaza. The Empire would be hunting them both for the attack, even though he had nothing to do with it. He just hoped the men Calrissian had mentioned had another trick up their sleeves to get them out of here, and fast.
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  15. LordTroepfchen

    LordTroepfchen Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 9, 2007
    Mas Amedda
    The Platform and entering the Palace

    "I actually think I can be of assistance in those matters." Mas Amedda nodded gratefully. He was surprised how much he sounded like his old Master now. The other had shown weakness and he would not take advantage of it, but appreciate the small token of trust. Allies were born out of trust. He knew that much by now.

    "The court is actually rather simple. You just need to get used to the idea it is not about dominance, but about balance. A system of checks and balances designed to hold ambitious lesser men at bay, while making good use of their capicities." Mas made a geustre with his hand to underline the importance of this basic fact. "What you need knowledge, wisdom and experience with is the manipulation of this balance if that becomes necessary. Right now the Emperor has died and with him many of his most ambitious and skilled courtiers. Of those who remain most will hunger to fill a part of this power-vacuum. The most reckless and bold will dream of taking the throne itself. Few have the capicity to do so. With the failed attempts and megalomanic dreams of lesser candidates we will have to deal in time. Right now Aballeus is the prime candidate and as such he serves our purpose, for he balances the power of the other potential contender of the throne, Grand Moff Kalt." Mas decided against going into the details of the political connections of both men. "Kalt is powerful through the office he inherits, but only a lesser political entity. Yet, he technically commands the military and had Abellues not pulled some strings he would be unstoppable by now, with all of hte military under his authority. Yet, Kalt now has an impressive power summoned to the MidRim world he is holding court at, but not enough to dominate the core. Not yet, at least." Mas Amedda stopped a moment and lead hte way towards his private quarters. "Both men are not desirable heirs, obviously. The Emperor cannot be succeeded by a simple being like an officer of the military or a counsel. As we both know he himself was so much more." Mas Amedda had not said the word sith in a long time and he was smart enough not to use it now. Very likely the Emperor had never revealed this to the clone.

    Dookuu would make his own claim for the throne. Not the worst candidate for Mas Amedda certainly. The Clone would always need an advisor.

    "So we will have to get rid of both, if we want to fulfil the Emperor´s will and create the eternal Empire he envisioned. What we need now . . . "

    Mas Amedda fell silent, as a rumbling went through the palace and he stepped forward and watched the explosion spread far away in the security zone of the larger Government Sector. "That was the intelligence center, I believe. Someone just blew up the Intelligence Division of the Empire!" He was unsure if he thought this was good or bad. It reminded him of the most pressing danger to his plans.

    The Rebellion. Whoever claimed the Throne, it would not be much of a Throne if they did not soon do something about it.

    "What insanity is this?" And he realized his mental armor might have broken for a moment to revela his shock and fear.

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  16. HanSolo29

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    Apr 13, 2001
    Han Solo
    Hangar, Home One, Above Endor

    Even when aggravated, Chewie still somehow managed to crack a joke...and insult him in the process. Han didn't even bother to look up at him. If he gave him the satisfaction that he had managed to get under his skin, he would never be able to live it down. Instead, he simply shook his head with a feigned smile as he tried to concentrate on his work.

    "You just keep telling yourself that," he muttered more to himself as he struggled to loosen the panel with a hydrospanner. "Whatever makes you feel better."

    “Captain Solo, might I remark that the ship does not look as if it could actually be used in space anymore?"

    The prissy voice of C-3PO announced itself from nowhere, causing the hydrospanner to slip from Han's grip. This, of course, did not bode well for his hands; they continued to move forward at the same force he had been using to pop the panel. The end result was a couple of skinned fingers and a string of curses.

    The golden droid, completely oblivious to what had happened, continued to ramble on in his usual manner. "May I suggest you bring it to a junkyard as long as you still get a good price for it? It might interest you to hear that durasteel prices have been up all week since the Emperor´s demise.”

    "I got a better idea," Han groused as he rolled the dolly out from underneath the Falcon. He sucked on one of his injured fingers before glaring up at the droid. "Why don't we sell you for scrap metal instead? I'm sure that gold plating will fetch a pretty penny on the black market."

    It might have just been his imagination, but Han could have sworn that the droid looked horrified. Well, good. He should be scared after suggesting a crazy thing like selling the Falcon for easy money. The nerve of that overly-pompous professor waltzing in here and...

    Fortunately, Leia had perfect timing and showed up just in time to save him from anymore grief. Threepio took full advantage of the opening and comically scurried away into the interior of the ship, leaving Han and Leia alone.

    “I got the information of Subterrel," she announced with little preamble. "We can go over it later."

    Short and to the point, he could deal with that. He rose from where he had been sitting on the dolly and grabbed a rag to wipe his hands. "Good, I don't have the patience right now." He glanced over his shoulder in the direction of the landing ramp. "Did you really have to invite Threepio? You know how..." He trailed off and narrowed his eyes as he returned his attention to the princess, noticing something in the way she was carrying herself. Something was wrong. "What?"

    "Han, the Empire is throwing something new at us.”

    Han inhaled slowly and reclined back against the hull, preparing himself for the worst. It was never good news when she started out a conversation like that. This case was no different. Leia revealed that the Empire had developed cloaking technology for their TIE fighters, something that was said to be impossible by all the experts. Then again, the experts weren't fighting this war and privy to the Empire's resilience. Apparently, they still had a few tricks up their sleeve and were determined to get the last laugh.

    "We should be out there," he stated after she had finished. It was unclear whether he was referring to all of them or simply himself and Chewie. "Even with the Falcon in pieces, I can still fly circles around their pilots--I don't care if their ships do disappear. That kind of technology is nothing without skills." He sighed heavily and diverted his gaze away from Leia, obviously frustrated with the course of events. "They need someone like me."

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  17. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Jedi Master Yan Dookuu

    Imperial Palace, Coruscant

    As they walked, the clone listened to Mas Amedda explain the basics of how the Imperial Court functioned. He understood the concept of checks and balances, it was pretty much the same thing he had learned in his Padawan days when he studied the Republic Senate. So the playing field had not changed much in the last eighty years since his forced slumber. The only thing that had changed were the political views and players and that was where he lacked knowledge the most. He would need to learn who were threats and who were assets and which were worth manipulating or eliminating.​

    As he listened Dookuu tried to focus on Amedda's explanation of Abellues' and Kalt's political positions in this game of thrones and how they would go about neutralizing them both, though the clone was confident he could quietly do away with either one if creating a larger vacuum was beneficial to their cause, but he had difficulty thanks to an insistent and growing ringing in his ears. It grew louder by the second as they turned down a hallway that led, he assumed, were apartments and he tried to ignore it. But it had become so distracting that he had not caught what Amedda had said before the Force erupted all around him.​

    The building abruptly shook from a powerful force beyond the thick walls, the rumbling sound of a distant explosion lost to Dookuu as he clutched at his head and heard and felt what Amedda was witnessing in shock and fear. The sudden terror and silence of thousands ripped at his psyche so powerfully, that the clone staggered on his feet, crying out in pain as the Force revealed to him what had just happened. He reached out for something to hold him up, but only grasped at empty space.​

    “Force,” he gasped, out of breath and doing his best to stay on his feet. As the powerful wave of death and destruction washed and passed over him, leaving a feeling worse in him than the time he discovered he had been betrayed and awoken in a time where he was the last of his kind. “They're all dead. I... I... felt them cry out in terror and then silenced...”​

    The Jedi clone looked up as he straightened, wondering if this is what it felt like to feel the others dying in the Force during the Purge. If it had been this intense and raw, he was glad he had been asleep and encased in carbonite. He sensed Amedda's fear and looked in the direction the terrible event had occurred and saw the remnants of a cloud rising into the Coruscant sky, breaking the serene horizon with its ugly, black streak of destruction. In addition to the chagrain's fear, he could feel the entire city planet responding to the disaster.​

    Confusion gave way to shock. Shock gave way to fear. Fear soon gave way to anger. Anger then finally broiled into hatred as people realized what had happened and who was likely responsible for it. Coruscant had not seen this kind of blatant disregard for life and property since the Battle of Coruscant twenty-five years ago. It angered Dookuu that someone would have the gall to destroy the very nerve center of the Empire just days after the Emperor's death.​

    “This is not the Rebellion,” he stated, his own temper rising as he spoke. “They would not do this.” No, the rebels—although traitors—were honorable and would not resort to such insanity. This was the work of a madman who hated the Empire. It had to be. Who in their right mind would murder thousands of men and women to simply cut out the nerve center of the Empire's intelligence network?​

    Dookuu rubbed at his right temple and called upon the Force to clear his mind of the growing headache caused by what he had felt in the Force. There was a threat on the planet far more pressing than the political games of politicians vying for the throne. He was a sentinel, a hunter of darkness both in his past life and in his new life, and right now the Force demanded justice for the senseless loss of life.​

    “I can find the party or parties responsible for this, Amedda,” he offered once the shock finally wore off. With Imperial Intelligence gone, or mostly gone, the Force would be their only means of finding the culprits and eliminating them before they struck again. A thought came to him that could turn this disaster to their benefit, however. It would fit nicely in manipulating the scales to their favor. “Although I detest the idea, we can use this to our gain once we know more and find them.”​

    There was no way Amedda could not fail to realize that the disaster happened while the Grand Advisor was, essentially, in charge. If he, Dookuu, could find the culprits responsible and publicly hang them, figuratively speaking—though the idea was appealing at the same time—he would become popular with the people and Abellues would lose popularity once fingers were pointed in his direction. There was no power greater in the galaxy, baring the Force itself, than the power granted by the people's love. If the people hated a politician, that politician lost friends quickly.​

    Dookuu quirked a dark eyebrow at the alien adviser.​

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  18. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lieutenant Samantha Irisa, “Black Two” B-Wing
    Location: Cerea

    You could fly, but sometimes not far enough, for Sensitivity to the Force could be a double-edged sword.

    Irisa winced at the hollowing out of a portion of the life that she could feel sweeping around her like the serene lovechild of a poem and a blizzard, though unless she was really familiar with the victim, she probably would not know if it were friend or foe till her battle computer told her.

    Black Twelve’s miniature green icon disappeared from the display.

    Oh no.

    She had been giggling at his stormtrooper helmets drumming solo, only the other night, and he’d said he planned to release a track. She hadn’t been quite drunk enough to humour him, and had commented that that was reasonably unlikely; now he really wouldn’t.

    A confusion of the Force washed away her fleeting memory.

    Scatter!Commander Test’s command urged her to launch away from Black Nine’s rolling B-Wing, even as a group of A-Wings’s swooped up from under her group to tackle the TIEs.

    "Where are they?"

    Okay, that wasn't the most reassuring statement she could have heard. Checking her shields, and judging that she had flown far enough to be prudent, yet not too far as to challenged about leaving the combat zone, especially considering her after-action situation at Endor, Irisa coasted her B-Wing round in a shallow parabolic turn, senses on high alert.

    "I think I saw one vanish right before my eyes."

    What are they on about? She wondered, eyebrows furrowed under her orange-tinted visor.

    "Yes, Green 2 to Green Leader, what . . . by the force, they are back!"

    There was fear out there, but different to the normal level and type that she felt during a space engagement, although to be fair, apart from the occasional intruder/visitor intercept at Tierfon, the assault on the Death Star had been her first out-and-out clambake.

    She felt terror again, felt who it was, and then the loss of life. Test, that, that was Black Leader! Flight Leads weren't supposed to go down!

    This isn’t milking happening; this isn’t happening.” She murmured, goggle-eyed and wit scared, and something else that rhymed with it.

    "They are everywhere!"

    "Black 6, behind you."

    "No, that is impossible!"

    Debris singing along her shields snapped her out of her shock, her readouts showing a halo of light around her ship, with one quarter flashing yellow, knocked down to sixty-two percent!

    Samantha caught a glimpse of Commander Skywalker’s X-Wing ahead, along with his wingman, and two Imperial fighters materialising behind them!

    Three spear-tipped fins clustered round a YT-1300-style cockpit. They were deadly works of art, and she so wanted to fly one.

    "What the hell . . . " That was Black Three’s reaction.

    Her’s was to stitch blue-white ion fire across to the Imperial ships, and move on, stars and ships spinning around her as she tried to evade the expected ambush.

    We’re gonna get killed if we try to fight these things by ourselves,” She realised aloud, but would the anyone listen to her without Test to back her up? She had to try. She switched her comlink to wide broadcast. “Um, B-black Two to...I mean Black Leader to Black Group. All f-fighters. F-form up on my six! We need to form into a defensive ball, not too close together, but guns out like spikes on a Ball Creature selling death sticks. Dunno the connec-” She was babbling now, but couldn’t stop, “-tion between wearing spikes and selling death sticks; maybe, maybe its a union thing, but if one of us gets hit, the others can see where the shot came from and just blast the sith out of it!

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  19. BLemelisk

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    Aug 19, 2003
    IC: Avar Cole
    Briefing Room, Home One, Above Endor

    [blockquote]The room emptied quickly after the group had been formally dismissed. Solo’s typical smart aleck remark at Cole’s words of solidarity had been entirely expected, but it stung in a certain way he didn’t really understand. He didn’t have time to think however, as his partner for their mission, the older and retired Alliance officer, introduced himself.

    "I suppose we'll be working together, then. The name's Retrout - Kilgo Retrout, though Kilgo will suffice, I'm not particularly keen on formalities between teammates. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Colonel."

    Colonel. He needed to start getting used to the title. He had nearly forgotten the generous promotion after the action on Endor, and now held considerable rank and trust within the Rebel Alliance military. The objective of his and Retrout’s mission clearly indicated that.

    This will be an interesting partnership, he thought as he firmly took the older man’s extended hand, noticing the tea cup held in the other. “Not big on formalities? I like that. Avar Cole. The pleasure’s mine, sir- Kilgo, I mean.” From their first exchange Cole hoped he would be able to suss out if Retrout was the kind of aging man that was just a little too comfortable believing he knew how the galaxy worked. It would allow greater breathing room, to say the least, but he’d need to see the man in ‘action’ to understand just how much he could get away with under his nose.

    “About our mission, I’ve actually never been to Dantooine,” he lied. “Would they take kindly to us landing in an Alliance-marked shuttle and asking for a diplomatic meeting, you think? Or should we do something more subtle?”

    Cole wanted to get Retrout moving toward setting up the mission particulars since the other man was technically the one in charge – but more importantly, he hadn’t time to raise his contact within the Imperial government since the galaxy turned on its nose.[/blockquote]

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  20. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Nyla Holst
    Estate of the Family Holst, Theed, Naboo

    Lovarre came up with a suggestion.

    “Well, I guess if we simply walk out . . . “ Lovarre looked over his shoulder at their parents. Nyla's mother nodded
    to her with an encouraging smile. 'Oh, come one', Nyla thought to herself. Lovarre continued, “ . . . they will think
    we begin a romantic relationship and be discreet. So basically we will have no followers, right?”

    Aw. What was the fun in that? But he was correct. Sometimes simple was better. She smiled and nodded at him. Lovarre turned and smiled at her. “Not that I would not love to . . . it´s just . . . we barely know each other you know?”

    He turned a little red. Nyla turned, and slipped her arm into his, nodding for the benefit of those watching them.
    She spoke softly now. "I guess we can do that." She patted his arm gently. "Forced intro's are always so awkward.
    Believe me, I know. My parents seem to be going into hyperspace lately about it." Nyla laughed softly, as they
    walked the long way around the garden. She then looked over at Lovarre. "I'm surprised you dont have a girl already.
    But I suppose that with all your training to get into the Academy, that dosent actually leave you with much time on
    your own." she told him.

    Taking the hint from Lovarre they casually walked about, Nyla made pleasant conversation with him. He wasnt that
    bad, actually. Better than some of the others. She asked him a bit about why he wanted to join the Imperial Academy,
    just out of curiosity. Eventually they made their way to the gates where Griffen had been waiting earlier. "Hope you
    don't mind if we pick up my friend? He was invited here as well for dinner, but obviously, our folks had other plans
    in mind." She offered Lovarre another smile.

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  21. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Mas Amedda
    Imperial Palace, Coruscant

    He took his time, watching the light of the explosion down. But inside he had pulled all his mental defenses to highest alert now again.

    Who had done this? Aballeus? Probably to weaken Kalt´s influence? A Moff? Another Advisor? The Military? Rebels. It could be radicals among the rebels, but how had they reached so deep into the security zone?

    “I can find the party or parties responsible for this, Amedda,” The Clone said. “Although I detest the idea, we can use this to our gain once we know more and find them.”

    Mas gave it a moment of consideration. Yes, the Count could do that. The Clone had some of the original´s skills he could probably do that. And whoever found out first, . . .

    "Then by any means, you should do that." Mas Amedda forced a smile on his face and turned to Dookuu. It was a bitter smile, but a smile. It vanished quickly again. "As quick as possible."

    The Clone had not thought the most relevant thought yet, but maybe he was to far gone to think clearly in such moments. Maybe he knew how replacable by nature he was. But whoever could enter the Imperial Intelligence to do such a thing, what could this man not do? Who was save? Not the Palace certainly. Mas Amedda would triple the guards.

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  22. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

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    Jul 1, 2000
    Jedi Master Yan Dookuu

    Imperial Palace, Coruscant

    It was well known by those who knew his true nature, that the cloned Jedi Master suffered from clone madness, an identity crisis essentially. He refused to acknowledge that he was anything but the original despite the contradictory evidence and memories that suggested otherwise. Anyone who accused him of being a clone, usually discovered a quick and untimely end to their pitiful existence. If he was aware that he could be easily replaced, or even had been replaced at all, he did not make it known or acknowledged the possibility. It was likely the latter since it would mean admitting that he was not the real Yan Dooku.

    He could function as well as any person, but there were those times that something would trigger, usually a memory, a psychotic episode and he would lose it. Fortunately, most of those incidents happened on Serenno in the private seclusion of his family's estate. Although he did become manic in front of Amedda and the Emperor once, which shamed him and made him aware that he suffered from some form of madness. The visual and auditory hallucinations he suffered, plagued him more often than anything else. The detail and realism of the illusions would cause him to lose face with reality and although he has tried to adapt and ignore them, he had discovered, more often than not, that he couldn't resist.​

    The illusion of Qui-Gon Jinn was the most prominent and insistent hallucination.​

    All in all, he believed himself to be indispensable and the vision he had received prior to landing, helped reinforce that belief.​

    "It will be done," he declared with a sharp nod of his head. The clone turned his gaze on the smoke cloud that marked the devastation the Empire just suffered. He would have to start there to find out where to go and who to seek. The Force would guide him to his prey, he was certain of it. "If there is nothing else you wish to discuss, I will leave immediately?"​

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  23. LordTroepfchen

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    Apr 9, 2007
    Mas Amedda
    Coruscant, Imperial Palace

    "Nothing is more important than this. You should leave immediately, before those who did this escape." Mas did not turn his eyes of the destruction caused by the attack. The intelligence would not recover from it, they would need to rebuild it. The rebels would not have been able to pick a better targt, had they been able to wish for one.

    There was intelligence, though. There always were other networks. Mas Amedda realized how important those networks had suddenly become. He also painfully realized how the Emperor had kept him from his network of spies. They would have been most useful now, he was sure. "Go!" He encouraged the clone once more and shook his head. Time to speak to Aballeus. This had especially weakned him, but also Kalt who could have hoped to win the loyalty of the ministry. It strengthened only the weak . . .

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    Mar 30, 2007
    ooc: All others later . . . hopefully. Here those updates I had already written.

    Oson Calrissian
    Coruscant Plaza

    Osn fired two shots himself and took cover. The Imperials harld shot back and if so it were the unaimed shots of running soldiers trying to reach cover. The shock was obvious and Oson enjoyed every second of it. As Harrison dropped another Stormtrooper he took out his com and spoke into it. “I think this might be a good moment for a pick up.” He simply said and then came out of cover to shoot another Stormtrooper who had hoped to get into cover fast enough to create a crossfire.


    And it took no five seconds and behind Oson and Connor, right on the level of the two fugitives. The side door slided open and a woman in a red cat-suit began opening fire. Harisson probably knew her, too. At least by reputation most people freelancing in the galaxy had heard of the ruthless Aurra Sing.


    “Get your old butt in Oson. And bring your friend! He looks like hen needs a ride!” She yelled over the roaring sound of the engines and Oson grinned. “Good girl.” He just said to Connor and began moving towards the ship, firing shots at the Stormtroopers who were now growing more numerous.

    Tag: @Jedi_General_Gelderd

    ooc: Aurra Sing is canon thanks to Episode I, but remember this version of her won´t be a former Jedi, but just a boutny hunter.

    Moff Rovin Leset
    Holo Chamber, Corellia

    When the Imperator arrived with it´s mighty fleet it found . . . as expected . . . the Corellian Fleet in fully battle alert. Moff Leset was among the most powerful men in the galaxy, controlling not only the mighty Corellian system but also it´s vast defense fleet of Star Destroyers as well as the production facilities to produce hundreds more. And he had his own set of dirty tricks, one of which he just had showed to Admiral Baale.

    Interdictors. A rather new technology, barely used so far by the Empire. But with great potential. It ripped the mighty fleet of Baale out of hyperspace and left them vulnerable and surrounded by almost three dozen Star Destroyers.

    The ambush was meant to subue Baale, to force him into obedience. But once the ships appeared Leset realized what a terrible mistake he had made. He was still pale when the hologram went up.

    “Where . . . where do you have these ships from? Do the Kuati build those?” The worst fear was of course that the old rivals had managed to surpass Corellia. But it was obvious that Leset knew immediately what this was. “Who send you?” He asked and wondered who was an enemy and who was a friend nowadays.

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    Lovarre, Griffen
    Theed, In front of the Holst Estate, Naboo

    Lovarre followed her, returning that smile with his own. Now less formal and more one of sympathy. They had escaped the belly of the beast that was their parents. One victory for youth!

    Griffen smiled as he saw Nyla. “You took your time. And you made new friends!” He laughed and offered Lovarre his hand. “Lev Arris!” Lovarre shouted out. “We know each other from the academy, don´t we?” Griffel was obviously surprised. “Sorry, my friend. My name is Griffen. Never been to any academy, except the one for poetry and that was awful. You remember, Nyla?” But Lovarre insisted. “Heavy weapons training, fitness test. I´ll never forget your face, you were unbeatable!” Griffen looked at the man, obviously a little ashamed. “Sorry, you really must mistake me for someone else.”

    An awkward silence fell over the three. “Lovarre.” Lovarre finally said and they let go of their hands. Nyla could see in his face, he had some sort of suspicion, but he did not say anything.

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    Onder, Laki
    Warehouse and then . . . space

    The ship jumped alive and speeded with incredible speed out of the warehouse, just as the huge doors opened above. It was a miracle Dario did not crash it into anything, but his hands seemed to slide the ship to the side just in the moment when they needed to and with an incredible speed the ship made it´s way out of the atmosphere. “Are those things always so fast?” Onder asked from aside, showing first signs of getting fly-sick. They usually did not, obviously. This was one beast of a small shuttle.


    And then they looked over all of Theed and at night it was one spectecular sight to have. And before them the stars greeted them, first through clouds and then they had a clear view as the orange lights in the cockpit blinked to green. They had left the atmosphere, the dampeners shut down, the maneuver thrusters went to 80 percent of power. The ship was pretty automated, almost flying itself.

    “Good, that´s the best day of my life!” Onder gasped.

    “And it get´s better!” Laki shouted from behind. “I opened the locker. Guys, you need to see this!”

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    General Crix Madine
    Home One

    You have a funny way of digging up the past Crix. However, I doubt this is a joke. I want more information from you than he is after something big and confirmed intelligence of last time he was seen. If what I heard about him being extremely dangerous is true then I will need more help on this than just me, a lot more help.“ Crix looked at Lando for a long moment, then he sighed.

    “We tried that. A lot help. An awful lot of help. It cost us three of our finest agents and brought us nowhere. Concerning information, this bit is what these two dead Bothans buyed with their lives. We have no idea what he is after, we have not way of telling what his next steps will be. But we know that everybody involved seems to believe in it and those who do not join his band of rogues end up dead or vanish.” Crix leaned forward. “We have no personal for a manhunt, no agents to spare. What resources we had went into Endor and our intelligence will need month to recover from that. But we have an ace up our sleeves. One single ace to deal with the Oson situation.” Crix nodded to Calrissian like saying you.

    “He is assembling the best of the best. Anybody who is highly competent and hates the Empire can join his ranks. I think he would have a hard time turning down the conman who blew up a Death Star, if he asks to join his quest. But I think it is impossible for him to do so, if it is his own son.”

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  25. CmdrMitthrawnuruodo

    CmdrMitthrawnuruodo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Jul 1, 2000
    Jedi Master Yan Dookuu

    Imperial Palace, Coruscant

    The clone nodded once more before turning on his heel sharply, his cloak swishing with a flourish as he hurried back the way they had come. Dookuu wore a dark look as he returned to the platform where his ship waited on, but he would not take the large vessel over to the blast site. No, he would take something smaller and nimbler, something that could get him into places where a ship could not go.​

    But before he did leave, he had to instruct Gilad. Although the man was pretty much a vegetable for independent thought, given instructions he was certain the Major could carry out whatever task he was given. “Gilad!” he called as soon as he stepped out onto the platform. He could see the smoke on the horizon, a black scar on what had been a picturesque Coruscant afternoon now marred by the atrocity.​

    Someone hated the Empire. It was the only explanation as to why they would resort to destroying so many lives at once. This was not the Rebellion even though they too had destroyed the lives of millions with the destruction of two Death Stars. But that had been in both self-defense and war. This... this, what was this but pure hatred? What was there to gain with the slaughter of so many people? The Empire would be hurt, yes, with the destruction of their intelligence network, but it could be replaced in time. The loss of knowledge would hurt too and his mind became side-tracked as he wondered how much of the Jedi Archives and artifacts were kept in the Intelligence tower and now lost.​

    He winced at the thought as it mutated into righteous fury. It was not just an attack on the Empire, but also an attack on his faith and himself. Being the last Jedi Master, in his mind anyway, any loss of knowledge belonging to the Jedi Order was a tragedy. Knowledge was power and the Jedi had held the most powerful knowledge in the galaxy. There had been much he still needed to learn as a Jedi and a somewhat student of the late-Emperor Palpatine. He had lost access to the former and now the latter was also lost to him. His chance at regaining the lost knowledge of his brethren lay within whoever obtained the throne.​

    It was one of many reasons why he wanted the throne for himself, besides preserving Palpatine's vision of the galaxy and the Empire. To bring back the Jedi Order, one that was loyal to the Empire and to him.​

    Dookuu stepped onto the ramp of the Serenno III and shouted for Gilad a second time, heading straight for the man's signature in the Force. Once he found the major he began giving instructions for what he wanted. Time was of the essence and the sooner he could get information coming in, the easier it would be into finding those who were responsible.​

    And then he would flay them alive.​

    The Force demanded justice, the Empire demanded justice, the people of Coruscant demanded justice. So he will bring justice to the individuals responsible, one way or another, and then use them to gain power within the political arena of the Imperial Court.​

    “Gilad,” he began as he gestured for the officer to follow him down the corridor of the ship and toward the cargo bay. There had been a speeder bike, if he recalled correctly, that he could use. “The Empire has been struck a terrible blow just now. Imperial Intelligence has been destroyed. Get on the comm and begin listening to the chatter around that sector of the security zone. Listen for anything out of the ordinary. Someone is responsible and they are not alone, I am certain of it.”​

    He found what he was looking for and tore the tarp off of the small, sleek one-man vehicle. “Report to me of anything that you find and,” he looked over at the Major as he sat down on the bike. “See about contacting some of my own contacts here. They may or may not know something.”​

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