San A, TX Star Wars Fan Days II

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    Greetings from Austin Fan Force!

    Some more updates to the schedule:
    Hasbro will be setting up a display featuring the latest and greatest toys from the Star Wars saga.

    Steve Sansweet
    Head of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm will be presenting a panel discussing everything new and exciting that is coming up from Lucasfilm. Maybe we'll get a Celebration 5 confirmation out of him?

    The following celebrities will be attending and signing autographs.

    Jewel Staite - Serenity/Firefly: Kaylee
    Orli Shoshan - Star Wars: Shaak Ti
    Leeanna Walsman - Star Wars: Zam Wesell
    Erin Gray - Buck Rogers: Col. Wilma
    David Acord - Clone Wars: Rotta the Hutlet & more!
    Ashley Eckstein - Clone Wars: Ashoka!
    Matthew Wood - Clone Wars: Grievous & More!
    Tom Kane - Clone Wars: Yoda & Narrator
    Robert Watts - Producer ESB & ROTJ, Producer Indiana Jones, Lt Watts in ROTJ

    Attending Artists
    Dave Dorman - Artist guest of honor
    Paul Allen Ballard
    Spencer Brinkerhoff
    Matt Busch
    Joe Corroney
    Grant Gould
    Robert Hendrickson
    Tom Hodges
    Ben Curtis Jones
    Randy Martinez
    Mark McHaley
    Cat Staggs
    Chris Trevas
    Marc Wolfe

    Collecting Panels
    Collecting historians Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins return to inform the masses about everything you could possibly imagine about Star Wars collecting!

    We are currently looking at trying to get some sort of group rate through Red Roof Inn, which has the closest hotel to the convention site. In order to get a group rate quote, I need to know if any folks in your neck of the woods would be interested in going up on Fri 10/24. We don't need to all show up at the same time, just the same day, and everyone pays separate, we're just trying to get a group rate to save everyone some dough for the con itself. If anyone here is interested, just post here or over in the Fan Days thread at , or PM me, and I'll add you to the list; just let me know how many people and how many rooms y'all need by Wednesday Sept 10th so I can get everything done by that weekend.

    Hope to hear from y'all soon!

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    Our great RSA AmidalaStarkiller has secured a table, so if you'd like to have flyers to promote your group bring them up if any of you are going and drop them off at the table, or hand some off to the Austin group and we can bring them up for you. :D

    'Course, since some of the artists are local, I'm sure some of you will be coming up regardless :p
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    With AmidalaStarkiller's permission, I am doing a run of MidSouth badges for the convention for $1.00 a pop. They will be available for pickup at the MidSouth table when the doors open. :D
    Money raised will be used to offset the cost of getting a cool prize for our raffle that weekend.
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