STAR WARS Fan Film (Non-linear)

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    Hello everyone, I've been editing my own version of Star Wars similar to Christopher Nolans movies and his style of story telling. It's edited in a non linear format like Nolans inception/interstellar/memento movies. It covers different timeframes mostly the prequels, Episodes 1-4 but not in order and are interwoven with each other. Think of this as the prequels with main focus on Anakins downfall as a Jedi, eliminating a lot of the baggage from them. Film has many flashbacks and flash forwards throughout. Additionally I wanted to make some minor changes to certain events, some scenes have been reconstructed to fit the editing style. While watching just pretend like you've never seen a Star Wars movie. For many who are not familiar with director Chris Nolan, this style may seem hard to follow or odd, like a Quentin Tarantino film (Kill Bill) for example. Runtime is 2h45min, hope you guys enjoy it . May the 4th be with you!

    This is a fan made production and is not intended for commercial use. It's created for artistic purposes only. All trademark and copyright material are properly of their respected share holders.
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