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  1. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007

    The Jedi and the Sith. Locked in combat for time everlasting. The trend of the stars continues to forge itself over and over again, each time becoming more and more violent than the last time. The Republic rises up, and Democracy rules. Planets have a say in galactic politics and decisions and laws are made. But then something happens. A horrible tragedy that rocks the foundations of the Senate. Most would haphazardly believe that it was an accident.

    The Jedi know better. They know that their enemies have once again returned. Hopefully not in a stronger force than the previous millennia had to deal with. There are always Force Users that are dark by nature. But the Sith? the Sith are different. They conquer. They slaughter, and destroy all who would oppose their rule. And so the battle continues again and again. Jedi against Sith. Light side vs the Dark Side of the Force. Over and over again in history, the same pattern, all but forgotten to the blinds of history and time. One side cannot exist without the other. But there must always be a victor.

    This time is no different. The Jedi continue their role as protectors. The Sith continue to build their strength, waiting for the right moment to strike at the heart of the Republic.

    The time has come for those with strength to decide the fate of the stars. Will the Jedi once again beat back the Sith into extinction? Or will the Sith finally achieve their ultimate goal and eradicate the Jedi?

    It is time for you to decide. What will you choose?


    Welcome all to the Fate of the Stars!

    This is an AU game that is based in the time period of 2000 BBY. The Old Republic is in bloom and peace seems to want to last forever. This of course is not meant to be. In the shadows of peace, there is always chaos. The Sith are building their strength in secret, right under the noses of the Jedi. Just waiting for the right moment to strike.

    In this game you will play a Force User, Jedi, Sith or somewhere in between. All factions have ranks of course. And will be addressed accordingly. The unique part of this game is that it will be story driven, but sandbox at the same time. What I mean by that is that you can choose to participate directly, or simply take your character anywhere and do anything you want. The inevitable war will take you in however, in some way or another. Players will make posts and I will update accordingly to advance their situation.

    Lone Wolf


    (Elite ranks will be awarded to those who prove themselves worthy through posting quality)
    Blade Master
    Force Mystic

    Sith Lord
    (Same as before, players will be awarded elite ranks based on post quality.)
    Sith Sorcerer

    Lone Wolf
    Those of you who want to act independently of both of the orders will send a PM to me with a note on your Character Sheet stating what rank you would hold, if you were to be a Jedi. For instance, if you want your character to be the strength of a Padawan, then you would note this in your character sheet in the rank section and we will work out details.

    Character Sheet

    Be as detailed here as possible. Give people an idea of who they are playing with!

    Physical Appearance:
    Other items:
    Combat specialty:

    All character sheets will be PM?d to me for approval before being posted on the thread.
    Obey the TOS
    No swearing, keep it PG-13 at max.
    All issues will be resolved in PM, keep OOC chatter to a minimum
    Godmodding is ALLOWED? with NPC?s. If you are with another player around some NPC?s?. feel free to go Force Unleashed on the NPC?s, no direct damage may be dealt to other players without their or my consent. Big part of this is remembering what rank they are. Keep the powers realistic to the characters people
  2. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Obviously, GM approved

    Name: Daemon Alario
    Race: Human
    Age: 37
    Height: 6?1
    Weight: 215lbs
    Physical Appearance: Athletically built, charmingly smooth features medium length black hair that falls at random angles around his face and sometimes over his eyes. Crimson red eyes
    Clothing: Black sleeveless robes with a loose hood. Long silken black cape with a crimson interior lining, it attaches to his robes by a golden chain clasp. He wears thick black combat boots that rise up to his knees. Mostly wears his loose black pants over his boots. He has red cloth bandaging his hands up to his knuckles at all times.
    Armor: The only armor that Daemon wears is fingerless phrik gauntlets that have a golden tribal pattern over the forearm.
    Weapons: Single bladed crimson lightsaber long blade.
    Other items: None
    Personality: Malicious. He enjoys battle, and is a master tactician. Dangerously smart.
    Combat specialty: Close quarters fighting and utilizing the Force in obscure ways
    Affiliation: Sith
    Rank: Sith Lord
    Bio: Daemon?s parents were killed in a collateral damage accident involving a couple of haphazard Jedi, when he was only 6. Since then he has hated the Jedi and everything they have stood for, for the simple fact that they had been careless and as a result, the only people that Daemon had cared for in the galaxy had been killed. Since that time, Daemon has been pushing himself harder and harder, making himself stronger and smarter with everything that he did. His hunger for power led him to a Sith Lord named Calas. Calas taught him everything that he knew for many years, eventually honing Daemon not into a weapon, but a tactical killing machine.

    Even through his training in how to harness his hatred, Daemon always seemed calm on the outside. His cold and measured demeanor earned him much contempt amongst his fellow prospects. They didn?t matter to Daemon however, his training came first. Their thoughts toward him meant nothing, because Daemon knew that he could take all of them on in a fight. Sith were rarely ever organized, they always fought for dominance. Never would they combine a joint attack on him. And so, if any prospective Sith challenged him?.they died. Quickly and efficiently.

    When Daemon was 27, he realized that his Master had stopped teaching him, and was simply using him as a tool. But a tool, Daemon was not. He slew his now weaker Master and took his title of Sith Lord. He knows that there were other Sith academies out there in the galaxy, if they all gathered in one place then discovery would be catastrophic. But for now at least, he is the leader of the legion on Ziost. He has begun organizing the Sith under him for a massive attack against their most hated enemy..

    The Jedi.
  3. Littledawg

    Littledawg Jedi Knight star 3

    Aug 19, 2008


    Name: Karn Fell
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Height: 6 feet 0 inches
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Physical Appearance: Althleticly built, but over all thin. Slightly tanned with pale white scars on his hands and arms. One smaller scratch along his left eye. Brownish hair with black streaks on the side.
    Clothing: Brown Jedi Knight robes
    Armor: No armour
    Weapons: One blue two handed lightsaber
    Other items: Utility belt containing survival gear and one bacta injection serum for excrutiating injuries.
    Personality: Reclusive with few friends as he has learned attachment can lead to great distress, watching those you care about die can drive you insane.
    Combat specialty: lightsaber combat, User of Form 5(Djem So), and Form 2(Makashi)
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Rank: Knight
    Bio: Born on the Crown Jewel of the republi Karn was recognized as Force sensitive immediatly after his birth. Taken to the Jedi temple he was assigned to an apprentice class at age 5 and graduated to Padawan at the age of 12. He followed his Jedi master on several dangerous missions against Sith opposition usally staying away from battle until he was 17 then he killed his first sith opponent. a battle that raged for 4 hours on the planet of Yavin 4, through jungles and temples and from one side of the planet to the other, at the end he had vanquished his enemy and went into a coma for 2 days.

    After his battle with the Sith he was granted Knighthood and was sent on several missions into enemy territory alone successfully completing them and vanquishing 2 more Sith, but know as Karn had sensed something stirring in the dark side of the Force and whatever it was it was going to be soon and it was going to be big, so Karn had to do something few Jedi could do, he was going to have to sway a council opposed to war, to attack the Sith first before the Sith attacked them, it was the only way the Order could survive. He had to convince everyone he was right, or do something about it alone.
  4. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    [hl=black]GM NOTE[/hl]

    I am going to go ahead and get started, we have a couple of players and I am eager to get this show on the road. Character Sheets are always welcome as stated in the rules. Feel free to send me a sheet whenever you want and jump in!

    Outside of the Jedi Temple, Coruscant

    The Jedi Temple had always been there. Since the time when the first spires of Coruscant had risen, the Jedi Temple had been there. It seemed like a strange thing to even think of, to have Coruscant without the Jedi Order. The peacekeepers of the galaxy, they would never leave..

    Things had been peaceful for many years now. As much peace that could be gained from a galaxy filled with beings that were still able to hate one another anyway. Mandalorians were always stirring up trouble in some system or another, but were never really a large threat, their race was dying slowly. Thieves, crooks, con artists, Hutt crime lords, spice dealers and occasionally, the simply shady looking person? These people were still scattered in every corner of the galaxy. They always needed policing up. Peace keeping, and diplomatic conferences had been the mass of Jedi Council issued missions as of late. There were hardly and Dark Sider?s making themselves known in the galaxy. The Sith threat had been stamped out again and again. Most of the Jedi believed that they were gone for good this time. They were confident that they had done a more thorough job than their predecessors in history.

    For now though, the Jedi were doing just fine. And in the grand scheme of things, so was the galaxy. Only one or two Jedi had passed away from something other than natural causes in the past few years. Times were good. Very good indeed.

    Maybe too good for some.

    Jedi Master Jax Tibryss, a Member of the Jedi Council, was standing watch from the Council Chambers, staring out of the transparisteel frame before him. Things seemed too good to be true. He was seeing a complacency in training, due to the fact that there was not a viable threat to be had. The Jedi were still skilled of course, more so than a commoner in innumerable ways. But he had been raised in times of war. He was unused to the quiet. Something about it was screaming at him but he couldn?t understand what it was.

    He shook his head slowly to himself. Jax was an Epicanthix. His species was much longer lived than humans were, but had the same basic physiology. But even for someone of his species, 80 years definitely showed in his features. He was a hard man. His gray hair was kept short in a militaristic style, wrinkles were etched into his worn, grizzled face. A scratched and very worn looking lightsaber hung at his hip, a testament to the man who wore it. The lightsaber itself spoke volumes about the Jedi himself.

    Jax checked his chrono. It was time to debrief the next mission. He brought up his comlink and rang a youngling that was assigned to help him today.

    ?Yes Master??

    Jax?s deep voice nearly made the apprentice jump every time he heard it.

    ?Find me Jedi Knight Karn Fell. Have him see me here in the council chambers.?

    ?At once Master Tibryss.?

    Jax waited there in the room, watching the peace stretch out to the city planet before him.


    The youngling was looking left and right down the hallways. He finally found Karn walking towards him down the hallway leading to the Jedi Knight?s permanent quarters.

    ?Master Fell! Master Fell! I have a summons for you from the Council. Master Tibryss wants to see you in the council chambers.?

    The youngling waited for the response before hurrying back to his post.

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    Jul 18, 2008
    GM Approved!

    Name: Logan Karr
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 155 lb
    Physical Appearance: Somewhat well built, shaggy brown hair, green eyes.
    Clothing: Beige Jedi Robes
    Weapons: Purple lightsaber
    Other items: blaster pistol ( just in case )
    Personality: focused and quiet
    Combat specialty: lightsaber combat, focuses very little on literal force use
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Rank: Knight
    Like all force sensitive children, Logan was taken to the Jedi Temple to be trained. He became a Padawan learner to Conrad Ellysies at age 6, and took the trials at age 19. He partook in many missions involving conspiracies and crimes, but has never but matched up against any kind of Sith or dark force user.
  6. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Coruscant Lower levels

    Far from glamorous like the upper levels, the lower levels of Coruscant housed some of the seediest individuals in the Galaxy. Coruscanti police forces rarely ventured down to these parts. Some people were here because it was a good place to hide from the law. Others were down here because unfortunately, their lives were not blessed with mountains of credits that it seemed to take to live on the upper levels. Down here, live was different. Dog eat dog, survival of the fittest. But sometimes, just sometimes?. The light of the sky would reach down and bless the cursed denizens below with a graceful helping hand?

    Earlier in the day

    Master Jax Tibryss had called for a relatively new, and young Jedi to come before him for mission debriefing. Logan Karr was a capable Knight, Jax knew that for certain. But he also knew that Karr had very little experience in the way of individual combat. While the Master followed the Jedi code closely, he also wanted to have at least a few Knights and Masters who would be able to carry the ways of combat on to the next generation. Sometimes it took a thorn in the paw to make the lion wake up and realize he could roar.

    When Logan had shown up, the briefing had been short.

    ?There have been rumors that there is some kind of illegal fight club going on near the Crimson Corridor in the lower levels. Ordinarily this wouldn?t be cause for alarm, however it seems like the sport has taken a new turn. Instead of beating each other senseless? the ruffians have decided to make sport of kidnapping upper city citizens and bringing them down to this club to fend for themselves. Most of these citizens haven?t made it back to their homes. This should be a task for the local Police Force, however it seems that a fear born of rumor has pushed them back far enough to let something like this continue. I am tasking you to venture down into the Crimson Corridor, rescue any innocents that may be down there. Your secondary objective is to capture the leader of this fight club.. if at all possible. I have already collaborated with the security in the upper cities, they will be on call to escort prisoners and detainees back to the upper city. I will also have a medical team on standby should the need arise when you rescue anyone that might be down there that shouldn?t be. That is all. May the Force be with you..?

    And so two hours later, Jedi Knight Logan Karr found himself at the mouth of the Crimson Corridor, a grimy, dirty hole that lawbreakers called home.

    Tag Sith Hunter
  7. sith_hunter117

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    Jul 18, 2008
    IC: Logan Karr

    ~Lower Levels~

    Light was scarce in the Lower Levels, but with the Force on his side, he could sense everything around him. He silently traveled through the area until he found what seemed like the opening to the Crimson Corridor. As he kept going, he saw a groups of Rodians placing bets on the next fight. If my plan is going to work, I'm going to have to wipe out as many members of the Crimson Corridor as possible, Logan thought. So with an elegant move, a flash of purple ignited and slashed through the Rodians. They showed no resistance.

    He could hear roars of excitement. He was nearing the battle ring. Logan blocked out all excess sound and attempted to sense the detainees. They were grouped together next to the ring, chained to a rock and without much security. If I'm gonna do this right, I can't march right in there. So he advanced and blended into the crowd, remaining unnoticed, as all the low-life's minds were focused on the unfair fight.

    Acquiescently, Logan mad his way to the prisoners. He crouched his way to the last prisoner in line and quickly whispered, "I'm going to free you. Tell everyone in this line that when I give the signal, all of you run to the police force east to the entrance from this hellhole. I've cleared out the way. Give me a quiet signal when you guys are ready, and leave the rest to me." The prisoner timidly nodded, and he made my way back to the crowd.

    He focused his eyes on the center ring. There was a strong, well built fighter with a vibro-hammer, facing a child that couldn't be older than 11. Logan was shocked. How could someone be monstrous enough to pit a strong man and child against each other in a fight to the death. Suddenly, anger overtook Logan's mind. And as soon as he got a nod from the prisoner, he gave a flick of his fingers and with the Force, broke the chains.

    "Go!" Logan yelled, as he ignited his lightsaber and slashed through 5 observers at once. He mindlessly let his anger fight for him as he killed all the onlookers in sight. I'll get every one of them for what they've done. Nobody was match for him, not the onlookers, not the fighters, not even the security armed with weapons the local police force could obtain. He just slashed through all of them. Until there was one left. The Crimson Corridor leader.

    The leader of the Crimson Corridor was unarmed and was begging for his life. Logan's orders were too capture him, but he couldn't do it. Not after all that he's done. No, Logan was going to end it here, once and for all. And with a single move with his lightsaber, the Crimson Corridor would no longer disturb the citizens of Couriscant.

    TAG: Radiance
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    Jun 27, 2009
    OOC: Hope you don't mind. I didn't have enough posts to send a PM.

    Name: Darth Anarcis (Brodie Rae)
    Race: Human
    Age: 26
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 185 Pounds
    Physical Appearance: Well built but, thin and scarred from the brutal Sith training
    Clothing: Black Hooded Sith Robes w/ a crimson cape
    Weapons: Red Double-Bladed Lightsaber
    Other items: Comlink
    Personality: Cold, cruel, & craves revenge
    Combat Specialty: Uses the Juyo lightsaber form but, is more adept in force powers. Especially force lightning
    Affiliation: Sith
    Rank: Crusader
    Bio: Born on Coruscant he was taken to the Jedi Temple at an early age. There he trained for months in the ways of the Jedi.
    Rae always felt his powers weren't being used to their full extent. One day during a sparring match, he killed another Padawan
    with nothing but his sparring saber and his fists. He was kicked out of the temple and forced to live on the streets, where he
    stole & killed to get by. He knew his time for revenge would come. And it finally did in the form of the Sith.
  9. Littledawg

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    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    The padawan that had called Karn to the council chambers had run off. So Karn went off to the Council chambers when he arrived he saw that all the council was summoned. He glanced around, so many cold faces that had seen so much yet were so unbelievably calm. You summoned me Master Tibryss, what is it you would like to discuss. Karn stood at a lazy attention while he waited for the councils answer.

    Tag: Any.
  10. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Jedi Temple Council Chambers

    Karn Fell came to stand before the entirety of the Council with little feeling. He had been here before after all. Master Jax eyed him evenly and crossed his legs to become comfortable.

    "Knight Fell, we have an assignment for you. Rumors have been spread around about a holocron being sighted on the planet Dantooine. Ordinarily this would be a simple task of sending someone to retrieve it. But the Council has gathered as much information as we could, as well as meditated on the matter. We.... don't know why but there is much mystery surrounding this artifact. Whether Jedi or Sith in origin, is unknown. But either way, we need to put an end to these rumors. A holocron is a powerful item in the hands of a Force User. Your mission is to travel to dantooine and see if you can find out anything about this artifact. It would be wise to start at the old Jedi Enclave near the settlement of Khoonda. Report to us regularly when you can. And be careful.. I fear there is more to this rumor than meets the eye.

    May the Force be with you."

    Tag Littledawg


    Lower levels of Coruscant

    Coruscant Security had been contacted when the violence had ended. They took it as a sign that the Jedi was done with his work. They didn't expect to find what they did.

    Bodies... everywhere.

    Some of the younger officers got sick to their stomachs and ran off immediately as they saw the carnage. The seasoned veteran officers grimaced, but held their lunches. The government transport that had brought them down here was now heavily laden with scared and relieved citizens, who would be brought back to the upper levels of the planet, treated for any injuries sustained, and tested for mental strain, then issued therapy.

    The Officer in charge of the gunship stepped down as it took off. He knew it would be back shortly to pick them up. To his left, his younger men were getting sick. To his right, dead men of many species and races lay strewn across the area that had once been the Crimson Corridor. His eyes found the younger Jedi man. His hardened features turning softer.

    "Why.....? Why did you kill... all of them?"

    The officer looked around again, feeling a little sick and disgusted himself.

    "They were wrong for doing what they did but these were still people breaking the law Jedi. This is not justice. None of the families being rescued will ever have peace of mind knowing that these men were brought to justice. You just.. KILLED THEM. ALL OF THEM! WHY?!"

    The Officer grabbed Logan Karr by the robes with both hands.

    "What kind of Jedi are you?! You people preach about being protectors, diplomats even! But look what you did here! You butchered every soul in the place! Answer me why!"

    The Officer did not let go of Logan's robes nor did his features soften again.

    It was too wrong. All of it. It didn't fit at all.

    Tag Sith hunter
  11. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    [hl=black]IC: Daemon Alario[/hl]

    "Lord Daemon, there have been rumors of an old holocron being found by salvaging teams on Dantooine. Do you wish to take action?"

    Daemon Alario sat on his comfortable chair in a throne like room of the training grounds he now ran. His legion ranged in the hundreds now. He had many skilled fighters. But unfortunately, not many capable tacticians. Most of the tactical planning and training was being performed by Daemon himself. His cold voice came low and calm.

    "Do the rumors confirm the origins of the holocron?"

    The messenger shook his head.

    "No milord, only that it was allegedly recovered on Dantooine. Information is not specified as to where it was recovered but sources indicate that it is at least in the same hemisphere as the old Jedi Enclave ruins."

    Daemon thought for a moment, his crimson red eyes glowing slightly from under his hood.

    "A holocron is a powerful tool indeed... Have these rumors spread to the ears of the Jedi?"

    "Most likely milord."

    "I see.... Very well. Send Tannis and Garm. Instruct them that they are to take a single, unmarked craft and to be in smuggler attire. If they are discovered, I don't want any leads back to us. Understood?"

    The messenger backed away and nodded.

    "As you Will, Lord Daemon."

    Tannis and Garm were very skilled indeed. The duo made up for each others weaknesses greatly. Tannis was one of the better hand to hand combatants that had graced the training grounds. He relied mostly on his brutal Teras Kasi martial arts rather than a lightsaber. And Garm specialized in offensive Force powers. They would be the best choice to send into the public eye if anything came up. Because they simply didn't need lightsabers on them.

    Daemon nodded to himself and looked out onto the training grounds. The time was going to be soon. Very... very soon.

    Revenge would be his. Absolution was coming...

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    Sep 25, 2008
    [hl=black]GM APPROVED[/hl]

    [blockquote]Name: John Stone
    Race: Human
    Age: 39
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 124lbs
    Physical Appearance: His small stature is not much too look at. John has no hair on his face or head. His piecing green eyes could melt durasteel if they could. His mouth has never seen a smile too it.

    For a small human, his physical strenth is almost over whelming for the long hard years he put in a steel plant. Also his fingers are narrow and slightly longer than a normal person's.

    Clothing: John tends to wear "rich" clothes when he is seen in public or in a group of people. When he is in the "office", he tends to wear a dark cloak that covers most of his face, except the green eyes.

    Armor: For being a smaller size person, armor was hard too come by, so he made his own. It is all in red, except the knee high boots. Shoulders and legs have a little more protection from blaster and saber cuts.

    Weapons: He carries a single light saber at all times, though hidden most of the time. Also has a sniper rifle, with silencer.

    Other items:
    Personality: For those who do not know him well, he seems to be depressed and sad. But for those who do know him, he is cruel to the point of being insane. John lives for creds and women. Power is just something he likes the most.
    Combat specialty: One on One brawling, Martial Arts, Down right dirty fighting

    Affiliation: Lone Wolf
    Rank: Crusader

    John Stone was born on byss with great parents who loved and cared for him. But, some say he never had a living heart or soul. For he was cruel when he was out of his parents sight. When he was barely a teenager, he joined a ruthless gang, who stole, killed and caused all sorts of trouble. During this time, he found out something about himself, he had the force. By the time he was fifteen, he had killed the leader in a battle that left no room for debate on the winner.

    At the age of 18, he had one of his men take a note to his parents. "If you want to see your child alive, send 500,000 creds to the Crimson Corridor leader on Coruscant. If I see you try anything, he will die terribly."

    Ten days later, he had the creds to start his own place. His parents were dead, and no one except his five personal gaurds knew where he lived now. He studied his abilities as much when he could, and had "grown" strong in them. Now at the age of 39, he was wealthy beyond his dreams and hoping to branch out into bigger and better things.

    Until recently, everything was smooth, until the last week. A Jedi had sneaked in and shut down his club of "fighters". His "manager" of the club was killed. Now, with some quite time with his survalince cameras, he studied the lone Jedi.[/blockquote]

    Anger flared as he watched for the fifth time, a man come in, stop by the prisoners, whisper something. Then he moved, nodded at one of them, then chaos ensued. He cut down men, his men of all things. Prisoners escaped, some even taking the time to kick or slam into other gaurds. The only time he really took a breather is when he cut down one of his low men. Shaking his head, he looked up and stared at one of his slicers. "I still can not believe it came too this. I had everything covered to a "T", and now this." He was disappointed, but it quickly told him something else. They maybe on too him now. "I have a task for you slicer. I want you too find out all you can about him in less than five days. Then I will get ahold of you, and meet you somewhere private." He stood up, though he still barely cleared the top of the desk. "Oh, if you find nothing on him, then do not come back....ever. Do I make myself clear Jim?" He watched the quite nod of the man's head and turned his back.

    To Jim, that was the end of the meeting, and he left, quitely shutting the door behind him. John stared out the window of his room and glared at all the happy people. "Did you know that I was a loved child, Shreena? I was, but here I am looking at those people, and hating each and everyone, because of it. Shreena, darling, why do
  13. sith_hunter117

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    Jul 18, 2008
    IC: Logan Karr

    ~Lower Levels~

    Logan stood confounded by his actions. He was almost not even paying attention to the officer yelling at him. He had just killed so many people. He just couldn't find the words to say. It didn't matter how many people he saved, or even how many people's lives he could've saved. He had slaughtered countless people, and even he was disgusted by his actions.

    "I'm sorry officer. I don't know what made me do this, but I do know that what they were doing had to be stopped. It was the only way." Logan's voice trembled as he said it. His words wouldn't make up for his actions. He would be haunted by what he did for the rest.

    And so he departed for the Jedi Temple, keeping his hood on and his head down, and was ready to face any punishment the Council had awaiting for him.

    Tag: Radiance
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    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    "A Holocron?" Karn thought for a second "Yes Mater."Karn bowed out of the room.R4 do you copy?"

    "Breep bleep"

    "Get the fighter ready for take off." Karn ran down to the hanger and got inside his ship. Then after checking to ensure that the droid had prepared everything he launced for Dantooine.

    [i]Several Hours later[/i]

    Karn came out of lightspeed just out of the planets gravity so he was able to choose his landing, on the outskirts of Khoonda.

    "R4, stay with the ship and wait for orders."

    Karn left the ship and began asking around with no luck. Slowly he went from Khoonda to the Enclave asking and bartering for information from any and all scavengers he found. He went to the doors of the Enclave and finding them closed off and sealed, which was odd since Karn had just seen men leave. He cut a door shaped hole through the big blast door.

    "Alright then lets see what we can find." Karn stated

    He walked through the darkened hallways searching for anything hinting at the presence of a holocron. Karn had seen some holocrons before but they all looked different, how could he tell what he was looking for. The best he could do was use the Force to sense his way around and look for anything out of the ordinary. After about an hour of searching he found some fried training remotes and a broken training lightsaber. Nothing noting holocron status or signaling activity.

    "Master Tibryss, This is Karn Fell, Im in the Enclave but there's no sign of anything related to a holocron here, just some broken relics, I've only covered two levels, please advise." Karn radioed in before advancing on.

    Tag : Radiance>
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    Mar 29, 2005
    GM Approved

    Character sheet:

    Name: Andur Del Jinn
    Race: Human
    Age: 30
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 82 kgs
    Physical Appearance: Shoulder length blonde wavy hair held back from his face (Qui Gon Jin style), broad shouldered athletic build
    Clothing: knee length black leather boots, black pants, dark green knee length cotton tunic slit up the sides to the waist, black cotton sash, black leather utility belt, worn knee length black robe.
    Armor: none
    Weapons: green bladed lightsaber
    Other items: wedding ring, holo pic of family
    Personality: calm, but with a wry/ cheeky sense of humour, loyal, deep sense of personal honour, has a tendency to leap before he looks, stubborn, has no time for politicians.
    Combat specialty: a master of form IV Ataru
    Affiliation: Lone Wolf
    Rank: Master
    Bio: Andur was brought up traditionally in the Jedi temple till he was apprenticed to a eccentic weaponmaster, he spent the bulk of his training away from the temple in the outer rim, fighting gangsters, pirates, and hunting the odd dark jedi as his master persued a fight against the corruption prevalent in the outer rim. Eventually Andur became a knight in his own right, yet stayed in the outer rim, spending little time on coruscant, as he had a grave dislike of politics and preferred nature to cold steel cities. over the years he develope has become known in the outer rim as a deadly fighter both with and without his saber, and many pirates and criminals have surrendered rather than face him.

    It Was on a mission to Onderon that he met, A beautiful bounty hunter who was after the same notorious crimelord that he was, In the following time they saved each others lives several times before confronting the crimelord and his body guards, where Andur was forced to kill him in single combat. The pair worked together more and more till Andur realized he had fallen in love with her, unable to give up the woman he loved he was forced to return to Coruscant and there he relinquished his title as Jedi knight, to a unapproving and shocked Jedi council. He went back to the outer rim, where he and his wife settled down on the small forest moon his wife was originally from where they began to raise a family.
  16. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Master Tibryss, This is Karn Fell, Im in the Enclave but there's no sign of anything related to a holocron here, just some broken relics, I've only covered two levels, please advise."

    Jax listened to the report from his own chambers. He pondered on what could be done. The entirety of the Enclave had yet to be searched.

    "Continue your search to try and find any clues Karn. It is important to find anything we can. Redouble your efforts. Word has come to us that this rumored holocron is that of Darth Revan. We cannot let that fall into anyone's hands but ours. Tibryss out."


    The lower levels of the enclave were the ones that you had to worry about. Foliage had grown through the walls and beasts had come to call the lower levels their home.

    All of the dangerous beasts, however.... now lay slain. Fresh blaster bolts smoking from their heads.

    In the old Jedi library, two figures stood hunched. One looking very bored in his beige shirt and brown vest. Common wear of smugglers. The other looking rather dapper in a formal black suit. They certainly made an odd pair for being undercover.

    The man in the suit was reading quietly as the smuggler looking man walked around slowly, he toyed with the strap holding his blaster down in it's holster.

    "Must.. you do that? I am trying to read."

    The smuggler man looked up and frowned.

    "Well hurry up. I'm bored."

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    Jax couldn't have been more displeased with Logan Karr. He had received a very detailed report and a video feed from the events that had taken place in the Crimson Corridor.

    He sat with his fingers laced together. Eyes narrowed as he looked over young Karr.

    " young Jedi... have brushed the dark side. This is why we train. This is why we shut off emotion. It is why we give in to peace. What happened down there is absolutely horrible. It was atrocious. But now, from your actions... what makes you any better than the men you slew? Not only did you not return with a prisoner for questioning, but you killed any lead that we may have gotten as to who started all of this."

    Jax Tibryss stared quietly. Letting his words sink in for a moment.

    "....explain your actions."

    Tag Sith hunter
  17. sith_hunter117

    sith_hunter117 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 18, 2008
    OOC: Radiance, I have to give you props. I'm really loving this RP.

    IC: Logan Karr

    Logan stared at the floor. He felt like a child being reprimanded by a angry mother. But that wasn't the case. Logan let his eyes peer up a bit and began.

    "They were all monsters Master. They had a child pit against an seasoned fighter, and all of them enjoyed watching the manslaughter. I couldn't help it Master, I wanted to stop it, I wanted the treachery to end." Logan then, with the courage, gazed at Jax straight in the eyes. "I was wrong Master, I didn't control my emotions, and for that time, I wasn't a Jedi."

    Logan knew what was coming. He doesn't want to end his Jedi life. He once again let his eyes fall to the floor, and awaited the Master's reply.

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  18. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Jedi Council Chambers

    Jax listened to the explanation in complete silence, regarding the young Knight coolly.

    "You never stop being a Jedi, Logan. It is not just a way of life, it is who you are. Who you are bred to be boy. I more than most can understand the feeling of seeing those atrocities. But we must always rise above those emotions. That is what separates us from them."

    Master Jax stood. His grizzled frame imposing to anyone of smaller stature.

    "In rescuing the kidnapped victims, you accomplished your goal. But the secondary part of your mission was a complete and utter failure. I pray that you meditate on your failure here. You are dismissed, I need to go and make nice with the public about the massacre. This did not cast a positive light on our Order Logan. I will speak to the council about this."

    He waited for the young Knight to leave. Too much was happening here. How did things go from utterly quiet to a PR fiasco and missing holocron? Something bad was happening and Jax couldn't figure out how to find it, nor figure out what it was. But something definitely was making his skin itch.

    He shook his head just as his comlink chimed. He pulled it up with a tired sigh.


    A panicked voice met his ears and immediately caught his attention.

    "Master Jedi! ....Kuat drive yards have been... destroyed..."

    Jax's eyes went wide.


    IC:Daemon Alario

    The Dark Lord had his fingers laced in front of his mouth as he spoke the single eerily calm words.

    "....Open fire..."

    Hundreds of turbolaser batteries opened up on the Shipyards of Kuat. The Republic's ability to create warships was cut off abruptly and suddenly in a matter of moments. They had let their guard down. Years of inactivity had made them all complacent. And Lord Daemon had taken advantage of their unpreparedness. The Captain of The Black Star approached Daemon with his hands behind his back.

    "My Lord. The Shipyard has been completely destroyed. No hulls, facilities or personnel have been left."

    Daemon nodded.

    He had been planning for this decisive strike for months now. First he had agents scout the defenses of the shipyard. Then had created a flawless plan of attack for his fleet. His agents aboard the stations had planted explosives, cut off communications and eliminated key personnel inside to create chaos, then had evacuated as soon as the Sith fleet showed up. And finally the fleet had leveled the facility and all of the project ships in the area. It would take years to rebuild.

    Mission accomplished, Phase one completed.

    A smirk threatened to tug at Daemons lips.

    "Very well Captain. Take us to the rendezvous point. Contact the other mission coordinators and give me information on how they fared in their tasks.

    The Captain nodded and backed away.

    "At once my Lord."

    Things were going well so far. But it was still early. He didn't dare underestimate the Jedi. But he would need to see what their first move was in order to gauge his next one.

    The time was coming for him to reveal himself. But he would do so in nothing less than at the Jedi Temple itself. So first he would need to take out the defenses surrounding the home of the Jedi.

    And then take Coruscant itself..

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  19. Littledawg

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    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    Karn searched around the lower levels of the Jedi enclave. At first he thought that he would have to fight the inhabitants of this ancient place, for animals came to dwell here in these hall. Ferocious creatues that attacked all insight, but all the creatures Karn met were dead. Something terrible had happened here, Karn was only glad they weren't saber wounds or else he knew he would be in trouble. Scavangers would be the likely cause of this but the amount and size of the creatures would have driven off any party, they just didn't have the guts to come this far in. Then Karn found a cracked door and felt a living pressence one that was clouded and mysterious, alomost as if they were trying to keep themselves from detection. Karn slowly approached the door and walked inside. He noticed two men in smugglers apparel, one reading and one pacing. These men looked like smugglers, but Karn knew that they were not. He could feel the darkside around them, and he could sense their intentions, they wanted the Holocron.

    "Hello there." Karn said.

    Tag : Radiance
  20. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Tanis & Garm

    "Hello there."

    Garm's hand whipped to the blaster at his side and held it in a ready hand, ready to squeeze the trigger. At the sight of the man before him, he slowly lowered the blaster again.

    "Oh.. it's a Jedi."

    Tanis looked up from his reading and nodded a greeting before returning to his delving.

    Garm smiled deeply.

    "I think you're about a century too late Jedi..."

    He motioned to the ruined building around them all.

    "...Schools been out for a while now...So what brings you down here?"

    Oddly enough, even in the Force... the two Sith seemed calm, if not slightly on alert. They would not be viewed as Sith however. At least not at first glance. Their presence was of course dark, but then again...

    So were many normal individuals in the galaxy..

    What would the Jedi do? Attack them? He was outnumbered two to one, and they had not provoked him in any way.


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  21. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Andur Del Jinn

    Unknown location, Outer Rim

    The forest glade stood silent, errant motes of dust flitted through the rays of golden light that shone fitfully through the dense overhead canopy. ancient trees tall broad stood like enormous sentinals as the golden light shone from their wide green leaves. the air seemed to radiate a timeless feeling of peace and serenity. He stood silent and still at the center of the glade, eyes closed as his breathing slowed, time itself seemed to slow, the motes of light seeming to slow in their intricate dance. There was a snap-hiss, as the ignited blade of his lightsaber extended from his left fist, eyes open now he moved, flowing as if in a intricate deadly dance. His movements flowing from form to form as he glided over the lush grass covering of the glade floor, the blade, now a green extention of his arm buzzed and hummed as it spun in a green blur around his body even as His own body spun and leapt through the complex patterns of Ataru.

    After a time he came to a stop, blade held in reverse grip behind his back as he stood in the exact same spot as he started. Blade deactivated he turned, smiling as he saw the tottering form of his young son running towards him holding the small training sword his father had carved for him from the branches of the immense trees that surrounded their home and lives. Gliding forward he bent to lift his boy into his arms as he strood to where his wife was smiling as she prepared lunch for their daughter, who sat singing as lullaby to her small doll. He placed his boy down on the wide comfortable rug and lay down himself, propping himself up on an elbow as he took a fresh sandwich from his wife with a kiss as she tossled his hair with a laugh as they shared a private joke. There had been trouble in a nearby system, the locals asking him to help them stop a vicious group of slavers who were raiding the area, it had taken him 3 months to hunt them down, and in the end he was forced to destroy the group as they were in the middle of raiding a isolated settlement hehe had done what he had to, the government in the area was weak and in many places corrupt and the people of that system would not be safe as a single one of the slavers were alive, also their deaths would serve as a reminder of the consequences of preying on the weak. Yet for now that was the past and he was with his future, the laughter of children echoed upwards towards the canopy as the young family tucked into a relaxed lunch.

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  22. Littledawg

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    Aug 19, 2008
    IC - Karn Fell

    Karn had no time to talk. Yet the men didn't seem hostile, but to be sure. Karn reached out with the Force and took both men's blasters.

    "It's time for you to go." Karn pointed to the door. "Now." Karn pointed at the man with the book, and you, leave the book there where you found it. Your blasters will be returned when I exit the Enclave." Karn smiled inside, he thought he handled it pretty well, sure the men would be mad but they wouldn't attack him with no weapons would they. To be safe he grabbed his saber tightly, and clicked his com twice, a Jedi code for trouble.

    "As, i said, its time for you to leave." Karn motioned to the door.

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  23. sith_hunter117

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    Jul 18, 2008
    IC: Logan Karr

    ~ Jedi Temple~

    Logan kept his head down as he walked corridors of the Jedi Temple. Angry faces and dirty looks lurked at every corner, from the youngest apprentices to the elder most Jedi. He had lost most respect - if not all- of his respect.

    Logan finally reached his room. The doors slid open and closed quickly as he rushed through the door. He silently sat down upon the cold floor and began to meditate upon his actions.

    I shouldn't have done that. There were probably other ways in which I could have achieved my task. But then another thought crossed Logan's mind. Were there actually other ways that I could've completed my task? If I had the prisoners escape like I did, one of those vermin would've noticed and would bring attention to the matter. And even if that worked, how could I have captured the leader of the Crimson Corridor without taking out everyone else. No, the path I took might have seemed wrong, but it was the only way.

    Satisfied with his excuse, Logan drifted off to bed to retire from the events of the day.

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  24. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    Unknown location, Outer Rim

    Word had spread to most of the nearby systems that the slaving trade had been put to an end. To all citizens of the systems, this was relieving news. They only wished that they knew who their nameless savior was. Of course the people who had ask him for help in the first place would know the name of Andur Del Jinn. To the ones in which he had saved however, he was a ghost.

    On the flip side, partners in the slave trade were now out of business. Their primary source of income had been cut off completely. This did not make them happy. Several wealthy individuals were now sending out feelers and probes in every direction to hunt down the Jedi who had cut their ties to wealth. At least they assumed it was a Jedi that had crippled them, the person had been seen wielding a lightsaber.

    Jorj Elluna was sitting in his elaborate office when one of his subordinates came in. Jorj himself was sipping expensive wine and thinking of how to deal with this threat to his business.

    ?I think we found him.?

    Jorj looked up as his question was somehow already answered.

    ?Is that so??

    His subordinate nodded and placed a data card on Jorj?s desk.

    He looked down at it and smiled deeply.

    ?Good?. Send everyone?. I want his head on my desk.?

    Deep within the woods, close to Andur?s house, hundreds of slavers moved like a military unit through the trees. Most of them were Trandoshan, others Rodian. All of them however were eager to destroy the man they were hunting.

    The house was surrounded from three sides before the slavers came to a halt. They kept their distance, not underestimating a Jedi. The house in which he slept was in an open clearing surrounded by trees. Not a single slaver strayed passed the tree line.

    A Bothan slaver stepped forward. It could be assumed that he was the commander of this operation.


    Battle cries roared into the night as hundreds of red beams lanced towards the home.

    Tag Andur


    OOC: Remember, Garm is in the smuggler outfit, Tanis is in a business suit.

    IC: Tanis & Garm

    The Jedi reached out and the blasters snapped from both Garm?s hand and Tanis? hip. Both men were unaffected by this however, they knew that their strengths individually did not lay in a crude weapon like a blaster.

    Garm simply looked down at his empty hand.

    ?How very rude of you. I don?t think we will leave. It is after all, not illegal to salvage. All we are doing here is reading. It?s not a crime to read is it? Blasters are for personal protection, and to be quite honest with you Jedi, we have better things to do than to simply wait outside the door of this place like children, for you to return our property to us. Besides.. I don?t think my employer is done reading yet.?

    Tanis shook his head casually as he continued to read.

    ?No.. I am not finished yet.?

    Garm waved a confirming hand at his companion.

    ?See. I thought the Jedi were supposed to be polite and cordial. You have been nothing but rude, so in return, I ask you to leave.?

    The fact that these seemingly ordinary men were not completely shocked at having their weapons ripped from them would be a very big danger alarm for anyone who saw it. It meant that the blasters had been nothing but for the sake of appearance.

    Both men however, looked up as they felt tension rising. The Jedi?s hand went to his lightsaber and squeezed. And an almost inaudible click was heard to both of them. Tanis snapped his book shut and sighed before standing and brushing off his business suit.

    His eyelids dropped slightly as he looked at Karn.

    All pretenses were now dropped.

    ?Help will not come for you in time Jedi? They will never find your body.?

    The black suit began to ruffle as the Force was gathered around Tanis.

    ?I believe?. My associate asked you to? LEAVE!?

    The black suited man took a step forward and send both hands forward with a powerful telekinetic wave aimed straight at Karn.


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    Jedi Temple
  25. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Andur Del Jinn

    Outer Rim, unknown location

    he woke with a start, eyes snapping open as something woke him up, he closed his eyes and reached out with the force, his eyes widened as he lunged side ways carrying himself and his wife off their bed as lasers tore through the window, showering them both with shards of glass. even as he reached out and his saber flew from his bed stand Bec had a blaster in her hand as was firing controlled bursts through the window. " GET THE CHILDREN!" he yelled as he punched the small control next to his wifes side of the bed. Durasteel shutters slammed down on the entrances to the house, though he could still hear and feel the house being battered by laser fire. In moments the family were dressed, Bec was always a cautious woman, and had made sure their home was ready incase either her or her husbands enemies caught up with them.

    Andur and Bec ushered their children into their basement and towards the small blast door hidden below the stairs. As they entered Andur grabbed Bec's forearm "get out of here...i have to keep their attention here" he began to protest but he cut her off "They wont stop till they get just going to show that they should be careful of what they wish for" he said with a smile as he kissed her lips. "Dont be stupid my love" she whispered as she moved into the tunnel that would take them to a secluded glade where a speeder would be waiting to take them to Bec's families farmstead several kilometers away. As the door shut Andur swore and ran back up the stairs, several moments later the shutter over his door snapped open as he walked out, his saber hissing in his hand. He could feel the enemies around many, he breathed out, then moved. All they could see was a green blur as it raced towards them, Andurs blade swung in what seemed like a blur as he flew towards the tree line, crimson and green blots deflecting off his blade as they spattered harmlessly through the tree's.

    He met the line with a crash as he shoulder barge a transdoshian, spinning it into a tree, using the momentum he spun cutting two more in half and severing a rodians arm at the elbow. He rolled and spun away into the trees, to his right he could see a tall bothan bellowing orders at its companions as he ducked between trees, leading them further into the trees and in the opposite direction as the tunnel. Andur could remember the Bothan...he'd had suspicions it had been involved with the slaver ring and he supposed this was his proof...well they would rue the day they came after his family.

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