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  1. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    OOC: Sorry for the lack of updatage yesterday, was a bit under the weather.


    IC: Thane Tide

    Thane let Kembo finish before also listening to Andur. He addressed Kembo first, as his conversation with Andur was meant to be something between the two of them.

    ?It?s good that we have your complete cooperation. We need all the allies we can get in these times. As for warning Tython. With the amount of power they have there, I have to assume that they already know of what is coming. Tython is the home of the Force Mystics, they have warriors like here, yes. However, the majority of their power comes from a league of Masters who train to ascend in the Force, as I have, and as my Master has before me. But I cannot condone sending a tremor to them. The Sith may know we are here now, and if only for that reason we must relocate. But to send a wave that strong across the galaxy would be devastating. It would leave a Force Wake that could be traced to us wherever we go. Just short of killing every Force Sensitive Sith down to the last man? they would always be a threat to us. For now, all we can do is make our repairs and prepare for the journey ahead.?

    Thane turned back to Andur with a slight smile on his lips.

    ?I am glad to hear you say that my friend. For times have indeed changed. Our Order has Masters, yes? But we have too few leaders amongst them. Please come with me, so that we may see the Council on this matter.?

    Thane stood and tested his leg cautiously. The healer had done a good job, if not a little rushed. His leg was mended enough to not feel like knives penetrating his flesh when he put weight on it. Insead, he now had a rather consistent throb. He used the Force to hold his balance as he shifted most of his weight to his other side, so as to not overstress his healing ailment.

    He and Andur made their way slowly over the cleanup effort going on throughout the Temple. It would take many days to be back at full strength on defenses, and weeks after that until the innards of the Temple were repaired to mask the damage of Thane and Tanis.

    Eventually they made it to the Council chambers. All of the members were present and still wearing their burned, ripped and dirty robes. But they did so proudly, for they were warriors. Thane left Andur in the middle of the room before moving to stand in front of one of the chairs, though he himself was not a Master.

    ?Andur Del-Jinn, it has been brought to our attention that you, a former Master of our Order, feel as though you were always one of us. Save for a rule in an outdated code, there is no reason we can see now, that you do not deserve a second chance. Of the men and women that we have train and seen over the years, we have never experienced someone of your supreme mastery of a lightsaber. It is our strongest belief that you alone could best any man in this room in a fair duel. You alone have shown the caution of a Master, the Wisdom of a Master, and the Skills?. Of a Master. For these reasons, we gladly accept you back into the fold, of the Jedi Order. Your previous rank of Master is restored to you with all of it?s standing and privilege.?

    All of the Masters pulled and ignited their lightsabers, placed them straight in front of their faces, and bowed to their new comrade. Thane simply bowed, as he did not carry a lightsaber. The Kel Dorian Council member turned to Thane and nodded.

    ?Mystic Thane, we do not have the authority of our Order to do what needs to be done. Only one of equal standing can perform such a task?. If you would be so kind..?

    Thane returned the nod and stepped forward, his hand outstretched before him and Andur?s lightsaber was ripped from his belt. It hovered an inch from Thane?s palm. Thane gave Andur the motion to kneel down. As soon as he did, the green blade sprang to life.

    ?Andur Del-Jinn? With the power and authority entrusted to me by my Master, Mystic Deltaro, and by the witnesses here with us today?I hereby dub thee
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    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: Short post. Not sure about some of the names, Not good at making them up on the spot, even used a couple names I used from another RP.
    IC: Calen Sirion

    Less than an hour ago found him being raised to the rank of a sith lord. The time since then had been spent with the 'stealth specialist' commando squad he'd been given to aid him on his various missions. At first he had been a bit skeptical as to whether or not they would be able to keep up with him in terms of both kills and stealth, despite however specialized they might be. Those thoughts had not lasted more than a second after meeting them.

    Their names were Dreg, Marric, Zeth, and Kira. Their unit nickname was the "Reapers", and Dreg was the leader. Unlike most of the Sith Empire's commando units, their armor was light and slim, to allow for ease of movement. The armor itself was made from an artificial equivalent of the material that made up Calen's own outer tunic and cloak, allowing it to somewhat absorb the ambient light around it and make it easier to blend into the shadows.

    As far as weapons went, they had the full use of one of the small, auxiliary armories to themselves. This of course allowed them to choose from a variety of death dealing implements before each mission. They also had the standard gauntlet blade that most of the Empire's special forces were equipped with, a heavier thing than Calen's, as it was meant to punch through various armors as well.

    In addition to the standard skills found in a squad of their nature, each also had a specialty. For example Kira was an excellent slicer, Marric the primary medic if there was a need, Zeth was the demolitions expert, and Dreg was quite an able pilot. 'Yes,' Calen thought as he returned to his quarters, 'they would do nicely.'

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    OOC: A post I felt needed to be done before your time jump, apologies for any errors.
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    Sep 23, 2007
    OCC: Through space and time there are only...continuity errors =P But I am sure good old Radiance will pull us through okay, if not we can just find things to strike him with.

    Love you Rad =P

  4. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kembo Sigra

    Kembo felt his lack of his lack of experience rear it's ugly head, he should have known about the fact that such a plan to warn those on Tython would have ended badly. In all of this chaos he was desperate to find a way to save any more Jedi out there before the Sith could wipe them out, he wasn't focusing as much on the consequences of his plans, something he needed to change. He was now on board Kalarta's ship, sitting on his bed, his lightsabers in their individual components in an orbit around him, slowly reassembling as his trance deepened, powercells, crystals, emitters, metal and leather casing all being reformed into the proper configurations. The entire time a pale crystal shone above his head as his head tails danced about the light it cast, the only light in his quarters. The shadows on the walls making elaborate patterns, similar to the archaic symbols on the few holocrons he remembered studying from at his short time at the Temple.

    "The crystal is the heart of the blade, the heart is the crystal of the Jedi, the Force is the blade of the heart. All are intertwined, the crystal, the blade, the Jedi, we are one." he chanted as the final peices of the lightsabers were put together. The two blades then ignited and proceeded to spin rapidly around Kembo, causing the air around him to heat up and dry. They then began to steadily slow down and stop, then they disengaged and each went to one of his outstretched hands, both feeling as they did the first time he had constructed them, about ten years ago on one of the thousand moons of Iego. After he was finished with the blades the pontite crystal that hovered above his head descended once more to it's usual place around his neck, the light it was emitting fading into no more than a soft glow. "May the Force be with us all." he sighed softly as he lay down on his bed and fell asleep, for the first true time in several days.

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  5. Morkai

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    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Blademaster Andur Del Jinn OOC: oooo that sounds good :)


    Andur caught his saber mid air, and slowly opened his palm to look down at it, so many years he had dreamed of coming back to the order, of bringing his family to the order where they could finially settle down, where he could raise and train his children in peace. Yet the masters of the order had not only accepted both himself and his family with open arms, they had bestowed an honour upon him that he could never had imagined earning, his was truly humbled, both by their respect and their show of faith in him and his abilities.

    Gripping his saber hilt tight he returned to his knee, holding his saber upright infront of him he ignited it, the blade bathing his face in an emerald glow. "I am truly honoured by the council's acceptance and their faith in my abilities, i have hoped to see this day for many years", he stood, blade still upright "I Andur Del Jinn, Blademaster of the jedi order do swear that to my dying breath i shall be a shield to the weak, a protector to the oppressed and a blade against the dark, i will not rest till compassion and justice are restored to the galaxy and the Sith lay defeated" he stood stock still, his face set in ridgid determination as he whispered "Let them know...i shall be the bane of darkness".

    His saber powered down, and he slowly, with great reverance, bowed to the assembled masters who had seen fit to give him back so much. "If the honoured council would not mind, i would like to bring my family here, to relative safety".

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  6. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Thane Tide

    Thane gave a nod to Andur as he stood and gave his declaration.

    Thane of course knew that Andur?s children would be Force Sensitive. At least one of them had to be, statistically. It would make sense that Andur would want to train them to use their abilities, but even as a Master himself, he could only offer them the benefit of his own experience, extensive though it may be, they would be much stronger if they learned from more than one Master. Though at the mention of Andur requesting his children and wife to be brought to the Temple, Thane felt odd.

    He tilted his head to the side as the Force hit him in a sublte way. Something about the statement was nagging him. He couldn?t quite put his finger on it but he had to speak up. His Mystic Master had taught him to trust explicitly in the Force and it?s signs.

    ?Andur?. I think?.?

    Thane still had his head cocked to the side, his eyes searching the floor as if the future was written in the marble tiles.

    ?I think your family would be better off coming with us to Tython. The defenses here are strong, but even with impending battle, they would be much safer if they came with both of us around to protect them. Being what you are now, people are going to want to come after you. Being a Mystic or a Blademaster means that you aren?t just a Jedi, but rather a figurehead? The Sith will find out one way or another and will try to hurt you. They know they would lose more men coming after you directly so the most viable option would be to go after something you care about. Now I don?t believe they know yet but.. It would be a safe gesture to get your family on the way to Tython?.?

    The Masters bowed their heads in understanding.

    ?We hate to see our greatest warriors leave without us, but the entirety of the Jedi Order itself is at stake, along with the entire galaxy. We will hasten your departure preparations to ensure the safety of Blademaster Del-Jinn?s family. Once all is taken care of here, we will make arrangements with the Mandalorians and meet you on Tython. May the Force be with you.?

    Thane bowed and moved to exit the room. He walked side by side with Andur, shoulder to shoulder. They were now on equal footing with each other in their own respect. Andur with his lightsaber mastery, Thane with his intense wisdom and usage of the Force.

    ?Blademaster, it will take us approximately two days to get a ship spaceworthy. Please make sure to make use of our supplies for the journey itself. Also, your robes look a bit destroyed?. As I said before, as an Elite of the Jedi, we are figureheads for our comrades to rally around. We are expected to stand out. We need to get you situated with a new garb. Let me know what kind of design you would like to wear and I will help speed along the weaving process as we travel. If you already have an idea of what you want, let me know before we leave and I might be able to whip up something for you as we depart. I will need to make my own preparations right now however, let me know if you need anything before we leave.?

    Thane clapped his newly promoted comrade on the shoulder and hung a left down the hallway towards his quarters. He himself needed to change his robes and clean up his arm, which still hung limp at his left side.

    The Mystic entered his room and stripped off his shirt carefully. His arm was a tricky case, the shrapnel had landed in a nerve, which is why it now hung limp. Simply healing the wound wouldn?t do, he had to reassemble his nerve structure.

    Thane stepped into his shower to use his greatest source of power for such a job.

    Water. The life giver. Water was easy to use with the Force, for everything consisted of water on some level or another. It was everything, and it was nothing. Smooth, and rough at the same time.

    Thane stepped into his shower and let it run over his head and down his neck for a few minutes before pulling his concentration to his arm. His right hand came up to the wound and hovered a few inches above it. Water began to gather around his palm in a swi
  7. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kembo Sigra

    "Okay, Knight Karr, Knight Hoosh, follow me, I'll show you to your quarters." Kembo said. "It's not a luxury vessel I'm afraid, and I'm really hoping you don't mind the endless bickering that will be inevitable between myself and our pilot." he added with a grin.

    "And what bickering would that be?" Kalarta said looming up out of one of the alcoves. "You mean the bickering over why you didn't help me fix the engines, or the shield generator, or how about the ten hours I spent cleaning out the life support manifolds by myself." Kalarta said glaring at her Nautolan passenger. "You'd better be able to make up for your lack of activity on board." she added, a twisted grin coming across her face, one that Kembo knew too well, and one that made him cringe.

    "What will it be this time?" he asked. "Checking the fuel injector, cleaning out the undercarriage of parasites?" he said, his tone hopeful, he knew of only one other chore that she could possibly ask of him, and that one was always unpleasant.

    "Nope, you won't be that lucky, I need you to go into the power conduit and reconnect the power exchange couplings. Careful not to cross the wires, you remember what happened last time." she said smiling. "But first show our guests to their rooms." she added bowing slightly to the Jedi Knights before walking back to the cockpit.

    "Sorry about that." Kembo said rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. "Anyway, this way." he added going down one of the corridors of the ship and stopping about halfway down it. "These two rooms will be where you'll be staying, I hope it will be sufficient. Now I'm off to possible electrocution." he added with a wave, and then proceeded down to engineering where he proceeded to crawl into the primary power conduit, he left a few minutes later with smoke coming off him in tiny wisps. He went down to the cockpit and sat down, the seat smoldering slightly. "Power conduits are fully functional." he said and then proceeded to cough. "Next time the ship gets damaged I promise to help repair it." he added.

    "Good. Now are we set to head out?" she said over the intercom, making sure she got imput from not only Kembo but from the Jedi as well.

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    OCC: Stupid light siders always getting first dibs.....=P
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    OOC: Does Dark siders include me since Im on no one side now.
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    IC: Raxus Nihl

    The Hammerhanddrifted in space, it's bridge lights dim, all had gone to rest barring the grave shift. A white armoured figure stood at the view port, his armoured gaze piercing the blackness. "The Protector" that is all they had told him before they died, he had scoured much of the outer rim, rumors of a legendary Jedi exile were but fleeting stories and shadows in the folklore of the rim. Lord Nihl's mind was calm, his new grasp on reality had come in handy here, his cold and ruthless character backed with his elegance and grace, he could almost charm the answer from his prisoners. He had cast a net of informants across the wider rim in an attempt to know of his last location here, however he was proving hard to track.

    His Legionnairres were performing admirably, Captain Derzan was proving a useful man indeed, his kill teams had destroyed a dozen high up criminal organisations already across the outer rim worlds, their bosses refusing to give aid to the Emperors Legion. Lord Nihl tapped on the durasteel frame of the view port, he needed answers fast, his master was expecting one of the Republics greatest heroes to be brought to his knees...he would not dissapoint.

    Lord Nihl moved away quietly, his hands twitched under his cloak, he was eager to face this new opponent, but on his terms. As he stepped off the bridge a voice stopped him from behind.

    "My lord! A transmission from one of our agents, he is stationed on Kamino....a survivor of an attack is reportedly being healed by the Kamino cloners.."

    The Dark Lord was over the shoulder of the technician long before he was expected, the Sith almost jumped as he turned to see the blue energy conduit of his helmet.

    "Lock us in on a course to Kamino, I will find my prize...this man will be made to suffer the likes of which no one has been made to suffer."

    The deck was silent, the worried eyes of the crew lasted only seconds, they knew the limits of their masters mercy and now with this new persona he seemed colder and more deadly then ever. The large battlecruiser moved immediately, its engines humming to life, the alarm went out for battlestations and the machine of war was ready.

    "Jump now Captain."

    "My Lord."


    The rain and wind buffeted the Dark Lords cloak as he stepped across the landing pad, his elite armoured guard flanking him on either sides. Over fifty Legionnairres moved into the entrance hall of one of the amazing structures of the Kaminoens, there was no security detail and no army to speak of on the planet, they were researches and medical magicians. Lord Nihl moved through his men to the main desk, a Kamino female stood silently, no fear and no despair crossed her face. Small puddles of water were appearing around Lord Nihl and his men as the water ran off their smooth white armour, his blue energy conduits blazing in the bright room.

    "How may I help one of the masters of the Sith Empire?"

    Lord Nihl smiled, "You honor me with an audience, I am here to find a patient of yours, he recently was brought here with crippling injuries and mental fatigue. He has suffered at the hands of the Jedi in particular, I just have some questions for him."

    "I am afraid I cannot allow you to see any of our patients unless they themselves allow the request."

    Lord Nihl went silent for a moment, his men stood perfectly still, their masks a dread thing to look upon, these were no peace keepers and Kamino knew it.

    "Tell the patient it is someone who wished to bring this wrongdoer to justice.."

    For a moment the Kamino female looked across the armoured men before her, she smiled as he race did and moved off silently. Lord Nihl watched, he was fascinated, she seemed to float across the ground, her steps fluid and graceful...something could be learned from these people...

    After a time the Kaminoen was back, her hand gesturing to the hall leading off the main chamber, "He has requested only the leader of the claim to present himself."

    "I shall not dissapoint then....Captain Derzan..wait for me here, prepare the men, something does
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    Mar 29, 2005
    OOC: Hey guys RL has stepped in and as such i wont be able to get onto the boards for the next 3 weeks, as such i've asked Radiance to take over Andur till i get back...cheers

    P.S...dont do too much while im away...dont want to miss out on too much ;)
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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Daemon Alario/Tanis/Zeth

    Daemon watched with a hint more than a bit of satisfaction as Tanis walked in with his clothes torn up and dirty. The Dark Lord could see dried blood on the mans lip.

    ?Trouble? Tanis??

    Tanis sneered and tossed a small device onto Daemon?s desk. It skidded to a halt in his lap after bouncing a few times. Daemon?s smirk turned into a dour frown as he realized that the device was the data wafer that had been ripped from the Temple on Telos.

    ?If the data has been corrupted in some way due to your mistreatment??

    Tanis continued to sneer as he cut off the Dark Lord.

    ??You?ll do what?? Kill me? Are we forgetting something Daemon??

    Daemon?s eyes narrowed slightly. Tanis really must have really gotten his fingernails dirty if he was opposing Daemon this openly, even if they were alone.

    ?Please remind me why I haven?t killed you yet..?

    Tanis turned walked out the door as he spoke over his shoulder.

    ??Because mom would just die?..?

    Fury rose inside of Daemon, to the point where everyone on the ship probably felt a roiling in the Force.

    ?You must have found someone that is stronger than you to be this excitable, Tanis??

    Tanis stopped in the door and turned slowly. His eyes were slits.

    ?You needn?t worry about that ?. My Lord?. He is out of your league. Fear not little Daemon? Big brother will take care of the scary man?.you just stick to playing with your glow rod and dejarik pieces.?

    Tanis? eyes flashed a crimson that was identical to Daemon?s for a moment, before they returned to his usual brown, then he left without another word.

    Daemon stood, outraged. His fist came down on top of his desk and broke the polished stone in two. He nearly crushed the data wafer himself as he realized it was in his other hand.

    The Dark Lord composed himself and drew his comlink.


    ?Yes My Lord??

    ?I am sending you a data wafer, sift through it and hack the information on it to splice into the camera feeds from two days ago. Telos. I want to know who Tanis fought.?

    ?By your Will.?

    ??And Captain??

    ?My Lord??

    ?? Have the requisition department order me a new desk.?

    *audible sigh*

    ?I?ll add it to the list Lord Daemon. The bill for the replacement Admiral hasn?t come in yet, shall I tack the desk cost onto that as well???

    Daemon?s eyes stared straight at the wall.

    ?Not today Captain.?

    ?Right you are My Lord. I?ll see to it at once.?

    Two hours later Daemon was watching the epic Force battle that had taken place at the Jedi Stronghold on Telos. First on the roof of the Temple, his eyes widened slightly as the entire first wave of fighters were brought down at the exact same time.

    He continued to watch the feed as the silent battle raged on inside of the Temple. He saw the landing of Tanis, and watched screen by screen at the damage that ensued when the two titans clashed.

    How could the Jedi have that much strength left? Their Temple was utterly destroyed. We should have felt someone that powerful still out there?

    Daemon studied the clearest image that he could find of the man?s face. It was a mask of ferocity. It showed Daemon that the man was simply a conduit for the Force. Not like other Jedi or Sith, who bent the Force to their will?s. This man acted on impulse and impulse alone. His Force reactions were just that, reaction. Habitual in nature. Daemon doubted highly if the man got fatigued on a regular basis. This was something that Tanis would have to handle, much as Daemon hated to admit it. That man would crush Daemon if they fought at range. But Daemon also noticed that the man didn?t carry a lightsaber. Speculations could be made about such a move.

    But one thing was for certain.

    The Jedi now had at least two individuals that were going to cause him a headache. And Daemon didn?t much like getting headaches.


    IC: Zeth

    Zeth was a demo expert. He was a Commando first and foremost but, he was just more skilled in demolitions than his comrades. It came from his i
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    IC - Karn Fell

    "Send the distress signal!" Karn hoisted the man farther into the air. The man slammed his hand on the alarm claxon, the base alarms went off and then the radio signals sent out short burst of emergency radio transmissions. "Good." Karn crushed the mans neck in his Force grip then he dropped the corpse on the desk. The base alarms were blarring, but that didn't concern Karn, everyone was already dead, through days of night attacks and surgical raids he had crushed the unprepared lax security force the Sith had left to secure the temple. Karn walked out of the Command tent he had been in then he walked down towards the temple, or at least what was left of it. Crushed ruins and destroyed artifacts littered the ground. "This is whats left for their Jedi, and what will become of their Cradle of Power." Karn walked around the ruins, he found bodies scattered through out the ruined temple, then he found on body, a female knight with one, what was it, a dart wound, and in her leg, poison, Karn removed the dart and examined it, he didn't recognize it. "R-2 do you copy?" the droid beeped in response "Im sending you a scan of a poison dart, Analyse, and bring me your conclusions." Karn looked into the sky and he told himself that he had done the right thing he felt as though the Jedi had let him down, but the darkside was eating at him from the inside out. Karn screamed and looked back at the temple and ruined sith camp, "What have I done." Karn slumped to his knees.

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    Edit: Does not require a follow up post, just a filler to describe what happens on Dantooine.
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    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Raxus Nihl, Planet Rishi, Outer Rim

    The forest glade was tranquil, the sound of animals reverberated across the valleys and high mountains. In the distance the a sonic boom sounded, the forest went silent, the sound of a rocket coming closer and closer. The sudden impact sent debris and foliage in all direction, the small crater where the pod had landed cracked open slowly, the white armoured figure stepped forth, his gaze settling on the peaceful world.

    The recovering bounty hunter had been useful indeed, this was the planet where he had received his injuries, this was the planet where he had fallen in combat to this...Andur. The co-ordinates were correct, after a short stroll a ruined home was evident, they had long left this place...

    Lord Nihl smiled to himself, they could not have gone far at all, now with the information he was armed with he knew Andur had a wife and two small children. This was going to become much easier...his next course of action would to drop into the closest planets and start asking about a family from off world settling with a mysterious stranger.

    He stepped forward into the home and let the force surround him, they had left their own imprint on this home, a place of safety and comfort. He could feel their presence, it was so strong, so pure...he concentrated hard. He knew what to look for, he knew what force signature he was seeking.

    Things were not going to end well for Andur and his family.

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    Nov 3, 2004
    IC: Calen Sirion
    Sith Flagship

    Calen was awoken barely an hour after he had lain down to rest by either his com console's -and by extension his datapad to which it was connected to- beeping, or by the call he felt rippling in the force, wanting him to return to Dantooine, the planet they had just left. Standing quickly, Calen forced himself into alertness, something that had been driven into him at a very young age, and proceeded quickly to the com console.

    Reaching it quickly he found he had two incoming messages, one from the armory that seemed to double as his new commandos hangout, and the other a code red emergency signal coming from the small garrison that they had left behind on Dantooine, stating that it was under attack. That combined with the strange pull he felt from the force to return to Dantooine was enough to convince Calen to ask the dark lord if it would be possible to drop hyperspace long enough for himself and the Reapers to launch in a shuttle in order to deal with whoever dared to attack the Sith.

    Remembering the other incoming signal he decided it best to go ahead and have the Reapers start getting ready, so as not to waste time should Lord Daemon allow them to deal with the nuisance.

    ?My Lord? this is Corporal Zeth. Do you have Orders for us??

    The assassin turned sith lord's lips curved upwards in a dark smile before he spoke, "Ah, Corporal Zeth, excellent timing. Inform the rest of the Reapers to get ready, for if Lord Daemon allows, we're going hunting..."

    Opening a channel to the dark lord's personal command salon the newly titled Lord Calen took a steady breath before speaking in a respectful tone when the console signaled he was connected.

    "My lord, I've just received an emergency signal from the garrison that was left on Dantooine informing us that they are under attack." Taking a brief pause, Calen continued. "I also feel that I am being, pulled, there, perhaps to deal with whomever thinks it wise to attack the Sith. I would like to request that, if possible, we drop hyperspace long enough for myself and my team to perhaps launch in a shuttle to deal with this, problem."

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    IC: Raxus Nihl

    The streets were crowded, Mos Eisley was a sprawling mass of bodies and buildings. What better a place to hide a family then to put them right in front of the noses of those he had single handedly destroyed and culled over the years. But with that came enemies, with that came information. The other outer rim worlds were less inhabitable, dangerous to say the least, here they would be safe in their own home, the local enforcers would have been paid off and some form of protection would have been granted to them.

    Lord Nihl had been tipped off by a local crime boss who had been tracking the battlecruiser through the local systems. The hutt saw the potential for being the Sith's ally, whether he understood who he was dealing with was another matter. Andur had been on Tatooine recently and he had not been alone, hooded and cloaked they were said to have arrived, quietly spirited away into the sprawling city.

    The Sith lord could feel the danger involved here, something was not entirely right, his family would not be without protection of a very superior nature. Most likely skilled bounty hunters, paid off as guardians to the family..this might not be as easy as he had hoped.

    Like a specter Lord Nihl ghosted through the winding streets, those who would usually confront immediately withdrew, his aura dampening their bravado. He still did not know where they might reside, and this was a large city, it would take months to scour, thats assuming they lived in the city and not on the outskirts in the desert. He was close, that was the point, and one way or another he would find them...then Andur would come to him.


    "My Lord, I have given you all the information I have, I did not know where they might have gone but we are scouring the city for them at this very moment."

    The Hutt was bowing and scraping, he knew this man before him could destroy everything he had worked towards if he failed him now, Lord Nihl's patience was waning. The Hutt had brought every guard and man at arms into his chamber, as if this offered some protection from the Sith Lord.

    "Cho'tlan I understand your position, but you came to me with promises of this family, I have yet to be given that which you had promised."

    His voice was soft and gentle but behind those blue eyes a malice so cold that it could freeze men in their place. He had come unarmoured, he did not see the point of any display of power...just yet.

    "Yes my Lord, I understand your situation and I humbly apologise, we will find them, there is no question of that. But I must know what is in it for me...??"

    His voice trailed off as Lord Nihl moved forward, his cowl was pulled back to show his shockingly white face, his black tattoos framing his cold eyes. He could feel the tension in the room, blasters were unholstered slowly and quietly. Raxus tilted forward to the Hutt's throne.

    "You will be protected by the Sith Empire and you will have the Emperor's eternal gratitude...a worthy prize for anyone in the new order."

    The Hutt seemed taken back, his eyes darting from right to left, counting his men. His gaze fell back upon the Sith and he smiled grotesquely.

    "Of course, anything for the Emperor."

    "Excellent, you have served the Empire well Hutt, make sure it continues."

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    Aug 27, 2009
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    Name: Titania
    Race: Codru-ji
    Age: 27
    Height: 1.6 metres
    Weight: 56.7 kg
    Physical Appearance: Rust colored hair braided down to her lower back, tanned skin, blue eyes.
    Clothing: Usually a Blue and Black form fitting bodyglove. With knee high boots of supple black nerf leather.
    Armor: Jal Shey Neophyte armor w/ a Cortosis underweave.
    Weapons: 2 acid yellow lightsaber w/ black hilts, 2 molten bronze lightsaber w/ dull gray hilts.
    Other items: comlink, jedi starfighter, astro-droid.
    Personality: sarcastic, head strong, but with incredible focus
    Combat specialty: Modified Jar'Kai (fitted for fighting with four sabers at once)
    Affiliation: Jedi
    Rank: Knight
    Bio: Titania was found as a child roaming the streets of Coruscant. She was taken in by a group of jedi padawans as a pet (the padawans did not know that Codru-ji start out as dog like creatures and they are often mistaken as pets). The padawans tried to keep her a secret from their masters, but when they found her one day in a cocoon they became alarmed and alerted a master. When Titania emerged from her cocoon (the Cord-ji form of puberty) she was humanoid. The master discovered she was very strong in the Force and convinced the council to train her. After years of training and hard practice, when she was just 12, she finally caught up; then surpassed padawans of her own age ( she entered her cocoon when she was eight years old). She was chosen by Master Duncan as his apprentice. It was during his tutelage that she developed her modified Jar?Kai style, due to her ambidextrous nature she became quite a force to be reckoned with. Master Duncan was killed in the lower levels of coruscant while Titania was in her trials. She felt his scream in the Force and almost failed her current task. She searched for years but was unable to find what had happened to Master Duncan. Recently she was assigned to assist a republic relief effort on a small colony world. She is now on her way back to Telos (the nearest jedi outpost to the colony she was at).
  18. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007

    IC: Daemon Alario/Zeth

    Daemon looked up as a message came through. It was his newly appointed Lord, Calen.

    "My lord, I've just received an emergency signal from the garrison that was left on Dantooine informing us that they are under attack. I also feel that I am being, pulled, there, perhaps to deal with whomever thinks it wise to attack the Sith. I would like to request that, if possible, we drop hyperspace long enough for myself and my team to perhaps launch in a shuttle to deal with this, problem."

    Daemon thought for a moment.

    ?Yes I believe you are correct. I feel it also. But I have more important things to attend to? I will tell the captain to make an emergency stop, you will have a window of 5 minutes to leave the ship before preparations are made to jump back into hyperspace. Go? Lord Calen. Act as my fist and crush this upstart. Do whatever it takes.?

    Daemon switched off the frequency and commed his new Admiral.

    ?Admiral Acara? Drop hyperspace as soon as it is safe to do so. The Reapers are making an exit.?

    The answer came immediately, fraught with fear, as if answering a micro second later would have cost the man more than his job.

    ?At once My Lord!?

    Daemon smiled.

    Perhaps this one would prove a bit more useful than the last.


    Elsewhere in the ship, Corporal Zeth was already relaying Lord Calen?s message to the other Reapers. As soon as they had gotten word, the men immediately stopped what they were doing, slapped their weapons back together, and slipped their helmets on and sealed them.

    Zeth snapped his helmet in place and tightened his gloves before locking his rifle diagonally against his chest. He pulled his stealth field generator belt and also snapped that into place. Finally, Zeth shouldered his equipment pack and tightened the straps. The group formed up in a square with each other and began checking the pack of the person next to them.

    A simultaneous open palmed slap on the back of their helmets was all it took for the group to state their ready. Dreg took a step out into the hallway and the rest of the squad formed up behind him. They began to jog down the pristine hallways towards the hangar bay, their boots clicking in tandem like the well trained unit they were.

    Dreg had commed ahead to the hangar to ready Calen?s shuttle. The Reapers had their own assault vessel, which was heavily armed but not as stealthy as Calen?s shuttle. Sometimes it took stealth instead of muscle.

    The Reapers knew that better than anyone else.

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    IC: Thane/Andur/Cad

    ?I have a bad feeling, something is wrong. I can?t tell what though.?

    Andur sat rubbing his chin in the corner. It was a strange thing, to dwell on one?s family while trying to think of possible outcomes. It disturbed the natural flow of his thoughts. Right now, that was a bad thing.

    He had delivered his idea for his new robes to Thane once they had entered hyperspace, and already the Mystic was sitting cross legged on the floor, spools of blue and gold and black laid out before him. The Force swirled around Thane and he became dead to the world as his eyes closed. The blue thread began weaving itself around and around, fitting seamlessly and perfectly into the image that Thane saw in his head.

    Cad came walking out of the cockpit with his helmet off. He looked around and raised an eyebrow at the Tunic being formed in midair in front of Thane.

    ?When will I find something that a Jedi can?t do.. I swear, you are master combatants, Master tacticians? and now Master weavers. I bet you I could beat you in Bolo-ball?.?

    He looked from Andur to Thane and shook his head again.

    ??I take that back, he?s probably a champ at bolo-ball??

    Andur had to smile a little. The Mandalorian Medic was a welcome relief to his stressful state. He couldn?t get his mind off of his wife and children.

    ?Have you ever been married Cad??

    Cad sat down across the table from Andur and propped his armored feet up on the table.

  19. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
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    There may or may not be a time in between when I get to post so, do what you need to do, and hopefully I will be able to update a little as I am out.

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    IC: Raxus Nihl

    Lord Nihl waited, patiently, a rumor here, a hint there. The information trickled in about the family and soon he had realised they were not even in the city. In their place had been many family doubles, they did not leave this world well, they had died very slowly. Apparently Lord Nihl had not taken too kindly to the ruse and he made sure their suffering mirrored his own frustration.

    The family were living on a ranch somewhere around the city, this was a problem, a dozen of so ranches were present with all manner of livestock. He knew they had tried to contact some of the double families so would know someone was after them and was getting close.

    A few days had gone by and the Dark Lord was stalking the streets once more, he mused to himself, they would be foolish indeed to reveal themselves now...nevertheless. The Sith moved through the bust streets, he was becoming a familiar figure, those around him giving him plenty of room, he was very....popular...

    Lord Nihl found himself in the busy market place, every manner of creature was present here with every manner of goods. As he made his way through the crowds he noticed some of the resident stall owners nod at him, some even gave him a slight bow, Lord Nihl enjoyed being respected, for a Sith Lord was he and as such demanded it. As Lord Nihl turned back to the sprawling masses something caught his attention, his focus soaring to new heights. A small cloaked figure had dropped something and was racing over to where it had landed, another shrouded figure had appeared and an arm had shot out and carried the small one off. Lord Nihl's eyes went wide and he began to race towards the figures who had already began to move quickly through the market, darting through side streets and main alleys. Never taking the same route they weaved through the city until they reaches the outskirts, there they seemed to slow, confident no one had followed.

    From the darkness of a nearby building the Dark Lord watched, his force shroud taking a toll on his concentration, he must not let them know they had been seen. The family moved quickly through the desert until they reached a covered vehicle and sped towards the North East.

    "Captain Derzan....prepare the men, I want all drop ships ready to descend upon my location when I call."

    "My Lord."

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  21. Lord_Raziel

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    IC: Raxus Nihl

    Tranquil, peaceful..almost serene, the ranch stood before the dark lord, Banthas roaming to and fro. He could see the workers and the men paid to guard them, their blasters hung loose, this was an unassuming place...silly child.

    As he walked down the dirt path members of the militia approached, their weapons not even drawn, Lord Nihl smiled despite himself. A filth covered humanoid confronted him, his hands firmly on his hips.

    "Whut business do ya have here sir?"

    His drawl was tedious, the Dark Lord raised his cowl slowly and let them catch a glimpse of his white armour, before their brains could put the information together they fell. A blur of red cut them down, arms and heads dropped lazily to the floor. Screams could be heard from the workers as some witnessed the brutal murders, the sound brought the rest of the men scrambling, their weapons held ready.

    Among them an armoured figure stood, his weaponry and command seemed different, a bounty hunter most they had defended themselves well. Casually he seemed to unholster his blasters and aim them directly at the Sith, within seconds the air was filled with the super heated blaster rounds, all of the weapons firing in a blaze of energy....

    Silence, the militia stood stunned, even the hunter took a step back, the humming of the saber the only sound in the large parade ground. The area around Lord Nihl was pock marked with small craters, his body unharmed. Some of the militia broke and ran, their weapons discarded behind them. Without a second thought the hunter moved forward, his weapons spitting death in his direction, one after another the bolts were deflected, soon they were standing close, Lord Nihl slashed out with one of his blades...


    His blade hissed and sputtered against the vibro blade, his assailant now holding a long sword. Lord Nihl grunted and began to make his attacks, spinning and whirling both his weapons with precision and grace. Each time the cool steel met the burning energy, the frustration was blinding, Lord Nihl reached out with the force and clamped the hunter tight...

    "Puny gone."

    With a flick of his wrist the man was hurtled into the nearby buildings, his body limp and motionless. The Sith Lord shrugged his cloak to the ground, the militia who remained began to sprint away, Lord Nihl reached down to his gauntlet and pressed a few buttons.


    The ranch was ablaze, his troopers running here and there, the stray blaster bolts slamming into the sandy ground. The militia guarding the ranch had been disposed of quickly, their numbers counted for nothing against Lord Nihl. His sabers had been crimson death, their screams cut short. He could hear the commotion inside the buildings as family members attempted to escape.

    All the men were executed, the cries for mercy cut short by his Legionnairres. Yet still he could not find he made his way deeper into the property a small explosion knocked him to his feet, a fully armoured figure came rocketing out of one of the roofs.

    Mini rockets exploded all around him, his armour taking the brunt of the attack, the dust was blinding, he could not see his assailant. A scream from the dark alerted him, his body swerving just in time as the force pike swept passed him, he could hear the energy blade collide with the ground. His own sabers leapt to life, their red glow piercing the gloom, he was ready to play this shadow game.

    Their weapons clanged and buzzed as they sparred among the destruction being wrought around them, the hunter was fast, unbelievably fast. Lord Nihl kept pace but only just, his armour pulsing with energy, a spinning kick knocked him backwards, his hands outstretched with a force push..


    The dust cleared from the blast, but there the combatant stood, his hands swirling in a style only talked about, he had dispersed his force blast....

    "Little I know who you are, very noble to face me like you have, your husband would be proud.."

    Before she could react he leapt forward, his weapons coming down
  22. Radiance

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    IC: Thane/Andur/Cad

    The Mando shuttle landed and before the ramp was fully extended, Thane and Andur were walking down and stepping out into the sandy air. Cad grabbed a long rifle from a storage rack and stuffed his helmet on. He hit a few buttons on his belt and the trio moved around in tandem as a side compartment of the ship slid open to reveal four speeder bikes.

    The three men swung their legs over the bikes and Andur looked over at the other two. Thane was tightening his sword strap and pauldron with one hand while starting up the bike with his other. Cad was calibrating his helmet and adjusting his rifle so it was comfortable when he rode. Thane saw a sand storm coming and narrowed his eyes as he pulled up a white cloth mask around his mouth and nose. Finally he stuck a small metallic piece in his ear and pulled up his white hood.

    ?Check check.?

    Cad nodded as he received the signal.

    ?I?m reading you Tide. We ready to go??

    Cad gave a thumbs up, Thane looked to his left to Andur and nodded. Andur was staring at some scorch marks on the sand from blaster fire.

    ?The Sith are already here? we have to hurry. Thank you both for doing this.?

    Andur started up his bike, determination in his eyes. It was getting dark out, and the temperature was dropping. With the sand storm coming in and the twin suns setting, visibility was going to be next to nill. Cad had already switched to nightvision mode on his visor and lit up the night like it was day. Thane and Andur had the Force to guide them.

    Andur leaned forward and practically whispered, ?Follow me..?

    Andur shot off followed instanty by Thane and Cad. They zoomed out of the star port vehicle door and rocketed out into the desert air. Andur was going around the city to avoid civilians getting in the way.

    Thane was holding the bubble around the trio to mask their movements to the senses. There wasn?t much that he could do about masking three men moving at high speed with a huge cloud of dust following in their wake.

    The had rode for about five minutes before Cad split off and commed over.

    ?Hey Andur? is that it ahead??


    ?I?m picking up smoke on night vision. I am going to get in position. Good luck you two.?

    Thane had to glance over as he felt Andur?s Force aura tighten around him. Though it was still in his bubble so they were still safe.

    Andur and Thane broke left at the same time while still under cover of the gathering storm. They rode up a hill a good distance still away from the ranch and parked the bikes as they crawled up the edge of the hill to peek over.

    The ranch was ablaze. An armored shuttle was lifting off and Andur gritted his teeth as he felt a familiar presence on board.

    ?Bec? we were too late..?

    Thane kept his attention forward at the masses of Sith surrounding the small ranch.

    ?Andur, your children are still here. They wanted your wife off station to separate them. We still have a job to do here. Leave the shuttle to Cad.?

    Andur nodded regretfully.

    ?What should we do??

    Thane looked over and pulled his cloth mask off to reveal a smirk.

    ?Sometimes? tactics are out. Sometimes you need to just go right up the middle. But.. luckily this isn?t one of those times. I can cover two men. I can?t cover three.?

    Thane closed his eyes and had to mentally exert himself as he made his negation bubble smaller around the duo, and Andur?s eyes went wide as he watched Thane disappear from sight.

    ?They cant see us. But will be suspicious when the sand makes foot marks of men they cant see in the sand. But the storm should cover us. Just be silent until the terminator point. Let?s go.?

    Both men sprang up and ran down the hill. The storm was now upon them and the dust flying around was stifling. The noise was reaching a peak. Thane heard the voice of Cad in his ear as they passed the first trooper undetected. The man was turned away from the rest of the group.

    ?Heh.. this cover is perfect! I can?t hear a kriffing thing, but neither can they!?

    Andur and Thane sprinted side by sid
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    IC: Kembo Sigra

    The ship had taken off shortly after everyone had settled in. The course having been laid already they made quick work and entered orbit around Tython in the course of a few hours, now waiting for the remaining ships Kembo, Kalarta, and their two passengers waited for their allies to appear. "Well no use wasting any excess energy, or giving the enemy something to pick up on should they show up anytime soon. Cut the engines, we'll just float here like some sort of debris, keep the shields on a low pulse though, just to be safe." Kembo said, Kalarta replied by punching a few buttons, the ship jerking and the light roar that permeated the ship falling to a faint hum, the inertia causing Kembo to get momentarily choked by his safety straps.

    "That good enough for you 'boss'." The Twi'lek stated placing her hands behind her head and reclining in her seat. "I do hope I didn't make that stop too abrupt." she added grinning softly as she stretched. "Now if you'll excuse me, I think I take a stroll along the corridors, my legs are getting squishy from all this sitting around." she added getting up and leaving the room.

    "No, the stop was fine." Kembo said rubbing his throat, small marks appearing where the saftey strap bit into his skin. "Much better than the one at Ithor." he added as she passed by, a soft chuckle escaping her lips. "I'll stay here and wait for Master Thane to contact us, with any luck he'll get here soon." Kembo said taking Kalarta's seat, and keeping a careful eye on the communication and sensor relays.

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  24. Lord_Raziel

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    IC: Raxus Nihl

    He smiled, the Jedi Master was infront of him now, confronting him openly. He lowered his hands after absorbing the force shockwave, the other master stood just behind protecting the younglings.
    Without a word he unhooked both of his wicked saber hilts, dropping into Ataru as he always did, his feet apart, his armoured body poised for combat. The energy conduits of his helmet and chest plate burned blue in the dim light, he was an imposing figure indeed, but these were not merely run of the mill Jedi, no amount of flashy gear would impress them...but something else would.

    "Andur, I have looked for a long time, I am sorry it had to come to this..."

    Time slowed, the two warriors engaged their sabers, their first strikes were a blur, no one present, not even the master behind them could track their movements fully. The dark side roiled around the apprentice, his powers reverberating across the ranch like a wave. Yet the waves crashed against the mountainous powers of the man ahead, the light side of the force colliding head on with the Sith's own fury. Summersaulting and spinning Raxus Nihl engaged his opponent, his blades whirling like crimson death.

    Never slowing never stopping the two masters clashed and traded blows, the air around them heavy with the powers gathered here. The malice and hope were tangible, the Sith troopers not under fire could barely continue on their duties, their weapons held loosely as they watched the battle. Blow for blow they met each other, spinning low and striking high, limbs lashing out at one another, their faces bloodied and sore.

    As the battle continued the storm raged around them, their sabers creating a macabre shadow of hate and rage. It was if the planet itself willed these two to destroy each other, right here, right now. The two blades collided, sending both Jedi and Sith skidding across the sand, their legs coiling to receive the impact. Lord Nihl sprung forward, his legs outstretched, he corkskrewed through the first blade swipe, his foot kicking out mid spin knocking Andur against the wall of the Ranch. As he landed his outstretched hand let loose one of his sabers, its death spin heading straight for Andur's midsection.

    With almost tranquil ease the Jedi Master clipped the blade with his own sending the weapon spiralling away, just in time to receive Lord Nihls frontal assault, his saber soaring back to his hand as the other sliced across his body. Andur blocked and parried, his own blade coming down hard on the Sith's defenses, he struck again and again and again, Lord Nihl stepped back, once, twice, his blades whirling in a defensive pattern.

    He could not lose here...he could not let this Jedi defeat him...he would not fail again.....

    An explosion rocketed from the Sith Apprentice, the sand storm bending to his will as he channeled the Dark Side through his very veins. Andur was sent crashing across the ground, standing quickly with his saber held ready. The force explosion had lifted Lord Nihl off the ground, the blue lights of his armour burning brightly.

    He could feel his muscles burning, his feet slowly touching the sand once more, this could not go on forever. He could sense his men opening fire on the surrounding areas, something or someone was picking off troopers. The soldiers near the ranch had their guns firmly pointed at the mystic and the children, he could only defend against the many shots, he would be able to react much if they open fired except to protect himself the the children.

    Raxus raised one saber towards the Jedi master, "Andur, let me introduce myself, the man who will destroy your name is Raxus Nihl, commander of the Legio Custode, fist of the will not live to see your family again."

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    IC: Calen Sirion
    Sith Warship

    ?Yes I believe you are correct. I feel it also. But I have more important things to attend to? I will tell the captain to make an emergency stop, you will have a window of 5 minutes to leave the ship before preparations are made to jump back into hyperspace. Go? Lord Calen. Act as my fist and crush this upstart. Do whatever it takes.?

    Calen didn't waste a second of his limited time. He did a quick once over of his person, making sure his equipment was fully stocked and ready before bursting out the door and down the corridor, quickly accelerating into force speeds. Those whose paths he crossed on the way to the hanger saw only a blurred streak of shadow that left a gust of self generated wind in its wake.

    Reaching the entrance to the proper hanger, Calen took a moment to take a relaxing breath and a moment later walked into the hanger. His new unit, the Reapers, were already here, no doubt do to their armory's proximity to this particular hanger. Even as he entered they were already prepping his shuttle, no doubt chosen for the extra stealth it offered. Not seeing Dreg, though he was likely prepping the shuttle, he move towards Corporal Zeth, the second in command.

    "How soon will we be able to leave? We have another," Calen looked at the chrono on his datapad, "three minutes."

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