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  1. slumvillage

    slumvillage Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 16, 2005
    IC: Oatti Hoosh
    Roof, Jedi Warrior Temple, Telos

    [blockquote]The Sith Frigates had been destroyed with the help of Mystic Thane?s ability to increase a Jedi?s connection to the force. It was not without cost as Thane still rested, gathering his strength to rise up and lay waste to the Sith invasion force. Now was not that time and with their lives, if need be, Oatti Hoosh and Suuva swore to protect the Mystic at any and all costs.

    Four Sith Warriors, fast as lightning, burst out of their landing pods and after making quick work of the temple?s air defenses, they turned their sights on Mystic Thane and the two Jedi Knights standing in front of him. Their movements were very unpredictable. They cut and zigzagged as they continued on their own path, red lightsabers glowing intensely against the white snow.

    Both the Jedi Knights stood vigilant, their lightsabers activated and held at the ready. They were calm, soaking up the vibrations the force gave them as the Sith closed the distance. Oatti trusted the force that he felt with him today. He bent down and gathered up a large concentration of the force. He appeared as a force ball to those who could see the force around them. As the Sith closed with 5 meters of space, Oatti let loose. He forcibly sent the force ball forward, hitting the four Sith, rendering them with no control over their body. The force blast sent the Sith flying backwards and they crashed down to the ice covered ground.

    Jedi Knight Suuva leaped out from his position, following the path that two of the Sith took after Oatti?s force blast. It took mere seconds for the Togarion to jump his way over to one of the Sith who was regaining his composure. Suuva came down with his yellow blade, ending the Sith?s life by beheading. Suuva turned towards the force signature of the other Sith who had been thrown back this way. It was too late, he wasn?t there but he was in the air, his red blade coming down on to cut the Togarion in half. Suuva turned, sweeping the Sith off of his initial trajectory with a force push. The Sith was on his feet in now time, and once again was on the offensive. He swept through Suuva?s position. Suuva parried the red blade but his back was taken. The Sith jumped on it and brought his saber up to plunge it into the Jedi?s skull. Suuva reached back with a claw and threw the Sith in front of him. The Sith combat rolled onto his feet and Suuva rushed in. The Sith turned and side stepped the Torgarion?s attack, coming under neath and cutting the Jedi Knight diagonally in half. Suuva?s yellow lightsaber deactivated and his body fell to Telos? surface in two.


    The Jedi Knight, Oatti Hoosh did not leave his post in front of the Mystic Thane as Suuva did. That had been Suuva?s style. He was a powerful, strong Jedi who liked to force his opponents into his style of battle. These opponents were different. Their movements were too hard to track. The two Sith, Oatti had sent off to the west had gotten back up and they moved as a team. He calmed himself and took a deep breath. A familiar voice knocked on the entrance to his head. It was her?

    You can?t beat them. They are too fast. Won?t you let me in? You won?t last long without me.

    ?Damn, Seductress!? Oatti thought as he gritted his teeth. ?I will not need any assistance from you!?

    Oatti concentrated on shutting her out and he focused in on his two opponents. He took another deep breath, digging deep down inside and calling upon the force to help him slow down the battle field. The power of Thane still with him, his opponents began to appear in slower than before. Oatti caught one of their patterns and unleashed a force push his way. The push knocked the Sith backwards and Oatti stepped forward to engage the still standing Sith Warrior.

    It wasn?t that the battle field was slowed down but Oatti?s speed had been increased to match that of the Sith, it just appeared slower. Oatti?s green blade and the S
  2. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: My apologies for the delay, couldn't think of anything to post for during the trip as Calen.
    IC: Calen Sirion

    He had chosen to be among the last to reach the battle for a reason. Two really. The first was to get a feel for Rihl's preferred tactics. No surprise there, just a combination of brute force, surprise, and a small dash of skill. Overall it was strait up and, by extension, boring. Dreadfully dull and uncreative, and boring, definitely boring.

    The second, was so that when he arrived both forces were already engaged in fighting. This allowed Calen, with his presence submerged and untraceable in the force, at least by those he would encounter here, to walk behind already engaged jedi and simply stab them in the back. Or the neck. Or the side, the underarm, and the leg. It didn't matter. The shock of unexpected pain from an undetected foe was enough to break their concentration enough for the person they were fighting to finish them. That is, if Calen's strike didn't do it for them.

    Many jedi relied far to heavily on their force senses to tell them of an unseen threat. Some sith did it as well. Regardless it made it far to easy to merely kill those already fighting one or more sith, and thereby allowing those sith to move on to other targets. This meant that by now most jedi were being forced to fight against multiple opponents.

    To many, shamefully including some of the sith, saw this tactic as something without honor. Thankfully, Calen mused, Lord Daemon was not of such opinion...

    Calen suddenly paused in pulling a dagger out of his latest victim as he felt Rihl's wordless cry for aid. Without a word he yanked the dagger free, the jedi it had previously been sheathed in falling to the ground with a thump, life draining from his eyes. Not that Calen was watching. He had turned in the direction he had last seen Nihl to find him on the ground, wounded, possibly lethally, forty feet from his own position. Already jedi, no doubt angered at Rihl's latest, and possibly last kill begin moving in, akin to scavengers smelling an easy meal.

    Calen suddenly sprinted into movement at a speed provided by the force toward his fallen ally, leaping into a low roll over a dead jedi, coming up in a single, fluid movement, with his lightsaber activating and slicing the first jedi in his path in half diagonally before his lightsaber fell silent again and his movement continued forward. The one after the first had just enough time to feel something tiny strike his neck, before falling over dead, killed by a darts concentrated poison.

    Before that jedi's body even fell a quarter of the way to the ground Calen was in the middle of a force propelled leap, with his left hand's gauntlet blade unsheathing itself from the gauntlet and into a jedi's back. The nearest jedi after his most recent kill turned around seeing Calen and the building trail of dead bodies behind and launched himself into a force powered charge towards the sith.

    Calen merely smirked before shoving his recent kill of his gauntlet blade and towards the rapidly oncoming jedi propelled by a powerful telekinetic shockwave. The living jedi sliced through his dead comrade before he could stop his swing and dying while still in shock from a thrown dagger. The final jedi in his path, one just about to finish Rihl, had his lightsaber raised before beginning the deadly slice downward. It never made it.

    Instead it was intercepted by a blade of dark crimson, the jedi looked up to see the final sight it would ever perceive. Twin orbs of smoky silver stared emotionless into the jedi's eyes, just before Calen's second blade finished him, having been telekinetically lifted before activating.

    Calen, after making sure no jedi were near, knelt down next to Rihl to assess the damage. The wound would kill him without emergency medical help. A press of a button signaled the medical crew of the situation and it was Calen's task to make sure that Rihl's survived long enough to make it too a Kolto tank.

    He was no expert in healing techniques, bu
  3. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Tanis

    Tanis watched from his command chair with a slight smile on his face. The battle looked like fun from his place, safe on the bridge. The video feed showed his puppets fighting with no concern for their own safety. He was pleased by this. The men he had used, had once been very skilled warriors. Tanis had taken these men and stripped away their Will, and from then on they obeyed any command that the Sith Magician sent to them in the Force. The men were relentless, fighting like organic machines.

    He frowned now as two of them were defeated. The other two were still alive and kicking, and were now converging on the remaining Jedi and the hated Mystic that Tanis had been watching the whole time. The Sith commander stood finally and pressed his hands into his pockets as he exited the bridge with a single command.

    ?Ready my drop ship.?

    What am I if not thorough?

    By the time Tanis reached the hangar, his remaining two puppets were waiting for him in his drop ship.

    It was time for him to join the battle.

    The ship roared out of the hangar and ripped through the blizzard towards the rooftop. Both guards followed his every move as he crouched down and launched himself out of the door.

    His black suit was flapping around him wildly as he free fell. Tanis himself landed behind the Jedi that was retreating closer to the Mystic for defense. His impact on the ground created a shockwave strong enough to lift the men off of the ground a foot.

    In the same motion of his landing, Tanis brought both hands forward and thrust forward with a strong Froce push, sending Thane rocketing through the blast door a distance away. At once, Tanis pushed himself into a black blur after the man.

    The two puppets were now four as the bodyguards joined their brethren to come in at Oatti, lightsabers held high.


    IC: Thane Tide

    Thane felt sick to his stomach as he felt the link with the knights protecting him weaken with one of their deaths.

    Suuva?. I am sorry my friend.. I wasn?t fast enough?

    His eyes shot open as he felt the massive Force presence approaching him. It was the dark one controlling the men that had killed Suuva.

    All Thane had time to do was bring up the defenses that he could. He surrounded himself with the power Absorb as he was flung up and then pushed hard into, and then thru the blast door and down the steps behind it. He wasn?t back at full strength yet. But what he had would have to do? they were out of time. He rolled to his feet as he hit the bottom landing of the stairway.

    His Force Augmentation ability had been strengthened a fraction with the dead weight of Suuva attached to it. He pulled his power away from the fallen Jedi and pumped all of it back into Oatti, redoubling his strength even as it was growing noticeably already.

    A man in a black suit landed with his hands open wide. He stood casually in front of Thane.

    ?That was a nice trick you pulled off with my fighter screen there Mister Jedi. Too bad it left you so drained you couldn?t stop my puppets from tearing your friend in half??

    Thane stood up straight, finally catching his breath.

    ?So you are the one pulling the strings here?.Who are you??

    The man in the black business suit smiled and gave a grandiose bow.

    ?Guilty! Though it is such a trivial thing to introduce myself, for now it will suffice for you to call me Tanis. Should you survive our encounter, I may be inclined to divulge to you my full name. You are indeed strong in the Force, but I am stronger yet. So I will tell you now that you have little chance of living but a few more moments.

    Thane squared his shoulders and narrowed his eyes. He slid his feet shoulder length apart and held his hands out in front of him in a martial arts stance.

    ?We will see about that..?

    Tanis smiled sweetly at him.

    ?Yes? Yes we will wont we??

    It was then that the biggest Force fight in recent history started.

    Tanis flicked his wrist and sent a strong Force blast into Thane, again, sending him flying down the corridor. Th
  4. sith_hunter117

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    Jul 18, 2008
    IC: Logan Karr

    Logan had to say, he was to intent on watching the intense duel between Andur and the Sith, he hadn't really been much help. So he took a hint.

    "Andur?.. Knight Oatti is ? on the roof. He needs backup.. right now. I?ll handle things here?.Please hurry.."

    "I'll go too, Oatti will need some more help. Let's go Andur." Logan slowed down for his tired friend as he waltzed up the stairs onto the roof.

    "Oatti," Logan said upon reaching the topmost area of the Jedi Temple."We heard you needed some backu- Oh my God." Logan glanced down at the severed body of what was a Jedi, but he tried to pretend he didn't notice. He ignited his saber, and put his mind where it should be, defending the Temple.

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  5. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Lord Nihl

    The medical droids worked tirelessly around the thrashing Lord, his rage and anger was beyond his control, the many support beams and shelves began to bend and twist as the dark side roiled around them. After a time Raxus fell into a world of black, his vision finally giving way to the slumber of drug induced sleep.

    For what seemed like hours the bacta applied medical treatment worked its wonders, the wounds in his chest slowly closing and regaining their normal state.

    After the sun had gone from the world and the new day had dawned did the Dark Lords eyes open, their usual blazing red slowly kindling like a newly born flame. He was released from his bacta tank and sat hands on knees in the middle of the medical bay...his breathing was steady. As he stood he saw silent figures around the room, Sith warriors, all of them holding pieces of his spare armour.

    "My lord...we have waited for your return to the surface."

    Without a word Lord Nihl stepped towards them, his arms outstretched, the figures slowly surrounded him, the apprentice would be ready again....and this time....there would be no mistakes.

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  6. Morkai

    Morkai Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 29, 2005
    IC: Andur Del Jinn


    Andur rolled to the side with a start as Thane landed near him "Andur?.. Knight Oatti is ? on the roof. He needs backup.. right now. I?ll handle things here?.Please hurry..". Andur nodded "My pleasure", with that Andur bunched his legs underneath himself and force leapt up through the jagged hole Thane's duel had created in the roof. He landed with a crunch of snow not far from Oatti, Re-igniting his saber he charged at the two sith converging on Oatti, with a flourish he leapt at the nearest, their blades clashing again and again as Andur pushed the formidable warrior back. Striking low then high he forced the man into the line of his comrades advance, stopping his advance on Oatti, Andur flowed into his opponents defence, his blade a emerald blurr as he pushed the limits of the siths defences.

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  7. sith_hunter117

    sith_hunter117 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 18, 2008
    OOC: Morkai, did you not see my post, or was yours a response to mine?
  8. Yuul_Shamar

    Yuul_Shamar Jedi Master star 4

    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: Note: This may take more than one post and some fights (especially early ones) may not be so much fights as kills. I intend to get the quick, easy ones out of the way in this post, and if I have the time, one of that "actual" fights.
    IC: Calen Sirion

    ?Young Calen?. The Jedi are inside? what are you doing out here?? I sense 7 remaining? What? are you waiting for???

    Calen bowed low before Lord Daemon before using the force to pull one of his daggers from a dead jedi that had fallen about midway in his rush toward where Lord Nihl had been. It just happened to be the blade with the snake designs. Brushing the dagger on the grass, subsequently cleaning the previously blood stained blade Calen replied, "That my lord. Unless you have other needs for me, I believe I have some jedi that are, as you have said, unfortunately still breath in that temple..."

    Bowing low before his lord again Calen took off for the temple entrance, starting a soft walk and gradually increasing into a run, before finally morphing into a full out force sprint. Just when it looked like he was going to impact the blast doors he launched himself into a somewhat impressive leap mainly through strength built up from his previous speed.

    He landed on the temple's roof and after a short search found a small change in the roof's form around a spot, signaling some kind of roof access, likely from the size of it for maintenance droids. Activating his crimson blade he cut a small circle out of that section of the roof, just enough for him to get in, and slid inside.

    Once inside he found that the small tunnel was indeed smaller than the normal maintenance tubes one might find on a starship, as it seemed these were in fact made for the droids. It was uncomfortable, but also an unexpected route. And unexpected meant an almost sure chance for surprise. And surprise, well surprise was one of an assassin's greatest weapons. Calen spent nearly ten minutes crawling forward in the cramped environment, putting as much distance between himself and the main doors as possible, also identified as where the jedi would be most prepared for an attack at.

    Finding an exit that suited his purposes, Calen dropped out of the tunnel and to the ground, hitting it in a forward roll before launching himself into a position he could easily attack and defend from should there have been a surprise waiting for him. There wasn't. The assassin flashed a smirk that no one was there to see. 'Too easy...'

    From the room he was in, a small storage room of some sort, he crept out into the hall and then towards the nearest jedi he had felt. His first target he found in what seemed the medbay of the training facility. Unfortunately this one was merely a wounded student, but a jedi was after all a jedi. To make things worse, well in the boring sort of way, this one was in a drug induced sleep, no doubt to recover from the fight he had survived somehow outside.

    Shaking his head Calen moved over to the medbay computer, first downloading a copy of this temple's layout. His next move was, with a menacing grin, to see what was under 'medical options'. Despite loving the idea of trying some of the more painful methods at his disposal, he settled for an unfortunately painless but slow death of overdosing the jedi's current drugs. The benefit of making sure he didn't die just yet was to give Calen the opportunity to kill another jedi before the remainder senses this one's death. Besides, he was certain that we would get to try more creative methods before this was over.

    Leaving the medbay, Calen sensed that the next two were in what, according to the map, were the student quarters. The assassin did not have to move far at all really, perhaps the designers of the place had thought it best to have the younger residents closer to the medbay, being the more likely to get themselves injured perhaps.

    Blending the light around his form he moved forward, and not much time had passed at all when he found the room his senses had led him to, with the door alrea
  9. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Raxus Nihl

    The silent Sith retreated from Lord Nihls chamber, the meditation chamber was quiet. The armoured Sith moved across to his footlocker to retrieve his lightsabers, as he approached visions of the battle played across his mind, he faltered, almost losing his balance. The echoing voices of the master, the din of combat, the sound of saber on saber.

    Suddenly a vision of his own master, his eyes cold and dark, a figure at his side, no longer Raxus....

    Lord Nihl went down to his knees and breathed slowly, his mind focusing on the situation far below the ship....the ship? He was no longer on his own vessel...this was his masters battlecruiser...
    The young Lord stood upright again, if his master was here then he still had seen fit to save his apprentice, then not all was lost.

    The locks of his footlocker slowly spiraled, Raxus used the force to manipulate the runes until they snapped into place. The lid rose and retracted off the main compartment, his saber rack lifting out of the box. He stopped suddenly, his hands reaching out of his usual of them was gone...but there as a replacement was another was battered and very old. Raxus touched the ancient hilt, powerful was the user...and familiar.

    A sudden flash of agony sprung through Lord Nihl's body, he grasped his chest and looked back at the weapon, this was the master who had almost ended him. Slowly Nihl stood, turning to face the center of the room, he activated the saber, it's green hue lighting the room. The apprentice whirled and spun, the saber moving with ease through the air, he felt invigorated, the faster he moved the more he felt attuned to the blade in his hand. This was the reason of the Jedi's ferocity, he was not only skilled, he was wielding a rare saber indeed.

    Lord Nihl clipped his new weapon to his belt, picking up his own saber from the footlocker and strapping that to the other side. Without a word he exited the room, his cape flowing behind him, officers on duty outside could merely watch him leave. He could sense the tension rising in the warship as the fully armoured apprentice marched for the escape pod bays.

    "Sir wouldn't you prefer a shuttle to meet up with our Lord?"


    He brushed past an entire contingent of elite soldiers, already manning a combat dropship. Lord Nihl had other ideas in mind...
    As he sat inside one of the escape pods he aimed the trajectory directly into the Jedi temple, the hardened armoured shell of the escape pod would punch through the ceiling and amongst the survivors...there would be no escape this time...

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  10. slumvillage

    slumvillage Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 16, 2005
    IC: Oatti Hoosh
    Roof, Jedi Warrior Temple, Telos

    [blockquote]Logan Karr and Andur joined Oatti on the roof as Mystic Thane brought his battle to the lower levels of the Temple. When the Mystic made his decent, Oatti could feel the extra power supplied by Thane leaving but the same was done for the two sith who were left. They became much slower and now had to rely on their own personal affinity with the dark side of the force to do battle. Andur, an expert bladesman, did not hesitant as he took the fight directly towards the sith. Oatti could feel the determination in Logan?s heart. He would defend the Temple with everything he had. With Andur tying up one of the sith, Oatti followed his lead and rushed towards the other one, green lightsaber held effortlessly to his side.

    The other sith eagerly jumped at the chance to engage in one on one combat. The sith was able to get a jump on the Jedi, leaping into the air and powerfully bringing his blade down onto Oatti?s. Oatti lunged back, absorbing the blow and trying to gain some ground of his own. Their blades released as Oatti sent the sith backwards with a push of the force. Oatti stood up straight, holding his saber at the side and getting his footing. He was now in a proper position to duel.

    Before the duel could begin, they began to take blaster fire. It was Sith soldiers, joining their Generals on the battle field.

    ?Logan, defend this temple and take out the soldiers.? Oatti said this back to him. What Logan didn?t realize was that a small number of Jedi Knights and Padawans had appeared behind him, ready to lend a hand in defending the Temple against the oncoming Sith Soldiers.

    Oatti couldn?t give him any more words or advice as the sith made the first move. He began by using the force to hurl chunks of ice towards Oatti. Oatti repelled the first ice chunk and the second but more appeared and they came faster. Oatti cut some in half with his saber, letting them fall to the side. As more came, he leaped and rolled out of the on slaught of the sith who stood their laughing as he hurled ice chunks at the Jedi.

    Oatti kept up with the rolls, he began to get a little tired. He rolled closer towards the sith, who stayed stationary. He pushed a couple chunks of ice to the side and leaped up surprising the Sith with an attack. The sith lost focus but managed to roll out of the way and Oatti landed on the ground, turning towards his opponent. His enemy threw a force push his way but Oatti gritted his teeth and pushed forward, enduring it, and sent a small shockwave back to him.

    Oatti then struck at the sith, moving his blade up and down and his opponent match his movements. However, the Jedi increased his speed of attacks, calling upon the force to supplement his endurance as he tried to break through the sith?s defenses with incredible speed. It almost worked but the Sith struck a jab kick to the chest of Oatti giving them a little space. The he did a back flip making some more space between then. They stood staring in each other?s eyes.
    ?At least you?re a greater challenge than that Togarion.? The sith said with an obnoxious sneer.
    Oatti?s face scrunched up and he gritted his teeth. Memories of Suuva came flooding into his head and he lost all concentration. The sith could feel Oatti?s hatred growing. He could feel the dark side in him. So he decided to push the envelope a little further.

    ?Yes, feed on that anger and hatred you have of me, Jedi.? The sith smiled. ?It?s the only way you?ll be able to beat me. Too bad your friend couldn?t call upon the same feelings to defend himself.? He let out a laugh.

    ?ENOUGH!? Oatti shouted but his opponent kept smiling. This angered Oatti even more. The Jedi grabbed a hold of the sith?s neck with the force, clamping down on it and lifting him up on the air. The sith?s face turned to horror, there was nothing he could do now as he was helpless without any oxygen.

    ?You know nothing of the force!? Oatti told him as he st
  11. sith_hunter117

    sith_hunter117 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 18, 2008
    IC: Logan Karr

    Logan nodded at the older Jedi's directives, and took off for the large mass of soldiers, followed by a small assembly of Jedi.

    "We're severely outnumbered by Sith Forces," Logan said as he jogged along,"But we have something they don't, the Force. So keep your concentration high on it, its truly the only way we can defeat them."

    They finally approached the battalion of soldiers, and immediately began to deflect blaster bolts with their lightsabers.

    "Okay, we're gonna need a little bit more separation, on the count of three, Force push with both hands, and do it with all the concentration you got!" Logan waited a minute before he made the call."One...two...three!"

    It felt like hundreds of Sith soldiers were flying back. Logan could even feel some of them dying. This attack had taken out more than half of the whole Sith battalion, but it left the Jedi exhausted.

    "Alright, we have separation, and I think we've scared the soldiers, now lets finish this up!" Logan reignited his lightsaber, and began getting to work.

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  12. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Joran

    It had been a very tough battle, they knew. But their Master had given his life so that they may complete their mission. The Marauders fought all the way to the archives. By the time they had gotten there, several Jedi lay dead in the hallways, along with an equal number of Sith.

    These men had in fact been on Coruscant when the Jedi Temple fell. They were worried about their mission now, due to the fact that the main force of Jedi had not been this tough. Yet this offset branch of their order? was giving the Sith a run for their money.

    Now, of the 10 Sith Marauders that were tasked with the data hack, 4 remained. They stood in the glowing library, 3 of the 4 warriors stood guard at the door anxiously as their comrade began the download. They were looking for something. But they weren?t taking chances on searching specific information. They were just taking the whole thing?

    Joran was still in the security booth, defending it to his last. Blood was trickling down from a cut over his eye from a random piece of exploded shrapnel. He tried not to let it bother him as he dispatched yet another invading Sith warrior.

    ?JORAN! LOOK!?

    His partner called over frantically in between shouting into his comm. to direct the Jedi Forces.

    Joran rushed over and confusion hit him.

    He was looking at a feed to the archives.

    ?They came here to?. Steal information? All this? for information?! We have to stop them! Cut the power to the archives!?

    His partner looked over frantically.



    Joran reached for the Temple intercom and spoke quickly.

    ?Sith Forces have breached the Archives, Repeat, Sith forces? have breached the Archives, any available Jedi make your way there immediately!?

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    The remainder of the forces that Tanis had landed with now made an appearance on the roof. Dropships were providing covering fire as the troops jumped out into the blizzard, which was only made worse due to the fact that Thane was no longer controlling the elements up there. All of his concentration was on the Sith down in the lobby.

    The men out there now, were not Force Sensitive however. They were only standard infantry. The fodder meant to distract or tie up their enemy. They did their job well as many died in the first push. But they also took a few of the attacking Jedi with them. The younger ones. Or they would concentrate fire at a younger Jedi first, then shift fire to the elder that moved to protect him. Bodies were starting to litter the roof of the Warrior Temple, there on Telos. But still.. the Sith came.

    They seemed like a never ending wave of darkness, placing a blight upon the entirety of the galaxy.

    What exactly were they after? The Jedi could only speculate.. but doing so now would get them killed.

    The infantry regrouped after the first push and began firing with precision into the crowd of Jedi. Sending bolt after bolt into their direction. They were trying to get out of the cold?. The blizzard was getting worse.

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    IC: Thane Tide

    Thane stood his ground as Tanis walked heavily out of the smoking crater. Hate was blazing in Tanis? eyes. Thane stood passively in the Force, his feet spreading slightly for stability.

    ?Well well?. It looks like someone was holding out on me doesn?t it??

    Tanis loosened his tie and slowly took off his suit jacket.

    Thane still waited, raising his hands in a defensive position as Tanis began muttering under his breath. As he got closer, Thane realized that he was muttering some kind of Sith incantation. His eyes went slightly wider in understanding and he quickly moved to dodge the incoming attack.

    Tanis drew his arm back and the room grew slightly darker. As if the light were being sucked out of it. Energy was visibly built into a black solid in Tanis? hand. He gave a grunt as he threw the energy forward, utilizing the dark power, Spear
  13. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    GM Approved

    Name: Kembo Sigra
    Race: Nautolan
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Physical Appearance:
    Minus the sword, clothes, and has more of a blue skin tone.
    Clothing: Loose-fitting tunic and slacks. Deep blue in coloration.
    Armor: Light durasteel and cortosis plating over his chest and forearms.
    Weapons: Two lightsabers, onr turquoise the other emerald
    Other items: A single polished pontite crystal on a chord tied around his neck, a mid-range comlink, basic travel gear (rations, 2 medpacs, 3 basic repair kits as well as various other necessities).
    Personality: Insightful and protective. The people he trusts are typically the very ones he protects, he can usually tell when people are trying to dupe him ans will actively seek to avoid them.
    Combat specialty: Jar'Kai, duel saber style, with a bit of Shien thrown in.
    Affiliation: Lone Wolf
    Rank: Knight

    Like most of his species Kembo was born and raised on his homeworld of Glee Anselm. In an attempt to help settle a dispute with their Anselmi neighbors Kembo's parents went out to attempt a diplomatic solution, they did not return. Orphaned and borderline abandoned by his family he soon was left with no other choice but to learn how to fend for himself, learning much about himself as he grew in this manner. Within the first few years of being alone he discovered certain abilities that he had, certain, uncommon abilities. He could manipulate the atmosphere around him causing it to grow obscured with fog or mist, he could also move things with his thoughts, see future events, effect the minds of those who intended to harm him, and also in the rare cases that he needed to do so, place those same people into a state of stasis.

    He soon came to understand that these abilities stemmed from something called the Force, having run into a Jedi who had come from his race in his wanderings in the darker reaches of Glee Anselm. This same Jedi brought him to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, here he was brought before the council. Though accepted to be trained at the temple Kembo declined the offer, he did not feel he could stick to the strict regulations of the Jedi Order. He did request one thing of the council though, that they allow him to study some of the more basic knowledge in the archives, studying the arts of lightsaber crafting and combat. He studied the basic force abilities learning more about what he had been doing on his own for the past five years. When he eventually left the temple he thanked the Council for their help and for not treating him as a threat.

    Now twenty-five and on par with the level of a Jedi Knight he wanders the galaxy for the most part, seeking more knowledge. He also actively seeks to bring balance to areas of unrest, much as his parents once did. He, like many other Force users senses a growing unrest and indeed a surge in the dark side of the Force a growing threat that may well shift the balance out of order and thrust it into chaos. This is something Kembo will not allow. Armed with the weapon of the Jedi, having made two lightsabers and training hard in the styles of Shien and Jar'Kai, he swears to place the Force back into balance.
  14. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    Local Bar, Iziz City, Onderon

    Things were busy today in the Down and Out cantina. Almost every table was occupied, the various rooms were crowded with beings of all species either playing Pazaak, or listening to the holo band.

    At the bar, the Twi?Lek owner was tending to his regulars as an unfamiliar face walked into his establishment. A Nautolan. The Twi?lek had seen them before of course, he got every species under the sun in his place on any given day. But Nautolan?s were rare. The owner nodded at the newcomer in his customary fashion and turned back to his regulars, who were now speaking rather loudly.

    ?You?re too drunk to know what you are talking about Jalvo!?

    The red faced human turned to his Sullustan friend with wide eyes.

    ?Too drunk? My friend go look at yourself? you are practically radiating alcohol! But me?I am perfektly shober! I am telling you, they got vaped!?

    The sullustan shook his head in stoic disbelief.

    ?The Jedi wouldn?t just let a Sith invasion fleet come to CORUSCANT, of all places? and just wipe them out. I mean come on, how gullible do you think I am Jalvo..?

    Jalvo went back and forth with his Sullustan friend, arguing about what had actually happened.

    ?Look! I?m telling you that the Jedi got steam rolled with the industrial sized construction droid and that the Mandalorians came to save them.?

    ?Mandalorians help the Jedi?! Now I know you?re drunk. What do you think Beebo??

    The bartender had a smirk on his face, evidence that the drunken display before him was a weekly custom that he was used to. He simply shrugged and hit a few buttons on his console behind the counter.

    ?Lets see what galactic news has to say, but maybe you should make it interesting??

    Jalvo smiled and nodded.

    ?Interesting.. yeah ? yeah! I?ll bet you the next round of drinks, that what I am telling you is the truth!?

    The sullustan shrugged and nodded.

    ?Fine. I?ll go ahead and order the most expensive drink on the menu then. Make it two for my plastered friend here Beebo.?

    The barkeep nodded and dispensed the drinks. Then turned to the screen behind him and hit the power button. It immediately flickered to the holo-net news. The image was one of a birds eye view of the Jedi Temple on fire and partially crumbled. Then went to the view of Mandalore himself pointing a finger up at a man dressed in black, who was stepping onto a transport and was most definitely a Sith Lord. All of this was in amateur video so the picture was shaking slightly as if the ground was rumbling.

    Suddenly, many of the Patrons in the bar grew quiet as they crowded around the bar to watch in horror.

    Jalvo, even in his drunken state, seemed to sober at the sight of the flaming Temple and the various pictures of destruction on Coruscant. The camera panned out to show a wounded Jedi on a stretcher, his face contorted as he was obviously in a great deal of pain.

    The Sullustan turned to the room and waved to kill the music.

    ?EVERYONE SHUT UP SO WE CAN HEAR! Go on Beebo? turn that up.?

    The bartender complied and turned up the volume so that the reporters voice could be heard over the dying music.

    ??.attacked today. Public security would not allow us to enter the Jedi Temple itself to examine the damage done by these alleged Sith. The images you are being shown here are actual amateur video taken from a civilian who was on vacation with his family at the time of the attack on the Capitol only two days ago. We have yet to get confirmation yet, but rumors are spreading that not only did the Sith attack here on Coruscant but made a pre emptive strike on the Kuat drive yards, and supposedly completely destroyed it. The Republic itself has not issued a statement yet, which in itself is alarming many citizens of the Capitol. Today, we remember our protectors, the Jedi.. who fell in their own home and fortress. I?excuse me.. this just in! A public statement is being issued by the Supreme Chancellor right now, we go there live.?

    The picture flickered to an older gentlem
  15. Lord_Raziel

    Lord_Raziel Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Raxus Nihl

    He could feel the forces around him as he rocketed from the escape pod shoot, his body firmly strapped into the shock seat, his hands gripping the safety bar with all his might. The small monitor ahead of him spun down his altitude from the target with shocking speed, the small pod jolted as it hit the atmosphere, the signature red glow began to seep into the small view port as he shot through the atmosphere.

    Like a missile carrying the deadliest cargo the pod rocketed into the top of the Jedi Temple, inside the pod everything went hazard red. The sound of grinding steel and shorting circuits filled Lord Nihl's senses, a final crash and warning sirens and the pod came skidding to a halt.

    In the blackness of the ruined escape pod two suns began to burn, with a gutteral roar the pod exploded outwards, the floating form of Lord Nihl in the center of it all. His arms outstretched and his legs tapered towards the ground, his cape splayed like the angel of death. Slowly he fell back towards the ground, his armour clanging against the marble surface. He could feel no sign of life...nothing moved here, had it all been over, he had been in the Kolto tanks for two days......

    In frustration Nihl through a part of the pod into the hallways beyond with the force, his powers lashing out at nearby objects, shattering and scarring the walls around him..he would bring this building down...this was his victory, no one elses..

  16. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kembo Sigra/NPC's for post purposes

    "To the Jedi." Sigra said raising his own glass. A fire burned in his eyes, the very thing he feared would happen had come to pass. He stood up taking his glass over to the bar and placing it on the counter. "I'll be leaving now." he said to the bar keeper, handing over a credit chip to pay his bill. "I have to go to my friends back on Coruscant." he added pulling his tattered cloak tighter over his shoulders as he walked outside of the cantina. He proceeded down the alleyways that surrounded this area of the city until he reached the landing pad that of the ship he had come here on.

    "I require transit to Coruscant, can you take me?" he asked the pilot, one of the few friends he had managed to make in his travels. "I have the credits." he added with a wry grin.

    "Yes, but do you have the personality to keep me entertained?" the Twi'lek chuckled. "Strap in, I'll get us there in no time." she said smiling herself. "We'll take the Perlemian, it's the quickest way there." she said punching in the course.

    "No, the Sith have likely set traps along that route. No, we'll take this one." Kembo said, he then drew a new course, one he'd used previously, hazardous though it had been he and the ship along with the rest of it's cargo managed to remain mostly unharmed, a few scratches, maybe a broken arm or two, but not much more than that. The course he'd plotted took them past Telti, then between Carida and Talasea by means of using Hok as a slingshot that sent them between Alderaan and Caamas, cloaking their signature from any Sith patrols.

    "You sure about that? Looks a bit iffy to me." his pilot said. "There are quite a few more calculations that'll have to be made." she added going over the new chart.

    "I'm sure, I've used that course a dozen times by now. I'll help with the calibrations of the engine harmonics." he said. They spent the next hour charting the new course, and another two as they left Onderon and made their way to Coruscant. For half of the journey Kembo meditated, praying to sense some strength coming back to the Temple, but he felt only a weak pulse in what once had a great life about it. The other half was mostly good humored bickering between him and his female compatriot.

    By journey's end the streaks of light that had enveloped their ship when they had entered hyperspace gave way to a view of the shining capitol of the Republic. He could already see places where the damage had been done, dark specks, where once were lights that were like jewels shining out into space. 'It's been a long time, I pray that there is something to come back to.' he thought his head tails flicking slightly on the ends.

    "Something wrong?" his Twi'lek companion asked not really looking away from the viewport as she brought the ship down onto one of the landing platforms near the Temple. "You seem more on edge than usual." she added.

    "It's nothing Kalarta, I just worry about what happened here is all, for the Order to be caught so off guard, to be as thoroughly routed. It's far worse than I had expected things to go." Kembo said as they landed, the landing gear hissing as the Wayfarer-class ship landed.

    "Well, let's get you to the Temple, if it's still in one piece." Kalarta said as she opened the hatch. The two of them then exited greeted by city security.

    "Hold!" one of them said extending his palm forward. "What is your business here on Coruscant." he added placing his other hand on the butt of his rifle.

    "My fancy looking friend here is looking to visit the Temple. He has some friends there he wants to talk to." Kalarta said crossing her arms as a slight gust blew through.

    "What is your 'fancy friend's' name if you don't mind me asking?" the guard asked. "He doesn't exactly look the sort to have business with the Jedi." he added raising his rifle ever so slightly.

    "My name is Kembo Sigra, half of my friends were Jedi at this temple." Kembo said stepping forward, adjusting his cloak ever so slightly to allow the glint off of his lightsaber hilts. "Now would you please le
  17. Radiance

    Radiance Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Lazolo Talmark, Jedi Knight

    Lazolo was the only remaining guardian of the Jedi Order. He was the only Knight that had made it back so far. All of the Masters had been either killed or hurt so badly that they were now in a coma. The entirety of the Council had been wiped out. Now Lazolo, being the only Jedi Guardian remaining, was supervising the awful duty of clean up. The worst part was cleaning up old friends. People he had grown up with. There were only 3 other Jedi with him at the Temple at this point, everyone else was either a civilian volunteer or the local security lending a hand to help their former protectors.

    The young man looked up as a Nautolan came walking up to him. Lazolo immediately pushed his feelings out in the Force to gauge the man approaching him, and his Twi?lek companion.

    ?In charge? I guess that would be me, in terms of Jedi. Mandalore is inside. All of the Masters are dead or unconscious and in no condition to make a decision past breathing? ?

    A black gauntleted hand laid itself down on Lazolo?s shoulder and gave a good squeeze. Mandalore had come out with his red plated advisors and body guards. He spoke in a powerful voice that knew respect and strength at the same time. When Mandalore talked, people listened. It wasn?t because he was Mandalore, it was because the man just exuded strength and leadership qualities. People would follow this man, regardless of his title.

    ?Why don?t you go help your friends Lazo. That young man looks like he could use some assistance..?

    Lazolo looked over to the direction he had been directed and his heart sank as his eyes once again fell on a 13 year old padawan who was continuously trying to lift his Master?s body in the Force. It was made difficult, due to the living Force being stronger in individuals without mechanical prosthesis. But the Padawan didn?t have one. He just had a single good, full arm, and a stump just below his elbow where a Sith lightsaber had separated his sword arm. His Master?s body was twitching as the Force failed to lift it. Determined tears were streaming from the Padawans eyes though he made no sound.

    Lazolo nodded grimly and moved to help the Padawan. He walked down the steps and scooped up the fallen Master, Wondering for the umpteenth time why most of these Masters had not passed into the Force. He nodded to a long row of blankets, walking slowly with the Padawan. Lazo laid the Master down and pulled a fresh blanket over him.

    Mandalore watched with no evident expression from behind his helmet. He turned his attention back to the Head tailed people before him.

    ?Sorry to say, you?re a bit late..?

    Mandalore nodded to the lightsabers hanging at Kembo?s waist.

    ?Kembo Sigra, I am Mandalore, I?ve not heard of you. But then again, you don?t exactly look like a Jedi? What can we do for you??

    Mandalore had his hands clasped behind his back, and the two advisors stood straight with his arms cradling their rifles, ready to move in a flash to defend their leader from the new comer, but not evidently jumpy to outside eyes.

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  18. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    Ic: Raxus Nihl

    The temple buckled around the infuriated apprentice, windows shattered and the pillars began to give way, this battle had ended a long time ago. No sign of the assassin, no sign of his unit and no sign of his master. The rage boiled up from every part of his being and into the structure around him, he would tear this place apart, a testimony of his vengeance.

    Something snapped within the young mans mind, if he could not be the weapon used to destroy the Jedi, then what purpose did he serve except to destroy everything in his path. A fury so palpable emerged, the dark side whirling through the corridors and outer reaches of the temple. His eyes blazed, his mouth open, a roar shattered the building around him, marble splintered and shot outwards, the whole temple was coming apart at his will.

    The faces of those he had trusted, those he had served taunted him in his living nightmare, Raxus Nihl fell into the haze of red that now surrounded him. The noise, the laughter, the taunting comments, the faces of all those who would mock his failure. The temple exploded around the writhing figure, his hands clasped to his head as he thrashed about, every jerk, every outburst sent part of the temple crashing to the ground.


    ........All was silent now....the ruined building was motionless, a small spattering of rain began to fall from the smoke filled sky. The sudden shockwave had flattened the building from the inside out, as if a detonator had gone off inside. Trees were flattered nearby, a small surface crater was visible from high above, inside it a figure lay on both knees.

    His hands, so much had been ended by these hands, so there was so much more to come. The figure sat, looking down at his overturned hands, running his fingers through one another, his loose hair plastered across his face, his helmet discarded nearby. After a time the figure moved, rising amongst the ruins, his head tilted backwards lazily to face the sky, his eyes clear as ever, no longer did they blaze, but a piercing blue......too blue to be possible, like looking into a glowing abyss. There was no hatred, nothing, only purpose, only duty, only death.

    Lord Nihl let his head drop again, almost bobbing as he leveled out again. His movements had changed, he did not storm towards the distant shuttle, his body seemed to liquid, a gracefulness that was laced with purpose. His hand casually flung behind him to receive his helmet, snapping into his hand with the force. Teams of Sith commandos were already rushing towards their master, he gently gestured them away..."Back on board, we have unfinished business to attend to my stalkers."
    Looks were passed across from one to another, their masters personality had shifted entirely, no longer was his voice demanding and clipped, but soft and....almost seductive...beautiful yet terrible to behold. For a moment they paused but quickly snapped back to attention, flanking their master all the way to the shuttle.

    As the doors closed behind a smile spread across Nihl's face, his eyes glowing blue, "Much business indeed..."

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  19. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Daemon Alario

    Daemon had elected to leave Dantooine after Calen was inside of the Temple. If he in fact killed the remaining Jedi, well good for him. Daemon would be mildly impressed, that the younger man could kill a few frightened Jedi in a claustrophobic Temple that were hurt and tired from battle already. All in all, he didn?t really care. As long as they were wiped out.

    He had stayed in his flagship for two days in meditation, trying desperately to find what he was looking for. His aggravation was starting to grow. He got images of Tanis on Telos, assaulting the Temple there. He got images of Coruscant, and the wreck he had left. But not of the holocron he was searching for. The information he needed was stored on that single device. But he knew nothing about it. Whether it be Sith or Jedi in origin, what it looked like, or what it contained. Daemon was following a very strong rumor.

    A chime at his door announced the person beyond it that he had felt minutes before.

    ?Enter Chern.?

    His Commando Captain walked in with his black helmet tucked under an arm. He came to kneel behind Daemon and lowered his head.

    ?My Lord? it seems that an escape pod was launched a few moments ago, and has carried your apprentice back down to the planet. Should we follow??

    Daemon thought for a moment.

    ?No? let him go. His time will come soon enough. Lord Raxus is just eager for his purpose to be fulfilled.?

    ?Very well my Lord, do you have orders for me to relay to the Admiral??

    ?Yes? bring us out of orbit, I wish to leave this world. Set a course for Mon Calamari. I wish to check on progress??

    Chern nodded.

    ?At once my Lord.?

    Chern rose and left to relay the message to the Admiral.

    Daemon simply closed his eyes again and returned to his meditation.

    Tanis had better come up with something good from his exploits on Telos?.

    It was around this point that Daemon?s eyes were flung back open. His head turned, as if to look down at the planet through the ship itself. His comlink came to his mouth.

    ?Admiral. Hold your order to change systems, I sense Lord Nihl is returning.?

    ?Yes My Lord, we have him on sensors.?

    ?Have him land in the main hangar.?

    How interesting it was indeed. Daemon mused with himself as he latched his cape and hood back onto his robes. He checked his lightsaber and gauntlets just to be sure. There had been a change in his apprentice. Though he did not understand what exactly that change was. And he was eager to find out.

    Daemon left his quarters and made his way down to the hangar bay

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  20. chanbill5390

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    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kembo Sigra

    "I'm not exactly of of the Order, but I have been a long standing friend of the Order, including with the council." Kembo said. "I never thought I'd see the day where Mandalorians and Jedi fought side by side, then again I'd say it's a bit unbalanced to call side by side." he said looking around at the fallen Jedi. "I guess this is justice for the slaughter that happened all those centuries ago, during the Mandalorian Wars." he added turning back to Mandalore. "I'm what one might call a Lone Wolf." he added adjusting his cloak again to reveal his lightsaber hilts. "I'm here to do what I can to help my friends, you and your escort here can lower your weapons, I am not an enemy in any way shape or form. Though I appreciate that you are determined to defend this place." he continued bowing his head. "Your people have always been honorable, I only wish that relations between you and the rest of the galaxy been better in the past." Kembo said with a sigh. "Well I'd better get to work." he added walking off to help the other Jedi.

    "Let me help you out with that, I don't know if you were around when I was studying here but I'm an old friend of the Council." He said as he carefully lifted one of the corpses with the force, keeping the body level, not hanging limp like a doll. He proceeded to move over onto a stretcher that was carrying other bodies and laid it carefully on the pile. "My name is Kembo Sigra, I doubt very much that you've heard of me but I'm here to help in any way I can. If you need help handling the younglings, finding new recruits, anything, I'll do what I can. We need to find a way to bolster the number of Jedi again, we can't risk having the Force set so far out of balance. That and, though the Mandalorians are capable soldiers, I don't think they're enough to take on the entirety of the Sith Imperial army, to combat the Dark Side, you need the Jedi, you need the Light Side to Balance it out." he continued. He proceeded to lift another couple bodies onto the stretchers that were being gathered. "Have you been able to reach any other Jedi out there, have any started to come back?" he added placing the last of the strewn bodies onto a fresh stretcher.

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  21. Radiance

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    Sep 19, 2007
    IC: Lazolo Talmark

    Lazolo looked up as the Nautolan helped him.

    "Have you been able to reach any other Jedi out there, have any started to come back?"

    Lazo shook his head.

    ?No? no one has come back yet. I don?t blame them really. There isn?t a whole lot of anything to come back to??

    Lazo probed Kembo again with the Force and sensed his sincerity.

    ?Mandalore says that there is another Temple though. A hidden Temple. If you really want to help? I would say that would be the first place to look. If I?m not too far off of my guess, that would be the next stop that the Sith take. Apparently it was information stored in out archives, and the Sith hacked the archives during the attack. Even I was able to gather that much information from the destruction here.?

    Lazo shook his head again.

    ?I am going to stay here and make sure that the young ones survive. Short of that? any chance I get? I will make the Sith pay for what they did here. This action cannot go unanswered. I just hope that if there is in fact Jedi on Telos? that they don?t face the same destruction as us.?

    Lazo turned to Kembo finally.

    ?I apologize for being rude before. I didn?t recognize you. I?m Lazolo Talmark. Jedi Knight? it is good to see a friendly face like yours Kembo. I feel like I am completely surrounded by enemies right now.?

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  22. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    IC: Kembo Sigra

    "I know the feeling, but I warn you, do not seek revenge, that is conduct unbecoming a Jedi. True the lines have been heavily skewed between friend and foe, but take heart in that the Jedi have not yet been wiped from the galaxy, nor shall they." Kembo said placing his hand on the young Jedi's shoulder. "I'll make for Telos immediately. I won't let the fate that befell Coruscant befall Telos, I promise you this." he said. "Take care of the younglings, their the only hope the Order has of survival." he said, he then went to Mandalore.

    "Mandalore, I pray you will be able defend the capitol against any threat that rears it's ugly head. I place my faith in you and your comrades to bring justice against the Sith." he added bowing. "But now I have more pressing business to attend to. "May the Force be with us all!" he said upon leaving the Temple.

    "Kalarta, we make for Telos." he said as he passed her, they both headed for the landing pad and boarded the ship. "This time we take the Perlemian, it'll take us right there. Plus the Sith are already likely on their way, let's see if we can beat them to it." Kembo said.

    "Will do, I'll drop the cargo hold to help with the speed." Kalarta said, detaching the mass cargo hold that could connect to the ship. "There that's a few tons off of our transit. Let's go." she added, and with that they punched in the course and shot off to, no doubt, the Sith's next unwitting victim...Telos.

    "It'll take some time to get there, I think I'll rest up, who knows if we may end up going to a battle zone." Kalarta said shifting the ship to autopilot. "You should rest as well." she added as she passed Kembo on the way to her quarters. Kembo remained in the cockpit, focusing on the streaks of light that sped over head. He took the time to meditate once more, he had to be sure that he would be prepared to handle the challenge ahead. In the visions that followed entering his trance he saw countless Jedi falling to crimson blades, several seasoned warriors taken out by shear numbers. By the time he broke out of the trance they had already arrived on Telos.

    "What, didn't feel like bothering me?" Kembo said looking over at his Twi'lek friend. "Or did you think I was asleep?" he added grinning.

    "You sleep? Yeah right, you spend more time in a trance than in actual sleep, I'm surprised your body hasn't started shutting down due to sleep exhaustion. Anyway I've cleared our landing, I'm sure you'll be able to find your fellows here, I'll stay with the ship should you need a quick get away." she added smiling.

    "Thanks, with any luck I'll find the Temple quickly." Kembo said, he then left the ship and proceeded into the streets of Telos. he sensed in the Force a significant concentration of Force energy, he followed it to what appeared to be a small academy. "Guess this is it." he said, he proceeded into the structure, fully aware his every move was likely being tracked by the guards of the place. He stopped once he was far enough into building to avoid being heard by anyone outside. It was only then that e sensed something was wrong. He immediately threw himself into the Force and with a remarkable burst of speed rushed down the corridors of the academy, only to see the Sith were here, or rather, feel they were here, he turned the corner to see one of the Jedi Masters in combat with a Sith and rushed into the fray.

    "Master Thane, could you use some assistance?" he asked with a smile, igniting his dual blades, the soft turquoise and emerald light dancing across the area he had entered. "What do you have here anyway?" he added, his face rowing much more serious as he moved to the Thane's side.

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  23. Lord_Raziel

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    Sep 23, 2007
    IC: Raxus Nihl

    The ramp to the shuttle hissed as it contacted the main deck of the landing bay, the elite Sith troopers rushing down to form a line on either side. Lord Nihl casually drifted down the ramp and passed the soldiers, his slow graceful steps seemed almost eerie in comparison with his usual charging strides. From beneath his cowl his bright blue eyes glowed, like some vampire film made real, he turned his death white face to take in his surroundings, all this purpose, all this structure. Lord Nihl smiled to himself, these were made for war, and war they would make.

    A voice snapped Nihl's attention back to the real, his eyes glowed brighter for a moment, his head finally turning to meet the noise.

    "Apprentice Nihl, your master is en-route to your location, I would advise you to wait here."

    Raxus moved towards the senior officer, of rank he cared little for...he glided up to his face, bringing his shadowed presence so very close that the other could feel his breath. "Apprentice?....Apprentice I am, but not to, go play with your little battleship."

    His voice was soft and fluid, conversational in nature, as if it was friendly banter between two people. But behind the words those around him could sense the dread and terror behind them. Many would trade this new Sith for the old one any day.

    Lord Nihl turned away again before the other could respond, not that he would, and waited on one knee to accept his master.

  24. chanbill5390

    chanbill5390 Jedi Knight star 4

    Jul 12, 2007
    OOC: I am sorry everyone, I didn't read carefully and have now been informed as to the continuity problems of my last post. I request that everyone disregard it and take into consideration this revised post. Thank you.

    IC: Kembo Sigra

    "I know the feeling, but I warn you, do not seek revenge, that is conduct unbecoming a Jedi. True the lines have been heavily skewed between friend and foe, but take heart in that the Jedi have not yet been wiped from the galaxy, nor shall they." Kembo said placing his hand on the young Jedi's shoulder. "I'll make for Telos immediately. I won't let the fate that befell Coruscant befall Telos, I promise you this." he said. "Take care of the younglings, their the only hope the Order has of survival." he said, he then went to Mandalore.

    "Mandalore, I pray you will be able defend the capitol against any threat that rears it's ugly head. I place my faith in you and your comrades to bring justice against the Sith." he added bowing. "But now I have more pressing business to attend to. "May the Force be with us all!" he said upon leaving the Temple.

    "Kalarta, we make for Telos." he said as he passed her, they both headed for the landing pad and boarded the ship. "This time we take the Perlemian, it'll take us right there. Plus the Sith are already likely on their way, let's see if we can beat them to it." Kembo said.

    "Will do, I'll drop the cargo hold to help with the speed." Kalarta said, detaching the mass cargo hold that could connect to the ship. "There that's a few tons off of our transit. Let's go." she added, and with that they punched in the course and shot off to, no doubt, the Sith's next unwitting victim...Telos.

    "It'll take some time to get there, I think I'll rest up, who knows if we may end up going to a battle zone." Kalarta said shifting the ship to autopilot. "You should rest as well." she added as she passed Kembo on the way to her quarters. Kembo remained in the cockpit, focusing on the streaks of light that sped over head. He took the time to meditate once more, he had to be sure that he would be prepared to handle the challenge ahead. In the visions that followed entering his trance he saw countless Jedi falling to crimson blades, several seasoned warriors taken out by shear numbers. He was rudely taken out of his trance by the ship's pilot shouting at him.

    "Kembo we have a Sith patrol, they've spotted us, making for the planet's surface!" Kalarta shouted. "Secure your straps, this may get really nasty." she added as she manually directed the ship down through the atmosphere of Telos, the turbulence that ensued was the worst he had ever dealt with, both atmospheric pressure and enemy fire made it one nasty ride, a ride that ended in an emergency landing in the northern hemisphere of the planet. The landing caused serious external damage to the hull, a few cracks had also appeared in one of the viewports.

    "We're already too late." Kembo said. "The Sith are already here." he added punching the arm of his chair. "I need to go, get the shields up as soon as possible, it won't take them long to find the ship, jam their signals as well." he added, he then got up and left the ship. The weather was not much to be enjoyed, a full fledged blizzard was howling outside, limiting his vision, he would have to rely wholly on his species natural affinity to feel out their surroundings. He stretched out with the Force, 'seeing' the area around him he marched through the blinding snow, pulling his cloak ever tighter around himself, the cold of the planet taking it's toll on his body. 'Why did it have to be the dead of winter?' he thought grinding his teeth. He kept trudging through the building snow. He kept moving for what felt like hours, and what actually turned out to be such. He could feel off in the distance a surge in the Force, he knew that must be where the Temple was.

    By the time he reached the Temple's location it had already grown darker, he could feel the dark side strong in the place. The Sith were here, the was Coruscant all over again. He only hoped he wasn't
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    Nov 3, 2004
    OOC: Sorry for the various RL problems that have delayed me from posting this. Let me know if I make a mistake with what has happened in the supposed two days Calen has been in there. Also this was not nearly as good as I wanted, given that I had the power cut out a couple times and multiple power surges due to a storm but didn't want to delay any longer than necessary. I also had to scrap my original plan so kindly disregard that last sentence or two from my last post when reading it.
    IC: Calen Sirion
    Dantooine, Jedi Temple, Meditation Gardens

    Calen's current target, the one that would be the fourth, had led him here. He, for this one was male, was stronger than the previous three. Of course that was to be expected, only an idiot would think that the only jedi to have survived the battle outside and make it in here would be the students. It wasn't so much the power Calen sensed in this one that told him so, no, it was how his current prey walked and held himself that did that. Calen took a slow breath, before starting the next step. Time to trap this jedi. Or at least confine the two of them in such a way that the other three jedi survivors wouldn't be able to aid their comrade in time to save them. Telekinetically Calen quickly worked the door controls, shutting the regular one as well as sealing their supposed defensive blast door counterparts. This of course revealed him to the only other person in the room, even as Calen began to speak...

    "A strange place to choose for the scene of your death jedi. Certainly wouldn't have been my choice, but then again, philosophical differences there." The assassin commented, taking one, two, three slow steps forward, walking down the gardened path, the soft sounds of an artificial stream in the background.

    His target's head jerked around, eyes flashing in anger briefly before a composed calm fell upon the jedi's features. "You, you're the one that killed the others..."

    Calen merely shrugged his shoulders, playing with a dagger's blade between his hands, as he continued to walk slowly forward. "Of course," The assassin quietly replied, "did you actually expect Lord Daemon to come in here himself and dirty his own hands with the slaughter of jedi? I'm afraid his lordship has far more pressing matters than to honor your forsaken lot by personally dealing out your various painful ends." Calen now sensed the other jedi on the opposite side of the door, no doubt about to start cutting through it. They would succeed of course, but no where near quick enough.

    "Speaking of ends..." Calen began, before finishing the statement with the signature sound of a lightsaber blade coming to life, the crimson blade bathing the surrounding plant life in a bloody glow.

    His opponent said not a word, merely igniting his own green blade, it's own aura clashing with that of Calen's. Another moment of tense silence went by before the two blades physically clashed, their owners having closed the distance between the other with a brief force assisted sprint. The locking blades were soon separated with Calen being sent backwards, propelled by a brief but sudden force push, something the assassin turned into a roll, coming up alongside his own blade and angling it to manage to parry aside his foe's follow up lightsaber strike shortly before countering by throwing the knife he had held in his left hand since the fight's beginning at his opponent's left foot.

    The thrown blade was evaded when the foot's owner moved it away from the strike, creating a brief opening in his defenses, one that Calen chose to take advantage of, something signaled by a swift blast of force powered electricity from his off hand, which impacted the robed jedi in his lower torso, dangerously unbalancing him. Calen followed this up with a lightning lunge with his lightsaber, expecting to hear the sound of his foe's flesh be burned upon the blade.

    What he heard in stead was his opponents feet leaving the ground in a back flip, before landing a small distance away, in a once more firmly balanced stance. For
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