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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by SaberGiiett7, Oct 10, 2002.

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  1. SaberGiiett7

    SaberGiiett7 Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 2, 2002
    Yoda---You probably have 500 Victorys,1,000 Marauders now. [face_devil]

    TO ALL---As of today till one week from now will be the last segment of game time that you may produce facilities.After that all production will be frozen and you'll only be able to use already existing buildings and Shipyards.If you think this is a bad idea PM me please.

    [hl=pink]NEW PRODUCTION ORDERS[/hl]

    Telos-2 more Silos
    Medpax-1 Foundrie
    Kothlis-2 Foundries
    Corporate Alliance Tank Droids,ATT's,TF battleships,Droid fighters,Conquer Droids,and Champions.

    (Probably all be done in time)


    Leader-Passel Argente
    60 Deflection Towers,1 Foundrie,1 Shipyard,1 Silo,10,000 Droidekas,10,000 Super Battle Droids,40,000 Battle Droids,100 Hailfire Wheel Droids,60 Homing Spider Droids,100 ATT's,50 MTT's,30 Techno Union Starships,100 TF Battleships,1,000 Droid fighters.

    Leader-Po Nudo
    60 Deflection Towers,3 Foundries,5,000 Droidekas,5,000 Super Battle Droids,30,000 Battle Droids,100 Hailfire Wheel Droids,50 Homing Spider Droids,100 ATT's,50 MTT's,33 Techno Union Starships,100 TF Battleships,500 Droid fighters.

    Leader-Toonbruck Toora
    60 Deflection Towers,1 Foundrie,2 Silos,1 Shipyard,15,000 Droidekas,10,000 Super Battle Droids,30,000 Battle Droids,200 Hailfire Wheel Droids,70 Homing Spider Droids,100 ATT's,33 Techno Union Starships,100 TF Battleships,500 Droid fighters.

    Leader-San Hill+Poggle The Lesser
    60 Deflection Towers,2,000 Space Mines,200 Thruster Equipped Astroids,2 Foundries,3 Silos,20,000 STAPS,900 CA Tank Droids,200 Commerce Guild Warhead Runners,9,000 Geonosian Warrior Drones,30 Heavy Turbolaser emplacments,57 Rocket Launchers,215 Artilly Sonic Blasters,38 Conquer Droids,7,571 Droid fighters,280 Dwarf Spider Droids,143 Homing Spider Droids,2,538 ATT's,1,599 Hailfire Wheel Droids,91,338 Battle Droids,16,000 Droidekas,25,000 Super Battle Droids,297 MTT's,90 Techno Union Starships,2,000 Geonosian fighters,128 TF Battleships.

    Leader-Wat Tambor
    60 Deflection Towers,4 Foundries,55 Techno Union Starships,96 TF Battleships,10,000 Droidekas,11,400 Super Battle Droids,45,000 Battle Droids,200 Hailfire Wheel Droids,260 Homing Spider Droids,350 ATT's,240 MTT's,6,311 Droid fighters,70 Conquer Droids,210 Commerce Guild Warhead Runners,500 Corporate Alliance Tank Droids.

    Leader-Rune Haako
    24 Deflection Towers,1 Shipyard,1 Foundrie,783 Hailfire Wheel Droids,600 Dwarf Spider Droids,13,000 Battle Droids,88 Techno Union Starships,100 MTT Transports,200 ATT's,91 Homing Spider Droids,1,000 Super Battle Droids,2,000 Droid fighters,10 Conquer Droids.

    [hl=red]Invasion Army[/hl](With Nemoidia forces but seperated)
    Leader-Count Dooku,Oom-11,Oom-12
    59 TF Battleships,100 MTT's,20 Champion-class Ground Cruisers,35 Conquer Droids,28,902 Battle Droids,23,000 Droidekas,11,564 Super Battle Droids,7,745 Droid fighters,40 CG Warhead Runners,1,300 Hailfire Wheel Droids,300 Homing Spider Droids,500 Corporate Allience Tank Droids,1,500 STAPS.

    Count Dooku stood atop a observation platform overlooking a giant staging area for his Invasion Force.His two droid commanders Oom-11 and 12 stood beside him.

    Ranks of droids entered the MTT's,droid fighters flew into the bellys of landed TF Battleships and vehicles loaded up.

  2. 6-6-6

    6-6-6 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 24, 2002
    all the Imperial planets began madly building all the facilities that it could create. (I'll figure out what they are later.)
  3. CaptainRex24

    CaptainRex24 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 30, 2002
    The Sith Fleet follows the Jedi through hyperspace and intercepts them.
  4. The_Darkside_Prophet

    The_Darkside_Prophet Jedi Youngling

    Nov 10, 2002
    The Jedi came out of hyperspace and landed on Kothlis.
  5. SaberGiiett7

    SaberGiiett7 Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 2, 2002
    Kothlis----San Hill and Poggle The Lesser greeted the Jedi entourage in tow.The two Separatist leaders bowed low.

    San Hill-"We are honored by your arrivel to our illusterious capital Master Yoda."

    Poggle-"Please feel free to setup your Temples and facilities as you see fit.You are our guest to join the mighty Coalition established to counter the deceitful Emperial,Triad,Sith,Pirate,and Clone Army militarys who have formed a alliance."
    Nemoidia----The Invasion ships made orbit around the planet and received the newly constructed additions from all over Separtist space shipped to Nemoidia.

    The new stats read.

    [hl=red]Invasion Army[/hl]
    Leaders-Count Dooku,Oom-11,Oom-12
    75 TF Battleships,100 MTT's,24 Champions,45 Conquer Droids,28,902 Battle Droids,23,000 Droidekas,11,564 Super Battle Droids,8,500 Droid fighters,40 Commerce Guild Warhead Runners,1,300 Hailfire Wheel Droids,300 Homing Spider Droids,700 Corporate Alliance Tank Droids,1,500 STAPS,and 300 ATT's.

    New growth orders^^^Battleships,Droid fighters,MTT's,CG Warhead Runners,Conquer Droids,and Super Battle Droids.
  6. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    Every planet in under control of the triad began to produce 2 ship yard and 2 training facility at every planet. Preparing to bulk up For the upcomming battle....
  7. SaberGiiett7

    SaberGiiett7 Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 2, 2002
    The_Darkside_Prophet---What are your numbers on Kothlis so I can add them to its stats?

    [hl=tan]Facilitie Growth[/hl]

    Telos-2 more Silos:15%
    Medpax-1 Foundrie:23%
    Kothlis-2 Foundries:14%

    [hl=red]Invasion Army[/hl]
    Leaders-Count Dooku,Oom-11,Oom-12
    90 TF Battleships,125 MTT Transports,9,000 Droid fighters,60 Commerce Guild Warhead Runners,60 Conquer Droids,13,000 Super Battle Droids,28,902 Battle Droids,23,000 Droidekas,1,300 Hailfire Wheel Droids,300 Homing Spider Droids,700 Corporate Alliance Tank Droids,1,500 STAPS,300 ATT's

    For tomarrow,Battleships,Droid fighters,ATT's,and Homing Spider Droids. :)
  8. Long_Live_The_Rebels

    Long_Live_The_Rebels Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 17, 2002
    Sorry, i meant to post my new stats yesterday, but forgot. so i have 6 days worth.

    recent growth
    -24000 LI
    -12000 MI
    -6000 HI
    -1200 KAS
    -600 BLT
    -600 WASF
    -48 AHBC
    -1 SSD
    -72 FG (Freedom class Gunboats)

    Planet stuff:
    -4 Training facility
    -4 Factory
    -2 Shipyard (plus 2 in 4-5 days)
    -1 Dry dock
    Karthak Asteroid Belt
    -7 Shipyard (plus 2 in 4-5 days)
    -1 Dry dock (plus 2 in 4-5 days)
    -0 Training facility (plus 4 in 4-5 days)
    -0 factory (plus 4 in 4-5 days)


    Training Facilities
    Lok (per day)
    -Producing 4000 Light Infantry
    -Producing 2000 Medium Infantry
    -Producing 1000 Heavy Infantry

    Lok (per day)
    -Producing 200 KAS
    -Producing 100 BLT
    -Producing 100 WASF
    -Producing 8 AHBC

    Lok (per day)
    -1 VSD I
    Karthak Asteroid Belt (per day)
    -252 Freedom Class Gunboats

    Fleet update
    (combining the Advanced fleet 1 with invasion fleet 1, and recent updates)
    The New Advanced Invasion Fleet
    ---3 SSD
    ---3 VSD I
    ---22 Marauder Corvette
    ---10 Heavy Transport
    =38 Total Ships
    ---216 Freedom Class Gunboat
    =216 Total Gunboats
    ---12 Preybird Fighter
    ---96 Z-95 Headhunter
    =108 Total Fighters
    ---81,000 Light Infantry
    ---40,500 Medium Infantry
    ---20,250 Heavy Infantry
    ---1,250 Militia Soldier
    =143,000 Total Infantry
    ---2200 KAS
    ---1100 BLT
    ---1100 WASF
    ---88 AHBC
    =4488 Total Vehicles

    "The Pirates are recalling all fleets to thier space for re-organization, which will take little time."

    (this means the fleets of mine that u have thok, and you too 666, even though you never used them)

  9. Thok

    Thok Jedi Master star 6

    May 24, 2002
    11 Total shipyards
    5 at Correlia -Making 1 SSD
    2 at Selonia -Making 2 ISD III's
    2 at Talus -Making 2 ISD III's
    2 at Tralus -Making 1 ISD III' and 10000 Tie Defenders

    New-Attack Armada 2(under construction)
    1 SSD
    1 SSD(Under Construction)
    6 ISD III's
    5 ISD III's (Under Construction)
    -10000 Tie Defenders (Under Construction)
  10. SaberGiiett7

    SaberGiiett7 Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 2, 2002
    [hl=red]Invasion Army[/hl]
    Leaders-Count Dooku,OOM-11,OOM-12
    110 TF Battleships,125 MTT Transports,9,800 Droid fighters,24 Champions,60 Commerce Guild Warhead Runners,60 Conquer Droids,13,000 Super Battle Droids,28,902 Battle Droids,23,000 Droidekas,1,300 Hailfire Wheel Droids,600 Homing Spider Droids,700 CA Tank Droids,1,500 STAPS,900 ATT Tanks

    [hl=tan]Facilitie Growth[/hl]

    Telos-2 more Silos: 34%
    Medpax-1 Foundrie: 49%
    Kothlis-2 Foundries: 32%

    For tommarow----Droid fighters,MTT's,Champions,Dwarf Spider Droids,Battle Droids.

    In orbit around Nemoidia.......All ships complied in the Invasion Taskforce jumped into Hyperspace with a unknown destination.
  11. 6-6-6

    6-6-6 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 24, 2002
    1 Shipyard; 3 Drydock; 11 Factories;
    1 SSD; 1 DSD; 175 SDs; 10 Interdictor; 96 Lancers; 36 Dreadnoughts; 500 Missile Boats; 1300 TIEs; 7500 Interceptors; 5000 Defenders; 900 Bombers; 30 Floating Fortresses; 800 AT-ATs; 800 AT-STs; 45 MT-ATs; 25 Tank Droids; 160000 Stormtroopers; 580 Royal Guards;

    5 Shipyards; 2 Drydocks;
    1 SSD; 100 SDs; 10 VSDs; 10 Interdictor; 40 Lancers; 20; Dreadnaughts; 6000 TIEs; 2000 Intercepters; 48 Bombers; 10000 Stormtroopers

    1 Shipyard; 3 Factories; 2 Drydock;
    1 SSD; 34 SDs; 23 VSDs; 34 Interdictors; 30 Lancers; 45 Dreadnoughts; 78 LT Monitors; 13 HV Monitors; 1100 TIEs; 20750 Interceptors; 2250 Defenders; 660 Phantom TIEs; 500 Missile Boats; 425 AT-ATs; 88 AT-STs; 50 MT-ATs; 16 Floating Fortresses; 200 Tank Droids
    3 Air Cruisers; 50000 Stormtroopers; 84000 Clone Infantry

    Stormtrooper Barracks 1 Drydock 3 Factories
    50 SDs; 20 VSDs; 5 Interdictors; 30 Lancers; 20 Dreadnoughts; 10000 TIEs; 6000 Interceptors; 2000 Bombers; 500 Defenders; 2 Landing Barges; 115000 Stormtroopers; 400 AT-ATs; 400 AT-STs

    13 Shipyards; 4 Drydocks; 2 Factories
    1 Vengeance SSD; 1 SSD; 100 SDs; 10 VSDs; 10 Interdictor; 40 Lancers; 20 Dreadnoughts; 4000 TIEs; 2000 Interceptors; 120 Bombers; 3500 Defenders; 60000 Stormtroopers; 200 AT-ATs; 200 AT-STs; 50 MT-ATs; 35 Floating Fortresses

    1 Factory, Stormtrooper Barracks
    10000 Stormtroopers; 100 AT-ATs; 100 AT-STs; 60 VSDs; 1 Interdictor; 30 Lancers; 30 Dreadnoughts; 3000 TIEs; 500 Interceptors; 48 Bombers

    2 factories recruiting station
    1 SSD; 40 MT-ATs; 10 Tank Droids; 3000 Stormtroopers; 11000 Light Infantry; 5 LT Monitors; 5000 TIE Defenders 12000 Light Infantry

    3 drydocks shipyard factory;
    36 MT-ATs, 10 Tank Droids, 3000 Stormtroopers, 5 LT Monitors, 5545 TIE Defenders

    -New Plympto:
    stormtrooper barracks
    30 MT-ATs; 10 Tank Droids; 3000 Stormtroopers; 5 LT Monitors; 5000 TIE Defenders

    drydock; 2 shipyardsl; 3000 Stormtroopers; 8 LT Monitors; 5000 TIE Defenders

    -Attack Fleet, Inner Rim
    27 Heavy Monitors
    2 Torpedo Spheres
    18000 Stormtroopers
    30000 Clone Infantry
    600 Tank Droids
    3000 Phantom TIEs


    "Thyferra, Bilbringi, Wayland, and Kuat are currently undergoing a reconstruction of their defensive capabilities. Hundreds of deflection towers are being added to each planet, particularly around vital installations. Additional sheild generators are being placed around each location, and dozens of sheild walls are being placed around shipyards and drydocks. Mine fields are being buttoned up around each planet, and all ships are currently being qued up for upgrades and overhauls. Additional defensive structures are being placed on Wayland and Thyferra in case of air or ground assaults. The Hand of the Empire is also on schedule. The new fortress will be complete by the time our fleets are assembled for a new offensive." Pellaeon reported to Thrawn.

    "Good, what about the torpedo spheres?"

    "Two have already been completed, although one would no doubt be able to function properly. There also has been a considerable amount of activity in the Seperatist's region. Do you suspect..."

    "It would not be a surprise. Do not fear, though. I have much faith in our forces, as well as our and our allie's defensive capabilities."
  12. SaberGiiett7

    SaberGiiett7 Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 2, 2002
    [hl=tan]Facilitie Growth[/hl]

    Telos-2 more Silos:55%

    Medpax-1 Foundrie:64%

    Kothlis-2 Foundries:51%

    New**** 1 TF Battleship,2,000 Droid fighters,100 MTT's,8 Champions,1,000 Dwarf Spider Droids,3,000 Battle Droids

    For tomarrow^^^^ Battleships,Droid fighters,Corporate Alliance Tank Droids,Super Battle Droids,and Conquer Droids

    Nemoidia---Rune Haako watched as the sole newly made Battleship recieved the 8 Champions to be attached to its hull for the trip to the frontlines.All 100 MTT Transports received the Dwarf and Battle Droids and the fighters flew into the inside of the Battleship."Count Dooku will need all the reinforcments he can conjure up from our raw materials being fed into the Foundries and ship producing buildings" said Rune to his subordinates.

    Carida....The entire Invasion Force arrived and stayed in a non-aggressive formation.

    "This is Count Dooku of the Confedercy Of Independant Systems,I wish to offer you a deal. Complete and utter surrender and your planet will not be taxed,your young men will not be commishend,your resources will not be plundered,and all your members of the Emperial military will not be killed only taking under custody and perhaps will see their home sun in a matter of days.I am offering the most deasent arrangment to make our occupation benefictual to both our factions. Do you accept?"
  13. 6-6-6

    6-6-6 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 24, 2002
    Ambassador Furgan, de facto head of Carida, sent his reply to the Confederate forces.

    "The native population is more than willing to accept your offer, and the military would gladly go into custody, providing that you can convince them that victory is not possible. We will be waiting for your response."

    The Stormtroopers and cadets moved out into the training grounds surrounding the academy. The shield generator was activated over the Stormtrooper academy, surrounding country, and factories, to deter orbital bombardment. The machines of war were activated and moved out of their storage facilities, into their pre-made defensive positions around the academy.

    Students and teachers alike were called to their TIEs, under the assumption that they were undergoing yet another training mission or drill. The Space fleet knew better, and moved into a defensive position, with the largest and most powerful ships in front, protecting the smaller and more vulnerable frigates and dreadnoughts.

    Weapons and sheilds were powered up, and the forces stood by. The assault fleet was recalled to Carida, but they were still several hours away. The forces at Kuat were also alerted, and prepared to move at the first sign of combat.
  14. SaberGiiett7

    SaberGiiett7 Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 2, 2002
    Count Dooku replyed.

    "I call for a truce Ambassador Furgan.I will bring my entourage to the surfuce and we can discuss man to Caridan in peaceful summit before one of your young soliders gets itchy fingers.Do you comply?"
  15. Long_Live_The_Rebels

    Long_Live_The_Rebels Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 17, 2002
    Okay, here are my complete updated stats.
    I've combined my small fleets into a couple of massive ones.

    Main Fleets

    Main Battle Fleet
    -50 Marauder Corvettes
    -51 Corellian Corvettes
    -27 Corellian Gunships
    ===128 Capital Ships
    -24 Z-95 Headhunters
    -12 Toscan Q-8 Fighters
    -60 Preybird Fighters
    ===96 Fighters

    Support Fleet Alpha
    -33 Marauder Corvettes
    -49 Corellian Corvettes
    -40 Corellian Gunships
    ===122 Capital Ships
    -24 Z-95 Headhunters
    -12 Toscan Q-8 Fighters
    -60 Preybird Fighters
    ===96 Fighters

    Support Fleet Beta
    -33 Marauder Corvettes
    -49 Corellian Corvettes
    -40 Corellian Gunships
    ===122 Capital Ships
    -24 Z-95 Headhunters
    -12 Toscan Q-8 Fighters
    -60 Preybird Fighters
    ===96 Fighters

    Main Invasion Fleet
    -3 SSD's
    -3 VSD I's
    -32 Marauder Corvettes
    -10 Corellian Corvettes
    -40 Corellian Gunships
    -10 Heavy Transport Ships
    ===98 Capital Ships
    -216 FG's (Freedom class Gunboats)
    ===216 Support Ships
    -12 Preybird Fighters
    -96 Z-95 Headhunters
    ===108 Fighters

    I'll post troops for this fleet later

    Fleet Posistions
    -Main Battle Fleet

    -Support Fleet Alpha

    -Support Fleet Beta
    ---Karthak Asteriod Belt

    -Main Invasion Fleet
    ---Drall (about to move though)

    Defense Fleets

    -14 Marauder Corvettes
    -30 Corellian Corvettes
    -20 Corellian Gunships
    ===64 Capital Ships
    -12 Preybird Fighters
    -36 Toscan Q-8 Fighters
    ===48 Fighters

    Karthak Asteriod Belt
    -10 Marauder Corvettes
    -30 Corellian Corvettes
    -24 Corellian Gunships
    ===64 Capital Ships
    -24 Z-95 Headhunters
    -24 Toscan Q-8 Fighters
    ===48 Fighters

    -31 Corellian Corvettes
    -9 Corellian Gunships
    ===40 Capital Ships
    -8 Preybird Fighters
    -4 Toscan Q-8 Fighters
    -12 Z-95 Headhunters
    ===24 Fighters


    there we go, I'll post my growth stats on sat.

  16. 6-6-6

    6-6-6 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 24, 2002
    "Very well then, Count. But let it be known that we are not in the business of surrender or treason to the Empire. Also, when you enter Caridan space, you are entering into an area which maintains Imperial law. Before any meeting can take place, we must be sure that you are complying with all Imperial laws regarding foreign visitors to a state institution. The Black Heart Squadron will escort whatever ship you and your entourage choose to travel in down to the surface. Keep your sheilds down and your weapons unpowered. Enter the center of the squadron's formation, and do not veer off the designated course or attempt anything...subversive. You may find yourself heading straight for a deflector sheild if you do leave the path."

    A squadron of TIE Defenders left the main formation, and travelled three quarters of the way to the Seperatist fleet. They stopped and turned, leaving a large opening in the middle of their formation for whatever ship the delegation would choose to travel in. The Imperial fleet group defending Carida opened slightly in the center, to clear a path for the squadron on its return flight.
  17. SaberGiiett7

    SaberGiiett7 Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 2, 2002
    Carida.....Every new military componet was added to the force to make up the full Invasion Fleet.

    [hl=red]Invasion Fleet[/hl]
    Leaders---Count Dooku,OOM-11,OOM-12
    128 TF Battleships,225 MTT Transports,13,800 Droid fighters,32 Champions,1,000 Dwarf Spider Droids,60 Commerce Guild Warhead Runners,75 Conquer Droids,15,000 Super Battle Droids,31,902 Battle Droids,23,000 Droidekas,1,300 Hailfire Wheel Droids,900 CA Tank Droids,600 Homing Spider Droids,1,500 STAPS,900 ATT's
    Telos-2 more Silos:74%
    Medpax-1 Foundrie:79%
    Kothlis-2 more Foundries:72%

    New supply demands for army----Battleships,Droid fighters,Techno Union Starships.

    Out of the launch chamber of a Battleship a sole TU Starship blasted its way out the compartment and neatly rendevoused with the Black Heart Tie Defender Squadron.Count Dooku gave the complience and the Rocket was guided down into the atmosphere.The Ties stayed in a close knit formation making space for the ship to veer away difficult.Down in the skys of Carida two chambers opened on the sides of the Starship and two Droid fighters shot out each.Hidden weapons slid open on the hull and began swating the shields of the Ties destroying 3 right away.The 4 Droid fighters kept the Squad momentaraly occupyed while the Starship shot away a different close inspection inside only a small Droid piliot was its occupent.The piliot droid had its orders.After the 4 fighters were disposed of the Squad tailed the Starship whitch had put its shields to maximum and increased speed in a long trail of blue flame streaming behind it.The main Shield generator was close and then it arrived plowing into the large dish and causing planetary shield to fail for the Battleships to to drop the Champions and the MTTs.

    As soon has word got back about the Starship causing a skirmish the Emperials and Confedercy Fleets went into a brawl.

    A few Battleships landed to drop off the huge Champions and all the ground forces to strike main installations.

    All fighters were deployed.

    Count Dooku sent a message to Furgan."This is the penalty for treason againest the ruling galactic body.The Confedercy Of Independant Systems."
  18. Vicious_Amidala

    Vicious_Amidala Jedi Youngling star 1

    Dec 3, 2002
  19. 6-6-6

    6-6-6 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 24, 2002
    The four fighters shot out of the bays of the TU ship...and collided with the invisible deflection sheilds which formed a tunned to the landing pad. The three TIE defenders which were stationed behind the TU starship and had a constant missile lock upon the ship, fired a pair of concussion missiles each. The burning wreck of the TU starship fell, forcing two of the defenders to take an evasive maneuver, straight into the deflector sheild tube. The remaining defenders continued down the deflection tube, unable to turn in the narrow confines.

    The Imperial fleet was watching the entire operation from the beginning, and were prepared for the inevitable treachery. The outnumbered Imperial fleet opened fire upon the treacherous CIS, attempting to extract the maximum amount of damage before the return volley.

    The CIS ground forces were forced to land beyond the academy's deflector sheild, in the hazardous, mountainous, and rocky terrain where stormtroopers were made or broken in training. The AT-ATs directed their fire at the Conqueror droids, while the AT-STs prepared for the smaller vehicles.

    The MT-ATs, which had been developed in these mountains and were best suited for this terrain, as well as the thousands of stormtroopers who knew every rock and tree in the surrounding mountains, eagerly awaited the battledroids.

    "No, Count, you are wrong. THe Empire is the sole heir to the legacy of the Old Republic, and the only galactic government. You are the traitors, and will be dealt with as such."
  20. Kung-Fu-Yoda

    Kung-Fu-Yoda Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 26, 2002
    Ummmm.....Is it to late for me to join? If not, how can I get started?

    -Yoda ;)
  21. SaberGiiett7

    SaberGiiett7 Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 2, 2002
    Yoda---I'll PM you.

    Telos-2 Silos:89%
    Medpax-1 Foundrie:94%
    Kothlis-2 Foundries:86%

    New--- 30 Battleships,2,000 Droid fighters,200 Techno Union Starships:all going to a reserve fleet beginning to take shape at Nemoidia.

    New orders---- Droidekas,Droid fighters,Battleships,CA Tank Droids,and Champions.

    Carida......One of the Battleships had been refitted with powerful communication-scrambling satellites whitch Count Dooku told to be put into use to ensure no more reserves could be called in by either ground installiations or the ships themselves.

    Every last Battleships formed a loose wall of ships and fired at once tearing into the shields of the enemy and squads of fighters.All ships released their supplys of Droid fighters to harass the enemy capital ships and engage the fighters.Barrages of powerful cannon fire swamped the pack of warships that were in a formation to protect the weaker ships such as Lancers and Dreadnaughts from getting caught in the shots.

    On the ground amisdt the mountain ranges surrounding the main Academy building all the Droidekas armed with personal Deflector shields as well as Conquer Droids and the Tank divisions consisting of the Corporate Alliance and Federation armored vehicles were amid the mountains.OOM-12 the surface commander lead the divisions of tanks over the mountains to do battle with the AT-ST's as the AT-AT's fought the Conquer Droids.OOM-12 looked across the battlefield through his Microbinoclers and commed the unit of Commerce Guild Warhead Runners that had mobilized behind the advancing Tank divisions."Calcuating range of targets....mark 7.06." the cold metallic voice said.The Warhead Runners backs opened and so a rotating magizine of large Warheads could fire upon enemy positions.The 60 crafts fired the warheads in unison and they shot strate up and then freefalled over the other side on top of the walkers the coodinates precise.The clouds from the dentonations drowned out the view of the battle........

    The Droidekas rolled up to enemy Troops which were tracked down.The Stormtroopers tried to blast through the shields but found they could only do so with more powerful guns or Grenades.The dual cannons of the Droidekas arms blasted the Troopers armor to shards of Plastoid.

    The Conquer Droids were'nt doing so well againest the sheer numbers of even the inferior AT-AT's.The arm mounted Rocket launchers spiraled down the projectiles in large amounts and the shoulder mounted Turbolasers fired into the ranks of Walkers yet the cannons busted through the armor of the Conquer Droids and they fell amidst a smoking carcass of fire several falling on the Walkers themselves.The AT-MT's attacked as well.The Warhead Runners were ordered to fire again.

    In a open point of the mountain range the Champions lumbered towards the shielded enemy fortress the rest of the army inside................
  22. 6-6-6

    6-6-6 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 24, 2002
    The climate control station of Carida created a large blizzard, hail storm, monsoon, and electrical storm over the mountains in which the CIS was advancing through. The extreme winds, large chunks of ice, trillions of gallons of water, and nearly-constant tornados ravaged the battlefield, knocking over anything smaller or less stable than an AT-AT. The AT-STs knelt down to avoid from tipping over, acting as artillery. The stormtroopers fled the battle for the high ground, tunnels, and prefabricated fortresses to avoid the landslides, avalanches, and potentially fatal ice drifts.

    The MT-ATs, on the other hand, were well suited for this type of climate and terrain, and continued to menace the enemy.

    The quartermasters at the academy recieved word about the sheilding systems of many of the droids, and allowed the deployment of assault blasters and other higher-level small arms to the forces in the field. The weather made the distribution of the weapons difficult, but not impossible. Most of the training ground was punctured by tunnels in which the instructors would grade the cadets from, and also were below the surface and out of the weather. Most of the stormtroopers barricaded themselves in the old pill boxes, shelters, fortifications, and hastily-assembled free fire houses and dummy buildings, where they would have some protection from the droids and the weather.

    The droid fighters were both outnumbered, and fighting against both the best and the greenest pilots in the galaxy. Every teacher, instructor, cadet, and pilot waiting to be deployed was called up to duty in orbit.

    Unfortunately, the capitol ship fleet was badly outnumbered and outgunned. The smaller ships moved around the protective sheilds of the star destroyers, sweeping over and below the TF battleships. The Interdictors fled the battle, and ran in the opposite direction of the fighting. The capitol ships were not attempting to defeat the enemy, but to hold them off until reinforcements could arrive. The ships which recieved damage were cycled back and the fresher ships moved foreward. This helped save, or at least delay, the demise of many of the capitol ships. The star destroyers, especially the VSDs, were hard-hit and suffered many casualties. Still, all the ships with torpedoes or missiles fired off their payloads at the battleships to cause as much damage as possible.
  23. Kung-Fu-Yoda

    Kung-Fu-Yoda Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 26, 2002
    Um, Okay, apparently I'm the commander of the Yuuzhan Vong, so, how do I get started?

    -Yoda ;)

    EDIT: I'll be prefect Da'Gara *puts on cloaker*
  24. Kung-Fu-Yoda

    Kung-Fu-Yoda Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 26, 2002
    On second thought I'll be Nom Anor...

    -Yoda ;)
  25. SaberGiiett7

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    Jul 2, 2002
    Yoda---Politely PM a user named Miin Bodena who was the commander of the Vong but had to quit.He knows what they had but I have no clue what page the stats were on.Does anyone else know? :)

    666-We have roughly the same amount of fighters(10,000 each) but yes it does'ent really matter Emperial ones are superior. ;)

    The 12 mile wide a 3 mile high Mothership rolled in view from beyond the TF Battleships bristling with weapons,a advanced Forcefield and production capablitys within it.The titanic ship began to send out steady lines of Droid fighters being produced from within.Count Dooku knew that a Distress signal or message must have gotten through before the planets surface and the ships devices were fryed so he was taking measures to stop the forces that were there from staying alive."I don't want those 5 Interdictors intake by the time reinforcments arrive.Every weapon aboard the Mothership fired upon the 5 fleeing Interdictors with Torpedos,Planet leveling Turbolasers,Turbolasers,Point lasers,and missiles.The ammunition from all the weapons looked like a intricate storm shooting across the sky.The waves of firepower tore into the hulls and knocked out the shields right away.Streams of fighters still poured out as Battleships were produced from within.

    The rest of the fleet stayed stationary unloading volly after volly on the Star Destroyers and Dreanaughts as well as the Lancers and fighters.The Droid fighters were being taking out with ease but found aide from the ones coming out of the factorys inside the Mothership.The Mothership turned its attention on the enemy warships after they had elimantated the Interdictors.4 Battleships blew apart on the Separatist side.

    On the ground.....a chunk of the Separatist forces got buried beneath Avalanches aand wiped out by winds as well as lightning but once the Droid commander OOM-12 relized the futility of staying out he ordered all forces into the confines of the Champions whitch were hollow inside.The Champions lumbered forward ignoring the weather slamming into it and crushed AT-ST's and AT-AT's underneath its tracks.The Champions unleashed furious laser and bomb attacks on the shield surrounding the Academy.Seismic detonation charges dropped onto the half circle shaped shield and continous laser and Turbolaser fire expolded againest it.Only the Droidekas were left to fight the Stormtroopers that had aquired manual cannons and high-powered blasters to dissapate the shields.Droideka scanners tracked down enemy fortifications and busted in rolling into battle-mode and exchanging gunfire with the Stormtroopers.
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