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Star Wars guests to appear at Youngstown show in December

Discussion in 'Cleveland, OH' started by maddjedi21, Jul 20, 2003.

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  1. skyedancer

    skyedancer Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 26, 2002
    Mary, I'm sorry I didn't read your post sooner. I'll be thinking of you and your family at this difficult time.
  2. Darthvaderocks06

    Darthvaderocks06 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 27, 2003
    I'm sorry I didn't post sooner, but I've been really sick. :( I actually had to leave Dark X-Mas early because of it. But I did get to meet Michael Sheard(Admiral Ozzel and Mike Quinn(Nein Numb). There was a Q&A with Mike Quinn and 2 other guys(their names escape me at the moment). I did get a chance to ask Mike a few questions:

    Did you get a Blue Harvest T-shirt or ball cap, since that was the "code name" for ROTJ?

    No, Blue Harvest was only the "code name" for location shots, and by the time my parts had arrived, the location shooting was over. But I did get a Revenge of the Jedi T-shirt. I wonder how much it's worth? :p "

    Your Nein Numb "jibberish" language that you speak, was that your voice or somebody else's voice over?

    Well, I have been known to speak jibberish at times. LOL. But um, on the scrip it just said: foregin language, so I wrote in my own script lines in english, so that it made sense with Billy Dee's(Lando) lines.
    I just showed it to George and asked, "Is this all right?" and he just nodded. You see, the scripts were very secrative. We were only given the lines to our scenes, and then we had to turn them in once shooting was over. Come to think of it, I never turned mine in. Well.... E-Bay! :p Ben Burt actually compiled a bunch of sounds and recorded over my english voice with you so-called jibberish.

    What was the mask like?

    The mask was a sort of pollyeurathane covered plaster.

    I also learned that there will be a new book coming out based on the Jedi code and all of the Jedi ways. The author(which I cannot remember, or the name of the book. See what you get for going to a convention when your sick?) took all of the info about the Jedi order from all different Star Wars books, and compiled them into one book. I was able to take a quick glimpse at it, and it looked pretty cool. It was sitting at Mike's table because he's endorsing it when it comes out around February next year.

    Michael Sheard didn't really say much, but he was really anxious for me to pay for an autograph. He even grunted when I asked for a picture!

    I met a few people from the Ohio Star Wars Collecters Club, and some guy who had a Darth Maul lightsaber. We had a little "duel". (wait for pictures)

    Well that's about it, and it only took us 3 hours to find the place!


    Edit: The name of the book I mentioned above is The Jedi Jewl.
  3. Malo-ha

    Malo-ha Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 8, 2003
    First thank you to everyone for their kind thought and wishes. Fortunately Grandma survived her stroke but we are not sure of the extent of the damage yet. There doesn't seem to be any paralysis but she's lost some memories. I'm not sure she knew who I was but seemed pleased to see me anyway.

    Sounds like you had a good time at Dark X-mas DVR. I hope you're feeling better by now.

    I had the oddest feeling going into this that I was not going to attend the Con. Even when I bought my ticket my mind wouldn't believe I'd be there.
  4. Darthvaderocks06

    Darthvaderocks06 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 27, 2003
    Glad to hear that she's getting better. :)
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