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Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Rev, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Rev

    Rev Jedi Master star 2

    Jan 3, 2005
    [hl=black]STAR WARS: Heretics of Antiquity[/hl]

    981 years have passed since the Battle of Yavin. Following the final defeat of the One Sith the Galaxy enjoyed relative peace for the better part of the past millennium. However, the most recent century has been one of religious and political upheaval. This has had three major results?

    1) The Jedi order has split into a number of different denominations. While none endorse the Dark Side, each one claims its own expression of Jediism to be in accordance with the orthodox faith established on Tython before the dawn of the Republic. Some are hostile to one another, condemning certain dogmas as heretical, while maintaining peace with others who they consider less erroneous. Much of the debate centers on the existence and nature of a third dichotomy (in addition to the Light/Dark sides and the Unifying/Living Force): the Greater and Lesser Force.

    2) The unified galactic government has also fractured. No longer does a single Republic or Empire control the majority of civilized planets. Rather, isolated systems and small alliances are the norm. Some superpowers exist, such as the Corillian System, the Hutt Empire, the city-state of Coruscant, etc., but these are limited in their influence and keep one another in check.

    3) Because of these two factors Jedi no longer serve in the role of Knights who preserve peace and justice throughout the galaxy. Additionally, most planetary governments have become increasingly secular. While Force-sensitives are still common as elite police and military officers, their jurisdictions are limited and they are expected to serve alongside members of other faiths.

    Now whispers abound throughout the galaxy that one of the heretics of antiquity has reemerged from parts unknown. The heroes of this generation must rise up to cast off the shroud of darkness, prevent the ascension of this evil, and recover the true faith of Jedi past.

    Character Sheet

    General Information
    --Personal history

    Physical Appearance
    ---Skin Color:
    ---Hair Color:
    ---Eye Color:
    ---Other Attributes:

    --Hilt Style:
    --Blade Color:
    --Power Crystal:
    --Lightsaber Combat Form:
    (For a different weapon provide a detailed description)

    --Level of Force-sensitivity:
    --Any naturally proficient Force-ability:
    --Natural inability or weakness (must possess one if above is filled):

    Beliefs (Be thorough and creative in this section; the narrative focuses greatly on the characters? differing philosophical understandings of the Force)
    --Name of Jedi Denomination:
    --Understanding of the Light/Dark side:
    --Understanding of the Unifying/Living Force:
    --Understanding of the Greater/Lesser Force:
    --Understanding of the Prophesy of the Chosen One:
    --Other Doctrines and Dogmas:

    Homeworld (Canonical planets only)
    --Name of Planet:
    --Type of Government:
    --Current Policies:
    --Official Religion (if any):

    1) Obey the Terms of Service and the general rules of the Jedi Council and Role Playing Forum (which includes no god-moding)
    2) Post as thoroughly enough as to be engaging, yet succinctly enough as to be manageable.
    3) Post within a timely manner with respect to the time taken by other players
    4) Private Message your character sheets for approval
    5) No more than two characters per player, and no more than five players at a time

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  2. Rev

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    Jan 3, 2005
    The following is a list of relevant information that would be common knowledge among nearly all in-universe characters. While one element ([link=]Xendor [/link]and his [link=]Legions of Lettow[/link]) is taken from the established canon, the rest are part of the unique back story to Heretics of Antiquity.


    24,500 BBY Xendor leads the Legions of Lettow in the [link=]First Great Schism[/link]; they are defeated at the [link=]Battle of Columus[/link]

    24,481 BBY [link=]Thisspiasian [/link]Jedi Master Volitus is condemned as a heretic; he converts several surviving members of the Legions of Lettow to his cause

    24,452 BBY [link=]Ithorian [/link]Jedi Master Pax Manikheus is condemned as a heretic, prompting many of his disciples to leave the order in the First Minor Schism; his heretical message then gains wide appeal among non-Force sensitives

    24,451 BBY Pax Manikheus begins a rapidly successful political career based on his pacifist platform,soon becoming Chancellor, allowing him to implement his beliefs as policy

    24,435 BBY After years of increasing lawlessness and injustice Manikheus? followers become divided, with many swayed by his former disciple Zorr Aster, a militaristic [link=]Gen?Dai[/link]

    24,421 BBY Zorr Aster leads an coup against Manikheus, deposing him

    24,419 BBY After the Armed Forces of the Republic are fully restored under Zorr Aster, intelligence services successfully link Volitus to countless atrocities.

    24,410 BBY Years of minor skirmishes between the minions of Volitus and Republic forces end when the [link=]Feeorin [/link]Jedi General Zahn drove back his opponent?s forces into a black hole in the Battle of Galaxy?s Core

    42 BBY The Chosen One is conceived by the Midi-Chlorians

    4 ABY Balance restored to the Force by the Chosen One

    917 ABY [link=]Kel Dor[/link] Jedi historian Proteus Tan brings forth evidence of disparity between ancient Jedi orthodoxy and modern Jedi beliefs, calling for reform

    921 ABY Proteus Tan is condemned by the Jedi High Council as a heretic; his message then gains wide appeal among non-Force sensitives

    930 ABY Beginning of the Fifth Great Schism; many groups claim the title of Jedi and true adherence to the Light Side

    981 ABY Present day; a secret trans-denominational, multi-planet council has been called to discuss a threat which the heroes of the galaxy must unite to face

    [hr][hl=black]Historic Individuals[/hl]


    A human male of the Kashi Mer Dynasty and leader of the Legions of Lettow in the First Great Schism.

    Xendor taught that no transcendent, Greater Force exists, and therefore there is no basis for morality. Thus, the Dark Side is called so not because it is evil, but because it contains hidden knowledge.

    He is considered the arch-heretic of the Jedi Order because of how influential his teachings were for so many Dark Jedi who came after him, including nearly all the incarnations of the Sith.


    A Thisspiasian heretic who taught that the absolute free will of sentient beings was the highest possible good, but such was suppressed by the imposition of destiny and providence by the Greater Force.

    After his exile, Volitus converted several surviving members of the Legions of Lettow to his cause. He and his disciples committed countless atrocities, using the entire galaxy as their laboratory for bizarre experiments towards mysterious purposes.

    His name is inspired by the words Volition and Volatile.

    [hl=black]Pax Manikheus[/hl]

    An Ithorian heretic who taught that tw
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