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    I was born in 1979, and though I wasn’t around for the start of the Star Wars franchise, I was the perfect age to fully experience the magic of being a Star Wars kid. Actually, I had two favorites, Superman and Star Wars.

    Both had, as far as I could tell, the same theme song, exactly. Not only that, but my five year old brain could scarcely put together any semblance of a plot. All I knew was that the blaster fire looked cool, light saber fights were AWESOME, and Darth Vader was the scariest villain ever!

    That said, I did understand the major overarching story. The elegant simplicity of it was clear and ingenious. Luke is good, the Emperor is evil, Darth Vader is Luke’s dad that was tempted to The Dark Side, and, in the end, the love of a father for his son allowed good to triumph over evil.

    But then, George Lucas destroyed all of that with Episodes I, II, and, III. We all lamented one of the most brilliant lights in the history of cinema being smothered by the man who first sparked the flame in the first place.

    So here, I have put together an alternative version of Episodes I, II and III that actually makes sense as the history behind the original three films. In my version, there are no such things as midi-chlorians, or “Darths,” Anakin didn’t build C3P0 as a nine year old, and there is no friggin’ Jar Jar!

    I have written this in order to inspire discussion and debate. Some will appreciate it, some will be pissed off, and some will disregard what I’ve written here. Whatever the case, I think my version is better than what Lucas wrote. I say that with confidence because I think he wrote his history with more concern for fan service than for creating a true, compelling history. Thanks for reading.

    ***I should warn hardcore fans, that much of what I will write will contradict the canon in the expanded Star Wars Universe. As I see it, the films are the highest authority, and because some of what is considered canon contradicts itself, and because there are so many “authors” writing the comics, books, video games, etc. I feel that making a compelling series of films to establish the true history of the action in Episodes IV, V and VI is more important than pedantically sticking to what dozens of writers have thrown in by some whim or another.


    Opening Crawl:

    Long ago, in a galaxy far away....

    Star Wars

    Since the dawn of time, The Dark Side and The Light Side of The Force struggled for dominance in the galaxy. Centuries ago, elite warriors known as JEDI rose up and defeated the evil SITH Lords, and purged the galaxy of The Dark Side. For centuries, there was harmony between the systems.

    Now, an unusual skirmish has broken out on the planet of Ophuchi. The greatest Jedi in THE REPUBLIC, General Kane Skywalker, has been dispatched to negotiate a peace between the factions....

    We open with General Kane Skywalker flying into a dogfight in outer space above Ophuchi. He demands both sides stand down on the authority of The Jedi, but no one listens. We are the able to witness the greatness of Skywalker’s flying and fighting abilities. He uses the psychokinetic Force energy to move an entire fighter flying through space, at one point. Skywalker is eventually able to stop the battle and docks his vessel in the spaceport.

    Kane meets up with an old girlfriend, telling her about his wife and sons, Anakin and Deak back on Aquilae.

    One of the reasons Kane is brought in to settle this dispute, is that he had, for a time, lived on Ophuchi, which is why he has an old girlfriend there.

    (Kane Skywalker is almost exactly like Qui-Gon Jinn. That was fine casting. Think “Liam Neison.”)

    Kane’s primary job is to patrol the galaxy and deal with various disputes between planets. He would also investigate reports of anyone using The Dark Side of The Force. Most of the time these claims are unfounded. It is so rare, in fact, that most people forgot that the dark side ever existed.

    Jedi, being so few (though highly respected) are ridiculed by some for claiming powers that most people have never seen and don’t believe in.

    Back home on Aquilae, Kane’s wife is an aristocrat. She worries for her husband, but goes to parties and dinners with the Royal family and holds up an appearance of confidence and happiness.

    Aquilae is a beautiful planet with a sort of Scandinavian pacifist sensibility.

    We meet Anakin at 16 (not 9).

    Anakin Skywalker grew up on Aquilae where his family has lived for generations, being natives to the planet. His father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all Jedi, for as far back as the family can trace.

    Anakin is a little older than Amidala. The relationship between him and Amidala is a typical high school coming of age story.

    Anakin is a cool kid. He’s one of the best athletes of the kids his age, and Amidala adores him, as do all the girls. He’s like a 16 year old James Bond. He’s been away to the Jedi academy where he excels in sports and his professors do note that The Force is extremely strong with him.

    At school, there is one other boy that is as skilled as Anakin. Anakin’s best friend. They are competitive, but buds. They are both brilliant pilots and race each other a lot. They are the fastest in their class. The one thing Anakin struggles with is controlling The Force. He has a tendency to do everything by 300%. His instructors constantly try to teach him restraint, but it’s very good at using the force, and always wants to push himself. He never quite understands why The Jedi must restrict his use of The Force. Anakin is a devoted student, however, and potentially shaping into a good man like his father.

    (There are very few Jedi in my version of the Star Wars universe, only enough to have one class of several dozen Jedi, per year. The Jedi Academy would be something more like the Star Wars version of Hogwarts.)

    Back on Ophuchi, Kane goes to the diplomatic meeting to try to end the conflict. At the meeting, he senses that The Dark Side of The Force is present. It seems that the diplomats representing one contingency have either been dabbling the power of The Dark Side, or else they are being influenced by it. Kane requests permission to investigate, which The Jedi Council grants, but with the demand that he keep the investigation quiet. He agrees.

    Anakin comes home for the summer on Aquilae, just as we do here on Earth (though perhaps they call it something else, as summer would be different on various planets).

    Amidala is a very accomplished young princess. When Anakin arrives, she and all the other girls get very excited. She dressed up for him and tries to get Anakin to notice her. He does, but only as “a cute kid.” Anakin starts dating the prettiest girl his age. Amidala is, of course, jealous.

    Princess Amidala being the eldest child of the King and Queen of Aquilae, is destined to become Queen. Her mother and Anakin’s mother are friends. When Amidala’s mother finds her crying in her room one day, she asks her why. She reveals that she’s in love with Anakin. Though the Queen believes Anakin is a bit too old for her daughter, she talks with Anakin’s mother about having Anakin escort Amidala to a dance.

    Anakin’s mother instructs her son to take Amidala to the dance, but Anakin is reluctant. His father, Kane, calls and jokes that if he marries her, he’ll be King of Aquilae. Anakin tells his dad that he wants to be free to wander the galaxy, seeking out and fight the Dark Side and have adventures. He’s not interested in sitting in a palace and waving to people in parades.

    His dad asks Anakin to take Amidala to the dance as a favor to him and tells his son that once he’s taken her to the dance, he’ll never ask him to see her again.

    Anakin agrees and takes Amidala to her dance. He’s bored out of his mind, but when Anakin hears “the cool girls” complaining about Amidala getting to date Anakin just because she’s a princess, and how she’s not in any way deserving of being Queen, Anakin heroically defends her. Through this experience, Amidala falls even more in love with Anakin, and Anakin’s heart softens for the princess a little.

    Kane soon discovers that The Dark Side has influenced half the planet of Ophuchi. The citizens of the planet know nothing of The Dark Side, but their minds are fairly easily influenced by it. Those who have a natural tendency to cheat and steal, those who are selfish and compulsive and undisciplined, these have all been turned toward The Dark Side. Kane searches the planet but finds no source of The Dark Side there, only influence, spreading, like a disease. It seems that everyone who is affected by The Dark Side affects everyone else around them. They emit the negative energy in a way, like breathing out a virus.

    At some point during his visit, there is an attempt to assassinate him, but he is a brilliant Jedi and easily foils the assassination plot.

    With the help of his old girlfriend, her droid, and a young kid from the planet, Kane eventually finds a region of the planet that is heavy with The Dark Side, where the entire populous have been turned, and he checks the records.

    It seems that crime and violence increased sharply about a year prior. He looks at the records for that time, and notes that they were visited by a delegation from a civilization they had never made contact with before. They were a species from the unknown regions of the galaxy. The inhabitants of these parts of the galaxy were always dismissed as savages, but Kane decides to follow the trail.

    Kane leaves the planet with his ex-girlfriend, the young upstart kid and the droid, and goes to find the source of The Dark Side that has affected this planet. When they get to the unknown parts of the Galaxy, they find several planets with thriving metropolises, huge civilizations, all reeking of energy from The Dark Side.

    The young upstart asks Kane about all this. It is explained that The Dark Side was once as strong as The Light Side of The Force back where he was from, but that elite warriors known as The Jedi defeated the various Sith lords on the various planets under the influence of The Dark Side. Eventually The Jedi purged the galaxy of the influence of The Dark Side, and there was harmony between the planets.

    There was one Sith lord that was rumored to survive, one from a species who lived hundreds of years, the strongest and most evil of them all. He had lived hundreds of years before The Dark Side was driven out of the galaxy, and he’d live hundreds of years after, if he were not killed. Kane was now convinced that the legend was true, and that this Sith lord still lived.

    Kane’s theory is now that this Sith lord had hidden away in the unknown regions of the galaxy, and over the past few hundred years, had used The Dark Side to influence the unknown civilizations in these hidden regions, to educate them. He gave them technology, weapons, and power.

    Kane and his team investigate the planets. They find that the people (of the majority species) on these planets look the same, and it is revealed that the dark lord, emperor of the unknown regions, (the dark regions, perhaps) took the smartest, the most physically able, the most beautiful, and the most charming, and cloned them. The clone killed off those who were genetically inferior, and repopulated the planets. (There are also Hutts and other species who are not humanoid but exist on other planets and are also influenced by The Dark Side).

    Kane also discovers that their plan is to attack the known regions of the galaxy. He and his team evade the imperial forces of the dark side and make it back to their region. Though the unknown regions of the galaxy do not plan to attack for several years, the known parts of Galaxy are not equipped to defend against such an army as Kane is warning about.

    They make the decision to prepare for war. They channel money into weapons development and manufacturing, designing things like walkers, and other cool original Star Wars machines.

    At the very end of the movie, Anakin is introduced to the great Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobe.



    Several years later, some are wondering if gearing up for war was an economically sound decision. Several reconnaissance teams have been dispatched to the unknown regions, but they have all failed to return. Because of this, most people support Kane Skywalker, and believe there are hostiles in that region. Some, though, are convinced of other explanations (like monsters that will never cross over into the known regions and attack).

    Anakin is now under the tutelage of Obi-Wan Kenobe. He is a wiz with a light-saber, dedicated, disciplined, a brilliant student. There is no sign of his turning to The Dark Side. His only vice is his arrogance. He dismisses Obi-Wan when Obi-Wan gives him sound advice, convinced everything he does is perfect (again, a bit like James Bond).

    Eventually, Obi-Wan flies to a remote planet, and seeks out and consults Yoda, presenting Anakin to him. Yoda realizes that The Force is so strong in Anakin that he could potentially be a danger if he were to turn to The Dark Side. Obi-Wan agrees, and they decide to train Anakin intensively on Yoda’s planet.

    During training, Anakin sees the future, the war between the populations of the unknown regions and those of his planets. Anakin and Obi-Wan fly back to help Kane, even though Yoda is convinced they should stay (mirroring Luke’s actions in Empire Strikes Back).

    When they reach Aquilae, the place is in an uproar, the Jedi council is there and everything is a mess. It is revealed that a small ship infiltrated the place and kidnapped Princess Amidala.

    Kane argues with The Jedi Council for a full strike against the Empire, to send hundreds of Jedi to attack the Emperor and retrieve The Princess. The Council declines. They aren’t going to retaliate at all. They don’t want to give into the antagonism of The Dark Side. Kane offers to go with a small team, but they decline. They tell Kane that they will not sanction Kane to go.

    Kane tells them he will going with or without their consent, so they relented and permit a small team to try, but they expect none of them to return, and tell Kane that there will be no rescue team for him. And if they are asked about his efforts, they will deny accountability, telling The Emperor that Kane’s actions were rogue. Kane agrees.

    Kane, Obi-Wan, Anakin, Anakin’s best friend from school, and two royal guards from Aquilae go after the princess.

    There is then an extensive rescue mission. They sneak into the unknown regions fairly easily and find the princess early on, but their ship is discovered. They now have to steal a new ship and fight their way out of the unknown regions. During this part of the film, Anakin and Amidala mostly fight Han and Leia style. Anakin isn’t sure why Amidala hates him so much, but he doesn’t back down as it’s not in his nature.

    Before they are able to get out of the unknown region, Anakin is separated from the group. He is captured and brought to the Emperor. Kane goes alone to rescue Anakin. The others protect the princess.

    The Emperor explains that he felt Anakin’s power the moment he landed on the planet. He tells him that the force is stronger in him than it is even in his father, but he hasn’t the experience. He tells Anakin that he needs a Jedi as revered as Kane to make an example of.

    The Emperor shows Anakin some amazing, creative, constructive uses of The Force, things that Anakin never knew were possible. The Emperor also shows Anakin technologies that Anakin’s people don’t have, and some beautiful things developed in the unknown regions, some not so evil seeming things, all made possible by The Dark Side of The Force. He puts the seed of influence in Anakin’s mind. He says that it is better to be a ruler of The Dark Side than a servant of The Light. He tells him that where The Dark Side exists, there is no fighting it. You either rule those affected by it, or you are ruled by it. He says that there is actually no such thing as The Light Side, only those who do not allow themselves the full power of The Force.

    When Kane reaches them, The Emperor uses Anakin as leverage to capture Kane. Kane does not put up a fight. He then lets Anakin, the princess, and the others go.

    Back home, everyone is happy. There are awards given, mirroring the end of the original Star Wars movie. It’s a bittersweet moment, as Kane did not make it back.

    Before the ceremony is over, the display screens around the award hall turn on. It’s The Emperor. He explains that his armies are, just then, coming into the known areas of the galaxy. He tells them that his power is far beyond anything they have ever seen, and that his armies will inevitably crush the entirety of the known galaxy. He says that whoever fights will be killed, but whoever joins his new Empire will not only be spared, but thrive under the new government. As a demonstration of his power, he makes kneel before him, the greatest living Jedi, Kane, and courses his body full of Force Energy. Kane writhes in pain. Anakin screams as he watches, tears rolling down his face. The Emperor attacks Kane until he is dead, and then stands over the corpse, turns those watching, and says, “It’s pointless to resist” (which is echoed later by Vader in Return of the Jedi).

    Throughout the rest of the film, Kane speaks to Anakin as Obi-Wan does in the first movie to Luke, but his voice is faint. Obi-Wan tells Anakin that his father’s voice will be clearer, the purer Anakin’s thoughts are. He must avoid clouding the connection he has with his father with anger and hate.

    The armies of the Republic are assembled. They fight in the first battle of what would later be known as The Clone Wars (which lasts for a decade at least).

    The Republic in Anakin’s system strike an effective first victory, but in several other regions of the galaxy, Imperial forces have taken various systems.

    In this first battle, Anakin’s X-Wing is hit and he has to land on a nearby planet where a ground force has invaded. He uses his light saber to help in the ground battle and we see his real prowess in battle for the first time, highly aggressive, letting his passions drive him, doing incredible and insane things, self-sacrificing, precise, and devastating.

    His power comes at a price, however. Throughout the battle, he is shot several times. More importantly, he loses several fingers, and one leg below the knee.

    (Using x-wings makes sense because, in A New Hope they were beat up old used machines. Using TIE fighters makes sense because, it’s not as if hundreds of years pass between episode III and IV, it’s like 20 years. They’d probably just have an earlier version of a TIE fighter that looks almost identical).

    In the end, the Republic loses 70% of their systems, but those systems that they keep, they tightly secure. Anakin is healed as Luke is in Empire Strikes Back. His foot and part of his hand are now robotic, but the rest of him is human.

    Anakin’s mother laments the loss of Kane, but Anakin refuses to speak of it.

    Anakin has a new desire to enjoy life. He sees the Empire’s full invasion as inevitable, and wants to get in as much “life” as he can before that happens. He goes to see some of the girls from his schoolboy days, intending to party it up, but then he runs into Amidala. She laughs at his immaturity. He gets mad at her for not being in love with him like all the other girls. She is disgusted and turns to leave, but he grabs her and kisses her. She is lost in the moment, but regains herself and slaps him. She turns to go and he stops her again. He admits that he’s been a jerk and asks her to go for a drink. She thinks this is very odd of him, especially now that they’re at war. He explains that he’s never had to ask a girl out before. And now that they’re at war, they might not have much time to get drinks in the future. She agrees, and they enjoy tea in a café at the top of a tower with a beautiful view of the mountains.

    They have their little talky, make-up moment. They go for a walk afterward and she admits she used to admire him as a child. He then admits that, since he saw her in a particular outfit ages ago, he’s been a bit in love with her, but he says she was a jerk to him. She says that was because he never liked her and she resented it. And they kind of realize that, whatever their reasons for hating each other in the past, they really like each other now.

    He goes to kiss her again, but receives a call to defend Aquilae.



    Ten years have passed. Anakin and Amidala are now married, but rarely see each other as he is almost always at war. Anakin now has both hands and feet robotic. He must sleep in a special chamber because his lungs have taken too much damage from blasters.

    Many of the planets that have been taken by the Empire still have rebel forces fighting, but many of the systems within The Republic have fallen into civil war. The citizens on many of the planets feel that it is, in fact, pointless to resist, and would rather go peacefully than face the kind of massacres other planets have endured. The influence of The Dark Side has also poisoned the hearts of many of the Republic’s forces, and they have given themselves over and joined the Imperial troops.

    The third film depicts a two-pronged strike against the Empire. The Jedi try to find and kill the Emperor while the regular troops fight to push back the Imperial forces.

    Anakin is not among the Jedi sent to kill the Emperor, he is fighting smaller battles, but defeating entire armies almost single handedly. The more he kills, the more he enjoys killing, however. Resentful that he was not chosen to help seek out the Emperor, he does his own hunting, torturing generals to find the location of their leaders, eventually leading him to the Emperor himself.

    While torturing the men he discovers new ways to use The Force. Something is guiding him, a voice. He suspects that it is his father’s voice, but it is faint. He does not realize that the voice of his father has been replaced by the voice of The Emperor.

    Anakin’s information is not limited to the location of the Imperial hierarchy, he also learns about how his father, before they went to rescue the princess, had argued with The Jedi Council for a full strike against the Empire but was not supported by The Council. He begins to blame them for his father’s death.

    The Emperor’s voice eventually becomes all that Anakin can hear. He resents the Jedi for not supporting his father. He sees the Empire winning. He wonders what will happen to Amidala if the Emporer takes Aquilae.

    On one trip back to Aquilae, Amidala tries to convince Anakin to stay and retire from battle. Anakin is his old self around her, and never lashes out at hear or chokes her or anything ridiculous like that. She seduces him and gets him in bed, but he is immediately off to war again. He is close to finding the Emperor now, and it has consumed his heart and mind, save the small bit reserved for Amidala.

    The Jedi find the Emperor who is more powerful than ever. His power is strengthened by the hate in the galaxy that now exists. Mothers, brothers and sisters, children and fathers are dying. Everyone fighting in the wars is filled with anger and hate, making him more powerful than he has ever been.

    Anakin has now found the Emperor as well. He hides in the darkness, waiting for his move, but The Emperor knows he is there and calls him out. He tells him that he has been waiting, that all has transpired according to his design. He tells Anakin that his wife is on Aquilae, and that, if he wants her to live, he must work for The Empire. He tells Anakin that she is with child, and tells him to search his heart. Anakin realizes that it’s true. The Emperor tells Anakin that once he said to all the galaxy that it is pointless to resist, now Anakin knows that this is true too, that The Dark Side will always win because it uses every advantage, that it is all powerful, that The Dark Side is truly the whole side of the force.

    The Emperor tells Anakin that his wife and child will be taken safely from Aquilae and brought to him. The Emperor says that Anakin must, in order for this to happen, avenge his father’s death, to kill those whose decision it was not to support him, to allow him to go with a small team to the unknown parts of the galaxy where they were convinced he would not return.

    Obi-Wan and the Emperor fight to a stalemate. Anakin fights several Jedi, and defeats them all. Anakin then turns to Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan is superior, however, and defeats Anakin and stabs him in the chest with his light saber. Obi-Wan turns to the Emperor, but they are separated. The Emperor escapes with Anakin, and Obi-Wan takes travels back to Aquilae.

    The Emperor’s minions save Anakin, fitting him with a suit that allows him to breathe despite his lungs being destroyed.

    The Emperor calls him “Lord Skywalker” and tells him that he is to take charge of the entire Imperial army. First, he will study under Grand Moff Tarkin, and then take Tarkin’s place when he has the respect of the army.

    He then tells him that his first order shall be the attack on Aquilae, and the acquisition of his wife and child. Anakin says “no.” He says that he no longer wants his wife to see him as he is. He is unrecognizable now. He wants her to remember him how he was. He is no longer Anakin Skywalker.

    He requests that Aquilae be left alone. The Emperor grants this wish.

    Back on Aquilae, Obi-wan contacts all the other Jedi in the galaxy and explains about Anakin. He explains that the Emperor is too powerful, even for The Jedi, and that they must all hide. He believes that The Emperor will hunt them all down and kill them. He says that he read this in The Emperor’s thoughts.

    Obi-wan also tells King Kayos (Amidala’s father) of the Emperor’s plan to have Anakin’s child taken as he suspects the force will be strong with him. (Obi-wan does not know that Anakin is alive). He suggests that Amidala and the children be hidden as well.

    Luke is sent with the most loyal of his royal guards to live on the remote desert planet of Tatooine. Obi-wan, realizing how strong The Force is with Luke, decides to go to Tatooine too, to protect him.

    Amidala, having recovered from the birth, sets off to Alderaan to live with her aunt and uncle, Bail and Breha Organa, the King and Queen of Alderaan.

    Vader then takes a bridge from one Imperial cruiser (outside, able to function because of his Vader suit) to his command position on another Imperial cruiser. He looks out the window at the initial construction of The Death Star.


    Mav Edit: I know this was moved from PT to Fanfic but it doesn't really belong here either. If you would like to write this as a story (as a narrative or script) instead of a summary/outline you are more than welcome to post it here. As it is now, I'm going to lock this thread.
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    If you like that stuff, I have some original stuff that's Star Wars related here:
    [link removed]
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    First off, welcome to the forum!

    No, no he didn't. He raised it to unprecedented greater heights then any of us could have imagined. And turned it into a far more intricate & incredible Saga.

    No, no we didn't. Some people couldn't get it, some could. Its divided - as you will soon find out when you have been here for a few weeks. took away the brilliant scientific explanation for the force....discredited a character from Return of the Jedi (Darth Sideous)....and basically made a mess because the Prequels weren't exactly how you envisioned it?

    Well, it isn't. Not by a long shot! The creator's creation is far better than the muddling of an angry "fan". (I use that word in the broadest sense) If Lucas was just do the prequels for fan service, we would have got a near exact replica of the OT, rather than the beautiful & complex trilogy that we currently have. What we got from him, was a true, compelling history. And I (and many others) love it.

    Star Wars is already exactly how it "should" have been.
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    Read the alternative, then reply ;)
  5. Jarren_Lee-Saber Jedi Master

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    Any Sci-fi that involves going to a freaking dance is automatically disqualified. What is this? Ferris Bueller's Day Off In Space?
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    Moved to Fan Fiction from PT
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    You spelled Kenobi's name wrong. I actually liked the fact that Anakin built C-3PO, I also loved Anakin being discovered as a boy. No, I did not like the midiclorians, but I fail to see what makes this outline any better. Qui-Gon Jinn is missed, I find Kane Skywalker unappealing, to say the least. A New Hope openly states the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice, and it was implied that their numbers far exceeded what you put forth here. And Hogwarts wasn't cool.

    And what's up with these school boy days? I'm sorry, but your arrogance and misguided attempts to upset Lucas' own tapestry have blinded you. This is not Star Wars, this actually feels like a cheap rip off rather than the heart of Star Wars. Listen, the prequels happened, it's done. It's been eight years. Move on.
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    Banished from the PT forum and sent to fanfic. Harsh, but you can't expect to go into a PT forum full of fans and proclaim you can do a better job at writing the PT. On top of that you say George ruined SW and was a sellout who favored pleasing the fan base over writing a compelling story. Don't insult the "flanneled one".

    I can understand Jar Jar bashing, but most of the PT was okay. There were large plot holes, but not more than the OT.

    I do think if you want to write an alternate universe story this is the forum to do it...just make sure you spell Kenobi with an "I" at the end.
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    Nothing wrong with the PT, even I got use to Jar Jar, and anyone that thinks that Christopher Lee's time was wasted in those films needs to go read his book (he likes Count Dooku) and have their head checked.

    With that biased opinion out of the way, I skimmed over your AU outline of the trilogy and you stray even from the OT. So how can you claim this is better than what Lucas created? At least he stuck to what he alluded to and mentioned in the films and his novelizations of the OT. You have not. I suggest you go read the OT novels and then revise your AU. You might actually appreciate the PT a little more in the process.

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