Star Wars Humorous Versions redo-a collaborative work in saga

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    (As per JC Policy, Spoilers cannot be discussed on this planning thread, though spoilers are allowed in the Humorous Versions in Fanfic)Greetings Star Wars fans. I am starting a collaborative work in 'saga' called TPM Humorous Version redo. I am hoping that many fanfic writers who want to try to try their hand at humour will add to this reboot of the Humorous Versions for the next generation in preparation for
    Star Wars Eppy 7. If all works out, by the time we go through all six movies, making all new jokes and even some new parody character names, basically a fresh new start, we can start on the Star Wars Episode 7 Humorous Version when the movie comes out. On this thread we can discuss ideas for the humorous versions or you can show your support for this project. I know we can have a lot of fun on this. Well, have a good day all. -study
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    Palpatine can be called Palpatate.
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    I don't think my brother would mind if you borrowed an idea from when we were little kids...

    Emperor Spit-n-shine was actually a drunken janitor that somehow fell into a position of power. Since he was drunk, his words were slurred, so people constantly misheard him.

    "I need some wax and a piece of cloth..."

    "We should lead an attack on the surface of Hoth? Brilliant!"
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