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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bravo, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Bravo Chosen One

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    IC: Captain Timothy Stakes
    Conference Room A, Sword of Justice, Greater Javin

    Stakes was disgusted with Havah's attitude; but, for the moment, there was little he could do. "Guards, get Havah out of my sight and to the medical bay. I don't have my sea boots on to stand in the same room with him."

    Stakes looked at the two women, "You two are dismissed as well. If you'll excuse me, please."

    Stakes caught up with the two guards and Havah Jeth down the corridor, "Just so you know, Havah, your lack of respect won't get you very far," Stakes took a step longer and swirled around, stopping Jeth and Jod guards from going forward; Stakes stared at Havah for a very long moment, "Don't think for a second that I won't blow you out of vacuum if I even sense you put this mission in danger. You may want to die and that's fine with me. But do it on your own time, not mine. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Jeth?"

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  2. Falcon Chosen One

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    IC: Fress Colias
    Conference Room A Sword of Justice

    Fress watched as Kasumi called the bottle to her hand and smashed it on the table. Seems everyone was annoyed with Jeth at the moment. She sat back and listened as everyone spoke their mind to Jeth.

    "I may have assumed about the injection, Jeth, but not about the bottle. While we have different means of getting there, I want what you want. I want the Empire to end and for peace to return. While I cannot get the screams of dying friends out of my head, I know that there was nothing I could to. The only way they will be avenged is through the restoration of peace to the galaxy, not by falling to our own demons."

    Fress nodded in agreement with Kasumi. She wanted Palpatine to pay more then anyone here. She was willing to be patient for that day to come when he crosses Vader in a way that will bring Anakin back to his right mind. She shook her head as she stood up and walked to Jeth and stood in front of him.

    “Jeth, when I was on the front lines. I watched as one of my best men commit suicide under my watch. I was naïve back then but not now. He also had a drinking problem and used that same drug. A stim and something to help keep the with drawl symptoms quiet. Don’t make the same mistake Krath made. Not on my time, on your own time. Don’t think I don’t know because I do. Don’t think you invented ignoring my comm calls with your droids just so you can sleep the with drawl symptoms away and call it meditation. You’re not the first one to pull that crap on me. Next time I will have your X-wing towed and I will take over if I feel you’re putting this mission and the lives of the squadron at risk. When you’re ready to talk, I’ll be here to listen to what ever demons it is you’re trying to escape. Until then I don’t want to find out you’ve been drinking. You will under go a breathalyzer test so I know we’re not following someone who is flying under the influence. When you want help with your drinking problem. Let me know, I’ll pay for you to go to a rehabilitation center. No strings attached.

    Fress watched as the guards escorted Jeth out of the room down to the medical bay. She planned to follow up with Jeth later to make sure he was listening to her and not tuning her out. She was beyond annoyed with Jeth, she was angry with his behavior so far.

    "Fress, I wanted to speak with you about this payment thing."

    Fress glanced at Kasumi and felt the fight leave her feeling drained. “I’m willing to do this for free. I only want the payment if I don’t survive this mission so I know Brice is being taken of. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Brice before. It’s still a touchy subject with me. The only thing that keeps me sane is that I know Brice’s father is behind bars.”

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    IC: Havah Jeth / Pic
    Leaving the Briefing Room

    Kasumi and Fress, both had to have the last words, typical for their species, what little he had observed over the years of his life. Then again there were indications that it might be some quality that transcended species, but that was for the scientists, and for his siblings to ponder. His siblings. Just the thought brought the flashes to his mind of first his brothers dead body being rolled over by his armored foot to show him that he had killed him, and now of his sister, an arm missing and calling out her accusations to him where his brother waited crying them out beyond the realm they yet dwelt. Perhaps there would never be peace, not true peace, as the only respite he got was the time alone with the drinks. And in whatever hell was reserved for his ilk he doubted they served anything.

    Why get sober, when all that awaited him was the constant preview of such an eternity? Reason could never explain it.

    The captain had flair, he gave the man that. So it was with mild decorum that he was led out by the guards and Pic, although they didn't make it far before the Captain showed up to block the path and have again an exchange of words. In truth he liked this man, and smiled openly as he gave his rebuttle. Yet three errors did he make though, "Thank you sir. I should remind you of three things about me. One, who said I wanted to get anywhere? Two, don't offer a man that cannot kill himself yet wants to die to do it for him if does something foolish, you merely tempt the creation of a fool. Three, why does everyone not want me to do it on their time but on their dime as they steel my time so that I can live in hell before I die a little longer? Four, well three was more a rhetorical question so this could be the true three, if I die I plan to only do so when it will not bring unwanted death to others. Such as yourself as an employer, or my companies members of the Mercs. Five, or four if you are keeping track without the rhetorical, to be clear you were understood, and I hope I am as well. Now if everyone is done complaining I have gone nearly a day without a drop of alcohol, almost zero sleep, and little tolerence. Now you know the tip of the iceberg that is sobriety, and on a final parting note, fair Captain, if I die my entire very large families problems all magically go away because they will no longer be of interest because of me. So if you ever feel the urge, finish me cleanly and make sure the Empire gets a recording and whatever organic material can be recovered." with a sharp nod he turned his head to stare straight ahead and awaited the prosessional to continue, there was a time crunch after all. Wouldn't want to be late for their own funerals.

    Well in truth he had shared three points about himself directly, and a few points of those things that involved his life. Whether the human was on the ball enough to work that out, well who knew if he had the boots for it as that is what apparently mattered in the Jod. Boots.

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  4. Sith-I-5 Force Ghost

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    IC: Flight Lieutenant Yavscout, Chief Engineer Tim Williams, Samantha Irisa

    The proprietor of the movie re-enactment service had turned her abode into the interior of some exotic harem: silken drapes covering the walls, luxurious rugs covering the deck, beds of colourful fat silken cushions for both him, and the flaxen beauty opposite, to sit on.

    She was statuesque compared to the diminutive elf, had a chest like two floatation device that strained the stitches of her white and gold robe, as she lay on her side, one leg revealed coquettishly by the slit in the garment.

    "I would really like to have your services aboard my ship," Yavscout was saying. "Just for a standard month. Eight weeks, tops. Three months at the outside."

    "Quite a lot of disparity between those times, Lieutenant." Sileg pointed out, swirling a glass of spirit with the hand that was not supporting her.

    "I have a Boss who likes to change his mind at the last minute," Yav admitted bashfully, thinking of Captain Taller. In between trying not to roll off the small hill of cushions he had been invited to perch himself on, he could see that she was considering his offer of a change of venue.
    He had already offered her the whole of Deck Five.

    "This is a good offer, Lieutenant Yavscout. However, I have a condition-"

    "Oh, don't you worry about that, we have the best doctors-"

    "No. Not that kind of condition. Have you heard of the Hapes Cluster?"

    Yavscout clustered his eyebrows in a frown. "No. But it is a big galaxy."

    She sighed, her chest moving rather pleasingly. "I wish to return home, Lieutenant. However, our borders are guarded rather jealously. Smaller vessels are destroyed out of hand. The size of your vessel would be a great boon for me to through the borders."

    Yav either frowned anew, or was still on the same one from before. "But you wouldn't be an intruder; couldn't you just wave your passport at them?"

    She sighed again. "My people are...how you say...?"

    "Trigger-happy as frag?"

    Sigel did not just smile. She beamed. "I see we understand one another."

    He jumped involuntarily as "Yav...can you hear me? Yav?" blurted from his wrist-comlink.

    Sigel watched with apparent amusement as the elf tried visibly not to roll off his seating, going into starfish mode. Eventually, the landslide stopped.

    "My Boss. I should take this."

    She raised her glass, "But of course."

    The pilot pressed the 'transmit' button on the device. "Captain Taller? Surprised to hear your voice; Dak indicated, if you'll pardon the bready reference, that you were toast!"

    * * * *

    Delicate Delinquent' bridge

    Tim and Flavin turned to the doorway as the new voice said, "Master Yoda would say you were being impatient. Takes a while to find your way around a new ship, but I got here as fast as I could. C.T. reporting for duty sir."

    "Well, Master Yoda can take a flying frag. Whoever he is." Williams retorted gruffly from his seat, his features tightening at the sight of the Jango clone, even though the being had been just a few metres in front of him in the line when he had boarded this vessel. "Welcome along, C.T. We have immediate use of your services, if you are comfortable with ship-to-ship communications. Samantha?"

    The blonde girl stood from the Communications Station to leave the place vacant for the new fellow, just as a voice came through the speaker there.

    "Hangar Chief Ayres here. Let's get this party started."

    Although disappointed to be leaving this gig, Irisa smiled across at C.T. "You wanna get that?"

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    IC: C.T.
    Delicate Delinquent Bridge

    "Well, Master Yoda can take a flying frag. Whoever he is." Williams retorted gruffly from his seat, his features tightening at the sight of the Jango clone, even though the being had been just a few metres in front of him in the line when he had boarded this vessel. "Welcome along, C.T. We have immediate use of your services, if you are comfortable with ship-to-ship communications. Samantha?"

    C.T. nodded and took the vacant seat. He was aware that his features caused that kind of reaction....and they had ever since Order 66. However, he knew inside that his former leader saw something that made him special, so he never looked back. Sure, on the outside he looked like all the others, but inside he was different...and was proud to be so.

    "Hangar Chief Ayres here. Let's get this party started."

    C.T. smiled at the question of if he wanted to get it. He didn't miss a beat.

    "Hangar Chief Ayres, this is C.T. Ready to get things started from here. Captain, it sounds like everyone is ready."

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    IC: Kasumi
    Corridor of the Sword of Justice

    Fress glanced at Kasumi and felt the fight leave her feeling drained. “I’m willing to do this for free. I only want the payment if I don’t survive this mission so I know Brice is being taken of. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Brice before. It’s still a touchy subject with me. The only thing that keeps me sane is that I know Brice’s father is behind bars.”

    "Fress, there is no reason to be sorry. If you wanted to tell me sooner, you would have. I know it must be hard to be away from him. The question I wanted to ask you, as I know some of the payment will stay with me, if we make it out of this that is. I was wondering if, no matter what, I could add to that fund for your son? Education is something that I love and something that, as you know, was stressed at the Temple. Would that be alright, or would that be over stepping my boundaries?"

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  7. Bravo Chosen One

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    IC: Captain Rick Taller
    Medical Bay, Johnny Boy

    Rick dragged himself to his hover chair when Yav rang back, "Captain Taller? Surprised to hear your voice; Dak indicated, if you'll pardon the bready reference, that you were toast!"

    Rick smiled as he lifted himself into the hover chair, "Almost was. And still may be. We have Father and Poison on Vacuum to Pacify. We are Bantha fodder; need to Dodge. Can you double screen eyes and cloud for Dodge? What's the sky?"

    Taller hoped Yav understood "Dodge," which meant to leave immediately, "screen eyes" which meant to fool sensors, "cloud," which meant to cover the Johnny Boy's escape, and "sky," which meant time table to achieve such operations.

    Off to the side, Russel Cook stirred awake and his eyes widen at Taller's awake presence, "Your heart...I don't get it..."

    "Not the most cheery of words to hear from a Doctor," Rick said, coughing, "But I'm alive for now. We need to leave ASAP."

    "Yea," Russel said, rubbing the back of his head and then looked at the body of the dead Imperial, "So we won?"

    "Twice. One is in the surgical suite."

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    IC: Captain Timothy Stakes
    Conference Room A, Sword of Justice, Greater Javin

    Stakes nodded to Havah and stepped out of the way. As Havah, droid, and guards passed him, Stakes looked after Havah's retreating back for a long moment.

    Stakes needed to find a way to focus that man's anger into a deadly weapon for good, not for his own destruction. But how? Stakes would have some thinking to do...

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  8. Falcon Chosen One

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    IC: Fress Colias
    Conference room A/ States room Sword of Justice

    "Fress, there is no reason to be sorry. If you wanted to tell me sooner, you would have. I know it must be hard to be away from him. The question I wanted to ask you, as I know some of the payment will stay with me, if we make it out of this that is. I was wondering if, no matter what, I could add to that fund for your son? Education is something that I love and something that, as you know, was stressed at the Temple. Would that be alright, or would that be over stepping my boundaries?"

    Fress gently smiled as she sat down beside Kasumi. “I’m fine and honoured if you’re okay with it. You’re asking me ahead of time, so you’re not over stepping boundaries,” she reassured. “Education is important. I juat want to make sure Brice gets a higher education so a portion of my pay from CorSec and the Mercs is currently going into a fund. He can’t touch it until he’s twenty-one and by the time he’s old enough, I’m hoping he’ll know what he wants to do with his life.”

    Fress frowned as the words if you’re pregnant don’t track me down rang loudly in her mind. “Leia was kidnapped by slavers and I traded myself for her safety. Before CorSec had the chance to send the credits to buy me out the slaver took the opportunity to sell me. I attempted to take that chance to get the collar off and I was stunned into unconsciousness. By the time I came too my partner finally tracked me down buying my freedom. Ghecks told me he did things to me in my sleep and if I become pregnant, not to bother tracking him down. We took the other girl out of his custody and arrested Ghecks and brought him up on charges of slavery and rape. I forced him to sign over complete custody to me in case I was pregnant. I gave Brice up for adoption, as agreed they kept me updated on his progress. But after a while our paths crossed and the adopted parents allowed me to keep in contact with him and we told him the truth.”

    Fress fingered the pendant around her neck as she opened the small lid and looked at the holo. She was standing behind Brice with her arms wrapped around him. He couldn’t contain the grin on his face. “They’re doing a wonderful job with him and he’s turning into the male version of me. If things change and he can train as a Jedi, I have no doubt he would not turn down that opportunity.”

    “Rex lives two blocks away from the family,” Fress smiled as she closed the lid and let the pendant fall back against her chest. “He keeps an eye on the family for me in case there is trouble. He really is a good friend. I just want to survive this mission so I can see Brice again. I guess the only good thing that came out of it was Brice. He's a precious gem.”

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    IC: Jason Lasso
    Foothills, Northern Mountain

    Jason ran as fast as he could, drawing up in the Force when needed to keep his stamina up, to keep the burning in his legs and his lungs from slowing him down, Each draw upon the Force kept fatigue at bay that much longer. Up ahead, through the snow covered frozen woods, raced "He", a black blur of motion. For the last week, "He" had been training him and one of the first lessons had been endurance..

    ....within his helmet, Jason could hear "He"'s voice, "Keep up. We're almost there. The road is below us!"

    A week's worth of training had not been enough to do anything to real "improve" someone's abilities. It did, however, give Jason's some pointers about what to do.

    Jason's helmet sensors start to map the changing terrain up ahead, the downward flow of the ground to what was most likely a road up ahead...

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    IC: Jod Guard, Sergeant Vestor, Flight Lieutenant Yavscout, Delicate Delinquent, and the Javin Bucket, respectively.

    The guard looked at Herc as the other volunteered, "Sir, let me know if you need the cannon operator, for now I will do what I can to help with security set up."

    The Guard knew at least some of the priorities. "We-" He realised the volunteer had wandered off with his fellow security volunteer, and trailed after them to continue, "We do need a cannon operator. You told the Bridge Officer that you were good at all kinds of defence, so, we have about eighteen emplacements on the dorsal hull, and along the right and left edges of the ship. The only operational gun, cos a droid just plugged itself in, is one on the top. Which of the other seventeeen quad-laser turrets would be best for you to head to?"

    * * * *

    Main Hangar

    Sergeant Vestor laughed as Ayres chuckled and replied, "Use it for tissue paper. Time is of the essence, here, people," Ayres said as he keyed his comm to speak to the bridge. "Hangar Chief Ayres here. Let's get this party started."

    This made the warrior grin even more. This man was the kind of enthusiastic professional that he liked, wasted as a Merc.
    He felt safe leaving the Main Hangar in his hands, and waggled the manual in response before handing it to the nearest Jod.

    "Stay here, and escort the first group of passengers to Deck Eight." He chose the deck at random, since none of the people he had sent exploring for rooms, had reported back yet.

    Vestor jogged from the hangar, turning right into the corridor, and continuing forward towards the similar open door to the next, smaller, TIE Hangar.

    * * * *

    Javin Bucket - Sigel's business office,

    Yavscout listened intently to the captain's voice coming from his wrist-com:

    "Almost was." Yav could hear his caller struggling to do something. "And still may be. We have Father and Poison on Vacuum to Pacify. We are Bantha fodder; need to Dodge. Can you double screen eyes and cloud for Dodge? What's the sky?"

    Yavscout smirked. Whatever drugs the doctors had Taller hopped up on, it sounded like the good stuff. "Yesss," he humoured Taller patiently, wondering if Russell Cooke knew Taller had gotten himself a comlink. "the quick brown vornsk has been jumping over the lazy dog here too." He smiled at Sigel, and shrugged.

    Enough of a niggle gave the Surefall Paramedic pause. Was he really the first person Taller would have called if he just wanted to chat.
    And he had used the word "poison" in an incoherent sentence. Yav didn't know what the rest of the gibberish was about, but "poison" meant one thing for Mercs.


    "I'll call you back." Yav allowed the cushion land-slide to deposit him on the deck, and stood to look across at Sigel. "Sorry, deal's off." He called the Bridge of the Delicate Delinquent: "This is Yav. Put me on speaker so I don't have to say this twice. RED ALERT. Choose a star system, two over from this one, and program it into the navigational computers. Pass the coordinates to all the shuttles and hyperspace-capable craft waiting to dock or unload crew, and have them do an emergency jump to that location. As for the people coming through the pressure tube, snap it up. I want everyone aboard, and that ship sealed in ten. And the ship in hyperspace in thirty. Tell Chief Williams that he'll have to make do with what he's got, and call me back with the location you are jumping to."

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    IC: Zieleb-Xan Macja
    Hanger Bay, Delinquent

    Josch followed Vestor’s directions to the bridge after giving the Sergeant the suggestion of throwing the simulator manual out of the maglock field. As he and Navi winded their way through the various corridors he could not shake the feeling that the ‘exploring’ assignment was nothing more than a wild bantha chase. Along the way he responded to the message he received from Aurora

    “Moon! Thank the Verlin you made it. I have a package I need to deliver to the bridge. Once everything is settled we’ll figure out what is going on.”

    After a few minutes he finally arrived on the bridge and tried to figure out who exactly he was supposed to deliver the footage to. Eventually he just decided to announce in a loud voice, “Who ordered the footage of the big gaping hole in the side of our ship?”

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    IC: Flight Lieutenant Yavscout, Sounil Mistry, Javin Bucket shadowport and Unidade Aurek Jod passenger transport, respectively.

    Yav glanced towards the Hapan woman on his way out, reluctant to just leave it there. "I should probably go check on Taller. If all he's doing is complaining about the hospital food, I'll comm you back, and you can start packing."

    With that, the elf swept out into the metal-lined Venator corridor, the contrast to the silk-draped chamber abrupt enough to be worthy of note.

    As he had discovered back home on Norrath, a lot of time and walking could be saved if he happened to be Soul Bound close to where he needed to go, because he could just Gate back there in an instant. Bit of a waste of an emergency teleport, but, he decided, they could bill him, whoever "they" were.
    By now, he knew he was somehow Bound to the Red Rock pieces that Captain Taller kept on his person, so he could just Gate over there, really.

    Both slim arms raised above his head as the spell started to take effect, a couple of 'Bucket crew stopping to watch.

    Yavscout likewise stopped. Hold on. Didn't he give those stones to Hillick Soal? He was unsure if Taller had handed the stones over, but the twin facts that they were alive, and had been allowed to leave the vicinity of the Block without resistance seemed to point towards it.

    He noticed the crew staring at him.

    Yav followed their gaze up to his raised hands, and stepped smartly to the side, putting one hand against the cold metal. "Just seeing if I have grown today."

    The privateers exchanged glances and continued on their way, leaving the elf to make his way back to the Johnny Boy the usual slow way.

    * * * *

    Unidade Aurek Jod Shuttle

    In the cockpit of the Sentinel-class landing craft, Sounil had her hands folded in her lap as their craft floated beside the huge Imperial star cruiser.

    She supposed she ought to stop thinking about it being Imperial. According to that Zotoman, both she and it now belonged to Guardian Squadron, King Alex post-humous wish.

    She sighed. She had liked him.

    "Right, that's our cue," the pilot said unexpectedly.

    Sounil looked up to see that another shuttle was growling larger as it approached from the direction of the Delicate Delinquent.

    The Jod pushed forward on his control yoke, taking them in, and calling ahead to the larger vessel's bridge. "Delicate Delinquent from Unidade Aurek. We are beginning our final approach." He turned to her, "Prepare your group to disembark as soon as I lower the ramp, and unless you get conflicting instructions from someone in the hanger, lead them to the wall by the exit."

    "Yes sir." She nodded, unstrapped her acceleration webbing, and pushed herself out of the chair.

    "Good luck." He called after her.

    "Thank you. You too." She glanced back. "See you in a month."

    The Twi'lek passed through the oval hatchway into the cargo/passenger area of the shuttle, where her group of twenty, many faces that she knew from her wing of the Block prison facility, others that she had only met aboard the Authority, were, seated or standing, clutching at bundles of new clothing, or donated bed-rolls.

    Sounil smiled, the bed-rolls reminding her of the time she had played Mother, and organised sleeping arrangements on her ship, the Last Bolt, for fellow investigators, SGIS and otherwise, during the Carmen Sandiego jewellery heist case.

    She had been an Agent then. A title that had made her feel complete. She needed something like that now.

    "Okay," She spoke up, drawing their collective attention. "I am Agent Sounil Mistry." She smiled at saying that again aloud. "We will shortly be landing aboard the interdictor. Make sure you have all your belongings and follow me down the ramp as soon as they open. We will be moving to the side of the hangar so that the transport can get clear. Any questions-"

    Sounil's knees bent slightly as she felt the transport settle onto it's landing gear quicker than she had anticipated. She straightened. "-will have to wait until we are outside."

    Bright light spilled into the cargo area as the deck behind her opened slowly, forming a ramp that extended down to touch a very shiny black deck.

    "Give us a sec." Sounil's boots made soft sounds as she treaded down the ramp, ducking her head to look around the hangar, spying, probably fifty metres away, Sergeant Vestor, Hangar Chief Ayres and a Jod soldier carrying a large book.

    Well, they looked friendly enough.

    "Hello, there. Agent Sounil Mistry, with twenty members of your new crew. Permission to come aboard, sirs?"

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    IC: Captain Rick Taller
    Medical Bay, Johnny Boy

    "Yesss," he humoured Taller patiently, wondering if Russell Cooke knew Taller had gotten himself a comlink. "the quick brown vornsk has been jumping over the lazy dog here too." He smiled at Sigel, and shrugged.

    Taller wondered if Yav knew the code words and was about to ask Yav when Dak's voice came over the comlink, "Captain, all ships waiting to dock with the Delicate Delinquent are preparing to jump to hyperspace. Sensors from the Authority are reading energy spikes in those ships that follow a pre-hyperspace jump energy spike."

    "Good," Taller replied back to Dak, "Get some security down to the medical bay. My two guards are dead and with the Javin Bucket's crew being forced off, I don't want any trigger happy workers coming for revenge."

    "Security is on it's way, Captain. And the Javin Bucket's management staff has yet to contact us in regards to ending our contract early."

    "They won't. They have their money and are happy. My concern is---"

    Suddenly lights within the Johnny Boy turned red and the captain of the Authority's voice boomed over the intercom, "This is the Authority! We have a Victory-class Star Destroyer supported by two Imperial II-class Frigates exiting hyperspace! All hands to battle stations!"

    "---that," Taller finished.

    "That's a small Imperial task force for such an important mission as to capture us...I would think," Russel said.

    "Out here, it's probably everything that the Empire could field on last minute notice. I'm pretty sure there's a Star Destroyer task force headed our way in hyperspace. These Imps are here to slow us down until they get here. And, if the Imp Captains know their business, those two Imperial II-class Frigates combined are more then enough firepower to support a Victory-class Star Destroyer and win this battle without a Star Destroyer task force in support in hyperspace."

    Taller's comlink beeped, "Taller here."

    "Captain, this is the Authority's Captain. I am sharing this comlink channel with you and the Delicate Delinquent's Captain, Yav. The Authority will cover you and the Delicate Delinquent."

    "Your out-numbered Authority! Those Frigates will be free to take shots at you and their numerous TIES will wear down your shields while that Victory hammers you at long range with concussion missiles!"

    "We each have our duty, Captain. I am simply doing mine. I'll see on the flip side of this battle. It is good to have you back, Captain. Authority out."

    No you won't, Taller thought, You won't see us again. And you know it. Why are you doing this? What is so important about us that your willing to sacrifice you and your crew? Why?

    "Captain, I have been able to tap into the Javin Bucket's security cameras," Suddenly came Dak's voice into the sharing communication with Yav, "It appears their headquarters area is a smoking ruin and there are several Stormtroopers units headed our way through the ship."

    "This may explain that earlier smuggler working for the Empire that rescued those space troopers," Taller said, adding, "Have us distracted by the smuggling ship and space troopers and land stormtroopers on the Javin Bucket. The Bucket either made a deal with the Empire or the Empire forced their hand. Dak, when that smuggling ship was here, were there any other ships docking with the Javin Bucket?"

    "Yes, Captain. Several ships, since this is a shadow port."

    "Sith. They could have been aboard anyone of several. How far are the stormtroopers, Dak?"

    "One hundred meters, one deck above us, and making their way down here."

    "Is the Johnny Boy clear?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "Have those Jod soldiers take us defensive positions at the main point of entry to the Johnny Boy."

    "They won't last long against Imperial Stormtroopers."

    "I know that and so do they. Their soldiers, they know the risks. Transfer all weapons control to the Medical Bay. I'm going to need to break us free. I doubt the Javin Bucket has the control to do that now with Stormtroopers on the ship and I'm not about to argue with some crew member about letting us go. Close all boarding tubes and prepare us for space flight. We leave in one minute."

    "Right away, Captain. Bridge out."

    Taller hoped Yav was still listening, "Yav, I hope you got all that. Get ready to cover us. As soon as we break free, we'll need to be tractor beamed in and ready to leave before those Imps get on top of us. Remember, our hyperdrive is out and your our only ride out of this mess."

    Taller hovered over to Russel's office, where the Chief Medical Officer got Taller access to the transfer of controls from the bridge. Taller could see all angels from every shipboard weapon from holo cameras as he brought them online. Suddenly, panels along the Johnny Boy's hull slid open and several weapon emplacements came out of their holding depths. With a reduced crew, Taller had to rely on technology, verses a organic gunnery crew. He wished he had a organic gunnery crew right now, operating the weapons remotely was less then ideal.

    Through the cameras, Taller could see the first white armored soldiers flooding the massive hanger bay and making their way through crowds of spacers to the Johnny Boy.

    "Engines hot and ready," Came Dak's voice over the intercom of the ship, "All crew prepare for a emergency evac from the Javin Bucket. All blast doors closed and crew members to their stations!"

    Rick scanned the hanger bay as Stormtroopers started to run up the boarding ramps to get through the sealed air lock doors. There! He found the support struts holding the Johnny Boy in place. Picking the turbolasers that were nearest---he had a split screen now for both weapons---he zeroed in the quad laser turrets, as to not blow a hole through the hanger bay with the turbolasers, and let loose a volley of green laser fire. Through the camera views, people on the hanger deck ran for over at the report of the turbolaser cannons being fired within the hanger bay, as the Stormtroopers were simply startled for a quick moment, then pushed their assault.

    The stormtroopers had reached the air lock doors and were setting up some type of breaching device to gain entry.

    Through a security feed from inside the Johnny Boy, Taller could see Jod troops taking up defensive positions along the corridor opposite the Stormtroopers' entry point.

    "Those struts are too strong for laser cannons!" Russel observed.

    "Yea," Taller said with regret as he switched over to the turbolaser cannons and gained aim once again, "I hope I make the shot or a lot of innocents are going to die when that hull gives from the blast."

    Taller pushed the button to fire the two turbolasers; the green flashes of light lanced out towards their targets and the support struts buckled and snapped in two.

    Taller hit the intercom button, "We're free! Go Dak! Go!"

    Suddenly the Johnny Boy was moving, smaller construction work (ladders, droids, etc.) along the side of the Johnny Boy giving way as the mercenary vessel angled towards the stars above and her engines suddenly blasted away, sending everything in their path flying backwards. Through the weapon cameras, Taller saw with delight as the boarding ramp was ripped clean from his ship and the Stormtroopers who were on board it went clattering to the ground with it.

    As his ship exited the Javin Bucket, leaving in it's engine wake fires and debris in the shadow port's hanger bay, Taller could see the Authority up ahead, speeding towards her death against the three Imp ships.

    "Yav, we're clear. Ready for pick-up."

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    IC: "Captain"
    Bridge, King-class Battleship Authority

    "Status, Commander?" The "Captain" asked.

    "No one left, Captain. No one took the evacuation order. Everyone has stayed."

    "And you, Commander? Your family is of the Southern Region."

    The Commander snapped to attention, "I am of the Kingdom of Jod, Captain! First and foremost my loyalty lies with the King and Queen! With the Jod people! Your orders, Captain?"

    The Captain nodded, "So our people have hope. Sensors?"

    "The enemy is deploying a starfighter screen. However, they are holding back on concussion missiles, Captain. None yet detected. However, all Imperial ships' forward batteries are armed."

    The Captain turned to the Commander, "Full speed, Commander. All weapon ports open, forward shields to full. Deploy all starfighters and other suitable combat craft for combat."
    "As ordered, Captain."

    The Commander saluted and the Captain saluted back, holding the salute for a long moment before letting it go.

    "Communications?" The Captain walked over and took a data disk out and handed it to the officer, "Play this song on all open communication channels and over our own intercom. We do this for the Guardians...I hope they will understand."

    As the song started to play, the Captain took his seat in his chair and took towards the Commander; with the nod, the Commander ordered all starfighters and other combat worthy craft to deploy, the Authority's shields went up, all gun ports opened, and the ship speed up.

    It was destiny, the Captain thought, as Imperial gunners started to find their marks and pound the Authority. Up ahead, starfighters of Jod and other combat craft fought a losing battle against superior numbers of TIEs. But, out-numbered and out-gunned, the Jod fought like they would win: they fought took and nail, Jod pilots suddenly able to take out Imperial pilots better then ever before, Authority gunners finding their TIE targets and defending the ship from starfighter attacks, and the forward bow gunners and missile gunners giving the Imperial ships everything they had.

    Alarms started to blare, the ship shook, and closer and closer the Imperial ships came, the Star Destroyer now firing it's concussion missiles.

    The Commander struggled his way back up to the Captain as consoles exploded in the bridge and sparks and flames went everywhere.

    "Forward shields are gone, Captain! Orders?"

    "Overload the reactor. Take all safeties off."

    The Commander nodded, blood from a cut running down the side of his skull, "Yes, sir."

    The Captain noticed that the communications console was a smoking ruin; so he used his master command pad on his arm rest and sent the following video to both the Johnny Boy and the Delicate Delinquent (play video until 2:01). He hoped they would understand the message about it: it was about the pilots---the Guardians---surviving and bringing hope back to both the people of Jod and to the rest of the galaxy. And the Johnny Boy and Delicate Delinquent had to survive in order for the Guardians to do that.

    The Commander came back, just as the Authority was falling apart: multiple breaches along the hull and explosions had killed most of the crew already and whole parts of the ship were now floating in their wake. "Engineering reports the reactor is ready for overload. Twenty seconds, Captain."

    The Captain nodded and looked as the three Imperial vessels pounded the Authority at close range and were making way to get past her and onto their mission.

    "For hope," The Captain said aloud for all to hear left on the bridge alive, as to why they were sacrificing themselves, although all knew why already.

    And then, in a brilliant flash, the Authority exploded, her reactor primed to overload and act much like a bomb. Which it did. The resulting shock wave of debris slammed into any remaining Jod and Imperial starfighters or other support craft and, like a title wave, slammed into the three Imperial vessels. One frigate, which was the closet and firing at point blank range, was caught in total by the reactor destruction and was torn open like a soda can before exploding herself. The other frigate, not as close, suffered heavy damage to the starboard side and tore open a hole in part of the starboard side and started venting debris and flames herself from that hole. The Star Destroyer's bow was crippled into a melted mess and small explosions and fires could be seen along her bow, but for the most part, the ship was still combat capable and a threat.

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    IC: Captain Timothy Stakes
    Ready Room, Sword of Justice, Jod Star System

    Stakes' view of normal space was obstructed by the interior of the nebula, which he didn't reject the view one bit. It was quite beautiful. both from the outside and the inside. Located near the Northern Stretch, the Blue Night Nebula (planetary nebula, NGC 6326), was a wonderful sight in the Planet of Jod's night skies. One that many stories were told of a former planet once being there and, for those who dealt with such myths and fairy tales, the nebula in which the Planet of Jod's odd time rotation and mystical status with culture and time to the rest of the Jod Star System and the Outer Galaxy, came from. While Scientists have gone over and through the Blue Night Nebula, no such evidence could ever be found. But, considering the strength of the Stellar Winds within the Planetary Nebula, no civilian-build space station could ever survive in the Post-main-sequence star's powerful stellar winds. In fact, even being on the outskirts of the nebula, Stakes could feel the Sword of Justice's military-grade hull struggling to stay together, even with the shields to max and with all non-essential energy resources devoted to keeping the shields' strength up, least the shields fall and the warship being torn to bits by the Stellar Winds. So yes, the helms had picked a great hiding place, for no one would think a ship would dare to hide on the Blue Night Nebula for any length of reasonable time.

    And Stakes hoped that the Guardians needing "time away" before the mission started was a good idea...because if it wasn't, thousands would die if the shields didn't hold.


    Timothy considered the weight of what lay before him and the Guardians. He would have to raid friendly shipyards, if they weren't still under Loyalist control, and hijack a King II-class Battleship. Then, he would have to send Havah Jeth, Kasumi, and Fress on a mission to save all of their families from some Imperial mastermind's twisted plan...and all of that assumed their families were still alive. A course Stakes wouldn't send them alone: he would send them in a non-assuming long range shuttle with a small security escort of King's Army Soldiers for added security. But, that's all he could do. He would need the newly crowned King II-class Battle Ship Sword of Justice to be up and operational to collect as many Loyalist vessels loyal to the King and Queen as he could.

    Sure, he would miss the three Guardians' firepower and skill---assuming they made it through the Northern Stretch alive first----but he had to do what he had to do. The one thing Stakes had in his court was the fact that the Authority herself, the pride and joy of the navy and of career military officers, was on his side. With the Authority's namesake alone, Timothy was sure naval vessels under the Kingdom's Navy would flock to his cause.


    The comlink rattled Stakes out of his thoughts as he sat in his desk and looked out at the nebula, "Go ahead," he responded over the comm.

    There was a long pause before a response came, "Captain, we're receiving confirmation that the Authority has been destroyed, sir, in the Greater Javin. It appears they were overrun by Imperial Naval units and the Authority sacrificed herself to buy the Johnny Boy and Delicate Delinquent time to escape."

    Stakes didn't say anything for a long time. The Authority had been the symbol of the King and Queen for as long as he could remember since a boy and the ship itself had the longest running service record of any ship in the navy, with near twenty years active service and the same "Captain" commanding her that whole time. And now, that symbol, that hope was gone.


    Stakes held back the tears the best he could, but failed. While he didn't cry, his voice was crackled and tears stained his cheeks, "Who confirmed this, Bridge?"

    "The handful of starfighter and shuttle pilots who survived the Authority's mission. They were out-numbered and retreated back to the Delicate Delinquent."

    Stakes nodded, "Copy. Ah...contuine on mission as normal. I'll have an update for the crew in due time. Keep this information to the Bridge only. No one else hears about it until I give the go-ahead."

    "Copy, Captain. Captain...we're alone now, aren't we?"

    Timothy looked out at the nebula again. It's planetary nebula told a story of a dying star beauitful to look at, but it's story long forgotten to the ages. And as with the Sword of Justice and Authority, they would be nice looking at stories, but the men and women and memories who made those ships come alive in history, would now be forgotten, nothing but a footnote to the rise of the Confederacy of Regions' climb to power and the decline of the Kingdom of Jod...and the galaxy.

    "Yes, Bridge," Stakes replied, "We're alone now."

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    IC: Flight Lieutenant Yavscout, Multiple Characters, Javin Bucket and Delicate Delinquent, respectively

    Yav's wrist-com beeped as he quickly headed for a turbolift to take him down to the Javin Bucket's hangar bay where most, putting it kindly, of the Johnny Boy was parked, "Yav here."

    "Captain, this is the Authority's Captain. I am sharing this comlink channel with you and the Delicate Delinquent's Captain, Yav. The Authority will cover you and the Delicate Delinquent."

    From what? Yavscout wondered.

    "Your out-numbered Authority! Those Frigates will be free to take shots at you and their numerous TIES-"

    TIEs? The Surefall Paramedic turned tail and sprinted back to Sigel's chamber, dodging nimbly round shadowport crew and visitors, until he caught sight of the heavy oval blast door set into the left wall, where he stopped, opened the door without knocking, and jumped in to stop netween the surprised Hapan, and the mauve cushion mountain where he had been perched.

    "Sigel, forget getting packed. You are coming with me."

    She had already swung her legs off the lounger, and was rising, a glass still in one hand. "Don't you people knock!"

    The elf stared at her. "Fine, knock knock."

    The explosion ripped into Sigel and flung Yav into the opposite wall, hitting the silk-draped durasteel solidly, and dropping him behind the cushions, out-of-sight of the white-armoured Imperial stormtroopers that climbed throuigh the smoking hole they had blown through the bulkhead behind her lounger. They paused, taking in the room, the finery spoiled as several of the bowed ceiling sheets caught alight.

    They quickly spotted the hatch leading out to the corridor, and headed out through that, shooting down the corridor at whatever the resistance the corridor could muster at zero notice.

    Yavscout stirred, face deep in a pech-fur rug, trying to get back onto hands and knees, while Dak's voice wittered out of his wrist-communicator: "-been able to tap into the Javin Bucket's security cameras. It appears their headquarters area is a smoking ruin and there are several Stormtroopers units headed our way through the ship."

    He felt the toe of a boot scrape his right rib cage.

    "Axel? You on coffee break?"

    Recognising the Inspector's voice, the elf forced himself to kneel up, his breath hissing at the disgusting rivulets of molten brown plastic rolling down the trashed synthdroid's bare metal face, its left eye and a good portion of its artificial skull missing and sparking. "I cannot believe they shot you in the face, oh that's just rude. No, no I'm not on a coffee break."

    "Good. Now go get the son of a bith who shot me."

    Despite whatever else was going on here, this brought a pained smile to his face. Finding the right stormtrooper would be nigh-on impossible, but it did not need to be said. "Yes Boss."

    The echoes of blaster fire started to fade as the Imperials made progress through the ship.

    Yavscout managed to drag himself up the wall into a standing position, trying to shield his nose and mouth as best he could from the choking smoke. Beyond Sigel's...pieces..., he could see into the chamber where he had climbed out of the back of the ambulance, one of the fabricated police Freerunners lying on its side, burning fitfully.

    The elf marshalled his thoughts, then his spells, chain-casting Major Heal, Speed of Wolf, Strength Like Bear, Dexterity on himself, and made sure he had a good Fire spell loaded.

    Thanks to his neice, he had a fire beetle eye on him again, which meant he was able to invoke Rule #9, Never Go Anywhere Without A Fireball.

    "Have those Jod soldiers take us defensive positions at the main point of entry to the Johnny Boy."

    Yav could still hear Taller and Dak talking over his wrist-com. Sounded pretty tense out there. He drew his trusty S-5 blaster pistol, and checked the power charge. He was probably going to have to fight his way back to the Johnny Boy.

    "They won't last long against Imperial Stormtroopers."

    "I know that and so do they. They're soldiers, they know the risks. Transfer all weapons control to the Medical Bay. I'm going to need to break us free. I doubt the Javin Bucket has the control to do that now with Stormtroopers on the ship and I'm not about to argue with some crew member about letting us go. Close all boarding tubes and prepare us for space flight. We leave in one minute."

    "Gotta go!"

    * * * *

    Delicate Delinquent bridge

    What passed for a bridge crew had exploded into action as soon as they heard Yavscout announce the RED ALERT, and tried to follow his orders.

    Williams turned to his own console and fired up the navigational console, and brought up the Greater Javin on his screen. He listed the surrounding star systems

    Behind him, he could hear the Jod tech muttering about being unable to find the Red Alert button!

    A new voice announced cheerily from the rear of the bridge, Who ordered the footage of the big gaping hole in the side of our ship?

    Flavin spun his chair round to see an earnest-looking young lad in a green flight suit. "C'Boath on a bike; you look even younger than her!" He indicated Samantha to his left; the newcomer's right. "Maybe later, kid. For now, get over here and help me find the Red Alert button!"

    "Thanks." Sam' grumbled at the reference to her youth, leaning over the Communications console despite C.T. sitting there, and activating the public address so her words would be broadcast throughout the warship. "This is the Bridge. Red Alert. Red Alert. Clear the pressure tube from the Javin Bucket now, and prepare to detach. Any gunnery operators, either make yourself known, or get to one of the quad lasers. Bridge out"

    Williams had found a star system he liked, not too far from this one. "Alright, try this. Berrol's Donn. Two or three systems to the Galactic South from this position. Kriz Sector."

    "Alright, transmit the hyperspace coordinates to all our ships out there."

    "This is Patrol. Alert. We have TIE fighters on our scopes."

    "Patrol from Delicate Delinquent. We copy. How many?"

    "Looks like all of them! Get clear, 'Delinquent. We are moving to engage."

    "There's like five of you! What're you, nuts?"

    Williams launched himself out of his chair like a big-boned Ground-to-Air missile, and rounded the Communications console, barging the younger female aside to speak to the Jod pilot himself. "Patrol from the 'Delinquent. You will not engage, I repeat, you will not engage.We have transmitted hyperspace coordinates to yourself and the shuttles. You are ordered to jump with them to the backup location, and protect them until we get there. Do you copy, Patrol?"

    "Patrol confirms."

    The chief engineer exhaled heavily, and ran a hand through his unkempt grey hair. "This is wrong. TIEs are short-range fighters, so where are they coming from?"

    Flavin looked up. "I don't know what to tell you. Sensors are not registering any hostiles in-system." His face suddenly went ashen. "Oh stang."

    Williams and Irisa looked at him. "What?"

    "This is an Imperial ship."

    "Yeah? We noticed."

    "Well, its hardly going to register other Imperial vessels as hostile, is it?" Flavin quickly tapped instructions into colourful button before him. "Oh stang. I thought I had bad days when I was working with your elf, but this is taking the pith. I'm reading three star destroyers! The Authority is moving to engage."

    "Well, that's not going to last long against three star destroyers. Are we equipped to pick up ecape pods?"

    "What is it with the Jod military and useless gestures?" Tim wanted to know. "I'm beginning to see why your war with the Beasts wasn't going so well."

    "Hey!" Flavin glared at the Merc. "Show some respect!"

    He looked down as the echoey sounds of blaster fire and explosions, plus men shouting, emanated from the speakers that Irisa, Williams and C.T. were clustered around.

    "Yavscout calling the 'Delinquent, do you copy?"

    Samantha and Flavin exchanged smiles at hearing the elf's voice, while she responded first.
    "We're here, Uncle Yav!"

    "Do not detach from the Javin Bucket; I repeat, do not detach from the Javin Bucket! The Johnny Boy has already gone, and the Kingdom of Jod soldiers guarding this end of the pressure tube are holding off Imperial stormtroopers. I am sending them through one by one."

    Flavin frowned. "Why not send them all?"

    "Do you know how hard it is to get Jod soldiers to dis-engage from an active firefight?" The elf sounded exasperated, and going by the selfless bravery demonstrated just now by the Authority, they knew what he meant. "In fact, if it hadn't gone so badly with Oss the giant caterpillar, I would be throwing a stick down the tube and shouting fetch! Oh, by the way, the Johnny Boy needs-"

    The elf's excited speech was replaced by some haunting music.

    Tim went arms akimbo with annoyance! "Oh, now what?"

    Technician Flavin sighed, and collapsed back in his seat. "The Authority will be broadcasting that. There won't be any escape pods."

    Williams changed the Comms channel twice, scowling as the music continued, "It is on all the open channels; how are we supposed to talk to each other?" He looked at the clone. "C.T., can you clear that up? We need to talk to the Johnny Boy and Yavscout."

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    IC: Havah Jeth / Pic
    Sword of Justice , Hallway to a new scan

    Walking down the corridor he gave a slight twist of his head as he grinned, following Pic to the area that passed on this crate as a med-center. The Captain had simply stepped aside, and in that there was the hope, perhaps humans weren't like the lab rats with an over proliferation, or perhaps smart ones were truly just that rare in a convoluted gene pool that had been traded and manipulated for years before being left to its own messy devises. Either way, there was a glimmer of hope from the Captain. Where there was hope, there was. . .hopefully a better cure for detox. Because going without the bite of the dragon that bit him was severly cramping his concentration.

    Pic slowed for two paces prior to a doorway, still holding up that data crystal as though it was a ceremonial gift. To be honest he didn't even know what it held, the gaps in his memory were holding firm and he prefered it that way. No, only Pic knew the full contents beyond a reckoning of the drugs he had injected and the meals of the past twenty hours. Before that he couldn't properly recall, and so as far as he knew he had been happy and that was enough for him. The mere hope of happiness no matter how scathed or unlikely, it was enough, to pretend.

    As the doors opened he came upon a scene of a person in a blue set of clothes, obviously designed with ease of wear, range of motion, and ease of cleaning in mind. The tag and special bars set upon the breast pocket of the informal uniform and the rapid orders to what Havah assumed were nurses as he rushed around the beds gave him pause as a moment as he took the scene of utter chaos in. It was his doing after all. The man looked up after ordering a set of tests on a patient to look at the two guards, one of which had stepped around Havah to approach the doctor. "Sir, we -"

    "Don't sir me, you can walk and talk, and you're not bent over in pain so either consult a nurse or leave because I haven't time for another space cold or achy toe." The doctor snapped back. The green emerald eyes offsetting the black hair that obviously hadn't been cleaned or trimmed into military regulations for a while. Although based on human physiology Havah would have to guess since the King had died.

    "Si - Doctor, this is the patient, top priority from the Captain." The guard muscled onward, his companion giving a subtle nod.

    "Oh, so your the one that's more important than a type B aortic dissection?" the added with a slight lilt as a bit of an accent drew through, "Of course the captain knows best even if it means someone dies, just so long as you get a physical." With a wave of a pad the doctor turned and began making annotations before handing it off to a nurse that came up and was waiting.

    "Doctor, we have our orders, as do you. We -"

    "Yes, I bloody well know what 'we' have to do. Now ship off, I'll give the man, you are a man aren't ya?" At a quick nod and scowl from Havah the doctor continued, "I'll give him a thurough work up, and let the Cap know the moment it's done. Now ship off unless you know how to work a scalpel or give proper anesthia." With that the guards nodded and made a show of logging in that they had handed over custody of their 'fellow fighter' to the doctor safely delivered. Havah doubted his packages recieved that much attention when delivered at the bar of Port Haven.

    "Doctor, you'll find the data rod contains a history of what I have injected and ingested for the past - "

    "Are you a doctor?"

    "No, but I am familiar -"

    "Then shush, strip, and take a gown to rest under over there. The nurse will be over to do CBC's, Tox screen, and generally relieve you of a pint of blood. Log what you think you got with her, and leave the doctorin to those that actually know what in the blasted galaxy they are doing. Now git'!" with a wave the doctor turned to his patient that was being taken back into surgery, "Make sure the pressure inducer is set to 0.8, we don't want the blasted thing to rupture and paralize him while we keep him from dieing, the Kingdom has enough gimps!"

    "Do you think I could kill him and forge a medical release?" Havah asked with a screwing up of his lips.

    Pic turned its head to him and seemed to a ponder a moment before the text scrolled across on his hip pad, {Guards too close. Successful extraction unlikely.}

    "Yeah, I didn't think so." still his hand rested with a finger druming as a male nurse tossed a too smal gown on the bed before hurrying off. "Who said hell was monotonous?" he sighed as he held the thing up to his armored chest.

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    IC: Kasumi
    States Room Sword of Justice

    “He keeps an eye on the family for me in case there is trouble. He really is a good friend. I just want to survive this mission so I can see Brice again. I guess the only good thing that came out of it was Brice. He's a precious gem.”

    "Having someone like that that is willing to watch over someone you love while you cannot be there is a great gift. While that little one did not come into the world the way that was expected, he has a great life it sounds like. As I said, I would like to help with that. And, if the time ever comes that he is able to train again as a Jedi, something tells me that he may have your gifts Fress, and that is a blessing. I hope the day comes that he is able to train. We would have to find the right teacher for him, and I would be willing to help find that one. But, until that day, it is agreed, that some of this pay I receive will go to him."

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    IC: Herc
    Security finalizing/Heading to the gun turret

    As promised Herc was able to help Wolf set up the security, and rather quickly too. With that done he left and went to the position that had been decided for him...or rather where he had been directed to.
    Herc headed up the the gun turrets and took his place. He was looking at everything making sure he knew where things were so that he wasn't scrambling at the last moment.

    IC: C.T.
    Bridge of the Delicate Delinquent

    The music bit into C.T. It was a gallant farewell, and almost a plea to go on with the mission as it had been planned.


    Play Music

    The group had been ambushed and were cornered. Herc had been wounded and was clinging to life, the other two were starving. C.T. had sent several messages in the hopes that one of the other units had received it. However, there had been no reply. They had each resolved to the fact that they were going to die there. They had all done their duty to the best of their ability. C.T. went to stand to take a final hit in order for Herc to be moved but a few feet to a better sheltered area. Suddenly, there was a group of troopers that appeared and began firing from behind him. C.T watched as the enemy shrank back for a moment. The small group knelt down and the leader took his helmet off.


    "Hi there brother. No one else wanted to join, so you got us....the outcasts."

    Mess meant just that. This group was a group that was never meant to be on the battle field. They were all meant to be workers and that's it. But, they had heard the signal, and realized no one else was going to help, so they "borrowed" some armor and came themselves.

    "This isn't a place for you. We are ready to die."

    "So are we. You, Herc and Circuit have been but a few that have treated us like we belong, like we are still part of this effort. To see that no other units weren't going to help you just didn't feel right. Your Jedi was even shocked that no one was coming to help. There will be words about that one. We are here to give you time to get to the small transport we brought. Here are the coordinates."

    C.T. looked at them with Circuit peering over his shoulder.

    "Mess....we need longer than a moment...."

    "I know. Don't look back. Don't turn back. Don't stop."

    Mess put his helmet back on and without another word nodded and with a war cry of courage he and the small group made it over the barrier, firing as they went to give the others the time that the needed. As the three boarded the transport and started it up. Each one looked in the direction that the battle was still raging at and saluted. They knew what their brothers had done. They knew the sacrifice. They owed them their lives.

    End Memory

    . "C.T., can you clear that up? We need to talk to the Johnny Boy and Yavscout."

    "On it sir." C.T. managed to clear the stations so that the ships were able to talk. He did also manage to make a recording of the song so that he, even if by himself, would be able to pay respect to those who just lost their lives for the greater mission.

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    IC: Fress Colias
    Sword of Justice, Conference room A

    "Having someone like that that is willing to watch over someone you love while you cannot be there is a great gift. While that little one did not come into the world the way that was expected, he has a great life it sounds like. As I said, I would like to help with that. And, if the time ever comes that he is able to train again as a Jedi, something tells me that he may have your gifts Fress, and that is a blessing. I hope the day comes that he is able to train. We would have to find the right teacher for him, and I would be willing to help find that one. But, until that day, it is agreed, that some of this pay I receive will go to him."

    Fress smiled and nodded in agreement. “Thank you. I appreciate you wanting to help Brice out. And some day I hope he gets the chance to train. I really should make good use of this time that Jeth’s actions has allotted us. I’m going to make that holo recording and make the arrangements for the payment. I pray this is all in vain and I get to see my son again. There is always that chance.”

    Fress stood up as if to leave then turned her attention to Kasumi. “I’m wondering, if it’s okay to give you a hug?

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    IC: Kasumi
    States Room on Sword of Justice

    “I’m wondering, if it’s okay to give you a hug?”

    Kasumi smiled at the request. "Sure. It's not like Jedi don't can't hugs," she smiled and stood up.

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    OOG: I am using this for Timothy Stakes as well, since it is all storyline based.

    I know I described the Beast home planet at some point, but have seemed to misplace where I put it in the game. So, later on, if the descriptions don't line up for the Beast home planet, that is why.

    IC: Captain Timothy Stakes
    Ready Room, Sword of Justice, Jod Star System

    Stakes looked at the three Jod Army soldiers sternly as all three stood at attention, without their weapons a course, in his ready room. "Repeat what you said, Sergeant Major."

    Sergeant Major Patrick O'Keith gulped---both the first time Corporal Christopher Davidson or Private Timmy Greenhorn---had ever seen the Sergeant Major ever look nervous, as the two soldiers stood to either side of O'Keith.

    "Captain, I ask that myself, Corporal Davidson, and Private Greenhorn being released from the Guardians' Reliance Fleet and return to the Kingdom of Jod."

    Stakes, as he had done before, paused a long moment, tapping his fingers on his desk. The GRF was falling apart before it had barely begun; first the Authority's destruction and now these three soldiers wanting to leave. Who was next to leave?

    "Sergeant Major, you understand that the Kingdom of Jod ceased to exist some days ago and now the Confederacy of Regions stands in it's place as the official government over the people of Jod?"

    "We do, Captain."

    "Then what Kingdom of Jod are you returning to? The GRF fights in the name of the Royal House and we bear the King and Queen's flag. Do you find that the COR are the legitimate government now and we, the GRF, are nothing more then mercenaries out for our own ends? Because if that is the case, Sergeant, let me assure you, we gave you your chance to leave back to the Kingdom of Jod some time ago. And now, if we are pirates and mercenaries, then I may air lock you and your mens' arse to the vacuum of space and have no governmental oversight to tell me I can't!"

    "Captain, that wasn't what we---" Timmy interjected.

    "Shut up Private!" Patrick grunted quietly.

    "Then what did you mean, soldier?"

    "Captain, are the rumors true about the Big Drop? We hear that comm chatter is being intercepted by us of a big invasion of the Beasts home planet."

    Stakes shook his head, "Does anyone understand what 'classified' means anymore on a starship? A means that the whole ship doesn't know within an hour," Stakes sighed, shaking his head, "Yes, the rumors are true, Sergeant. And yes, before you ask, it's true that the Confederacy of Regions is recruiting anyone willing to fight."

    "Captain, the three of us, we want to serve our people. And don't get us wrong, we're serving our people here with the GRF. But Captain, our Corps---the 5th Corps---was redeployed to the Front Lines without us while we were on this special assignment with the Sword of Justice. While the Corporal and Private here haven't seen combat save for what has happened here on the SOJ, I've seen my fair share and wish no more of it. But, if our Corps is going to land on the Big Drop, we want to be there too, Captain. Our whole regiment does. It's what is right to us. We can't watch as our brothers go into the biggest operation against the Beasts in recent memory and us not be there."

    "And how does your allegiance to the COR help us and the GRF?"

    "Captain, we know our brothers in the 5th Corps and especially our Division, the First Division. We can spread words of encouragement to our brothers that there is a secret resistance movement against the COR."

    "And if your words of loyalty are betrayed to the COR leadership? You'll be killed."

    "We know the risks, Captain. In service to the King and Queen, we gladly face death. The regiment has already guessed the causality rates for the Big Drop...if we survive the first twenty-four hours, we'll be lucky. And we all know that."

    "And how do I know you won't betray us to the COR?" Stakes asked.

    "You don't, Captain. But know my service, Captain. Trust my loyalty."

    "I heard the reports of you trying to stop the firing between Imperial and Jod forces, Sergeant Major. I'll send you on one condition."

    "Name it, Captain."

    "I send a House of Royal Intelligence officer to make contact with any underground resistance there may be to form a line of communication between us and the resistance."

    "Done, Captain."

    "Good. I believe you have a shuttle to catch. With the COR mass recruiting, your presence back within the ranks should hardly be noticed by the COR leadership. God's speed, Sergeant Major."

    "Thank you, Captain."

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    IC: Eminence William P. Aragaunt
    Throne Room, Royal Palace, Planet of Jod, later that night

    Eminence William P. Aragaunt wasted no time in his "promises". For yes, he knew, if he didn't act on his promises, he still had many enemies left over both within the former Kingdom of Jod government and the new Confederacy of Regions that wanted his head. To become powerful, you had to make enemies. It was the natural order of things.

    The least of his concern were the old cast-offs of the old generals and admirals who betrayed the Kingdom of Jod a decade earlier. Their threats were pointless until they captured Fort Baston...if they could even find the "rumored" fort even. Aragaunt doubted it even existed, saying that the Queen's Guardsmen were always trained at the Royal Palace. But, it gave the old cast-off's and their nightmarish creations something to do for the time being while Aragaunt gathered his power bases and made it a point he was powerful and in complete control.

    While the Eminence wore the best of royalty clothing, his top advisers and top generals and admirals wore the newest COR clothing, the majority of the former Kingdom of Jod's soldiers and sailors still wore their uniforms from the former Kingdom. While many of the new recruits were out-fitted with the COR clothing, Aragaunt knew the transition from old clothing to new clothing would be a time consuming process.

    "I've been pouring over classified documents of the Royal House for days now," Aragaunt said as his top advisers and military officers stood around a large holo projector table, "And it appears that the House of Royal Intelligence was at least good at something: keeping tabs on the Beasts. We have every possible invasion corridor, hyperspace route, and space lanes mapped in and out of the Beast home planet. Why our late King didn't take advantage of this, well..." Aragaunt smiled, "It just shows us more and more that a change of government was needed. By Royal Intelligence's latest data, our leading military tacticians and great thinkers have estimated that we are vastly superior to the Beasts in every way in terms of technology. The Beasts are ravaging animals...we are human beings with power and technology and we will crush them! ALL OF THEM!"

    There was clapping and chanting from the generals and admirals gathered; Aragaunt quieted them down, "But, we must understand that the cost will still be high. A operation of this scope hasn't been undertaken for hundreds of year, hundreds of years worth that the Beasts have been able to breed and multiply. This will not be an easy road, no gentlemen. But it is one we understand now. Vaska 3 showed us how valuable we are and it is time we stop being valuable and stop the problem at it's source," Aragaunt turned to one of the Generals, "How is recruiting going?"

    "Better then expected. Thousands sighed up yesterday alone. That's almost ten thousand in one week alone. The advertizement of your operation has made quite the stir in the population and many are ready to end the Beasts once and for all and take care of us, here, at home. And expand our business to the Outside Galaxy and grow."

    Aragaunt smiled, "Good. The people are ready and willing to fight and grow. The navy...have we located the King's Modernization Program?"

    One of the Admirals shook his head, "No Eminence, we haven't. We have many notes of it with in the military databases, but every time we track a source, it comes up as a dead-end. I'm beginning to wonder if the King ever had such plans in the first place."

    "It was there, Admiral. I saw the budget reports. It was there. Find it. Interrogate the captured high ranking generals and admirals of the King's Army and Kingdom's Navy again if you have to."

    "We have, Eminence and no one has broke yet. We've used every technique we have and none of them have broke. They seem to not know about it at all."

    "Then find the highest ranking officers of each branch and torture them if you have to. They must know where it is."

    "Torture, Eminence? I thought we wanted to build a peaceful understand with our enemies as to win them to our side."

    "And I want that information on the Modernization Program!" Aragaunt slammed his hand against the holo projector, "It is the key to our people's future! Kill them during the torture if you have to and have a droid scan their brains if you have to! But I want that information, Admiral, now."

    "Yes, Eminence."

    "Now," Aragaunt said, calming himself down, "Where are we in our preparations?"

    "All forces should be deployment ready within 48 hours, Eminence," Said a General.

    "Good. I want the mining rigs ready soon after that. Once we capture that forsaken Beast planet, I want it stripped bare ofany and all resources! The Jod people will rise to power once again and we will be soon remembered as the rightful heirs to the Red Rock Kingdom and not some old story of memories long gone! We will rise to Galactic power again!"

    There was clapping and cheering within the throne room from the generals and admirals.

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    IC: Fress Colias
    Sword of Justice, Conference room A

    "Sure. It's not like Jedi don't can't hugs,"

    Fress nodded in agreement as she stepped forward and hugged Kasumi. “Thank you. I really appreciate it. You’re a beautiful person,” she took a step back and turned her attention to the door as Saber rolled in. “Saber, I need to record a message to Brice.”

    Saber beeped and turned back towards the door. “I want to do it in front of the port view down by the mess hall.”

    Saber beep an affirmative as Fress walked out into the hallway and headed down towards the port view. She stopped and stared at the red hyperspace and frowned. Seemed like an odd color. She turned back towards Saber and gave a short nod. “All right, Saber. I’m ready.”

    Saber beeped as he sat back on his third wheel and the red light came on. Fress smiled sadly.


    I’m about to go on a dangerous mission and there is a chance I may not come back. I want you to know how proud I am of all of your accomplishments. One day I hope you will train as a Jedi. I have made arrangements for a college fund in your name, and I hope you use the credits wisely. You will not be able to touch the credits until you’re the age of twenty-one.

    Before I left with the Mercs, I gave Rex the first lightsaber I built and his instructions are to give it to you at an appointed time.

    I love you son and I pray we’re viewing this together and making jokes of how paranoid I was to leave this message to you and how my hair looks. I haven’t had time to dye and my true colour is beginning to show.” Fress tilted her head down and you could see a dark blond beginning to show. She straightened herself and frowned. “If you’re viewing this alone, it means I have failed in my mission and will be watching you grow up from the other side.”

    I will always be with you, even if it doesn’t seem like it at times,” Fress pointed to her heart and gave an encouraging smile. “I have cherished the times we have spent together and don’t regret anything.

    I love you so much, son and the Force will be with you, always.”
    Fress gave a short nod to Saber to end the recording as Cody appeared beside her and hugged her.

    ”Don’t worry, Fress. I will make sure Brice gets the message,” Cody commented softly.

    “Thanks Cody,” Fress took a step back and looked at her friend. “I appreciate it. I’ll leave the information with you in case I don’t survive this mission.”

    ”Let’s go get something to eat,” Cody suggested with a smile.

    “Sounds good to me,” Fress said as she followed Cody to the mess hall. “Cody, what happens when you inject something into your system in front a superior?”

    ”That’s just asking for a physical if he isn’t cleared to inject meds into his system why?” Cody questioned with a frown.

    ”Jeth confirmed my suspicions during the meeting. It would explain a few things,” Fress answered with a sad shake of her head. “His actions caused the Captain to demand a full physical.”

    ”So that’s why they escorted him,” Cody shook his head sadly. “What did he do throw a bottle against the wall or something?”

    “Nice mind reading,” Fress chided lightly. “That’s exactly what he did.”

    “Red did that just before you took over,” Cody commented with a frown. “It was after his supply got demolished during a fight and he was attempting to find a bottle strong enough not to break. Unfortunately when he did, shards went everywhere and struck Admiral Cora right in the arm.”

    “And no one warned me about him?” Fress questioned with a frown.

    “We were hoping to give him another chance. If we knew what he was planning, we would’ve warned you sooner,” Cody explained with a frown. “Sorry, we really should’ve told you about his problem.”

    “I managed to get permission for you to be on the bridge when we go. It’s to make sure the captain doesn’t change his mind and hold his men back,” Fress said with a frown as they stopped walking. “What is it?”

    Cody’s expression saddened. “Fress, there’s a rumor going around the ship for the past hour. I overheard some Jod crewmembers talking. After we left the others were jumped by Imperial forces and it’s rumoured the Authority was destroyed protecting the Johnny Boy. Maybe Stakes is more trustworthy then you think he is.”

    Fress felt her heart sink at the news. The Authority was an important ship to this Kingdom, she was almost sure of it. “I knew we shouldn’t have left and my feelings on the subject…”

    “You felt something out there, didn’t you? After that one freighter left,” Cody observed with a frown. “I can see it on your face.”

    Fress nodded as she glanced at him with a frown. “Maybe you don’t need to be on the bridge after all.”

    ”I only want to be there just to make sure you’re still communicating with us,” Cody commented as he held out a data pad. Saber rolled forward and downloaded instructions and the message onto it. “So I don’t have to deliver this message to Brice. I’m hoping you survive this mission to do it yourself. I know Rex was assigned as your body guard at one point,” he hesitated with a frown. “If you don’t mind, I would like to take up that position since Rex isn’t here.”

    Fress smiled and nodded as they continued walking and entered the mess hall.
    IC: Wolf

    Delicate Delinquent Hangar bay

    Wolf stood down in the hangar bay. He just received word from Herc before he headed up to the cannons that the Authority was destroyed engaging three Star Destroyers. Storm troopers boarded the Javin and made their way down to the Johnny Boy through the air lock. He shook his head as he made his rounds around the hangar bay to make sure no one got on board that shouldn't be here.

    Wolf had a hand blaster on his belt. He just hoped he didn’t need to use it and if the Johnny Boy decided to air lock with the Delicate Delinquent to allow others to come over. He planned to be at the air lock just to make sure they didn’t have any unwanted visitors still lurking on her.

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    IC: Jason Lasso
    Foothills, Northern Mountain

    Lasso came to the point where "He" wanted him to stop; his lungs were burning, as were his legs. And He no doubt heard his labored breathing over the comlink inside his helmet.

    "Your out of shape," He observed from behind a tree 20 yards away from Lasso's position.

    Lasso looked towards the direction of He, the sweat from his forehead luckily being collected by a barrier and preventing it from getting into his eyes. A course, there were always those exceptions and Jason had to squint in pain as a drop of sweat dropped his right eye and caused it to sting, "Thanks for the vote of confident," he said, his helmet display showing the following (with snow coverage instead):


    MUSIC: Patriot Soundtrack

    "See the road below?"

    Jason turned his helmet that way and saw the distance frozen road up ahead, just below them by 10 yards, "Yeah."

    "Find a good spot to snipe from. Make you have room to maneuver when they catch onto your location. Move from spot to spot. Be a ghost to them."

    "Got it. What are you doing?" Jason moved his helmet back to He's direction, but saw that the ninja Jedi had already disappeared into the trees up above; only the falling of loose snow from the tree tops above gave away his movement.

    "Waiting for them to focus on you; then I'll attack from above. You fire first. Go for the officers, then work your way down. [1]."

    "Great. I'm the bait."

    "The new guy always is. Here they come. Go."

    Jason got up and found a thicker tree and drew his E-11 Blaster Rifle from across his back under his cloak. Arming it and extending the stock, he peered around the tree to see a group of nicely fitted COR soldiers wearing the traditional King's Army soldier uniforms and equipment walking down the snowy road. Up ahead of the column were eight soldiers in a side-by-side column walking four rows deep. They carried their weapons per shoulder carry, not expecting an attack. A short distance behind them was a trio of white horses; one lead horse, no doubt the commanding officer, flanked by two other lower ranked officers; one of the officers was the flag barrier of the specific officer, a small flag limp around it's role without a wind. Behind the three horses by some distance was a group of 4 soldiers, two rows deep and 2 soldiers side-by-side in column, one of the front column which was holding the Southern Regions' flag, as it was curled around the pole it was attached to without any wind.

    Behind those 3 sections were 12 rows deep with 3 column wide of prisoners of war; each column was tied across and in-depth to the rest of the columns by Force shackles; along each side of the rows, each other row, were six soldiers on either side walking alone by each column. Behind the 12 rows of prisoners of war was another group of four soldiers, two rows deep and 2 soldiers side-by-side (without a flag) in column, followed a short distance behind by another group of eight soldiers in side-by-side columns walking four rows deep.

    Jason brought the stock of his blaster rifle to his shoulder, aimed at the officer riding on the horse, took a breath...released it...and fired. The red blaster bolt sent the soldier off the horse and suddenly the mass of soldiers were in confusion, officers shouting orders as they drew pistols from their horses, and everyone scanned the woods.

    Jason dared one more shot, taking down another one of the mounted officers; the officer falling, finally a soldier yelled, "Over there!" And a scattering of laser bolts went flying towards Lasso's direction as he ran from over.

    Suddenly "He" dropped from the trees above, his black clothed form and blue solid eyes landing among the group of eight soldiers in the front of the column. His red lightsaber activated and cut into the group---filling 3 immediately---before his form quickly disappeared into the woods and soldiers shouted about "Another one" and firing into the tree tops as to where "He" went. This distracted other soldiers from whom were focused on Lasso and Jason took the opportunity against the two soldiers who kept their focus on him. Both soldiers were towards the middle of the prisoner column on the right hand side of the road. Jason quickly took aim at one, fired, twisted around a tree as the other soldier took aim and fired his musket where Jason had been, then came when Lasso came around the other side of the tree took quick aim and took the other soldier down.

    7 enemy soldiers dead out of 39.

    Other soldiers in the area took note of this and trained their guns on Jason and fired a small volley of three soldiers into the woods where Jason was in general. While the three red blaster bolts missed, two digging themselves into tree thunks and one blasting away into air in the distance behind the close trees, Jason nonetheless took the idea that he would have to move in general, least he become target practice for the whole area of soldiers close to him.

    "He" provided the relief as he dropped down into the group of four soldiers behind the prisoners. Slashing two down with his lightsaber, elbowing another in the throat, he kicked a forth to the back of the knee and spun him around in time act as a body shield against a splattering of laser bolts from the column of 8 soldiers behind (3 of which fired into their own comrade---although had been aiming for "He"---with the other 5 looking startled and not in position to attack). With the soldier shot-up with laser bolts from his own comrades, He used Force jump to jump into a near-by tree, jump to another across the way as a volley from below hailed his previous landing spot, the disappeared once again into the woods, blaster bolts flying into the tree tops of where he had lost been, snowing falling in his immediate wake.

    10 enemy soldiers dead out of 39.

    Jason had made his way back around to the front of the column, hidden in the snow covered woods, and had taken down two soldiers in the front with a spray of blaster fire and injuring a third

    12 soldiers dead out of 39.

    Jason disappeared back into the woods as shots fired out---in either direction to where Jason would run; one such shot glanced into Jason right shoulder armor. The soldiers were getting centered on their aim and their attackers' tactics. It was time to change things up.

    "He" had been making note of his young student warrior and his actions and based his moves off of Lasso's. Force throwing his lightsaber from the trees high above, the attack took off the head of the last officer on the horse who was directing the defense. He had jumped down quickly behind the lightsaber and calling it back to him as he landed on the horse for a brief moment, rolled off of the bucking horse, and had reactivated his lightsaber as he parried shots from 3 of the 4 soldiers behind the horse. One bolt was sent back to it's owner, while the other two were dfeflected into the woods. Without a main weapon---as He charged with his lightsaber---one soldier went up to parry the Jedi ninja, but his blaster musket was cut in two effortlessly and the follow through with the lightsaber blade cut the soldier down the middle. With the body falling down, another soldier tried to rush for his bayonet, but before he could attach it, his head was detached from his neck with a lightsaber. As his body fell to the side, the third soldier had his blaster pistol out and had managed to fire two quick shots, both parried by "He," before losing his firing arm, then being stabbed in the chest, the lightaber blade running through his back. Retracting the blade, "He" was able to parry the attack from the flag holder, the pointed top of the flag point falling to the energy blade and then "He" slashing upwards from the bottom and leaving a cut up the soldier's body.

    That soldier's body falling to the side, He readied himself as two soldiers from the front eight soldiers came rushing around the horses from either side, their bayonets drawn and war cried loud. He parried one to the left, his bayonet a lightsaber resistance material, spun on his heal and caught the other soldier with a Force choke. Holding the pose for a moment, He used the Force choke to swing the soldier around into the nearby horse. When the soldier slid to the ground, the horse's startled buck came down, his front hooves stomping the soldier to death on the face and chest.

    "He" twisted away from the parry as the soldier brought his weapon to fire and did; the blast bolt flew out and caught one of the soldiers guarding the prisoners square in the face and sent him down. He already had his lightsaber up and slashing through the firing soldier's right shoulder and into his torso. Retracting the blade, He went around to the front of the horses where a blaster injuried soldier fired his musket at "He". With the bolt deflected, he dropped his rifle and went for his sidearm. Firing several blaster bolts from his pistol, He deflecting them all, the soldier suddenly felt himself lifted up by a invisable Force and his thoughts went blank with a sudden sharp crushing pain as he was thrown against a nearby tree trunk by the Force.

    9 soldiers more soldier dead, with the total 21 of 39 soldiers dead. He heard blaster bolts firing and shouting towards the still soldier populated rear of the column and ran that way, slashing two more soldiers guarding the prisoners on the way. 23 of 39 soldiers dead.

    Jason had engaged the rear guard in close range combat, putting his E-11 blaster rifle back to his back holding place, and taking his 2 Phrik Gladius and slashing through the eight soldiers in the rear. A series elbows, knees, and head-buts came with the sword attack, but Lasso soon found out that his zealous attack was too much for his current skills and despite two kills, he was vastly out-numbered. Taking a rifle butt to the head, Lasso stumbled backwards and everything was a daze and blur, even the bayonet looking object coming towards his mid-section. A equally blurry red lightsaber came between Lasso and the bayonet and split the weapon in two and soon the soldier, as his torso detached from his lower body.

    Lasso shook his head clear, his hearing still impaired and his vision still adjusting. He was alert enough to move out of a rifled blaster bolt shot from a soldier that had slipped out of He's defense, but Lasso found that his balance was still off as he tried to bring his swords up to attack. He took care of the soldier---and two previous ones as well---with a lightsaber through the back that showed in the front. As the soldier fell to his knees and fell forward, his face frozen in shock, Lasso finally regained some sense of his surroundings and was able to parry a charging soldiers' attack.

    With one blade, he knocked the rifle down and with the other he slashed across the soldiers' mid-section. The soldier fell to the ground in a shriek of pain, his insides exposed to the cold weather. Lasso wasn't so lucky the next time as a blaster bolt impacted his left shoulder. The powerful impact spun Jason around and to the ground. When Jason turned back over, the soldier was standing over him ready to pound his face in with the butt of his rifle. Jason had the foresight to cut the man's legs out from under him---at the ankles---and avoid death. When Jason gut up, he finished the job with a blade to the soldier's throat.

    With He's recent kills, 6 more soldiers dead. 27 of 39 soldiers dead. Lasso watched as He effective "cleaned up" the rest, the remaining 12 soldiers quickly falling in various modes of death to the ninja Jedi. When it was all said and done, none of the Confederacy of Regions' soldiers lived. The prisoners had all survived and as "He" had located the master control device for the Force shackles---as Jason wiped his blades clean of blood and put them away---the prisoners started to whisper about the mythical and rumored "Elites"...the black clothed Jedi ninja who worked for the church on secret assignments. Many of the soldiers talked amongst each other of the church now going against the government. As He remained quiet, despite many soldiers wanting hand shakes and answers, Jason remembered what "He" had told him during their short training together:

    When "He" did not speak or react, yet only checking enemy bodies for intel and to make sure they were dead, the soldiers and their highest ranking POW came to Jason.

    "Who are you?"

    Lasso thought of "He"'s instruction and said, "We are the change. The hope. Spread the word, the resistance has started. The Queen shall take the throne again. The people will rise once again."

    With that, Jason used a smoke grenade and disappeared. When the smoke clear, both "He" and Lasso were gone.

    The highest ranking POW nodded and looked around at his freed comrades, "Gather their weapons. Hurry!"


    Back in Another Time, "The Ancient Scrolls"

    Jason squinted as the Exemplar took the torso armor off---the helmet, equipment, and weapons already taken off by Jason---and his right shoulder throbbed in pain.

    "It could have been worse," The older man said as he surveyed where the shot was, "A bit more to the left and up and it would have got in between the chest armor and the gap between the helmet. And you would have been in much more pain, if not dead."

    "Thanks for the cherry news," Jason said sarcastically.

    "You should be thankful," "He" said as he stood in the background, as he looked over a captured datapad from one of the dead soldiers, "You need to learn patience."

    "You were able to do it. I figured I would give it a try."

    "The dead try," He said.

    "Yea," Jason said with a sorrowful voice and then a grimace as the Exemplar fixed up his shoulder with some bacta at where the powerful rifled blaster bolt made it through the armor, "What did you find on the data-pad?"

    "I appears the Confederacy of Regions is planning for a massive invasion of the Beast homeworld called the Big Drop in two days from now. Their recruiting in mass, offering pardons to King's Army and Kingdom's Navy's POWs in return for service in the operation, and mobilizing all military assets except for critical defensive units and posts. Idiots. There's a reason why the King held our forces back. We needed to wait for our reinforcements and new naval assets to be ready before such an attack."

    Jason studied the ninja Jedi for a moment, "What reinforcements? What new naval assets?"

    He realized he had slipped, but shook his head, "In time you will know. But not now."

    Jason nodded his head as the Exemplar finished up with a bacta patch to the shoulder, "There. A day's rest and you'll be as good as new."

    "Thanks," Jason said to the Exemplar, then turned his attention back to "He" as the Prophet went to a work table to repair the armor.

    "He needs to learn to repair his own armor. You won't always be with him."

    The Prophet turned to "He" and nodded, "Very right you are," And then turned to Jason, "I will show you how to do it the first time. But from then one, it is all you. For better or worse."

    Jason nodded and turned to "He," "So what's our next move?"

    "He" closed the distance somewhat between Lasso and himself, "With a massive mobilization in place, it should be possible for us to steal a military shuttle and escape the planet for space and the Northern Stretch. You gave the Jod POWs hope. Now it's time to back that hope up with some firepower."

    "Your reinforcements and new naval assets?" Jason asked.

    "He" nodded, "And then return with them to finish what you and Guardians have begun."

    "What I and the Guardians have begun? This was all your idea. Those POWs were talking more about you then me!"

    "Yes, but the church will move quickly to dismiss any such rumors of the Elite and if they existed, one of the Elite going against the church's political allegiance.. So the hope will rest in you and the Guardians. You will be the symbol of the Guardians, the hope they see. And then that hope will turn to fire and that fire into rebellion. And then, as the prophecy reads you and the Guardians will be: "Like shooting fires across the stars, they will be the galaxy's heroes in it's most desperate need and darkest hour. They will be like wild fire to the civilizations, not heeding to control or authority, but wild and rogue in heart and spirit. Heroes of justice, of right, of nobleness. Of volition they will be. Of character will shape their path. Guardians of the Stars they will be known as." And it will start with the Kingdom of Jod. But be warned Jason Lasso, it is not 'you and the Guardians'. It is the Guardians as a whole. You are just a symbol to the people, you are not the answer alone. The Guardians as a whole is the answer, not any one of you alone, but as a whole united group. Do not become prideful in yourself, least you fall to the Devil's workings."



    [1] In Reference to "Go for the officers, then work your way down." a paraphrase of a line used in Patriot (2000, movie)
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