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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bravo, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Space Station, Northern Stretch, where no shadows fall

    "Rest well, and have meaning." Havah intoned in Arkanian to the fallen droid. It was a momentus occassion, even if it was a half baked attempt as far as he could tell to finish his Sister's work. Something that would have made her betrayal screams at him seem like nursery primer in comparison, and this reminded him why she had probably been taken in the first place. He had created a back way out of her complex that even orbital bombardment shouldn't of been able to block as her droids had created it and could collapse it behind her. Perhaps she had instead had her projects take her most precious knowledge and whisk it away before the Empire could uncover it, although out here, that had yet to mean anything.

    He rose and moved with the others and the station AI remained silent, something that had his own mind wondering if it too possessed the same core as that droid? If so it would explain why it had vanished when it did, but not why it hadn't returned. Still he was mildly surprised when he was added to a secure comm line, and listened intently to the mission being lain out for him. Still he felt somewhat obligated and was going to turn down the offer until the mention of a virus in the AI system. That gained his interest and lowered his belief of what the AI had shared.

    Still to say anything overt from how much the station AI had taken an interest in him would likely tip it off, so instead he made a visual effort of marking the doors with his eyes until they fell on the refresher. Raising a fist in the air for a halt to their progress he raised a finger. "I need to perform a hit and fade, hold here." and with that intonation he proceeded to follow this new plan, and hoped that the AI had been lying previously. Otherwise he felt like he was leaving the others to die without him against a foe that had taken over this station.

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  2. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Captain Victor Paulsome
    Refresher, space station, Northern Stretch

    "I need to perform a hit and fade, hold here."

    As the group---Havah, Paulsome, and another soldier---entered the refresher, Paulsome hit his chrono, "Okay, we have two minutes. Anything beyond that and we'll tip the AI off. Go! Go!" Paulsome urged as he gave Havah the data-pad with a map on it and Paulsome brought up the rear of the three in the ventilation shaft. The Merc and two Jod soldiers went as fast as they could. Paulsome could see that Havah had much more experience at this type of work then he and his soldier and both Jod struggled to keep up with the Merc. Soon, they were above the AI core.

    Paulsome looked tat his chrono, "Two minutes on the dot. Go! Go!"

    Havah moved like a blur, kicking down the vent, and Paulsome's soldier and himself followed. The AI Core was what one would expect from a highly sensitive computer core---a room 15 meters by 15 meters by 15 metes (length both ways and height). A single highly thick glass blast door lead out of the core room to the left of the vent. Various controls and blinking lights covered three of the four white walls, the wall with the blast door being the exception. Three circular recessed lights were at the top of the ceiling. The room was a sterile white room with the cutting edge technology to keep a higher piece of technology cool and at 100% operating level. The three soldiers stood around a solid square armored box 5 meters across in each direction and waist high. In the middle, surrounded by control consoles level with the top, was the top dome top of the AI, red in color.

    The hologram of the girl appeared above the red dome, smaller in size, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!!!??????" She screamed in a deep roar way above the capabilities of a girl her age's vocal cords, "HE WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!!"

    "CAPTAIN!" Holy said in desperation, "You have something coming your way and fast! It's bio ratings are off the chart!"

    "Sith!" Paulsome said, then jumped on the open comm to all units, "All units double time it to our location! Bridge and shuttle, stay put! Move it! Move it!"

    As confirmations flooded the comlink open channel, Paulsome turned to Havah, "This is your sister's baby. I sure hope you can disable it. We'll give you as much time as we can. Good luck."

    With that, Paulsome and his soldier exited the core and entered a large lobby area. Around the corner, out of the view of Havah, came their foe. Paulsome put his fear down and readied himself for battle...

    Tag Mitth, TBC
    OOG: Mitth, you can play the AI. As some background, she will resist your every probe aggressively and the Dark Force Virus will show up in highly sensitive locations as a extra firewall system. Since Havah's sister created the AI core, this is your ballpark. :)
  3. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Main Complex Level 1

    Fress stepped in the quarters where Kasumi disappeared too, she found her friend studying a holo. She gently tapped her friend on the shoulder. "I had a vision and it makes me want to check medical files. I'm going there now if you want to come?"

    Kasumi nodded to her friend. "I will join you in a bit. I want to get more of a sense of who these people were, maybe that will help us better understand what happened. From what I have seen so far, either they were driven mad by something or they lost all sense of being due to being here in a solitary life. Be careful with your vision, as we have no idea what is in the atmosphere holds here. I would hate to have you go on a wild goose chase, only to find a trap at the end."

    Kasumi watched as her friend went into the medical bay. Kasumi continued to the next room. As she opened the door the she saw the same signs of struggle as there was with in the other one. However this time there was human remains on the floor contorted in a position that she could on decipher as being in pain and agony as the last breath was taken. The body was curled up in a fetal position, on its side on the floor, but instead of the hands being on the stomach they were gripping either side of the head. She didn't notice any wounds that this man had sustained, or death blows. She looked around for more clues, and saw scribbled on a piece of paper "biological agent.....death coming for me. trapped rat. voices won't stop. they will kill me."

    Voices? Biological Agent? That didn't sound good to Kasumi. Kasumi backed out of the room after telling the remains that she was sorry for his pain. She shut that door behind her and moved to the next room to see if there was another piece to the puzzle.

    Tag: Fress
  4. Intervention

    Intervention Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Chief Medical Officer Russel Cook, R2 Astromech Dude
    Caverns, Unknown Planet

    //Dude?// He bleeped softly, //When you were in that escape pod from the Strident Haze, telling us not to send help after you and Master Hank, I bet you thought it could not get any worse. Well, guess what? It's wor-, ooh look, stalactites!

    Dude's own sensor dish was out and rotating around. Dude suspected that, like Deputy, he was broadcasting a distress signal. Dude never had the processing thought or wildest dream that his fellow R2 unit was also broadcasting a communication to Naboo. Like most other droids aboard the Johnny Boy, Dude figured they had all come from those drama-filled, action packed holo blockbusters that filled the HoloNet and personally owned holo collections at home. It wasn't like any of the droids with the Mercs were new generation models, they were second and third hand-me-downs from previous owners..

    Now, regarding Deputy's short attention span regarding the insides of their current cave, Dude was starting to wonder if his fellow droid was suffering from a information overload somewhere in his systems and needed a check-up. But, Dude kept his thoughts to himself, as he had mostly been doing ever since his Master, Jason Lasso, had been lost at The Block. Dude had stayed in Lasso's quarters, hardly ever coming out for days now. It seemed that life went on the Johnny Boy without Jason Lasso. But for Dude, it did not.

    And the depressed astromech doubted it would ever go on again. If it wasn't for the droid's slightest grasp on of hope that his Master may still yet be alive, Dude would had thought that permanent deactivation would be better then the hell he went through now.

    While Dude had no processed information regarding Deputy's past history with Masters, Dude hoped that his fellow droid would understand his silence. Because, right now, Dude really needed a friend and Deputy---despite Dude's silence---was the closet thing he had to a friend right now.

    As the survivors treked on through the dark caverns, Dude's sensors brought suddenly appearing and then disappearing life sign spikes on the far edges of his scanners deeper down. They were there one second, gone the next. Whatever they were, they were suddenly strong with a over abundance of life, then gone as if nothing had never been there. Problem was, it wasn't feedback problems from Rick Taller and his unknown guest, as to those two sensor readings had remained constant.

    Something else was in this cave with them, but what?

    Dude beeped and whistled quietly and with fear to Deputy, ///Did your sensors register those life signs that flash on, then disappear just as quickly?///


    Chief Medical Officer Russel Cook continued down the dark caverns; Streets was far ahead of them, but still in view, taking his time. The other human crew member---Bob was his name---was a few feet ahead and to the right of Russel, a blaster rifle in hand. The Rodian---which Russel had not caught his name yet---was behind the Doctor and to his left. The two droids were behind the Rodian by a few feet and talking among themselves in droid speak. While being a Doctor for how long as he was, Russel had to familiarize himself with Droid Speak, but he never understood it beyond medical terms and basic questions and answer statements. So, the droids' conversation now was completely over Russel's second language capabilities.

    For the most part, their walk into the dark abyss seemed non eventful. Well, non eventful in the way that they hadn't encountered any lizards the size of a air speeder again. But---

    Suddenly, a blue orb of light appeared in front of the human---and behind Streets---and everyone stopped. No one moved and as the Rodian went to raise his blaster slowly, Russel put his hand on it and lowered the weapon.

    "Streets," Russel breathed, trying not to appear he was talking, "Behind you..."

    Whatever it was, it just stayed there for a few moments too long...


    Dude bumped into the Doctor's back legs when the human had suddenly stopped. The sudden craziness of his life sign readers was explained as Dude corrected his line of sight and saw the blue orb. That was identical to the life sign readings his sensors had detected earlier, but this time it was constant. Whatever it was, it's life sign reading was off the chart, as if tons of life were compacted into this little blue orb.

    While Dude had fancies that maybe this blue orb would move or leave, it did not. Several long moments, now turning into almost 45 seconds, it just floated there. While Dude could remain completely still---granting that no one bumped into him hard enough to move him---he didn't know how long the new frozen looking organics could stay still. They always seemed to be on the move anyways, organics.

    He didn't have to wait long for his answer as the human went to touch the blue orb. Dude was no rocket scientist, but he knew even to not touch anything strange looking on a equally strange planet. When the human went to reach out, a solid green laser beam shot out from the blue orb and the organic's scream of pain shot over the communications net. Since Dude was patched into the organics' communication systems, he heard the painful scream. Soon, all that was left of the human was nothing. In a flash, much like a game holographic character being sucked into the void, the human was likewise complied like a computer disk and it seemed sucked through the green laser beam.

    No wonder he screamed.

    The return spray of blaster bolts from the Rodian seemed to bonce off a energy field that did not register with Dude's sensors. And no amount of blaster bolts seemed to do anything against the blue orb, just waves and sparks of energy rolling across it's shields.

    Then, like a computer disk unfolding itself to show all it's applications and files, a alien standing 7 foot tall, having a humanoid appearance wearing a fully black armored suit complete with armored gloves (like Borg armor: link to picture), seemed to appear. It didn't wear a helmet---or any other armor or other devices on it's head or face---and rather it's black slimy fish appearance with no earns, but a small hole where the ear should of been, with breathing gills on either side of a natural reptile armored-like skin neck and a elongated human-skull with green solid bulging eyes and a mouth full of sharp razor teeth gave it enough of a menacing look. Rather then carry any weapons, there seemed to be a weapon attachment on the right forearm of the armor feature, just aft of the three fingered hand. Dude assumed that was where the green laser beam came from.

    Rather then having just one late for Halloween guest appear, several more of the blur orbs suddenly appeared to encircle the group. Although they didn't expand into life size armored aliens like their friend in front of them, the point was well received by Dude. The only one who seemed free of this encirclement was Havah, but Dude didn't know if that was good or bad yet.

    Suddenly a green orb appeared behind and to the right shoulder of the blue orb turned life size alien. Dude didn't know if they were going to go through the whole rainbow of colors or not. Add in a few more different colored orbs and Dude figured they could have a lesson on different colors and how they contrast each other. Where was a school teacher when you needed one?

    The green orb dematerialized---or rematerialized, however you looked at it---from the green orb into a alien that shared the organic look of a humanoid, stood likewise feet tall---if not a bit taller---and had a gray skin appearance under a collection of white pants, tunics, sandals, and a cloak without the hood covering his face at the moment. His feet and hands were five fingered each, although longer then normal for a human fingers on the hands, and his oval head and face seemed inviting, not fish-like, and had a smile from his thin red lips and sunken blue eyes. He had no ears as a human did, rather a small hole where the ears should of been.

    "Who are you?" Asked the alien male in a gentle, yet projecting voice, "Why are you here?"

    Whether the new gray alien and his slimy alien friends knew of Havah behind them---or just ignored him---Dude did not know. And, what the heck, you zap one of their own people and then ask questions in a gentle, calming voice? Dude wondered if these aliens were distant cousins of the Kingdom of Jod folks.

    Dude swirled his dome to Deputy, ///Any bright ideas that don't involve us getting blown up or the others killed?///

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  5. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Main complex level 1

    "I will join you in a bit. I want to get more of a sense of who these people were, maybe that will help us better understand what happened. From what I have seen so far, either they were driven mad by something or they lost all sense of being due to being here in a solitary life. Be careful with your vision, as we have no idea what is in the atmosphere holds here. I would hate to have you go on a wild goose chase, only to find a trap at the end."

    Fress gave a short nod as she walked towards the med ward and entered. There were human remains on the beds causing her to frown. What ever this agent was, did the trick. She reached in her pouch on her belt and brought out a pair of rubber gloves and placed them on her hands. She wasn’t sure how long this agent could last outside the host and some surprised her.

    Fress stepped over towards the computer and started it up as the lights blinked again. She frowned as it asked for a password. She shook her head as she looked around the room and noticed a holo of a woman with her name printed underneath it. She quickly typed in the name. The computer logged in her causing her to smile. “Okay, let’s see what we’re dealing with,” she muttered under her breath as she scanned over file names.

    Fress felt a nudge from the Force as she saw two files that were named unknown. She quickly opened the files and whistled in shock as she read over the symptoms and causes of death. “Insanity, internal bleeding and they couldn’t figure out what the agent was or how it spread. Sever cases die within 48 hours of showing symptoms. No wonder this place feels depressing through the Force,” lights flickered again as she thought about making a copy but thought better of it. She did not want to accidentally start a pandemic.

    Fress opened some more files. She read the files and noted those with milder symptoms were sent home which only brought more mystery to this prison complex.

    “Phoneix, when you get a chance, come to the med ward. I found something you need to see,” Fress said over her comlink.

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  6. Intervention

    Intervention Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 1, 2012

    Sith and Jusik, if this post finds you two indisposed to it's insertion into your storyline, please ignore it. I have studied back to page 101 on your storyline and feel well educated on the events thereof. However, you know your storyline better then a reader, so you know it's cause and effect better. I am simply trying to insert myself back into all levels of the game, as it once was before 2012. Once again, feel free to ignore if need be.

    For information on the below referenced Green Project, please see page 112 of this thread (unit added to the Quick Reference).

    IC: Green Project, Test Group AA-3
    Desert dune, Ord Pardron

    Their Specialized Enviormnent Armor Combat Suit (SEA for short) was in a desert camouflage pattern and color. While far from perfect---the smoke-gray HUD visor remaining----the color scheme change was better then black in the desert. While lying prone on the desert sand, half covered in sand just shy of the crest of a sand dune, Soldier 11-2, nicknamed "Ted" by his comrades, looked through the scope of his E-11s sniper rifle. He could see the whole show down below---the YT-1300 and the Gully Jumper---from just short of 3 miles, the maximum firing range of his E-11 sniper rifle. While any listening devices were ineffective at ranges this far---and the two Mandalorian armored humanoids wouldn't provide much in reading lips since they had helmets on---the Imperial Officer, with pressed uniform and all the fancy looks, and his junior officer with him, would provide the story needed. The two stormtroopers, like their Mandalorian counterparts, would be useless, and while the handful look to be Imperials (but Ted wasn't sure) between the two Mandalorian humanoids would provide little, if any information, since it was clear from the get-go, this was a meeting between Imp brass and, most likely (but not confirmed) Mandalorian armored bounty hunters. No need for the "goods" to be speaking, unless asked to, especially with credits being exchanged between two different political---or lack thereof for the possible bounty hunters----parties.

    For Ted, he wasn't a lip reader by trade. He could recover bits and pieces from any conversation, but if you asked for accuracy and intel, Ted wasn't your man. So it was good that Royal Command gave his sniper rifle a closed circuit (non-broadcasting) holo recording device, the view was reflected upon how Ted used his scope. While it didn't pick up noise, it could at least see the lips moving. Intel boys got paid for that kind if lip reading when Ted returned to them their little holo device. Ted got paid to pull the trigger, which wasn't a mission goal this time around.

    "Recon of potential enemy contacts" was the official line from House of Royal Intelligence. And, Ted wasn't one to argue with the vagueness of the order, just to complete it. Discharge of any weaponry was considered a last option, for it would expose him to the potential enemy contacts and the rest of his team. While his team was unidentifiable---no data, patches, or anything, even construction plates on their vessel or clothing tags on armor or on any of the clothing with or under the armor, even their weapons lacked any identification of manufacturer or serial number---could be traced back to the Kingdom of Jod. Their sensor data, communication data, navigation logs, and sensor logs had all been erased when they landed their vessel planet-side and their fuel tanks, energy stores, and food stores all topped off by a extra supply of said supplies when the vessel landed planet-side. It would be impossible to trace how long the ship had been in space or out of space. Even their route in system had been a long one: 1 day to be precise, since they had to exit hyperspace---after a series of mirco jumps to throw off any pursuit or trace back of their route of travel---way out of star system from a completely different vector then their origin of port would dedicate. Included in all this, they took the less likely route in to the planet and their vessel---the Hammer Strike-class Landing Craft---had never before been seen outside their home system of Jod before, dropped off in galaxy by a Light-class Destroyer captained by Royal Command for this deep insertion mission.

    So, in essence, they were unknowns. Even the Red Rock equipped hyperdrive had been replaced, for this mission alone, by a regular hyperdrive.

    Ted was alone, his support (their Hammer Strike)---on strict com silence unless Ted's hidden spotter another 3 miles away from Ted gave the alert to another spotter another 3 miles away and so on until they reached their vessel---was hidden in a series of nearby caverns about 10 miles away, power completely off, no one talking, and the ship dark. How did they get here? Well, for all the effort, on a hunch. Ted had become use to the amazing ability for the intelligence service to operate off of hunches. A handful of data bursts---intercepted by the Authority's and Sword of Justice's last sensor and communication logs, curiosity of the Royal Intelligence agents stationed with them---found their way to a deep insertion listening post in this galaxy, then transferred to Royal Intelligence for review. While gathering forces involved at the Greater Javin, known and researched histories of the YT-1300 and the Imperial Space Troopers by data burst holo recordings from the two Battleships' holo cameras---Royal Intelligence had taken a guess. If they had been wrong, then no harm, no foul. If they had been right, which it appeared they were, they might get a understanding of who was who and what was what. As to how all this related to Ted and the liberation of his home world of Jod, the soldier didn't have a Sithing clue in the galaxy. And it probably had nothing to do with it, just people behind desks trying to justify their paychecks.

    But Ted's job was simple: follow orders. They were one of the many test groups for the new Project Green and so far, like his group, none could even remotely be traced back to the Kingdom of Jod. Someone had to be really good at guessing under the magic cup to even come up with a thought that would point towards the Kingdom of Jod.

    Once again, Ted just let everything ride off his shoulders. It wasn't his problem to be concerned with. He just aimed the blaster rifle and recorded with the holo device. If all went as planned, nothing would happen beyond watching a couple of ships leave the planet...and that Lancer-class Frigate they saw land earlier.

    So he waited in complete silence.

    Tag Sith and Bardan_Jusik


    IC: Bugger, Walking Library
    Cockpit, Hunk of Junk, Berroll's Donn star system

    The Delicate Delinquent hung like a jewel amdist the chaos of drifting debris. At least, though, the debris was getting cleaned up. Between the Johnny Boy's disappearance and Master Palso's recent visit to the Delicate Delinquent's medical bay following debris falling on him from a secondary explosion following his escape from the first debris pile from his quad laser turret, the two droids felt that their journey couldn't get anymore unpredictable.

    The two droids had silently gone about the duty of recovering the lost members of the Johnny Boy and by their second trip out, it seemed their tireless efforts were starting to pay off.

    "Did you see that?" Walking Library asked as they positioned the custom-build freighter to capture one of the escape pods.

    ///See what?/// Asked Bugger from the astromech ring inside the cockpit.

    "That!" Library exclaimed, "That escape pod. It's moving WITHOUT any engines, like someone is pulling on it!"

    ///You mean the Force?/// Bugger asked.

    "Well..." Library said, "I guess so...well, yes."

    ///You remember hearing about that Mac guy when we first came aboard the Johnny Boy?///

    "Yes," Library answered as he latched onto the escape pod with a grappling hook from the underside of the freighter; the connection of the two vessels slightly shook the Hunk of Junk, "Pod captured and secured!"

    ///A oil bath says it's him.///

    Tag Sith-I-5 and CPL_Macja
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  7. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Main Complex Level 1

    Kasumi moved to the next room and found it untouched. There was no sign of struggle, no body, but the peace was not quite that. It was a eerie silence, and unsettling peace. The place was tidy...but almost too tidy. Where the other men had destroyed objects around them and scribbled, this area was almost psychotically neat. Everything was in it's place for a reason, and not for a logical one or an asthetic one. Kasumi looked at the books and papers. Each one was about virus', the body, and some looked like notes on others in the complex...what they ate, when they went to bed, what they talked about, etc.

    “Phoneix, when you get a chance, come to the med ward. I found something you need to see,” Fress said over her comlink.

    Kasumi jumped a bit to the comlink. As her heart returned to normal in this stalkerish room she responded to her friend.

    "Firecracker, I'm on my way."

    Kasumi left the room, but couldn't help feeling as if she was being watched. This place was far from a happy one, and even the Force was telling her how dark and sad things were.
    She came into the med ward and went up to her friend.

    "What did you find?"

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  8. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Main complex level 1

    Fress brought up another file as she waited for Kasumi to show. She looked at the map noting there were small colonies through out the planet. Were prisoners rehabilitated then released into smaller colonies here? It would explain why this complex felt more like barracks instead.

    "What did you find?"

    “If I had to guess, the reason this place doesn’t feel like a prison is because it’s a place to rehabilitate exiles. This map shows you colonies outside this complex,” Fress explained as she pointed to the names of the colonies. “I guess if you’re going into exile, you don’t want to be behind bars for the rest of your life,” she brought up the files for the bio agent. “According to this, the place was locked down for quarantine. A bio agent that they could not identify, thirty died within the first 48 hours. Another forty 72 hours later. There is internal bleeding through organs and the reason for that is because this bio agent multiplied consuming those same organs,” she reached into her pouch and handed Kasumi her spare gloves. “Put these on, can’t be too careful. Even though these reports were dated a year ago, there is no telling how long this agent lives outside the host or if it’s capable of going into remission. This would explain why the shield is in place. It prevents anyone who maybe infected from leaving."

    Tag Kasumi
  9. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    OOC: For pace, I will assume the fully armoured spacetroopers were able to walk along the Crusader’s interior to the ramp without getting stuck, though I reserve the right to mention Vaseline to get them past the tricky bits.

    IC: Captain Sard, Seige Team Six, desert rendezvous
    Location: Ord Pardron

    Sard watched and perspired as the two suited and helmeted Mandalorians emerged from the freighter, followed by the armoured bulk of spacetrooper armour, stomping down the ramp, and into view.

    The captain snuck a peek over his own shoulder, in case their heavy footfalls were masking the approach of an unexpected Krayt Dragon!


    He looked back.

    "They are all yours once final payment has been confirmed." The taller Mando gestured to the Imperial armour behind him, then held up an armored gauntlet, a data chip in his hand. "I have a record of the mission which may include some new intel for your spooks for an extra 2%."

    Sard’s junior officer answered before he had a chance to, indicating the sealed-up spacetroopers behind the lead Mando’. “How do we know they are our people? Could be anyone in those suits.”

    The Captain turned to regard his subordinate, then turned back to Taab without speaking. In other circumstances, the accusation might have merit, but here and now, such a ruse had so little chance of working as to be not worth mentioning.

    Low-volumed hums of machinery drew his attention to the helmet-domes of each suit lifting to reveal four members of the crew he had boarded the Delicate Delinquent with.

    He nodded past the bounty hunters. “Welcome home, Seige Team Six. Right,” Sard looked directly into the smoked black T-visor of the taller privateer, but spoke to his colleague. “Lieutenant, have the Hard Eight advise Double-I that delivery has been made, and to complete the transaction.

    The grey-uniformed man turned away to talk quietly into his hand-held comlink while Captain Sard continued to coolly regard Taab

    Sir, you have my gratitude. Now, regarding this new intel...” Sard plucked his personal credit chip from his left breast pocket, digging past the silver cylinder that was his command pin to hold the chip up between middle and forefingers, mirroring Taab's own gesture. “...Athosian Express?

    Tag: Bardan, Bravo/Intervention
  10. Intervention

    Intervention Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Green Project, Test Group AA-3
    Desert dune, Ord Pardron

    While the words he couldn't understand, he could see the whole show down from below...

    Ted zoomed in on the chip between the Imperial Captain's fingers. Bingo! He stayed on the card as long as he could, recording all of that data for the intel boys. He then zoomed out to record the actions between the Imperial Captain and the bounty hunter.

    Tag Sith and Jusik
  11. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Deputy the Astromech, unknown planet caverns

    Okay, that was wierd.

    The droid did not appreciate the timing for his systems to start playing up, and started running internal diagnostics.

    Beside him, Dude beeped and whistled quietly with what sounded like fear: ///Did your sensors register those life signs that flash on, then disappear just as quickly?///

    [Oh, you too, huh?] Deputy ceased his self-check. [Thought my scanners were on the blink.]

    His relief was shortlived however, as the Merc organics stopped, the redshirt earned his Darwin Award, and several balls of light that did not register on his scanners, either stayed that way, cutting them off from Commander Streets, or coalesced into apparent bipeds.

    [Close Encounter of the First Kind: Sighting. Close Encounter of the Second Kind: Evidence. Close Encounter of the Third Kind: Contact. Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind: Just go up to the glowing floating ball and try to touch it; after all, what could possibly go wrong?!]

    ///Any bright ideas that don't involve us getting blown up or the others killed?///

    Deputy's photoreceptor turned to Dude. [Sorry, what? Let me check my options.]

    Looking internally, a short list of potential choices came up.

    [hl=black]We come in peace.[/hl]
    [hl=black]Our friends are looking for us. They will retaliate.[/hl]
    [hl=black][Make Roy ORBison reference][/hl]

    Deputy exitted out of the menu and focussed on his counterpart. [Nope.]

    Tag: Dude, etc
  12. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Main Complex Level 1

    Kasumi listened as Fress told her what she found. Rehabilitation of this type really didn't seem like that. Instead, it seemed like an experiment and a nasty one at that.

    “Put these on, can’t be too careful. Even though these reports were dated a year ago, there is no telling how long this agent lives outside the host or if it’s capable of going into remission. This would explain why the shield is in place. It prevents anyone who maybe infected from leaving."

    Kasumi took the gloves and put them in her pouch. "The thing that concerns me is that if this is a biological agent of some sort, it could have been given to just one person to see how quickly it spread, it could have been put in the food and water, or even the medication that they were given here in the med ward. And the shield could have been used for that, however, by keeping the infected here, and not allowing others in, you sentence all those here to death. No one in means no medical help of any kind, including a cure. You be careful in here. Were you able to find any more information on the people who were infected? Names? Ages?"

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  13. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Main complex level 1

    "The thing that concerns me is that if this is a biological agent of some sort, it could have been given to just one person to see how quickly it spread, it could have been put in the food and water, or even the medication that they were given here in the med ward. And the shield could have been used for that, however, by keeping the infected here, and not allowing others in, you sentence all those here to death. No one in means no medical help of any kind, including a cure. You be careful in here. Were you able to find any more information on the people who were infected? Names? Ages?"

    “When you quarantine a planet, no one comes or goes. It’s a standard procedure to prevent a galaxy wide pandemic, that’s how some coloney’s tend to be wiped out. Sometimes you don’t know what your dealing with especially if it kills you within 48 hours,” Fress explained as she eyed the files. “It says here it’s spread through feces and bodily fluids. No proof it’s air born. Age bracket is between twenty and fifty.” She brought up a file with names that died, And names who were released. “So it didn’t kill everyone, looks like a certain amount survived or this agent mutated into something less deadly in order to keep surviving. Sometimes viruses tend to adapt to the host, and sometimes it’s such an efficient killer, that it can’t readapt properly and kills off the host in 48 hours. It’s hit and miss. I know the Blue Shadow, was way too efficient killer virus that could not adapt into something less deadly.”

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  14. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Yavscout, Chief Engineer Tim Williams, Delicate Delinquent gunnery deck
    Location: Berroll's Donn star system

    Yav stepped out of the turbolift, onto the gunnery deck, grimacing from the grinding metal-on-metal cacophany while noting that there were two routes, to his left and right, leading to mostly sealed hatches.

    The noise seemed to be coming from the left-hand route, so the elf headed that way, turning the corner to see two Royal Engineers in the middle of the bare hallway, supervising the work of a transparent-domed astromech, whose circular saw appendage was carefully slicing a pane of transparent material that was straddled over two A-support workbenches, into something akin to a giant pizza slice.

    "That's it, Fury." One encouraged, standing clear of the bright sparks being thrown up one bulkhead each time the saw bit into the material.

    Yav continued to move silently towards them.

    A door was open, with someone in orange coveralls, bent over and backing out of it, while talking, and wiping at his hands with an oily rag.

    "Hey Chief," Yav greeted, when enough of Williams had emerged for him to be able to identify the Merc.

    He was down here to talk to Mac, but he could check on the repairs first.

    Tim looked his way, then straightened. "Captain! Shouldn't you be on the bridge?"

    "What, can't I even look around my own ship? What if I want to get something to eat? Are you going to bring me some juice and slices of buttered toast on a tray?"

    "Ah, I'm messing just with you." The older man grinned.

    Yav regarded the engineer coolly. "No you weren't. But anyway, what's the damage; are we gonna have to dry-dock her?"

    "TIE shots overwhelmed the regional shield momentarily, and struck the actual hull, damaging the panes that the gunner sees through, and overloading a power relay. Captain Palso was lucky not to be blown out into space."

    Yav looked into the dark compact room that was the quad-laser emplacement. Beyond the bucket-chair, he could see that one of the window panes from the circular vision port was missing. The elf gulped. "Err, why haven't we been blown out."

    "I had the bridge extend the shield to form an energy dome over the emplacement, and then pump oxygen under the shield?" Tim smiled through his beard. "We can do repairs on the very skin of the ship."

    Yav did not need to ask what would happen if the shield failed or fluctuated. He was a spacer.

    "So you found a replacement pane somewhere aboard?"

    Tim looked around to observe the droid's progress. "Nah, that's the ceraglase cockpit window from a Sentinel-class landing craft that we have been cannibalising. Turns out, run over the spaceframe enough times in a PX-4, and it becomes a mine of spare parts." His voice took on a tone of mild awe. "One of the other engineers reckons he can cobble together a Gauss Cannon from the spare circuitry."

    Yavscout did not know what that was, but anything that sounded like it could enhance the interdictor's pitiful defenses was alright with him. "Can he?"


    "Oh." Yav spotted the eyes on one of the assistant engineers widen suddenly, then heard an angry shriek behind him, just before a hot meaty hand grabbed the side of his face and tried to slam it into the wall beside the open hatch!

    Yav twisted to face the wall and got both palms up in time to save himself from the impact, his biceps straining under the grey sleeves as he forced himself back, but then his unseen attacker changed tactics, and forced the slim wooden stock of an LR-Model 2 blaster rifle painfully under his chin, black spots dancing before his eyes.

    "What the blazes are you doing?" He could hear Williams demand, helpfully.

    Getting his own hands on the weapon that was choking him, Yav could see familiar blue sleeves that told him his assailant was at least dressed in a Kings Army soldier's sack coat, and most likely was one of them, because who would dress like that if they did not have to? Plus there was the diagonal belt gouging into his back through his Merc coveralls.

    "How dare you send me for a left-handed screw-driver!" Snarled a surprisingly distressed voice in his ear, "I'm left behind while my squad dies with honour!"

    Ah-ha, okay, that makes some sense, Yav thought as he remembered the Jod Squad he had tried to withdraw from the Javin Bucket. Hey, that rhymes!


    "I've got this." Yavscout kicked back with his right heel, making sure to strike the trooper's shin above his boot-top, then stepped to his right and dropped to his right knee, ensuring that his lower leg were on the Jod's outside, while also ducking his head and top half into an almost feotal position.

    The soldier, attached to him like he was, rolled over the elf's back and right shoulder to crash on his back on the deck, one foot bouncing off the ceraglase, which Fury had lifted his still-buzzing saw from just in time!

    A glaring Tim stepped in, and stepped ON, the Jod's neck while Yav dis-entangled himself from the mess. "Keep still! Heroic sacrifices help no-one. What use were the rest of your squad, or the Authority, when the Johnny Boy was taken? Nobody can tell the future, but deciding to cash your chips in today, means you make the choice not to care what happens to your allies tomorrow." He glanced across to the coughing elf, legs half-crossed as he sat on the cold deck. "You okay? I did tell you to stay on the bridge."

    Yav showed Williams the finger. "Bite me, Chief."

    Tag: CPL. We're in the hallway outside your door.

    IC: Petty Officer Wa Yay, Technician Flavin, Delicate Delinquent bridge
    Location: Berroll's Donn star system

    Wa Yay like to stand at her consoles. Her two-jointed legs made it the better option, although she was saving her Merc pay to get a special chair she could use.

    "Bridge here." She said to respond to the incoming comm.

    Security to bridge, we have four Imperials bound up and we need a place to keep them. Is there a detention level we can put them in and where is it located?

    Behind her, she heard Flavin remark, "More Imperials? Is this place running a breeding programme or what?"

    "Stand by, Security." Wa Yay muted the channel, then turned to the tech. "Where is the brig?"

    The seated Flavin shrugged back. "I dunno."

    "Is there anything you do know?"

    "Hey! I did not construct the bloody thing! Wait, wait." He snapped his fingers twice, presumably to help marshall his own thoughts.

    The Gossam regarded the Jod, feeling that would take more than a couple of finger snaps. "This Standard Year would be nice."

    "You know. You can be very rude, sometimes."

    "Only sometimes? I must be slipping."

    She was about to call "Security" back, and tell him to set up a deck chair, and if he had them , a fishing line with lures, because, this was going to take a while, when the annoying Jod came up with something.

    "Okay, the bottom three decks, one to three, below where the hangars are. The Royal Engineers found a load of secure rooms, and repair bays. We can install the prisoners in one of them, and keep it locked. This is a relatively small warship, but we want to keep these Imperials away from our population centre on Deck Eight."

    Wa Yay continued to regard Flavin to see if he had anything to add, then when it became clear that he did not, she re-opened the channel to Wolf.
    "Ah, we have not found the brig or detention area yet, though I expect there is one. Suggest you call Security reinforcements, and either have them look after the prisoners while you check Deck One at the bottom of the ship for a suitable location, or take them with you as you search. How do you wish to proceed, Over?"

    She ignored the Jod as she waited for the caller to respond.

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  15. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Chris Streets

    Turning slowly he had looked upon the orb and watched in stunned silence at what had unfolded. Not to mention ducking off to the side when the blaster fire errupted. Not cool. So not cool!

    If the thing hadn't blocked them then he would of been fried, and still nearly had a foot shot off by the richochets. Stepping back he had to keep the strange orb between him and the others, it wasn't like he could move out of the line fire when it was the only thing providing good cover in this cave system. Still the loss of one their few number was a sting, although he idly noted that now there was merely one human, a chiss, and a rodian besides the two astromechs, nearly as mixed a company as possible.

    Then as though to prove him wrong the orb became a fish based bipedal life form. Looked kinda like a cave catfish from. . .oh what the name of that colony world? In a way it first feel the paing from his unfed body before a though occured to him, Maybe this guy knows a good place to surf? Of course he quickly shook that off as rapidly more orbs of alternate colors appeared until one spoke them. The fact that these things were using breathing apperatus was interesting, but could just mean they had more secure methods of blood air-ation, that or else were false images and had not blood. Without the benefit of a bio-scanner there wasnt' much he could tell from just looking at them.

    Still the questions were given and he looked from outside the circle at those within and made a talking motion with his gloved hand as he tried to visually ascertain something, anything about the orbs and the two aliens that his eyes told him were there.

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  16. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Captain Timothy Stakes
    "Main Complex", Planet of Exile, Northern Stretch (Jod Star System)

    Stakes had seen enough. Most of the "good behavior" cells, more like mini apartments, had a mix of either nothing and a mess or a dead body and a mess. Either way, something was very clear: this wasn't normal.

    Stakes looked at his Queen Guardsmen and 5 soldiers and commed the half of the squad, Kasumi, and Fress, "Stakes here. Nothing found. We're heading to the next level, labeled 'Staff Mess Hall' and 'Staff Quarters'. Stay here until we give the all clear. Stakes out."

    As Stakes, the clone trooper who was friends with Fress, and his squad went passed a security station, that featured four dead guards in a likewise state of shock as the guards in the lobby below, he had no idea what was about to happen as his team took the stairs (not the turbolift) to the next level.


    IC: Private Peter Patterson, King's Army Soldier
    Level One, "Main Complex"

    The plan was simple. Two soldiers stood sentry at the primary turbolift entrance, while one soldier each escorted Kasumi and Fress around, then two other soldiers standing on opposite sides of the level as to watch both ends (their view of each other blocked by the turbolift and staircase transportation housing in the middle of the floor). That left Peter and the Queen's Guardsmen; the QG, as they called the Queen's Guardsmen for short, was keeping a close eye on the two Mercs, yet a ear and eye out for any other danger, for their own safety. After all, they were part of the prophecy.

    Well, that left Peter Patterson. Double P is what his comrades called him. He was the new recruit. Fresh from boot camp, he was assigned to this platoon just days prior to them leaving with the Sword of Justice one month ago from home world on a secret Outer Galaxy mission. Sure, he hadn't fired his weapon in anger yet, but he was sure he would one of these days. And his folks back home would be proud of him. How Patterson figured it, serve six years and go to college. Something his family never got. His father served the army before him, but after only a year, got wounded in battle and had to come home. While disability pay and a freely handed two year college education grant did some to help, years later, his family were still the same old farmers they had always been, barely making a living. His folks wanted him to have a better life then they. And Patterson wanted to make his folks proud.

    He was the lone entry on the other side of the level, where Stakes and his men had just passed him by close to the security station. Luckily, he could see the two other soldiers standing on either side of the turbolift / stair case in the middle of the floor, even though the transport block blocked those two from viewing each other. The two sentries by the turbolift doors, Double P couldn't see.

    For the most part, everything seemed to be going just fine. A few skeletons, emergency power starting to fail after years of limited use, and no enemies. If Double P put any stock in those horror holo films, then he would think he was part of one.


    IC: Corporal Frank Ot, King's Army Soldier
    Level One, "Main Complex"

    Corporal Ot had the weirdest last name and weirdest rank in the whole army. He wasn't a pea-on private, but he wasn't a Sergeant either who gathered respect. He was a Corporal, the better paid pea-on in the army. After almost 2 years of this army stuff, Ot was looking forward to going home. His grades from high school, combined with his service in the army, had already given him access to a few scholarships to go to college. While not full-ride scholarships, it was enough that Ot could justify leaving the army after the minimal two years. What was the point getting shot at for a college scholarship, when you could get a scholarship for staying home nice and safe?

    While Ot felt that mandatory service in the military, whether you did army or navy, was good as it gave you a right to vote and hold government office back home, he felt that there should have been a second option: if you were X smart, then you could test out to vote and hold government office. For Ot, that seemed reasonable. But maybe that was because he had four-year colleges calling him before the end of high school to come to their college. After all, having the highest GPA in your town made you a rock star. Why the army and not the navy? Or even Naval Guard? Easy, he got out quicker and could return to civilian life and unlike the Naval Guard, he got paid more.

    Which reminded him, he had to remind Steve in 3rd Platoon that he had to owe on his debt. Two card games in a row, he's lost and he hasn't paid the rightful winner: Ot. Everyone else has and Ot has a impressive collection of money now, but Steve always had a reason for being broke. Well, that excuse of being broke would come to an end soon. With civil war back home, Ot just wanted his money. He was supposed to be out of this forsaken army life in the next month. Well, with war at home, that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

    There was a sudden shuffle and noise to his right and Ot had his weapon lowered, to his shoulder, and aimed towards the end of the level. Where Double P had been, the young recruit was gone.

    "Double P?" Ot said as he walked cautiously that way with weapon pointed that way, "You okay?" No response, "Come on Patterson, did Joke put you up to this?"

    As he stepped closer to the security desk, he was Double P's feet. Slightly moving as if---

    He rounded the corner and said in shock, "What the ****..." The Corporal said as he looked at a mutated humanoid being, his skin had a fishy look and smell; his skin was pale, his teeth sharpened like razors, and his eyes, red in color, sucked into his skull. The being seemed to be wearing shreds of orange prison clothing. The thing tore into Double P's neck with his sharp teeth. Finally, the mutated humanoid looked up at Ot.

    Ot had no problem discharging his weapon and the thing's head exploded. As the headless creature feel to the floor at Double P's side, Ot was about to jump on his comlink---although he doubted he had to since the blaster discharge would tell the story---when he suddenly stopped. A tearing, hot pain shot through his mid section. He looked down and saw a sword blade through his mid-section. It was quickly withdrawn, which made Ot shutter in pain. He slowly turned around to face his attacker.

    "That wasn't very nice," A tall humanoid with not as much mutation to his skin and body as the previous creature said; he wore a torn orange prisoner suit as well, but it seemed in better condition, "He was only hungry."

    Ot watched as a gathering of the mutated creatures----their sickly fish skin---poured out from the turbolift shaft. Some of the creatures wore prisoner clothes, others guard clothes, and still others medical clothes. The next Ot knew, he was tackled by two of them and eaten while he still breathed his last.


    IC: Queen Guardsmen
    Level One, "Main Complex"

    The Queen Guardsmen snapped around at the blaster bolt. A handful of moments later, about twelve creatures, with a taller humanoid, were coming their way.

    "BATTLE!" The Queen's Guardsmen barked in a deep, bold voice. The guard from the other side of the lift fired off a shot, then screamed a blood coked plea of help.

    With the two turbolift guards left and two soldiers protecting the Mercs, the QG ordered, "TO THE MERCS! PROTECT THEM!" The soldiers fell back and protected the medical bay. There, the Mercs would be safe. But, he doubted the Mercs would stay and watch, it was not in their blood, For now, however, this was the QG's battle. It was what he was trained to do.

    He tossed his Cortosis-made Force Pike into the air, gabbed it mid air, aimed and threw it as hard as he could. It impaled two of the monstrous creatures and sent them backwards. He then, in one solid motion, spun to his left and sliced off the head of one of the other monsters with his Cortosis-made Gladius style short sword; these monsters had rounded the corner where the guards scream had come from.

    3 monsters dead. Nine to go.

    The things tried to surrounded him, but he fought them off, using his shield to slam some into the ground, the edges of his shield to slice through others, and his short sword to do the rest of the work. The mindless creatures were dumber then Beasts and soon, the ground lay littered with their dead.

    The Queen's Guardsmen looked up and saw that the taller humanoid was just smiling, then disappeared into the turbolift shaft.

    "---I repeat, get up to the next level!" Stakes' voice was saying with desperation through the comlink, "We are under attack!"

    The Queen's Guardsmen looked back towards his soldiers and the Mercs, "Lets move!"

    On his way, he picked up his Force Pike.


    When they had reached where Stakes' men were, the Jod and the clone trooper were at the opening of the Mess Hall, defending off a relentless wave of attacks. The same creatures as before, but that taller humanoid was not here.

    As the QG ran to the line of battle, he motioned to everyone, "To the line! To the line!"

    There, it was everyone facing their own battle, but fighting as a whole. The things came, like ants, from the ceilings, the floors, behind the counter tops. It was clear now that everyone knew what happened to the prison staff.

    But something seemed off, if it wasn't already. The Jod Military would never use biological warfare. So who did?

    For now, that question seemed a mute point. Fighting for their survival was key at the moment...

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  17. Intervention

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    Oct 1, 2012
    OOG: Sorry, I missed the tag with the astromechs and Streets. :oops:

    Credit to Babylon 5, Season 4, for photo: click here.

    IC: Chief Medical Officer Russel Cook, R2 Astromech Dude
    Caverns, Unknown Planet

    Deputy exitted out of the menu and focussed on his counterpart. [Nope.]

    [Well Sith!] Dude beeped back, forgetting those nice little programed words he was supposed to use as a droid. After so many missed memory wipes, Dude had picked up a thing or two about organics' language. To say the least, it was colorful and always had a way of sounding good when Sith hit the fan.

    Still the questions were given and he looked from outside the circle at those within and made a talking motion with his gloved hand as he tried to visually ascertain something, anything about the orbs and the two aliens that his eyes told him were there.

    Dude swirled his dome to Deputy, [Either Lieutenant Commander Streets wants us to keep talking...or he wants to go into business as a puppeteer...without the puppet.]

    Russel Cook saw Streets, but looked like he didn't see him. Either A, these aliens had missed him. Or B, they were just playing with him.

    The Medical Doctor cleared his throat, "Who are we? Why should we answer these questions after you killed one of our team?"

    The 7 foot alien who had been speaking curled his hand into a fist, "He is not dead."

    "Not dead?" Cook said, giving his best "I'm surprised" look that a doctor could give regarding the medical field.

    "No. We moved him."

    "That must of been a pretty painful move then, considering his screams over the comlink."

    "We never said it would be pleasant."

    "That's right. In fact, you said nothing at all."

    "Because he shouldn't have to, right young man?" The alien tapped Streets shoulder from behind and smiled down at the alien's look of shock; the old man answered, "Yes, I was quiet and you did not hear me. Something that you do very well, I hear? Come now, you don't want to miss the fun..."


    The old walked on and joined the group. He seemed neither concerned nor afraid of the Chiss, as he left the sniper to his own devices and did not pay attention if he followed his lead to the group or not.

    Russel put his arms across his space suited chest, "And who are you?"

    "I can be called Time. And you are the Mercs, I presume?"

    "Maybe. Who's asking...beyond the name?"

    "Forward, aren't we?"

    "We want our Captain back. And a way back home."

    "Back home. Why would you want to go back there? It's so...stressful."

    "Its home. Now, give us the Captain and a way off this rock and we'll be gone."

    "I'm surpised, Doctor. A man of your education in such a hurry to leave! Why, I would expect you to be diving at the chance to research this planet!"

    "I'm not in the mood for researching. I'm in the mood for finding answers and ending this Red Rock crisis. And your just one more strange face in a saga of strange faces I'm seen since joining the Mercs."

    "Your surrounded! What can you do?"

    "We're Mercs. We'll think of something."

    "Catchy, isn't it? 'We're Mercs. We'll think of something.' Very bold! Well, since you and your company would rather die then be denied, I guess we were told the truth about you," The old man turned and went to leave, but Russel yelled out.

    "What do you mean told the truth?"

    The old man stopped and turned around to face the Doctor, "Why that you are part of the prophecy. Come, come. I'll explain everything later. This way!"

    [Whoever said I would rather die, then be denied? I never signed that in the contract!] Dude complained to Deputy as they rolled on, being escorted by the glowing orbs.


    "Captain Taller will be in shortly. You may check your scanners if you wish to confirm that he is beyond that blast door to our right."

    "Shortly?" Russel asked; suddenly a blast door closed behind them from where they came from, several noises could be heard, then the old man spoke.

    "You may take off your suits, now. This area of the save has been shielded off and has been modified for your biology."

    "Okay...and why are we here?" Russel said, carefully and slowly taking off his helmet. When he took in his first deep breath of air, he nodded to the others that it was okay.

    "Who are you, Chris Streets? A Chiss having a human name. Quite...odd, wouldn't you think? Or you Russel Cook? A former Imperial joining the ranks of mercenaries? But for what? Why?" The old man looked at everyone in the room; the orb things had stayed outside, "Who are you? Why are you with the Mercs? We start there and then you shall have your answer. So Chris Streets, what is your reason for being with the Mercs?"

    [Do we have to answer the twenty questions game, too?] Dude asked his counterpart, Deputy, [Can't we just leave now? We have the Captain.]

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Wolf
    Delicate Delinquent

    Ah, we have not found the brig or detention area yet, though I expect there is one. Suggest you call Security reinforcements, and either have them look after the prisoners while you check Deck One at the bottom of the ship for a suitable location, or take them with you as you search. How do you wish to proceed, Over?"

    Wolf turned his attention to Sounil and the Jod who brought them aboard. He frowned wondering what kind of security he could scrounge up. He didn’t think it was a good idea to take them with him. It would be too much of a security risk. “How do you two feel about baby sitting while I check the situation on deck one?”

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Sounil Mistry, Sergeant Vestor, Corporal Loretta, assault shuttle, ship hangar
    Location: Berroll's Donn

    "How do you two feel about baby sitting while I check the situation on deck one?"

    Sergeant Vestor sighed, and walked away.

    Sounil looked after him. "Sergeant?" The non-com walked all the way to the other side of the crowded hangar, and disappeared from sight. She glanced down at the four Imperials, then up at Wolf. "All right, well as long as I don't have to burp them; how long are you going to be?"

    There was a noise from the back of the cargo bay, and the twi'lek looked round to see another woman, in baggy red and black clothing, complete with sword and DE-10 pistol, emerge from a door. She seemed to be buttoning or zipping hersef up.


    "Hey." Loretta looked around, "Where's Vestor."

    Sounil took a perch on on of the half-cabinets set into the bulkhead that formed the cockpit's rear wall, and stroked a hand over a hefty lekku.

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  20. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Wolf
    Delicate Delinquent Hangar bay

    "Sergeant?" The non-com walked all the way to the other side of the crowded hangar, and disappeared from sight. She glanced down at the four Imperials, then up at Wolf. "All right, well as long as I don't have to burp them; how long are you going to be?"

    Wolf was about to answer someone walked up to them. Perfect he thought with an inward smile.

    "Hey." Loretta looked around, "Where's Vestor."

    “Vestor dropped these into my care and we don’t even know if there is a detention level. And if not, we’ll have to set something up. I’m hoping to be no more then twenty minutes, thirty tops,” Wolf answered as he turned his attention to Sounil with a frown. “If you don’t mind staying with them until we get things situated, if you can’t anymore, there are some mercs I trust on this vessile. We can keep contact through these comlinks,” he said as he handed one over to Sounil. “If things change before I get back, let me know.”

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: General Perez, abandoned King-class battleship, Vella Gulf
    Location: Orbit of the Exiles

    Perez, with several soldiers at his back, two abreast, stepped through the rotting, wilted vegetation of the internal several-deck chamber that was the ship's oxygen farm, taking the carbon dioxide breathed out by the ship's former crew, and converted into breathable atmosphere.

    The general put his fists on his hips as he looked about. "Alright, frag it. We're not oing to be aboard that long anyway. Have the ammo crews continue transferring ordance to the second shuttle."

    "Yes, General. The team advises that they have found a tonne of seismic charges down there."

    Perez turned, raising an eyebrow in interest. "Oh yes? Change of plan. Fill the mass driver cannon on one side of the ship with seismic charges. I will head to the bridge, and see if we can get this baby moving."

    He wanted to see what effect the blue sonic pulse explosions would have on the ion curtain separating them from outside space.

    No doubt the Vella Gulf's crew would have tried that already, tried everything they had, but he needed to see what happened himself.

    "Uh, General. Are you thinking of manouvering us nearer to the curtain?" Asked one of the other techs.

    Perez headed for the route out of the forest-like oxygen farm, careful to step over branches, and not have anything snag his suit. "Of course. I want a clear line-of-sight on the curtain, so we can see the effects."

    The tech trailed him, along with the soldiers. "We don't know how stable this battleship is. Do we really want to expose it to the blast radius."

    The officer stopped. "Crap! Um, I mean, bother. You make a good point. Alright, we will see if we can get her moving, but then, see what our distance from the curtain is."

    The organic environment gave way to the metal-lined corridors of the rest of the ship, as they made their way to the stairwell to take them up to the higher floors.

    Two soldiers took up guard positions at the base of the doors leading into the stairwell, Perez and his diminished group moving up the steps.

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    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Main Complex Mess Hall Area

    Play Music

    Kasumi saw those people, or rather monsters amassing. Using Force push she was able to keep some back enough so the others that were under attack to regain some footing. She looked to Fress and nodded and reached for her Saber and with a snaphiss it was lit and ready for action.

    “May the Force protect you and give you the foresight you need for this battle my friend,” Kasumi said to Fress.

    Kasumi again used Force push to keep the one’s from the ceiling at bay of not only for few moments. Without a another thought Kasumi started towards the oncoming horde. It was like facing the beast again, but this time it was multiple. She began to make her way through the crowded hall with her saber meeting it’s targets, her shirt taking tears and rips as she went through the group.

    As she went Kasumi took quick note of the area to get her footing and to change her plans if she needed. Right now the plan was to cut the numbers down to try to make this a more even fight. She quickly avoided corners and being backed into anything that would give them an advantage.

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  23. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Main complex level one mess hall

    Fress made some copies of the information about the virus, she had a feeling it may come in handy later. Just as she finished placing the disks into her pouch the Force warning in the back of her mind screamed causing her to spin on her heel to be greeted by a horrific sight. She glanced at Kasumi as her friend ignited her lightsaber and gave a short nod. She drew her lightsaber igniting it with a snap hiss.

    “May the Force protect you and give you the foresight you need for this battle my friend,”

    “May the Force protect you as well my friend, careful not to get any cuts,”Fress warned with a frown as she walked forward and began cutting down the monsters, what ever they were. They seemed to be wearing old prison uniforms causing her to realize if the virus didn’t kill them, it changed their looks. She shuddered at the thought as others clawed and teared at her clothing. Her lightsaber blade found its mark each time making her kill count sky rocket. She didn’t like the thought of doing this, but what choice did they have? It was life and death now.

    Fress used her mind to push the beasts away from her. As she cut down more following Kasumi out of the room and towards the mess hall.

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  24. Intervention

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    Oct 1, 2012
    OOG: I am putting on my GM hat.

    *points to it*


    What I am about to do, may be seen as god-moding. Anyone can challenge me on it in the Rocketjock if you feel it is and we can go from there. I have no problem voiding the below post if god-moding is found creditable. But first, let me explain (briefly)...

    I messed up. In order to fix said mess up, I have to put forces in play that weren't there "originally" (aka the Alacrity). However, I am making it so it is designed that these forces can easily be defeated and escape obtained (if so desired). They are being put into play, simply, to move the said below storyline plot to a conclusion, so everyone can come together, sing songs, eat cookies, and...okay, so that was weird. :p

    I gave CPL a rough and tumble picture of a Light-class Destroyer (Kingdom of Jod, see below in quote). Last I heard, he is refining my extremely newbie artist skills.

    IC: Captain Jacques Petain
    Bridge, Alacrity, approaching Ord Pardron

    Captain Jacques Petain was a man of style; nothing could present this more then his Van Dyke beard. And, as some would say behind his back, his over indulgence in French cologne. But Jacque ignored his critics; his brown hair, long and well taken care of, went to his shoulders. His blue eyes were as sharp as a tip of a sword; his 6 foot, nine inch stance gave his a towering presence on the bridge and in military meetings with other officers back home on Jod. His mid thirties wisdom gave him towards reckless courage in battle, yet a key eye for tactical mismatches.

    At least, Jacques reflected as he sat on the bridge of his Light-class Destroyer, he wouldn't have to sit through anymore of those boring and and way too long wastes of time Meeting of the Commodores. It was, as Jacques reflected, a bunch of noble brats in military uniforms trying to make themselves feel important, a feeling they needed since they were higher then a Captain, but lower then a Admiral: basically they were the equalizer between bantha droppings and yellow snow. They got both ends of a admiral's back day.

    Yes, those meetings were a epic waste of time. It felt like a high school prep rallying, trying to encourage nobility brats who had just found out they weren't the best next thing since sliced breed when they joined the military: there was always a noble brat better then them. At least, Jacques reflected with a smile, Commodore-level nobility brats had got passed the "honorable sword duel" between male officers that was so frequent in the junior and senior lieutenant ranks; it took nobility brats until at least Captain to figure out that if you dueled and won against one brat, the brat above you in rank could just make you clean refreshers without a duel. It was sad it took the "best and brightest" of the Kingdom of Jod nobility to figure this out 4 years after enlistment (around captain rank).

    In fact, Jacques was probably a very odd ball within the Kingdom's Navy. He was about as self-centered and of a ***-hole of a noble by birth that you could get. In fact, Jacques was pretty sure half of the Noble Houses wanted to kill him and other half's female population...well, lets just say he had a lot of fans when it came to females. With all of that said, as self-important as Jacques saw himself (and he considered himself rather important), no one could deny Jacque's military skills. He was a man of the navy and his resume put to rest anyone who dare think otherwise.

    Jacques was so sure of himself, even back when the first King-class Battleships became operational 15 years ago when he was still in training at North Point's Officer Naval Academy, that he had said that the Battleships were more traditional then practical; Jacques argued that he could take a Corvette sized warship and defeat a King-class Battleship. The lack of forward weaponry, with a heavy focus on starboard and port weaponry, was the Battleship's downfall. The King-class Battleship's design towards line of battle tactics (with smaller, more mobile ships covering the front and rear of the line in groups of at least 2 or more ships) presented Jacques main argument. The Battleship was defenseless against attacks from forward and aft; all offensive and defensive superiority in battle was based off of the Battleship's port and starboard weaponry. While weaponry closer to the bridge provided bow and aft coverage in battle, longer range striking capabilities of bow-mounted weaponry was limited. In short, by the time the more center-focused weaponry could become effective to cover to the bow and aft sections of the ship, other starships with more advanced and longer ranger weapons on their bows could do a great deal of damage to a King-class Battleship. While the lack of bow firepower---or even overall firepower---was hampered, in Jacques' view----by the lack of heavier turbolaser cannons and that much of a King-class Battleship's bow and aft coverage distance problems could be resolved with turbolaser cannons, his arguments fell on mostly deaf ears. A few listened to him, but like he, they were viewed as "radicals" within their own navy. Everyone had said that the King-class Battleship could dominate a Beast Fleet and Jacques wouldn't argue that. In a toe to toe match, a King-class Battleship could beat a Beast Fleet into unconsciousness. But, as Jacques argument grew in depth, the almost single capability of the King-class Battleship as a "Beast Killer" was it's downfall. It was good at killing Beasts, which was good. But what about other enemies of the Kingdom of Jod? What about the "Outer Galaxy" that their prophecy had called them forth into?

    Jacques would get sweet revenge five years later, after graduation and a few years into the service, when the King-class Battleship's flaws became all to clear against smaller pirate vessels who knew the Battleship's weak points. The older cruiser and destroyer models of years past, while better equally armed then a Battleship in Jacques' view, were too slow and outdated to give the new Command/Carrier Battleships the support and coverage it needed. Enter the Light-class Destroyer. Designed as a bridge vessel between heavier armed King-class Battleships and quicker smaller vessels, the new Light-class Destroyers over the next few years became the backbone of the Kingdom's Navy. While unable to stand alone in a shoot-out fight without support for long, the new destroyers were able to use their speed, excellent shields, and balanced weaponry to off-set their weaker-then-average armor for increased speed. Fair communications equipment, a squadron of starfighters, and a better-then-average ground force for a ship it's size, gave the Light-class Destroyer many mission capabilities. And Jacques became famous for using those capabilities.

    While Jacques was no stern supporter of the Royal House and the High Command of the Jod Military, he was nonetheless loyal. While many people accused him of near-treason statements while in the Kingdom's Navy over his years in the Navy, Jacques had quieted or would soon quiet all those critics. Unlike many of his fellow-minded military men and women of his upbringing, Jacques had stayed loyal to the Royal House and Royal Palace when the civil war broke out.

    Why? Simple. The oldest reaching back lines of the Petain family name had been part of the pirate group that had rebelled against the future Red Rock Kingdom's colony rulers, turning into a 7 year struggle between Jacques family line's "traditional pirates" and the colony rulers that had come from those traditional pirates. After defeat at the hands of the stronger colonies and a unified "Red Rock Kingdom" in 27,500 BBY, Jacques' family males had carried on the tradition of of the Petain family members that had served in that struggle: "You are a pirate. And always will be by blood. But we have fought our brothers and sisters this day and have been proven that we are no longer the rulers of our people, but the colonies are! Do not forsake your pirate ways; but do not be a fool and forget the grace we were given when the colony rulers spared our family line. Our loyalty is to the colonies now, for they have showed us mercy where we would not have showed them."

    It had been expected from that day on in 27,500 BBY that all Petain family members would serve the crown of the Royal House, the "rulers of the colonies". It was not out of forced habit, but out of realization of the mercy they had been given after the war. Yes, Jacques Petain was very much a pirate and many of his like-minded noble friends from other pirate family lines had joined the COR when the civil war broke out, but Petain had stayed loyal to his family's decree.

    Honor was more important to Jacques then revenge, which was what many of his "friends" had sought after when the COR came into existence against the Royal House.

    Such thoughts of King-class Battleships and old wars from 27,500 BBY faded from mind quickly when his Commander came up to him.

    "We are in range of Ord Pardron," the Commander said.

    Jacques looked out the bridge windows; the dark, rocky exterior of the asteroid still covered most o the view, but just escpling that rocky view, was the beginning shapes of a planet's upper atmosphere towards the "North" pole. While even Jacques couldn't had been as lucky to get a real asteroid playing a hundred games of Sabacc and winning them all in a row (although he was a renowned player among the ranks of both the army and navy in the Kingdom of Jod), the Commodore had been able to perform a few amazing feats of his own to transport a asteroid to where he needed it. Using his greatest tool to think outside the box, Jacques had spent the time he had after dropping off Test Group AA-3 planet-side to get a few smaller asteroids that the Alacrity could tractor, put them together with whatever resources he could find, and then "shot off" the asteroid this way in Red Space. The exit from Red Space, outside the star system, gave the put together asteroid all the speed it needed to appear as a rogue asteroid in the galaxy, one of thousands of such rogue asteroids that tumbled through space alone. With minor course directions from the Alacrity's engines, Jacques had the asteroid in position to "skim" over the planet's north pole. A course, in space terms, that meant far enough away as to not be caught in the planet's gravity well.

    Unless the Imperials and bounty hunters were interested readers into local space traffic and other space events in the star system, a rogue asteroid appearing on a updated star chart on their sensors shouldn't be too much of a red flag. Even if it was, Jacques was certain that while being noted in the ship's logs, nothing more else would be noted. In space, as Jacques could agree to, these things happened all the time.

    While running "dark," as did all their shuttles and starfighters attached to the asteroid did, their energy signals would be extremely low, if they registered on a passive sensor scan at all.

    As the planet came closer and closer, Jacques nodded to his commander for the "go" signal. As planned, the Alacrity would remain in high planetary orbit and would allow her turbolasers to rain down a shower of death upon the Imperials and bounty hunters as cover fire. After their Kingdom of Jod sniper took the shot, his comrades rolled in from their hiding place, and took what shots and gathered what intelligence they could, Jacques would insure their escape. That Imperial Lancer-class Frigate, restricted by the planet's gravity as she rose to meet the Alacrity (if she did), would be target practice for a good minute or two before she reached engagement range in high orbit. Add in the Alacrity's forward bow heavy ion cannons to add to that problem for the Lancer and Jacques' starfighters on top of that to keep the Imperial frigate's gunners busy, well the Imps would have a hard time. A course, that assumed the Imperials would do first-year cadet tactics at the naval academy. No, Jacques had got the resume on that Imperial frigate's captain and its crew. They knew better then to meet the Alacrity for a fight; they would do better to eliminate the Jod ground presence, then escape across planet, forcing the Alacrity to chase them from orbit, which would give the Imps the chance to escape once they bested the Alacrity's approach angel downward and shoot right past the Light-class Destroyer towards space. This was a simple tactic and was what would be expected from any 4th year senior cadet class at the naval academy. Now, add in experience and Jacques really had a endless list of possibilities that the Imps could choose from, if their Captain was up to the challenge, which Jacques hoped he wouldn't be since the sniper would have taken care of him.

    Jacques' mission wasn't to prolong a engagement with the Imperials or even the destruction of the Lancer-class Frigate. His mission objective was to provide a means of cover and escape after Target A was eliminated to provide confusion and Target B was captured.

    As the Alacrity came to life from stand-by mode and she detached from the asteroid that sailed on past the planet---and as two Sentinel-class Landing Craft loaded for ground support (no troops) and a squadron of Aggressive ReConnossance-170 starfighters flew in support---flew planet-side towards where the two shuttles were meeting, Jacques sent a data-burst to their sniper. Yes, their sniper had no prior knowledge of this order change. But, he understood the order all the same, as did his comrades.

    Jacques knew he had one large disadvantage. It would take time, maybe several minutes, for the Alacrity to get into position. This wasn't drop a starfighter from a hanger bay and poof, you had a result as it went directly to its target. A starship the size of the Alacrity would take time to get into position; navigation would have to find the correct high orbit, while senors and gunnery pinned down a location for the fire mission support and confirmed that, at navigation's position, the fire support mission would be effective. All 3 departments had to work as one and as quickly as they could. A simple orbital bombardment "cold op," as their academy profs would tell them, would take a academy cadets almost 20 minutes to complete by year 2; by graduation they had to have it down to 10 minutes. In the "real world," Jacques knew that if this took any longer then 3 minutes, then that Imperial Lancer-class Frigate could be in position over their ground team and ruin their whole day. While Jacques and his ship would easily escape, their ground comrades wouldn't be so lucky.

    The Sentinels and ARC-170's would have to provide enough support for now until the Alacrity got into position for orbital bombardment fire support.

    Within moments, he had confirmation that the ground forces were in progress. Jacques looked at his wrist chrono and started timing for 3 minutes or less until the Alacrity was in position. The ship swam this way and that as the cold engines struggled to life against the planet's gravity. The planet's north pole bobbed and swayed as navigation, as if the Alacrity was suddenly a dropship, had to correct the engine thrust and power to overpower the planet's gravity that tried to suck them planet-side, find a suitable path to their target which was south of the north pole of the planet, and find a suitable high orbit. High orbit, verses low orbit, would give them less gravity to fight against in the need of escape.


    IC: Green Project, Test Group AA-3
    Desert dune, Ord Pardron

    Ted got a unusual order redirection over his comlink. They were supposed to be all quiet on this op! But as the confirmation code came from the Alacrity, he understood his orders. The Alacrity had dropped them planet-side for this op and was on stand-by on the mission. Well, stand-by, it seemed, turned into engagement by the Light-class Destroyer. Something from Royal Command had to change such a covert black op, which meant something bigger then a simple intel gathering mission was at foot.

    Ted's orders were simply, as they flowed down his helmet visor:

    1) Eliminate Imperial Lancer-class Frigate Captain
    2) Capture rear bounty hunter (smaller)

    While the orders were as non specific as they could get, through his sniper scope, Ted understood them very well. He quickly corrected his zoom, found the Imperial captain's head, and pulled down in the trigger...


    IC: Captain Tim Reynolds
    Cockpit, Adamantine, Hammer Strike-class Landing Craft

    The redirection code from the Alacrity had come minutes before the destroyer was in orbit above the planet or before it had sent the code to their ground forces. In fact, it hadn't come at all. Unlike the rest of the team, Captain Reynolds knew what everyone else did not on the ground team. He was briefed by Captain Jacques Petain of the Alacrity and Royal Command before the mission had ever started. If "certain conditions" were meet, then they were to go do what he was about to do now. Well, "Ted," their friendly local sniper, had found those conditions, unknown to him, but known to Reynolds. While none of his non-clone crew, which were all veterans of the navy and army for years, voiced anything, since they were use to such conditions, and their new "super soldiers" were programed to follow orders regardless, Reynolds felt a little misplaced bu his feelings. He was desiring, for once, for someone to call him out. They all would behind his back at the bar as they always would, his crew that is, but they would never dare question his command in the field. He had always brought them home and even with these new Hammer Strike-class Landing Craft, he would bring them home again. And that's all they ever asked for from him. They let him deal with military politics and red tape, while they just crewed the ship. He was, at times, jealous of their positions of following orders under him.

    As the new landing craft rumbled out of the caves and shot to a low flying vector over the desert, Reynolds knew several things. First, unless the Imperials had deployed a wide range of sensor towers, their landed Lancer-class Frigates' sensors would be limited planet-side and would, like anything else, be obstructed by land-based obstacles. For being near mountains, Reynolds knew he had the advantage. Second, not seeing any TIEs or other scouting craft, the frigate would once again be reduced to its limited ship board sensors. And third, regardless of his advantages, he knew that part of the Hammer Strikes marks were their engine noise, in order to scare enemy troops; that engine noise would be a serious factor in a "covert" mission and would give the Imps an advantage against his approach.

    Looking down at the endless sand dunes, the landing craft looked at his co-pilot, "Range?"

    "Half a klick and closing, sir. The enemy will be able to hear us by now, even if it was choppy with the sand dunes as sound barriers."

    "Okay, lets deploy them and then get back on the way. Lets take that sand dune over there. Its our last big cover until we get into visual range of the enemy."

    "Roger, sir."

    Reynolds keyed the ship-board comm, "Okay Viper Team and 1st platoon, you are a go in 30 seconds. Go hunting, boys."

    Reynolds made a solid landing behind the sand dune that completely shadowed his ship. As the landing lift descended down, he felt a slight shake from the ground and looked to his co-pilot, "We better hurry. This sand doesn't like our weight."

    "Copy," the co-pilot said, monitoring a outside holo cam of the deployment, "Viper Team is clear!"

    "Copy, retracting ramp. Lets go clear a path for them!"


    IC: Viper Team
    Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier Attack Force

    Viper Team were the two armored "HAP"s with 8 soldiers in company on each, aside from the HAP crews. First platoon provided infantry support. The combined force of 48 soldiers and two HAPs (5 crew each per HAP) had to trek .32 miles on hostile ground to provide support to friendlies. While this would be a hard task for any force, Recon Team One (9 soldiers; 1 sniper and 10 HAP crew rounding out the 60 passenger load for a Hammer Strike) would provide support for Ted. But Viper Team knew that 9 soldiers and 1 sniper couldn't hold the fort for long without support, so they moved in on the double quick.


    IC: Green Project, Test Group AA-3
    Desert dune, Ord Pardron

    As his blaster shot flew out, Ted could hear in the distance the approaching Hammer Strike. It wasn't choppy like before, but this time it was a noise. They were out from using the sand dunes as cover, had deployed their ground forces, and were headed in to provide come covering fire until the ground forces caught up. That music was to his ears as he started to see his welcome was quickly be worn out down below...

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  25. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Lieutenant Green, Captain Sard, Seige Team Six, desert rendezvous point
    Location: Ord Pardron

    "What the hell is what?" The lieutenant asked into his comlink, distracting Sard's attention from the lead Mando, even though he still held out the credit chip in a manner that wouldn't be wise on a Nar Shadaa street. The officer's eyes were worryingly wide when the captain saw his face again. "Captain, Hard Eight reports atmospheric contact. Serious incoming."

    Furious, Sard rounded on Taab, “You were followed-” He caught sight of a scarlet packet of energy zipping from right to left between himself and the Mando'a at head height. "Down!"

    Sard grabbed his lieutenant's shoulder with a meaty hand and dove to the sand, drawing a surprised squeal from the man.

    The Professor (PRF-1299) saw on his own scanners where from the side the sniper shot had come from, and his suit’s HUD automatically targeted that location for him, he turned his guns towards the area, and from the actions of the rest of Seige Team Six, he could see that they had witnessed what he had.

    His helmet dome clicked down over his head, and a set of glowing numbers scrolled up the number of metres distant as it worked out how far it was to the sniper. Too distant for the concussion grenade.

    A spray of green laser arced across the sides of the nearest dune, from a stormtrooper operated E-Web tripod cannon from the mouth of the Sardonic, but it was aimed too close to endanger whoever had fired that shot.

    Beside him, the Professor could hear Simone (SIM-0702) trying to call the frigate.

    Hard Eight, Hard Eight, we are taking fire at the rendezvous point. Do you copy?

    PET-9070, the one of their squad who they had left in the cargo bay to guard the suits, thudded three gas canisters into the sand about fifty metres from their position, grey smoke billowing up to help conceal them from whoever was attacking from that side.

    The fourth member of their team was stomping towards the exposed officers.

    Captain Taab, get back to your ship; we’ll cover for you.” Simone’s vocabulator ordered, her armoured bulk placing itself between Atin and the threat. “Okay, we got a dropship coming in.

    The Professor smiled grimly as his targeting scanners finished counting, the cross-hairs flashing on and off as a magnified image on his repeater screen showed a black black helmet just above a sand dune, and the long black barrel of a sniper rifle.
    Got you, you son of a Bith.

    A thumb inside the hardened spacetrooper suit-arm unclicked the cover of the proton torpedo controls, and PRF-1299 fingered the FIRE button.


    The Professor rocked back as he returned fire, sending a proton mini-torpedo back towards the sniper.

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