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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bravo, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab /Atin Taab
    Ord Pardron

    Taab reached out his armored gauntlet to retrieve the credit chip from Captain Sard. Apparently this was to be a moslty silent transfer. That suited Taab just fine, he was eager to end this blue milk run and get on to more important matters. The chance of that soon evaporated faster than a snowball on Tatooine.

    "What the hell is what?" Judging from his actions and attire Taab assumed this to be the Imperial groups communications officer. He continued, his report grabbed the immediate attention of Captain Sard. "Captain, Hard Eight reports atmospheric contact. Serious incoming."

    Sard turned to Taab snarling at him. “You were followed-” but his words were cut off by a more pressing threat as a blaster bolt cut in between the two of them.

    Taab's first reaction to the bolt was to throw himself to the ground next to the captain and his comm officer while the HUD in his buy'ce locked onto the location the blaster bolt had come from. He was about to toss out a smoke grenade but the space troopers he had escorted to this barren place had already taken care of that. They were good soldiers, well trained and they knew what to do. Taab glanced back to see if Atin had also remembered his own training.

    Shab, the boy had frozen. This wasn't the first ambush the pair of them had walked into, but the timing of this one, at the end of a long and boring trip, seemed to have overwhelmed him. “Captain Taab, get back to your ship; we’ll cover for you.” Came from the female spacetrooper as she shielded Atin who now seemed to be coming to his senses.

    "We're not going anywhere. Until we get payed, we are still under contract!" Taab shouted to her. A flashing in his HUD identified a new threat. 525 meters out, there was a fastmover darting between the dunes. With a few rapid eyeblinks, the rangefinder on the left side of his buy'ce dropped down and he got a better look. Some kind of landing craft. They were about to have alot more company.
    "At'ika, get to the ship. Fire up the vultures." He watched Atin run to follow his orders as another of the spacetroopers launched a mini-torp towards the enemy.


    The sound of the launch dominated their end of the battlefield, far louder than the earlier hammering of the E-Web. With the firepower the Imperials had at their disposal, Taab doubted they needed, or even wanted, his help in defending this position, and though it wasn't clear just who the sniper had been targeting, Taab doubted it was he and his son. So it was time to get what he was here for. Without looking to see the results of the torp shot, Taab reached out to the nearby Captain Sard to pluck the credit chip from his fingers.

    "I believe this is mine."

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  2. Intervention

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    Oct 1, 2012
    OOG: Changing the initial reasons for the sniper shot, as to sound more in-line with OOG discussion in the Rocketjock. Some IC information, posted before this, may not be as accurate as before on my end. Please forgive the differences.

    Okay, so I seem to have made a mistake between Viper Team's deployment and the sniper. It just doesn't seem logical for a ground force to trek 3 miles between the sniper and Imperial forces. I think I typed one thing originally with the sniper's position and was thinking something else in my mind when I posted the sniper shot last night. The two just seem way too opposite to make any sense whatsoever.

    So, if its okay, I'm going to reduce the distance between the sniper's position (Viper Team was deployed .32 miles behind the sniper's position) and the Imperial forces from 3 miles to 1 mile. Although still crazy over a mile of open ground to trek between the sniper and the Imperial shuttle and bounty hunter craft, it's a lot more reasonable then 3 miles. In the end, it would allow a quicker engagement between forces and the Zero G Troopers still have the upper hand in terms of weaponry and armor.

    Any objections? I can always void this post if need be and re-post.

    Coffee_Ninja, Mitth_Fisto, CPL_Macja, and JediFalcon, I will get tags to you all ASAP. Sorry for the delay. :oops:

    IC: Captain Jacques Petain
    Bridge, Alacrity, adjusting into high orbit over Ord Pardron

    Jacques kept a close eye on the on-goings of both the bridge and his ship. His eyes seemed everywhere, from the bridge to his mini-arm rest screen that gave him access to other sections of the ship's data.

    "Captain!" Barked a sensor officer, "We have a sensor return ping from the ground! Someone has scanned us. It's profile fits a Lancer-class Frigate profile."

    The Captain nodded, "Very well sensors. Navigation?"

    As the sea-saw view of high orbit and space contunied---at a slower and more gradual pace---the chief navigational officer spoke up, "Almost there Captain! Thirty more seconds and we should be stable!"

    "Make it twenty, navigation," Jacques spoke calmly, seeing that a minute had already eclipsed. For all his style, when duty called, Jacques was a man of detail and action.

    "Copy sir!" Navigation reported back.

    "Captain," reported the Commander, who was overseeing ground operations, "The Adamantine reports contact with enemy forces."

    "Good," Jacques said, "Make sure all combat data is saved and data beamed to us. We need everything for the higher brass. And Commander, make sure our forces know to capture the Imperial Captain, not kill him."

    "As ordered, Captain."

    "Captain, gunnery is acquiring targeting regions and location verification status from sensors. Thirty seconds, sir," reported the Bridge Officer in charge of gunnery.


    IC: Green Project, Test Group AA-3
    Desert dune, Ord Pardron

    Ted fired the "kill shot". It was designed to miss, but the scary thing was the Imperial Officer's ability to see it coming. His body reactions to the sniper shot told the story. Either a, this Imperial Officer had inside a sniper's cross-hairs before or b, the blaster bolt gave away the shot. The downfall blaster bolts was the ability to see them, unless---a course---you spent an arm and a leg for invisible blaster bolts. That's why many snipers resorted to projectile rounds, since unless you were a Force user, you never saw the shot coming. Right now, Ted sure wished he wasn't using these blaster sniper rifles, but it was what was issued by the higher ups.

    The shot missed, but the Imperial Captain's reactions made it look like Ted was a elementary sniper shot, missing by a fraction wider then planned. While by the untrained eye, this miss was a near-miss, by a sniper's eye, it was as far off target as one could get without being kicked out of the sniper corps.

    Ted waited a moment, as he was supposed to, resurveying and picking out a new target. The stormtroopers would do, but any moment now, the Adamantine was to fly overhead and scatter the heavier firepower of the Zero G Troopers, so Ted could escape. That moment progressed beyond a moment and Ted knew he was in trouble. He was about to slide down the sand dune when he heard the noise of a rocket-propelled launcher. He didn't need to know that troops wouldn't waste ammo, especially at this distance, at a non-specified target.

    Ted's heart raced---was this fear he felt as a dread fell over his body and he sought nothing but self-preservation? Such thoughts would have to wait as Ted heard the thunderous explosion, felt the heat explosion against his back, and felt the ground life up under him...


    IC: Captain Tim Reynolds
    Cockpit, Adamantine, Hammer Strike-class Landing Craft

    MUSIC: Modern Warfare 3, Battle for New York

    Captain Tim Reynolds saw the flashing warning on the sensor scopes as he brought the Adamantine over the last sand dune; the shower of sand against the cockpit told Tim everything he needed to know. A E-Web turned their attention to him and a smoke grenade covered their direct sight.

    He had only moments to decide before they overshot their target. Smoke seemed to cover the two shuttles and their soldiers.

    "Gunnery, take out the Imperial shuttle. Rely on last sensor hits."

    Just moments before the Adamantine shot passed, several powerful laser blasts found their way into the general location of the Imperial shuttle. Whether they made contact or not, was unknown with the smoke screen. As the landing craft shot past overhead, surely its engines blasting anything not tied down or weighed down to the deck, the landing craft deployed flares moments after it's passing to detour any heat seakers as the landing craft shot up and banked to the left, using speed to put distance between any enemy contacts.


    IC: Viper Team
    Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier Attack Force

    MUSIC: Modern Warfare 3, Battle for New York (cont.)

    Viper Team reached the sand dune just moments after the Adamantine did a fly-by for ground support; the two HAPs continued down the hill, this time out running their infantry support to draw fire away from the infantry; any immediate engagements with the enemy could be handled by the 16 soldiers they carried between the two of them. Able to fire and roll at the same time, the HAPs started to fire their on board mortar launchers towards the Imperials' position. While not aimed to hit directly on target, the mortar shells were aimed to hit around the target, keeping the Imperials and bounty hunters confined to their location.


    IC: Captain Tim Reynolds
    Cockpit, Adamantine, Hammer Strike-class Landing Craft

    MUSIC: Modern Warfare 3, Battle for New York (cont.)

    Reynolds brought the Adamantine around; the location of the two shuttles were a distance view now.

    His comm board lit up, "Adamantine, this is Crazier One. How do you copy?"

    Reynolds responded to the squadron leader, "Crazier One, this is Adamantine. Loud and clear."

    "Adamantine, we have ground support on escort. Two Sentinels. ETA thirty seconds to your location. We'll provide top cover."

    "Copy Crazier One. The support is thanked. We'll deploy the target squads. Adamantine clear."

    Reynolds and his co-pilot started to scan the sky as they looped back around to the ground battle; sensors and distance flashes on the ground reported that Viper Team was engaged. But support would have to come quick if they were to survive against Zero G Troopers' heavier armor and weapons.

    "There!" Barked the co-pilot, pointing to the sky as two Sentinel-class Landing Craft appeared out from in front of the sun, a squadron of ARC-170's breaking away above them for high ceiling cover.

    "Adamantine, this is Ground Breaker One and Ground Breaker Two. Where do you need us?" Came the voice over the comm from one of the Sentinel landing ships.

    Reynolds responded, "Ground Breaker, divide your forces. Approach from the West and North. The enemy has smoke grenades. Stay clear of the Imperial shuttle, but take out those Zero-G Troopers. Close proximity rounds, high value target within close range of them. Make sure the rounds hit the ZG's and only the ZG's."

    "Copy Adamantine. We'll make them count. Ground Breaker One and Two deploying to the West and North for ground support run."

    The ground battle ahead was getting closer and closer again as Ground Breaker One and Two broke off to their separate approach paths; the laser and blaster weaponry to keep the enemy pinned, as concussion missiles would be too powerful to be "pinpoint" near a VIP target. Reynolds would hold the Adamantine at a distance providing senor and comm support until the "all clear" was given. Once the drop-site was clear, the 11 soldiers left aboard would zip-line down, capture the Imperial Captain, and then everyone would withdraw.

    Somewhere, intel had been wrong. Zero-G Troopers were never specified in full armor, which now threw a monkey wrench into the whole works. But, Reynolds would do his best. But he wouldn't needlessly sacrifice his troops either against the walking tanks of Zero-G Troopers. If Intel wanted this Captain so bad, they would have sent in a whole darn invasion force. They'd done it before for high value targets, why not now? A course, a whole invasion force in the "Outer Galaxy" wasn't being covert, was it?

    In the distance, Ground Breaker One and Ground Breaker Two could be seen starting their attack runs...

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    Dec 14, 2009
    OOC: Since Atin didn't get to do much in my last post...

    IC: Atin Taab
    Ord Pardron

    "At'ika, get to the ship. Fire up the vultures."

    Those words brought Atin back to reality. When the first shot had been fired he had frozen. He was ashamed of that and even more ashamed that his father had seen his moment of indecision. He intended to make up for that now. He sprinted towards the Crusader, his heart seeming to race as fast as the shots from the E-Web repeater which had started firing towards the unseen enemy.


    The sound of a mini-torp launching echoed across the desert to him as he reached the boarding ramp of the ship. He had already used a command from his beskar'gam to remote start the ship's engines. He could also now hear the noise of approaching aircraft of some sort, though this was soon drowned out by the noise of morters exploding nearby. He ran to the cockpit and flipped the switches which would activate the vulture droid brains that controlled the Crusader's quad turrets.

    Regaining his composure now, he ordered the upper turret to begin firing at anything in the air. The lower turret he set on standby. He didn't want the droid brain there to accidentaly shoot off their own landing struts. "Engines online, vultures up buir." he sent over the comms system to his father's buy'ce. Looking at the sensor display though his heart dropped. There was an awful lot out there. He could see several ground vehicles of a type he couldn't make out, along with ARC-170s on HICAP and a couple of Sentinel class landing craft coming in hot.

    "Roger, roger. Target identified." came though on his buy'ce comm system from the upper turret. Atin slaved a portion of his HUD's view to see what the droid brain there "saw." It had lined up on one of the incoming Sentinals. "Die Republic dogs!" and the upper quad turret opened fire.

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  4. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Bowls of Space station, AI Core

    Getting to the core, that surprisingly seemed to be the easy part. Just a few chutes and minor security system navigating and they were there. Then of course the true interesting situation became a more pressing concern. As despite being compromised the system appeared to have been telling the truth about an intruder within the station. Which meant he might of been misled by these Jod boot-cloppers. Still, it was a risk of idiocy he would have to follow through.

    After all his only other option would be to charge after an alien menace that even the AI did not think he was ready to fight at the moment. Which left fixing the AI, and being that it was his sisters organic-nization of the stations core systems. . .well this thing probably hadn't been let loose fully and a interloping AI system wasn't going to allow that either.

    The first part of the security system was standard stuff, clone war era security that the Jod had slapped on just for familiarity's sake. As he pulled up the full view he decided to reconsider. Whereas the clone war era tended to have up to five layers with redundent blocks that meant you had to know the correct sequence to gain access this appeared to have twenty-three. Twenty-three layers to reach the core access, not the core, but core access.

    "Jod! Barricade!" that was all the recommendations he could give without looking away from this. Still he pulled out an encrypted link up and plugged it into his helmet to establish a more secure transmission to Pic as one wrong move would kick him fully out of the system and back to square one. Second thing he did was engage his audio filters so that Pic would notify him if anything possibly important was being screemed in his ear by the station AI. Then in the silence of the moment he began the dance of a computer system access wheel algorhythm. Aligning any two adjacent red zones would be an immediate reset of the system safeties. So he took note whenever Pic advised against a route of access because it would align certain circuit pathways elsewhere in the system. An opening here would cause a breach in an untouched area rebooting access. Five dead ends, seven programs neutralized, five viruses contained, and bad noises from up ahead told him he was running out of time just as he broke through.

    The core access screen blinked onto the scope, erasing all other visible data with a blinking question for access, this deep his sisters programing would be shining through. Once a system became this complex not even the Jod would tamper too much. Couldn't really if the state of the guard droid was any indication with only half an organic brain.

    What is lost, cannot be found, never burried under ground. See the star, sell the moon, value was set in it. Take the task, fill the glass, truths shall come at last.

    Looking at the blinking question he ran it through his mind a dozen ways, never burried under ground? Too many options. Her whole base of operations was centered under ground and yet too many possibilities were left. Sights and profit all to add a value? A high value if one sells a moon, still it seemed to invalidate what the first hinted toward in his mind as a star could no longer be the answer. Nebula? Which one? Then the last came, and filling of a glass pained him. Literally pained him, he needed a drink. Although that. . . no. . .couldn't be. Could it?

    "Truths will come at last. Fill the glass. Take the task." he remembered the day so long ago. A drunken night, a secret born out of a death, suspicions started. "Arkoh Jeth." Typing it in gave a flash and try again message. Then he thought of it,
    "01000001 01110010 01101011 01101111 01101000 00100000 01001010 01100101 01110100 01101000." A silent tear fell as he finished the entry and submitted it.

    Access Granted

    Entering an antiviral sweep with sample of the previously routed bugs began a pause in the system and a pause in the red avatar that had been yelling at him. Wiping away the tears on his cheeks he reopened his auditory filters to hear what was going on, Havah looked up to see how the Jod were doing.

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    OOG: Found a mistake in the Queen Guardsmen' detail in the Library Quick Reference. Fixed it to reflect this post (the shield was missing).

    IC: Queen Guardsmen
    Mess Hall, Level Two, "Main Complex"

    The Jedi did what they did. The Queen's Guardsmen, who had been with them, had worked with their special skill set before. Jedi were no strangers to the Kingdom of Jod. But, such information was highly classified. The Kingdom of Jod weren't Watchmen of Justice without a path of it behind them to prove the point.

    But for now, the Queen Guardsmen thought nothing of it, for at his feet was war. And war it was.

    MUSIC: Immortals - Immortal Combat

    The Queen Guardsmen allowed the first wave of darkness and death hit his silver cortosis-made Scutum. The impact of three of the mutated organic beings was enough to make the muscle bound Guardsmen to slide back, but his boots soon stopped on the dusty floor. With a might, Sher-fa! ("Honor" in the native Jod tongue), the Guardsmen put all his strength forward and pushed forward with his word of honor and a mighty deep yell. The disgusting beings fell backwards into their pack of bloodthirsty brothers. The Guardsmen brought his Force Pike up and drove it through the eye of one of the mutated organics.

    Driving on his advantage, he blasted forward and caught another of the mindless humanoids through the head behind the first one. With a mighty pull, he withdrew his Force Pike and swung it in time in a punishing blow against another flesh eating monster. The impact, with the power of the Force Pike, took the being's head off. Bending his elbow, he dropped the Force Pike mid air, reached forward with his hand, and grabbed the Force Pike further up the shaft towards the tip. He then brought the Force Pike backwards as if to stretch his elbow out. Instead, the rear of the Force Pike's shaft impacted another thing's head. The hole left in the being's head, able to see through the other side, told the story.

    As that monster fell, he brought the Force Pike back to a up and down positioon, threw it up slightly to readjust his grip, caught it, and leveling it down rammed in forward straight into another monster's chest. The medical lab coated monster stopped cold, dead in his tracks, and as the Guardsmen withdrew his Force Pike, he raised it up quickly, dropped it midair, then adjusted his grip to under it in a throwing manner. Now, holding it like a spear, he raised it to above shoulder height, aimed, and threw with all his might. The spear-like weapon sailed through a organic monster, caught him mid way, and threw him backwards into the quickly littering floor of bodies.

    The things kept coming and as a group rushed hm, the Guardsmen bumped off the first two with his shield, a sicking crunch in their facial and neck structures as they impacted the shield and fell backwards to the ground. Then, in fluid motion, the shield was detached from his left arm and his Cortosis-made short sword (Gladius) was out. Taking a step forward and not missing a beat, he slashed through two monsters with rapid urgency in different cuts, knocked another monster in the face with a elbow before coming around with his sword to chop the being's head off. As his sword followed through with the strike towards the left side of his body, the guard reversed his blade's angel to slice up to get the next thing that came after him. He brought his left forearm in a crushing blow against the throat of the next being, while bringing the followed-through sword up in a mid-stomach attack to the next thing. As he withdrew his sword, he turned to his rear to see a monster almost upon him, his teeth ready for the bight. The Guardsmen brought his left hand up to it's throat and grabbed around the being's throat, lifting the prisoner-looking monster up off the ground as he rammed his sword through it's mid-section. As he withdrew his sword and dropped the dead thing, he looked around as he heard cheering from the soldiers behind him.

    The things were gone, all dead.

    The Guardsmen comlink was going crazy, "...I repeat, we are under attack from Beast forces! Vastly outnumbered!"

    The Guardsmen turned to Timothy Stakes who had heard the same thing, "Okay, lets move it! To the control room! We need find out what happened! This way! Move! Move!"

    The Guardsmen followed his other Guardsmen and Captain through the littered remains of the Mess Hall and followed the signs to the "Command Center"...

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  6. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

    IC: Captain Victor Paulsome
    Core Lobby, space station, Northern Stretch

    Paulsome tried to adjust himself; the ringing in his ears, the screaming, the blaster bolts, the blood, the looks of terror and death. Yet, his soldiers had fought on. But now, every last one of them who had been sent up to help Paulsome and his lone soldier escort were all but dead. Their blaster fire had all but bounced off of the Cimmerian Hell Rider's armor. Even without the hellish horse, the dark creature was a fearsome warrior. Only a few times had Paulsome had ever heard one of these hellish warriors going down in battle.

    The Captain's comlink was going off the hook with his other squads looking for updates and seeing if they were still alive. The infantry captain held no strength to reply. He looked weakly towards the core's blast doors as Havah Jeth still worked away. In minutes, his men were gone.

    Crawling on his hands and knees, Paulsome felt the warm blood trickle down his face. The Cimmerian Hell Rider had thrown him against the wall---a sickening crunching noise popping through his ribs, right shoulder, and a cut to his head---before impaling his escort soldier. The crushing blow had left Paulsome shaken and out of it as he watched his forces get slaughtered. For now, Paulsome crawled his way away from the AI's core, in order to draw the hellish monster away from Havah Jeth and his mission.

    Paulsome spoke quietly into his comlink to Havah Jeth, hoping the comlink was still working, "Havah, get the communications up and running. Contact the House of Royal Intelligence. Their contact will be under Emergency Code Burst Alpha. Just hit that button and the station will take care of the rest. Then...get off the station. With the rest of the soldiers. In the shuttle's nav system is a destination labeled Echo. Jump to Red Space and go wherever Echo takes you. Forget about me, that's an order. Your in command now. Make sure my soldiers get home. Paulsome out."

    Whether Havah heard his message or not, Paulsome tore the ear comlink from his ear, letting it fall to the ground. He could feel the heavy footsteps behind him, felt the boot kick him over, the might hand raise him up to his level. The dark, featureless face with only red eyes stared out at him. As the Cimmerian Hell Rider brought his sword up to strike Paulsome down, the Captain released the thermal detonator he had been holding.

    The sudden explosion tore through ceiling, deck, and armor...

    Tag Mitth_Fisto

    OOG: Miith, by reopening the communications with the Royal House of Intelligence (at Actualize Station), then when Coffee and Falcon reach the command center on the Planet of Exile, they can comm for help on a distress signal that will hence alert Actualize Station and help will arrive for them in the form of a King II-class Battleship. As for you and company, the destination labeled as Echo is Actualize Station, put into the system by the Jod Royal Intelligence Officer who sent Paulsome and you on this mission in the first place.
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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Sard, Lieutenant Green, Seige Team Six, desert rendezvous
    Location: Ord Pardron

    Face down in the dirt, with one hand brushing his face clean of sand, while blaster fire and explosions assaulted his senses, Sard looked at Taab in surprise as the other took the credit chip.

    "I believe this is mine."

    Sard could not believe this; he felt like he was in an Intergalactic Banking Clan holo-commercial:

    Contract to rescue your team = Twenty thousand credits;

    Extra intell' = an extra two percent;

    Bounty hunter stopping in the middle of a blaster-blaze to pluck the credits from your distracted fingers = PRICELESS

    "Sure thing," the captain managed, releasing the credit chip to the bounty hunter without resistance.

    "Sir, we have to get you out of here!" Green yelled, as blaster fire thudded into the ground nearby, throwing up dark gobbets of molten glass.

    A pair of white-uniformed medics ran up, skidding on knees to a halt just past Sard's form, and pouncing on him, looking and feeling him over for some sign of injury. "Sir? You hurt?"

    "I'm fine! Get off me, get off me."

    Near vertical laser blasts from the low-flying dropship cratered the ground in a line that closed on, and passed the parked NR2, just one shot rocking her to the right as it slammed into the wing on that side, but it righted itself without further damage.

    Three of four Imperial stormtroopers pounded across the ground from the Sardonic, while the last of their number sprawled across the shifted ramp as it canted from that one shot, falling past the soldier manning the E-Web, helmet and chest cracking off the blocky Eksoan power source piping energy to the cannon.

    He rolled over, got to his feet, and ran after his squad.

    A tossed E-11 carbine thudded to the ground beside Sard, who snatched at the weapon gratefully: "Now that's what I'm talkin' about."

    The three troopers that had reached him, dropped to one knee to form three corners of a square around him and Green, while-

    Sard heard the whistle of an incoming mortar round and ducked, digging fists into his ears. "Incoming!"


    He felt the hard plates of at least one trooper falling across his back, and then clods of earth raining down on him, as the soldier fought to get off him.

    "We're gonna get ripped apart if we stay out here, sir!"

    THOOM! PET-9070 fired a mini-torp after the silhouette that had volleyed the Sardonic, and as the enemy dropship started to nose round for another pass, calculated it's heading, and THOOM! fired a second one in the vessel's path!


    A mortar round exploded the ground at Simone's feet, momentarily wreathing her Zero-Gee armour in a geyser of blackened sand and fire, but otherwise not phasing her in the slightest as she opened up on the visible HAPs and their infantry with her right gauntlet blaster cannon.
    pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

    Sard followed the progress of the Sentinels as they split up. "Green! Have heavy weapons target one of those mynocks!"


    After a moment, the soldier on the E-Web tripod laser cannon ceased painting his signature into the front of one of the HAPs, and turned his barrel up and round to almost the opposite direction of most of the attacks, and poured coruscating green energy fire up into the nose of the incoming Sentinel.

    The Professor arced a concussion grenade onto the back of the HAP that Simone was already shooting at, then paused as he felt the impact of incoming fire hittiing the side of his suit.


    The third mortar slammed Sard down again, but he forced himself back up, disoriented, and his ears ringing now. "Frag this." He rose with his head down, and lit out for the NR2's becking ramp. "Fall back to the shuttle!"

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  8. Intervention

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    Oct 1, 2012

    CPL_Macja, I am going to use Jim Palso to start the progress towards our Epilogue with Jason Lasso and Zieleb-Xan.

    Earwen_Lightrider, you may enjoy the flash backs of this post from 2005. Couldn't get the precise quotes or posts because of the truncations, but tried my best. By the way, this is Bravo.

    Sorry this is late. The boards went down for maintenance last night just when I was about to post this.

    IC: Jim Palso
    Medical Bay, Delicate Delinquent, Berroll's Donn star system

    Jim remembered the feeling of waking up in a medical bay all too well. Problem was, this feeling was all too familiar of the Jedi Outcasts. Of the Force.

    And of his thought-dead brother, Jason Lasso.

    Palso looked over; it seemed dream-like. He could see the medical bay of the Outcasts' home cruiser. Of the people. He saw Dinn, Earwen, Lank, and Skye. He couldn't tell if this was a memory of precise detail or of a combination of memories or of the Force talking to him. The 4 moved towards him and, instead of words, he could feel what each one represented to him at that point in his life. Dinn, a brother and sister bond that thought unbreakable...Palso's dark actions over Coruscant, his slip to the Dark Side of the Force, proved that breaking could be done. And that some pain...never healed. Earwen, the little sister in a grown up sister's body. If there was a person he could joke with it and be silly with, it would of been Earwen. But, she was also always there a a a big sister watching over a little brother. She would marry Skye and Palso couldn't ask for a better man for her. While Skye was the pain in his arse from the Corellian Nine Hells and in truth, Palso hated the man for the longest time, a friendship grew from the tension and if there was one man Palso could trust in this galaxy, it would of been and still is Skye Lightrider. Lank...well, Lank was that Commanding Officer that you loved to hate, hated to love, and always knew he had your best interests in mind.

    Yes, there were others. Many others of the Jedi Outcasts. But these four showed here, now. Why?

    The 4 of them looked at Palso and Jim opened his mouth, but no words came out. He wanted them to know he still cared, that he wondered how they were, and that he longed to talk to them. But, instead of words, they parted to the side and behind them he saw a planet...


    Palso looked to either side of the planet, to his Jedi Outcasts friends. He had visited that planet before.

    Palso mouthed, "Illum?"

    The beings that represented his friends didn't respond. Simply a life-like imagine of Jason Lasso, Jim Palso's long lost brother, appeared in front of the planet. And next to him...Zieleb-Xan.

    Jim tried to struggle to get up, but a invisible weight held down. He tried to yell for his Outcasts friends to stop as they turned and left to the sides. But, they did not stop. Then, Jim Palso saw a man running through the planet, through his brother, through Xan...


    "Mr. Palso!"

    Palso looked at the medical tech, "What?"

    "Your awake!"

    "Well, no Sith I'm awake! Your shaking me like a rag-doll!"

    "Oh," the tech stopped, "Sorry. Just...its good to have you back. That support beam looked nasty."

    "Its good thing I don't remember it," Palso tried to get up, but the tech resisted gently.

    "Sir, you should sit down and rest. You've---"

    "Look kid, if you try to stop me, I'll punch you. Now, you have two options. Either A, help me or B, nurse a black eye."

    "A sounds better."

    "I thought so," Palso sat up right on the bed and looked at the tech, "We do have a Jedi on board?"

    "Yes, sir," The tech said, adding, "Zieleb-Xan, at least as the rumors go. I don't know personally."

    "Good," Jim tried to get up and, while successful, the tech had to balance him, "Get me my clothes. I don't want my arse hanging out in the wind like this."

    "Sir, I still think you should re---"

    "Option A or Option B..."

    "Right. I'll get you your clothes, sir..."


    Palso walked down the ship's corridors, looking for Xan's quarters. It seemed like the logical place to start. While the medical tech stayed back at the medical bay, Palso was in company by a cane.

    "I guess my age is catching up to me," Palso said to himself, "Not as spry as I use to be after getting hurt."

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    Oct 1, 2012

    Sith, I'm going to assume you meant one of the Sentinels, since the Adamantine has yet to do another pass below, as I posted earlier,

    IC: Captain Tim Reynolds
    Cockpit, Adamantine, Hammer Strike-class Landing Craft

    Reynolds kept his distance; with the mortars coming in from Viper Team and the Zero G troopers, a zip line drop would be nothing short of suicide for soldiers dropping and the Adamantine crew.

    Ground Breaker Two lined up it's first pass, starting to pepper the ground ahead of it with laser and blaster fire...


    IC: Viper Team
    Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier Attack Force

    Viper Team had reached its engagement zone; Viper One contuined on ahead, drawing fire from the E-Web and returning fire with it's longer range and more powerful twin heavy blaster turret; the E-Web was limited by its angel of fire (ground level), while the HAP crew had a height advantage. For the most part, the E-Web's offensive fire bounced off of the heavy HAP armor. The Mark II medium repeating blaster cannon operator was supporting the heavier twin heavy blaster cannon's report; the spot-light operator was gunned down by the E-Web when his area was sprayed with the E-web's attempt to reach the twin heavy blaster turret. Viper One was hoping to resolve the E-Web question when it launched a mortar in that direction, direct aim intended.

    As Viper One drew fire away, Viper Two deployed its ground forces, sending several mortars as cover fire, as well as its full array of offensive weapons opening up. The eight man squad took a right flank approach, hoping to increase fire on the enemy flanks with an array of two -T21 Repeating Blasters, 5 A280 Blaster Rifles, and a single HH-15 projectile launcher, which was aimed to make life difficult for one of the Zero G troopers. Viper Two continued it's approach, staying in close support range of its squad of soldiers. Aiming its mortars, it sought to aim a few of the shells among the Zero G troopers.

    It was among this advancing that Ground Breaker Two was doing a ground support mission---with a quad laser turret from the bounty hunter vessel aiming her down with laser fire---on the Zero G Troopers when a mini-torp all but engulfed the front end of the shuttle in flames and debris. The Sentinel crashed into the ground nose first several yards behind Viper Team; while ground support was reduced as Ground Breaker One flew moments later on a attack run, drawing the attention of the E-web (whose fate was yet decided by the mortars shells) and that of a quad laser turret by the bounty hunter ship again, the crashed Sentinel (which had not exploded upon impact, but was clear that the forward section of the craft was either destroyed by the mini-torp or buried in the ground and crushed) provided coverage for 2nd platoon as they made their way up behind Viper Team, using the crashed Ground Breaker Two as cover.

    As Viper Two moved with its squad of soldiers on the right flank, Viper One deployed its squad to the left flank and provided coverage fire. Equipped similar, except that one of the T-21s was replaced with a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, the troops of Viper One moved in.

    The hope was the now focused mortar fire, instead of the covering fire, would take out the E-Web and at least damage, force a retreat, or destroy a handful of the Zero G Troopers. With Viper One and Viper Two providing center and flank cover fire with 8 soldiers moving in with heavy weapons and missile launchers on each flank, 2nd platoon started its advance up the middle behind the two HAPs. A reduced pincher movement with a strong central attack force; combined with air cover, the only place the enemy could go was back, where open ground would make them easy targets (for the Alacrity's fire mission support once in position) as they ran, or up to the sky, where the squadron of ARC-170s were waiting.

    While the Lancer-class Frigate played a important role and its value to this engagement was not yet known, the Alacrity had both a superior angel and heavier firepower to deal with the frigate. The Lancer wasn't a mission objective and, if the Imperial crew stayed out of the fight, they wouldn't be touched.

    The Jod just wanted the Hard Eight Captain for intel. Then...they would return him to the Imperials ranks...with a few modifications. The brain was a wonderful thing for the intelligence community to have access to. Sleeper agents were always in demand...especially ones who didn't know they were sleeper agents. Just a word and you unlocked a very powerful deep cover agent.

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso, "He"
    Planet of the Exiles, Northern Stretch

    The two walked through a seemingly endless series of tunnels. If not for He's Force Sense and Lasso's helmet sensors, Jason doubted the two would have ever made it out of the cave system alive.

    "Up there," Jason pointed up around the corner, as the two came to a very non cave like metal cylinder structure that seemed to go upwards, "That's where we were getting the energy signals fro---"

    Jason felt it at the same time of He, but the Ninja Jedi clearly had the upper hand in reading the currents of the Force and knowing what his Danger Sense meant.

    As Jason turned around, his two Phrik Gladius barely out, he saw He's crimson lightsaber blade locked with that of a yellow blade. Lasso didn't know what to do in those few tense moments, looking between the yellow lightsaber warrior and He. Then, He answered it for him as he deactivated his lightaber and dropped to a knee. Once again, He went to no words and simply projected the words to this man and, it appeared, to Jason, since Lasso could see the words across his mind.

    [Master Jedi...]

    The other man, clearly a Jedi from He's thought process, nodded and deactivated his lightsaber, taping He on the shoulder, which prompted the ninja Jedi to stand up.

    "And you are...?"

    Lasso saw that this light skinned man, who appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties, stood 6 feet tall, had a shaved head, fully black beard, and blue piecing eyes. "Ah....Flight Lieutenant Jason Lasso of the Mercs...or Guardians, depending which side of the fence your on."

    The Jedi nodded, clearly not impressed, "What are you doing with an Elite?"

    "A what?"

    "Him," the Jedi pointed to "He".

    "Oh, well, that's a long story."

    "Right. I don't like men with helmets and blasters."

    "Really?" Jason replied, "Well, I don't like Jedi randomly appearing on worlds after Order 66 that almost kill the man that has saved my life and brought me here. So what's your point?"


    "He" nodded.

    The Jedi turned back to Lasso, "Then you have my trust."

    "Well good," Jason said, taking his helmet off, "I needed the fresh air. Care explaining what a Jedi is doing on this forsaken planet?"

    The Jedi turned to He, who nodded, and the Jedi waved the group forward to the metal structure, "I am a Sentinel. I was part of the group of Jedi that the Kingdom of Jod's House of Royal Intelligence got to hours before Order 66. I was just a Padawan then and a young boy. Like the Jedi, the Kingdom of Jod's Royal Intelligence was blinded too by then Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's Dark Side powers. It was only hours before Order 66, just hours before the Jedi went to arrest the Supreme Chancellor towards the end of the Clone Wars, that the House of Royal Intelligence put the pieces together. They were only able to get to a handful of Masters, Knights, Padawans, and Younglings. Maybe thirty in all. Although they didn't want to, the Jod withdrew before Order 66 hit on the urgency of Master Jedi Mace Windu as he and several other Masters flew in a shuttle to arrest Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. That was the last we ever heard from Master Windu."

    The Jedi uncovered a secret control box, opened it, and hit a button; a side of the metal cylinder structure slid aside to revel a turbolift; the group took the turbolif upwards.

    "Over the years, the Jedi Order has survived in a much more smaller sense here in the Kingdom of Jod, a very closely guarded secret by Royal Intelligence to the outside galaxy and on a needs-to-know or, clearly, a seeing me event of other branches of the military or civilian population. We're never talked about, to help keep the gossip down. Here, at the Kingdom of Jod, is all that remains of the Jedi that we know of. We continue the traditions of the Jedi Order, bringing Force Sensitive children into our ranks and training them since birth. But, we are but a footnote of what we use to be in the galaxy and it will take many more generations in order for us to be a sizable threat to the Empire. For now, we sneak around the galaxy with Royal Intelligence, doing what damage we can to the Empire covertly and gaining intelligence where we can, always making sure our actions appear no more then a handful of Jedi after Order 66 causing problems. So, as you can imagine, we very rarely leave the Kingdom of Jod as to preserve our secrecy to the Empire.

    "I was stationed here, on the Planet of Exile, two years ago to overlook the sentry of the Planet of Exiles. My predecessor was here for eight years before that when this place first came to be. As you can imagine, things didn't go as planned."

    [When?] He asked through the Force.

    "One year ago. Everything was going normal, then one day, everything went to hell. Prisoners and staff alike were going crazy. But only here at the Main Complex, no where else on the planet."

    [A biological attack.]

    "Our thoughts too. But before we could contain the outbreak, half the staff and prisoners were dead and the other half turned into these flesh eating monsters. Then, a mysterious ship landed. It tool several of our VIP prisoners that were involved in the coup ten years ago. Then, the rest of us were left here to rot. Our attempts at reaching out for help falling on deaf ears. It took me a year of sneaking around, staying out of sight, to find out what happened. A virus got into our comm system and did a feed back loop of our comms. We were hailing ourselves for a year for help. I managed to survive and so did a few more of the staff. But over the last year, the mutated biological beings that was once staff and well behavior prisoners have taken its toll on us. We dare not venture outside, since the general prison population will have our heads. But, we figured that when the mysterious ship landed here, the thousands of Beasts that it off loaded took care of the prisoner population. So, what was safer? Thousands of Beasts outside or a handful of mutated beings inside? Well, I'm the only one left alive.

    "I saw your battleship land ground forces. I assumed you were the rescue force...but the Force is telling me differently."

    "We're in the same boat as you. We got stranded here. We don't know why that King-class Battleship is here. Before we could make contact, we got trapped between a crossfire between Jod and Beast forces and then found a way int the tunnel system down here that then lead us here."

    "Well, I hope you two are up for a fight to get off this planet. That mysterious ship I told you about, has returned. And I can feel the darkness that comes with its commander, but this time its not two dark signatures, but one. And I believe it is the Apprentice that has returned, not the Master."

    [The Sith.]

    "Yes." the Jedi said, opening the turbolift door and walking out, with Jason and He following. There was a vast shaft that ran downwards, protected by railing, to their right. A vast open cargo bay in front of them, with crates and other equipment neatly put in places. The lighting here was dim, the emergency power dying.

    A snap-hiss could be heard in front of them, a crimson blade coming to life in the darkness.

    "And my Master has been awaiting yo---!"

    Jason watched as the yellow lightsaber and hand attached to it dropped from the Jedi as He's blade sliced through his wrist.The Jedi seemed shocked, but in those few moments, was able to grab onto He as he stumbled backwards and tipped over the railing; even Lasso could feel the Force Push that sent the two falling down the long shaft from the "Apprentice" up head with the crimson lightsaber.

    "HE! NO!!!" Lasso scream in alarm as his friend and comrade fell to the black abyss below.

    "I can relate to the loss," The voice of the Apprentice said, his voice changed by interference of a mask. His feet echoed throughout the large cargo storage room, his forming coming into view: a humanoid figure standing six foot, one inch tall, and having a muscular build. He wore all black Sith robes and black combat boots. Under the robes was black phrik torso armor, his hands were covered by black leather gloves. A black mask with eye slits covered his face and a black hood over his head. The orange glow of a Sith was in his eyes.

    Ill regardless of the mask, Jason could still hear a certain familiarity with the voice. And the walk, how the man walked....

    "Steven...?" Jason asked, "Steven Neil...?"

    "Not anymore...Darth Lehon is all that remains now. You destroyed Steven Neil, Jason. Now, you have created Darth Lehon."

    "That I created?"

    "Yes, you. You left me to die at the Dojo."

    "I didn't kill you! You made that choice!"

    "But you betrayed me, left me to leave the fire everyone else..."

    "Steven, I am---"

    "SILENCE! It is because of you that Darth Maximums has opened my eyes to the truth. That only be death, will the galaxy be cleansed of the corruption like yours."

    "Death how? My death?"

    "Everyone's death! The whole galaxy must burn in order for it to restart new and have peace!"

    "Peace? Your talking murder!"

    "I'm talking justice!"

    Lasso put his helmet on, felt the processors warm up. He bent down and picked up the fallen Jedi's yellow lightsaber, activating it.

    "You'll have to go through me first to do that," Jason sad.

    "So be it."


    OOG: Okay, so Lasso and Neil are in the under structure of the Main Complex. Don't interfere in the fight, please. We'll be linking up with the main group shortly (Coffee and Falcon).
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    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Prone position, the hot sands of Ord Pardron

    "Sure thing."

    Taab took the chip and secured it in a pouch on his belt. "Pleasure doing business with you."

    And with that, the Mandalorian's contract to Imperial Intelligence was at an end. He was sure it wasn't the first time such an assignment from eyes had ended in a firefight, though the circumstances of this one were certainly unique. He ignored the nearby blaster splashes, his armor would protect him from all but the luckiest hit, and pushed himself up off the ground. Taab jogged towards his vessel as a dropship flew over and began peppering the area he had just vacated with heavy blaster fire.

    Small rocks and clumps of fused sand bounced off his armor but Taab didn't bother turning around. At this point, with his contract concluded, he couldn't care less what happened to Captain Sard or his previous charges. "At'ika..." he started but stopped as the Crusader's top mounted quads opened up on one of the unknown's dropships. Taab dropped to the ground again as an explosion rocked the nose of the craft and it went down. Whoever it was, their forces were closing in on the Imperials, though they were paying a terrible price for their advance. Still they was starting to become a threat to the Crusader.

    "At'ika," he sent out over the comm. "Get the ship in the air. We're leaving." He was...satisfied to see the Crusader rise under repulsorlift power even as two clicks in his earpiece let him know that Atin had heard and understood his message. At least the young Mandalorian seemed to be back in control of himself. Taab would sort him out about his "freezing" later. The upper quads let loose again, hammering away at the second dropship now. This didn't bother Taab, even if he didn't care about the results of the battle, he did want to get out of here, and right now that meant the attacker's aerial assets had to be neutralized.

    The Crusader began moving off, away from the battle area. It was still under replusor power about thirty meters above the deck. Now its lower quad cannon began firing upon the troops taking cover by the downed dropship. Taab commed his son again. "Leave the door open, I'm coming aboard."

    Taab popped back up and this time turned around, surveying the battlefield for the last time. One of the ground vehicles started firing at the Imps with some sort of rotary cannon. A Z-6? It sure sounded like one of the old Z-6's anyway. Sighing, he locked onto the vehicle and fired the missile from his jetpack at it. He knew he really shouldn't, the warheads were expensive, but he hated the idea of leaving a fight without getting at least one shot in. The missile corkscrewed off towards its target, the shaped charge warhead should be able to penetrate the vehicle's armor, but Taab didn't watch to find out. Instead he commed the Crusader one last time. "Check fire."

    Two more clicks and the fire from the lower quads ceased. Taab ignited his jetpack and soared up towards the Crusader's still lowered boarding ramp.

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    IC: Chris Streets

    To say he was surprised would be to say that the ocean is a little wet. Needles to say he was not ashamed to admit that the being had startled him, then again the whole situation startled him, and the fact that the only attempted direct contact with a sphere so far had ended in. . . transportation, allegedly, was not a comforting state to have one's mind. Not to mention the lack of atmosphere that he could breath outside his suit and a simple burn/cut/rip could thus end his life very slowly.

    Not trusting his tongue he simply followed the being and went where they were led as the droids and the good doctor seemed to have the art of articulate communication down pat. For the moment at least. When they were all led into a chamber and told to wait until their captain was ready, with no true mention beyond their missing companion being 'safe', left them in an awkward situation. Especially since to his trained ears the words 'safe' or 'secure' and the need to 'move' or 'transport' for such things often meant the person in question was, would soon be, or was on their way to being interrogated and promptly dead.

    The fact that Time as it was asked to be called was making such a scene after then that it would of been easy to get lost to the fact for a moment that when they entered this chamber the orbs and others didn't follow them in. Was the atmosphere required by them? Or were they simply allowing a sense of security to fall over the small band of three organic and two droids? A ploy to make them feel 'safe' and 'secure'. Needless to say Streets was only feeling more on edge, and no sign of any oceans or underground lakes to surf either.

    Although that Russel trusted the alien enough to raise his helmet instead of checking his instruments for atmo led him to believe the aliens ploy was, by and large, working. Checking his own suits systems to verify a safe breathiable atmosphere without any recogniziable bio-hazards he followed Russel in removing his helmet and setting his suit to standby and preserve/recharge air supply by filtering in the needed components now given by these. . .things.

    The fact that it now gave him a pointed question with a barb at knowing his own species and enough knowledge of naming conventions that his own was odd. Still he would only answer that which was repeated twice, freely giving more was not something he would do. Not even for 'Time'.

    "I served with Taller in the Clone Wars, and have stayed with him through the time between and creation of the Mercs. Despite what we are, we have fashioned as good as any a way to stay the right course for ourselves, and others." It was as much as an answer as he felt like giving at the moment unless 'Time' wanted to take the time to elaborate.

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    IC: Viper Team
    Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier Attack Force

    HAP armor was heavy, able to withstand anything from small-arms to heavy-arms blaster and projectile fire; the vehicles could also take a onslaught of rocket launchers, grenades, and even glancing blows from heavier ordinance (artillery and concussion missiles included). However, HAPs armor wasn't perfect. A continued onslaught of rockets or grenades or a direct hit from a concussion missile could spell the end of a HAP.

    One of those ends came in a direct hit from a concussion missile, fired from one of the mercenaries. The shot was perfectly aimed, taking advantage of the troop deployment doors, the weakest armor on a HAP. The missile blew in through the HAP and exploded directly in the middle; the explosion was that of a soda can being ripped apart down the middle. The HAP was torn apart, its belly barely still joined under it, but the two upper halves torn apart from each other. The explosion sent a miniature shock-wave and debirs clattering in all directions and smoke and flame bellowed from the torn center. All crew were respectfully dead.

    While the loss of Viper One was a blow, Viper Two "continued on mission," redirecting its course to better provide covering fire for both flanks and the center push by second platoon. While HAPs were excellent machines of war, their power lay in the ability to support infantry units, support heavier armored formations, and work in teams to maximum their deadly firepower. The loss of Viper One would tell the tale of Viper Two.


    IC: Captain Jacques Petain
    Bridge, Alacrity, adjusting into high orbit over Ord Pardron

    "Captain," reported gunnery, "We are a go."

    Jacques nodded and look to the Commander, "Commander?"

    "Ground forces are taking losses. Ground Breaker Two is down and Viper One was just lost. Those Zero G Troopers are going to cause us trouble for the remaining infantry."

    "Lets aid our forces, then," Jacques said, "Alert our forces for orbital bombardment."

    The Commander smiled, "Yes sir!"

    "Adamantine and Viper Team, this is the Alacrity. Orbital bombardment ready. I repeat, orbital bombardment ready. Select your targets and withdraw," spoke the comms officer.

    Adamantine's Captain's voice came back, "Copy Alacrity. Orbital bombardment ready. ComScan, lock onto those Zero G Troopers and give them a run for their money."

    "Adamantine, be aware that we cannot pinpoint that close accuracy. We'll be doing box shots. Withdraw your forces to a safe distance."

    "Copy Alacrity. I sure hope your boys have enough sense to keep that Imperial Captain alive.
    Adamantine clear."

    "Box shots" meant taking a general target area and filling it with deadly turbolaser fire.

    The Commander nodded to ComScan who selected the target zone and then clarified, "All ground units are withdrawing back to the sand dune one mile South of their position. We are clear."

    The Commander nodded and looked towards gunnery, "Gunnery, you are clear."

    "Copy Commander," Gunnery replied, "Acquiring targeting map from ComScan...overlaying with gunnery sensors and data..." Said one Gunnery Officer.

    The "Senior" Gunnery Officer was the trigger man and continued, "...Have targeting data...relaying to belly turbolaser turrets three and four...confirmation received from turrets...their acquiring targets...targets the order. Fire! Fire!"

    Several shots blasted from the Alacrity's turbolaser turrets, flashing the space backdrop with green flashes of light that rained down to the planet below.


    IC: Viper Team
    Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier Attack Force

    Viper Two's withdraw was slower then that of the infantry, who ran for everything they were worth, as it covered for the exposed infantry forces. 2nd platoon, being the furthest back, made it behind the safety of the sand dune in relatively quick order, while the 2 squads of Jod soldiers ran for the wreck of Ground Breaker Two.

    The driver (and commander) of Viper Two barked on his comlink with his outside crew, "We have orbital incoming! Orbital incoming!"

    The soldiers knew that order and scrambled for the top-side hatch from their positions, dropping in and sealing the hatch. While Viper Two was clear of the immediate blast radius, they were not clear of the shock wave, which could carry debris with it.

    The green bolts of destruction laced down to the planet, impacting the surrounding area, most notably where the Zero G Troopers had been, but stayed as far away from the Imperial shuttle as they could. A course, in such close proximity, anything could happen.

    The resulting explosions sent a shock wave hurdling towards Viper Two, engulfing the HAP in sand and parts of debris that slammed into the hull, but made no damage.

    Once the shock wave was clear, the driver jumped on the comm.

    "Viper Team deployment!" Barked the driver.

    "Clear. Light causalities from dust and debris. Mostly cuts and brushes, no KIA."

    "2nd platoon, status!" The driver asked next.

    "All clear and accounted for," came the reply.


    IC: Captain Tim Reynolds
    Cockpit, Adamantine, Hammer Strike-class Landing Craft

    The orbital bombardment was impressive, Reynolds thought, as he watched the shock wave expand out from the multiple shots from space. He then heard Viper Team was clear. He jumped on the comm,

    "Viper Team, move forward with 2nd platoon. Hold back Viper Team deployment for support. Ground Breaker One, move in on target zone as air cover. We'll be behind you."

    "Viper Team copy. Moving in with 2nd Platoon for target objective."

    "Ground Breaker One Copy. Moving in for air support over target zone. Viper Team moving in from the ground."

    The Jod forces moved in on all fronts, the Adamantine holding a bit back to provide comm and sensor support.

    For now, both the Imperial shuttle and mercenary ship registered as still there and operational; while the mercenary ship was already air borne, one turbolaser bolt could of ended their day really quick if it sliced through them while they were in the air.

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    IC: Jason Lasso, "He"
    Planet of the Exiles, Northern Stretch

    Lasso brought the lightsaber up in time to block the blow from Steven, but his lightsaber was batted away uselessly. Jason couldn't fool himself, he was outmatched. He had no training with a lightsaber.

    "You fool! Your outmatched! I've been training for years. What have you done?"

    Jason took off his cloak (that had replaced his cape) and let it drop to the floor. He then withdrew his two Phrik Gladius from his back and swirled them in his hands as he adopted a stance. "Getting tortured and being thrown into magical realms beyond my will. I'm really tired of being picked on."

    Steven smirked, "Get ready to get picked on some more then."

    Steven leveled a blow to Jason as powerful as the first, but Jason blocked it and Steven looked up at him in shock. Jason was useless with a lightsaber, but he sure as hell knew how to use his Gladius. "He" drilled it into him during the short time they had together training.

    "Lets dance."

    MUSIC: Battle from Hell - Epic War Battle Mix

    Steven attacked with furry and Jason backed up, using his two blades as balance and as a alternate to themselves. One for defense, one for attack, depending on the side of attack from Steven. The two danced, Steven going high, low, mid, everywhere he could. Jason kept movement going, always moving in a quick-like motion, parrying and twisting, never staying in one spot long. It was like dancing in every sense of the word, dancing to keep one balanced to the attacks from Steven.

    The two had "danced" themselves opposite of where they had started, precisely where Jason wanted to be. He flipped backwards, catching Steven in the chin with his follow through by his legs. The Sith stumbled backwards, giving Jason time to run for the turbolift opposite of the storage room. As the doors closed, Jason saw Steven running after him, but it was too late.

    Through his helmet visor, he brought up the Main Complex's communications network. Everything was locked. He used his facial structures movements to toggle menus in the screen and looked for any nearby Jod or Merc frequancies. He found two that his suit up-linked to: Fress and Kasumi. His message would be scratchy and in-and-out at best with the surrounding structure, but it would at least get something out.

    "Kasu and ess!"

    Lasso was about to adjust the frequency when the bottom part of the lift burst forth, a very pissed off Sith coming through and landing. Lasso was tossed against the fall wall, but managed to block the blow.

    Steven reached out and Force choked Jason, "DIE!!!!"

    Lasso strugled against the Force Choke, "You...FIRST!"

    Jason kicked the man in the most sensitive area every man didn't want to get kicked, doubling Steven over. Released from the choke, Jason kicked Steven down the hole he had come from.

    When the lift stopped, Jason was emptied out onto a general floor, still a floor or two below the lobby floor. But Steven came back up the hole and slammed like a rocket racing all over a confined area as he landed in the floor next to Jason. "I'm not finished," And ignited his lightsaber.

    "Good. I was just warming up."

    Steven Force Pushed Lasso all the way across the floor and through a wall. Jason dusted himself off and walked through the hole, "Okay, now I'm warmed up."

    Steven smiled and ran full force towards Lasso and Jason returned the favor. The two met in the middle of the floor, battling blows to each other, Lasso always keeping a dance like motion as he balanced two blades, while Steven forced the issue with strength with one lightsaber.

    This went on for several long moments before Steven got a chance to kick Jason and did so with a blow to the back, that sent Lasso sprawling out to the floor. His blades clattered away on the floor and as he rolled over, Steven brought his blade down in a death strike, but Lasso crossed his forearms to the strike and the Cortosis-weave armor gauntlets did their job, although Lasso didn't know if for a second job, Steven pressed his strength and Jason used his legs to push up and roll Steven over him. With Steven off, Jason jumped up, twisted around, called his blades to his hands with the Force, and blocked the blow from Steven.

    A group of Jod soldiers lead by a infantry Captain rounded the corner behind Steven and Jason pushed the man back with all his might and dropped to the ground. A volley of blaster bolts filled the air; Jason watched in slow motion as Steven caught some of them, but others tore through his clothes and armor at various points, but missed any kill spots.

    "RELOAD!" The Captain ordered; Jason used this chance to Force Push Steven into a wall; while not through the wall, the blow stun Steven nonetheless. Jason went after him, but Neil connected with a square kick to the gut that sent Jason falling backwards.


    Both Lasso and Steven looked at the soldiers; it was clear the Jod had no idea who Jason was either; both Force users looked at each other and ran to the turbolift, both falling in moments before the next order came.


    The blaster bolts flew past, but Jason could hear the next order, "Bayonets! Charge!"

    "Sith!" Jason said as both he and Steven were suddenly on a even playing field for survival. Both men looked to the ceiling of the lift and climbed through the access hatch. Now on top of the lift, the two battled it out on the top of the lift's limited surface.

    Steven used the Force to jump to the next ladder and Jason followed. And there, both men jumped from ladder to ladder, battling each other, often in passing across the shaft as they climbed upwards. Soon, the men had reached Level Two, the lift following them up!

    Steven used his lightsaber to cut through the blast door and blast through, Jason following.

    They were in front of a group of Jod, Mercs, and Queen Guardsmen.

    "GO!" Jason yelled, hoping that although they couldn't see him through the mask, Kasumi and Fress would register him through the Force, "GET OFF THIS PLANET!"

    Steven Force Pushed the whole group of Jod and company down, before racing away to the next turbolift. Lasso chased after him; the last sight of the group of Jod and Mercs was when the turbolift doors closed.

    Jason took the blow from Steven in the head from a round-house kick; Lasso stumbled backwards against the lift and if not for sliding downwards, Steven's lightsaber would have taken his head off. Lasso forced Steven to jump back as one of his blades almost caught the Sith in the mid section. The lift stopped, opening to the roof of the "Main Complex". Storms were once again moving in as the two fought on the roof for a brief moment.

    But Jason was soon bested, he was tripped and brought to the roof. Steven used the Force to pick Lasso up and throw him to the ground. His lades clattering away on the crushing hit. Then Steven Force pushed Lasso off the edge of the room, but Jason caught the roof in time and held on for deer life.

    Lasso looked down and saw the Jod ground forces taking on a impossibly big Beast force, hundreds upon hundreds strong and coming from all directions.

    "Yes," Neil said, following Jason's gaze, "My Beast forces are here. And now..."

    Jason looked up as Neil crushed one of his hands with his boot, causing Jason to let go in pain.

    "...You will die."

    A black blur, too fast for the naked eye, body slammed into Steven Neil and took him away from Jason's view. Lasso hung there, dangling by one hand, above the slaughter below. Then, "He" came over the edge and offered his hand.

    "I thought you were dead!" Lasso exclaimed.

    "Not yet," He responded and helped Lasso back up to the roof.

    "And Steven?"

    "If he survived the fall."



    IC: Captain Timothy Stakes
    "Main Complex", Planet of Exile, Northern Stretch (Jod Star System)

    Stakes watched as the two fighters blasted through the turbolift and one shouted at them.

    "GO!" Jason yelled, hoping that although they couldn't see him through the mask, Kasumi and Fress would register him through the Force, "GET OFF THIS PLANET!"

    Timothy and everyone else were thrown backwards by a energy force of some kind. Picking himself up, Timothy went to access the comm and, instead, got a clear signal from the Sword of Justice.

    "Captain, this is the SOJ. We're getting a clear transmitting signal from the complex. Strange, we've never had it before."

    "Listen SOJ, we're under attack here! Use the complex's communication network an boost a signal to Actualize Station! And get down here, now, we need a evac!"

    "Copy Captain. We're on our way."

    Stakes turned to his company, "Screw the control center. We're out of here! Lets head to the roof, the SOJ is on its way. Our ground forces won't last forever," Stakes jumped on the comm to all soldiers within the building, "All soldiers withdraw from inside the main complex and to the roof. Lets move it!"


    IC: Jason Lasso, "He"
    Planet of the Exiles, Northern Stretch

    "He" was helping Jason up when a company of Jod soldiers, two Mercs, and Queen Guardsmen busted onto the roof.

    "Okay, hands up!" Stakes ordered with his pistol drawn and pointed at the two of them. In the distance above, the SOJ could be seen coming downwards from space, throwing laser blasts into the Beast forces below.

    "Captain," one of the Queen's Guardsmen said, "That is an Elite," the guard said, pointing to "He".

    "Okay," Stakes said, fixing his pistol on Lasso, "Who is this guy?"

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    Oct 1, 2012
    OOG: Below storyline is based off of Babylon 5's storyline in regards to Captain John Sheridan in seasons 4 and 5.

    IC: Queen Christina "The Great"
    Actualize Station, beyond the Northern Stretch, location top secret

    A junior officer burst through to the room, his breathing labored from running. He bowed and said through gasps of air, "Emergency transmission from the Planet of Exile. Its been overrun by Beast forces and the King-class Battleship Sword of Justice is radioing for immediate assistance."

    The Queen didn't need to ask why the Planet of Exile was overran; the House of Royal Intelligence would find out later. Right now, all that remained, was action; she turned to one of the Admirals, "How fast can you have a King II-class Battleship ready?"

    "Immediately, my Queen," The ranking Admiral said.

    "Make it so, Admiral."

    "Yes, my Queen!" The Admiral bowed and was out of the room in a rush, the junior officer rushing after him.

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    IC: Chief Medical Officer Russel Cook, R2 Astromech Dude
    Caverns, Unknown Planet

    "I served with Taller in the Clone Wars, and have stayed with him through the time between and creation of the Mercs. Despite what we are, we have fashioned as good as any a way to stay the right course for ourselves, and others." It was as much as an answer as he felt like giving at the moment unless 'Time' wanted to take the time to elaborate.

    "Acceptable," was Time's only response and looked towards the blast door where Taller was behind. Both Taller and the missing soldier came out, Taller still in his hover chair.

    "Now," Time said, "I believe we should sit. What you are about to hear will be difficult to say the least. But, what you hear today, you must not spread to anyone else."

    Taller greeted everyone, making sure they were okay. There seemed to be a glow about Taller, a smile that even Streets hadn't seen in a long time. As if peace had found its way into Taller's heart after decades of being void from it.

    Taller began finally with everyone sitting on benches along the cave's walls, "Out of everyone here, Lieutenant Commander Chris Streets knows me the best. So, Chris, you know what I'm about to say is either the truth or I'm not Rick Taller," Rick took a breathe and began...

    "The Mercs have been involved in a struggle over the Red Rock against the Empire for several months now. We've run into the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Treasure Hunting Corporation, the Beasts, the Kingdom of Jod, and now..." Rick nodded to Time, "The Protectors of Time.Time and his fellow aliens have been the keepers of the galaxy's greatest secrets of creation since the dawn of time. They are the oldest races left in the galaxy. And, what they have showed me..." Rick shook his head, " almost impossible to believe.

    "There was noway for us, as Mercs, to save the galaxy. Even by the Prophecy the Kingdom of Jod told us...unless there was a sacrifice. In order for the galaxy to be cleansed from the evil that is coming, the Kingdom of Jod Prophecy did speak of the Mercs as the 'shooting stars across space,' but if you read on in the prophecy, it was said that a man would have to make the ultimate sacrifice for his brothers and sisters. I am not religious man, Chris out of anybody knows that. But, a book called the Holy Bible once said that there is no greater love then for a man to lay down his life for his friends."

    Taller looked at those gathered, taking a long look at each, ending at Streets, "The Johnny Boy has been our home. And I know her corridors and bulk heads as I know the back of my hand. I love that ship and my heart will always be with her. But..."

    Taller shook his head, unable to finish; he closed his eyes, held his forehead, then looked up with tears in his eyes, "Time has showed me my future. I will die in 3 years...but before I do, I will provide a path to your goal to become the Guardians of the galaxy. In exchange for life now, as Time has healed my heart, I must give myself as a sacrifice to defend the galaxy. The only other option was to deny this deal and die in two days from now. So.."

    Taller shook his head and waved for Time to continue.

    "Your ship, the Johnny Boy, is repaired. My comrades have told me. When you leave, your navi computer will have a course set for you to return to the galaxy."

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Zieleb-Xan ‘Mac’ Macja
    Delicate Delinquent

    After Mac heard the bridges response and then subsequent stand down in alert status he decided that he would take the opportunity to just sit in his pod and meditate. Normally when one meditated they did so in silence, but it wasn’t the way Mac liked to meditate. He liked music, listening to it, playing it, and sometimes dancing to it, this time he opted to play.

    He reached into the cargo pocket of his flightsuit and pulled out his deej pipes and started playing a love song that had been passed down through multiple generations on Vernet. As he played it he allowed his mind to drift off into the flow of the Force and faces appeared in his mind. The faces were from his past, from his future, and all of them females. The thing that was most telling was the fact that not one of them was the face of Aurora Cradmoon.

    Suddenly he felt a disturbance in the Force and his eyes shot open. Mac sat for a moment, just listening, and with his heightened sense of hearing detected that there was a scuffle of some sort happening in the corridor just outside of his emplacement. When the door opened he found, what some had mistaken him for, an elf getting up off the deck coughing, it was the ship’s Captain Yavscout. Across from him was their Chief Engineer, Tim Williams, who was standing on the neck of a Jod soldier.

    Yav showed Williams the finger. “Bite me, Chief.”

    Mac could not believe his eyes, Fierfek. What in the frakkin’ Nine-hells is going on out here?” He looked over at Williams, “Chief?” then over at Yav, “Skipper? Heck, I would settle for an answer from the skocha kung on the deck at this point so I could head to my rack and get cleaned up.”

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    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Jim Palso
    Medical Bay, Delicate Delinquent, Berroll's Donn star system

    Yav showed Williams the finger. “Bite me, Chief.”

    Mac could not believe his eyes, Fierfek. What in the frakkin’ Nine-hells is going on out here?” He looked over at Williams, “Chief?” then over at Yav, “Skipper? Heck, I would settle for an answer from the skocha kung on the deck at this point so I could head to my rack and get cleaned up.”

    "Well," Palso said as he walked up to the group, "I'm out of it for a day and the place goes to hell," Jim turned to Xan, "Are you Zieleb-Xan...the Force User?"

    While Jim could feel the Force ebbing from Xan, he would rather conceal his own Force presence as much as possible and not give away any hints. After all, what did that Force vision mean? Did it mean Xan as a ally to Jason Lasso or as a foe? Better to not assume.

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    IC: Atin Taab
    The Crusader, Ord Pardron

    While his father dealt with the situation on the ground, Atin was too busy trying to handle things aboard the ship. The upper quad mount had helped to score a kill against one of the landing craft before shifting fire to the second. "I got one, I got one!" it "shouted" to both he and the lower quad vulture brain. "I want a turn, engage engage!" it commed back in reply. Atin shook his head. "Not yet laser brain, wait until we are airborne."

    Still Atin could understand the droid's impatience, while they waited for buir to do whatever it was he was doing, the unknown enemy continued to close in. Maybe he could use this brief time to try to identify them. He set the comm scan computers to start recording and analyzing thier radio traffic. It was encrypted of course, but given enough of it he and the computers may be able to break the
    encryption and give them a chance to gather some intelligence.

    As he did this a transmission came through over his buy'ce. "At'ika..." but his father was cut off as the upper quad mount kept up a whitehering fire at the second landing craft. Atin stopped his work briefly, but turned back to it as his father paused. At that moment com scan began to decipher snippets of the enemies transmissions broken up by heavy the heavy static of thier encrypted system.

    "Vip... ..oo di...nt, h...y weap.... ..ift fire...."

    Not enough to even try to decipher, but enough that now it was really time to go to work. Atin set about trying to not only follow not only their frequency hopping, but their encryption system as well. It was a sophisticated system, but given enough time he was sure he could crack it.

    "At'ika," came in again over his buy'ce. "Get the ship in the air. We're leaving." shab, just when he was starting to get somewhere. His two eyeblinks at his HUD sent back two clicks to his father letting him know he had received the transmission and Atin brought the Crusader up under repulsorlift power. He left the boarding ramp down, his father had done this sort of rapid, under fire, boarding before and Atin at least had his part in that down pat.

    He angled the ship away from the battle. If the still unknown enemy saw them retreating maybe they wouldn't see the ship as much of a threat anymore. But just in case he released the lower quad mount from standby. "Finally!" it exclaimed as it bracketed the landing craft's crashsite in an effort to pin down the troops there.

    "Leave the door open, I'm coming aboard."

    "Way ahead of you buir." Atin exclaimed but didn't transmit, he was still busy trying to pin down the enemy transmissions. He did look up for a moment as a bright flash caught his eye. He turned back and glanced through the transaristeel canopy, trying to make sure someone hadn't launched a missile at the Crusader. Instead he watched as his father's warhead winded its way across the sky before destroying one the the armored ground vehicles threatening the Imperials. Its fireball sent shockwaves across the battlefield. Buir always did know how to make an exit.

    "Check fire."

    Osik. He had forgotten about the lower quad guns. If they kept up their spray of fire, buir might fly right through their firing solution. He put them back into standby mode, ignoring the loud groaning "Ohhh it was just getting fun." He gave two more clicks to his father, letting him know the guns had stopped while he looked out for anything that could threaten him while he used his jetpack to reach the ship.

    But instead of threatening, the unknown troops looked like they were falling back. What was going on? Buir hadn't chased them off with that shot had he? His father streaked across the sky unmolested and at that moment the Crusader's comm scan computer finally broke through the encryption.

    "...bital incoming! Orbital incoming!"

    Oh shab, they are setting up an orbital bombardment. Thats why everyone was falling back or buttoning up. Atin slowed the Crusader and angled its starboard side skyward slightly to give his father an easier landing zone on the boarding ramp. He willed his buir to go faster, if the ship were caught in an orbital bombardment there might not be enough of them left for mom to even identify.

    Green turbolaser bolts began to rain down from the sky, just as buir touched down on the ramp. Atin immediatly shoved the throttles forward, lighting off the main engines and accelerating the Crusader away from any potentially damaging shots. Fortunatly they all seemed to be concentrated on the battle zone and the Crusader was left alone. Buir entered the cockpit, his armor was dusty and it displayed a few new scorch marks.

    "Gun it now for free space while they are distracted Buir?" Atin asked. He would tell him about breaking their comms later, after they had gotten past the enemy fighters and whatever starship they had in orbit. "Not yet, I want to see what this was about first. Circle the battle zone. 10 klicks out should be enough. Put the Vultures on defensive fire only. Keep anyone away from us." Atin started to set the ship up with those orders but Taab continued. "While you do that, I am going to try to break their comms, let them tell us what is going on."

    Now Atin smiled behind his T-Visor. "Already done buir."

    Even without seeing it Atin knew the gleam that would be in his father's eyes. "Good work. Almost makes up for you freezing back there." He smacked Atin on the back of the helmet. "Now, let's see what they're saying..."

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    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Captain Tim Reynolds
    Cockpit, Adamantine, Hammer Strike-class Landing Craft

    Reynolds spotted the YT-1300 start to vector away from the battlefield and start to circle.

    "Guns on the ready hot; defensive fire only," Reynolds said to his cockpit staff, who relayed the message to the necessary gunnery techs aboard the star ship.

    Reynolds eyed the odd saucer shaped Corellian freighter with interest, "Clearly, mercenaries or bounty hunters. They seem to have no interest in the Imperials' fate, yet are sticking around," he turned to the co-pilot, "Can you detect if anyone is monitoring our comm channel?"

    The co-pilot shook his head, knowing the answer already, but doing a quick scan anyways, "If there mercs worth their salt, then no. They'll have software in place to prevent a comm burst ping. I just did one and nothing. But Cap, it sure looks like their monitoring us."

    "Yea, it does, doesn't it. But not for the sake of the Imperials. Lets see what a carrot can make the rabbit do."

    The co-pilot smiled, "Copy that, Cap!"

    The pilot jumped on the comm, "Adanabtine to Alacrity..."

    "Adanabtine, go Alacrity."

    "We have a unidentified TY-13OO circling the battlefield. Orders?"

    "Identify unknown vessel and discover intent. Proceed accordingly."

    "Copy Alacrity, identify unknown vessel and discover intent. Proceed accordingly. Adanabtine clear," the Captain switched comm channels, "Adanabtine to Crazier Squadron..."

    "Crazier Squadron, go Adanabtine."

    "We have a unidentified YT-1300 freighter circling 10 klicks out. Can you identify the vessel and intention?"

    "Copy Adanabtine. Identify unknown YT-1300 and discover intention. Crazier Squadron clear."


    IC: Captain Richard Sandstorm
    Cockpit, Crazier One, top ceiling defense mission

    After talking with the Adanabtine, Sandstorm turned to his pilots, "Crazier Squadron, listen up! We have a doorbell mission to a YT-1300 circling the battlefield! Soloplate and Zackerwater, go say hi to our friend. Do not provoke hostile reaction, just identify and hold for orders."

    "Copy Lead. Crazier Three detaching."

    "Copy Lead. Crazier Six detaching."

    Sandstorm watched as the two ARC-170's banked away from their top ceiling defense mission and took on a gentle approach to the YT-1300, Soloplate taking a higher and wider approach to cover the rear and a reserve flight by the freighter, while Zackwater took a gentle angling approach on a frontal intercept approach.


    IC: Flight Lieutenant Soloplate
    Cockpit, Crazier Three, identify and intent intercept mission

    Soloplate had the sun glare in his cockpit as he arched overhead, flying just under a layering of white clouds. He keyed the comm to Zackwater, "Keep your weapons on stand-by. But don't arm them. We don't want our guests getting the wrong idea."

    "Copy Soloplate," replied the Flying Officer.

    Soloplate cleared his voice and keyed another comm channel, "Unidentified TY-1300 freighter, identify yourself and intention for being here. If you do no reply, we will take your silence as hostile intent and will preceded accordingly. Respond immediately."


    IC: Captain Jacques Petain
    Bridge, Alacrity, adjusting into high orbit over Ord Pardron

    Everything was going as planned.

    Which made Jacques uneasy.

    "Commander," he said.

    "Yes, Captain?" The Commander asked, standing by the ground operators' consoles.

    "Have Crazier Squadron detach two flights; one for patrol planetary side, one for Alacrity defense."

    "Yes Captain!" The Commander said.


    IC: Captain Richard Sandstorm
    Cockpit, Crazier One, top ceiling defense mission

    "Copy, Alacrity!" Sandstorm replied and switched comm channels to his squadron, "Third and Fourth Flight, listen up! Johnsontown, take Three Flight on patrol. Keep a distance eye on that Imperial Lancer-class Frigate. Alacrity will download the coordinates. Stay clear of the frigate's engagement zone and do not provoke hostile action."

    "Copy Lead. Detach and patrol near the Imperial Lancer-class Frigate. Stay clear of engagement zone and do not provoke action. Three Flight detaching."

    "Fourth Flight," Sandstorm said, "Double time it back to the Alacrity for defense escort."

    "Copy Lead. Detach and return to Alacrity for defense escort. Fourth Flight detaching."

    With half his squadron gone, Sandstorm kept his four fighters at top ceiling defense, while Soloplate and Zackwater investigated the YT-1300 freighter.

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  20. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: PET-9070, Captain Sard, Seige Team Six, SG-12 (Twelve)
    Locations: Ord Pardron, Greater Javin, respectively

    “Mothma Muffins!” The spacetrooper, PET-9070, muttered in disbelief as the two mini-torpedoes that he had fired after the Hammer Strike-class landing craft, veered sharply away from their intended target, and blew an oncoming Sentinel-class landing craft out of the sky, the latter vessel nose-diving hard into the sand.

    Behind him, Imperial ordnance was having similar failure against the proprietary vehicles of this unknown enemy.

    The concussion grenade failed to explode on the back of a HAP, and the E-Web’s blaster fire had made no impression on the front of another.

    PET-9070 shrugged away the incident, and as the call to fall back to the shuttle came over his comlink, he lumbered after Sard’s form, trying to put down covering fire towards anyone who got too inquisitive.

    Captain Sard was almost at the shuttle when several mortar rounds exploded around the the E-Web and its operator, both disappearing from sight in geysers of fountaining sand, earth and flames.

    Frag!” He dropped to his knees, and his face to protect his eyes, as the medical pair caught up with him.
    His quartet of stormtroopers tried to keep pace with their commander, laying down lime-green blaster fire from their E-11s at the soldiers that were now almost surrounding their position.

    PET-9070 passed Sard, and returning fire to wherever the mortar rounds were coming from, while Simone kept the survivors from the downed Sentinel honest.

    When the mortars ceased, the broken E-Web and supine stormtrooper lay in a shallow, blackened crater.

    Sard pushed on, veering towards the downed trooper, grabbing him round the armour and dragging him towards the ramp.

    “We shouldn’t move him, Captain!” One of the medics called over the noise.

    Understood,” Sard acknowledged, but ignoring the advice.

    Ordnance, either horizontal from the ground troops, or raining down from above, started to strike at or around the Zero-Gee troopers furthest from the captain, but their armour was designed to withstand capital-ship grade turbolaser fire, for a limited period.

    zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo-zoom The bright blue fire from an enemy Z-6 rotary cannon engulfed Simone’s form as she moved sideways from her position, but drew the Professor’s attention, who blasted its operator with his own gauntlet blaster cannon.

    A stormtrooper flew away in two parts as a powerful bolt caught his mid-section, slicing straight through his armour.

    They’re retreating, pulling back.” Simone noted as her systems registered the distance to viable targets increasing as the forces withdrew.

    Well, don’t stop to ask why; evac to the shuttle! Now!

    Sard pulled his casualty onto the ramp itself, and set himself down on one knee to lay down covering fire of his own as Green and the Medics – he noted the potential name if he ever decided to enter them on Athosian Pop Idol – then fired a volley towards a soldier on the nearside of one of the still-intact HAP vehicle.

    Then somebody created their own ode to the Fire Rings of Fornax as turbolaser shots rained down from the sky to engulf one of Seige Team Six, while the other three made it aboard the Sardonic.

    Get us out of here!” Sard called into the cockpit as he sealed the ramp.

    “Back to the Hard Eight?” The pilot yelled back as the NR2 powered her repulsors and lifted from the desert floor, nosing away from the turbolaser conflagration.

    Negative! Not until they can lift. No, take us across the desert, evading as best you can!


    The shuttle’s thrusters flared to accelerate it over the downed Sentinel, and away across the dunes.

    * * * *

    The Greater Javin

    The captain of the Acclamator-class rescue ship was down in the gargantuan docking bays, greeting the captain and senior officers of the ISD Lansdowne as they stepped or were carried off the last larties.

    “Thank you for your assistance, Sir.” Pit Lieutenant Pembleton gushed happily as he stepped off the flyer, followed by an odd-looking fellow in silver armour, and with a lightsabre hanging from his belt.

    And I concur.” SG-12 admitted.

    The Acclamator captain just stared.

    Oh ha-ha. Did you write that one?

    Pembleton looked from the rescue ship commander to the Saber Guard, and back again. "Did I miss something?"

    The SG gestured to their host. “Chuckles, here, thinks I'm kitted out like this cos I have an irrational fear of splinters.

    " read my mind?"

    SG loomed over the Imperial. “Yeah, I'm not just a pretty face. Now normally I would take offense, but you extracted my choob' off a burning star destroyer, so we will call it quits.” He straightened, giving the commander his personal space back. “You may call me Twelve. I am a Saber Guard, just hitching a lift aboard the Landsdowne.

    A junior officer rushed up, breathless. “Captain. Distress call received from the Hard Eight frigate at Ord Pardron. They are grounded planetside, and are under attack from heavy unknown forces.”

    The commander shrugged. “Well, we can’t do anything; we’ve got to get these people to Sector General asap.”

    If you have anything armed and hyperspace capable onboard, I can head over and see what’s shaking.” Twelve volunteered.

    Leaving the other Landsdowne refugees behind, the Captain led Twelve to a semi-circular safety railing at the edge of the docking area, and pointed down to the next level, where an unusual-looking starfighter sat on a corousel with several LAATs. “Got a V-19 Torrent down there. She’s got hyperdrive, a full payload, in fact, everything you need.”

    The Saber Guard took a long look at the ugly-looking thing. “How about a decal that says, ‘My other ship’s a TIE Interceptor’?

    The officer smiled indulgently. “Do this, Splinters, and you can keep her.”

    No, don't go calling me that. How new is she?

    "Just three hundred light years on the clock; only used by some old granny to do her shopping every weekend."

    Within moments, the V-19 was outside and jumping to lightspeed towards Ord Pardron, whilst the Acclamator jumped in the opposite direction.

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    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Captain Tim Reynolds
    Cockpit, Adamantine, Hammer Strike-class Landing Craft

    Reynolds watched as the NR2 broke free of the engagement zone seconds before his forces were upon them.

    Reynolds knew Commodore Jacques Petain all to well; he had served with the Commodore for years now and Reynolds thought himself a mini-expert on the Light-class Destroyers. He knew for all the faith that Jacques put into the speedy destroyers, he also knew that Jacques knew their glaring weaknesses for a ship sent on a mission on its own with a standard planetary load-out. And that load-out was all but standard, except for the Adamantine.

    Reynolds brought up the comm, "Adamantine to Alacrity."

    "Go Adamantine," Came the comm officer's voice.

    "The cat has escaped the bag. I repeat, the cat has escaped the bag."

    "We saw it on sensors, Adamantine. Do not commit your full forces. Pick up and evac. Make sure you recover any KIA. Break, Crazier Squadron?"

    Reynolds listened in on the conversation as his co-pilot gave the "full retreat" order to the ground forces and the order to recover the KIA.

    "Crazier Squadron, go Alacrity."

    "Crazier Squadron, send a wing pair after the Imperial NR2, but at a safe distance. Follow and report. Do not engage."

    There was a pause on the other end, before Crazier One (Captain Richard Sandstorm) came back, "Ah, roger Alacrity. Shadow enemy shuttle, but do not engage. Alacrity, why are we not pursuing the enemy shuttle?"

    "Crazier One, you will follow your orders as detailed. Do you understand?"

    "Copy Alacrity. Crazier Squadron detaching two starfighters for shadow of enemy shuttle. Crazier One clear."

    Reynolds raised an eyebrow at Alacrity's short-to-the-point response and looked at his co-pilot, "That was...different."

    "Yea," his co-pilot said, "And not in the good way. We had those Imperial slime bags and now Alacrity is just letting them get away. Wrong Cap, just wrong I tell you!"

    "Yea," Reynolds said, "But I'm sure Petain had his reasons. And if I'm following his train of thought, I'd probably be doing the same thing right now."


    OOG: Had to fix Jacques' title back to Commodore, since I missed up later and put Captain in more recent posts.

    IC: Commodore Jacques Petain
    Bridge, Alacrity, adjusting into high orbit over Ord Pardron

    The Commander turned to Jacques, "All forces are retreating, Commodore."

    "Good," Jacques said, his tone flat; everyone knew he wasn't happy and kept their distance. But the Commander had more leeway with the Commodore on his bad days. The Commander walked up to Jacques and lowered his voice.

    "Commodore, all we had to do was pursue the Imperial NR2 and---"

    Jacques waved his comment off, "Commander, you will learn that at times your opponent has out-thought you and when that happens, you must adjust. Our whole mission was based on the assumption of deep undercover, which we achieved. Our next goal was to overwhelm Imperial forces and pin their frigate planet-side, which we did. Our next goal was to capture Imperial Captain Sard before he could escape. We did not do that.

    "We are deep in enemy territory. It will take us another thirty-five minutes to reach the out-skirts of this star system after our ground forces are recovered, which is where any ship can engage their hyperdrive, directly outside of a star system's gravity pull. If the Hard Eight or Captain Sard have sent off a request for help, we could be outnumbered or outgunned or both within moments. Our intelligence reports were specific to Ord Pardon, not surrounding Imperial fleet movements. I cannot---nor will I ask---the crew of this ship to embark on a mission that they are not equipped to do this deep in enemy territory."

    Jacques took a deep breathe to calm himself at his defeat at the hands of this Captain Sard, "Commander, have the Adamantine recover our ground forces and have the elements not already assigned of Crazier Squadron in support for defensive cover. Keep us in high orbit only as long as that takes, then bring us out of orbit and headed to deep space. Crazier Squadron can stay on station as a rear guard action, then catch up. Royal Intelligence thought the Alacrity could take the enemy on. And, maybe, against another Imperial Officer. But this Captain Sard...I will be keeping a close eye on."

    "Understood, sir," the Commander said and walked away to carry out his ordes.

    Jacques sat there in his command chair, rubbing his chin. Yes, he had been out-maneuvered today. Maybe not by the Imperial Captain Sard, but by his own intelligence service. Maybe, Sard thought, if he was a bloodthirsty Emperor of a commander, yes, he probably could have captured the Imperial known as Sard. But, what value would that do him when a enemy fleet jumped out of hyperspace and destroyed or captured his vessel? Yes, pride had its place. But pride also had its invite to leave as well. Jacques may be a prideful man, but he wasn't a fool, especially when considering the lives of his men.

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  22. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Yavscout, Chief Williams, Gunnery Deck, Delicate Delinquent
    Location: Berroll's Donn star system

    While the elf sat on the deck, nursing his bruised throat, a sealed metal door, two before the open one being repaired, slid aside, and the young elf-looking Merc, Mac, emerged.

    Fierfek. What in the frakkin’ Nine-hells is going on out here?” He looked over at Williams, “Chief?” then over at Yav, “Skipper? Heck, I would settle for an answer from the skocha kung on the deck at this point so I could head to my rack and get cleaned up.

    "At least you've got a rack," Yav complained from the floor. For the moment, he forgot that he had a "ready room" adjacent to the bridge, which would be more than the Erphae had.

    "Skocha kung?" Tim Williams echoed, savouring Mac's term.


    "This idiot attacked the captain for saving his life earlier." He nodded down at his grimacing captive, who in turn started to make choking sounds which did not sound at all genuine, rather to make a point. "Oh, can't breathe? Do you want to, or wouold you rather I let you join your squad?"

    Yavscout rose, just as Palso wandered up.

    Williams half-turned to the two Jod engineers, and bade them continue with their work. "I want the window repaired, asap. You're with the Mercs now; no telling when we'll get another alert."

    "Well, I'm out of it for a day and the place goes to hell," Jim turned to Xan, "Are you Zieleb-Xan...the Force User?"

    Yav put up a palm. "Hold up. I was here first." He looked at Mac. "Came here to see you. I want you to start training members of the crew to use these quad-lasers. At the moment, we have you, Captain Palso, Bridge Officer Bob, and, uh, Herc, is it? Only having four gunners leaves two many holes in our defense." He looked over at Palso. "Captain. I need you to crack on with getting us some modifications to increase our ship strength."

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    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Jim Palso
    Gunnery Deck, Delicate Delinquent, Berroll's Donn star system

    Yav put up a palm. "Hold up. I was here first." He looked at Mac. "Came here to see you. I want you to start training members of the crew to use these quad-lasers. At the moment, we have you, Captain Palso, Bridge Officer Bob, and, uh, Herc, is it? Only having four gunners leaves two many holes in our defense." He looked over at Palso. "Captain. I need you to crack on with getting us some modifications to increase our ship strength."

    With his focus on his brother Jason, Palso had forgot about his "job" on the Delicate Delinquent; instead of arguing with his CO, which was so far looking to have a rough day, the smuggler nodded, "On it," Jim turned to Xan, "After the current necessities of ship duties are completed, if you have a moment, I would like to talk to you."

    After that, Palso nodded to Yav', turned, and walked towards the medical bay, where he was certain to find a console that fitted his needs. He might be from the future---and the "present" Talon Karde and Booster may not know him---but Jim had learned a lot from the future legendary smugglers and information brokering profiteers.


    15 minutes later, medical bay...

    "What do you mean, 'go take a look'?" Asked the same medical tech that had helped him "escape" the medical bay earlier to go find Xan.

    "Look," Palso said as he sat in front of the console, bringing up the latest updated star map showing local businesses (the medical tech looking over his shoulder behind him), "I learned a thing or two back in the day...err, forward in my day, I mean. You didn't become the best smuggler without knowing the ropes. Back before I joined a mercenary group known as the Jedi Outcasts, I was a smuggler making his own way in a backward galaxy. Had some smaller runs when I first started. We were engaging some government types near the Unknown Regions. I was seventeen years old then...

    The medical tech whistled, "Quite a story! Wish I had one as adventure filled as yours! I just joined the Mercs after a stint in the Imperial Navy...and didn't care to look back. But, what does all this have to do with upgrading the ship's strength?"

    Palso smiled as he brought up the Blue Star on the console, "I made a lot of good friends and connections there. Yea, being in the past now, those don't mean much. But, a lot of Galactic Civil War vets out there and stories from spacers from the war. Considering we're in the Galactic Civil War now, I figure my memory and my ship's memory banks can come in useful to finding what we need. But, its all going to start at the Blue Star."

    "And if our elf Captain says no?"

    "Well then, he won't have a stronger ship..." Jim replied.


    Walking towards the Captain's ready room, several minutes later

    If Yav could be found anyone, Palso figured it be his ready room. With printed documents and data-pads in hand, Jim depressed the "call" button the door, waiting for Yav to open the door...

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Space station core, Jod Northern Wastes

    Turning his head slightly to one side he listened to the message that he was being given, resetting his staff back onto his back he set back to the terminal. Disconnecting the link from Pic to his helmet he plugged it into the console dirrectly with direct downloads from Pic to the system to occur. A specific file downloaded into the systems core, a basic file for the stations AI to ingest for lack of a better word. Unplugging from the system he felt the telling vibrations and pulled out his flute, playing a simple song, the song he had played so many years ago for his brothers passing. Perhaps it was the stations play with the image, or perhaps it was the passing of the lives to buy him time. Whatever the reason, it came, and it flowed as he slowly progressed to leave.

    Pic meanwhile relayed the proper evac messages to the remaining Jod, and sent the offer to the indicated remaining 'living' droid for an offer to join them.

    Beyond this there was not much to add, nor to be done here. The dead had fallen as they may for the preservation of the mission, and it was done. Now on to next.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Technician Flavin, Captain Yavscout, Chief Williams, Aurora Cradmoon, Sounil Mistry, Delicate Delinquent interdictor
    Location: Berroll’s Donn

    Flavin was finding that bridge duty with C.T. and Petty Officer Wyn was no party on Sochi’s sunset strip.

    He had noted that the clone had not headed off to analyse the Johnny Boy readings, as assigned, but did not wish to crowd the Clone Wars veteran.

    He turned to watch Jim Palso’s progress as the other stepped onto the bridge, and headed over to the sealed Ready Room door to his left, and pressed a button on the wall, that the tech had not noticed earlier.

    There was a soft chime.

    “Captain’s not in.” He supplied, loud enough for Palso to hear. “But I can call him up for you. Stand by.” Rather than step over to C.T.’s console, or have him do a ship-wide, Flavin used the integrated comlink on his Go Team outfit to call the elf’s personal comlink.

    Yav’ here.

    “Yav, this is Flavin, up on the bridge. Captain Palso is up by your ready room. Do you two have an appointment?”

    Flavin did not think he had met the man before, but Security at the base of the command tower, had called ahead.

    No, but tell him I’ll be right up. Any idea what its about?

    The Jod turned to study Palso carefully, and noted he was holding some printed flimsis and datapads. He relayed this. The athletic…Corellian if Flavin was any judge, was also well tooled up, having a DL-44 blaster pistol in a thigh holster, as well as two Q2 hold-outs at his back.
    He relayed the documents and datapads back to Yavscout.

    Right. I’ll bring Chief Williams up as well.

    Ah, that means I’ll have to take my foot off his neck.

    You’ll have to take it off sometime; might as well be now. Flave’, we’ll be right up. Yav’ out.

    Flavin puzzled over what he had heard, then shrugged, and smiled over the top of his console at Palso. “Captain is on his way.”

    * * * *

    Gunnery Deck

    Williams took his boot off the soldier's neck, grasped a hand and hauled him up off the floor.
    "Find a mop and bucket, and swab this whole deck. I want it so clean, I'll be able to eat off it."

    The Jod rubbed his throat insolently, "I don't have to take orders from you!" He looked past Williams at his fellows, the two engineers, but they glanced away, and carried the prepared window pane inside the quad-laser annex.

    "Actually, you do. You attacked the captain of a starship." Williams reminded.

    Yavscout added, "Just think; what would Captain Stakes' off the Sword of Justice have done?" He was pleased to see the young man blanch.

    The elf reminded himself that he had managed to "save" two members of that squad that had bravely sacrificed themselves to hold off the stormtroopers that had swept through the Javin Bucket like a virulent poison, and stop them boarding this ship.
    He had no quarrel with the squad's initial action in holding back the stormies, but then they had decided to fight it out to the bitter end, when the viable option of sealing a big heavy door and running like buggery along an air corridor, had been available, and encouraged, nay, ordered, the Jod security force had refused to yield.

    He turned to the Chief Engineer to ask about the second soldier, then stopped as he realised the beaded old man was talking to his daughter over comlink.

    There was the sound of the turbolift doors opening and closing, and then Aurora Cradmoon belted round the corridor, almost running down the blue-coated soldier, who was now on his mop-and-bucket search.

    "Oops, sorry!"

    "No problem, Miss."

    "Soldier!" Yavscout called sternly, "Not 'Miss'; she's 'Pilot Officer Cradmoon'."

    Cradmoon looked towards him and approached, pausing to nod at Mac. "Captain Yavscout? About that; I don't think I'm cut out to be a starfighter combat pilot right now."

    "Whyever not?" Yav frowned at his own vocabulary. Whyever? He shrugged inwardly. Sounded fine inside his head.

    "Look, I'm just not, okay? Can we just leave it there?"

    Yavscout stepped back a bit, just in case, and put up palms. He remembered hearing about her from his briefing with Flavin. "Okay. Sergeant Flavin has recommended that you be seconded to his command? Have you two met already?"

    Cradmoon visibly calmed, and Yav could see that she was bothered by whatever her problem with flying, was. "Yes Sir. During the last alert, I worked with him retrieving those escape pods. And before that, he put me in a vehicle turret guarding the docking bay."

    Yav lowered his hands. "Well, we are grateful for your help with those pods. I have no objection to you working with Vestor. He's a good man." He put out a probing hand to blindly snag Chief Williams' boilersuit. "Now if you will excuse us, we are needed on the bridge."

    * * * *
    Main Hangar

    Inside the Gamma-class assault shuttle with Corporal Loretta, whose name she did not yet know, and Wolf, who she did; Agent Mistry listened as the clone Security volunteer updated “Vestor dropped these into my care and we don’t even know if there is a detention level. And if not, we’ll have to set something up. I’m hoping to be no more then twenty minutes, thirty tops,” Wolf answered as he turned his attention to Sounil with a frown. “If you don’t mind staying with them until we get things situated, if you can’t anymore, there are some Mercs I trust on this vessel. We can keep contact through these comlinks. If things change before I get back, let me know.

    Sounil hefted her newly acquired comlink, and looked over it. After a moment, she glanced up to see Wolf hovering, clearly waiting for a response.

    "Oh! Copy! Sure thing, we will babysit them. Won't we?" The Twi'lek looked towards the female Naval Guard for confirmation.

    "Uh?" Loretta was open-mouthed with surprise. She'd been in the loo.

    Sounil took that for a yes, and smiled at Wolf. "You get going."

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    IC: SG-12 (Twelve), V-19 Torrent
    Location: Hyperspace from Greater Javin to Ord Pardron

    With only the blues and greys of the hyperspace tunnel to look at, Twelve polarised his helmet’s T-visor, and settled back to replay the conversation as the Acclamator captain helped him into the starfighter, and handed him the datapad with product manual.

    “She’s called Chris.” The officer had said.

    Short for Christine?

    “Funnily enough, no. Short for ‘Chris Torrent.” The officer had said. “Apparently, it makes sense if you used to watch Tiswas.”

    Twelve had looked blankly down at the commander, saying nothing.

    “Popular younglings’ holo-show.”.


    “Custard pies, kids throwing buckets of water over grown-ups, foaming the audience.”


    The captain started to fidget in the stare of that blank, illuminated T-visor, looking round the vast, noisy docking hall, till something occurred to him. “So anyway, the Hard Eight isn’t going to rescue itself!”

    Right! And thank you for the craft.

    Whatever the opposite of opaque was, Twelve did that to his helmet, and checked the details of the ship he was flying. Better now than in the middle of a rancor roll, the term referring to what he planned to do to whatever hostiles were at his destination, meaning to overpower someone not expecting an attack.

    So, the craft had blaster cannon in the tips of both wings, and a full complement of six concussion missiles.


    Twelve flicked through to the end, to see if there was a Frequently Asked Questions chapter, as the one burning a hole in his mind, was “How the heck does this thing land with that massive ventral fin sticking out the bottom?”

    The s-foils were no problem, as they folded neatly up when the landing struts were deployed, but that big vane concerned him.

    Of course, he could go all Expansionist Era with his lightsabre, but he didn’t want to damage a vital control surface and find himself careening into a canyon wall at an in-opportune moment.

    The lone craft continued on through hyperspace.

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    Chris Tarrant is the blond guy trying to custard pie the camera-man!
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