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    OOG: I am sorry the extrememly late reply. I got lost in the technicial details of the Johnny Boy to make it realistic on every level and avoid god-moding. Then I had a homework assignment I forgot about (and another one due today). After 2am in the morning, I gave up and went to bed.

    @JediFalcon, I'm going to have the Queen do a second swing by Taller's office, as to connect with your post more fluidly.

    @Sith-I-5, I'll be getting to your tag at the same time of Falcon's.

    I will get to tags after homework is done. I have to get 2 assignments done before the end of the night for college. While the Johnny Boy took a lot longer then expected, I hope everyone likes the soon-to-be completed remodel. :) Thoughts?

    IC: Jason Lasso
    Captain's Room, Johnny Boy, Marauder-class corvette

    The stack of flimsiplast, durasheet, and datapads had been somewhat reduced by no, but were still a mountain to climb. But, at least Lasso had gone through what was essential, what was urgent, what could wait short term, and what wasn't on a time table just yet. The crew situation had at least been figured out and---with some additional research with Dak's help---Lasso was able to pin down a replacement for the crew. Now, whether the Kingdom of Jod would have an issue with Lasso contracting out sworn enemies of the Kingdom for Merc hire, that would be a different story. But it was his only respectable shot at getting a crew and a crew fast, under Imperial noses.

    Second order of business was clear as well: the ship. If the Queen understood the position she was in, when Lasso pitched his first deal with the new crew, then she would see the wisdom in this deal as well...

    Lasso's first order of business was to strength the Johnny Boy's hull, giving the Marauder-class Corvette a state of the art Titanium-reinforced Alusteel hull with trace elements of Mandalorian iron to strengthen the hull's structure even further. The shielding would be overhauled and replaced by a redundant-system of military grade Supreme Defender shield generator technology. The weapon systems would be overhauled as well; the double turbolaser clusters on each wing-tip spear would remain, while the six other turbolasers would be: four H9 dual turbolaser turrets (see: CR90 Corellian Corvette), two top-side on the middle of the wings and two on the opposite bottom wings, while two more were in the front bow section of the ship (see: retracted turbolaser station in bow of corvette schematics). The "turbolaser station" in the interior front of each wing was replaced by a pair of M-g-2 general-purpose warhead launchers on each wing. 4 AG-2G quad laser cannons crowned the forward wedge-like section of the ship's bow, positioning 2 quad laser cannons roughly a bit back from the bridge and in the middle of the wedge-like section side-by-side, each one able to rotate 360 degrees (but build-on safety measures preventing the turrets from turning on on each other), and 2 more quad laser cannons directly opposite the top two on the belly of the ship. Two H9 single turbolaser turrets (see: CR90 Corellian Corvette) crowned the starboard and port top sides of the wedge-like forward section, just meters behind each side viewport of the bridge (covering the approach that the removed "turbolaser stations" would have covered, but just clear of the path for the warhead launcher). Finally, the Johnny Boy would be equipped with a Point-defense laser cannon (anti-missile) defense system, which covered the ship with 10 small retractable anti-missile turrets with one each bottom and top on the rear, one each bottom and top on both port and starboard wings, one in front and one in behind the bridge, and one in front and behind the hanger bay.

    To power the additions, Lasso wanted to upgrade the engines, reactor core, and have all the energy relays and circuits replaced with new ones. The ship's exterior hull would adopt a silver and yellow paint scheme (see: imagine, replace red with yellow).

    The interior of the ship would get a face-lift as well.

    The Bridge Section
    Location: Section of ship running from the bridge to where the wedge-shaped bow ends (and becomes the rest of the ship).

    The Bridge would remain mostly the same, with a few upgrades:

    Upon entering, a person walks out into an open area that expands about 5 meters forward (deeper into the bridge) and 3 meters to port and starboard of the bridge; this open area is known as the Command Deck and rounds off deeper into the deck, ending in a short staircase that descends down to the forward viewports and Helms Station (a waist high safety railing runs around the whole Command Deck.

    From the most aft point of the open area (towards the bridge's entrance/exit), two stairways are on either side of the bridge and both go down into a Crew Pit area. Before each stairwell on either side are two stations: on the port side of the ship with a wall console and screens behind them and a semi-circle of screens in front (like the Death Star consoles, but not raised and in a lighter gray and white color) is a standing crew member who manage the Damage Control and Maintenance Station. On the starboard side of the ship with a similar wall and console construction as the port side, is the Security Station manned by another crew member. Both these stations do have mini-storage in the wall for collapsible raised chairs that snap into secured positions (with crash webbing as a harness) on the floor so the crew members can sit, however often the crew members stand due to the comfortable foot covering over the flooring for them. The Security Station has a hidden emergency kit under where the seat connects to the floor; the kit contains two blaster pistols with spare energy clips, two E-11 blaster rifles with spare energy clips, two hand-held comlinks, two box lights, and two breathe masks; hidden in a drop-down key pad protected drawer under the security station's console are two blaster pistols, whose codes are only known to the Command Staff and Security Station crew member. Both Damage Control and Security Stations have the following directly on the under belly of their console stations: own personal head-set and mouth comlink on the back of the chair, a breath mask attached to the inner left side of the lower console, emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and then a mini-flashlight attached to the inner right side of the console station.

    On the port side of the bridge are the Port Crew Pits; the following stations, from closet to the rear of the bridge (by the stairwells) to the forward viewports: Hanger Control, followed by the Communications Station; there was an additional communications station added by the existing one to handle the upgrade in communications and types of communications Lasso would add. All consoles (see: imagine, view screen on console---as shown---not above console) on the bridge have the following has a chair and own personal head-set and mouth comlink on the back of the chair, a breath mask attached to the left side of the lower console, emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and then a mini-flashlight attached to the right side of the console station. The Port Crew Pits wrap around a bend and spill out into an open forward area where the Helms Station is located.

    On the opposite side of the bridge, the starboard side, are the Starboard Crew Pits; the following stations, from closet to the rear of the bridge (by the stairwells) to the forward viewports: ComScan, followed by Sensors Station; there was an additional sensors station added by the existing one to handle the upgrade in sensors and types of sensors Lasso would add. All consoles (see: imagine, view screen on console---as shown---not above console) on the bridge have the following has a chair and own personal head-set and mouth comlink on the back of the chair, a breath mask attached to the left side of the lower console, emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and then a mini-flashlight attached to the right side of the console station. The Starboard Crew Pits wrap around a bend and spill out into an open forward area where the Helms Station is located.

    In the open area in front of the raised aft bridge section (a single small stairwell leads from the front open area up to the raised bridge section), is the Helms Station. The Helms Station is two separate stations in fact, with the Helms Co-pilot on the port console, while the Chief Helms Officer is on the starboard console. Both consoles are lower consoles (unlike the other stations) and only come to sitting height, thus giving both Helms Officers an unobstructed view of outer space in front of them (see: imagine; looks like the two console station to either side of the picture, but the top crest of the stations are lower to just below the bottom chest line, not obstructing the view of the crew, and the top view screens are removed). Each Helms Officer seat has the following: own personal head-set and mouth comlink on the back of the chair, a breath mask attached to the inner left side of the lower console, emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and then a mini-flashlight attached to the inner right side of the console station.

    In between both Helms Stations is an open area of ten feet, where an emergency box is located under the floor in the middle of that 10 feet (with a simple silver colored key pad protected hatch way) with the following: first aid kit, four extra breath masks, four extra hand-held comlinks, 2 box lights, 2 small emergency portable power generators, 2 tool kits, enough emergency rations for twelve people for a week, a portable long-range sensor and communications kit, two blaster pistols with two spare energy packs each, and two E-11 blaster rifles with two spare energy packs each as well.

    To the port side of the bridge, by the exterior window on the port side of the bridge and with a view of the front side of the bridge, is the Gunnery Station. The gunnery station shares a 3 console area in a rectangular square area: two consoles (imagine) with similar arrangements as the other consoles---Communications, Sensors, ComScan, etc.---and having wall consoles as well to show the Johnny Boy and other important stats as related to the ship including incoming enemy fire and where enemy fire is hitting is against the port side wall. To the bow (or right) of those two stations is a similar semi-circle station (without the wall consoles; a raised seat comes out from the floor when desired) as to the Damage Control and Security Stations. This semi-circle station faces the forward viewport of the ship (like the Helms Stations) and is on the port side of the ship. These 3 crew members, the ranking crew member being the Chief Gunnery Officer in the semi-circle station and supported by two Gunnery Officer Technicians on either of the two other wall consoles behind him, coordinate with the gunners of the Johnny Boy about targets to take out and defensive and offensive fire tactics. The station can calculate in-coming enemy fire, determine tactics used by enemy gunners, track incoming enemy missiles and other weapon ordinance, have their own sensors and damage report system, and have a console wall-sized imagine of the Johnny Boy (like the Damage Control and Security Stations due as well) to show where enemy fire is having effect and where they have to redeploy the Johnny Boy's weapons to counter the enemy's fire. Like Damage Control and Security Station, the Chief Gunnery Officer has the following directly on the under belly of his console station: own personal head-set and mouth comlink on the back of the chair, a breath mask attached to the inner left side of the lower console, emergency portable comlink next to the breath mask, and then a mini-flashlight attached to the inner right side of the console station.

    The starboard side of the bridge, by the exterior window on the starboard side of the bridge (not in view of the front view ports by the Helms' Stations) was a HoloNet connected Hologram projection pod; wall view screens (see: imagine; like this back wall screen) covered the wall behind the projection pod for news and other information from the HoloNet from across the known galaxy.

    The raised platform that a person walked onto when they first entered the bridge was called the Command Deck. The Command Deck spans 5 meters forward (deeper into the bridge) and 3 meters to port and starboard of the bridge; the Damage Control and Security Station shared the Command Deck with the Commander's Chair and Captain's Chair (both chairs look like this imagine, but with a taller back and neck support roll; also the chairs are gray in color with black padding). Both the Commander's Chair and Captain's Chair have the ability to rotate 360 degrees and have controls on each arm rest----however, only the Captain's Chair, which is on the starboard side of the Command Deck, has the master controls for the whole ship, while the Commander's Chair on the port side of the bridge, has only limited controls. Only the Command Staff (and Terrel Vacks and Chris Streets) have the codes to operate the master controls on the Captain's Chair. Both the Captain's Chair and the Commander's Chairs look similar with the same emergency breath mask, portable comlink, and mini-flashlight attached to them both.

    A few feet out in front of both chairs and in between them on the Command Station and nicely built into the floor is a HoloNet Transceiver and Communications for hologram interaction with the speaker. Off to the port side and a bit in front of the Commander's Chair is a holo projector station, also nicely built into the floor, which can display either sensor data on a holo format (i.e. a battle) or ship details (i.e. damage reports) of the Johnny Boy. A similar holo projector station, also nicely built into the floor, and which can serve the same purposes, is located to starboard and a bit forward of the Captain's Chair. Usually, during battle, the Commander's Chair holo projector displays ship damage, ship status (shields, engines, etc.), weapons status, and enemy and friendly communications, while the Captain's Chair shows a tactical display of the battle and a miniature display of ship damage, ship status, weapons status, and friendly and enemy communications.

    Leaving the bridge's closed bridge doors behind (which are flanked under double organic security sentry 24/7), the Briefing Room is just a few dozen meters after of the bridge doors and on the port side of the ship; the Briefing Room itself would remain the same, but additions would be given. The refreshers that are in between the bridge and the Briefing Room would be rearranged. taking them from a bow to starboard position to a bow to aft position and moving the back to connect with the inside of the Briefing Room (the door from the corridor would be closed off with a wall, the access to the refreshers now through the briefing room). There would be a small snack and coffee/drink station in between the refreshers that would serve people and, with the extra space now provided behind the refreshers, Lasso would install a Officer's Meeting Room connected directly to the bridge on the port side of the ship, just aft the staircase coming down from the Command Deck. The new Officer's Meeting Room would look like the following: imagine 1, imagine 2---the door in the picture leads to the Bridge.

    Across from the Briefing Room on the starboard side of the ship, was Taller's Captain's Room. Lasso planned on renaming it to the Captain's Ready Room and expanding the cramped office, which Taller seemed to like, but Lasso felt like he was a a caged animal in. Moving the new Captain's Room closer to the bridge, he would seal off the old entrance and exit blast doors with a wall and with the extra room by moving the room, would expand the new Ready Room. The Captain's Ready Room entrance and exit would now be directly linked into the bridge (and key padded secured), with a blast door leading into the bridge from the starboard side, just aft of the staircase coming down from the Command Deck. The new Captain's Read Room would look like the following: imagine 1, imagine 2, imagine 3 (schematic).

    The Command Staff Quarters came next and would remain the same with 2 quarters on either side of the corridor behind the Briefing Room and Captain's Ready Room (the only change would be that the "Ensign" quarters were renamed for the Chief Medical Officer). The Command Staff Quarters housed the Captain, Commander, Lieutenant-Commander, and Chief Medical Officer. These quarters are not only coded key pad protected and eye scan protected, they are also some of the finest quarters aboard the Johnny Boy. Each room comes equipped with a full back wall view of the stars, as well as a master bedroom, personal kitchen, refresher, living room, and personal communications station for the ship and a HoloNet Transceiver. It also comes equipped with carpeted flooring and a Hologram Projector.

    Coming to the rear (and end) of the Bridge Section is a set of heavy blast doors; on the other side side of those blast doors is a double organic sentry team that provides security around the clock and prevents unauthorized entrance. Leaving the Bridge Section, one enters the Officer's Deck.

    Officer's Deck
    Location: Running almost the length of the top of the ship from the Bridge Section to just before where the wings of ship start to curve out away from the ship to form wings. The Gym, Living Area / Game Room, and Mess Hall all have similar emergency kits as found on the Bridge by their primary entrance/exit blast doors (on the walls) leading into the corridor.

    The term Officer's Deck can be a bit misleading since it is open to all crew members and guests and not just officers. While several rooms branch off along the Officer's Deck to house the 2 highest ranked non-command staff officers from each department (gunnery, security, bridge, medical) in the Officer's Quarters, the Officer's Deck also houses the Pilot Quarters in front of those quarters (closet to the Bridge Section) on either side and the Mess Hall is situated in between both Officer and Pilot Quarters on the port side of the ship, while the Living Area / Game Room and the ship's Gym are located opposite the Mess Hall on the starboard side of the ship. On both extreme ends of the Officer's Deck---just after the Bridge Section ends and the Officer's Deck begins and on the aft end of the deck, just before the newly installed Astrometrics Labtakes up the end of the corridor----are double staircases on either port and starboard that run down and curl around to the decks below.

    The Officer's Quarters and Pilot Quarters look the same; these quarters have carpeting floor, a personal kitchen, refresher, and a small master bedroom. A personal communications system gives access to ship-wide communications, while a Hologram Projector provides entertainment. A smaller view-port then the Command Staff quarters (about half the size) gives a view of the stars.

    The Gym is large enough to fit roughly twenty crew members in at any given time and is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It has four walls around it with two doors for entrance and exit; one door leads out to the main corridor, across from the Mess Hall, while another door on the bow side of the room connects to the Living Area / Game Room. The gym has it's own refreshers and showers on the aft side of the room, as well as drinking stations on the starboard side of the room.

    The Living Area / Game Room is a collection of carpeted flooring, couches, chairs, tables, various big screen holo projectors on the walls, game tables scattered around the floor, a library along the wall bow wall (double sliding doors grants access to the gym on the aft part of the wall) and a snack bar that serves snacks, coffee, water, and soda in along the starboard side of the wall. Being rather large, the Living Area and Game Room is the area where the majority of the crew collects to socialize, relax, and just hang out. The Living Room / Game Room is the most relaxing area, along with the Mess Hall, of the Johnny Boy, and can be quite quiet and relaxing for reading books late at night. Several plants are in the corners of the room and on various small coffee tables to add a home-like feeling to the room. There is a communications terminal for crew to contact family and friends and receive messages along the starboard side of the wall.

    Upon entering the Mess Hall, on the port side of the ship, has one primary double blast door entrance leading out in the corridor; the Mess Hall is a wide open area scattered with tables of different sizes and chairs with them. Along the far back wall (towards the aft of the ship) are two large round booths on both left and right sides of the Mess Hall, with a long bench seat running almost the length of the back wall with tables in front of them and chairs on the opposite side. By the entrance/exit leading to the corridor, there is a trash can and tray holder combination.

    On the port side of the Mess Hall is the food prepping area enclosed by a waist high wall that features a buffet style food line with food in the open and a tray sliding area in front. Rope directs the line from the forward area of the Mess Hall and spills the line out towards the rear of the Mess Hall. All cook stations are behind the buffet wall and also includes a wash station in the far rear.

    Leaving the Officer's Deck by the Bridge Section, one would take one of the staircases down to what is called the Hard Deck.

    Hard Deck
    Location: Runs the length of the ship, from bow Hanger Bay to just before Engineering. The Hard Deck is called as such because of it being the bottom deck for the ship and ship-functions driven deck.

    The Hanger Bay is in the forward wedge-shaped bow of the ship and has been expanded in size with the extra room provided by the relocation of the Mess Hall and Medical Bay (see below). The Hanger Bay, while being expanded, is essentially the same. The only difference has been the relocation of the fuel storage tanks for the starfighters and shuttles to the side portions of the the port and starboard sides of the wedge, verses directly under the bridge in the ceiling (as previous). The fuel storage tanks can be ejected from the Johnny Boy in case of an emergency a safe distance.

    The Hanger has one main entrance/exit way---double heavy blast doors---from inside the Johnny Boy with a double layered (two separate blast doors) single heavy blast door covering (one blast door covering the other blast door) and mag-field equipped exit and recover hanger mouth for starfighters and shuttles on the bow of the ship.

    From outside the entrance/exit way inside the ship, two Merc organic sentries stand sentry guard around the clock on either side of the blast doors. As a person enters into the hanger which is covered by holo security cameras (some hidden, some in the open) and sensors (some hidden, some in the open), they walk into a open area that extends out into a rather open hanger. To either side as one enters into the hanger (on the back walls with the blast door entrance and exit deeper into the ship) are ladders that leads up to a catwalk that encircles the hanger on all sides with a guard rail for safety. Various chains, ropes, and power cords attached to automatic and manual pulleys alike dot the ceiling beams of the hanger, while large lights give light from the ceiling to the hanger floor below.

    To the port of the ship (or on the left wall as a person enters the hanger) is a coded key pad entrance/exit sliding door leading into the Pilot's Ready Room---the Pilot's Ready Room has a series of lockers on either side of the walls with benches in front of them, two refreshers in the back, along with four sonic showers; the Pilot's Ready Room also comes equipped with a break station (drinks, snacks, etc.) by the front door and is air-conditioned. Other than that, the left wall (towards the port side of the ship) is home to various large mobile tool kits, air and power tool lines that come out of the wall on pulleys, and various barrels and storage containers.

    The right wall (or towards the starboard side of the ship) is similarly equipped to the left wall, however the Pilot's Ready Room is replaced with the Hanger Offices---the Hanger Officers is a collection of desks, chairs, and a small break room (with drinks and snacks, etc.) in the back of the Hanger Offices. The Hanger Offices, like the Pilot's Ready Room, has a coded key pad entrance/exit sliding door. To the right of the Hanger Offices (or towards the aft section of the Hanger Bay---the blast doors leading deeper into the ship) are two separate refreshers.

    The middle of the hanger is actually free most of the time, except during take-off and landing of starfighters and shuttles. Numbered starfighters spots (1-12) encircle the hanger on either walls with six spots on each side of the hanger. There is enough extra room now to easily two spare starfighters in the left wall corner for storage/back-up use, but both starfighters have to be pulled out into the take-off/landing area in the middle to get worked on. Also on the right side corner (starboard side corner) of the hanger are any and all ground vehicles.

    On the starboard aft wall is empty spot for a shuttle (the Mother---Lambda-Class Shuttle---was taken by Taller and it's crew to complete his journey), which takes up the whole starboard aft wall (except for the ground vehicles) and has its own maintenance and supply stations like the port and starboard walls do for the starfighters.

    Emergency extinguishers and other emergency equipment are in labeled emergency stations among the port and starboard walls on both sides. Eight emergency kits similar to the ones on the Bridge are in the Hanger Bay---one inside the Hanger Offices towards the break station in the back, one just outside the Hanger Offices door on the opposite side of the refreshers, one on the left bow side wall next to the hanger mouth, and one located on the aft port side wall near the entrance/exit blast doors leading into the ship. The other four emergency kits are located two each on the port and starboard walls of the hanger.

    Small maintenance rooms, storage supply, and work tunnels lay under the hanger floor and are accessed via four access coded key-pad hatches, two on either the port and starboard side of the hanger (similar emergency kits as above are on the wall by each pad-hatch under the floor, 2 total). Grated flooring, to allow spilled fluids to drip into collection pans below the hanger floor, lay under the starfighters, shuttle, and ground vehicles, basically running along the port, starboard, and aft walls. The access hatches for the maintenance rooms, storage supply, and work tunnels are on either end of the grated flooring along the port and starboard walls.

    Leaving the Hanger Bay, one enters once again the Hard Deck proper. Stretching beyond the staircases to the level up above, the Hard Deck houses the Medical Bay, General Cargo Bay, Crew Quarters, Guest Quarters, Security Station, and the Brig. The Hard Deck also features the Sub-Level, Maintenance Sector 1, Maintenance Sector 2, and Maintenance Sector 3. While not "decks" as in the Officer's Deck and Hard Deck, Maintenance Sectors 1 and Level 2 run starboard and port respectfully and actually runs up to the Officer's Deck as well. These Maintenance Sectors are the series of catwalks, work stations, and small corridors natural between most armored star ship's plating and the internal working decks of the star ship. These Maintenance Sectors grant access to all the wiring, plumping, circuits, and other access points that carry the "life blood" of the Johnny Boy to the rest of the ship. Maintenance Sector 3 serves the same functions as 1 and 2, but runs the top-side of the ship above the Officer's Quarters and covers both wings on ceiling, under the floor, and port and starboard sides of the ship; Maintenance Sector 3 is connected to the Hard Deck because of the Sector's connection to Maintenance Sectors 1 and 2, seemingly making one level, but the levels are divided for mapping and work purposes. The Sub-Level runs under the Hard Deck from just before the Hanger Bay to just before Engineering and contains its own "Maintenance Sector," but also houses the important energy tubes and circuits for the weapon and navigation systems; the Sub-Level also houses additional storage rooms.

    The Medical Bay is first on the Hard Deck, just aft of the staircase running down from the Officer's Deck (and behind the Hanger Bay). The Hanger looks the same, just relocated; The Medical Bay has one double blast door entrance/exit way that leads out into a wide open corridor that leads into the rest of the ship. Upon entering, two emergency kits similar to the ones in the Bridge are to either side of the double blast doors. The Medical Bay has a pleasing and relaxing look with four beds on each wall (the beds head back against the wall) with a bacta-tank in the rear right corner and a bio/chemical isolation chamber in the rear left corner. Along the port wall is a viewport that spans the length of the wall. In the very back is the Chief Medical Officer's Office, with two assistant offices connected to it---the walls are solid from waist down and glass from waist up and provides a view that covers the whole Medical Bay, from the isolation chamber and bacta tank to the front blast doors and left and right side walls.

    In an enclosed room in front of the bacta tank (the wall all glass facing the Chief Medical Officer's, assistant offices, and bacta tank) is a operating room. On the other side opposite the all glass isolation chamber is the droid re-charge station for all the medical droids. All medical supplies and equipment is stored along the left and right walls divided among the four beds per wall. The operating room has its own closet for medical supplies and equipment, while a medical storage surplus is located in the back of the Chief Medical Officer's office; there is also a refresher located in the back of the Chief Medical Officer's officer as well for use by all the medical staff.

    Across from the Hanger Bay is General Cargo Bay (GCB for short), a cargo bay the size of the Medical Bay housing various most frequency needed materials, often general usage supplies, etc. The General Cargo Bay also houses extra supplies or new equipment that can't fit in the Hanger Bay from an away mission.

    Going down the Hard Deck further, a heavy blast door separates the Medical Bay, Cargo Bay, and Hanger Bay from the rest of the Hard Deck. Guest Quarters and Crew Quarters take uo the majority of the remaining space available on the Hard Deck (Guest Quarters are simply Crew Quarters not being used) beyond those blast doors. Crew quarters houses the bulk of the Johnny Boy crew and crew quarters are on the port and starboard side of the ship. Crew quarters house eight crew members per room (men and woman in separate quarters) and are eight bunks to a wide open room which doubles as a living room. Two personal refresher stations plus sonic showers are in each per crew quarter with a Hologram projector for entertainment (not communication) per crew quarter. Crew quarter shift rotations are designed where there is always four of the eight crew members per crew quarter on shift and the other four crew members off shift.

    At the part of the ship where wings start to form and go outward (and behind the staircase to the level above) is another heavy blast door. This blast door has two organic sentries around the clock on either side of the door. Going through these blast doors and one enters into a small lobby-like area, with two more organic sentries on this side of the blast door as well around the clock. To the right (port) as you enter is the Security Station, while to your left (starboard) is the Brig. While the Security Station hasn't moved, the Brig has.

    Outside of Command Staff and Officers, no other crew members are allowed to carry a weapon while aboard the Johnny Boy (this includes pilots). All personal and ship-carried weapons are stored in the Security Station. The Security Station is guarded around the clock by two Merc organic sentries standing sentry guard on either side of the triple layered double blast doors (this makes 4 guards total in the lobby-like area, with 2 more guards on the opposite side of the blast doors leading towards the bow). After a person enters through the triple layered blast doors (which are key pad coded and eye scan protected), one walks into a waiting area. In between the blast doors and the console station/desk where a single organic crew member sits is a heavy duty Phrik fence that has access only through a coded key pad blast door to the right (bow side) of the fence and in between the wall. Once through the blast door, a person enters the security monitoring station where three organic crew members watches a series of interior and exterior holo camera and sensor feeds from around the Johnny Boy. The front desk clerk (the organic crew member sitting behind the fence) is the only one of the four with access to the weapons locker (at the back of the security station up against the port side of the ship) which is through a single coded key pad and eye scan blast door. On the other side of the blast door is an array of weapons, armor, and equipment. Two emergency kits similar to the ones in the Bridge are on either side (chest high) of the blast door leading into the weapons locker---a tool kit and 2 small portable power generators are located under the security monitoring station consoles. The four organic crew members staff the Security Station around the clock in three separate shifts with rotating crew members.

    The Brig has been moved across from the Security Station for easier access and better security. The Brig has a triple layered blast door guarding it's entrance with a key code and eye-scan protection system to enter or leave the Brig. Once inside the Brig, two half circular console station sitting chest height (facing opposite of each other) is located in the middle of the detention floor with one half of the circular station facing the four open faced jail cells one side, while the other circular station faces the other 4 open-faced jail cells (8 jail cells total). A series of holo cameras and sensors cover the whole detention floor that is rather small. An emergency kit (same as the one in the Bridge) is hidden in a lock box under the floor between both console stations. When prisoners are being detained, there are always two organic crew members manning the Brig console stations; when there are no prisoners, the Brig has no organic staff members.

    Going beyond the Security Station and Brig is another heavy blast door leading to Engineering. Two Merc organic staff sentries guard the blast door around the clock on the inside of Engineering; the blast door leading into Engineering is security key-pad locked and eye-scan protected. Just before Engineering, however, are two corridors shooting off to the port and starboard. These two corridors end at blast doors which lead each into the wings of the ship and rations and food stuffs on the port wing and energy reserves, equipment, and supplies on the starboard wing. The firing stations for the Turbolaser clusters and proton and torpedo launchers are also inside each of the wings, beyond the sealed blast doors. Two Merc organic sentries stand sentry around the clock on the inside of the blast doors inside each wing, guarding against unauthorized access. Both blast doors have key-pad and eye scan security measures as the first line of security before the organic security guards.

    Location: Aft part of the ship.

    Engineering houses a second set of bridge controls that acts as a emergency bridge in case the main bridge is knocked out and also houses override controls for all ship systems in case of a take-over. Only the Chief Engineer Tim Williams, Captain Jason Lasso, and the Command Staff have access codes to operate the emergency bridge and do a ship wide take-over of all systems.

    Upon entering the engineering section, a person is welcomed by a small open area with two consoles and chairs on either side facing deeper into the engineering section and away from the double blast doors. After moving past the small open section, a large and thick cat-walk extends over the engine turbine housing below and branches off up ahead at a Y section, each equally thick catwalks housing console stations along the way for different functions and end up on the solid open area in the back which houses the bulk of computer consoles, offices, and other equipment. Two work lifts on either side of the Y towards the rear solid area extend downward towards the engine turbines below where another series of catwalks give access to the engine turbines themselves.

    Three offices are located in the rear from left (starboard) to right (port) if one is looking from the entrance/exit blast doors view. First is the Assistant Engineer Office which is a secured key pad blast door, then is the Chief Engineer Office which is also just as secured, followed by the Hyperdrive Tech Office, which is also secured. All three offices are the same with a simple work desk facing the blast door with an office chair, and two chairs for guests facing the work desks. Technical books, data-pads, and other help books cover book shelves in all three offices where a book shelve is in the rear corner. Each office has a personal refresher, small kitchen, and bunk bed for over-night sleeps (although all Engineering staff and officers have their own Crew and Officer quarters). Each office is also equipped with the same emergency kit that is found in the Bridge. The Chief Engineer Office also houses the same emergency box in the floor that the bridge houses with the following equipment: first aid kit, four extra breath masks, four extra hand-held comlinks, 2 box lights, 2 small emergency portable power generators, 2 tool kits, enough emergency rations for twelve people for a week, a portable long-range sensor and communications kit, two blaster pistols with two spare energy packs each, and two E-11 blaster rifles with two spare energy packs each as well.

    Lasso looked at the data-pads and holo projection of the newly remodeled and updated Johnny Boy floating in the air as a hologram, showing the ship as full, in cut-away sections, and in stand-alone sections. Dak was already there and handed Lasso the estimated price tag. Lasso whistled.

    "We could almost buy a CR90 Corellian Corvette for that cost! I know we don't have the credits for all of this and before another contract, I want to make sure that we are prepared."

    "That doesn't leave us with many options, Captain," Dak replied.

    "I know...I know..." Jason said, thinking and taking a sip of his coffee. There was a knock at the door and Lasso said, "Enter."

    It was the Queen.

    "Why your Worshipfulness, how can I help you?" Lasso adopted a cocky smile on his face, put his legs up on his desk, and crossed his arms over his chest, "How are you?"

    "Your a pig," The Queen replied, Dak leaving and a Queen's Guardsmen stepping in, and then the Queen sat down.

  2. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

    Sith-I-5, tag coming ASAP. :)

    IC: Jason Lasso
    Captain's Room, Johnny Boy, Marauder-class corvette

    "Pig, such strong words," Lasso said with a cocky smirk, "Is that how you welcome your best friend?"

    "Your an insufferable arse!" The Queen spat back, "I could have you arrested for your words against me!"

    "Arrest? I'm not part of your government. I'm merely a business man. Now," Lasso took another sip of his coffee, "What can I do for you?"

    "Our previous conversation. I've agreed to your terms."

    Lasso put his hands together, "Wonderful!" Jason went to hand the Queen the data-pad with his requests, but she held up her hand.

    "But," The Queen motioned for the Queen's Guardsmen---the same who gave Lasso a thumbs up earlier---who opened up the door and one of the Queen's Handmaidens walked in, "She needs to review it first."

    "What? You can't touch a data-pad?"

    The Queen looked at Lasso, "Your a mercenary! I am Royalty!"

    "Yea, a Royal Pain in my Arse," Jason responded.

    The Queen darted up at that comment, flimsiplast and durasheetflying up into the air with the sudden movement of air. The Queen's Gaurdsmen was already a step forward and had his sword drawn and pointed at Lasso. Lasso just sat there calmly.

    "How dare you insult me you animal-minded fool! Captain Taller was a fair and gentlemen according to my husband. Your nothing more then a selfish idiot!"

    "Selfish idiot, huh? Well," Lasso said, calming drinking his coffee even though a sword point was mere inches from his face and the Guardsmen had to do was step forward and Lasso's day would be ending very badly, "Let me explain something to you," Lasso put his coffee down and stood up, "If you so try as to detain my ship or my crew, I have a crew member on the bridge who is under clear orders to open fire. In that time span, my security droid force will rush your Guardsmen outside while two very angry and nasty Wookie brothers (although the Wookiee brothers were on the DD, Lasso just wanted to make a point) burst in here and tear you limb to limb. I may be dead, but so will you. Now, you can play your chances and see if I am bluffing. But do you really want to take that risk? Because if so, your husband's legacy will be nothing more then ashes in the Jod history book and so will yours. And this COR government will rewrite Jod history, open the boarders to Imperial trade, and destroy everything that the Red Rock Kingdom and now the Kingdom of Jod stands for! The Beasts will not have a check and will most likely get taken over by the Empire for their use! Yes, my Queen, I studied your history. Know the person your sitting across my Queen before you bust into my office demanding things.

    "You want the Kingdom of Jod back? You want the Beasts to be destroyed? You want your husband's legacy to be restored? Do you want any family you have left to be safe? You want the Prophecy to be fulfilled? Then you give me what I need on that data-pad, because I will promise you, no one will do what you need done to fulfill this Prophecy of yours. No one. The Mercs have bled since Watava and it stops today. One way or another, I am going to that Project Zero and wiping it out. I'll do it with you or without you. But one way or another, this stops today. I've suffered too your Queen. I saw my family murdered by the Empire, my best friend turn into a Sith Lord, and half of my fellow Mercs wounded, killed, or gone missing. Don't think for a moment that I'm not thinking about the Mercs first and foremost. We've bled for us---not for you, haven't seen a payday in weeks, and are running on below a skeleton crew. You say we fight for justice, I say, where is the justice? My people are dying, Queen, and you stand here and make demands of my people to save the galaxy?! Its your prophecy, not mine. Its your version of what will happen in the future, not mine.

    "I have my truth. Do you want to know what that is? Its what Taller has told me time and time and time again: to be a man of my convictions. Whether those convictions were right or wrong, wasn't the point. The point was that I stood for something, when the rest of the galaxy took a refresher break on me. Well, I'm standing by my convictions. My conviction is to do the best I can for this crew and for the Johnny Boy. That is my conviction, that is my truth, to do the best I can and have us all come home after its all said and done. Whether that truth fits with your prophecy or not, is not my concern. This crew is my concern.

    "You want us? You believe in us? Then take the damn data-pad yourself and read it."

    The Queen looked at Lasso through tear-stained eyes, "Don't you ever, ever, mention my husband's death in front of me again," she then motioned for the Guardsmen ti relax and put away his sword. She took the data-pad, but didn't read it yet.

    "You get what I need. In that data-pad was also Taller's and the Authority and the Sword of Justice's plans for the Guardians' Reliance Fleet. I want Captain Timothy Stakes and General Perez at all costs. I need a fleet, personnel, and equipment."

    "And the Johnny Boy?" The Queen asked, taking the data-pad but not looking at it.

    "A crew and the upgrades."

    "I can give you a Jod crew."

    "No. I need scoundrels. I have my contacts."

    "Fine, Captain Lasso. The Jod will fiance your little rearming effort of the Johnny Boy and will begin immediately. But the pirates are your responsibility, not ours. Your friends, not ours."

    "And what do we do next? Sit here, hold hands, and sing songs?"

    "No, we prepare for war. Royal Intelligence has informed me that Darth Vader has left Project Zero to the new Death Star and that the Lead Scientist has disappeared, possibly killed at the project site. There are rumors that the Emperor himself will arrive at Project Zero to see its completion, as Investigator Hilick Soal brings the last piece of Red Rock to the construction site. We will strike in force as the Emperor arrives, hoping that your Jedi Kasumi's report several days ago is correct, in that a modified Light-side of the Force piece of Red Rock will disrupt the whole project and cause it to fail."

    With that, the Queen stormed out, her Handmaiden and Queen's Guardsmen rushing after her.

    Lasso sat down and took a breathe; the door had barely shut when Fress walked in; Lasso was surprised that she wasn't demanding he hand over his command because of his "reckless" past behavior as a Flight Leader. Her words were calm and, Lasso wagered, calculated to judge his response and the future of their employment together. Still, Lasso was shocked at her calmness.

    “Captain,” she carefully said sensing the change in the atmosphere.

    "Fress," Lasso nodded, "Take a seat."

    “I had Saber take the liberty of compiling all of my missions while on the front lines and when I was with CorSec onto this disk. Consider it a resume for the squadron leader position, if you change your mind that’s fine."

    Lasso took the desk, "Thank you."

    "I’m not sure if Streets mentioned to you what he told me before they sent Jeth off to a different mission. I’m next in line for the position and I thought I would do this correctly.”

    "I've seen the reports. And that's as much as I can say at the moment. I've only been in command for less then three hours."

    Fress placed the disk down on Jason’s desk with a frown. “I’m trained in hand to hand combat, including ground missions, leading squadrons and field missions, Jedi training but never completed the path due to personal reasons. I even led the fleet a couple of times on the front lines of the clone wars. My records were stricken due to my age. They didn’t want anyone to know a fifteen year old was leading missions. My training extended out to include Intelligence for the last ten years working for CorSec. I last heard my partner has yet to find a replacement hoping I would come back. That could’ve changed by now. I promise not to say anything about your promotion until your ready. Congratulations Captain.”

    "Thank you, Fress. Considering our rubbing of shoulders in the past, I'm surprised your not demanding my resignation," Lasso smiled, "Well, all water under the bridge now. I'll take a look at your resume and thank you for detailing your skill set. We'll be picking up some crew here soon, so we'll be in the mix for promotions and re shuffling of positions. I'm going to try to hold a meeting here ASAP, but until then, please do keep the news to yourself. Some of the crew may not like this, but both the Commander and Lieutenant Commander back me. So that has to stand for something, right?" Lasso smiled, "See to it that you can secure some short of temporary housing here at the station. Maybe try to kind Kasumi to pitch tent with you. The Jod agreed, through tooth and nail, to finance a remodel and re armory of the Johnny Boy. And, and don't get too comfortable. I'll be having you, Kasumi, Havah, Vacks, and "He" come along for a short trip to get our new crew. I want you and Kasumi to get me a list of Shadowports. Pick your best---or worst---gut feelings and get me a list by tonight. Dismissed, Fress."

    After Fress left, Lasso's desk comlink started beeping urgency.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Tatooine's Pod Racer, Malastare

    So, his contact was going to try to sell him an old bedtime story as the the truth behind his clients. Fine, they would be charged a premium. But then such pedantic concerns went out the window as Imperial Stormtroopers showed up. "Expecting friends?" Taab most certainly was not and was already doing his best to discreetly keep tabs on the whiteshells. His beskar'gam would have come in handy right about now. He shook his head slightly at the question and muttered wearily under his breath. "Typical." Lately nothing was going easily.

    "We've been made," Taab bit back a "ya think?" as the man slid a Data crystal across the table to him. "It has everything you need..." The Mandalorian took it as he listened to the man's instructions. Under the table he drew his Westar-34. He considered putting a round through the man's head. Nothing personal, but if the man were captured he didn't want him giving anything up. But he stopped short of doing that. This man was as much a professional as he was. He wouldn't allow himself to be taken alive, and even if he was, he wouldn't divulge any useful information to the Imps. It helped that he seemed hellbent on creating a distraction that Taab could use to escape. Courage and dedication to the mission such as that deserved to be rewarded.

    He bolted for the freshers as the man exploded into action. His story may have sounded made up, but his skills certainly weren't. Taab hated the idea of ducking out on him, but the mission was the mission. Besides he hadn't been hired to fight whiteshells. At least not yet. Taab would have liked to watch and critique his performance, the man had skills, but there was no time for that. His contact had cleared out the whiteshells that would have blocked his escape route, but there were others in the way. Most of the patrons weren't expecting such violence to break out. Some threw themselves to the floor, others ran. The worst were those that just froze where they were. Taab tried to use the runners as cover as he made his dash. Keeping his blaster in his left hand he pushed and shoved several human spacers out of his way with his right.

    But in the short hall leading back to the freshers he ran straight into a rather large Besalisk who had frozen in fright. The four armed being just stood there, blocking the hallway, a stunned look of disbelief on his (?) face. Taab lowered his right shoulder and tried to push through, but the Besalisk wouldn't budge. "Sorry mate." Taab let out as he shot a sinlge round into its leg. The blockage cleared as the Basalisk crumpled to the floor and Taab leapt over him. He didn't like the idea of getting even higher into the air with all the blaster bolts flying about, but he had no choice. Besides most of them seemed headed in the opposite direction from Taab at the moment anyway.

    Finally getting to the 'fresher he kicked the door in and looked around. Several males of various species were cowering, hiding from the melee out in the restaraunt. Taab was disgusted by their cowardice but figured most people tried to avoid any Imperial entanglements if they could. He found the "soft spot" in the wall rather easily, it looked like it had been patched fairly recently and put a pair of shots through it. The wall began to fall away and Taab kicked the rest out exposing his escape route. He pushed through and swung from one side to the other as he emerged into an alleyway behind the eatery.

    He saw no one else out there. No troopers waiting for him, no stunned patrons. That made things easier, at least for now. The others in the refresher also started clambering out of the hole he had made in the wall. He turned to them saying in a quiet, yet threatening voice. "If any of you follow me, you die." Then he took off at a sprint towrds the west end of the alley. The others, he could see, ran off in the opposite direction.

    He was out of the restaraunt now, he wondered briefly if his contact had also managed to somehow escape, but he doubted it. In any case that wasn't his concern now. Getting to docking bay 2-3-5 was. He came to the end of the alley and re-holstered his blaster pistol. He still saw no signs of pursuit, though he knew that could change at a moment's notice. He didn't know who the Imps were after here. It could have been him, or his contact, or even soemone else in the bar. In any case he doubted they had a description of him to pursue just yet. He set off for the docking bays as he called into his comm unit. "At'ika, did you get all that?" and was met with silence. "At'ika..."

    IC: Atin Taab
    Crusader Cockpit, docking bay 87, Port Pixelito, Malastare

    "We've been made." The words hung there as they came through the comm unit. What did he mean they had been made? Was there someone there to apprehend them? Atin didn't have time to try to figure that out, the door leading to the bay 87 exploded inward as a squad of stormtroopers came bursting through. The proximity sensors on the console started beeping and flashing as they stormed owards the ship. "Oh..that can't be good."

    Blaster fire started splattering against the Crusader's hull. The ship could take quite a bit of that before things started to go wrong, but Atin knew his father would be furious if it sustained any major damage. Atin was also determined to not freeze up like he had back on Ord Pardron. Instead he activated the Crusader's automated anti-personel systems.

    A pair of Ax-108 "groundbuzzers" deployed from hidden panels on the underside of the ship. Many a smuggler that flew some variant of the YT series had at least one of these installed for just such an occasion. The Crusader, being a bounty hunting vessel, was equipped with three, though one seemed to be stuck and wasn't deploying. It mattered little as the two blaster repeaters swung over on automatic target aqusition and began to pepper the stormtroopers with blaster fire.

    While the automated system did its part, Atin brought the engines back online. It would take a few minutes for the main engines to come to full ready, but the repulsorlift engines came to life almost at once. The ship started to lift slightly off of its landing struts and Atin set the landing jets to "intruder" and fired them off. Normally the landing jets on any spacecraft would regulate their temperature so as not to damage the landing surface (whether permacrete as here, or the internal hanger decks of a larger spacecraft). But Buir had modified the Crusader's landing jets to act as impromtu flame projectors. Sheets of flame shot out from underneath the vessel as the "groundbuzzers" retracted into their stowed position. He was sure the port authority wouldn't like the results of Atin's actions, and that the control tower was already trying to contact him as the ship lifted up and out of its assigned bay.

    But he didn't worry about that now. Instead he concentrated on the freq his father was using. "At'ika..." In his haste to get everything else set he had ignored the calls coming through his buy'ce, though he had set it to record the incoming calls so as to copy anything important his father was told. "Buir...Where should I meet you for pickup?" He waited for a moment before his father responded. He didn't sound out of breath or even excited, though Atin knew he would be concerned. "Bring the ship to Bay 2-3-5. We have some people to meet and then we are off this rock."

    Atin wasn't sure what was going on now. He must have missed something when the Crusader fell under attack. Still he veered the ship in the proper direction and replied, "2-3-5, roger that." He hoped his father would get there quickly, and that somewhere along the line things started going according to plan.

    TAG: Intervention, Sith-I-5

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    IC: Kasumi
    Station Hallways

    Kasumi walked the hallways trying to get her bearings. She had left the rougher wear in the quarters she had been able to scrounge up. She was now in her more formal robes. Still a dark green under tunic, but no leather except for the belt. She felt that the formal wear was more appropriate as she gave her information to Taller and as she ran the chance of seeing royalty. She smiled remember about hearing the fun time that people had when Padme revealed herself as the queen, and not the handmaiden. Ah those stories. She had a feeling that maybe this queen could be the same, have a decoy else where. For all she knew even here. Kasumi smiled to herself as she heard the whispers as she passed. She never quite heard what they were saying, but she knew they were about her. Jedi had become almost and extinct race...and she was one of the few. There were some she passed that seemed shocked to see her, and others that almost had a look of relief on their faces. Each person she passed had a feeling of loss for the king and for the old ways, they seemed to fear the future and what was next, but the strongest sense she got from them was hope. They trusted in their queen....was more than what the Emperor had. He had loyalty out of fear, the people here had loyalty out of love for her....that much she knew.

    Her thoughts turned to Lasso. Taller had all but told her what was going on and why he made the choice she did. The Force had not been clear with his future to her, but she saw a peace settle in on Taller that she had not seen before. It was a peace that he had been looking for...a peace that had eluded him for too long. Unfortunately, she feared that Lasso's road would not be a smooth one. He was young, and unlike Taller, did not have the diplomacy skills when dealing with a situation like that. In that he reminded her of Palso, cocky...and to a fault at times. The question was how many speed bumps would he have to endure before he understood that. And how much should she help him, and how much should she just let him suffer through it? Lasso would have to take this situation delicately. Both sides had faced losses, on one side friends had been killed on the other a leader had been taken...and one that people followed without fail.

    Kasumi went to round a corner looking up as the Force told her she should. There she saw a a hurry, and judging from the senses she was getting, Lasso's meeting had not gone well and he had failed to try to understand her. There was pain written on her face, and in her eyes. It was as if someone had taken the healing wound and torn it's scab off. Kasumi knelt and kept her eyes to the floor....and waited to be told to either rise or just be passed by.

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  5. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Johnny Boy Captain’s room

    Fress gave a short nod as she stood up from her chair. She didn’t say a word, something about this felt strangely right and she was sure Taller had his reasons. She walked out of the office and looked around to make sure no one was within earshot. She turned her attention to Saber. “We have a new assignment. Pull up the lists of all known shadowports. And we need to find Kasumi.”

    Saber beeped in acknowledgement as Fress tapped her comlink. “Kasumi, meet me in the hangar bay. I’ll explain when we meet up.”

  6. Bravo

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    IC: Jim Palso
    Hanger, Delicate Delinquent

    “Since you’re from the future why can’t you tell me what it means, or I’ll give you an easier one, what’s my real name?”

    Palso smirked, crossing his arms over his chest, "Another one, huh? Well, just because I'm from the future, doesn't mean I know your real name. And second, I wasn't transported into the future towards the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion. Now, you can believe me or not, but maybe my best evidence is this," Palso dug a data-crystal out of vest pocket and tossed it towards Xan, "In a few days from now, the events on that data crystal will happen. The recording on that data crystal is twenty years from now. Maybe then you'll belei---"

    "Palso!" Yelped a voice over his hand-held comlink.

    Palso grabbed his comlink, "Palso here."

    "Your brother is on the comm. Report to Yav's Ready Room."

    Palso looked at Xan, his eyes suddenly wide with excitement, "I'll back. He's been missing for days now!"

    Palso bolted from the hanger and to the Ready Room; Palso all but stumbled into the Yav's Ready Room, taking gasps of air...

    TAG CPL_Macja and Sith-I-5

    IC: Jason Lasso
    Captain's Room, Johnny Boy, Marauder-class corvette

    Lasso answered the comlink. It was Yav and he sounded nervous...well, so was Lasso. But Jason had to remind himself that from Yav's point of view, Jason was still missing. Now all that missing seemed another life time ago with all the recent changes.

    Dak had a knack to show up whenever Lasso needed him; he swore the droid had a hidden camera in this room somewhere. The droid was carrying a data-pad and was listening closely to what Yav was saying.

    "Lasso? Can you talk?"

    "Loud and clear Yavscout," Jason said, even through his end Lasso could tell that the signal was stressed; he turned to Dak with the com still open on Yav's end, "Dak, can you boost the signal...clear it up...okay, got it...okay...Yavscout, can you hear me? Look, I'm safe. Got picked up by some "He" types while enslaved by the Empire and found my way to the Kingdom of Jod. Long story. Look, there's been some massive changes. I need you or Williams to double time it to the coordinates I give you. It can be a shuttle or the entire Delicate Delinquent. How do you copy?" The signal as starting to break up again, "...Dak, can you clarify the signal? Okay, well, at least send them the burst-transmission with the coordinates. Well, hurry! Before the comm line looses it's strength track! Well, can you track where the Delicate Delinquent is?"

    TAG Sith-I-5
  7. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: SG-12 (Twelve), Tatooine Pod Racer bar.
    Location: Malastare

    The Saber Guard remained behind the bar with the other duty bartender, wiping the inside of a glass within an inch of it's transparent life, while thinking about what he was doing here.

    He liked how the customers, despite his being fully clothed in silver armour, complete with the silver facemask with illuminated white T-visor, completely accepted him as long as he wore the white apron looped over his helmet, with the bar name emblazoned on it.

    He had taken a personal interest in whoever had attacked Captain Sard on Ord Pardron, not because he particularly liked the naval cvaptain, but that attacks on the Galactic Empire should not be tolerated, and he, they, had nothing concrete on who the well organised, military organisation had been.

    They had bloodied sand from the ambush zone in the desert, and helmet holo-recordings from Sard's stormtrooper guards had revealed too many matching facial features to be explained by famalial connections, which said to him: clones.

    There were other cloners around, apart from the Kaminoans, but he could not name them, right now.

    Fortunately, there were more heads than just his, in on this investigation.

    They weren't certain of a connection between the Crusader and the hostiles, but Sard remembered the Mandalorian's offer of extra intell' for extra payment, and opined that the bounty hunter was very observant of his surroundings and the players in any given situation.

    Follow the bounty hunter, for that might prove a tenuous link to whoever these drokkers are.

    He had put the word out, for sightings of the Crusader, and Planetary Security on Malastare had responded.

    Which was why Twelve was here, pretending, unsuccessfully, to pass as an experienced bartender while the man in the bantha hide jacket, who had departed the parked freighter, and come here, sat at a table, eventually to be greeted by another patron, who had been riding a stool at the bar, allowing a butt-ugly Snivvian with nostrils so big, Twelve found himself leaning out the way in case the alien suddenly sneezed.

    It was all he could do not to Force-pinch those nostrils shut, but that would be a distraction from the exchange going on in front of him at the far table, and he could not allow that.

    A dapper three-eyed Gran rocked up to the bar from a card game that had been going on round the corner.
    "Rylothian yurp."

    "Uh-huh," SG-12 acknowledged absently, aiming a hand-held audio-scanner that he had resting on the bar, under a black towel, towards the pair, and fine-tuning the reception with one gloved hand. He folded the near-side edge of the towel back to see the little black screen that would display the words of whatever it picked up.

    "Wait... three measures of Breath of Heaven; one of vosh; half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it over ice, and add a thin slice of lemon peel."

    Twelve looked down at the alien thoughtfully while pulling it a pint of Ebla Bear. "You ever stolen a landspeeder?"

    Two of its eyestalks crossed over each other in momentary confusion. "Excuse me? What kind of question is that?!"

    "Sorry, I was working up to a Gran Theft Auto pun." Twelve topped the golden liquid with a frothy white head, and pushed it over the polished synthwood surface.

    "And what in Oseon is this?"

    "This is exactly what you asked for." Twelve Mind-Tricked, "Now frak off."

    The confused Gran held the perspiring pint glass and turned from the bar.

    He felt the real bar person glaring pointedly at him from the other end.

    "What?" Twelve shrugged at the employee with his free arm, then remembered. "Oh yes, payment!" He looked towards the bemused Gran, ready to call across to him when he spotted, beyond him, and through a dirty four-paned window, a pair of stormtroopers jog past.

    Was that a T-21 Light Repeating Blaster?

    Twelve glanced down at the audio scanner, seeing the text printing, [hl=black]sure a man like you have heard of the Kingdom of Jod? Legend? Myth? Just a fairy tale? Spacer's cantina stories, right? You may believe or not, most people don't, and that's alright. That's my government.

    Expecting friends?

    Twelve looked up sharply at the conversing pair, then his gaze swept right to the eight-man squad of heavily armed stormtroopers striding roughly between the tables.

    He looked the other way as two more troopers entered through another door, and became keenly aware of the amount of flammable alchohol behind the bar if the targets decided not to come quietly.

    Twelve gestured to the barman. "What have you got in the way of extinguishers?" He asked urgently.

    A loud BANG silenced the room as Dmitriy kicked the chair back, yelling to Taab, "GO!"

    He pumped the first detachment of stormtroopers to his left---closest to the refreshers---with a bolt to the lead trooper's face!

    Twelve pulled the barman down under cover, and put up a Force Shield as laser bolts crashed and ricocheted round the the room, the seeing from the flashes of light reflected in the wide mirror on the wall, that several shots had come this way, even though there were no targets, apart from himself of course, behind here!

    "Undercovers at the scene! If this is what they are like with undercovers at the location, I'd hate to see them if they didn't know I was here."

    The barman was squatting beside the sitting saber guard, both hands on his shoulder pad of his armour. "The Empire will compensate me for the damage, right?"

    Twelve sighed, rising and turning as he used the Force to track the Mando, who he could sense leaving and heading the direction of the freshers. His information was that this "Taab" was a sometime Imperial asset, so he had no interest in going after the man; no his interest was in the contact, whom the Governor had ID'd as a "Dmitriy Bekhterev".

    Now if the Governor's trigger-happy men wanted the bounty hunter and his ship, that was their business, but Twelve's objective was to track who had attacked the Hard Eight.
    "We might compensate you, but you might end up having to take your case to your local Senator first?"

    "Funny. You haven't heard? The Emperor dissolved the Imperial Senate this morning."

    SG-12 glared back, "Are you sithing me?"

    Fingers on the bar, Twelve peered over to see what was going on, seeing Dmitriy aiming his blaster pistol, he shot out the near-by window and, when the return fire died down a bit, he checked the troopers at the back door with a shot that took one down at the chest---slowly the whole group down through the small doorway, then popped up and lashed out with a few wild shots before making a break for the window.

    "Stay here."

    Twelve rose into view, drawing both lightsabres, the left ignited to bat away a stormtrooper's scarlet blaster bolt, while the right, he pulled back his arm, and spun the glowing blade across the room to slice the fugitive's leg just as he prepared to jump for the window, and even as he called the weapon back to himself, he could not help but smile as the other smacked into the wall, short of the window.

    "Got-choo, you son of a Bith." SG-12 hopped over the counter, and walked slowly through the carnage, ignoring the troops who at last, finally, started to lower their blasters while civilians still stayed on the floor, or huddled under tables. He toed the fugitive in the ribs. "Kingdom of Jod, is it? What's their beef with the Empire?"

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  8. Intervention

    Intervention Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Goose
    Docking Bay 2-3-5, Malastare

    The docking bay door opened. "Goose," a G2 repair droid, was quietly collecting his master's things. He had heard the noise over the open comlink. He didn't need to hear anything more after he heard someone asking if his master worked for the Kingdom of Jod. Moments later, his master's life signs went flat. Suicide pill, hidden in the bottom of his mouth. Standard procedure for a op like this. Every agent knew what it was for, but never thought they would ever have to use it. It was the bitter irony of their careers.

    It was clear the human that entered the docking bay was a bit confused---or maybe put off---by the fact that there was nothing in the docking bay but scattered construction work and yellow tape marking places not to walk or go. Nothing else but a G2 repair droid---not unusual in a construction site like this---quietly closing a briefcase.

    "If your here," Goose said, seeing the man not jump, but point a blaster his way, "And Master Bekhterev is not, then I will assume I am to instruct on your final orders," the droid sighed, "Fine. I always knew Master would do something foolish to get himself killed. There is a Light-class Destroyer," the droid was saying, talking as if the bounty hunter would just follow his orders, "That will appear in system for thirty seconds; you have fifteen minutes to get there, the data-pad will have the location for you. You better be there or you miss the boat and a very big payday," the droid picked up the briefcase and waddled towards a small hole just big enough for him beyond the yellow construction tape and masked in debris and plastic covering; he expected the human to follow clearly, "Personally, bringing a bounty hunter into our Kingdom is asking for trouble. But, if Royal Intelligence feels your the man for the job to help the Mercs defeat Project Zero, then so be it. At least its not Boba Fett; last time Intelligence contracted him out for job, the two didn't see eye to eye much after the contract was done. Something to do with a man called Han Solo. Oh," the droid turned around and tossed a datapad to the bounty hunter, "I am here to let you know that in the contract it is understood that you keep the location of the Kingdom of Jod a secret. If you can find it, that is---during transit, all technology from your vessel is scanned and turned off, including any armored suits, etc on your person. Any breach of this agreement can result in death. If you don't agree, don't go with the Destroyer crew. If you do, have a pleasant trip."

    The droid waddled through the whole and disappeared into the greater traffic of the city.

    TAG Bardan_Jusik and Sith-I-5
    OOG: Sith, tag in response to the suicide pill mentioned above.

    IC: Queen Christina "The Great"
    Actualize Station, beyond the Northern Stretch, location top secret

    The Queen was in a hurry, partly out of anger at that misguided fool of a man named Lasso and part because she had no where else to put the pain of her late husband's death other then in her legs at the moment, driving her somewhere, but she didn't know where. Her escort of eight Queen's Guardsmen and four Handmaidens struggled to keep up. As Queen, seeing those bow and kneel before off to the side was normal, even expected. And while at times she hated it, because she yearned so much to be as they and not as their Queen at times to avoid the weight that the title brought, she understood and respected it, even at times if she expected it and took it for granted. She shouldn't expect it as much, she should respect her people more---

    "Halt!" The Queen barked suddenly, coming to a sudden stop. One of the Queen's Guardsmen almost fell over, having to stop so quickly, but another Guardsmen comrade grabbed him by the rear shoulder armor in time to balance him. One of the handmaidens weren't so luck and her fellow handmaidens helped her up. The Queen stood there, looking off to the side. The whole area of the station was kneeling, quiet.

    "My Queen..." Said a Guardsmen in concern, his eyes looking for any danger from the crowd or from above.

    "Shhh," The Queen replied and walked over to the Jedi on her knee, "You," she said to the female, "Rise. What is your name and what is your business here?" The Queen's tone was non-threatening, rather very conversational.

    Something about her stood out. In a crowd of people---who all still knelt in respect and dare not move until the Queen said so---this one woman stood out to the Queen.

    The Queen looked around for a brief moment and said, "You all may rise," people got up, going about their business.

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  9. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab/Atin Taab
    Docking Bay 2-3-5, Malastare

    Taab found his way to the docking bay without futher incident. In that he considered himself lucky. He had come across an Imperial patrol, but as he thought, well hoped, they had not tried to detain him, they hand't even asked for his (forged) credentials. Maybe things finally were starting to look up.

    He approached Bay 2-3-5 slowly, drawing his blaster once again. He knew his contact said that there was no way this place could have been known to the Empire, but he hadn't gotten as old as he was in his line of work by throwing caution to the wind. He entered slowly, confused by the lack of...anything here. Was this just another front? In the distance he could hear the Crusader orbiting the port area at low altitude, waiting for the signal for Atin to begin his approach.

    "If you're here..." Taab spun around pointing his Westar-34 at the source of the speaker. He nearly rolled his eyes at the sight of the G2 droid. All play and no work these things. True to stereotype the thing kept talking, but at least most of it was useful information. Taab did stiffen slightly at the mention of Fett. He couldn't stand Jango's son back when they were all on Kamino, kid had a real sense of being a special snowflake back then. Of course now the kid's exploits far outstripped Taab's own, so there might be a bit of professional jealousy mixed in there too. He had no idea who Han Solo was, some nobody who had crossed Fett apparently.

    Taab nodded at the droid's instructions. Maybe his contact wasn't lying about the Kingdom of Jod after all. Either way his new clients wanted non-dsiclosure even after the fact, that meant an especially fat (but he was sure dangerous) contract. Good, those tended to be the best kind.

    After the little droid had left he commed up to Atin to bring the ship in. "Thank the manda buir, Port Authority is going nuts over what happened back at our bay." In the background of this Taab could hear an irate voice ordering the Crusader to put down immediatly. Taab shook his head. "So cut the channel with them At'ika, no need to listen to them if you aren't going to comply."

    He could almost hear the embarassment over the line as his son cut off communications with the control tower. "Roger that, coming in now." Atin brought the Crusader in low, the main engines were online but the repulsors were doing the majority of the work right. Still he came in at Bay 2-3-5 far above the recomended landing speed. the faster they were away from here the better he thought. Atin reached down to activate the landing jets to slow his descent and almost crisped his buir before he remembered to set them back from "intruder" to "landing". He whistled under his buy'ce to himself. He wouldn't be telling buir about that near mistake.

    The ship decelerated quickly and as soon as the landing struts kissed the permacrete, the boarding ramp lowered and Taab raced aboard. The boarding ramp and the ship began to raise back up almost immediately. It was time to go. Taab made his way to the cockpit informing Atin of their new instructions. They would both make sure to comply with the KoJ's instructions regarding technology. If they wanted to keep their secrets that was fine by both of them.

    That acomplished, the Crusader made for open space. They would have to hurry to make their rendezvous at the coordinates provided. Still it was a good sign that thus far there was no pursuit. If that held up they should meet their next contact and soon be on their way.

    TAG: Intervention

  10. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Actualize Station corridor

    "Shhh," The Queen replied and walked over to the Jedi on her knee, "You," she said to the female, "Rise. What is your name and what is your business here?" The Queen's tone was non-threatening, rather very conversational.

    Kasumi rose and took a moment to look into the eyes of the woman in front of her. Such quiet strength, yet so much pain at the loss of her husband. It was as if it was all written on her face for all others to see. How people around her could not see it was something that Kasumi would never understand, and how Lasso missed it....well....that would be a conversation she would have with him later. After that brief moment Kasumi lowered her eyes again, took to a slight bow at the waste and replied.

    "My name is Kasumi, your majesty. My business here is rather complicated, and one only the Force can lead me through. May I offer my condolences on a loss that happened too soon for you and your people."

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  11. Intervention

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    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Commodore Jacques Petain
    Bridge, Alacrity, Malastare

    The red tunnel of Red Rock-powered hyperspace (known as Red Space) collapsed into the blue-green orb that was Malastare.

    "Sensors?" Asked Petain, who received an almost immediately response.

    "The same ship that matches our encounter over Ord Pardron is approaching, Commodore."

    "I want more then matches, we're running on a time table. Intel?" Jacques turned to the shadowy intelligence officer that stood before him.

    "The data-pad registers accessed to that ship, Commodore," the intel officer spoke calmly and silky smooth...too smooth for Petain's tastes.

    "Fine, works for me. Hanger, tractor beam them in. We are clear in 60 seconds. I want results."


    Several Red Jumps later

    Although no known force in the galaxy, to Petain's knowledge, could trace a Red Space jump, he wanted to be safe. Several jumps later and their trail was impossible to follow. Jumping back into Red Space, they were now heading to what Royal Command labeled The Hole. Simple and to the point. It was a hole...they just left out the worm part.

    The Crusader had landed and Petain was curious to see these mercenaries again. As the honor guard of standard King's Army soldiers, 12 to either side, came to a halt and executed a perfect about face (terminology?) to face each other with their long blaster butts' resting on the hanger floor and their right hands grasping the barrel perfectly along the barrel to angel the barrel a bit forward, Petain couldn't help but admire the army's discipline. Even these "everyday" troops, with no special training for such honor guard duties, could perform perfectly what it took weeks for other units to drill upon. Such were the Jod military academies that trained these "everyday" troops: attention to detail was the name of the game. Petain's Strategic Command Army Troopers were resting up and couldn't attend...Petain doubted the clones cared about such matters.

    As the landing ramp to the Crusader lowered, the naval officer made sure he looked presentable. Despite their earlier conversation, this was Petain's command and he wanted to invite his guests accordingly. It was the gentlemen thing to do. A junior staff officer was a few steps back to his right, with two Naval Guards flanking the pair of officers a few feet behind that. Petain and his escort walked up the line of troops and came to a stop about half way. The ramp had finished lowering and Petain was about to greet his new allies, if even "ally" was achieved by a paycheck.

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  12. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: SG-12 (Twelve), The Tatooine Pod Racer bar.
    Location: Malastare

    Although the man on the ground was not moving, or saying anything, Twelve could feel a mass of emotions radiating up from him.

    I sense…regret.” he relayed to the others, looking down at the back of Bekhterev’s head.

    Yeah, we get that a lot.” One of the closer stormtroopers, his main weapon at port arms now, responded from in front of the saber guard.

    Whoops.” Twelve turned to the bar, several metres away to his right, “Barman. You can come out now.

    The aproned man did just that, rising into view, only to be shot down by one of the stormtroopers who had entered through the back!

    What are you doing?” SG-12 exclaimed, feeling through the Force, the man’s life extinguished in that instance, as he fell out of sight in a clatter of glasses.

    He popped up out of nowhere.

    Twelve recalled having to deflect some friendly fire himself earlier, and glared at the trooper with renewed rancour. “And I bet you’re the fragger that shot at me too!

    You popped up out of nowhere.

    He stiffened as he felt another death. Close by, and down by his feet, whirling to Bekhterev, and dropping to one knee, reaching out to turn the man over. “No no no no no! He’d dead?” He sighed as he saw the man’s horribly contorted face, and wiped the palm of his right hand over his helmet metal pate in annoyance.

    Are you a doctor?” The first of the armoured troopers ventured, standing over him.

    Look at his face, Man. What, you think he’s an entry in a gurning contest, and the wind changed?” SG-12 rose, pointing at the first soldier. “You. Search him. And you, stop shooting people.” He opened a hand towards the bar, and Force-pulled the audio scanner across the room into his waiting grasp, turning it over so that he could read the rest of the text that it had displayed from the conversation it had been eavesdropping on.

    [hl=black]Their not here to say hello and sit down for a drink...

    It has everything you need, including the destination to met up with my government, if you still want the job. If you don't, the crystal is designed to self-destruct in one hour. A Jod Light-class Destroyer will take you the rest of the way. Just present this to the Jod forces that intercept you there and you'll be clear,

    There's a soft spot in the male refresher wall. One good shot and a kick and the soft spot should give way. Tell whoever your with, to be ready. The Imps came with Intel and ready. Meet at Docking Bay Two-dash-Three-dash-Five. It's my personal bay and, with the credits I paid to buy off the Space Port to keep it that way, I'm sure it'll be safe. I have two other bays I publicly rent, to throw off any would-be snoopers. Imps can't track under the table deals.


    Commander?” Twelve looked round for the lead stormtrooper, one with an orange shoulder paldron to differentiate himself from the rank and file. After a second, he spotted the trooper coming through the bar, one hand to the side of his helmet. “Get some people to the spaceport. Docking Bay Two-dash-Three-dash-Five. Face-ache here might have a ship or property there. I want it impounded so that Intelligence can go over it.

    We had two squads there, Sir.” The officer revealed, surprising Twelve, who had not been told. “We have lost contact with both.

    What was their job?

    Intercept and stop the Crusader.

    The Saber Guard nodded gravely at the update. Either those stormtroopers at the port had stopped for caffeine, or the Crusader had converted two squads of the Empire’s Finest into something to grit your path with when it snows.

    They’re involved now.” He turned from the commander, getting onto his helmet comlink to the two TIE fighters he had asked to hang around the city. “Bears in the Air, you got ‘em? Don’t lose sight of the Crusader, but don’t fire upon them them either. And record everything.

    Twelve whirled to the nearest exit, and stormed out, calling behind him, “Bring my lartie in.

    That whirling business doesn’t work without a cape.

    I know.” Twelve conceded. “I have one on order. Just get the lartie, will you?

    * * * *

    Two TIE fighters turned slowly from the rendezvous point , and headed back for Malastare.

    They had visual recordings of the unfamiliar capital ship that had dropped into real space for a whole minute and tractored the Crusader aboard, plus the results of long-range scans on both ships.

    The objective had not been to pursue or capture, but to gather information.

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  13. Intervention

    Intervention Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Queen Christina "The Great"
    Actualize Station, beyond the Northern Stretch, location top secret

    "My name is Kasumi, your majesty. My business here is rather complicated, and one only the Force can lead me through. May I offer my condolences on a loss that happened too soon for you and your people."

    "The loss cannot be measured but at the home, young Jedi, where wives are without husbands and mothers without sons. Walk with me young Kasumi," the Queen said. As they walked through the corridors, the Queen said, "I hear these is another one with you, named Fress? If so, I would like to see her. I have many questions for you both. Will you comm her, please? Back on Jod, when Order 66 happened, Royal Intelligence put the pieces together of Palpatine and the Sith a handful of hours before it happened. We saved as many Jedi as we could. While Master Yoda and the Jod have always had a strong relationship, and many Jedi have worked for us before the Empire, we now house the remaining Jedi that we saved from Order 66.

    "After Order 66, I went to Dagobah, to consult with Yoda to bring him back to Jod, where it was safer. He declined, stating that his business was in the galaxy that he failed to save. He said it was the will of the Force that he stay on Dagobah. I remember a small girl when I was there, maybe she was twelve or thirteen years old. You remind me of her..."

    TAG Coffee_Ninja and JediFalcon
  14. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Actualize Station

    Kasumi walked with the queen listening to how the losses are measured not just in the loss of her husband, but the loss of others as well. So many gone. Kasumi could only liken it to the loss of her Master, the Jedi, and the younglings. Had it not been for the course of events that lead to her being able to escape the medical wing when she did, she would have joined them. She spent about 8 years training with Master Yoda, and then the rest, up until this new course that the Force had lead her to, was spent protected by Endor and it's teeming life. She had been able to laugh again there, and had been able to heal. She was blessed by that, but unfortunately others, like Fress were not. They spent their time hiding and trying to stay in the shadows. Kasumi had to smile to herself. Of course Master Yoda knew of Jod....what did he not know about? However, that would explain why she felt him here and why he was so close, even for a brief time.

    "Your majesty, Jod and Master Yoda have been blessed through the Force with such a union. There is so much knowledge on both sides, and so much that both could share. Master Yoda has considered his inability to keep the emperor at bay and destroy him as the reason that the galaxy fallen into shambles. However, on the other side of that, had he not been able to escape and had lost his life, so many other actions that saved two very precious lives would have never happened. There were others that would have been lost, had he not survived, myself included."

    Kasumi vaguely remembered a visitor when she was there, but the pain of Order 66 was still so new and fresh in her mind. She remembered looking away and silently wondering why this lady couldn't have come before to save Master Secura and Master Yoda? All she saw was anger, pain, and all she felt was loss during that time of healing. She had learned much since then, and thanks to a bit of information and little bit of trust in her, Kasumi had been working on skills that had been passed to Yoda by Qui Gon. Kasumi heard her comm beep.

    “Kasumi, meet me in the hangar bay. I’ll explain when we meet up.”

    Kasumi smiled to the queen as she answered the comm. "Fress, I received your message. Can this wait? Your presence has been requested by the Queen herself. With the Queens consent we may be able to come down there, however, there will be a small group of guards and others with us."

    Kasumi muted the comm while waiting for a response.

    "As always Fress' timing is incredible. The meeting place is up to you your Majesty, and we will follow your lead," Kasumi bowed again to her and said while just raising her eyes, "And that little one that was with Yoda those many years ago, stands here before you, this time a bit more healed from the pain of Order 66."

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  15. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Actualize Station

    "Fress, I received your message. Can this wait? Your presence has been requested by the Queen herself. With the Queens consent we may be able to come down there, however, there will be a small group of guards and others with us."

    Fress frowned and shook her as she sensed where Kasumi. "Saber do a com trace and find out where Kasumis is transmitting," Saber confirmed it, she was on the station. She searched for Kasumi’s presence and latched onto it like a homing beacon as she raised her wrist to answer beginning to head in the direction she sensed Kasumi was at. “I guess it could wait a few minutes but the kid only gave us until tonight to hand in the report,” she answered as she rounded the bend wondering what the queen wanted to discuss with her. Saber beeped and followed her as she continued walking.

    It wouldn’t be the first time she was requested by royalty and knew it wouldn’t be the last. Fress came to a stop where the woman she witnessed storming out of Lasso’s office earlier was standing. She could sense pain and saw it in the queen’s eyes. Lasso said something to the Queen in a way no one should be reminded. She damped down the urge to kill the kid as she bowed down on one knee. “Your Majesty. You requested my presence.”

    Coffee_Ninja Intervention
  16. Intervention

    Intervention Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Queen Christina "The Great"
    Actualize Station, beyond the Northern Stretch, location top secret

    "As always Fress' timing is incredible. The meeting place is up to you your Majesty, and we will follow your lead," Kasumi bowed again to her and said while just raising her eyes, "And that little one that was with Yoda those many years ago, stands here before you, this time a bit more healed from the pain of Order 66."

    The Queen smiled at Kasumi admitting she was the young one all those years ago. And she also remembered that young child looking away, "I feel young Kasumi that while your time with Yoda had solved much pain, it never solved the answer that you always wanted answered: why? Why did Order 66 happen, why didn't the Jod act faster? In the greatest trick of all time, Palpatine had everyone played. The Dark Side of the Force lurked everywhere, casting a shadow as Yoda said, on everything. Everything and everyone was a blur during the Clone Wars. While the House of Royal Intelligence did have a very strong incline that Palpatine was at least not all what he appeared to be, we couldn't prove that he was the Sith Lord that Master Yoda and Master Windu had first discovered on Naboo ten years prior. While the House of Royal Intelligence felt it was enough to at least attempt a undercover kidnapping of the Chancellor to find out the truth, the Jedi Council would not authorize such an action without solid proof that Palpatine was the Sith Lord.

    "So we waited, digging deeper and deeper. Many of our agents were killed before they could find the proof we were looking for, but none were ever identified as House of Royal Intelligence and often labeled as Separatist agents. Finally, just hours before Order 66, we put the pieces together. We didn't have time to alert the Jedi Council; we knew if we did, Palpatine had spies everywhere and would act sooner then what we expected he would. We thought we had at least a few days...days turned into hours as the history would later recall. We worked quickly, nonetheless, dispatching every ship we could. In certain circumstances, we had squads of Naval Reconnaissance Troopers and Special Warfare Division Troopers work in groups to eliminate whole companies of Clone Troopers to reach a single Jedi and stun the Jedi for evac. While the troopers and the Jedi didn't know why, we had linked Order 66 to Palpatine and knew what Order 66 was. While these situations of extreme violence were isolated, they were very violent and often left no survivors on the Republic's side. We did what we could to save the Jedi we did. We could never get a sizable force of Jod resources any closer to Coruscant then the Mid Rim with the time we had. The agents we had in the Core Worlds and Inner Rim, we instructed them to keep low and do what they could, but to not alert Republic forces to their actions. All of our agents on Coruscant assisted in covering the tracks of what Jedi did make it out of the Jedi Temple that we knew of. We never heard of your escape, Kasumi."

    Suddenly a woman came around the corner.

    “Your Majesty. You requested my presence.”

    "Yes," The Queen said, "You may rise. Fress Colias, I believe? Tell me Fress, what do you know of your Mercs? Of Jason Lasso? And of you...what do you want to do with the Mercs?"

    TAG Coffee_Ninja and JediFalcon
  17. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Nate Legnash, Bridge Officer Bob, Yavscout, Chief Tim Williams, Wing Commander Rectory Grove, Delicate Delinquent gunnery deck, and Ready Room.
    Location: Berroll's Donn star system

    Nate climbed the cramped tunnel ramp up from the Deck Fourteen corridor, to the quad-laser emplacement, and looked out through the circular transparisteel port, across the ship's dorsal hull, all the way to the nose.

    "When Lieutenant Zotoman-" Bridge Officer Bob started to say, stopping when the ex-Block resident put up a hand.

    "Let me enjoy the moment, Lieutenant." Nate requested.

    He climbed past the edges of the bucket chair, and settled in the cloying brown synthleather of the seat cushon, pulling the seat's safety webbing round himself with what seemed like muscle memory, rather than having to see what he was doing.

    Eventually he toed his boots into the stirrups below the hand controls, and grasped the control yokes. A couple of experimental moves and he had the four-barrelled laser emplacement outside the window, the size of early television cameras from the pre-holo days, moving every which way.

    "Can I fire her?" He asked, only looking outside.

    "That is why we are here, Nate. Can I call you that?"


    Bobob thought about warning the ex-Imperial not to hit the hull, or damage the ship, but knew to keep quiet. Perhaps that was what had made him such a good liaison officer, and able to handle First Contact with the Mercs.

    He whistled softly. Those days intercepting the Mercs near the Rebel cruiser Red Ocean seemed so long ago now.

    Bright green lances of hot plasma flashing the length of the hull and off into space shook him awake!

    "Nice shooting, Nate." The bridge officer nodded behind Nate's chair, and could see the man watching his reflection in the glase.

    Legnash released his grip of the fire buttons, and the shooting stopped, the gun outside seeming to droop, the barrels pointing down to the deck.
    "So long since I have done this, but apparently you don't lose the knack." He glanced at Bobob's reflection again. "You know?"

    "I know precisely what you mean. Now, when you are comfortable with what you are doing, we can train some other guys and gals up, and really contribute to the defense of this vessel. Just a shame that no-one from the Mercs crew has stepped up for gunnery duty." Bobob finished wistfully.

    There was a snap as Nate released the metal clasp on his safety webbing, and he shifted in the seat to look back. "Sorry if this is a silly question, but these Mercs of which you speak, is their name a contraction for the word 'mercenary'?"

    Bobob frowned down at the seated crewman. "Well, yeah. You really had to ask?"

    "Have you tried offering them money?" Legnash warmed to his subject, "You know, a hundred creds to jump into one of these the next time TIEs come knocking."

    "And self preservation wouldn't-"

    "Well, A, it didn't at the Greater Javin; and B, they are mercs. They probably won't even use the fresher unless there is a payday in it for them."

    "One way to save on toilet paper." Bobob put up a hand. "I'll kick the idea upstairs. Get a bit more practice in." He gave the idea some thought. It would explain why Captain Taller and his people had taken King Alex' revelation at the way they had been played, so well.

    * * * *
    Ready Room

    The Selkath wing commander backed off from the light table to let Williams and the captain deal with their comm call.
    Seemed a lot of fuss, but he did not know the whole story. Or any of the story, come to that.

    "Loud and clear Yavscout," Jason's voice crackled; "Dak, can you boost the signal...clear it up...okay, got it...okay...Yavscout, can you hear me? Look, I'm safe. Got picked up by some "He" types while enslaved by the Empire-"

    At that point, a panting, barely-alive-looking Palso half-stumbled, half-collapsed into the Ready Room. Yavscout was halfway out of his chair when the Chief Engineer sternly directed him to concentrate on the comm call, and himself called a medical team to the bridge.

    "-and found my way to the Kingdom of Jod. Long story. Look, there's been some massive changes. I need you or Williams to double time it to the coordinates I give you. It can be a shuttle or the entire Delicate Delinquent. How do you copy?"

    The holographic sunburst on the galactic map continued to jump about as the starmap continued to unzoom until the entire galactic plane was represented in the room.

    "Fething Wild Space?" Williams crossed his arms as he stared goggle-eyed at the graphical trace.

    "It's still not settled down." Yav pointed out.

    The star icon arced away from the galactic edge into the darkness between galaxies...

    "Well frag. He's calling from one of the satellite galaxies." Yav shared the Chief's awe at the discovery.

    The signal as starting to break up again, "...Dak, can you clarify the signal? Okay, well, at least send them the burst-transmission with the coordinates. Well, hurry! Before the comm line looses it's strength track! Well, can you track where the Delicate Delinquent is?"

    "Not to go all, This Is Your Life on you, Lasso, but I have someone here who wants to speak-"

    "Read: pant." Williams interjected quietly.

    "-to you." The elf finished, looking expectantly at Lasso's time-travelling brother, "Palso?"

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  18. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Actualize Station

    "Yes," The Queen said, "You may rise. Fress Colias, I believe? Tell me Fress, what do you know of your Mercs? Of Jason Lasso?"

    Fress rose from her kneeled position just keeping her eyes low enough as she thought about the Queen’s question. “First, I would like to offer my condolences on the death of your husband and that we could have been meeting under better circumstances,” she began carefully with a sincere expression.

    “When I was in the military, Mercs have always operated just above the law selling information and various objects. They stayed neutral in the war selling their services to both sides of the lines. I know Captain Taller tried to keep the Mercs in that neutral position but all of that changed recently. Now we’re fighting against the Empire and the beasts trying to keep the Galaxy safe.”

    Fress paused for a second trying to figure out how to explain about Lasso. She still had some hard feelings against Lasso and the Queen was looking for honesty. “As for Lasso, he’s made some bone headed decisions during battle that nearly cost him his life and part of his memory. He’s suffering from memory loss, if he seems obnoxious he’s forgotten how to behave around others.”

    Intervention Coffee_Ninja
  19. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Actualize Station

    “As for Lasso, he’s made some bone headed decisions during battle that nearly cost him his life and part of his memory. He’s suffering from memory loss, if he seems obnoxious he’s forgotten how to behave around others.”

    Kasumi heard what Fress said and nodded. "There is a lot of hurt in this young man, and if judging by his brother, alot of nieve hot headedness. There is a good heart that beats with in him, but I don't think he is ready to embrace that part of himself yet. I am not sure what happened to him when we got seperated, but the Lasso that you see before you your majesty is not the same one we knew from the start. Sure he may have grown, but, judging by your walk and the feelings coming from you, he thinks only of himself and not trusting those around him. Had it not been for you and the Kingdom of Jods, we all would have been lost, multiple times."

    Kasumi looked around. "May I also suggest my queen that we find a quiet place to talk? It would be safer."

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    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Queen Christina "The Great"
    Actualize Station, beyond the Northern Stretch, location top secret

    “When I was in the military, Mercs have always operated just above the law selling information and various objects. They stayed neutral in the war selling their services to both sides of the lines."

    "That's what we are look for, someone who can be that scoundrel within our ranks; not full on into piracy and mercenary work, but one who has a taste for it; the Mercs fit the bill perfectly. I just hope the Mercs of present can continue to be the Mercs of the past.

    "I know Captain Taller tried to keep the Mercs in that neutral position but all of that changed recently. Now we’re fighting against the Empire and the beasts trying to keep the Galaxy safe.”

    "Captain Taller has always been a savior in a devil's body. He's been that rogue of rogues that your mom told you not to follow...but when all the cards were down, he's the only one you could trust. Can Captain Lasso fill his predecessor's shoes?"

    “As for Lasso, he’s made some bone headed decisions during battle that nearly cost him his life and part of his memory. He’s suffering from memory loss, if he seems obnoxious he’s forgotten how to behave around others.”

    "An interesting pick for Taller, a man with memory loss. But not entirely out of his character. either. Taller must see something deep in Lasso's heart that we do not."

    "There is a lot of hurt in this young man, and if judging by his brother, alot of nieve hot headedness. There is a good heart that beats with in him, but I don't think he is ready to embrace that part of himself yet."

    "He may not be, Kasumi. But that was not ours to judge, but Taller's. And Taller made his choice. And as long as Commander Vacks and Lieutenant Commander Streets stand behind Lasso, nothing will move him from his position. And if Vacks and Streets believe in Taller's choice, then we shall too."

    "I am not sure what happened to him when we got seperated, but the Lasso that you see before you your majesty is not the same one we knew from the start. Sure he may have grown, but, judging by your walk and the feelings coming from you, he thinks only of himself and not trusting those around him. Had it not been for you and the Kingdom of Jods, we all would have been lost, multiple times."

    "A mark of a good leader, Kasumi, is for someone to not trust those around them. Not for moral, ethical, or personal matters, but as a leader in a business setting, the leader should expect to trust no one with their job. In time, Lasso will learn to to trust others around him. But for now, his lack of trust in the business world will serve him well. And as for only thinking of himself..." The Queen smirked, "I remember a young Captain Rick Taller, before he was a Merc and in the Clone Wars, only thinking of himself. Royal Intelligence had been watching Taller a long time, ever since he was a child. And if you saw Taller as a younger man, you would of thought the same thing of him then as you do Lasso now."

    Kasumi looked around. "May I also suggest my queen that we find a quiet place to talk? It would be safer."

    "I think I will retire for the night, young Kasumi and young Fress. I will call for you again in due time; I hope for a quick response. I'm sure young Captain Lasso has many of things to do and needs all of your hands to do it in. Oh, and Kasumi. My husband was able to relay to me before his death your desire to look at our Ancient Scrolls. I will be sure you get that chance as quickly as can be arranged. Good night, ladies."

    The Queen bowed her head in respect to the two Mercs and headed off with her royal convoy. The Queen had two wars to plan for and a people to save.

    TAG Coffee_Ninja and JediFalcon
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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso
    Captain's Room, Johnny Boy, Marauder-class corvette

    The data-burst was sent: a dangerous trek through the Open Sea with no known hyperspace routes along the journey; a dangerous "off map" trek through a equally dangerous part of space. The corridnates had listed a wormhole and the instructions to broadcast a encrypted code repeatedly on on Subspace transceiver channels, using a ion-scrambler to hide the source of the signal. The code was a complex set of numbers, symbols, and letters over 30 characters long. The code would have to broadcasted every thirty seconds, ten seconds, and fifty seconds, alternating between the three. The data-burst also stressed that if the code wasn't transmitted correctly, Jod cloaked defenses around the wormhole would activate and destroy them. The DD would have to travel through the wormhole, which would sent them to the Kingdom of Jod.

    "-to you." The elf finished, looking expectantly at Lasso's time-travelling brother, "Palso?"

    "Hey kid!" Palso beamed, full of scoundrel swag; suddenly concern crept into Palso's voice, "You doing okay little brother?"

    Lasso shrugged, "Alive. Its good to hear from you, Jim."

    "Likewise," Palso said, "Look, I don't want to hold up the important conversation going on, but its good your okay little brother. I'll be hoping a jump to Blue Star Station near the Unknown Regions. I'll get back as soon as I can. Keep in touch," Lasso smiled and could hear Jim's voice in the background, "Yav?"

    There was some noise in the background and Lasso assumed he was talking to Yav again, "Captain," Lasso said to address Yav's proper title, "I hope to see you or Williams soon. I have to go before we loose the signal all together. Lasso out."

    As the signal died, Jason looked to Dak, "Well...what now?"

    "We wait for Fress and Kasumi to get us a list of Shadow Ports and we go in. Are you sure about this?"

    "Well," Lasso said, "Unless you want to tackle a Imperial Star Destroyer for a Sentinel-class Landing Craft or risk buying one through public means through Sienar Fleet Systems, I would say that either a Shadow Port or a Ship Booster would be the safest bet. We'll need the crew at a Shadow Port. I was thinking two birds with one stone."

    "Too risky," Dak said, "A bunch of rag-tags won't perk interest. But, a crew and a nice landing craft? That'll perk someone's interest. Better if we separate the two and get a crew from two different shadow ports on different sides of the galactic plane."

    Jason nodded, "Okay...ideas?"

    "Let Kasumi and Fress find the Shadow Ports. I'll get a ship booster online. I'm sure I can find a Sentinel somewhere with full military capabilities."

    "Sounds good to me," Jason said.

    TBC (waiting on Mitth to post our combo post), TAG Sith-I-5 and CPL_Macja
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    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Senior Chief Petty Officer William "Rusty" Barman
    Western Region Ordnance Center, Kingdom of Jod (Planet of Jod)

    While the "official" name was the Confederacy of Regions, the Kingdom of Jod ceasing to exist as of several months ago now in Jod time, many people still felt the Kingdom of Jod. The new government and Royal Court tried tirelessly to replace the "Old Kingdom" with the new. But however much the COR tried, much of their "new" additions were simply repainting or labeling existing Jod material, at least for the time being, before the new COR government really had time to settle in. Perhaps the clearest evidence of the lack of change was that of the King's Army Soldier---now renamed the Regions' Army Soldier---which was the same soldier, just with a dark tan outfit, instead of the colorful material that the King's Army Soldier wore. To the COR's credit, much of the King's Army Soldier look had been replaced in the rank and file with the new COR colors---those King's Army Soldier that had stayed with the "loyalist" camp during the Jod Civil War had either been captured or were considered part of the "Rebellion Forces" that were held up in the Northern Region, deep in the snow-covered mountains. COR intelligence units had pinpointed the place as called Fort Bastion in the Western Mountains (part of the Northern Region), the secret training ground of the Queen's Guardsmen. But what King's Army units that were held up there from their defeat that Winter (Spring was fast approaching), the COR were unable to get to because of the impossibility to send a sizable force to conquer the fortress because of a narrow road that lead to it along the cliff side, the inability for air speeders to provide air support due to the thin air and tight maneuvering room through the mountain terrain, and because the fortress was defended by the remaining Queen's Guardsmen and the "Loyalist Army" (the remnant of the King's Army still loyal to the Royal House), providing a sizable organic defense in a small focused area to a already reported sturdy fortress defense' outer walls, defense towers, and trenches outside the fort, hidden among the deep snow-covered forest.

    Despite that, COR intel units had tried to find a weakness in the fortress' defenses, but after three months since the end of the Jod Civil War, nothing has worked as of it. With the COR's hasty take-over of the Kingdom of Jod, while most of the military aspects were now well in their hands, most of the more "finer points" of the Jod Military Forces seemed to be jems that they missed. As was the case with the Western Region Ordnance Center, which had a secret (and well hidden) computer terminal up-link with the Royal Palace's data banks and it's defenses, in case the Royal Palace was ever taken over.

    For Senior Chief Petty Officer William "Rusty" Barman, none of that background information mattered at the moment. What did matter, however, was the mission at hand. As the COR soldier in his grip fell to the ground, a knife to the throat and a hand around his mouth to quiet his death, another one Barman's Naval Reconnaissance Troopers snapped around the corner, aiming a E-11 blaster rifle up the flight of stairs and discharged the weapon into the chest of the COR soldier coming down the steps unknowingly to what happened to his comrade below; the red flash reflected along the walled staircase and the sound was muffled by the staircase as well; the trooper fell down the steps, his neck cracking along the way and ceiling his fate. As the body came to a rest next to Barman's dead corpse, another NRT was already up the stairs quietly and, looking out towards the entrance to the ordnance center, gave the "all clear" signal before ducking back down, keeping a low profile while keeping any eye on the front door.

    "Steward, how much time do we have left?" Barman asked quietly; the Senior Chief Petty Officer had the "rough and tumble" look in his mid thirties; he had light skin color with meat chops beard and a five o'clock stubble of black facial chair elsewhere on his face. His black hair was smooth and slicked back; he had a strong body build, but not "muscular" in a clear way. More of the "bulky muscle" way.

    The more tech-savy of the 5 man squad looked at his chrono, "Three hours, Senior Chief. These Red Rock-infused Field Boosters will help our weapons and clothes stay in contact and not fall apart, but their nothing like what the Queen's Guardsmen have."

    "Yea," said Greeny, "Those QG's have it made in the shade as far as I'm concerned, getting all the best technology."

    "We're not here to *****," Barman inserted, "We're here to do a job. Scout," Barman said to the last of their number guarding the road way, "Protect our rear and watch the road. Davidson," Barman said to the soldier up ahead at the top of the stairs watching the front door, "You have the front door. Greeny and Steward, take the second floor windows. Make it quiet. Go!"

    The squad quietly moved up to their new positions. They all carried various weapons, ranging from 1 A280 blaster rifle (Scout), 2 E-11 Blaster Rifles (Barman and Greeny), 1 DH-17 blaster pistol (Davidson), and Steward carried two WESTAR-34 blaster pistols. They all carried a S-5 heavy blaster pistol on thigh-strapped holsters as a secondary weapon with ascension gun technology. They all wore the following clothing for this particular mission:

    On the silent count of three, Barman, Greeny, and Steward made a mad dash for the two-story red brick building with a wooden sign over the two front double-doors: Western Region Ordnance Center. A wooden sign next to the door at eye level read:

    Jod Military Forces
    Restricted Area! Military Personnel Only!
    Keep Out!

    Normally, a two-man sentry duty would man the front door, which Barman and his troopers had already naturalized; another soldier patrolled around the rear of the building. All of the "Ordnance Centers" were designed essentially the same, with small differences here and there. A two story red brick building with glass windows covering the second floor windows (a small window edge in front of each window); a heavy double wooden door covered the front entrance, with a secondary entrance on the same side of the building and to the right, with a ramp/driveway leading down from it to a roadway below. The foundation of the building was raised a bit upon a hill or other natural feature from the surrounding ground with a semi-covered stone stairwell leading up from the floor to a small landing before reaching the two front side double doors. The ground around the building was flat. Inside the building, three more King's Army Troopers would be patrolling the building with six more asleep in beds in the back office/barrack of the building. Usually a squad and a half of (12 soldiers) would stay on sentry duty rotation of a Ordnance Center for a month at a time.

    The three NRT's reached the wall, drew their S-5's, and fired the cables up into the wall above the windows. Quietly, they ascended to the second story. They blasted out the windows and went rushing in...

  23. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Actualize Station

    "I think I will retire for the night, young Kasumi and young Fress. I will call for you again in due time; I hope for a quick response. I'm sure young Captain Lasso has many of things to do and needs all of your hands to do it in. Oh, and Kasumi. My husband was able to relay to me before his death your desire to look at our Ancient Scrolls. I will be sure you get that chance as quickly as can be arranged. Good night, ladies."

    “Good night, your majesty,” Fress said as she bowed slightly back. She couldn’t remember the last time she bowed to anyone. She did feel a little more like her old self. Lasso must remind Taller of his younger self. Suddenly it made sense why he chooses Jason as his replacement. She turned her attention to Kasumi. “It did feel right when I walked into Jason’s office. That still doesn’t excuse him from being insensitive. I can sense and see the Queen has yet to grieve and if Lasso used the words prophecy, forsaken, and husband in the same sentence in front of me. I would’ve hit him. She did storm out of his office earlier makes me wonder what he said to her. When Darin was killed, I found a favorite punching bag and used it vent my anger and frustration on it. Pretending it was Dooku. It's the only thing that kept me sane."

    Fress paused for a second and shook her head. She glanced around to make sure no one was within ear shot. Seeing no one else in the hallway with them, she turned her attention to Kasumi. "Let’s grab some food then we can figure out which shadowports to visit. Lasso wants us to go with our best or worst gut feeling and narrow them down. He wants the report in by tonight. Saber has already compiled the lists.”

  24. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: Combined post between Mitth_Fisto and myself. Mitth was going to post this, but is tied up with DRL at the moment. Edits to spelling, grammar, and post format in the combined post were done by me.

    IC: Havah Jeth
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    Of course, someone had to intervene unless no one truly liked the sac of bones that was in front of him. Only who did were spook forces and they seemed to be wanting to avoid any confrontation as they separated Havah's group away from the Naval Troopers as if their presence would be enough to keep things orderly. And they were, mainly because they used their few seconds of shock induced authority and true authority possibly to get the Intelligence and Naval Guards to leave, then the 122nd to leave, and then. . .well then the interloper did something different, he got most of his own visible men to leave.

    Flicking his helmets systems to begin frequency filter switching adaptations he listened as the man spoke and tried to appeal to him as equals and comrades. Even pulled out a family and misery equality Hutt slime on him. Of course the man didn't have a clue that he was pushing all the wrong buttons to defuse the situation of Havah's anger, as Havah rubbed his thumb on the grip of the staff secretly adjusting settings. If anything he could feel his hands steadying and his environment gaining that awkward crawl to it that a rush of a human equivalency of adrenaline coursed freely through his arteries and his cybernetics kicked in for coordination and speed as a high emotional and threat level was kicking up his body systems that were already highly adjitated by lack of alcohol. With a fluid motion he stepped back and twirled his staff up and sent a programmed burst at the man guarding the doorway out of here. The programmed ball would fly most of distance before unraveling into a several meter wide net to ensnare and stun the guard with it's spore package. Stepping forward as the staff continued its spin without interruption he aimed to bring the now active stun pad up between this humans legs. That is if there was nothing interrupting his planned attack vectors or need for self defense.


    IC: Captain Joseph Howard (NPC)
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    While the SWD by the door couldn't do much but accept his fate, Joseph was more then able to react. Catching the Stokhli spray stick by the side of his left foot, he brought it up solidly against his right ankle and twisted his legs as he jumped and snapped the opposite direction. The plan was simple: the force of his strong legs combined with the suddenly snap the different direction would be enough force---with the surprise of the move---to snap the stick out of Havah's hands...


    IC: Havah Jeth
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    As the man reacted he was pleasantly surprised that the man did a leg grab and jump twist to remove his weapon. Havah's training dictated only one move, let him have it. His hand immediately let go and instead of stabilizing resistance he even pushed a little as he continued to close the distance with his off hand in a guarded position. "Yes!" he hissed as he moved into his counter. His now free hand reached to push the man by the shoulder to better expose the back and jab with opposite gauntleted hand at the connection between head and neck. He left his blade sheathed as he was going for a stunning blow rather then a killing one, this guy was fun.


    IC: Captain Joseph Howard (NPC)
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    Howard allowed the push to his shoulder as he came to a finish with his counter, even encouraged it, by giving Havah more of an advantage then he needed. Instead of resisting, Howard allowed the push to his shoulder---with his own added effort---to collapse him to the ground, denying what the SWD Trooper knew was coming: a stun blow between his head and neck.

    As Havah's now overreached stun blow---with Howard's head and neck no longer there to stun---came to full term, Howard was already using what strength he could to twist his body around just moments from hitting the floor, using the Stokhli spray stick as a weapon to take Havah's legs out from under him. While both me would end up on the floor: Howard, because of his counter and Havah because of Howard's actions, at least Howard would still have a fighting chance and have Havah's weapon. The only question would be then, who would get up quicker from the floor?

    The question would become now, at this moment, did Howard's counter to Havah's legs work? As the moments ticked by, Howard saw in slow motion as his counter came closer, yet at the same time, so far away in the moments of time...


    IC: Havah Jeth
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    Havah was a bit off put, physically anyway as his turn for an opening was turned into a wild spinning guard aiming to use his own weapon against his legs. Clever. But slow. The Jod was having to complete an entire circle while Havah 'stood still', granted put slightly off balance by his own momentum to a bodily action this allowed Havah to see or more accurately sense as he kept tally of positions in his mind to react. Namely if the feet of the guard still clutched the stick then it would come around and being slightly off balance Havah would go down.

    So he went down. To the side toward the coming trip attempt, curling as he went down to be able to grasp the stick after it would or rather should rebound of his legs. Then he planned to simply use it as nothing more then leverage to pull himself back up and forward past his opponents body back to range of the exposed Jod's head. Where he would rain a few armored blows before stepping back. If the staff came freely, well he could simply rise and web the Jod to end this faster. . .no if it came he was going to beat the man into unconsciousness or at least use the most painful stun pad settings.


    IC: Captain Joseph Howard (NPC)
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    Howard fell---as did his combatant. While the weapon between two backwater meat heads out to clobber each other may be the prize to gain, the Queen's Guardsmen knew that it was a death sentence. He let the weapon go, rolled a safe distance----the stick came down with a furry from Havah where his chest had been moments before, clearly displaying the others intent---once his roll was complete, he used his superior strength to propel himself off of the floor. While this move put his back (now standing) to Havah, Howard knew two possible moves that were coming next. Taking the first was no less probable then the second, but more probable if he didn't do anything, since his back was to Havah. So, he used his leg muscles and jumped, using his back muscles and training, to flip back over the top of Havah's head. While such a move would be impossible in Queen's Guardsmen armor, such a attempt was more doable in SWD armor.

    Whether his move worked or not, it was his only choice. Havah could have simply rammed his back with the stick if he hadn't turned around. With this move, he could at least loose the fight with his face to the enemy. Any other bonehead would be fooled by the back-flip, not reacting quick enough. But Howard knew that Havah was quicker and smarter then your average joe-smoe fighter...


    IC: Havah Jeth
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    As Havah gained his Stokhli spray stick easily he found himself following the course of action to jab and then stun his target by force. The time for gentility having long since gone out the airlock with these Jod-heads. Still only metal on floor echoed and he found himself with the Jod having his back to him after his previous maneuver. Thumbing the controls he swept the stick up and around to tap the man on the shoulder, only unlike an average goon this one decided on a more aerial answer than most to the situation and backflipped over Havah.

    With a sigh, he knew it was time to stop playing with his combatant and rubbed his thumb on the staff as he did not turn around to follow the maneuver. As he heard and in his HUD saw the other landing behind him he simply tucked the non-stun pad end more snuggly under his arm pit and hit the trigger with his thumb. The secondary spray erupted from the tip and immediately expanded out into a large net to snare and bind the Jod. Although having already switched it over to the second canister settings there would be no spores to knock this unconscious as it was an expired canister, although the sticky web would still be prime condition yet enough to ensnare a Gundark. Letting the forward pressure of the blast roll him into motion he took several steps forward with it before turning around to have a more direct look at his handy work.


    IC: Captain Joseph Howard (NPC)
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    Howard looked up at his combatant from his "trapped" position.

    "Handy," the Queen's Guardsmen said, but when the blast doors opened to the hanger bay and boots could be heard, the Guardsmen said, "But not enough. What was your gain in this, Havah?"

    "FREEZE!" Boomed a Strategic Command Army Trooper; like the 23 other buddies with him, the new troopers were decked out in full Specialized Environment Armor Combat Suit (SEA for short). They adopted a half-circle around Howard and Havah, blocking any further advance into the station. Behind them, with the blast doors still open, another 24 SCA Troopers waited, in position ready, weapons drawn, lining up in a defensive formation along the corridor's both sides, weapons pointed into the hanger. As such a secret station, cameras were everywhere, both hidden and elsewhere. Behind those troopers in the corridor, 12 Navy Guards formed another line of defense blocking any advance into the four-way corridor leading to different areas of the station. Other response teams were being deployed, quietly, as to not alarm the civilian population on the station.

    "Now," Howard said from then net, "Put the weapon down and we'll call this a misunderstanding. Resist, Havah, and they have orders to shoot to kill. Please don't make them shoot, you'll achieve nothing in your death."


    IC: Havah Jeth
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    Watching as his armor recorded the reactions the tell-tale indications, and the in-pouring of troops confirmed his suspicions. The Jod were no different then any other large government. Not to him, despite their supposed antiquated musings and possible superiority they showed themselves to be just as base.

    "On the contrary, more then enough. I learned your word is worthless." With that he thumbed his stick and dropped it to the ground and stood with his arms raised. "Now, which of you wants to buy a Guardian a drink?"


    OOG: From Mitth_Fisto:

    IC: Captain Joseph Howard (NPC)
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    The stun net unraveled and Howard untangled himself (but only because two SAC Troopers used vibro-knifes to do so); he stood up next to Havah, "Worthless?" Howard regarded the Arkanian for a long moment, "Lock 'em up in the brig. The Queen's safety is paramount."

    The last thing Havah would remember is the stun blast hitting him from behind as one of the SWD Troopers from outside the hanger bay went in under cloak and stunned him. Next, Havah would wake up in the space station's brig.

    TAG Mitth_Fisto
  25. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

    Trying to tie up some smaller storylines to make the game go a bit quicker in the long run.

    IC: Jason Lasso
    Hanger Bay, Actualize Station, Northern Stretch (Kingdom of Jod)

    Lasso signed off on the data-pad and handed it back to Ler---a LE-series repair droid (imagine here for Ler)---the Johnny Boy's former and now current again Hanger Chief.

    "I'll make sure everything is accounted for, Captain, with Dak's help."

    The M-3PO Military protocol droid known as Dak (imagine here for Dak) nodded, "Indeed Captain Lasso," Dak said as what organic crew and droids of the Johnny Boy carried supplies and equipment off of the Marauder-class Corvette from behind them, "Ler will handle the materials, I will handle the more computer systems."

    In their group, standing a few meters away from the Johnny Boy---which seemed so big to stand by---Vacks and Streets were with them, listening in, and Dude---Lasso's R2-series astromech droid---came rolling up, beeping a question to Lasso.

    "Ready?" Ler asked, looking up at Lasso, "Ready for what?"

    "A little scouting mission," Jason said, "I have a few hours before Kasumi and Fress bring that report to me on the Shadow Ports. Dude did some digging around and found a pirate base not too far from here, just outside the Northern Stretch. Come to find out, Royal Intelligence has been staking it out for a while and are preparing to move in. I got Captain Stakes' permission, who will be leading the attack, to tag along and capture whatever plunder I find."

    "Interesting its the Sword of Justice and not one of the Jod's new King II's," Vacks commented.

    "Not really," Dak replied, adding, "They're probably trying to keep the King II's quiet. If the Confederacy of Regions finds out of the new class of warship, they'll amp up production of whatever new toys they have in the works. The more we keep the COR in the dark, the better. Plus, if the pirates escape, they'll run right into COR patrols anyways and spill the beans. Better to make the remaining Jod forces look desperate for supplies, attacking a pirate's nest."

    "Why do I get the feeling there is something more to this pirate's nest then what your telling us?" Vacks asked.

    Lasso smirked, "According to the Kingdom of Jod official records, the only direct path to the galaxy proper is through that wormhole. Well, come to find out, these pirates had found another, smaller worm hole---only big enough for Corvette-sized warships to travel through. Royal Intelligence was keeping an eye on them for a long time now, making sure no one else outside of Royal Intelligence knew about it. Looks like these pirates have been jumping into our galaxy for some time, doing small raids. It'll be my quickest way to get hold of a shuttle, which we need one bad."

    "And the ship booster?" Dak asked.

    "Keep one on the line, just in case nothing comes of this."

    "And the rest of the Mercs?" Vacks asked.

    "So far, only Yav, Fress, and Kasumi know what is going on with Taller. Vacks, keep it that way. No one will miss Lasso if they don't know I'm in charge yet."

    "In charge of getting your head shot off!" Ler replied.

    "I'm getting restless and we need a ship," Lasso defended himself, "And the rest of the Mercs need some much needed downtime. We can't afford to loose anymore crew and that might already happen when they find out about the command change."

    "And when Fress and Kasumi come looking for you?" Dak asked.

    Lasso shrugged, "I should be back before they notice anything. If not, well, tell them I went on a public relations tour."

    Vacks rolled his eyes, "Your a younger version of Taller," Vacks said, "Always leading from the front and doing stupid things to get yourself killed. Less then a day on the job and your already running into a blaster fight. Come on Streets, lets get the Johnny Boy set for these Royal Engineers from this Royal Command business to get started. They're devoting over a quarter of the station's engineers, mechanics, and workers to the JB. Lets hope its done quick before Lasso does anything else less then insightful."

    As the group broke away, Lasso turned around and headed towards a Sentinel-class Patrol Craft parked off in the distance with its landing ramp down and a group of NRT's standing by the ramp's bottom. Dude beeped and whistled a question; Lasso shrugged, making sure his rifle's strap was secure as he carried the rifle (his jacket was on), "I don't know. They say these patrol craft are fun to ride in."


    Two hours later, Eastern Gas Cluster (East of the "Jod Star System," towards the far Eastern edge of the Northern Stretch), Kingdom of Jod

    The pirate nest itself was rather exotic; a massive asteroid stuck within a nebula; the pirates had a force field that kept air and other life-giving elements contained with-in the asteroid's surface. Bunkers and structures existed below ground and along the cliff sides surrounding a massive landing area dotted with stolen ships, equipment, and land vehicles. 3 XX-9 heavy turbolasers provided top-coverage for the base on top of the cliff sides surrounding the massive landing pad. The task force---lead by the King-class Battleship Sword of Justice and supported by 6 Light-class Destroyers, 4 Strike-class Corvettes, and 3 Sentinel-class Patrol Boats for ground support----had surprised and surrounded the pirate's nest on all sides. 3 Light-class Destroyers surrounded the pirate base with the Sword of Justice, providing a blockade around the base and preventing escape and providing fire support missions and ground forces to the battle. The other 3 Light-class Destroyers used their superior speed and anti-piracy profile to intercept any pirates that got past the first round of the blockade, which with the pirates using freighters both for escape and defense, including---G9 Rigger freighters, YT-1250 freighters, YT-1300 freighters, YT-1760 small transports, YT-2000 light freighters, YT-2400 light freighters, Theta-class T-2c shuttles, and even a heavily modified AA-9 Coruscant freighter---the nebula back-drop was a blaze with ships. While most of the freighters tried for a short while at defense before fleeing, some of them protected their own hide and ran for deep space right away, where the Lights were waiting with the 4 Strike-class Corvettes in support. Around the asteroid proper, 4 modified Etti-class light transports, 1 VT-49 Decimator, and a single CR90 Corellian Corvette provided a desperate defense around the pirate base, as most of the freighters started to depart the base, seeing the end in sight.

    Lasso wondered how much this was a pirate's base and how much this was a medium-scale criminal organization with smuggling involved; it was possible for the pirating side of the operation, that they (the pirates) were utilizing freighters as heavy fighters essentially to swarm and disable star ships for capture by the larger capital-class star ships. Regardless, the ones with the freighters used this advantage to escape. Only thing was, if the pirates' leader survived this mission, he or she would hunt down those who fled in their most desperate hour.

    At the moment, none of that really mattered; Lasso was crunched behind a collection of barrels and crates, reloading his A280 blaster rifle. Up above, Lasso could hear what sounded like a jet flying through a planet's skies at super sonic speeds, a screaming noise. He looked up and all around for something to be coming through the force field as explosions rocketed the pirate base from all around.

    "Here she comes!" One of the NRT's said with a grin on his face as he held his E-11 blaster rifle. From up above, a Sentinel-class Patrol Boat rocketed the ground below the advancing Jod forces with Hellcaster rounds and laser fire from the quad laser cannons. The 2-M Saber-class repulsor tank that was defending the open landing area in the middle of the pirate base---which was surrounded by a elevated catwalk accessible by stairs from the landing area below and bunkers build into the side walls leading to complexes underground---exploded into a fiery ball of debris.

    "Go! Go!" Ordered the NRT.

    Lasso jumped up from behind the crates and double-timed in forward. Units of the traditional King's Army were pouring vollies into the pirates who stayed to fight or were caught in the cross-fire before being able to leave. Crates and barrels provided defense for the pirates, on the open landing area who (the pirates) wielded modern blasters and slug throwers. Naval Guard detachments brought up the flanks of the King's Army soldiers' rank and files in small mobile groups, while NRTs provided a powerful quick hitting force from the catwalks and up the middle. Seeing almost all the Jod forces in action at once made Lasso realize how effective they were in small battles such as this. The King's Army Soldiers provided a heavy, concerted, and powerful punch, providing coverage for more mobile Naval Guard units to swing around the flanks and use their quicker firing blaster pistols at longer ranges and their swords at closer ranges to take down groups of pirate resistant. The NRT's used their superior training, skills, and weapons to take down critical weapon emplacements, such as defense towers, watch towers, and sniper positions; several NRT's also provided sniper support from a distance, taking out enemy units that immediately threatened mission success. With the Kingdom's Navy above and the Sentinels below providing ground support, the pirates had very little in the way to escape to.

    Lasso ran along, darting past a King's Army platoon discharging a volley into the catwalks above at a group of armed pirates who had secured the high ground. Using his hand, to lifted and jumped over a single barrel, landed, and leveled his blaster rifle into his shoulder and discharged two quick shots into two pirates who jumped up to take him down from behind a series of crates. Sliding to a defensive position behind the crates, Lasso watched as a E-Web bunker up above in the cliff-side overlooking the landing area exploded in fiery debris as a set of concussion missiles from a passing above Sentinel-class Patrol Boat hit it directly. As the fiery debris fell from above, Lasso popped up and punched a few blaster bolts home into a group of pirates behind some barrels just up ahead who had jumped up, scared by the explosion. While 2 of their count fell dead and another wounded in the arm, one still lived, ready to fight. Suddenly, from his right, a massive yell could be heard and, lead by several Naval Guards, another platoon of King's Army Soldiers hurled themselves over barrels and crates and charged forward, forcing the last few remaining pirates towards the interior complex bunkers to surrender. While other more isolated fighting continued---a squad of NRT's had just blew the communications tower to Lasso's right by several hundred meters and up above by on the cliff side---the battle itself was coming to an end.


    15 minutes later

    While all shorts of stolen equipment, star ships, and ground vehicles were outside on the landing platform, after the King's Army, Naval Guard, and NRT's had cleared out the underground complex, Lasso and the 5 NRT's he had come with were standing in one of the several small hanger bays build into the cliff side surrounding the landing pad.

    "Picker, is your holo-fed off?" Asked one of the roguish looking NRTs.

    The man named "Picker" nodded, "Yep."

    The first NRT looked to Lasso, "Well Captain Lasso, looks like we never found this hanger bay. It'll be sad to report that this hanger was destroyed by the pirates in a desperate move to keep some of their plunder from us," The NRT started tossing military-grade explosives to everyone, "I'll make sure Captain Stakes is notified of your departure. You have twenty minutes before this place blows, so hurry it up and pick fast."

    Lasso nodded and the NRT's went around planting explosives and checking the several half dozen captured ships in this small hanger.

    Dude was rolling up behind Lasso when the Corellian mercenary captain spotted two Sentinel-class Landing Craft. One looked all doctored up and painted in pirate colors these pirates used---the other one, however, seemed to be stolen right under from a Imperial detachment's deployment. Later, Lasso would find out that is what happened, and rather new, only a few days old in these pirates' hanger bays.

    Lasso went through the landing craft as quickly as he could, finding spare stormtrooper armor and equipment and 6 74-Z speeder bikes. While outside in the main landing area, Lasso acquired a military model Flash Speeder to replace the Mercs' older Naboo-era land speeders including their Gian speeder, which Lasso replaced with a Bantha-II cargo skiff, and Lasso bought a armored-version of a Robo-Hack. With all three vehicles loaded onto the Sentinel, Lasso and Dude left moments before the hanger exploded.


    Back at Actualize Station

    "A taxi?" Vacks asked.

    "Yea," Lasso nodded, "A taxi. I have ideas for that little bugger. Hey, did anyone come asking for me?"

    Vacks shook his head, "Not a soul."

    "I feel so lonely!" Jason joked, adding to Ler as he turned to the droid, "Lets get working on this baby. How's the JB?" Jason looked towards the Jod techs all running over and around the corvette.

    "She's holding up," Ler responded as they walked towards the new Sentinel-class landing craft.

    "Good," Lasso lowered his voice, "Now, we'll have to go back through and gut all the Royal Intelligent bugs they put in her..."

    "Oh don't worry," Ler said, "I'm already planning on it. And we'll send the package of spy equipment to the Queen personally."

    "I like it," Lasso responded.

    TBC (Waiting for tag back from Mitth_Fisto on the combined post)
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