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  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Actualize Station, Hanger Med 'bay', near Johhny Boy

    Listening to the doctors spiel he had to admit the man had a few points, but for all his alleged detachment he did not follow some lines of thought to their conclussions, perhaps a human failing. Still the man made several points and Havah did his best to let them accumilate before judging what was being given. So as the song ended and he layed there in silence for a moment he tapped out a simple code for a song request from Pic, what came next always helped him sort out such things when sober. Which is to say, he hadn't listened to it for many years, probably also the reason why the silence dragged as Pic located wirelessly a copy of the requested music.

    "Did you know a guiding principle for my people is advancment. We unlock mysteries to understand, and from understanding we become advanced and find more mysteries. Some have taken a more agressive approach to those mysteries, and many a more cautious one. After all so long as the race is secure each life is but the stepping stone of those to come. All can be unlocked in time. In this we are the greatest monsters and the greatest saviors, a duality of a single goal. Rare is the one that stands between. I chose to stand between in what I did for a living, and with what I allowed done to me to fulfill that role. Genetic tampering and implants. Nothing too unusual considering." With that he indicated for Pic to display a private medical data screen that the droid kept in case of more advanced medical care should become necesarry. "Share it and I'ld have to kill you of course. Also last rites, vaporize my body."

    Then the song began. "Did you notice doctor that we have similar sypmtoms but very different pathologies? You see the faces you could of saved, I see the ones I could not and the ones I killed that did not deserve to die. In a manner your methods are sound, but they lack a simple fact. I am one who should never advance, merely create the enviroment for others to do so, it was my lot in life and I relished it for a time. Until that first unjust killing of my own blood. If another had done so I would have never left, I would of mourned and continued to serve. Yet in that singular action I went from preserving the enviroment for advancement to the dissonence of not seeing how I was not in fact limiting that sphere. There is my mental breakdown of the world. In submerging that and the memories that have been added since, I can function, I can proceed to enable others. When I fail those others their faces are added. So you see doctor."

    Turning he looked up at the ceiling above, "I do not drink to kill myself, I do so to forget the schism of my own value and purpose. I do so so that the galaxy once more can contain my meaning in existance. Sober, sober I see only tatters and debri. There is no purpose to pursue in that that does not merely increase it's contagency to others." Laying there he waited for either a rebuttal or a dismissal. Either way something had to come of this.

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  2. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Hanger Bay, Actualize Station, Northern Stretch (Kingdom of Jod)

    Taab nodded along with the Captain's points. He knew trust had to be earned, but his own declaration of loyalty (while true) had only been to plant that seed in Lasso's mind. That along with his mention of ship security would hopefully garner him a post there. It would make things that much easier to accomplish his mission of keeping the dear captain safe. Personally he didn't see what was so special about the man, but that didn't matter. His employers did, and that was all Taab needed.

    Taab had to suppress a smile as he not only got the posting he desired, but was put in charge of security. He again agreed with all three of Lasso's points. The best way to protect him (as well as the ship and crew) was to be as up front as he could. Of course that didn't cover his assignment of keeping the man safe. That would be a private burden for Taab and his son to bear. The droids Taab had no issue with keeping, as a Mandalorian he was always looking to keep any edge he could. And the organics already on staff would provide a solid core to build upon if further security crewman could be secured. Taab would have to train them all up more than likely, but that was something he was accustomed to. His other duties as described to him suited him just fine as well.

    He took his new com-link, he would make sure to sync it up with his buy'ce later. If he ever had need to use it, it would probably be a "buckets on" situation anyway. Then they were interrupted. "Friend or Foe?" Taab was about to reply with a sardonic "You're still alive ain't ya?" in answer to the question but the Captain beat him to the punch. The female didn't seem too pleased with Lasso's response. Some history there to be certain.

    Taab listened quietly as the Captain then threw together a quick mission group. It seemed like a straight forward mission, and Taab was pleased that he and Atin would be split up. Atin could handle the Crusader well enough, and the closer that Taab kept to the Captain the better, for now anyway. "... before we go guns blazing forward, anyone want to say my first mission idea is stupid or too dangerous? If not, we lift off in twenty minutes?"

    Taab shook his head, "Sounds good Skip." He got up off of his buy'ce and clipped it to his belt. He was ready to get on with the job, but Fress still had other things on her mind. “If you betray me or anyone on this crew, you won’t live to see the break of dawn. I’m familiar with Mandalore and some of the customs there. Particularly with bounty hunters and Death Watch. You better be on the up and up or we’re going to have problems. You have to earn my trust.”

    Ah, so it was the armor she had a problem with. Well so many former criminals did. Too bad. He wasn't here to make friends or earn some fly girl's trust. He was here to do a job, earn a paycheck and train his son. He walked over to the security station and showed the droids his new credentials. A battered old B1 looked them over and handed him his Westar-34s with a "Roger, roger." He looked over to Fress and holstered them, giving her a quick wink. If she was going to hate him anyway, might as well earn that too.

    IC: Atin Taab
    Actualize Station, Northern Stretch, (Kingdom of Jod)

    Since leaving the hanger bay Atin had spent most of the time wandering the corridors of the station before he finally made his way into the mess hall. He hand't gone anywhere he wasn't allowed, but he had wanted to get a better sense of just where everything here was laid out. In the end his explorations hadn't amounted to much. Without his bucket's on board systems he couldn't record anything, and without recording he wouldn't ever remember all the twists and turns he had taken. It served as a reminder as to how dependent on its systems he had gotten.

    At least he hadn't gotten lost, but that was more due to the signage on the station than anything else. He was glad he hadn't had to ask for directions from any of the station's crew. Aside from some odd looks, they had pretty much ignored him, probably used to seeing Mercs crew by now he was sure. He finally made his way to the Mess hall, hoping they would have some fresh fruit. Ever since his days surviving the civil war he craved fresh fruit. It was a craving that often went unsatisfied on the Crusader.

    The mess hall didn't seem all that busy at the moment, maybe it wasn't yet meal time for the crew. He made his way through the line, grabbing whatever aruetii (foreign) food looked palatable. He still wasn't used to the spicy cuisine that his father and fellow mando'ade always seemed to prefer, so he was glad to grab what he could get now. Their selection of fresh fruit wasn't what he had hoped for, but it beat what he had been having.

    He walked with his full tray over to a recently vacated table, watching the woman who had been sitting there leave the room. She hadn't been wearing a Jod uniform, and Atin briefly wondered if she was also a member of the Mercs. Well he would find out soon enough. He sat down at the table and scarfed down his food. It was one of the things he was used to. Meal time was simply used to fuel the body, not something to be savored. So even though he enjoyed having something different, the sensation didn't last long. Five minutes later he was washing everything down with a glass of water and headed back to the hanger bay.

    Just as on his "exploration", no one bothered him on the return trip to the bay. He entered and saw his buir collecting his weapons from the security droids, was their job here finished already? No, most certainly not he thought as he saw him wink to the woman who was near the Captain. He had seen that before, looks like buir is already on someone's bad side. He checked the chrono on his gauntlet. Nope, not quite a record, but close. He started up on his way to retrieve his weapon too, but was waved off by his father. So he ended up standing next to the Captain and the female mercenary (?) near the boarding ramp of the Crusader. He addressed the captain, "We have a mission sir?"

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  3. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso
    Hanger Bay, Actualize Station, Northern Stretch (Kingdom of Jod)

    "Sounds good Skip." He got up off of his buy'ce and clipped it to his belt. He was ready to get on with the job, but Fress still had other things on her mind. “If you betray me or anyone on this crew, you won’t live to see the break of dawn. I’m familiar with Mandalore and some of the customs there. Particularly with bounty hunters and Death Watch. You better be on the up and up or we’re going to have problems. You have to earn my trust.”

    “Captain, I already know what I want to do to the fighters. If there is nothing else? I would like to get my tasks completed.”

    Atin, Tabb's assistant, showed up next, "We have a mission sir?"

    "We do," Lasso said, looking from Atin to Fress, "Fress Colias, meet Atin Taab, Beskaryc Taab's assistant. Atin, meet Fress Colias," Jason was about to answer---Taab's coming back over---when a rush of Jod techs ran from the Johnny Boy, heading towards a massive screen on one of the walls. Several King's Army soldiers and Naval Guards were waving everyone over. Lasso looked at everyone and nodded towards the gathering, "Come on!"

    Lasso and the rag-tag group of mercenaries joined the growing pool of on-goers, as those up front hushed for everyone to be quiet. The screen showed the planet of Alderaan via a static filled and jumpy holo recording device aboard a Jod Defense Force Sentinel-class Patrol Craft, clearly leaving the system at max sub-light speed; the vessel's weapons were pounding away at a squadron of TIE Fighters chasing after her. A male's voice was talking over the footage (information taken from Destruction of Alderaan), "...Empire has engaged a Rebel Alliance fleet in system," as the patrol craft distanced itself from the planet more and more, a massive moon-like space station appeared at the edge of the view screen, "...Alliance losses are heavy. All Jod intel assets have been secured from planet and are on board. Naval Reconnaissance Troopers were deployed planet side and were able to evacuate several historical and science professors of the University of Alderaan, including several government officials at the university. The Empire's DS-1 Orbital Battle Station has entered effective firing range and we are---" a green laser beam shot from the Death Star and the planet blew apart (OOG: I am assuming this is blu-ray...I only have the DVDs and Special Editions), debris rocketing into space. The the holo recorder was shaking and static as the narrator's voice for the footage could be heard, the TIE Fighters being consumed by the planet's expanding rock debris, "Faster! Jump to Red Space! Jump now! Jump now!" The ship holo camera went static as debris from the planet's explosion overcame the holo recorder.

    Lasso stood there, speechless like everyone else. He turned to those mercs with him, anger strewn across his face, "It ends now. The Empire pays. Fress, get those fighters prepped and Kasumi up here on the double. Atin, get the Crusader prepped and Beskaryc, get the Sentinel prepped. We leave in twenty minutes."

    Lasso left the Mercs to their own devices; for his part, he went over to where Havah Jeth was with Russel Cook. He parted the curtain, overhearing Havah's last few words.

    "...does not merely increase it's contagency to others."

    Lasso grabbed Havah's near-by shirt from a chair and threw it at him, "Get dressed."

    "Excuse me!" Doctor Russel Cook protested.

    "Doc, Alderaan has just been destroyed by something so big it was hard for me to think the Empire could even create it," Lasso exchanged his looks between Cook and Havah, "But they did. Two billion lives gone in an instant. Is Havah healthy, Doc?"

    "Medically, yes. The toxins are cleared from his system and his body is recovering. But it'll be a few hours still before I release him for safety reasons. I need to monitor him."

    "He can monitor himself on the hyperspace trip," Lasso said, looking back to Havah, "Be at the new Sentinel in," Lasso looked down at his chrono, "Eighteen minutes or your left behind."

    "I have to protest, Captain!" Cook protested, knowing of Lasso's recent promotion, "This patient is in my medical care!"

    "On a mercenary crew, Doc," Lasso replied, "Medical ethics don't apply out here. He's walking and breathing and I know enough about Havah that, if he feels up to it, he'll be on that shuttle. If he doesn't, he has a darn good reason to stay behind."

    Lasso turned around and left, heading back the way he came. Ler and the few Merc crewers who were around were loading the newly acquired Bantha-II cargo skiff onto the Sentinel, "How are they?" Lasso asked as he jogged past up the ramp, coming alongside Ler as he directed traffic.

    "The landspeeder still needs some work and will stay behind. But the skiff is pretty much ready to go. I was going to do some additions on the way."

    Lasso smiled, he liked the forward thinking droid, "Welcome aboard. You'll only have a few hours."

    "I'll have the skiff up for sure by then."

    "Good," Lasso went on to the cockpit, tapping Taab's shoulder for the new Security Chief to take the co-pilot seat, while Lasso settled in to the pilot's seat, "Sure hope you brought along some extra firepower. These shadowports aren't fun, I hear," Lasso brought up the comm to the Crusader and the two starfighters---Fress and Kasumi.

    "Listen up. We'll be heading for Cloud City first. I figure we can hang low and get some creditable folk. From there, we'll head to Smuggler's Run next and then back to our own home port of Port Haven. The ports should give us a good crew. Look, we'll need to save time. So the Crusader and Fress, you'll head to Cloud City. The Sentinel---call us Luck's Gamble---will head to Smuggler's Run with Kasumi. We'll meet back at Port Haven in one standard day. Fress, take point on the op. Make sure Havah Jeth is with you before you leave and catch him up to speed on the mission. A Jod Light-class Destroyer will ferry you to our galaxy and then wait for us at Port Haven. Good luck and leave when you can. We'll get our own Destroyer ferry. Luck's Gamble out."

    Flipping off the comm, Lasso heard a ruffle of armored feet up the ramp and looked back to see the old Merc Commander, Terrel Vacks, "Commander," Lasso nodded.

    The old Commander took off his Storm Commando's helmet and nodded to Lasso and Taab, "Gentlemen. Congratulations on the promotion and welcome to the Mercs," the dark-skinned human smiled towards Taab, "I'm the old dog around these parts now and Lasso's second."

    "You see Kasumi?" Lasso asked, looking out the cockpit window towards the hanger below.

    "I thought I saw her coming," Vacks replied.

    "Okay," Jason said, hearing Ler shout that all was secured from below and bringing the ramp up to close, "Once she's ready, we fly. Dak can stay with Doctor Cook and manage whatever crew we have left here until we get back."

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  4. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Actualize Station Hanger Bay

    Fress collapsed to her knees feeling a great disturbance in the Force. She raised her eyes and barely had time to look up as everyone gathered around a holo vid. She unsteadily got to her feet and walked over holding an arm across her tummy. She felt like she was going to be sick. Everyone was silent, almost too silent.

    Fress barely heard what Jason said to her as she watched Alderaan her home planet being blown away. That is what she felt in the Force. Tears slid down her cheeks as she heard Jason again but barely registered what he wanted her to do. She had to fit the fighters… She raised a hand and wiped the tears away. She hadn’t been back to her home planet and looks like it will never happen.

    Fress silently hoped Leia wasn’t on the planet or Bail either. Saber rolled up beside her as she placed a hand on top of his dome. He beeped sadly as she chewed on her lower lip trying to keep it together.

    Saber beeped again causing her to look down. Fifteen minutes left. Kriffing kid, can’t he just give an extra few minutes? She walked over to a command console and typed in her orders. She wanted both X-wings fully loaded with torpedoes, fully charged lasers with extra fuel pods and rations with water and juice for the time they would be stuck in the x-wings. She typed in the destinations for each X-wing so they could get the right amount of fuel.

    Fress walked to her X-wing and the symbol she painted on the side nearly caused more tears. “Saber run full schematics on this X-wing and Kasumi’s,” she ordered as Saber went to work. She waited silently as Saber beeped everything was green as she watched some workers load the weapons onto the X-wing.

    Fress walked over to Kasumi’s as workers went to work on the X-wing. “Are we good with the amount of fuel for both X-wings?”

    ”We’re good Lieutenant,” the Jod worker answered as Saber beeped Kasumi’s X-wing was green and ready for action. “It’s a shame about Alderaan.”

    “I’m from Alderaan,” Fress whispered causing the Jod worker to stop his work.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t know, my condolences,” the Jod worker said as he watched her carefully. “Are you all right?”

    “No,” Fress admitted as Saber beeped for her attention. She glanced down at the translator screen noting Kasumi’s fighter was green. “Thanks Saber,” she took a few deep breaths as she fought to gain her emotions under control. “Find Havah and have him meet me here.”

    “You shouldn’t be going on this mission,” the Jod worker said.

    “I don’t have a choice,” Fress said as she swallowed hard. “The kid has forgotten where I am from or where Kasumi is from. She’s also from Alderaan. Her family was on the planet last I heard. I hope they weren’t there when it happened.”

    Saber took off towards a different part of the hangar bay as Fress looked at the Jod worker. “No one should have that much power. It’s the reason I left when I did. I couldn’t be apart of that. Now I won’t be able to show my son a part of his heritage. The Empire took that away.”

    ”Fress do you need a few minutes?” The Jod worker questioned with a concerned expression. “Or a shoulder to cry on?”

    “There will be time for that later," Fress said as she hit the switch on her comlink. “Kasumi meet me in the hangar bay ASAP. We lift off in ten minutes.”

    Fress sent instructions to Havah's droids to get his fighter prepped and ready to go.

    IC: Saber
    Actualize Station Hangar bay

    Saber rolled around the corner to where he scanned Havah’s signature and beeped at him. //Fress has requested your presence for a briefing on the coming mission. Go easy on her. Her home planet was just destroyed.//

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  5. Coffee_Ninja

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    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Hallway of Actualize Station

    Begin Music

    Kasumi heard silence....nothing but silence. The echos she had heard in her head were gone....there was silence. She dropped her flute to the floor and heard nothing around her but it hitting the station floor. She sank to her knees slowly gripping the wall for support. She let the tears fall.....Alderaan was silent....her mother's force presence was gone, and she could not feel her brother anymore. She had truly lost everything now. She let the tears fall...

    “Kasumi meet me in the hangar bay ASAP. We lift off in ten minutes.”

    She heard the com message....but didn't want to respond. She just turned it off. She leaned her back against the bulk head and let the sobs come. She felt Aayla's hand on her shoulder....she just needed a moment....just that. She reached her hand out for the flute, and shaking put it back in her pouch. She stood, slowly using the wall for support and with Aayla close behind slowly made her way to the hangar bay. She didn't care who saw the hurt on her face, or the pain in her eyes. She had to stop every few feet as the grief would overwhelm her. There was silence all around, there were holo vids of the destruction of Alderaan that played around her. She knew people were watching her as she made her way down corridor after corridor. She remembered hearing the doors open to the lifts and remembered walking toward the hangar bay. She remembered entering it, she remembered passing Jod team members....and hearing Buddy beep mournfully at her as he watched her head toward her fighter...following close behind. Aayla stood waiting at the fighter....she placed both hands on Kasumi's shoulders to stop her from getting in. Kasumi could do nothing but let more tears fall.

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  6. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Cody
    Actualize Station Hanger Bay

    Cody stared at the image of Alderaan blowing up. Palpatine had way too much power and he was thankful he refused not to get involved any further with him. He remembered both Fress and Kasumi were from the planet that’s until he heard Lasso shooting his mouth off about leaving in twenty minutes. He knew Fress and Kasumi would need more time then that and he was ready to rip the kid a new. He didn’t finish the thought as he looked at Fress. He could tell she was devastated but walked away to carry out her orders.

    Cody followed Fress cursing under his breath. Fress had this funny way of suppressing her real emotions and pushed on regardless, which he learned was not a healthy thing to do. Somehow he had to convince her to let it out. He overheard her talking with a Jod worker crewmember and Fress turned him down about it letting it all out.

    Cody walked to Fress’s side and carefully pulled her into a hug. She resisted at first then looked up and he could see the pain and devastation of what she just lost written all over her face. “Fress let it out and I will not take no for an answer.”

    Cody felt her shoulders shake and heard soft sobbing against his shoulder. He noticed Kasumi walking up to the X-wing. He nodded to the Jod crewmember. “Go to Kasumi and someone get word out to Lasso that both girls need an extra few minutes.”

    “Yes sir,” the Jod crewmember walked to Kasumi’s side and placed a hand onto her shoulder and he could hear the Jod worker offering Kasumi a shoulder to cry on.

    Cody had no clue what to say to the situation. He gently typed in a message hoping Lasso received it.

    //Stall the mission for an hour, both Kasumi and Fress have lost their home, family, and friends less then ten minutes ago. If you don’t then you and I are going to have an unpleasant discussion about pushing on without allowing others to grieve. They both need some time as they were both from Alderaan and lost just about everything. Cody.//

    Cody sent the message hoping the kid would stall the mission. He kept his hold on Fress allowing her the time and space he knew she needed.

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  7. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: I was going to post this last night, but as 1:30am approached, I found that bed was rather tempting (I added the second part this morning).

    Sorry if its rushed, but I'm trying to get storylines set up so we can get moving along in the game. Originally, we were going to get crews from pirate nests in Jod (make it a lot quicker), but I trashed the idea because I didn't want a all-Jod crew. I wanted the Mercs to be mercs, not Jod.

    IC: Jason Lasso
    Cockpit, Luck's Gamble, Northern Stretch (Kingdom of Jod)

    Lasso was rechecking what Taab had already checked, not because he didn't trust the new Merc, but because he had to do something. He kept glancing out the cockpit forward view, seeing Fress...then Kasumi. And a single tear rolled down Lasso's right cheek as he continued on the mindless process. He wiped it clear with a hand, glancing at Taab, "What?"

    His comlink beeped and Lasso checked it,

    //Stall the mission for an hour, both Kasumi and Fress have lost their home, family, and friends less then ten minutes ago. If you don’t then you and I are going to have an unpleasant discussion about pushing on without allowing others to grieve. They both need some time as they were both from Alderaan and lost just about everything. Cody.//

    Lasso had lost his mother and father and he knew the pain. But not a whole planet. Everything that was them---their culture, their history---of Alderaan was gone. There would be no glorious liberation of the planet from an Imperial occupation. Rather, only tears and the loss of what could never be seen again.

    Lasso hit the comm, "Fress and Kasumi, take as much time as you need. The Luck's Gamble will continue on mission. Kasumi, go with Fress. Atin, you and the Crusader will go to Smuggler's Run; the smaller craft will be able to maneuver better in the asteroid field. We'll take Cloud City. Good luck and I'm sorry for the loss of Alderaan."

    In short time, the Luck's Gamble lifted off, leaving the recent new of Alderaan's destruction behind and flying towards a hopeful better future.


    Seven hours later, approaching Cloud City

    Their Light-class Destroyer ferry had taken them to to the Bespin System, dropping them off in system. The destroyer would wait for them on the edge of the system, remaining hidden.

    The technology of the Red Rock was quite amazing; the worm hole journey had taken three hours, dropping them off in the Open Sea. From the Open Sea to Cloud City, it took only a few hours with the Light-class Destroyer. If the Jod could ever produce a modern navy, their ability to cross the galaxy and reach war zones in small amounts of time would be unparalleled. It gave a person pause to appreciate that the Kingdom of Jod weren't power hungry...they could certainly make a push to challenge any number of the smaller system governments for territory and even give the Empire a problem in the Outer Rim.

    The journey had mostly been one of sharing stories between the three organics in the cockpit and helping Ler with the skiff modifications. Seven hours went by fast when you were busy.

    They had discussed the plan on the way; Vacks seem to think that there might be some value found in Tibannopolis and the group agreed to check the forsaken city out for supplies if time provided. But for now, the focus would be Port Town.

    As the Luck's Gamble descended down into the clouds, already having passed the welcome by two Storm IV Twin-Pod Cloud Cars, Lasso turned to Taab, "Looks like Port Town would be our best bet. Have any information on the place?"

    Cloud City loomed up ahead...

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  8. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    Getting interrupted by Lasso was one thing, and he quickly put muster to orders. In short order Glove, his black R2 unit, had arrived with the crate of his armor and supplies. Changing was a simple thing with gear present and having lived in the stuff for so long he had felt nearly naked without it. Something which was punctuated by Fress' droid interrupting him just he was sealing the vac-rated body glove before the armor pieces. Shrugging he looked at the doc as he finished suiting up with Pic's help. "Guess I'll get your rebutal later. Better make it good, memory is tricky and subject to state of mind." It was a simple warning but one the doctor should recognize, and the reason Havah had chosen his method of poison. You remembered what happened while drunk if drunk better, and if sober when sober the memories were best. Being drunk meant he had trouble remembering that first death and a few others, but still his wall of service with the Mercs was clearer drunk then, whereas now it was a fuzzy recollection.

    "Glove alert Fress she is misinformed." With that his astromech left to deliver the message that Havah would not be coming, and that if she had a problem with it take it up with the boss and look after her own port vents for once. It bit rude and crude, but fitting, he didn't want to hold her hand after something like this. Besides to his mind, a culture had died, a race survived. Nothing to precious was really lost beyond life and artwork, and in a job where you got paid to steal or murder the only real loss was the ecosystems.

    Definitly not time to visit with Alderaanian's.

    Trotting up the ramp into the Sentinel he and Pic quickly found spots to button in, and then Pic promptly set to helping Ler with preperations during the flight as Havah dimmed his visor. Whatever was coming, he hoped there would be a tavern.

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  9. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mystery Bantha-class assault shuttle
    Location: Berroll's Donn

    Illumination from the silent craft was provided by circular white searchlights on the front of the twin booms extending forward from the right and left of the main hull, the cabin lighting behind the window port of the ventral tower, and the gash of transparisteel stretching across the flattened front of the main hull.

    Without warning, all lights shut off, plunging the vessel into a darkness that almost totally blended it with the background starfield.

    A check of energy readouts would show that it was still shielded, however.

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  10. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Actualize Station

    "Fress and Kasumi, take as much time as you need. The Luck's Gamble will continue on mission. Kasumi, go with Fress. Atin, you and the Crusader will go to Smuggler's Run; the smaller craft will be able to maneuver better in the asteroid field. We'll take Cloud City.Good luck and I'm sorry for the loss of Alderaan."

    Fress shook at the thought. Sympathy for losing an entire planet? It was unheard of. No one should have that much power.The sobs just came as if someone opened a flood gate on her. Cody knew her too well and knew she would've pushed on and placed her life at danger because of it. She and Kasumi were in no condition to fly at the moment.

    Cody didn't say a word as he gently rubbed her back in a soothing way. What could you say to something like this? She was shaking uncontrollably. She was finally beginning to calm down a little. Maybe enough to go and wash her face.

    Fress pulled back from Cody as her comlink went off. She glanced at him as he shook his head. She looked down at the message and raised an eyebrow. She still felt shaky just from the shock of it all. How could anyone blow up a planet like that? She was glad Lasso decided to allow her and Kasumi to take an hour or two before leaving.

    //You have been misinformed, if you have a problem with this take it up with Lasso, Jeth.// She noted it was from Glove. She knew that man was stubborn and she knew she should’ve tracked Havah down her self.

    “And I thought Anakin was stubborn,” Fress muttered under her breath causing Cody to shake his head sadly. “Havah is ten times worse. He maybe my senior officer but I still has my orders from Lasso,” she pressed down on her comlink. Her voice sounded shaky and cracked when she spoke. “Jeth, where are you? You were supposed to meet me for the briefing, that’s Lasso’s order not mine.”

  11. Mitth_Fisto

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    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Actualize Station, Hanger

    Opening his eyes he looked at the empty spot where the Sentinel had been, it was a nice to think of sleep at a time like this. Knowing you were going somewhere with more civilized people than these Jod, in many a way Port Haven was that to him and in that he missed it while here. Turning he looked at Pic, "You think a murder would be passable or too passee for these folks?" As Pic reared it's head back he nodded. "Yeah, I thought so."

    Going to the ship that would be his ride out of here he looked at it from a distance, contemplating the wonders of such a craft. Alright he was more concerned about the calculations for how much cogniac he could cram inside before locking himself in, still he was admiring it until his helmet comm buzzed in his ear, taking the call he listened to Fress. Obviously emotional, in no position to be making the clinical desicions of command. Opening up his link he responded with a very dry voice, "That is very important information, something that should be included in a request for a superiors presence. Now that you gave me a just reason to see it as an order and not a whimsical request I will be there shortly. Havah Out." with a double blink the link was cut and he turned to Pic. "Kids. Can't kill them, and can't lobatomize them. What are we to do? What are we to do?" he simply stated in a weary tone before turning to head toward where he had already pegged Fress' location.

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Actualize Station Hangar Bay

    "That is very important information, something that should be included in a request for a superiors presence. Now that you gave me a just reason to see it as an order and not a whimsical request I will be there shortly. Havah Out."

    Whimsical? Fress thought to her self as she used a wet cloth a Jod worker handed her to wipe her eyes with. She smiled slightly. Honestly if this was the military, Jeth would’ve followed the orders without question. She had to remind herself this wasn’t the military and those with a higher rank tended to ignore those under them.

    “Fress, are you going to be okay for this mission?” Cody questioned with concern as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

    ”I think so. Just give me an hour or two then we’ll lift off,” Fress explained with a frown. “Kasumi needs some time too.”

    “Lieutenant, we’ll leave when you’re ready,” the Jod captain from the light freighter said.

    “Thank you, captain,” Fress turned her attention to Havah Jeth as he walked across the hangar bay as she typed a message to Chris.

    //Street, meet me in the hangar bay in less then two hours from now. You will be going with the Crusader, Atin, and Havah. Kasumi and I will be flying escort to Smugglers Run in hopes to find a crew for the Johnny Boy. A Jod light destroyer will escort us back to our galaxy. Make sure to come fully armed. Lieutenant Colias.//

    Fress lowered the washcloth knowing her eyes must be red by now. Her face felt a little warmer then usual. She took a few deep breaths to steady her emotions, which she did feel a little better since crying. “I had planned to take my son back to see his heritage. That won’t happen now. I should’ve took him when I was thinking about it.”

    “No one could’ve foreseen this happening,” Cody pointed out with a frown. “Hey, you still have me Kasumi and few a others who are still here.”

    “I know,” Fress glanced at Kasumi wondering how many Alderalians were still out there. She hoped there were more then two. The vision she had a few months indicated Leia was on the Death Star. She had a feeling the Force would’ve made sure Leia had a way out. She felt sick to the stomach and unsure if she could attempt to eat something or not. She didn’t feel hungry at all.

    “How about something to eat?” Cody questioned with a slight smile. “Food always helps make things better.”

    Fress smiled slightly and nodded. “All right. Maybe Kasumi may like to join us if she’s feeling up to it,” she gently pulled away from Cody and walked across the hangar bay to meet Havah. She looked at him with a frown and took a few deep breaths to clear her mind and to keep herself from crying in front of him. “You’re on the Crusader with Atin and Streets. We lift off in under two hours from now. Kasumi and I need some breathing room and Lasso agreed to give us the extra time before he left. A Jod Light Destroyer will escort us back to our galaxy where we will jump to Smugglers run. Kasumi and I will be escorting the Crusader. Lasso wants us to find a crew for the Johnny Boy. We’re too meet Lasso back at Port Haven in one day from now. Come fully armed, Smugglers run is no picnic. Go back and see Russel to finish your treatment. One other thing, if you feel the need to drink. Don’t and my offer still stands about going to a rehabilitation clinic. Russell is expecting you. If you have no questions. Then you are dismissed.”

    //Atin, get the Crusader ready for departure in two hours. Make sure you're fully armed. Colias.// Fress hit the send button as she shot off quick note to Rusell about Havah going back to him for the next hour. She wanted Havah to be completely ready for what lied ahead.

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mission Supervisor Lim, Agent Devon Robie (npcs), Lucrehulk-class SGIS Base Ship
    Location: [Classified]

    The flaxen-haired Lim synthdroid based at the Base Ship, and thus de facto leader of the Secret galactic Intelligence Service, was displaying all the signs of trauma and anger at the loss of contact with one of her sister droids, working undercover at an Imperial Intelligence data centre.

    What happened!” She demanded rhetorically of the command centre, which, filled almost explusively with blue-shouldered B1 pilot droids, was not much help providing a response. “How could Imperial Intelligence have discovered her; they didn’t for more than a decade!

    The rodian agent, Devon, was standing beside one of the seated pilot droids, lining the wall behind his distraught superior.

    Stang. Are they all reporting the same thing?” He asked the long-snouted droid, which paused, then nodded.

    Roger, roger.

    Devon looked up at the artificial woman in her short-sleeved white top, which never got dirty, never stained, maybe got a bit dusty, as she almost never left the bridge. “Lim?

    WHAT?” She bellowed, turning on him.

    Devon was unfazed by her attitude, especially with what he had to tell her. “Lim, it’s not just your sister. Imperial Intelligence at other locations have lost contact with the facility on Alderaan! Civilians talking to relatives, commercial conference calls, the Holonet has gotten wind of this already.” He looked and sounded worried. “This doesn’t feel like someone accidentally kicked a plug out at the local holocomm provider.

    This calmed her down. “Okay, so thing might be okay. Could be sunspots or something. If literally everybody is reporting the same thing, we need to get some visuals there, see what is going on.

    Why? Whoever we send will only be tripping over whatever Double-Eye send. We would probably do just as well watching the news. HNN, Holo Network News have an Alderaan affiliate, don’t they?

    The large, almost square repeater screen in the command centre hummed as it illuminated, showing static, thinning out to become a picture of several starships flying about, the HNN logo in the bottom right of the screen.

    A voice-over indicated that this was a repeat of the events of the last ten minutes

    I didn’t know the Alliance were engaged at Alderaan.

    A huge grey sphere appeared in the background, moving from the right of the screen.

    What the hell? That thing is artificial.

    It's too big to be artificial!” Robie asked.

    Lim whirled on the rodian and tapped an index finger to her temple, “Trust the eyes!

    The picture changed to show a coastal town being was battered by tidal waves washing across the beach and over sea walls, frothing white over roadways, and up the fronts of the buildings.

    The picture switched to a view inside a technologically-advanced laboratory with repeater screen, with a white-haired scientist type looking up at a screen showing a thin-faced man fingering his own chin.

    That's Governor Tarkin.” Lim identified in some surprise.

    "What's your game?" The Alderaani meteorologist demanded of Tarkin's image, "You are ******* with our tides!"

    The screen went white, screaming could be heard, and the picture dissolved into static.

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    OOC: The "Trust the eyes" comment is based on Auton Rory's "Trust the ears" one in Doctor Who - The Pandorica Opens...Pt 2?
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    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Actualize Station Hangar Bay

    Start Music

    Kasumi felt the hand on her shoulder and turned to see the Jod worker laying a hand on her shoulder.

    His eyes met hers and he felt the touch of her hand on his.

    Kasumi nodded in thanks to the Jod soldier. And took her leave….not sure what to say as she passed Fress.

    He watched as she walked away.

    Kasumi heard the doors open and stepped through them….she ran as fast as she could to an open hangar bay and locked herself in there. She pulled out her saber and began using all of her might to go through form after form after form. She had the images of Alderaan and images of her family playing over and over in her mind.

    He sat and watched the images that were playing on the screens over and over. Each time it was like seeing it for the first time. He could not believe what had happened. All the people gone…in seconds.

    Kasumi had exhausted herself, and then decided to get something to eat. She entered the mess and sat in a chair by herself and stared out at the stars.

    He looked across the mess. She looked about as lost as he was. He stood up and walked towards her sitting down across from her. Nothing was said, they just watched the stars. They had two hours before their mission started.

    Kasumi took a sip of tea and watched others around her. All were timid…and didn’t know what to say to her. And she didn’t blame them.

    He felt a hand on his shoulder this time. “Reports state that she may still be alive. “
    He smiled, “I hope so, I truly do. If she’s not, then we are lost. And we’ve lost so much already.”
    She looked over at him, “I’m sorry….I tried to get her off with me.”
    “I know you did, but you know her. She wouldn’t leave no matter what happened. “

    Kasumi sighed….remembering her brother’s smile and hearing his laugh. Phelan, I’m sorry.

    “Phelan, the head of topography wants to see you. He wants your input on some places that we found.” He stood up and went to meet with the head of topography to help with the Rebels plans to come.

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab/Atin Taab
    Hanger Bay, Actualize Station, Northern Stretch (Kingdom of Jod)

    Taab had just finished retrieving his side arms when a commotion started at the other end of the bay. He glanced over, there was no immediate danger, but something had gotten the deck crew pretty riled up. "Come on!" Atin looked to his father at the Captain's order. Taab jerked his head towards the commotion, an indication for his son to follow orders and the two of them jogged over with Lasso and the others to see what was happening.

    The images on the screen greeted them. Some sort of skirmish going on, perhaps even a pitched battle, in the space surrounding a beautiful blue and green world topped with white clouds. "Alderaaan," Taab whispered, informing Atin of the planet they were witnessing. Taab had been there, once. When was that? About 15 years ago or so he figured. Neither Mandalorian could see why this had gotten everyone so excited, battles happened, even if Alderaan was the last place Taab expected one to break out. Their confusion was answered with an overwhelming sense of dread as a dull grey sphere entered the frame.

    "Is that a moon?" Atin whispered to his father. But Taab just shook his head slowly, almost sadly, before answering. "No..." He had never seen such a thing before, never even dreamt it was possible. But he knew what would happen next. Someone, The Empire, would only build something that large for one purpose. His suspicions were confirmed a moment later as a single bright green shot overwhelmed Alderaan's planetary shields and shattered the planet. Static soon replaced the scene of destruction, and both Taab and Atin stood there watching in a stunned silence.

    Taab's silence was a calm one. There was not much in this galaxy that could surprise him anymore, but what he had just seen had done it. The sheer scale of the thing, and its ability to take out a planet sized target in a single shot. Even he hadn't expected that level of firepower. It was a powerful weapon, a game changer, and would make a tempting target. Taab doubted the Rebel Alliance had the means available to them to even scratch the surface of such a monster though. Naturally the loss of history and culture meant little to the Mandalorian. The only history that mattered to him was his own.

    Oddly enough the loss of life didn't affect him either. He was no stranger to death, even that of innocents. It happened. Initially it struck him as a highly unprofessional act by the Empire, but he was sure that Alderaan's destruction was for a purpose. The Imperials surely thought that such an action would frighten the Rebels and their sympathizers into submission. Looking around the hanger bay, Taab knew that they were sorely mistaken on that assumption. These people were angry, and the loss of that world had only steeled their resolve. The fighting would only get fiercer from here on out, Taab smiled a grim smile, and that would be good for business.

    Conversely Atin's silence was one of unfettered and barely contained rage. The Empire, the all powerful, galaxy spanning government that couldn't even bring a halt to the pain and suffering on his home world had just wrought death on an unimaginable scale. Apparently they couldn't muster up the resources to save lives on Ranklinge because they were too busy spending them on that...thing. A thing whose only purpose was to sow terror and sorrow throughout the Galaxy. A thing whose only purpose was death.

    He clenched his fist tightly, once, twice, three times and exhaled slowly. Like his father, he was no stranger to death. He had seen it, and caused it, first hand. Perhaps he had even murdered, if you counted killing an unsuspecting enemy as murder, but he had never done anything like this. he had never gone out of his way to slaughter the innocent. He was learning the ways of the warrior, of the Mando'ade (Mandalorian people), so that he might one day use his strength to protect the weak.

    Just as his father had, he looked around at the silent faces in the hanger bay. He could see their sorrow and their anger too. He knew his father was always telling him to remove himself form the situation and just concentrate on the job, but he knew that there was no way he could do that now. Not on this one. He would take pleasure for every Imperial he killed from here on out. For their failures on his world, and for their murdering of Alderaan.

    "It ends now. The Empire pays. Fress, get those fighters prepped and Kasumi up here on the double. Atin, get the Crusader prepped and Beskaryc, get the Sentinel prepped. We leave in twenty minutes." Both Taab and Atin nodded at the order and responded with a simultaneous "Yes Sir!" Then they looked to each other and grasped each other's forearms, shaking hands in the traditional Mandalorian fashion, before they jogged off to their separate missions.

    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Luck's Gamble, 20 minutes later.

    After a short detour to the Crusader's armory, Taab had spent much of the last few minutes familiarizing himself with the controls of the Sentinel. They didn't seem all that different from a Sienar patrol craft, but after decades of being behind the controls of the Crusader he wanted to make sure he knew where everything was. Satisfied that he wouldn't accidentally fire off the hellcasters instead of activating the main drives, he tapped out a quick message to Atin. His son would get it when he set out on his own mission. Taab knew what they had witnessed must have affected him, though he wasn't sure how much. Hopefully his message would help his son to steady himself.

    "Good. Sure hope you brought along some extra firepower. These shadowports aren't fun, I hear," Lasso tapped Taab on the shoulder who took the hint and vacated the pilot's position and settled down next to him in the co-pilot's chair. Taab patted the DXR6 heavy carbine he had stowed away behind the co-pilot's chair. "Brought my most favorite blaster with me. We'll be fine." He then responded to his introduction to Commander Vacks with a curt "Sir." From the looks of him the man knew his business, one less thing for Taab to worry about then.

    He watched as Lasso then went and double checked Taab's pre-flight checklist. Taab wasn't offended by it, it was the mark of another professional. He pretended he didn't see the tear rolling down the younger man's cheek and ignored his defensive "What?" If the man wanted to get a little emotional that was his business, but Taab hoped he could keep those emotions in check once the op was under way. If not Taab would have to give him something to do, some task to "look over" and double check Taab on, to get his mind off of things. Then he changed the mission plan. Taab groaned inwardly, there was no reason to change things up last minute to cater to some pilot's feelings. This was the time to take action, not wallow in sorrow, even if just for an hour. Still he said nothing, the decision was made, and orders given. It was now their duty to obey, it was the professional thing to do.

    Seven hours later.

    The trip to Bespin had gone much faster than Taab would have expected. Whatever FTL technology this Kingdom of Jod had at their disposal, it would do wonders for any insurgent force and could be made into a significant force multiplier. Unfortunately Taab was sworn to secrecy on all matters he encountered on this job, so he would never tell the tale. But knowing of it, especially on the heels of seeing the power of that battle station, was heady stuff, even to the grizzled old veteran.

    The time seemed to go even faster as they had kept busy during their journey. Discussing plans, working on the skiff. It was all a great way to make the trip seem shorter, and to get their minds off of what they had witnessed happen to Alderaan. "Looks like Port Town would be our best bet. Have any information on the place?" Taab nodded his head as Cloud City began to grow larger through the forward viewscreen. "Yeah, a year or two ago an ... associate of mine was a crime boss around here. I wasn't there, not my style. But Notimo made a real mess of things before he was killed, and I doubt all the locals have forgotten." He unclipped his buy'ce from his belt and placed it over his head now. It would look odd for a Mandalorian to be out and about without his bucket on. "So they might not be too friendly once they see the beskar'gam." He reached around and brought up his carbine, ensuring it was loaded. "Don't worry, I won't let it bother me."

    As the ship got even closer to their destination Taab spoke up again. "If we aren't worried about being too low profile we could get the baron's aide to help us find crewman that meet our criteria. He's a cyborg, won't take him long to filter out the bad eggs. Barring that I say we hit the smaller bars try to target Alderaanians." He paused for a moment before explaining his reasoning. "They will be spoiling for a fight and will be willing to take less money for their shot." Taab knew it was a cold assessment of the the Adleraanian survivors, but when looking for a crew, you took any advantage you could get. "Oh..and one more thing. Watch your backs."

    ooc: yes I used Firefly as the inspiration for the "most favorite blaster" line.

    IC Atin Taab

    After receiving his orders Atin went to ready the Crusader. It had been sometime since she had seen a "guest" crew and Atin spent the time locking down the droid brains in the gun turrets and securing the armory. He noted his buir had already gone through and taken some choice weaponry with himself for his part of the operation. He knew that Taab had been to both the Run and Cloud City before though Atin himself never had. He was looking forward to it.

    Now Atin sat in the cockpit of the old converted freighter, going through a pre-flight checklist. He was the primary transport pilot on this one and wanted to make sure he did things by the numbers. A muffled beep reached his ears from his buy'ce, which sat on the co-pilot's seat where he had left it. Looking around to make sure no one would see him he slipped it over his head. He would wear it for the mission of course, but wasn't sure if the Captain would be happy with his wearing it before they left the hanger. The beep had announced an incoming message, from his father. He blinked to accept it and the scrolling text appeared before his eyes on his HUD.

    Atin cleared the message and watched as the Luck's Gamble finished up it's own pre-flight prep. His father seemed so heartless at times, so detached from what he was doing. He wondered if he had trained his other children, or the Clones on Kamino this way. Probably. Then he wondered if it had ever taken with them. Atin seriously doubted it ever would with him. He knew in his heart that it was the duty of the strong to protect the weak. It was why he trained so hard to be one of the strong. Another message came through. This time from the mission commander, Fress.

    More time to dwell on what just happened. Still, she must have her reasons. He sent back an acknowledgement and then took his bucket off and placed it on the control console. The ship was already ready, fully fueled and armed. So Atin went aft to check out what the Crusader's databanks said about the Smuggler's Run, anything to keep his mind off of the innocents slaughtered on Alderaan.

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    OOG: Sith, did my "...start scanning for ion trails, energy spikes, and comm signatures. If their help is cloaked, they'll leave a trail, even if we can't see them." reveal anything?

    IC: Jim Palso
    Cockpit, Hunk of Junk, forward of the Delicate Delinquent's bow

    Without warning, all lights shut off, plunging the vessel into a darkness that almost totally blended it with the background starfield.

    "What the?" Palso said, alarmed, bringing up Library, "Lock and load WL! But hold your fire until I say so."

    The droid's response came back over Jim's headset, "Copy, Captain."

    Bugger beeped and whistled; Palso frowned, "What do you mean its still shielded?" Jim shook his head, calling up Xan, "Xan, good ole buddy, this thing is playing games. What next?"

    If Jim had his way, shooting first and asking questions later always worked in his book...

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    IC: Jason Lasso
    Port Haven, Cloud City, Outer Rim

    The wind from Bespin's never-ending sky whirled through the top landing pads of Cloud City as Lasso and company departed the Luck's Gamble; Jason stood at the bottom of the ramp, noticing a entrance/exit sigh up ahead, going down into Cloud City itself. They had chose to land some distance away from the civilized parts of the floating city, as to not draw attention to themselves that was undue.

    Beskaryc's words were still fresh in Jason's mind, "We'll check out this cyborg first."


    Some time later...

    Either Lasso's new Security Chief was a master-talker with people or he knew just about every important person you had to know in this business. Regardless, with Ler standing guard back at the ship, the three Mercs stood outside one of the bars in Port Town, titled Down On Your Luck. It met the requirements that Lasso was looking for: Spacers who you could trust, if a bit of piracy here and there in the ranks, and it had Beskaryc's requirements: a focal point of pissed off Alderaans.

    "Well," Jason said, lowering his wrist com that displayed the map, "We can either do this gentle-like or Merc like."

    Lasso lead the trio through the doors and into a rather rowdy bar. On the wall screens, Alderaan's recent destruction played again and again, groups of drunken Alderaan citizens--former citizens as that was now---could be picked out easily: they were loud and very, very drunk.

    The chatter around the bar died down as all became quiet as the three entered. At first, Jason thought it was him entering with two clearly armored personnel flanking him.

    This was it: Lasso's first attempt at recruiting a crew. "We're looking for a crew," Lasso boomed, in which he was greeted by laughter.

    "A crew?" Said a man by the bar with sarcasm, "For what son? Sorry, but we don't play toy battleship." Laughter filled the bar.

    Lasso nodded, looking around, "My age, isn't it?"

    "Sonny," Another bar customer said, clearing the spacer-going type like the former who spoke, "I've been spacing before you were a twinkle in your daddy's eye."

    "Hard to be a twinkle when the Empire killed your father," Lasso replied loudly to all.

    "Boy," said the first man who had spoke from the bar, "No need in getting yourself killed over revenge. Its a foolish thing these days. Alderaan proved the point," the man nodded his drink to one of the wall screens and the whole bar nodded in agreement and went back to their business, turning their backs on Lasso and company.

    But Lasso wouldn't be denied. Leaders were made, not born. And now was the time to see if he had what it took.

    "I speak for Captain Rick Taller!" Lasso boomed; the whole bar turned back around.

    "You do?" Said an alien from the crowd of drinkers at a table, "Where be Captain Taller then?"

    "I'm the new Captain," Jason replied.

    Laughter once again filled the room, the first gentlemen who had spoken speaking up, "Best not be saying you killed ole' Taller now son. Or else, they'd be trouble you don't want. Taller and his Mercs were good. The best. Now what you be saying of Taller that ain't true?"

    One of the bar guests, a human, ran at Lasso from the side with a startling yell; Lasso, with a lightening fast draw, drew his S-5 heavy blaster pistol and fired to his right without looking that direction---something that Lasso had never done before. Lasso could only hear his own thoughts: leaders were made, not born. The man fell to his knees---holding a knife---a smoking hole in his chest where Lasso's shot had landed, and then he fell face first to the floor.

    Silence filled the bar; Vacks brushed past Lasso, taking off his helmet. Everyone backed up, whispering Terrel Vacks' name.

    "The kid is right," Vacks said, "Taller named him Captain. And we're looking for a crew."

    "Vacks?" Said the second man who had spoken when this had all begun, "You?"

    "You now my style," Vacks said to all in the bar, "And my loyalty to Taller. You know the Mercs. Now I ask that you trust that this young man is the new Captain."

    The man who had spoken first nodded, pushing himself off from leaning against the bar, and walked up to Lasso, "So your it? Taller's replacement. We be guessing Taller was fixing to retire after Patch Four claimed his legs. But we were fixing Vacks or Streets," The man nodded to Vacks in respect, who nodded back, "Who would of respected a crew in minutes from any bar. But Taller chose a young kid like you. Why ain't important anymore, because Taller made his decision," the man looked Lasso up and down, "It takes guts to shoot a man...even more guts to lead them. What say you?"

    Lasso looked around, holstering his blaster, and spoke as he looked around, "We're looking for a mercenary crew to stop Alderaan from happening again. A loyal crew, willing to do what is needed. Regardless of the cost."

    "Can you kill a man where he stands if need be?" The man asked.

    Before this encounter, Lasso would of said no. But as he glanced at the now corpse of the spacer on the floor, Lasso looked at the man, "Yes."

    The man nodded, "So be it. Be the table there sonny," the man pointed to the bar where drinks were being moved; he glanced at armored Taab and Vacks, "Best be careful in your choice of crew. Some be good...others got lost in the bottle years ago."

    Jason looked at Taab, "Screen the applicants for anything involving pilot work or security. Its your call if they get in line to sign up," Jason pointed in front of the bar, "The line starts here," the young Captain then turned to Vacks, "Screen out those that look to be drinkers for the regular crew and try to get people who know what their doing."

    In short order, data-pads were handed to Lasso and a table set-up. The young Captain let his new Security Chief and Vacks start to short through the longer-then usual line; Lasso would take the appliciants and have them sign after the same hiring line Lasso gave Taab earlier at the Jod space station.

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    IC: Petty Officer Wa Yay, Captain Yavscout, Delicate Delinquent
    Location: Berroll's Donn star system

    The darkened mystery vessel suddenly became visible again as the main window gash lit up for a three standard seconds, went dark for a second, then lit up three times in quick succession for about a second at a time, with a second of darkness in between.

    Wa Yay, watching this unexpected display on her console, narrowed her eyes. "Wait a minute..."

    In the Captain's Ready Room, with the holographic display, that the elf was finding terribly useful, displaying a visual scan of their visitor, Yavscout had started pulling at the desk drawers to find a flimsi pad and a stylus.

    Outside, the starship stayed in darkness for a few more seconds, then went through the flashy thing again, this time with a different pattern of illuminated duration: three seconds, one second, three seconds, one second, darkness.

    By this time, Yavscout had found what he needed, and was leaning over the table, jotting inked scratches down on the flimsi.

    "Captain," he heard Wa Yay call from next door, "I think-"

    "I'm right there with you!" He called back, nodding as the holograph of the assault shuttle glowed again for two abbreviated stints of a second each, before the vessel plunged into darkness again.

    Williams looked down at Yav in confusion, while the SGIS agent tore off the top sheet as he rose from his chair, and stalked onto the bridge to compare notes with the reptilian Johnny Boy officer.

    "You are right there with what?" The engineer called after him, falling silent after the elf's move left him alone in the room.

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    Sep 10, 2001
    OOG: My last post is VOIDED with Cloud City. See the Rocketjock for more information if needed.

    IC: Jason Lasso
    Port Town, Cloud City, Outer Rim

    Beskaryc's words had been true regarding the cyborg: they had their list. Lasso had handed the list off to the new Merc for further review to see if the Security Chief knew anything about anyone on that list---hopefully the man had some recommendations on some of the names. The new Merc Captain sent Terrel Vacks to recon out one of the other bars in Port Town, while Ler stayed behind with the Sentinel as security and back-up. Lasso took his new Security Chief to one of the established holes of scum and villainy: the Spacer's Farewell.

    On their trip from the Kingdom of Jod to Cloud City, Lasso had yet to feel like a leader. If truth be told, he felt more like a Crawlfish in a ocean full of Sando aqua monsters. While the young mercenary captain felt confident against the Queen's demands, that confidence seemed to be slipping hour by hour. Maybe Taller was mistaken about him. And the young Captain knew that his new Security Chief could see him through flesh and bone...after all, who wanted to work under a spineless leader such as Lasso? It seemed, to the young mercenary, that the torture from Hilick Soal had broken him so thoroughly that he was beyond recovery. Maybe---

    As Lasso's hand touched the door to the cantina's opening, a memory of his and Taller's last conversation flashed through his mind:

    It was, in that moment, that the "switched" was flipped. As Lasso's right boot crossed the threshold from lawful life into scum and villainy, the confidence that Lasso had experienced with the Queen returned. As he and Beskaryc walked into the Spacer's Farewell, the noises, smells, and low lightening of any number of countless thousands of low-tech, hole in the wall cantinas that serviced to spacers across the galaxy became a familiarity.


    The young mercenary captain nodded towards one of the tables for his Security Chief and the two walked to a circular table with several chairs in the middle of the crowded cantina. While the young mercenary captain was certain Beskaryc had far more experience in such places then he, the Corellian was no stranger to such establishments either. Whether it be from his 2 year journey towards the end of his fire service career to his criminal activities against the Empire for the deaths of his parents or to his limited time with the Mercs, Lasso had his fair share of experience in such places as well and Lasso understood that he would have to rely on such experiences to make a point.

    A WA-7 service unit wheeled in and took their order for drinks within about a minute of their arrival. A short time later, their drinks arrived. Lasso had ordered his fast becoming favorite, Whyren's Reserve. Lasso leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest, making sure his coat was parted down the middle and pushed back from his right thigh---as to not obstruct a quick draw of his blaster pistol if he needed to---and looked around the cantina. The usual of any such places, social drinking with either laughter, crying of hard times, card games, under the table deals, and, oh yes, you always had to have the group that was on leave for a day or two and drank away life's memories...


    Jason shook his head with a smirk and titled his head to Taab---whom the two had yet to share words since entering, "Anyone that looks promising from the list?" Lasso boomed enough so his Security Chief could hear over the conversations and noises of the cantina establishment.

    Jason waited for the man's response, figuring the Security Chief's side job of being a light intelligence gather was just as important to the Mercs as his security skills to keep the Johnny Boy and crew safe.

    In the meantime, Lasso continued to scan the establishment, sipping on his drink. Naturally, the pair of mercenaries need not wait long for their answer, as any such establishments in Port Town would have your regulars that knew a new face when they saw one. While Jason couldn't see clearly what Beskaryc did for the two new arrivals---a human that lacked a bath in some time and a Rodian that shared some of the former's alcohol's breath---sat down across from them. For Jason's part, his hand was on his blaster, but the Rodian was smarter then he looked.

    "You don't want to die young," the alien had said, not going for his blaster as he sat across from the two; Lasso released his hold on his blaster, then the Rodian eyed Beskaryc, "Nice armor. Yard sale?" The Rodian's human counter-part smirked.

    Jason spoke up, "What do you want?"

    The Rodian replied, "You two. New faces around here," the alien looked Taab up and down before returning his attention to both of them, "Especially wearing fancy armor like that warrants our attention."

    "And who are you guys? The fashion police?" Lasso replied.

    The human smiled at that; maybe the human was a pet to the Rodian or maybe the man couldn't speak. But regardless, he seemed the follower of the two and his smirks were starting to get on Lasso's nerves.

    The Rodian did what qualified as his species' version of a smile and said, "We're your sales' representatives here. For a price." The alien smiled again.

    "That's the trick then, isn't it?" Lasso said, "Well then, in that case you can move along, because I have nothing to sell and no need of your services."

    "Oh, but you do," the Rodian said; at that comment, Jason readied himself for what was to come next, if previous life experiences was of any clue, "Your young, kid. Not from around here. Maybe he is," the Rodian nodded to Beskaryc, "But your not. You don't have that look. So, let me put it to you like this so we're clear on some things. You tell us what your doing here and we'll leave you alone."

    "Is that a threat?" Lasso asked, putting his feet up on the table and taking out a cigar, lighting it, and taking a drag, "Because, if it is, I don't take kindly to them."

    Suddenly the Rodian and his pal knew they were out their league and their demeanor changed, "Just trying to help."

    "No need," Lasso said, watching the pair scurry off; Lasso glanced at Taab, "Well, that went well."

    Lasso, frankly, was running at a lost as to how to recruit, since he had never done it before. He and Taab could sit here all day and maybe garner a few prospects---maybe even post a note on that already over-noted and over nailed wooden pole in the middle of the bar that seemed to be a local hiring board that a few patrons were checking out at the moment----but even then, their volume of new recruits would be low. Lasso thought, then he got a thought on a new hiring scheme and glanced at Taab with a smile that said mischief; before the veteran Taab could stop the young Lasso, Jason was up and yelled out with drink in hand as a toast, "LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!"

    Everyone stopped and turned to Lasso and Taab, who Lasso thought was lucky to have armor on at the moment, as numerous weapons of varying sizes and capabilities were leveled their way, the clicking of weapons being armed being repeating dozens of times over.

    Lasso gulped and lowered his glass half way and said with a lop-sided smirk, "Well, it worked, didn't it? I'm looking for a crew to raid, pillage, plunder, and otherwise pilfer our weasely black guts [1] out against the Empire."

    "Pirates?" asked one of the many gun-holding patrons, a Herglic to be specific.

    "Nicer then pirates," Lasso countered, "And better smelling."

    "Not interested in children's games. Your too young kid, get out while you can. You won't find a crew unless you can prove something and at your age---you ain't got much that can impress."

    Several of the patrons nodded, others laughed, but all put away their blasters and went back to their business as if nothing had happened.

    Lasso sat down in his chair, took a sip of his drink, and stuffed the cigar back in his mouth, but didn't take a drag as it hung out in the corner of his mouth and looked at Taab, "It was an idea. We may need to be a bit more specific. Anyone from that list we got from the cyborg that we may be able to single out and recruit? Maybe get some of the more respected ones in and the rest will follow? Aside from that, any ideas will help."

    TAG Bardan_Jusik


    Replaced "my" with "our" from the Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) movie quote as listed in following: ", pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer my weasely black guts out."
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    IC: Chris Streets
    Actualize Station Vendors Market

    To look at the vendors location, namely one of the worst whether catoring to shore leavers or black market with being firstly in a literal hole in the wall, and second being not two shop stalls down from the local security station. There was no sign over the shop, although a wood pole propped open a multi colored cabana and the door was replaced with a curtain of sea-shells. If not for the closeness of the security station one might wonder if it was a smokeless dealers den.

    Inside Streets had found a haven, a wonder that he had hoped with nearly bated breath after deducing those first two marks against the shop. It was a surfers shop, and after a nice talk with the owner he was in the back where the owner dabled in making boards to sell to customers that were either sent his way or like Streets stumbled upon him. Something about the will of the creator or something. Streets didn't mind it so much as on the topic of surfing the two of them were definitely talking the same language.

    Despite being interupted he read the comunique and sent back a short 'Understood'. Sighing he nodded at the shop owners question of being recalled. "Bummer, have time for a board? Only takes an little over an hour man?"

    "Oh, yes." Streets enthused in return, and soon he and the shop owner were discussing board design for a more practical reason.

    TAG: JediFalcon

    IC: Havah Jeth
    Actualize Station hanger.

    Meeting Fress halfway he soon given a chance to clearly experience in all his recent sobriety her diatribe. Was she trying to say one thing and make him do the opposite? Sobriety really was not looking good at the moment and this was not helping. Still he knew the risk of medical treatments and alcohol after being treated for alcohol. Not a pretty picture despite inerventions indeed.

    Looking back at Pic who had his gear box ready to go he simply nodded and turning walked away from Fress without any further acknowledgement. He headed straight to the temporary med facilities and unceremoniously plopped himself on his previous place on a med bed. "Doc you have two hours, first state the limits for when I can be fully cleared and Pic. . . see if you can get Mary to prepare a desert to go pack."

    tAG: Bravo, JediFalcon
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    IC: Fress Colias
    Actualize Station Hangar Bay

    Fress watched as Havah walked away without a word causing her to frown. That was the first he never said anything further to her. She knew Havah had some treatment and she trusted Russell to do what was best for him and knew what was left to do. Even if that meant he only had to observe Havah to make sure he was out of the danger zone and wouldn’t have a seizure in the middle of a firefight.

    Fress looked down at her com as both Atin and Streets responded. She smiled as she quickly sent a note to Streets.

    //Russell treated Havah for alcohol poisoning. Make sure he doesn't drink on the way there. After a cleansing there is no telling how his body will react.//

    Fress shook her head as she walked towards the Mess hall and noted Cody was following closely behind her. She stopped walking waiting for Cody to catch and smiled slightly. They silently walked to the mess hall and entered.

    “I’ll go and grab some drinks and food and meet you back at the table,” Cody offered with a smile.

    “You sure you don’t need help?” Fress questioned with a frown.

    “I’m sure,” Cody answered as he headed over to the units.

    Fress spotted Kasumi sitting by herself looking completely down. She knew the girl needed some time. She walked over to the table and sat down and reached the girls hand. “How are you holding up?”

    Bravo, Coffee_Ninja, Mitth_Fisto
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    IC: Mon Calamari, Bantha-class assault ship, Mako
    Location: Berroll's Donn star system

    The Mon Calamari blinked nervous eyes out of the darkened command deck at the YT-class freighter, two ARC-170 starfighters, and a fourth unfamiliar-looking starship that was circling them.

    He and the other engineers only had the one drydock that the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service had extracted from the Mon Calamari shipyards years ago before an Imperial blockade of the waterworld.
    It took them simply ages to build anything, and Bantha-class were one of the only templates they had to work with.

    Unprofessional as all frag, but this mission to deliver...the fish-alien glanced at the illuminated screen of his datapad, ironically one of the brightest light source in here at the moment...Agent Yavscout's interdictor's first upgrade, was also the Mako's first interstellar shakedown cruise.

    Most of the systems had come through. Most.

    He blinked again, and turned to a pair of his crew-mates who had floor and wall panels laid on the floor, and were poking around the exposed cables. "They ain't going for the blink code telling them our comms are out; how you doing with it?"

    "Few more minutes to get our comlink online."

    "I don't think we have a few more minutes. These fraggers look like they want to shoot first and ask questions later."

    One of them brought his head out of the wall. "What do you want me to say?! Run. The. Blink Code. Again."

    Swearing to himself, the captain hoped under his breath that someone knew how to read it this time, and ran the cabin blinky-light sequence again.

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    IC: Kasumi
    Mess Hall

    Begin Music

    “How are you holding up?”

    Kasumi looked at Fress' hand and then back at the stars. Everything was gone now.....and she was supposed to some how dig deep to find the strength to go on this mission? All she wanted to do was to go after Vader herself....and the Emperor. She had lost the order which she considered her second family, and now, all was silent from Alderaan, her home...and all was silent from her family. She reached over and hit the holocube that displayed Alderaan's beautiful forests.

    Kasumi began to speak without really looking at Fress.

    "My mother was a teacher, one who taught those about the history of Alderaan, she had also been appointed by the leaders to be the main protector and forest walker for the planet. My brother followed in her footsteps, and became the main forest walker as mom got older. Phelan, my brother, was supposed to be the one to go to the Temple to be trained, but he gave his position up to me as I was younger and he felt I was stronger."

    Kasumi smiled a bit.

    "There were days at the temple that I would want nothing but to return home and to be in the forest, feel it's life force, and be around my brother. The last time we spoke he said he had not only been able to marry his childhood sweet heart but that he had the honor of being elected to help Organa with things...he never really mentioned what, but just that. Then, Order 66 happened, and I had to play dead. I couldn't return home, so Yoda, knowing my special connection with the forest, sent me to Endor. Even there, I knew my brother was alive, and just knowing that was more than enough to keep me going in the days that I felt that I couldn't."

    Kasumi turned to look at Fress.

    "Master Yoda used to tell Master Aayla that my connection with my brother was something that he had not sensed nor had he seen in a long while, and that it was unique. We each needed the other, and we both felt that nothing could tear us apart, no matter what the distance. But I guess the Emperor has found a way to severe that connection forever. To answer your question of how I am holding up.....I have no choice but to continue on, represent my family and my world as best I can, and hope that someone will show the Emperor and Vader a few lessons along the way."

    "Fress, I know you wanted to show your son Alderaan, unfortunately, this holocube is all I have to show him. But you are welcome to show it to him, when we are done here and he is safe."

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Actualize Station Mess Hall

    "Fress, I know you wanted to show your son Alderaan, unfortunately, this holocube is all I have to show him. But you are welcome to show it to him, when we are done here and he is safe."

    Fress nodded as she gauged Kasumi’s expressions. She began to wonder if Kasumi could find the strength to push on or not. She did after Order 66 but… This was on a far larger scale. “Thank you, maybe I could get a copy of it if it’s okay with you?” she paused for a second and lightly squeezed Kasumi’s hand. “I need to know something. Can you find the strength to push on for this mission? If not I will find someone else to fly wing with me.”

  25. Coffee_Ninja

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    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Mess Hall

    “I need to know something. Can you find the strength to push on for this mission? If not I will find someone else to fly wing with me.”

    Kasumi smiled at the concern. "Fress, I do not intend on letting you down, nor to I plan on sitting here, when I can do something to help atleast this part of my new family. Besides I have to keep you safe, we have a lot to do when we get done here. I have the strength needed to get this done."

    Kasumi smiled again as she felt Aayla's hand on her shoulder. Kasumi squeezed her friends hand in return.

    Tag: Fress
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