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Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Bravo, Jun 11, 2009.

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  1. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Chief Medical Officer Russel Cook
    Hanger Bay, Actualize Station, Northern Stretch (Kingdom of Jod)

    Cook was about to respond when Havah held up a hand to forestall any reply. Fress rounded the corner, a look of decided authority in her eyes. Cook knew what she wanted without having to ask and stepped forward, handing her a datapad, "He's clear, but with restrictions. Its all there. He does have a light detail job to do however: picking up medical supplies for me. I know its black market, but right now, its our best shot. The Jod agreed to rebuild our ship, not give us supplies to fight a war."

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  2. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso
    Cockpit, Luck's Gamble, leaving Cloud City, Outer Rim

    Well, Lasso thought, it seemed that their new would-be starfighter pilots took Lasso up on his offer. Jason didn't need to say anything, for he knew Taab could see the same sensor information he did. Gunning it for space, Lasso put the TIE Fighters behind him, letting the too-many watched "Top Gun" pilots take their turn at turning the TIEs into debris. Whatever the two pilots' outcome, Lasso didn't have time to worry about; there was nothing Lasso could do to change their fates, from his point of view. He was no special operations shuttle pilot for the Empire and didn't know how to turn a Sentinel into a maneuverable weapons platform. Maybe Taab did and the Chief of Security would spend the time one day to teach him. But, for now, it was every man for himself. It was the way of the Rim, as Rav Cater's words always reminded him...

    As atmosphere gave way to blackness and stars, Lasso's sensor board beeped, a Vigil-class Corvette (link from dropping out of hyperspace almost on-top of them, "IN THE FORCE!" Lasso exclaimed, yanking the shuttle hard to port as a volley of turbolaser and laser from the Corvette splashed across the landing craft's vector.

    But no sooner had the Corvette started its assault, had a Jod Light-class Destroyer (see Quick Reference) dropped out of hyperspace immediately behind and higher then the Corvette, splashing the smaller vessel with an impressive volume of turbolaser and laser fire. It was mere moments, the Corvette's shields not even up yet, before the armored hull of the Corvette started to break apart, the opening hanger bay doors about to release more TIEs instead released waves of flames. And then the Corvette broke apart in fiery debris, chunks of the ship expanding out in all well as cargo, equipment, and human remains.

    Lasso exhaled a breath, "That was close," his comm board beeped and Lasso answered it.

    "This is the Jod Destroyer Eleventh Hour. Are you okay, Luck's Gamble?"

    "Copy, Eleventh Hour, everyone is okay. Any idea on who that was?"

    "Vigil-class Corvette, Luck's Gamble. Mostly used by the Imperial Security Bureau for their officers."

    "Imperial Sec---" Lasso felt the nozzle of a blaster pistol against the back of his head and he smiled, "---so it wasn't the Hutts after all."

    "Repeat your last, Luck's Gamble."

    "Turn the comm off," Briefcase said quietly and Lasso reached over to turn the comm off.

    "Luck's Gamble, are you o---"

    The Eleventh Hour's communications officer was cut off mid-sentence as Lasso flipped the comm off, "Your doing a very stupid thing," Lasso replied, calmly, indicating not so much the Light-class Destroyer but Taab in the co-pilot seat.

    "Won't be nearly as bad if the ISB catches me. Now go to hyperspace. Anywhere."

    "Let me guess," Lasso said as the shuttle continued to fly in a straight line; the Eleventh Hour had started a cautious pursuit, Lasso's comm board beeping with urgency from the Jod Destroyer, "There was never any money."

    The man smirked, "Oh, no, there was all of that money and lots more. Lots more."

    "Well, before we kill you," Lasso said flatly, "Why don't you give us our share. We'll drop you off anywhere you want. And before we do, why don't you give your name."

    "Name?" The man shook his head, pressing the nozzle to Lasso's head harder; Lasso was starting to wonder if Taab got cold feet all of sudden or if he was playing with his prey for more information before he struck; either way, the blaster nozzle was starting to become annoying, "No. But, everyone calls me Two Thumbs. So, why don't you shut up and getting us to hyperspace! They'll be no one dying here but you if you don't listen! And you don't want to kill me, because if you do, you won't get your money and you'll have ISB tracking you down until your dead. They want me alive, not dead."

    Lasso rolled his eyes and thought: desperate people with blasters and the he added in thought, Anytime would be nice Taab...

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    IC: Jim Palso
    Cockpit, Hunk of Junk, forward of the Delicate Delinquent's bow

    Palso watched Xan go in, "Okay," he said on the internal ship-wide comm, "Lets keep a fair distance with weapons hot. If they so much as breathe on Xan wrong, we blow them to bits," Jim flipped open his comm, "DD, this is Palso. Weapons hot and standing by. I would suggest you have some tractor beams ready in case they try to run with Xan on board. How do you copy?"

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  3. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mon Cal npc, the Mako cargo bay
    Location: Berroll's Donn

    The sole visible crewmember, in a bulky white spacesuit, stood in the back corner of the bay, a curved staircase at his back, which went up into the other parts of the ship.

    Despite the Merc now standing in front of him, the Mon Calamari's gaze flicked from him up to the inverted yellow spacecraft, then back down to him.

    "I’m Lieutenant Mac, what can we assist you with?"

    " are you going to get back in?" The alien shook his head, focussing through his own faceplate at the visitor's young face, "Sorry, Lieutenant. Engineer Luten. Secret Galactic Intelligence Service. Your Captain Yavscout apprised us of your situation, and we are here delivering an upgrade." He nodded to the sizable tarpaulin-covered block that filled most of the cargo area. "Golan Arms quad turbolaser cannon. "

    He held out the datapad so that the other could see, and added, "Also, my captain requests permission to board, and meet with, your captain."

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    IC: Technician Flavin, Petty Officer Wa Yay, Captain Yavscout, the Delicate Delinquent bridge
    Location: Berroll's Donn

    Yav's Jod counterpart from the DD's capture looked up at Palso's voice coming over Wa Yay's .

    "DD, this is Palso. Weapons hot and standing by. I would suggest you have some tractor beams ready in case they try to run with Xan on board. How do you copy?"

    "When are people going to get it into their thick skulls that we don't have tractor beams?"

    Wa Yay turned at glared down at him, "And who rattled your cage?"

    "We did not have them when your Johnny Boy got taken; we don't have them now."

    Yavscout looked back to his two comrades. "Don't argue." He leaned past Wa Yay to transmit back to the Hunk of Junk: "DD here. You are going to have to improvise, Hunk. Don't let them take Merc Ten."

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  4. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jim Palso
    Cockpit, Hunk of Junk, forward of the Delicate Delinquent's bow

    "DD here. You are going to have to improvise, Hunk. Don't let them take Merc Ten."

    Well, Jim thought, I guess we will then.

    "Copy DD. Palso clear."

    Jim shut off the comm and brought up the ship's interior comm again, "Okay boys, we're going to do this Wild West style."

    The smuggler moved his ship into direct alignment with the mysterious ship's open hanger bay doors and positioned all of his weaponry directly into the hold, turning on the flood lights as he did, casting the cargo hold into a fog of light.

    "I think that gets the point across," Jim said out-loud to himself.

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  5. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Actualize Station Hanger bay/med ward

    "He's clear, but with restrictions. Its all there. He does have a light detail job to do however: picking up medical supplies for me. I know its black market, but right now, its our best shot. The Jod agreed to rebuild our ship, not give us supplies to fight a war."

    Fress nodded as she looked over the data pad noting they were close to finding Havah having a seizure from with drawl symptoms. Everything didn’t look good, extensive damage to the liver, heart, even brain patterns were showing anomalies. Picking up medical supplies at Smugglers seemed a bit far-fetched. Not unless Russel had previously made plans with someone. Which was possible. She wanted to give a shadow of a doubt but her instincts told her there was something else behind the medical supply run. She also trusted Russel not to deliberately put them in harms way. “I’ll make sure we leave time to get those supplies for you,” she said with a frown as she handed the data pad back to Russel.

    Fress turned her attention to Havah with a frown as Saber rolled in and bumped into her from behind. She took a step forward to quickly balance her self as she glanced at Saber. She shrugged as she turned her attention back to Havah. “I may come off as a bit rough or rude but it’s more of a concern to make sure I don’t have to worry about if someone is going to have a seizure from with drawl symptoms in the middle of a heated battle. I want to make sure everyone comes out alive and in one piece. We may come from different backgrounds but it’s what I was taught,” she realized she forgot to acknowledge him. She was feeling numb and quite not like herself since Alderaan was destroyed. “Are you feeling okay enough to go on this run?"

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  6. Intervention

    Intervention Jedi Knight star 2

    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Imperial Security Bureau Investigator Hilick Soal
    Bridge, Darkest Night, Project Zero

    Hilick Soal felt a knot in his throat; months before, that knot would have been there because of his respect and fear of the Emperor. But now, that knot in his throat was for a different reason. Part of it was still for fear of the Emperor, for Hilick knew his place and knew the Emperor wouldn't hesitate striking him down again, and the other part...anger. Uncontrollable hatred for the old sack of bones that the Emperor was. Old sack of bones or not, the man controlled the galaxy and its strongest military force. Years ago, before his current age of twenty-seven, Hilick Soal was celebrated as one of the model Imperial officers and his family, the model Imperial citizens. Everything about them spoke of Imperial and the New Order. But, all of that slowly started to change two years ago, when at the height of his climb up the ISB chain of command, Hilick Soal got devastating news: his brother was dying of a incurable medical issue. With Hilick Soal's vast resources both personally and professionally, Hilick had the best doctors in the Empire look at his brother. Soon, his personal life became front line holo news when the Emperor hand-picked the model ISB Officer to head-up the Royal Red Task Force, a group of twelve Imperial warships with the sole purpose of discovering the Red Rock. With the Emperor's personal Royal Guard to oversee the operations, Hilick and his task force went out for two years, only returning to ports when needed to, in search of the Red Rock planetary pieces. Back and forth across the galaxy, Hilick and his command went, collecting the mythical pieces and of the equally mythical Red Rock Kingdom that they came from, funneling it all back to Project Zero.

    That was two years ago. And many lies later. The Emperor had withheld information critical to Hilick...that the Red Rock could heal. Even after Hilick discovered the healing properties of the Red Rock on his own by accident, the Emperor had refused to allow even a piece of rock to help heal his dying brother. The Emperor had said that the weak must die for the strong to carry the galaxy forward into order, peace, prosperity. A course the Emperor had molded such a statement to Hilick carefully, with just enough emotion to make it sound like the old man cared. But to Hilick, it was the betrayal of the ages. He had served the Emperor and the Empire with loyal obedience since he was but a child, first for the Galactic Republic's SAGroup, then the Empire's successor organization, Commission for the Preservation of the New Order's Sub-Adult Group. His family had believed in then Supreme Chancellor's Palpatine's vision for the SAGroup and continued Hilick's activities in the New Order's Sub-Adult Group. His father, once a lonely college professor, had suddenly risen through the ranks of his local Coruscant college to become the dean; his mother had seen similar success with her privately owned business. Everything was going right under the New Order.

    Then came the Ghorman Massacre. He was all but 9 years old. A course no one questioned in his family. He joined the ranks of the ISB when he was old enough and rose up the ranks. And he never looked back...until now.

    Hilick pushed the thoughts out of his head. Their had been more to his brother's death then Hilick's own emotional ties...but that was for another time and he had to force out of his mind. Suddenly, ahead, the Emperor had arrived, multiple ships dropping out of hyperspace in front of the Royal Red Task Force's small fleet of 3 Star Destroyers and 8 remaining support ships (1 EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigate had been destroyed some months ago); even to such a secure place as Project Zero, right in the middle of a Imperial Navy war games area where hundreds of the Fleet's vessels engaged in war games on a daily basis before actual combat deployment for a tour of duty, the Emperor---the most powerful man in the galaxy---did not disappoint with his protection.

    3 Assertor-class Star dreadnoughts (imagine 1), 2 Secutor-class Star Destroyers (imagine 1), 15 Imperial I-class Star Destroyers, 5 Imperial II-class Star Destroyers (imagine 1), 6 Victory I-class Star Destroyers, 20 EF76 Nebulon-B Escort Frigates, 10 Imperial II-class frigates, 6 Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers, 4 Gladiator-class Star Destroyers, 2 Immobilizer 418 cruisers, 8 Vigil-class Corvettes (imagine 1), and 12 CR90 Corellian Corvettes.

    The Emperor's armada was impressive and it did what it was meant to do: strike fear and obedience into his subjects. Several of the bridge crew aboard the Darkest Night gasped, but Hilick simply felt the knot in his throat finally disappear. He snapped around and exited the bridge, heading for his personal shuttle, the two Imperial Royal Guardsmen closely flanking him.

    Behind the Royal Red Squadron, two Imperial Navy squadrons worth 120 ships total (and 60 ships each) practiced their war games, with the Red Rock Planet looming a short distance back with its space station in orbit two smaller squadrons of defense ships around the planet itself. But even with all of that firepower, even if they all wanted to revolt against the Emperor at once, Hilick Soal knew that the Emperor had a naval combat fleet hiding in hyperspace somewhere, ready to come in for the support. But Hilick doubted the Emperor would need such reinforcements. The 3 Assertor-class Star Dreadnoughts, 2 Secutor-class Star Destroyers, and the combined firepower of the Imperial I and II-class Star Destroyers and the Victory I-class Star Destroyers would be more then enough to handle anything they threw at the Emperor. And, if the rumors were true about the Emperor's "secret powers," then Hilick very much doubted anything would work. Strange things happened around the Emperor...very strange things. Some said he was a Sith Lord...a course, that would be a very far fetch. But, the idea always interested Hilick.

    But never-mind. That was not the issue at hand; the issue at hand was that the last pieces of Red Rock were about to be injected into the planet and the Emperor wanted to be here personally. Hilick Soal was to be at his side to celbrate the victory over the Rebel Alliance and all enemies of the Empire...once and for all. The last piece of Red Rock was from that Merc Kasumi...a former Jedi Knight. But Hilick kept the "Jedi" details away from any official report.

  7. Whitelight

    Whitelight Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 10, 2007
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  8. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
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  9. GenOochy

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    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character: Adán Kinge, Three of Pentacles
    Above Cloud City, Planet Bespin

    "Three of Pentacles, this is the Luck's Gamble. You can have your credits only after you prove your worth. I don't like losing on my investments. And the hyperspace cords are being...well, we can talk about those details after you’re done. We'll send you our out-of-planetary destination, since we're not going to hyperspace, at least not yet. Luck's Gamble clear."

    Oh, I’m going to get my credits...and bill these frakers for every shot I take. I key the comm, “Luck’s Gamble, you just made a good investment.”

    I’m ready to contact Trenton, when I see his fighter already taking off the platform. Quicker to the start, he’s already flaring his engines and taking off into the merge.

    Pentacles, Sigma. Taking the lead,” Trenton comms as he accelerates into the sky. My own ship is just rumbling off the dock and my computer is automatically marking targeting the hostile fighters.

    “Roger, mark five bandits alpha one to five. Weps free; auto-fire, hold,” I passed on the secure channel.

    I have two TIEs lock-up ahead of me, which are streaking in towards the Luck’s Gamble. Trenton is already closing on one, and I see a stream of yellow-lances connect him to the trailing fighter a moment after he comms, “Targeting Fighter Alpha-two. Going loud!”

    I break and let him take the two fighters in pursuit of the shuttle and lock two others which seem to be turning towards Trenton about fifteen kilometers out. I make passive locks on their thermal and radiation signatures and switch to the Moonstalker missiles. The computer automatically transfers the targeting data to the weapons and selects varied interception arcs for each missile.

    Pentacles, Arrows out! Four in flight on bandits Alpha Three, Four. Ascending straight out to black. Press on Alpha Two and One,” I stated as I released my weapons. The four missiles streaked out in silvery-white trails against the orange-red clouds of Bespin, twisting and then splitting to track wide arcs around the targets, based on complicated algorithms that would field the most opportunity for success and limit the target’s ability to jinx out of the engagement.

    The first missile did a pop-up to come down and meet the TIE from above, while its partner missile turned out to meet it head on. The TIE realized he was engaged and attempted to target the weaving missile with a burst of blaster fire. The missile reacted to the counter-targeting by weaving an erratic corkscrew pattern. As the TIE began to roll at the last minute, the first missile streaked in and detonated just a meter above the port support joist. There was a white burst of smoke and fragments of solar panel spraying into the sky, that would trail long lines of black smoke of kilometers into the gas giant. The fighter yawed violently, yet recovered a second later, in time for the partner missile to close in and detonate violently in the rear of the eyeball like fuselage. The fighter began a lazy terminal spin while belching thick, black smoke from the shattered airframe. At the same moment, the second bandit, who had began to climb upwards when his wingman started his vain attempt to engage the first missile, flew directly into the third missile.

    The blast sheared off the starboard solar wing and the fighter began to spin out-of-control. The final missile overshot the spinning wreckage by about four meters and detonated, adding an insignificant volume of damage to the already doomed imperial fighter.

    “Vape on bandits! Three and four are down, no visual on five,” I begin to say when my proximity alarm goes off. Two beams of green plasma fly over my ship., followed by two that just cut under my shields. “Scratch last, Pentacles is engaged offensive! Going loud! Auto-fire, on!”

    My auto-turret quickly activates, and swings around as I begin a quick, upward pull to port, with a slow roll. I see on my rear viewscreen that the fifth TIE fighter is quickly following me in the merge about twelve hundred meters aft and is firing a steady stream of heavy blaster shots. My turret gets a fix and begins returning fire. The first four shots miss, and the TIE, clearly surprised, begins to break off his attack. The fifth and sixth shot catch his now exposed solar array and burst brightly. The fighter spins over and trails smoke, but the pilot catches it. My turret fires two more shots which miss, then ceases fire as the fifth bandit exceeds twenty-five hundred meters in distance and is limping away.

    “Bandit Alpha-Five is no factor. Disengaged and outbound to the northeast. Pentacles climbing out to the black.”

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  10. KraytDragon90

    KraytDragon90 Jedi Master star 4

    Apr 1, 2005
    IC: Trenton Redwing

    Pentacles, Arrows out! Four in flight on bandits Alpha Three, Four. Ascending straight out to black. Press on Alpha Two and One.”

    I barely spared a moment’s attention to the comm because Alpha-two had just made the wise decision of banking starboard away from my fire. Fortunately the TIE was a kriffed up mess of a fighter, barely worthwhile in swarm tactics. And pointless in small groups.

    To that end, a small yaw adjustment to my port led the line of fire into the rather large target of the solar panel. The fire pierced through the panel and into the cockpit before the new kinetic force significantly redirected the craft out of my fire. At which point, I’m fairly certain the ion engines went critical. Likely from debris and ricochets. “Alpha-two vaped. Alpha-one new priority target.”

    Bursts of compressed gas redirected the nose of the Sigma to point it back towards the rest of the vessels climbing, in one case crawling, towards dark black. A group of vessels that was marginally smaller than moments before, I was happy to see. Kinge had obviously already taken the queen’s share of the bandits. Which meant the sky was more than clear enough for me to spot the Imperial vessel exiting hyper. “Ice me! Pentacles, trouble inbound! Enemy cap bearing down on contractor, prepare for emergency hyp—“ I was then rudely, if fortunately, interrupted by another vessel reentering real space directly on top of the Imp and then quite beautifully destroying it.

    Alpha-one made an appearance at that point, his plan had obviously been to rendezvous with the reinforcement. His distraction was my boon. A fast thermal and EW lock on him and my Javelin missiles sped towards him in a four point pincer formation.

    He wasn’t a bad pilot. I’ll give him that. He managed to spin his fighter on a half cred and shoot one, dodged another. But the remaining two were a problem. The first hit him in the starboard solar pylon, decimating the panel and sending the remnants of the fighter into an uncontrollable spin. The second missile actually missed. It was intercepted by debris from the panel. Though the tritium-baradium core still detonated, sending more than enough fire towards the fighter to finish it off. “Alpha-one is ice. Pentacles, damage report?”

    I spun my ship’s nose once more towards Kinge’s bomber and fell into a forward formation point. “Keep that hyper prepped, as well.”

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  11. GenOochy

    GenOochy Jedi Master star 5

    Jan 8, 2003
    In Character: Adán Kinge, Three of Pentacles
    Low Orbit, Planet Bespin

    “Alpha-one is ice. Pentacles, damage report?” Trenton came across the comm. We climb rapidly away from the planet of Bespin and close rapidly on the debris of the shattered warship and our contractor's shuttle.​

    "No damage. Port, Starboard quivers are minus two each. Scanners are clear, no enemy targets," I say and then reconnect the channel to our new benefactor. "Luck's Gamble, this is Freelancer flight of two. Clear skies; interrogative for follow-on?"​

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  12. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mon Cal captain, Mako bridge.

    The captain quickly brought up a forearm to protect his huge eyes as a bright white light was shone into his command deck lighting the place up in bas relief, throwing stark black shadows over the deck.

    "C'Boath on a bike, what is he doing!"

    He shaded his eyes enough to see what he wanted on the armrest of his command chair, and hit the switch to polarise the forward ports, the transparisteel darkening from nuetral to black, muting the light coming through to barely a brown spot on the window panes.

    "Frag!" His eyes were already tearing up, the captain blinking rapidly to clear them.

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  13. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Havah Jeth
    Actualize Station, Hanger Med-bay

    "Yes, I am well enough. You are now stepping more into the role of leader, you will have to learn a method of dealing with potential sacrifices of your subordinates for the success of a mission. Unless you want to compare notes I believe we should get our latest mission under way." With that he nodded to Pic who had picked up the ration packs.

    Looking at the doctor he nodded in turn, "Unless there is more you need to discuss or rebute in private sir?" Upon the note of privacy he arched his eyebrow and glanced at Fress and her droid who had burst into a medical setting and demanded his information which the doctor had handed over. A superiors medical information to subordinate upon request, privacy didn't mean what it used to.

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  14. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Chief Medical Officer Russel Cook
    Hanger Bay, Actualize Station, Northern Stretch (Kingdom of Jod)

    “I’ll make sure we leave time to get those supplies for you,”

    Russel bowed his head slightly, "Thank you."

    "Unless there is more you need to discuss or rebute in private sir?"

    Russel smiled thinly at Havah's raised eyebrow and the underlining meaning of privacy,"None at all."

    Privacy, when it came to the well-being of others, was a fine line. Especially as mercenaries, where medical ethics didn't exist. While Cook prided himself on being steady on his medical ethics even out here on the Rim as a mercenary doctor, he knew that at times ethics and reality had to be taken for what they were: paper morals and life or death.

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    IC: Jim Palso
    Cockpit, Hunk of Junk, forward of the Delicate Delinquent's bow

    "Well," Palso said as the Hunk of Junk came eye level with the mysterious ship's bridge and the transparisteel darkened, "That got their attention."

    [You can be a real arse at times,] Bugger commented on the bridge.

    "Takes one to know one," Palso replied as he swung the Hunk of Junk around the mysterious ship's port side and towards their aft, "Lets see if we have any damage here. Or, better yet, where this ship's engines came from. I love Black Market savings."

    TAG Sith-I-5 and CPL_Macja
  15. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Nurse Ulrike, Captain Yavscout, Petty Officer Wa Yay, Chief Engineer Williams, Deck Eight, Bridge, Delicate Delinquent

    The moment the turbolift doors opened for the nurse, she knew there was a dining area on this deck from the smells wafting past her as she stepped out.

    They were not that blatant, and she knew femmes sometimes had more sensitive noses than their male counterparts, but she did wonder how people could choose cabins on the same deck.

    She would definitely try one of the other parts of the ship as her first choice.

    She hurried towards the source of the smells, turning through a set of open double doors into the table and chair laden area, then oriented herself toward the knot of standing crew, correctly figuring that they were near the casualty she had been called to.

    One of the red, blue and leather belted Kings Army soldiers spotted her and detached himself from the group to intercept her, his long blaster rifle aimed towards the ceiling.

    Don’t you feel over-dressed?” She quipped as she passed him, and he turned on his heel to fall into step beside her.

    “You get used to it. Young female human, the others at her table said her eyes seemed to roll up into her head, and she slid off her chair. I placed her in Recovery Position and called you.”

    Ulrike held her tongue, waiting to see if the Kingdom of Jod’s idea of recovery position, a way of laying the casualty so they did not choke on their own vomit, or their tongue; matched her and the Imperial Surgeon-General’s idea of it.

    She pushed through the mass of standing personnel, shouldering her way through, and dropped to her knees beside the supine young woman laying in, she was pleased to see, Standard Recovery Position, curved like a sleeping question mark, straight arm supporting her head, face facing the floor so fluid from her mouth could drain out.

    Honey, are you alright?

    * * * *

    The almost monastic silence on the interdictor cruiser’s bridge was broken by the sound of the the elf snapping his fingers a few times.

    Wa Yay looked up at him expectantly, as he lowered his hand.

    I have just had an idea!” Yav exclaimed.

    “Are you alright? You want to lay down?”

    No, I’m fine.” Yavscout waved away her concern, then realisation wafted across his features. “Oh, you were being sarcastic

    “And they made you Captain?” Disbelief crossed her own face.

    Oh, believe me; I have heard all this from Deputy.” The elf wondered whether he would ever see that astrodroid again. It did not seem likely. “So anyway, what do you think of the Coruscant Aces?

    He was referring to the private group of TIE fighter-flying mercenary pilots who, like the Mercs were supposed to, operated out of the Port Haven shadowport.

    Wa Yay spat onto her console in disgust, “Oh. Sorry.” She used the tail of her robe to soak up the white-bubbled sputum while Yavscout and Flavin grimaced at her.

    “So what about them?” She asked, as if nothing had happened.


    “Not ‘what’. Pardon.”

    Well, excuse me!” Yav shuddered and cowboy’d up. “Although we are pretty safe here for the moment, we could get jumped by Imperials any time, and our basic conflict of interests in an emergency is divided between getting a protective fighter screen up, and skidaddling.


    Yav ploughed ahead. “If we take the ‘Delinquent to Port Haven, we can use the fact that we look like an Imperial warship to hire the Coruscant Aces to cover our choob if Johnny Imp' comes calling.

    “But they hate the Mercs just as much as we hate them.” The Petty Officer pointed out, reasonably.

    Who’re the Aces?” Flavin put in from his station, but both Mercs ignored him.

    But we are not the Mercs, remember.” Yavscout reminded with a devious grin. “We are supposed to be spreading the story that the Mercs have disbanded.

    “They are never going to buy that.”

    Why not? We can tell people that Captain Taller stopped paying the crew for missions. Ha, that ought to carry the ring of truth. Urk!” His eyes bulged as a wrinkled blue hand snatched his throat in a vice-like grip.

    Wa Yay pulled the elf’s head close to her mouth, so she could his into his pointed ear: “Captain Taller kept me out of a Republic war prison during the Clone Wars. Not everyone needs credits.”

    Whoa whoa whoa,” Williams, who had emerged from the Ready Room to hear the elf’s plan rushed up to them both, gently grasping her thin wrist to try and ease her grip away from Yav’s throat, “I’m sure he did not mean it like that, Petty Officer. Easy.

    Yav gestured for the engineer to back off, choking out,“It's alright, I've got this. Get off me.

    "Make me. You poor excuse for a captain. How are the Mercs to trust that you can look after them when you need help to get away from even me?"

    A Surefall Paramedic never hits a femme.

    "We are Mercs. Mercs do not have genders."

    The elf flicked questioning eyes towards Williams.

    Oh, we have genders. No idea what she is talking about.

    With just one of the Gossam's hands gripping him, there was a simple throw Yav could do here, pirouetting to his right like a personal tornado, he could take her to the ground easy, but that went against his code...although, there was probably a standing armlock here as well.

    Yavscout forced himself to straighten up, so he was in control, and her arm was stretched. Fortunately, he noted, the alien's elbow was at a similar position on her arm as his own.
    He brought up his own right hand on the inside of her straightened arm, wrapped it out and over her arm, then grasped Wa Yay's tunic at her front, level with her armpit, and straightened his own arm to put upward pressure on her elbow joint, satisfied to see a matching look of pain in her eyes. “Let. Go.

    Williams looked on as his fellow officers released each other by almost mutual consent, Wa Yay glaring and rubbing her elbow, Yav backtracking and fingering his auricle. “Uh, you got saliva all in my ear!

    Oh, stop being a baby, and hope that the Hunk of Junk and Merc Ten aren’t getting this.

    Yavscout looked seriously at Wa Yay. “You’d stopped transmitting, right?

    She looked offended. “Of course!”

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  16. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Actualize Station/Smugglers run

    Fress smiled tightly as Russel told Havah no. She knew Havah probably didn’t like having his privacy invaded but when it came to the health, there was a line between healthy enough to fight or not. If you weren’t you ran the risk of putting others deliberately into danger. "Let's get this mission underway."

    Two hours later

    Fress looked at the asteroid field in horror. Smugglers run was in the middle of this asteroid field and considering who resided here, made it obvious as to why it made a good shadow port. On the other hand, you had to be out of your mind and a great pilot to make it in and out. She shook her head as she hit the transmit button to the Crusader. “Firecracker to Scorch, If we make it in and out alive, remind me I plan to kill Lasso later for choosing this shadow port. Okay Scorch, lead the way in, the asteroid we're looking for is called Skip one. Seems like a good one to start with.”

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  17. CPL_Macja

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    Nov 29, 2008
    IC: Zieleb-Xan ‘Mac’ Macja
    Space outside of the Delicate Delinquent

    Mac took the data pad and looked it over for a brief moment. It supported the Mon Calamari’s story of Yav requesting assistance and that they were delivering a quad turbolaser cannon. He could only assume that it was to replace the one that Palso almost got blasted out of. But he was not going to proceed before he could fully confirm the story with the Captain.

    He touched a blue circle on his right gauntlet and it switched to green, activating his ear bud comlink back to Navi. “Patch me through to the Delinquent’s bridge.” He paused for a moment allowing Navi to make the connection and for someone on the bridge to acknowledge the call. “Bridge this is Ten. I have made contact with a Mon Calamari named Luten, claiming he is an engineer with the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service. According to him and the datapad he is holding he has a Golan Arms quad for us that we ordered. Also his captain is requesting to board and meet with our captain. Please advise?

    As Mac stood there waiting for a response from the Bridge his left hand slowly crept towards his back where his energybow was slung. He was never one to not be overly cautious, in his opinion it paid to be ready in any case. Especially since he was the one on unfamiliar ground.

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  18. Coffee_Ninja

    Coffee_Ninja Jedi Knight star 2

    Jul 29, 2011
    IC: Kasumi
    Smugglers Run

    Kasumi looked out at the black, that was dotted with stars. She saw the asteroids before them and she heard Buddy whistle mournfully.

    "It's ok, we can do this."

    (I hope you are right.)

    "No matter what happens, the Force will see us through this. Whether it be good or bad."

    (And we won't be alone.)

    Kasumi smiled at her friend.

    "No, Buddy, I told you you would not be alone again."


    "It's for you, so that you know I am here with you at all times."

    "But you won't be. I'm going to the temple."

    Phelan laughed.

    "I know you are little one, but this will help you not be alone."

    He reached out a placed a metal leaf around her neck.

    "My favorite tree leaf."

    "Yes. I was going to give it to you for your birthday, but since you are leaving before then, remember to take it and make Alderaan and your mother proud."

    "And you..."

    "Yes, and me, but I'm already proud of you."

    Kasumi touched the leaf.

    "Never alone..." she repeated.

    End Memory

    Kasumi's hand went to the same piece that was on her neck. The string that held it had to be mended several times and the leaf was now a bit more worn than it was then. But it made her smile a bit.

    "Never alone...."

    (I don't understand. You said that already.)

    "I know Buddy, just reminding myself."


    "Yes, family."

    (I'm sorry.)

    Kasumi nodded silently to her friend. "Ok Scorch," she said to herself, "let's see what you can do."

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  19. Whitelight

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    Aug 10, 2007
    IC: Maya Whitelight
    Skip 1 - Heaven Den Casino

    In the aftermath of one of the many holes that now had life. It wasn't well known to many just the way the owners of this little place to stay. It seem that with the flow of many that came to seek it. It had more then just its name that might be more then what it seem by others. It seem that when one would step through its door look like just any other casino. It what was inside that made it different standing was a very much ordinary man. With a weathered face with some deep scars was the only thing that could tell someone that was new to the place that there might be something more to this one.

    It was under this man watchful eye that something peek his interest. It was on a pair that had just entered his place. The pairing of the two itself was very old, one being of a very feline in nature very much a male. Its other that would make other turn that didn't know of who this one belong to. Seeing her only of what her race was that was Zeltron. Many in here had visited the homeworld of hers some many times. For Maya she never step foot on this planet of Zeltos. Being born on a planet in a heart of the jungle her life she grew up in was very different then the carefree and pleasing lifestyle of her Zeltrons. Choosing to make this known here was in her mind the right choose. Having all her tattoos showing of being a warrior of this tribe which most wouldn't understand. Even some would just see them as some sweet looking tats. It was only Maya that knew what it took to get these tats, blood, sweet and even some tears. Like all others in the place carrying her chooses of weapons on both of her hips. Even one that is unseen or in her case in plain site, not looking like nothing more then a hair piece holding back part of her hair.

    Getting down from where he had been sitting talking to some other that was part of the many that was with in. Walking over to Maya, having to look up to make eye contact with her and her companion. It was Maya that spoke first, Jordan you still alive and kicking. putting her hand on his shoulder bowing downwards to show the respect she had for this one. Maya, its been a long time, to long enough for now join me at my table. Nodding to him looking to the one that was with her for this trip. As they started to go deeper into the place it wasn't much different then any other place in the galaxy when it came to a place to relax to win a few credits. In some cases loose everything but the shirt off their back. Looking up to see what races was going across the screen that was a line with the place. Before coming to the table that seem to be where everything could be seen Jordan had waved to one of his workers to bring drinks and food.

    Tell me, Miss Maya what bring you to bless me with your present don't tell me because you miss your old Uncle Jordan. Laughing at him, Aw always getting down to the meat of things. Taking out one of her AKK tooth knife cutting off a piece of nerf. That was when the one with her took out data pad, sliding it across to Jordan. After picking up pad typing in some codes looking over the list. This take a while to get all that your client wants, but it will taken a few days. With that said they enjoy the meal and catching up with Jordan. Maya just had to smile to herself hoping that it would take a while little did the one that was sent with her by her father to keep a eye upon her. Something inside of herself was guiding her, it was her mother training one that on one would understand as it was a secret only a few closest to her knew about her.

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  20. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Captain Yavscout, Chief Engineer Tim Williams, Petty Officer Wa Yay, Technician Flavin, Delicate Delinquent bridge.
    Location: Port Haven

    Still standing at the front of the bridge with Wa Way and Williams, Yav looked dubiously down at the clotted-looking tissue paper that Tim had handed him to wipe out his spit-filled ear.

    "It's clean enough to wipe out your ear, Young One," Williams insisted, with a tone of hurt feeling. "No-one's asking you to eat off it."

    Yavscout did not want to contradict the man, but...

    "Thanks, Navi. Put him through." The Gossam female looked Yav's way as Mac's voice came over her console's speaker.

    "Bridge this is Ten. I have made contact with a Mon Calamari named Luten, claiming he is an engineer with the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service."

    THAT took his mind off the soiled tissue! Yavscout raised a surprised eyebrow, SGIS! Here?!

    "According to him and the datapad he is holding he has a Golan Arms quad for us that we ordered. Also his captain is requesting to board and meet with our captain. Please advise?"

    That was a little on the nose, the agent thought. They hadn't outed him quite as badly as King Alex had done, but he wouldn't have been surprised if some of his fellows did not start to figure out what he was from this.
    Still, he answered himself, Wa Yay making room for him. "Ten from Bridge. I certainly called them, and apprised them of our situation, but I did not order any spare parts. I called them for help in tracking the Johnny Boy." Yavscout hesitated as he remembered what he should have begun with. "Ten. Consider them allies."

    "Secret Galactic Intelligence Service?" Flavin echoed from behind. Looking up as Williams and Yav turned his way. "That sounds familiar."

    "Yes. We spoke about them. I called them earlier."

    "Not that. I think we have one of their people on board."

    Two if you count me and Sam'.

    The Jod started keying a query into his station, accessing data on the crew. "No, here it is. Zotoman, uh, liaison officer off the Authority, reported that one of the Block refugees identified herself as Secret Galactic Intelligence Service. Here's the name: Sounil Mistry."

    Williams looked round when Yav did not respond, and was surprised to see the other's mouth hanging open. "I can see your tonsils. You okay, Son?"

    "Have...have her report here. My Ready Room."

    "On it."

    The elf could not believe this. Due to SGIS' close association with the Jedi Order during the Republic, they had lost so many people when Palpatine had declared himself the Emperor, and their bases had been subsumed into the new Imperial Intelligence.

    To re-acquire one of their senior agents after all this time, was no small thing.

    "What about the request for their captain to meet you?" Wa Yay reminded, after exchanging a concerned glance with Williams.

    Yavscout gestured for the voice-pickup again. "Ten, this is Bridge. Advise them that we are withdrawing to Port Haven in the Whendyll System to effect the repairs, and if they can come with us, that would be great. Then withdraw your group back to the Delinquent. Or, if you want, you can stay aboard the-" The elf looked questioningly at Wa Yay, who in turn leaned over her readouts.

    "Telesponder says she is the Mako, Captain."

    Yav nodded. "Or, if you prefer, you can stay aboard the Mako as our representative. How copy?"

    DD Deck Nine

    Sounil looked up in surprise as the Kings Army soldier relayed the request from the bridge. "Me? Really? Do you need to come with me? No?"

    Sounil beamed at the Jod soldier and turned to find one of the turbolifts that would take her up into the command tower.

    Deck Fourteen dorsal gun emplacement

    Nate Legnash had his chair turned away from the circular window port so he could look up at the Jod trainer, who was now writing Nate's name on the bottom of an official-looking documents.

    "You have passing-out certificates for the ship guns? Nate realised aloud.

    "Royal Reprographics like to be efficient. Some would say, 'anal'."

    "But not you of course."

    Bobob looked over the document down at Legnash. "Nooo. I wouldn't do that. Besides, they all went up with the Authority, and one doesn't like to speak ill of the atomised."

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  21. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: NRCs Lando Calrissian, Cloud City
    Location: Bespin

    Baron Lando Calrissian, the current administrator of the floating Cloud City tibanna gas mining complex and business centre, had his face in his hands, taking a brief respite from the clamouring of worried parents outside his office on the other side of his doors.

    He had no idea why this was his responsibility; this reality holo wasn't his idea.

    Ten Sub-Adult Group (SAG) younglings working and living aboard a 255-metre Imperial Security Bureau Vigil-class patrol vessel, and being filmed twenty-four hours, it was supposed to be a public relations bonanza for COMPNOR, the Commission for the Preservation for the New Order.

    Nothing to do with his administration, except the Anoat region was considered quiet enough to host the programme.

    "Captain, the parents want their kids back." He had tried to implore to the ISB vessel's commanding officer over the comm screen, while his craft patrolled somewhere outside the Anoat System.

    "Baron Calrissian, they signed their children up to this programme. Has something happened to change their minds?"


    "Alder-? What the fr-, Cadets, off the bridge. Calrissian, what has Alderaan got to do with anything?"

    "The Empire just destroyed the planet."

    The captain had sat back in his chair, furrowing eyebrows in clear confusion. "Sounded like you just said the Empire destroyed Alderaan." The man had looked away for a couple seconds. "Listen, an intercept job just came through your ARSE, Sentinel-class shuttle and two unknown fighters running from your jurisdiction. Talk to you soon."

    Lando remembered the reference to ARSE and stepped up from his desk to look out the curved panoramic windows that were so reminiscent of Bespin architecture, to survey the circular landing pad of the Anoat Revenue Service: Enforcement.

    Two Dagger-class starfighters and a sleek, white Incom Z-95 Headhunter were already lifting off the pad, folding up their under-carriages.

    "Okay, we're back." The captain's voice announced from the comm-screen on the wall, telling Calrissian that the ISB vessel had reverted inside the Bespin system.

    Before Lando could say anything, he could hear what sounded like proximity alarms echoing from the ship. "What the? Where did they come from?"

    The image disintegrated into static, then was quickly replaced by a black screen, showing the legend:
    [hl=black] SIGNAL LOST [/hl]

    Lando brought up his right wrist and pressed a button on the square, pale-blue wristlink.

    Lobot, sitting in atificial twilight in his meditation alcove, lights on his cybernetic headband lit up, with the cyborg's eyes flicking open straight after.

    "Lobot. Mobilise Extended Patrol. Something has happened to the ISB patrol craft with those kids aboard. Check it out, and keep me informed."

    * * * *
    Space above Bespin

    The Z-95 and two Daggers of the Anoat Revenue Service tore out of the stratosphere, and headed in the general direction of the Skadi fighters and the Sentinel.

    Minutes later, three grey-hulled Porax-38's of the Cloud City Cloud Car's Extended Pursuit section, blasted out of Bespin's gravity well, and headed for the last known location of the Vigil-class cruiser.

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  22. Bardan_Jusik

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    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Luck's Gamble

    Taab had been more than happy to let the new found airedales take care of airborne threat. This was a recruiting mission after all, and if they did their bit and didn't mind making some extra money then it was possible that the skipper had just lassoed them a couple of extra pilots. He admired their craft as they quickly and efficiently took out the enemy fighters. They were squat ugly things, whose form followed their function. To Taab they were beautiful, and he knew that to his son they would be gorgeous. Taab would have to determine what design bureau had produced such a vessel.

    But he had other things to do first. Primarily keeping his T-Visor on the briefcase man who seemed rather jumpy for a man who had just paid heavily to be rescued. A look from Lasso told Taab that the Captain was getting the same feeling from him. That attention was diverted for a moment as an imperial corvette dropped out of hyperspace in front of them and spat out a salvo of turbo-laser fire in their direction.

    Taab grunted as Lasso took evasive action, shab he really did wish the Captain would have let him do the flying. This was another craft that was making the Crusader look antiquated, Taab knew deep down it would be time to retire the old vessel soon. Maybe after Atin had passed the verd'goten, as a way to teach him against the pitfalls of sentimentality and hanging on too long. But it wasn't the time for that quite yet.

    Taab was about to take over the ship's controls when the manda smiled on them as the destroyer that had brought them out here also decanted and made short work of the Vigil class ship. "That was close," the skipper exclaimed and Taab only nodded in reply. Next time, he would do the flying of the small craft and let the captainy things, like answer the comm system which he did

    "This is the Jod Destroyer Eleventh Hour. Are you okay, Luck's Gamble?"

    "Copy, Eleventh Hour, everyone is okay. Any idea on who that was?"

    "Vigil-class Corvette, Luck's Gamble. Mostly used by the Imperial Security Bureau for their officers."

    "Imperial Sec---"

    Taab glanced over at the Skipper was cut off, a blaster held to the back of his head. Shab, should have seen that coming. Still briefcase man's actions were those of a desperate man, and one who wasn't a professional. The man had just the one blaster, and rather than quickly taking out the heavily armed Mandalorian, he was threatening the Skipper. Worse still he had pressed the blaster right up against the skipper's skull, telling Lasso right where the blaster was aimed and where briefcase man's hand, arm and body must be. That was an advantage to Lasso and Taab., it would allow Lasso to move in the right direction when the action started.

    Another advantage was Taab's mindset. He was no stranger to violence, and was certainly not afraid to use violence to achieve his goal, but first came the misdirection. Preparation of the battlefield, even the small confines of a patrol ship's cockpit, plus the rapid application of violence would always win the day. He slowly moved his hands away from his torso, allowing the newly identified "Two Thumbs" to plainly see Taab's "peaceful" gesture.

    "What's your play here Thumbs?" Taab still hadn't moved his head in their direction, allowing the view on his HUD to slew over and keep them in view. To the untrained it would seem that Taab wasn't looking at him, but he was studying the threat intensely, looking for weakness. In short order he found one. "You shoot him and I will kill you before the body hits the deck." Taab stood up slowly now, his hands raised in the air, that should get the man's attention on Taab and off of his own target. "I don't care about you, or your money. But if he dies," Taab gestured slightly at the Captain, "I will be very grumpy. You wouldn't like me when I'm grumpy."

    "So, I have a better idea, dro.." and in mid word Taab blinked a simple command under his buy'ce. A loud crack rang out in the small compartment as a dart shot out from the launcher in his knee pad and embedded itself in Two Thumb's shoulder. The lecepanine dart would paralyze Thumbs within seconds and hopefully he would be too surprised to react quickly enough to press the trigger of his blaster. If not Taab was going to have an awful mess to clean up, and a lot of explaining to do when he got back.

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    [hr] [/hr]

    IC: Atin Taab

    “Firecracker to Scorch, If we make it in and out alive, remind me I plan to kill Lasso later for choosing this shadow port. Okay Scorch, lead the way in, the asteroid we're looking for is called Skip one. Seems like a good one to start with.” Atin acknowledged the transmission with two simple clicks of his mike, letting "Firecracker" know she had been heard and understood. To be honest he was a bit surprised by the way she talked about Captain Lasso. He was their commanding officer, she shouldn't be saying things like that about him. At least not according to what his father had told him. Maybe aruetiise were different he mused.

    He eyed the approach into the asteroid field. It would be tough, especially for him and the crew aboard the Crusader, the fighters should be able to get through easily enough. But other light freighters had made it in and out before, otherwise this wouldn't be a good shadow port, and Atin knew he could do it. He took a deep breath before uttering a "here goes" to himself. Pushing forward on the ship's yoke he angled the Crusader in, knowing the X-Wings would follow.

    He flew by instinct, though having the ship's sensors linked in with the HUD in his bucket certainly helped as well. Highlighted by the ship's threat assessment systems there Atin was able to rapidly detect incoming threats to the ship and evade them if not with ease, then at least through sheer skill (combined with a bit of blind luck). The upgraded YT-1300 bobbed and weaved through the field, several times coming close to danger only to veer away at the last moment.

    After several tense minutes the outline of Skip 1 became visible through the transparisteel cockpit. Atin tagged its location with an eye blink and tried to take a direct course in, but was quickly cut off from his target by a hailstorm of small asteroids (small here being relative, each was about the size of an Imperial TIE fighter). Atin pushed the Crusader over, rolling away from the threat in a curving arc around the mass of killer space rocks. Choosing one of the larger ones, Atin gunned the engines and came in behind it. Its course was taking it near Skip 1, and Atin would use it like a lead blocker in meshgeroya, following it in for the "score".

    Atin smiled as his plan worked. With the flight path clear of everything but the rock he was following, the rest of the approach actually went easily. There was no challenge from any sort of "port authority", those who ran the shadow port had no need to doubt an old smuggling ship like the Crusader. Nor would they want any record of ship arrivals, departures or manifests. All he received was a simple text message ordering him to put down in bay 11-B. Atin assumed that the trailing fighters received similar instructions. He started the landing cycle and brought the ship in wondering what would be in store for them once they set down.

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  23. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Jason Lasso
    Cockpit, Luck's Gamble, leaving Cloud City, Outer Rim

    Lasso felt the blaster slip slowly from his skull, dragging across the back of his head and off his shoulder to the ground below. Lasso exhaled slowly as he looked back and saw "Two Thumbs" on the ground; Jason looked up to Taab, "Check his person. I want details on who he is---and don't forget the credits briefcase," Lasso didn't feel the need to state the clear warning to check the briefcase for a security trap first to a veteran like Taab, "And then tie up his useless corpse in the back. Normally, I would just space his butt, but I want to know what is so important to have the ISB after him. Its high stakes whatever it is and that means credits," the board beeped a warning as a Z-95 Headhunter, 2 Dagger-class starfighters, and three Porax-38 starfighters were exiting Bespin's gravity well and headed their direction on an interception course, "And make it quick, we have company."

    Lasso wanted to add in the "thank you" to the Security Chief, but figured the man already knew what Lasso wanted to say. Sometimes the unsaid words meant the most.

    As Taab disappeared out of the cockpit, dragging "Two Thumbs" body behind him, Ler took over the co-pilot seat temporarily, but knew once Taab returned, to give the seat back.

    Lasso turned the comm back on. hearing the Eleventh Hour mid sentence.

    "----Luck's Gamble, we are preparing a tractor beam---"

    Lasso hit the reply button, "No need, Eleventh Hour. All under control."

    "What happened?"

    "For a later time. We have six starfighters on an intercept course, with two friendlies mixed in with them. What can you do about that problem?"

    There was a small chuckle over the ccomm, "We are a anti-starfighter weapons platform, Luck's Gamble. It'll be our pleasure."

    "Copy. Watch your fire for our two friendlies; their starfighters should be marked as a Si-12 “Ice Demon” and a Ice Sabre-class Series Z Heavy Assault Fighter."

    "Copy. You should tell them to clear the area for safe measure. We fire in forty seconds."

    "Copy," Lasso switched comm channels, "Three of Pentacles, you guys need to evac area immediately; you have forty seconds. Follow our egress trail. Your area is about to become a no-man's zone for those new tangos. How you copy?"

    Lasso didn't wait for a reply and instead angled the landing craft to their original exit / meeting point and put on the speed. He watched as the Eleventh Hour brought its direction of travel to match that of the incoming fighters, making sure they angled their approach to bring all possible weapons to bare on the intercepting starfighters.

    Lasso heard the Eleventh Hour's captain over the comm to the incoming fighters, "Unidentified starfighters flying on a intercept course for the Sentinel-class landing craft. You have forty seconds to regress your course back to Bespin. Comply immediately or be destroyed."

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    Aug 10, 2007
    IC: Maya Whitelight
    Heaven Den Casino

    First floor that has the Heaven Den Casino

    A peek in: [​IMG]

    Enjoying the music that was playing in the back ground. To her this band was better then the last one that was hear before. In her books it was a step up. Maybe these will keep there heads and tails on. Even those she wasn't one to out right be a cold killer like some that was walking around here tight now. One song ended another one started up, as she once again pick up talk with her Uncle as she like to call him. Knowing that if one look at them could tell right way that they wasn't even blood related. It was a another bond, that Jordan shared with her smuggler bond. Knowing why she had this feline with her, even that in itself was funny. More then once Jordan had witness Maya skills that was very unnatural. Even then it seem that Jordan was looking around her to the door. "Where that little mutt of yours." That got a frown from her now partner, with in turn got Maya to chuckle softly. "He a little bigger then you remember him." Looking over to feline she was with only give her that don't you dare look. Wouldn't you be a good boy and fetch my sweet little Hunter." Wanting to start to protest, only to drop it as Maya giving him one of those look of not to push her. Drinking the last of his Rum Milk making it to his feet. To go back to docking bay up top, that was protected by a force field dome. All the time under his breath he was not in the fetching pet walking service. It wasn't like it was a dangerous job looking after the leader smuggler daughter. Beside it was good to get way from her, he personal thoughts was that she stunk worse then a Hutt mud pit. How could any creature find her so attractive? Making down a long tunnel that would bring them to one of many docking pads.

    Spaceport pads

    While waiting to have her Hunter by her side once again just like old days. Looking down to the fact that she would need another drink so. Lending back to a relax meditative state. Even as waiting for him to return, had time to be enlightened talk with Jordan what been happen around smuggler run who was in charge who wanted in on power. This was just as the first word in the place said it was Heaven to all, you could see as natural ground where no blood was to be shed. No matter what crimes was committed it wasn't there on there head here. No bounties was to be taken out until they step foot off the place which was more then just a casino with living quarters/ and rooms below the place.

    Living Rooms/Suits

    Feline making it to landing dock one of many as making it to the ship putting in the code, knowing that her pet would be sitting at the top. Only to found himself on the ground with Hunter on top of him. Pushing him off getting to his feet to smooth his fur out. Before getting the leash out. Making his way back to where the Heaven Den. Just that she had the best in hand, all was taking a wide path, seeing a creature like he was lending it still in many ways still a pup not yet fully grown.

    AKK dog Hunter: [​IMG]
    Maya's Partner: Tvergo

    Tag: Sith-I-5, other in smuggler run. *don't know who is all involved*
  25. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: NRC WA-2 serving droid, Heavens Den saloon
    Location Skip 1 spaceport

    A mono-wheeled, flat-topped waitress droid banked around the the central bar area, taking drinks and snacks to the semi-circular booths which hugged the shadowed walls.

    It eventually rolled up to Maya's table, where, if she noticed the black Mythosaur symbol stencilled into the WA-2 burgundy panelled torso, locals know that it meant this droid had been programmed to communicate in Mandalorian first, and only if it recognised that the patron did not understand, to try something like Basic next.

    Glowing lemon-coloured photoreceptors regarded Maya and her companion, then "Me'copaani, Cyar'ika?"

    Tag: Whitelight

    OOC: 1) Lando not working at Cloud City yet. Some yahoo :p named 'Dominic Raynor' is administrator there; thank you Bravo

    2) Only if Maya specifically knows Mando'a, will she understand that the droid has asked for her order. Many thanks to for the translation services.
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