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  1. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: General Perez, Deputy the Astromech, Sword of Justice hangar, Actualise Station

    The General stood atop a Mobile Command Base, overlooking several teams of the maintenance technicians that Captain Stakes had tasked him with running through their paces, prepping starfighters and other ships in record time.

    The gleaming black astromech regarded him with its main photoreceptor.

    Perez nodded once, to which Deputy emitted a loud honk, prompting all the teams who had been standing around, looking attentively towards the veteran officer, jumped into action, towing or dragging power convertors and fuel cells across to their assigned ARC-170 starfighters, flicking the switches to refuel or charge their power cells, and then starting the myria other tasks that would have the ships combat ready.

    One by one, teams backed off from their projects, one of their member holding up a white circle to indicate that they were finished, and when Deputy registered the last team had finished, he honked again, and showed via his holoprojector, which team had finished first, and their time in minutes or seconds.

    Perez knelt for a closer look at the holographic data. "Ah good." He stood up and stepped to the edge. "Team Three, you were the quickest. Four point oh five minutes. We are trying to get everyone down to three minutes, however, so everyone drain your fuel cells, and be ready to go again. Lets try and shave some seconds off."

    Deputy whistled and bleeped, to which the General looked questioningly at a subordinate who claimed to be able to understand binary.

    "He says he is only hanging around with you till Yav gets home, General."

    Perez nodded his understanding, and smiled at the little droid. "I understand. You can go whenever you are ready."

    Deputy pointedly whirred his wheels at noisy speed to indicate that he was trapped in the circular wooden contraption that kept his wheels a couple of inches off the surface.

    "Well, I say anytime," Perez clarified with not the most sincere-sounding tone this side of Wild Space, "but you are frightening the Prophets. Harassing them won't give them any more idea of where Captain Yavscout is, than they do now. Now come on, reset your timer like a good little droid."

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  2. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: MVH-1001, Twenty-One (The Monster Squad), jungles east of Port Haven settlement, Alleyway
    Location: Port Haven, Whendyll System

    MVH-1001, Maria Van Helsing to the three other members of the Monster Squad that were helping to lead this impromptu operation, had seemingly abandoned her post and her squad, though if anyone called her on it, say, the two dumbfounded biker scouts who spotted her running between them in the wrong direction, she would say she was doing her job, running interference and rear guard action for the snipers and squad in the jungle.

    She had reacted to the surprised yowl of an unseen fellow trooper, and was following the sounds of a body being dragged through the undergrowth at high speed, catching occasional glimpses of white armour as the victim bounced over a tree root or an incline.

    Following as closely as she could, swiping aside lianna vines with her arms and gun, skipping lithely over roots, and desperately trying to keep her footing so as not to lose any speed, the female stormtrooper sergeant emerged into a clearing dominated, at the far side of the hundred-metre wide clearing, by metre-high mound of bright yellow, slightly silky-looking material. A large relative of Kashyyyk's Syren Plant, if she was any judge, so Maria kept her distance, bringing up her E-11 with both hands on the grip, and slowly turned in a circle, gun aimed around the lush green and browns of the clearing for the predator that had brazenly snatched the random trooper from Squad One.


    She ducked from the unexpected explosion, and looked round to see that the mound had largely disappeared, to be replaced by a standing stormtrooper, his armour scorched, pitted, and stained with multi-coloured ichor, having a good arm stretch.

    "Ah, that was bracing." He said, looking down at her, "Sarge?"

    Maria got to her feet, holstering her weapon as bits of atomised plant flesh rained down around them both.

    "All squads, be advised. The jungle plants are active. I repeat, the jungle plants are active." She glanced back at her messed up colleague. "At least we know now, why they have the permacrete walls." Maria looked down to see a leafed tendril creeping across the ground towards her ankle.

    "Oh, really?"

    The tendril retreated.

    "Let's get out of here." The trooper clapped her on the shoulder and started to backtrack. "This way?"

    Maria flicked something off her arm, and followed him. According to her handheld tracomp, the thick pall of black smoke North-West of their position, ought to be the Octagon, so yeah, they were going in the right direction.

    * * * *

    Twenty-One prmpted and nudged the missile trooper to get ready for the droideka to arrive.

    "Okay, the trick is to shoot them before they stop and get their shields up."

    "Copy that."

    The night-piercing vision on his helmet allowed him to see that there were three coming fast, almost in an arrow formation.

    "Guys, up and at 'em." Twenty-One jogged over to the next nearest trooper, "Get up, gettup, gettup."

    Behind him, the first destroyer droid slowed, stopped and unfolded enough to deploy legs before a minimag missile caught it and fireballed it in all directions!

    The second flowed through the wall of orange flame, unfolded and got its shield up while the missile guy was resetting for another shot, and started blasting rose-coloured plasma bolts horizontally Northwards along the dirt-packed concourse, cutting down troopers.

    zhing zhing zhing zhing zhing zhing

    Twenty-One was moving as soon as he heard the firepower, running to the nearest building and shouldering his way through a doorway out of the the line of fire.

    "Hello Sir, would you like a room?"

    Twenty-One looked up to see a Cybot Galactica protocol droid standing behind a counter, and took in a bit more of his surroundings.

    "A room, sure." He peeked round to look outside. From the looks of things, anyone still laying down wasn't getting shot at, so it wasn't going to be as massive a debacle as he feared. He just needed to the droideka distracted somehow.

    "All squads, be advised. The jungle plants are active. I repeat, the jungle plants are active."

    He frowned inside his helmet. "What the frag does that even mean?" What was she on about?

    "And how long will you be staying, Sir?"

    He waved the droid to silence, and got on the comlink. "Snipers, can you do something about the droid? Just get its attention somehow."

    To be continued...
  3. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Beskaryc Taab/ Mara Jade (NPC)
    Jungles of Port Haven, early evening.

    Night came quickly out in the jungle, the tall trees creating a "false horizon" for the Sun to dip behind. Taab brought up his carbine, his finger pressing against the trigger rapidly. The red bolts spat out angrily towards the Hand, illuminating the rapidly growing darkness. The woman though deflected them with ease, even managing to send a few back towards Taab as she advanced quickly on him. One bolt caught him square in the chest. The force of it dissipated by the heavy beskar (Mandalorian Iron) plate it had impacted, and further mitigated by the power armor liner he wore. Still he staggered back slightly under the impact as a second bolt caught him on the right side of his buy'ce (helmet). His HUD was scrambled for a moment before resolution was restored. He was sure there was some other damage to its vital electronics, but there was no time to test that now.

    For nearly as soon as the redirected bolts had struck home she was on him, neatly slicing his carbine into two pieces. He released it, allowing it to fall to the jungle floor with nary a sound, bringing up his left gauntlet in an attempt to block her next strike. Her blade bounced off the light saber resistant beskar, leaving a short scar in the armor as he punched at her midsection with his right hand. She twisted away, allowing him to land but a glancing blow, but it did give them a moments of separation. The two of them both paused briefly, assessing the other.

    She was quick and strong, and she had the abilities of a powerful force user. The red head was also scraped and bruised from their mid-air ordeal though, so at least Taab had that going for him. But her cool demeanor had returned. That was unfortunate, Taab had hoped to anger her, make her fight "hot" and force her into a mistake. That didn't seem likely now. Still it was worth a shot. "Do your parents know you are out after dark little girl?"

    Mara ignored his jab. For her part saw an old warrior, doing what he did best. She had deprived him of his primary weapon, but she sensed no panic from him. In fact she sensed hardly anything at all. Just a resolute determination to get the job done, no matter the cost. It was almost a shame that his goals were in contrast to her own. He could provide a valuable asset to the Emperor. Vader has his pet Mandalorian, why couldn't she?

    "Stand down Bounty Hunter. I will see that you get your payment." She sensed confusion on his part for a moment, before that steadfastness returned. Too bad, now she would have to destroy him to further her Master's will. She reached out with the force and grasped upon his throat, squeezing it tightly. This wouldn't take long.

    Taab was initially confused by her statement, before realizing that she had bought the con, that he was a bounty hunter after the same thing she was. He obviously couldn't give in to her demand so his hand dropped to his holster, going for a quick draw of his remaining Westar-34. But she beat him to it. Raising her left hand she made a squeezing gesture and suddenly Taab found himself unable to breath.

    Taab was surprised, but didn't panic. He had never been the victim of this particular form of attack before, though he had rumors of Darth Vader using it before. Instead of going for his blaster though he raised his right arm and fired off a short burst from his flame projector towards his assailant. The counter attack worked as the flames headed her way broke her concentration and she threw out a quick force bubble around herself, preventing her from being so much as singed. The feeling of being strangled subsided and Taab didn't so much as rub his throat as he now began to advance upon her.

    Jade had flung up the defensive bubble almost instinctively, though it broke her Force choke hold on her armored adversary. She brought her crimson blade back up, ready to meet his advance. She was a trained assassin and agent of the Empire, though truth be told she was not as practiced in pure combat, especially against an opponent such as this. She steeled herself though, if she lost she knew that Vader would never let her live it down. He would have ended this fight already she was sure. The Mandalorian continued his advance, two THUNKS could be heard punctuating the emergence of blades from his gauntlets. Oh so that is how this is going to be? Perfect. It was his strength and stupidity against her quickness and guile.

    Taab swung at her as he entered melee range, but she once again dodged his strikes. Still he kept coming, once getting close enough to her head to slice off a lock of her red hair. Elbowing her in the face she staggered back, but before he could follow through she brought her lightsaber into action once more. It was useless against his armored plates, but if she could find a weak point in between them she could end the fight. Better yet she used them to parry the blades at the ends of his gauntlets. Those were made of weaker stuff and her lightsaber cleaved through them. She could hear a muttered expletive from under his impassive helmet. "shab."

    The Hand had taken out his blades now, he knew he should have used the old beskar ones that were still back on the Crusader. They had been standbys of his during his Jedi hunting days, but with spoonbenders few and far between now he had switched them out for durasteel in order to save weight. A mistake he would rectify if he ever got out of this. He would have to try something else.

    Her parry had carried her a bit farther away from him, but he rushed towards her again, moving quickly inside the sweep of her crimson blade. He grappled with her, grabbing a hold of her arms, causing her to drop her lightsaber which deactivated as it hit the ground. He headbutted her once, twice, three times. It was something that did him no harm under the protection of his bucket, but it served to at least disorient her for a moment. he brought up his knee into her midsection now, ready to administer the coup de gras.

    With another eyeblink he went to fire off the dart launcher in his knee pad. It was a move he had used before in subduing Jedi, and it had never failed. Until now. The launcher never fired the toxic dart, instead a malfunction error flashed through his HUD. Fire control for any weapon lower than his waist had been damaged when that bolt had connected with his bucket. Not good.

    The redhead recovered from the repeated battering of her skull and the knee to her stomach quickly, sweeping her leg down behind his she pushed on his shoulder forcing him to the ground. She released him and stood as he rolled over onto his back. Looking up at her as she called her lightsaber to her hand once more with the Force. She was close enough now to try to stab him through a gap in his armor, so as she brought the blade down on him he lit off his jetpack.

    He shot off along the ground, singeing her as he went by. Leaving her behind, surprised in a cloud of dust, he angled up out into the sky before coming back down on her position, smashing his fist into her jaw. Her lightsaber again flew from her hand, this time skittering out towards a ravine nearby. Taab landed, next to her, a result of his jetpack assisted punch. he had expected it to knock her out, but once again the Force was her ally and she stayed in the fight. She launched a flying kick at him, hoping to drive him off balance, but he grabbed her foot in mid flight and spinning it rapidly knocked her flat to the ground again.

    Stomping down on her he tried to crush her beneath his heavy beskar boot, but she was again too quick. Using her arms and legs she launched herself back up and punched at his faceplate. She connected, but her only reward was the pain that shot through her fist. She wouldn't make that mistake again. He kicked at her now, pushing her out across the jungle floor and closer to the ravine. If she fell it would mean almost certain death.

    Jade was stunned by the turn of events. Glancing around herself quickly she noted how the jungle around them had become scorched and charred with the results of their battle. She could also sense creatures out there, creatures that were waiting to see the final results and would pounce on the loser. their eyes could be seen glittering in the jungle now. She saw her lightsaber too, near the edge of the canyon, a large river winding its way far below at the bottom of it. Without it she knew now knew she stood no chance. And the Mandalorian had just kicked her closer towards it.

    He saw it too. The Mandalorian drew his blaster pistol in one hand, and a grenade in the other. Aiming the blaster at her he stated calmly, "Nice try, dar'jetti (sith)" But she wouldn't give up, not yet. She threw herself towards her lightsaber, whilst simultaneously calling it to herself once more. But he saw the move and threw the grenade in between them. It exploded. Mara threw up a another quick force bubble, but she was exhausted and it wasn't as complete as before. A few fragments got through, cutting into her flesh, though nothing vital was hit.

    That wasn't the worst of her concerns. The concussive blast of the grenade had forced her out over the edge of the ravine, Her lightsaber, out of her grasp, had clattered onto the ground near its edge. She fell, looking down at the onrushing water and used her last bit of energy to call on the Force to protect her a final time....

    Taab holstered his blaster as he cautiously looked out over the cliff face. He saw no sign of the mysterious red haired woman. It would be almost inconceivable for any normal being to survive that fall, the laser range finder in his bucket told him it was well over 300 meters deep. But he knew this was no normal woman. The range finder on the left side of his buy'ce swung down into position, amplifying his view of the bottom of the gorge. It was dark, even darker down there then it had been up here. Switching his HUD to night vision he finally saw movement.

    It was her, clambering her way out onto a rock in midstream of the river far below. She had indeed survived the fall, and judging by her dexterity was none the worse for their ordeal. Taab drew his blaster pistol, but he doubted he could hit her at this range. He watched her for a moment. Oh the fight was still there within her, but she was so far removed from it as to be a non-entity now. By the time she could climb out of that ravine and make her way back to the settlement he and the Captain would be long gone.

    He holstered the pistol once more and raised his rangefinder. It was time to get back and help the Captain with his own escape off this rock. There were still a number of Imperials that would either have to be dealt with or evaded. glancing down a final time he saw the hand's lightsaber. He considered taking it for a moment. He had left one of his own trophy jetti'kade (lightsabers) behind on the freighter with the Captain, and unless the Skipper had managed to grab it in his own escape attempt it would be lost forever. This would make a nice replacement for it.

    But he didn't take it. He hadn't killed the Hand, and thus this was not his trophy to take. He nudged it off the cliff's edge, towards the water below. It was her weapon, and she had fought well with it. She deserved to keep it, besides she might need it to survive a night in this jungle. Their fight was over, there was no reason to wish her ill now. He ran a systems check he found that his comm system had also been knocked offline, it was time to go and find the Captain. Lighting off his jetpack one last time he flew out and over the jungle canopy, in the direction of the settlement.

    Mara Jade, Emperor's Hand and instrument of his dark will, watched as the bounty hunter launched himself skyward with a flash of light. She had failed her Master and knew his punishment would be swift and cruel. It was as it should be, one did not fail the Emperor without consequence. Swimming over to where her lightsaber had come to rest in the water she took it and attached it to her belt. It surprised her that the Mandalorian had not taken it, she knew he had given her a fighting chance at making it through the night. She began her long climb up the cliff face. With the Force to guide her she should be able to make relatively short work of it, though she doubted she would be back at the settlement before morning.

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    OOC: Some inspirations for this post were taken from the Jange Fett/Obi-Wan Kenobi fight in ATOC and from The Iron Man/Thor fight in The Avengers (2012)

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  4. kommando104

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    Apr 27, 2013
    IC: Cain Varss
    Hutt's Scuttle, Skip One, Smuggler's Run

    Cain could see the disapproving frown on Fress's face. He had expected it, but not the slight sense of shame that came over him. He tried to shake it off.

    "I’m not sure if this helps recruitment. I don’t like to stoop to his low unless forced too.”

    Cain winced slightly at the words. It was a subtle but poignant reprimand for the new comer. Ease up Cain, you're still unfamiliar with the group. These aren't your typical mercenaries, and you know that. They have standards. You need to watch and learn the unwritten rules, especially from your new squadron leader. Still, Cain thought explaining his reasoning might help his case.

    "I can see your reasoning on that ma'am. I was just thinking that actions speak louder than words do," he said. Deciding his current position was untenable, he switched back to his question before they were so rudely interrupted. "Why do you trust me with all this information? The core worlds and the Empire have all but brainwashed the people there of the supposed evil of your kind, especially on Imperial Center, I'm sorry, I mean Coruscant." Old habits die hard. "Fortunately, because of my age at the time of the purge, I have a decent recollection of what your kind really were before all the propaganda, but even then I've been bombarded with heavy anti- well, you people," he said, not wanting to speak or mouth the word Jedi.

    IC: JediFalcon, others in Hutt's Scuttle
  5. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias alias Kasha Sherland
    Hutts Scuttle Skip One, Smugglers Run

    "Fortunately, because of my age at the time of the purge, I have a decent recollection of what your kind really were before all the propaganda, but even then I've been bombarded with heavy anti- well, you people,"

    Fress nodded in agreement as she leaned back with a frown and shook her head. “I was born on Alderaan and I don’t think I should hide who I am anymore. I wasn’t expecting the Empire too...” She let the last sentence hang. The grief was still too fresh. “Destroy the…” She couldn’t bring herself to say the last word. It still felt unreal, but the deaths she felt through the Force from the planet being destroyed was the most horrorific feeling she ever felt. She paused for a second as she remembered something he said in his sentence about trusting him. She sensed shock from him earlier.“You seem surprised I'm trusting you with this information. Are you telling me you’re not trust worthy?”

  6. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mission Supervisor Lim, Agent Devon Robie, Agent Mitch Nifesta, Secret Galactic Intelligence Service base ship.

    The oriental-looking young woman in charge of the SGIS was in a rare sitting position at a desk surrounded by flimsy reports and datapads.

    Thanks to necessity, the agency was willing to deploy some ships in support of the Mercs in their attack on Project Zero, though they really only knew as much as Agent Yavscout did.

    The ships they had built themselves, less than half a dozen Bantha-class assault shuttles, which was all the Calamari dry dock that they had appropriated from the Mon Cal homeworld, was set up to do.

    The craft would be crewed by Calamari or B1 droids.

    There were also the craft that the few agents operated themselves.

    Lim looked up as the rodian agent came over, planting his fists on the surface of her curved light table.

    Imperial Intelligence have gotten wind of an Imperial operation to take Port Haven.

    She was a synthdroid, so had the information instantly to hand, but for the comfort of organic-droid relations, she went through the motions of human uncertainty, snapping her fingers as she looked at her array of data. “Why does that name sound so familiar?

    It’s the Mercs’ home port. Whendyll System. Someone claiming to be an Emperor’s Hand walked up to the Moff of the…” Agent Robie hesitated, blanking on the name of the star sector, “…relevant sector, and demanded he lend her a ground force, and a squadron.

    A squadron of what? Starfighters? Star Destroyers? Hawkbats.

    Hawkbats!” Devon straightened and swept his right hand from one side to the other in front of her. “Poop everywhere. Actually, we don’t know. They just said, ‘squadron’.

    Avian poop can be quite flammable, I hear.

    One stray laser bolt, place’d go up like fragging Alderaan.” Devon frowned, and mentally added the comment to the list of things not to say while chatting up Princess Organa.

    Alright, get onto Agent Yavscout. Better warn him not to go there. Uh-oh.

    A melodic chime alerted them to an SGIS signal coming through from one of their operatives. And it wasn’t a big pool.

    Both looked up at a large square repeater screen, showing the distraught face of a pale white twi’lek with red eyes.
    Lim, I need help on Flitter.” He started, “I've lost an agent down there.

    What do you mean, you’ve lost an agent?” Lim asked as Devon rushed off, heading for the hypercomm, so he could try to reach his colleague aboard the captured Imperial interdictor, the Delicate Delinquent. “Apart from you, Devon, Yav, and the two Code Js, we don’t have any other field ops?

    Oh, I recruited that pilot I rescued on Christophsis. Nice girl.

    Lim turned to look fully up at her operative. “You cannot just go around recruiting Alliance pilots! Surely the Rebellion should have first dibs.

    Oh, she wasn’t Alliance. She was Imperial, ‘cept her superiors were trying to set her up as a Rebel spy, and get her executed. Us falling for the lie was a lucky coincidence

    Why in Fornax would you rescue an Imperial; oh wait, you said ‘she’. Put the red dress on, did she?” Lim knew how he rolled. Whoever had written the twi'lek's personnel file had not been a fan. “That doesn’t actually mean anything, you know that, don’t you

    Tell him about Alderaan.” Devon’s voice was faint with distance.

    What about Alderaan?

    Brace yourself, Agent. It has been destroyed. Utterly obliterated. By the Empire.

    How the hell did they do that? I mean, I felt something-

    Too much information, Mitch.

    -like lots of oysters getting very hot, very quickly, but…Alderaan. How do you destroy a planet?

    Squadron of hawkbats and an ignition source, if you listen to Devon.” Lim took charge. “Agent Nifesta. Get back here, and report in person. We also want to get your ship re-supplied, for possible participation in this Project Zero sit’. After that, we'll sit down and decide what to do about Flitter. Base out.” She cut the connection to the twi’lek, hopefully conveying that the conversation was at an end.

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    IC: SG-12, V-19 “Chris” Torrent
    Location: Hyperspace to Denon star system

    SG-12 awoke out of his self-imposed meditation, and stretched as best he could in the single person cockpit, which the blue-grey chaos of hyperspace flashed past his canopy.

    It was humbling to feel that only layers of transparisteel, durasteel, and energy shielding, stood between him and that lethal phenomenon.

    He had spoke to Sard while still on Malastare, and the captain’s experience had won out.

    Since the two would be converging on the same area, the naval commander had noted that they could rendezvous enroute.

    The Sabre Guard’s fighter and his team’s Sentinel-class landing craft, flying into the Denon star system via the Hydian Way hyperlane, while the Hard Eight took the Corellian Run.

    The Sentinel had been taken without the Chief Magistrate’s permission, but SG-12 decided he needed something to carry his assigned hoverscout, with which he and the tiny contingent of Imperial Intelligence agents would continue to investigate the Mercs, the Kingdom of Jod, and the mystery that Sard had brought to the table – what was scuttling Imperial vessels, and why wasn’t Naval Command doing anything about it?

    The navcomputer bleeped, prompting Twelve to disengage the hyperdrive, starlines shortening till the fighter emerged into Real Space, the landing craft popping into sight a few dozen miles to starboard.

    He fired up the sensor suite, and started to scan for the Hard Eight. He would give her half a Standard Hour, then continue on to Port Haven alone.

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  7. Intervention

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    Oct 1, 2012
    OOG: Inspired by Jusik, because he rocks. :cool:

    IC: Naval Reconnaissance Trooper (NRT) Joker Team
    Unidentified Wild Space planet

    MUSIC: Bird is the Word

    The Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry skimmed the river in the hot summer day, the reflection of the LAAT over the muddy murky waters that snaked through the hot jungle...



    • Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
    • Role: Team Leader
    • Type: Naval Reconnaissance Trooper
    • Organization: Special Tactics and Studies Division (T&S or Tactics and Studies for short)
    • Current Assignment: Supporting guerrilla warfare against Imperial Military forces in Wild Space; final stages of Operation Hook and Sink
      • Reassignment (pending): Capture of Imperial Gunship Shattered Expanse

    • Rank: Chief Petty Officer
    • Role: Team Second-in-Command; Heavy Weapons Specialist
    • Type: Naval Reconnaissance Trooper
    • Organization: Special Tactics and Studies Division (T&S or Tactics and Studies for short)
    • Current Assignment: Supporting guerrilla warfare against Imperial Military forces in Wild Space; final stages of Operation Hook and Sink
      • Reassignment (pending): Capture of Imperial Gunship Shattered Expanse


    • Rank: Petty Officer I
    • Role: Riflemen and Reconnaissance Specialist
    • Type: Naval Reconnaissance Trooper
    • Organization: Special Tactics and Studies Division (T&S or Tactics and Studies for short)
    • Current Assignment: Supporting guerrilla warfare against Imperial Military forces in Wild Space; final stages of Operation Hook and Sink
      • Reassignment (pending): Capture of Imperial Gunship Shattered Expanse


    • Rank: Petty Officer II
    • Role: Riflemen Specialist
    • Type: Naval Reconnaissance Trooper
    • Organization: Special Tactics and Studies Division (T&S or Tactics and Studies for short)
    • Current Assignment: Supporting guerrilla warfare against Imperial Military forces in Wild Space; final stages of Operation Hook and Sink
      • Reassignment (pending): Capture of Imperial Gunship Shattered Expanse


    • Rank: Petty Officer II
    • Role: Electronics Warfare and Communications Specialist
    • Type: Naval Reconnaissance Trooper
    • Organization: Special Tactics and Studies Division (T&S or Tactics and Studies for short)
    • Current Assignment: Supporting guerrilla warfare against Imperial Military forces in Wild Space; final stages of Operation Hook and Sink
      • Reassignment (pending): Capture of Imperial Gunship Shattered Expanse

    Chuck sat back against the back of the LAAT with a cigar in his mouth, his jungle green combat dress, jungle green blast vest over that, even his black ear comlink (no helmet), and especially his red hair all showed signs of extreme sweat. Luckily though, this was going to be the last op if things went well. Despite the civil war at home and the change of government, the Special Tactics and Studies Division had remained loyal to the Royal House and had, through pure understanding of the way of the galaxy, had remained "on mission" with several of their Outer Galaxy missions associated with the House of Royal Intelligence.

    Word was, once the Imperial Prefabricated Garrison Base and the planetary Spaceport at Yellow River were captured, then NRT Team Joker could be sent home. After 11 months of supporting local rebellious and militia units conduct a bloody guerrilla warfare against the local Imperial Army Troopers (Line Corps in size) sent to enforce Imperial Law on the newly discovered Agriworld in the same sweaty, God-forsaken jungle, Chuck wanted nothing more then to go home. This had been one of those assignments that he didn't add a tattoo on his right arm of the tour of duty he had conducted...not that he was running out of room on his right arm, but because he didn't want to remember this place.

    After 11 bloody, hard months of fighting, the Imperial Army Corps had been significantly weakened in various areas around the world to allow a surprise assault on the Garrison Base near Yellow River. The hope was, with the Imperial main base captured (as well as the planet's only Spaceport back in the hands of the people), the people from other towns and cities planet side so far not involved in the planetary war, would see that the Imperial Army was valuable and would rebel against the Imperials, forcing them to be on the defensive, retreat off world, and see that any returning was not worth their effort.

    A course, for NRT Joker Team, that was the official line for the public. Royal Command would of never dreamed of wasting such valuable assets to a local rebellion. The mission was classified to the highest levels; but in a rare act of betrayal among the JMF, at least before the Jod Civil War, a Kingdom's Navy Officer had gone AWOL, seeking to sell information to the Empire of how to gain access to the Kingdom of Jod. Royal Intelligence had dispatched NRT Joker Team to handle the situation directly and with deadly force if need be. But what should of been a quick night-time grab and go op to return the traitors officer to the Kingdom of Jod for trial had turned into a unexpected 11 month struggle for freedom for the local population after the original mission failed. Royal Intelligence had moved in quickly to intercept all Imperial transmissions and transports leaving from the world then, effectively telling the story to Imperial Center of a operation going well and on schedule. Finding the traitorous Kingdom's Navy officer had proved far more difficult then thought after he had escaped capture multiple times. But, after months of tracking the naval officer, Joker Team had cornered the officer at the main Imperial base on planet and spaceport where a local Imperial Gunship was making plans to run the small blockade of local in-system star ships and escape.

    Chuck slapped one of those blood sucking bugs against his neck. Like the bug, things had changed suddenly. Too suddenly, Chuck decided, as he looked over at the shinny new armor and uniforms of the 25 Strategic Command Army Troopers sent from Royal Command to reinforce their unit for a special operation that Chuck had yet to receive orders on.

    Over his ear link, he could hear the comm chatter with Command and the Pilots as the Republic Gunship started a climb from the river to scale the jungle hill ahead.

    "Command, Raptor Two-One."

    "Raptor Two-One."

    "You have a in-mission priority redirect for Joker Team."

    "Raptor Two-One copies. Go with orders."

    "You are to stay on mission for capture of VIP JMF. Then, proceed with VIP extraction and capture of Imperial Gunship in spaceport to Imperial Project Zero."

    "Raptor Two-One copies of current and extended orders."


    Chuck silently cursed under his breath as he listened to the orders being relayed to his team as two BTL-S3 Y-Wing starfighters rocketed overhead---booming out all sound for a moment and shaking the LAAT---as the Republic Gunship crested the hill. Ahead, the two Y-Wings blazed overhead a fiery battle as multiple "enemy" units assaulted the Imperial stronghold that sat at the fork of the Yellow and Green Rivers---controlling all water shipping in the area---and the spaceport that sat in the shadow of the Imperial base on the opposite end of that fork. Blaster and laser fire of all kinds blasted from the Imperial base in all directions as a overwhelming assault of air, land, and sea military units hammered the base and its troops. Smoke arose from the jungle all around in areas and destructed fiery units on both sides of the battle dotted the landscape.

    As the LAAT banked to port, various clouds of black anti-aircraft ammunition from the Imperial base filling the blue skies and white clouds all around the LAAT, Chuck looked to starboard and watched as the two Y-Wings unleaded a volley of concussion missiles at the base before banking on a escape vector to starboard and high.

    Chuck looked back inside the LAAT and over to a fellow NRT named "Tech". Chuck gave a swirl of his finger and Tech nodded, hitting several buttons on his extended backpack communication set. ZZ Ward - Put the Gun Down filled his ear comlink.

    The LAAT suddenly took a rapidly decreasing approach through the cloud of lead as the Gunship's on-board weaponry opened up at various ground targets. Chuck gave a two finger wave and the NRTs, in union with the new SCA Troopers positioned themselves along the open sides of the LAAT and opened up blaster fire on enemy targets below.

    The LAAT dropped lower, angling towards the painfully clear Imperial Gunship in the middle of the spaceport. The music---Joker Team's signature song---still blarred in all members of Joker Team's comlinks when it was overridden by Chuck's own voice as the LAAT's gunners cleared a landing area ontop one of the service buildings near the Gunship.

    "Joker Team, out by fire teams! SCA Troop, to covering positions and support elements along roof top. Go! Go! Go!" Chuck said as the LAAT had barely touched roof top and Chuck was running out, aiming his A280 blaster rifle at two Imperial Stormtroopers directly ahead and mowing them down...

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    Apr 27, 2013
    IC: Cain Varss
    Hutt's Scuttle, Skip One, Smuggler's Run

    I was born on Alderaan and I don’t think I should hide who I am anymore. I wasn’t expecting the Empire too...”

    Cain's eyes widened as he realized the hell she must have been through in the past hours. He had been to Alderaan before, and found it nice enough, though his first thoughts when he had heard of the planet's destruction were toward his stepmother. He had hoped she was on one of her ridiculous shopping trips to the world when it exploded. I can't even imagine how she's sitting here now. Cain hadn't been particularly surprised by the fact that the Empire destroyed the planet. To him, it seemed like an obvious move if the Empire had the capability. What did surprise him was the capability. It also helped strengthen his resolve to fight that kind of evil. The evil that would think up such a weapon.

    You seem surprised I'm trusting you with this information. Are you telling me you’re not trust worthy?”

    With the question and the hint of venom in Fress's voice, Cain knew she was serious, though admittedly, he welcomed the change in conversation. The way she reacted to telling him she was from Alderaan, he half expected her to start bawling in front of him, but she didn't. She pushed it aside. A therapist would likely say ignoring that is unhealthy, but to a pilot, or a fighter of any kind, it was necessary. If you couldn't compartmentalize your problems, they would come out at the worst possible time in combat and put your life in jeopardy. The fact that she was able to do it in conversation meant she could do it when her life was on the line. She's good.

    Cain began his earnest attempt at putting her mind at ease. His expression hardened into a slight frown and his eyes became slits. "Ma'am, I've only broken one contract in my life, and it was with the Imperial Navy. Technically, I've been AWOL for the past five years. My last leave coincided with my end of tour, and I just decided I would inform the Empire that I was no longer serving them by not showing up to end or renew my tour of duty with them." Cain paused and pulled an Imperial ID card out of his inner jacket pocket and slid it across the table. The picture was Cain Varss, all the information was Cain Varss, but the ID said Cain Supertramp and it had a different, legitimate, ID number. "I had one of the best slicer's in the Outer Rim make that up for me, and believe me, it wasn't cheap. The Imps don't like AWOL pilots..." Cain paused a moment, then continued. "That ID got me onto Coruscant after being considered AWOL. I assume you did a background check on me, right? Well, if I hadn't used my real name, and used that ID instead, it would have come up with the same record, with the name on that badge. If I wanted to conceal my true identity I could have. I didn't." Cain, judging Fress had sufficient time to view the ID, took it back and put it in his inner jacket pocket.

    Cain paused again to regain his composure and reign in the slight amount of anger in his voice. "So more to the point of your question. I grew up on Coruscant. I had people try to convince me of the evil of your kind throughout my early life. I flew for the people that hunt you down to this day. Were I you, I would not trust me. Trust does not come easy to me. I've haven't trusted anybody in...a long time, and I have been on my own for the past three years. Yet with all my troubles, they do not compare to yours." Cain paused again to re-center himself. He leveled his eyes at her and looked straight into her eyes, hoping to convey some sort of passion. "That's why it baffles me that you trust me with this knowledge. I know earlier you said you were tired of hiding who you were. As your new subordinate I would like to say that there is a difference in being proud of who you are and giving away information that could directly lead to your demise. I guess I'm just distrustful by nature. I never expected the relatively warm welcome you have given me..." Cain trailed off for a moment. He needed to get in with the group, for his own sake, for his sanity's sake. For Kate's sake. Fighting against the Empire was his redemption. He had been running from his redemption for close to a decade. The time was now or he was sure he would go mad in a standard year if he didn't start fighting his former compatriots. "Ma'am, I know my future actions won't cover for the four years I was an Imperial pilot. I have witnessed terrible things and committed a few terrible acts under orders. I've left a black mark on this galaxy. My only hope is that I work toward leaving a brighter mark than the black one I've left. That's why I am here. I'm done running," he said with conviction flowing through him. "If you can't trust that, then you need to leave me here and destroy that flimsi with my signature on it.."

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  9. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Hutts Scuttle Skip One, Smugglers Run

    "Ma'am, I know my future actions won't cover for the four years I was an Imperial pilot. I have witnessed terrible things and committed a few terrible acts under orders. I've left a black mark on this galaxy. My only hope is that I work toward leaving a brighter mark than the black one I've left. That's why I am here. I'm done running," he said with conviction flowing through him. "If you can't trust that, then you need to leave me here and destroy that flimsi with my signature on it.."

    Fress leaned back in the booth chair and eyed him with a frown as she held out her hand and called her id back to her hand. The id flew off the table and landed solidly into her hand as she placed it back into her belt. She had this nagging feeling in the back of her mind that the reason he broke the contract was more of a personal one. Possibly someone close to him was killed, usually that would be considered a wake up call for those serving the Empire. She could sense that much to him, the pain of a lost lover was coming strongly from him. She nodded knowing his pain, the similar thing happened to her with Darin. After Order 66 was issued and Ahsoka died in her arms, it only made her not want to serve Palpatine. She smiled knowing he had the desire to fight and that desire will help the Rebellion to take the Empire down. “You’re not the only one who has walked away from the Empire and I suspect you won’t be the last. Everyone deserves a second chance at correcting things they done in the past. That takes a lot of strength to walk away and to admit something like that. When something dramatic happens, it makes you stop and think if you are on the right side anymore. Palpatine was the Sith lord that the Council was looking for. He was directing the seperatists movements as well as the Republics. After everything happened, it all suddenly made sense. He always had a story about how he got information on the seperatists army’s movements. Some of the senators started to get suspicious about Palpatine and that’s when they were beginning to think about starting the Rebellion. He manipulated others into handing him emergency powers until it was too late to stop him."

    Fress felt a rush come over her as images assaulted her. She recognized Port Haven. She looked around noting the Imperial troops on the outside of the wall. She watched as a young red head no more then age seventeen force Jason up the ramp. It was time to leave. She shook her head as she keyed in Havah’s comlink. “Firecracker to Spook, get things wrapped up. I want to be out of here with in the hour. Call it a hunch that the rendevue is no longer sanctuary.”

    She sent off a message to Atin and Chris.

    //Had a vision of Port Haven. The Imperials are going after Jason again. We leave within the hour.// She hit send sensing this was the right thing to do.

    Fress turned her attention to Cain. “We’re on the same side that much is clear. I can sense your sincerity through the Force about wanting to fight. I can trust that much at least. I can sense you want this fresh start or you wouldn’t be here,” she paused for a second and eyed him over. “I can give you an option. Give me a chance to prove the propaganda wrong and do not to turn me in no matter how tempted you are. Or if you feel you can’t trust even yourself, then I will rip this application up right here right now. I want to be able to feel I can trust those under my command that will get the job done. The choice is up to you now. Which do you choose? Do you trust yourself and me or you don’t?”

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    Apr 27, 2013
    IC: Cain Varss
    Hutt's Scuttle, Skip One, Smuggler's Run

    “I can give you an option. Give me a chance to prove the propaganda wrong and do not to turn me in no matter how tempted you are. Or if you feel you can’t trust even yourself, then I will rip this application up right here right now. I want to be able to feel I can trust those under my command that will get the job done. The choice is up to you now. Which do you choose? Do you trust yourself and me or you don’t?”

    Cain almost laughed at the implication he would try to turn her in for the bounty. Even if I hated Jedi I wouldn't do that. "I am sorry if I gave you the impression I actually believe the propaganda. I stopped believing anything the Empire said when I was a teenager. I trust myself without a doubt. Isolating oneself for three years requires that much. I was just putting myself in your boots."

    Cain had noticed her attention shift as she sent out messages and spoke to another Merc on her comlink. From the sounds of it, where ever we were going just turned into a battlefield. He knew she wanted to him to say something resembling the fact that he trusted her. That was almost too big of a leap for Cain. "I can't exactly say I trust you," he said, "but I can say that I have faith in you and the Mercs, and I know I will get what ever task you throw at me done, one way or another. I'm with you one hundred percent ma'am," he said with a smile. "If I'm not mistaken, it sounds like you're going in hot. Should I go get my Z-95 ready for launch or are you still reconsidering accepting my recruitment?"

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  11. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Various Imperial forces
    Port Haven

    While his previous position had him dirt side with his fellow troopers, when the AT-STs started their march towards the Octagon after the artillery, the Imperial Stormtrooper Lieutenant had jumped inside one of the AT-STs to better command the battle with the walker's technology and better protection. With his stormtrooper helmet off at the moment and standing behind and in between the two walker pilots, he watched the two pilots control the machine towards the Octagon up ahead. The Stormtrooper officer had a borrowed head-set on for communications from the walker's crew.

    Up ahead, the Octagon---or what was left of it---was nothing more then burning debris; half of the structure, flames licking up its structural supports, still stood as a ghostly reminder, as most of the remainder of the structure was either debris or quickly deteriorating and falling apart due to damage and flame and crumbling to the ground below. Those souls that sought jumping from the Octagon's various levels was the better idea to survive, most of their bodies lay scattered around, the only flesh to tell the story of what once happened here that wasn't buried and burning in the debris. The Lieutenant was about to order the AT-STs ahead to support the advance when the walker's communication system lit up.

    "Lou, we got droideka."

    "Copy," the Lieutenant responded through the headset, singaling the walker crew to advance through the Octagon's fiery debris, "We're on our way. Use cover and fall back towards the Octagon. We'll waste the area," The Lieutenant knew Squad 3 and the 3 Biker Scouts were up ahead in Free Trader's Alleyway, while Squad 5 was just advancing through or around the Octagon's flames now in advance, "Squad 3 and Squad 5, be advised for artillery support in thirty seconds. Squad 5, find your targets. Walkers will suppress. Squad 3, fall back towards Squad 5."

    As the Walkers burst through the wreckage that was the Octagon, the Lieutenant could see through visual and via sensors the white armored stormtroopers of Squad 3 doing a classic leap frog retreat, while Squad 5 closed in on their rear along the sides of the buildings. Up ahead, the droideka's could be seen rolling down the street---three more, plus the one that had survived the first assault of the three. But, the Lieutenant's eyes narrowed out the AT-STs view slits as he could see other shapes up ahead marching in behind the rolling balls of destruction.

    "Super Battle Droids!" A Stormtrooper exclaimed over the comm channel, probably one of the Biker Scouts up ahead of the retreat out of view, "Thirty units!"

    So this would be it, then? Funnel all your desperate forces at once to give others a chance to escape...idiots.

    "Squad 5, continue on mission. Squad 3, redirect to covering positions for Squad 5. Walkers, take aim at the buildings...and FIRE!"

    The two AT-STs marched forward, then past Squad 5 and the reforming Squad 3, as Squad 5's missiles lanced out towards the droideka's advance of the Super Battle Droids. As the Walkers marched past the Stormtroopers, the weaponry of the mobile weapon platforms opened up in a rapid succession of firepower, smashing into the sides of the buildings to either side of the Super Battle Droids' formation.

    The droideka's collapsed into flaming debris under Squad 5, while the Walkers marched over or crushed their remains as they barreled onwards towards the Super Battle Droids. Briefly, the "Supers" were able to get superior firepower leveled towards the two Walkers.

    "Full speed!" The Lieutenant ordered and he could feel the Walker's motor propel the legs forward faster, "Take priority targets!"

    But the Supers' superiority was short-lived as falling debris from the buildings started to overtake their forces and the Walkers' fire switched from the buildings to threat profiles on the Supers. If the Supers weren't crushed by debris or dismantled by the AT-STs weaponry, then the Walker's raptor-like foot-pads either tore through the armored hulls, kicked the droids away, or out-right stepped on them.

    As the fires licked into the night, in the distant from where Squad 3 and 5 now took cover, they could say that their "Guardian Angels" had been Imperial AT-STs, one of which had been commanded by their own Lieutenant. From the Stormtroopers point of view, the Walkers crushed whatever focused enemy forces there were, the Walker' silhouettes in the burning night like angels in war. But the Supers were still out there and now the AT-STs advance had been slowed by the buildings' debris and their once powerful bull rush tactics had started to turn into picking off a handful of enemy units that had started to get into the AT-STs blind spots.

    One of the Stormtroopers of one of the squads yelled, "FORWARD STORMTROOPERS! FORWARD!"

    With a monstrous yell, the white armored stormtroopers lurched forward and their weaponry fire soon started taking out Supers in their line of sight; as the Stormtroopers charged through the burning Free Trader's Alleyway, their running armored feet brought them closer and closer to the AT-STs...

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Ler and company
    Cockpit, Luck's Gamble

    "There," Havoc Neb pointed from the co-pilot seat at the shooting fiery dot from a river ravine some distance away.

    Ler nodded, keying the ship-board comm, "Zhoul, open the ramp. We're slowing down."

    "Copy," came the Devaronian's voice back over the comm. Warning lights on the cockpit's control board started beeping as the ramp was lowered in mid-flight and Ler turned the warning sounds to mute as he keyed the comm.

    "Chief, we're South-West of your position in flight. Boarding ramp lowered. Your welcome to come aboard. Over?"

    TAG Bardan_Jusik

    IC: Jason Lasso
    Port Haven (evening, around 6pm)

    While anyone addicted to action holovids would say that now would be a good time to have the biggest guns and march in screaming and firing at everything that breaths, Lasso knew better. He had faced Stormtroopers several times in the past---the most notable and painful being his parents' death at their hands---and aside from a few bad apples in the bunch, most Imperial Stormtroopers were excellent marksmen, soldiers, and loyal to the Emperor without a doubt.

    Which made them deadly.

    With the Octagon's burning skeleton in the distance and Free Trader's Alleyway sounding more like a World War 3, Port Haven's citizens---or whoever was left---had taken up a desperate fight against two Imperial squads advancing from the East through the town. Those who made a run to the West towards the beach---and left their cover were easy targets for Imperial snipers hidden in the trees beyond the settlement---their bodies littered the ground between the settlement proper and the sandy beaches.

    Using the shadows and distant explosions from Free Trader's Alleyway to mask their movements in between buildings, Jason, Mr. Briggs, and the Major had made it to almost the most Southern most center area of the settlement. The two Imperial squads up ahead were making their way effectively through the buildings and up ahead, stubborn as a mule, was
    Hallomar flanked by two Super Battle Droids, surrounded by a dozen or so Port Haven Security Officers, and a rag-tag group of smugglers, mercenaries, and pirates taking up whatever cover they could find roughly in the middle of town. Covered from Imperial sniper fire by a series of buildings, it was the last, best stand for Port Haven.

    And Lasso knew, right then, that any rescue of Hallomar would mean their deaths too. Hallomar was aiming to fight to the last man.

    Torn between retreating for the sake of the Mercs and leaving behind a man that had sheltered the Mercs for so many years, Lasso was saved from any such thought. The familiar wine of TIE engines first gave Lasso the realization that standing and fighting was the best option...because with Imperial reinforcements now arriving, death was all that waited them all.

    But as Lasso looked up in the fading sunlight sky, the mix-match group of TIE-series craft seemed odd to him at first...then he realized who they were.

    The Coruscant Aces. The legendary ace Imperial TIE Fighter squadron had defected from Imperial service some 3 years ago during the destructive path of Galen Marek and Jedi General Rahm Kota in the Battle of the TIE Fighter Construction Facility. The ace squadron had fought bravely...then simply disappeared after the battle. Their reasons had remained unknown. But their leader, Ace One, was known as a ruthless leader and killer.

    The Imperial Stormtroopers---probably assuming the TIEs were the awaited Imperial support----advanced as if the TIEs were their support. The realization that they weren't came too late as the various TIEs----in fact, 4 TIE Advanced x1's, 4 TIE Interceptors, 3 TIE Fighters, and a Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing all pained the classic Imperial Navy starfighter gray color with the planet of Coruscant in red on at least two of the solar panels and/or wings---dived in for the run, green laser fire and concussion missiles first striking out in the night sky, engulfing the forest where the Imperial snipers were, while the remainder of ther other TIEs used their green lasers to hit the main East advance of Stormtroopers.

    Lasso used this moment of battle swift to run ahead---surely the snipers were a bit distracted with the jungle being torn with blazes from the sky---and link up with the last Port Haven defenders. A cheer went up from the Port Haven defenders, but it was brief. The brave last few defenders looked on, confused, as the Coruscant Aces didn't loop back around for a second run or take out the more deadly AT-STs up to the North, instead their engine exhaust ports becoming distant dots as they raced towards space.

    "Hallomar," Lasso said, "We need to go. The Coruscant Aces bought us some time...but they know what's coming up next."

    "We can fight! We can fight!" Yelled a few of the defenders, raising their blasters in strong willed defense.

    Lasso and Hallomar watched as the white armored stormtroopers, most of them not dead, started to collected themselves from the sudden---but ill aimed---ground support run. "These are Stormtroopers," Jason enforced, "Not regular Imperial Army Troopers."

    Hallomar nodded and said in a loud, booming voice, "To your ships! Live to fight another day!"

    As the last defenders left their last defensive posts, running for what they had left---their ships---Hallomar turned to Lasso as he, Mr. Briggs, and the Major retreated to the South at a quick pace with a handful of Port Haven Security Officers that hadn't ran to their own ships, either because of their loyalty to Hallomar or because they didn't have ships to go to. The Stormtroopers would be slowed by the recent air attack and the handful of poor soul defenders that didn't listen to Hallomar and instead stayed and fought. Their ill convinced choice could be heard as a quick display of blaster fire could be heard in the distance...then screams...then silence.

    Rushing back through the crumbled section of the wall, the Mercs, Hallomar, and handful of Port Haven Security Officers waited behind the wall section, keeping a steady eye out in all directions.

    "Ler? Taab?" Lasso said into his wrist comlink with some labored breathing from the recent run, "We have Hallomar. South side of the Public Hangers. Meet due South East deeper in the jungle by one mile from settlement. Try to hide the Luck's Gamble away from our meet, in case we have followers. Lasso out."

    Jason turned to his new charges and Mercs and said, "Okay, lets go. Hallomar, with your hunting skills, take two of your men and secure our rear against any enemy scouts following us. The rest of you, keep it quiet and quick and lets move. Stay behind me."

    With that, the group moved out, leaving the burning Port Haven behind in the darkening night sky.

    Several of the smuggling freighters escaped, but some either never made it off the sandy beach or Public Hangers or went crashing landing on the sand or into the ocean as the Imperial East advanced collected themselves and used heavy weaponry available to them for a final blow against the smugglers.


    Above the planet where Port Haven called home, 3 Vindicator-class heavy cruisers, 1 Immobilizer 41 cruiser, 3 Escort Carriers, and 5 Vigil-class corvettes (more detailed ship data) dropped out of hyperspace and made their approach towards Port Haven, aiming to surround the planet and blockade it. The 3 Escort Carriers---with their starfighters---and the corvettes would serve excellent as a light blockade, planetary patrol, and system patrol force to supplement the lack of heavier combat vessels such as Star Destroyers.

    These forces were of Mara Jade's orders; no other stormtroopers, just Imperial Army Troopers to lend a hand in the occupation and destruction of Port Haven. The small 12 ship task force would never remember their navigation path here, for Mara Jade had ordered the ship captains to erase all navigation data from their computers of Port Haven just after arriving. And no one dare defy a Emperor's Hand.

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  13. Falcon

    Falcon Chosen One star 10

    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Hutts Scuttle Skip One, Smugglers Run

    "I can't exactly say I trust you," he said, "but I can say that I have faith in you and the Mercs, and I know I will get what ever task you throw at me done, one way or another. I'm with you one hundred percent ma'am," he said with a smile. "If I'm not mistaken, it sounds like you're going in hot. Should I go get my Z-95 ready for launch or are you still reconsidering accepting my recruitment?"

    “Fair enough,” Fress said with a frown. “Yes, please prepare your Z-95, destination is Port Haven. We all have nick names we go by when we’re calling to each other. Mine is Firecracker, and I don’t think I have to explain that one,” she gave a grin then frowned. “Once we get into space we go by our nick names. Do you have one in mind?”

  14. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001

    Edit of Imperial Fleet over Port Haven.

    3 Vindicator-class heavy cruisers

    3 Escort Carriers

    5 Vigil-class corvettes (more detailed ship data)
  15. Sith-I-5

    Sith-I-5 Force Ghost star 6

    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Mary Formal, DLT-5921 "Twenty One", MVH-1001 "Maria", the Alleyway, Port Haven settlement
    Location: Port Haven

    Mary heard the sound of laser fire before she opened her eyes. She could feel herself being sandwiched between the floor and what she quickly remembered was the roof of the shop.

    "Okay, so Door Number One, get out of here and try to sneak by to the ship," She muttered quietly past the dessicated palm tickling her left cheek, "or Door Number Two, lay here and chill the drokk out, Bob. I choose door number two."

    She relaxed, the detritus from the roof settling over her.

    Two buildings closer to the Octagon, Twenty-One was on the helmet comlink to his squad. "Okay, I know I was saying to get up. Cancel that, stay on the floor while I figure something out; the droideka aren't troubling people laying down."

    He peered round the door frame to see sniper shots creating circular ripples as they impacted the shield globe of one of the droideka, the droid turning fully sideways in the direction that the shots were coming from.

    It look so moody to the former sandtrooper, that he could almost here it digitally kissing its teeth.

    That just left one droideka for his T-21 guys to catch in a crossfire.

    Twenty-One was ready with what to tell his squads when the lieutenant came back, responding to his droideka warning.

    "Copy. We're on our way." DLT-5921 grinned. Ole Seventy-Nine (ZTA-6479) knew just what to say to make everything better. "Use cover and fall back towards the Octagon. We'll waste the area."

    He switched to the command freq'. "Copy that. Twenty-One out." He switched back to the squad frequency. "Okay people, use cover and fall back to the Octagon. I'll keep this last one interested in me. Wait for my signal."

    Twenty-One turned and aimed his E-11 at the third droideka, ready to open fire if it started cutting his men down.


    In whateverr peripheral vision that he could get out if his eye lenses, which wasn't much, he could see his men rising off the ground and running to the sides, the shopfronts, using them as cover to head towards the Octagon.

    Sporadic exchanges of gunfire were signs that some of these buildings were occupied.

    "Squad 3 and Squad 5, be advised for artillery support in thirty seconds. Squad 5, find your targets. Walkers will suppress. Squad 3, fall back towards Squad 5."

    Twenty-One noted that the droideka were now not attacking unless directly fired upon, and opted to abandon his cover, and follow his men to the now destroyed arena, if the silence coming from that way, was anything to go by.

    He jogged along the storefront for several metres, then jumped into another doorway.

    "Sarge, I got this droideka interested in me, like you asked; now what?"

    "Blast!" He had forgotten about that, and looked after the second droideka, of which there was now no sign. It must have gone through the hole they had blasted through the permacite wall. "Okay, I am on my way!"

    He crossed the width of the concourse, glancing to his left and skidding to a halt as he saw the impressive sight of a wall of Super Battle Droids stomping into view.

    "Oh, frag me!"

    Two of the nearetr SBDs raised their blaster arms, the fists revolving in that way that preceded the initial volley.

    "That was NOT an invitation." He ran on, ducking as one opened fire, pulverising something.

    Twenty-One skidded sideways to barge in between two buildings, and through the ragged arch blown through the walls, where he stopped and stared, beyond the droideka and the tree it was pounding with its powerful double-lasers.

    Likewise, the droideka ceased firing looked past the tree.

    Likewise, the sniper stopped crouching on the branch of the immolated tree, and looked over his shoulder the billowing wall of orange and black flame that was swallowing up the forest behind him like a fiery tsunami, and getting closer!

    Down on the ground, several hundred metres ahead of the deadly firestorm, MVH-1001 and the Plant Killer pelted through the forest, waving arms at the saddled Biker Scouts as they approached.

    "GO! GO!" Maria bellowed as she ran.

    "Or, you could get on the back," a Scout shouted back, reasonably.

    "Yeah alright." Maria ran up to the back of the floating Arakyd 74-Z, planted both hands on the dented olive metal between the panier bags, and vaulted herself behind the black-and-white semi-armoured trooper, who in turn steered his ride South, and pressed down with his toes on the accelerator pedal, ZHOOOOOOMMMING away from the curtain of flame; while the second bike took the other stormtrooper, and a flight of mis-matched TIEs flew overhead, and made a break for space.

    * * * *

    Mary Formal felt the ground rumble and vibrate as exploded buildings collapsed onto and around the Super Battle Droids, which in turn exchanged firepower with a pair of Imperial walkers.

    The woman tensed, peering from her cover as the bipedal war vehicles strode past, claws digging through ferrocrete or the metal that the deadly droids were made off, while two squads of troops swarmed round the walker legs, opening fire on the SBDs in earnest, crossing from right to left in front of the collapsed store.

    "Well, that's my cue." Roof beams and dessicated palm tree branches slid off her head and shoulders - I didn't know she had dandruff - as she rose, while still staying low.

    Her shape shifted from elfin bob-haired blonde woman, to blue floating female alien; she was faster in this form anyway.

    She flitted across the concourse, un-noticed by the stormtroopers mere feet away from her, though they were concentrating on their opponents, snatched Houdinikabollock off the ground by the perforated missile trooper, and zipped through the wall into the forest, where she too, stopped at the sight of the burning jungle.

    Tag: All at Port Haven

    OOC: sorry, fighting off sleep, so have no promises of quality here
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  16. kommando104

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    Apr 27, 2013
    IC: Cain Varss
    Hutt's Scuttle, Skip One, Smuggler's Run

    “Once we get into space we go by our nick names. Do you have one in mind?”

    Cain thought about it a moment. He hadn't considered one. In the Imperial Navy, it was customary to give each other nicknames though they were never actual callsigns. Since Cain had been squadron leader for most of his service as a TIE pilot, everyone just called him Lead, Leader, or Delta Leader. Cain remembered back to something his grandfather had told him about rebels and renegades on Kuat. A guerrilla force had waged a brief campaign against the ruling elite hundreds of years ago, and one of the more prominent leaders was named Cochise.* Apparently Cain was remotely related to him despite his being born to one of the ten Kuati families. Now that I'm with the Mercs, this seems appropriate. "My callsign should be Cochise. Is that acceptable?"

    TAG: JediFalcon

    OOC: *callsign and backstory inspired by the actual Cochise, an Apache warrior and resistance leader in the Southwestern US in the 1860s and 1870s
  17. Bardan_Jusik

    Bardan_Jusik Mand'alor - Manager of EUC, SWC and Anthology/BtS star 10 Staff Member Manager

    Dec 14, 2009
    IC: Atin Taab
    Skip 1, Smugglers Run

    Atin and Streets had done well, managing to hit a few more bars with recruitment posters, each time with Streets tipping the bartender. Atin found himself wondering if he was paying for this out of pocket or if there was some "petty cash" fund for the Mercs that he had access to. Still despite their success in getting the posters up, no one else had asked them about joining since the Ryn had run off. The lack of further communications from Fress meant her team hadn't had much further luck either, unless she was running her own background checks.

    Then a message came in from her. Good, more recruits to check. But Atin was wrong, instead the message he received only confused him.

    //Had a vision of Port Haven. The Imperials are going after Jason again. We leave within the hour.//

    That was no request for a background check. But what did she mean she had a vision? It wasn't a communication from the Captain's team, it wasn't some warning she had picked up here in this haven for the galaxy's criminal underbelly. It was a vision...and that could mean only one thing. Atin may have been young, but he wasn't stupid. Fress had commanded a squadron at a young age back during the Clone Wars and she had visions, visions that could cause her to drop their current mission and rush off to Port Haven.

    Atin put two and two together, the woman was a Jedi! One that had survived the war, and the initial purge and the bounty on her force using head. His father had made quite a living hunting down Jedi in the years after the Clone War, Atin wasn't sure he wanted to know how his buir (father) would feel about this.

    His father! Buir was on the mission with the Captain on Port Haven. If trouble had found them there, then his buir would be bucket deep in it. Atin didn't worry for his father's safety, he knew he could handle whatever came at him, but it did make him anxious to go be at his side. He messaged back to Fress. "Acknowledged, on our way," before turning to his Chiss compatriot, "Guess that's it for this run..."

    TAG: Mitth_Fisto, JediFalcon

    IC: Beskaryc Taab
    Behind enemy lines, Battle of Port Haven

    Using his jetpack's speed Taab had managed to get back to the freighter's initial LZ in quick order. Landing in the clearing there, he scanned the sky looking for some sign of the Skipper (along with Biggs and Totter, though his interest in them was tangential). But he saw none. His own comm systems was still down, and he couldn't fix the problem now. It would take a re-initialization of his bucket's software at the very least, even if there were no internal component to replace. There was just no time.

    Shaking his head he checked that his jetpack was re-primed. It was quickly running out of fuel, but he had enough for several more bursts. He could hear explosions and blaster fire coming from the settlement now. If the Skipper could get clear he would have made his way there Taab was sure. Checking again that his jetpack was ready Taab took to the sky once more.

    Racing low of the jungle canopy he would hopefully be ignored by any fighters or airspeeders in the area, and too few troops took the time to scan the sky above them for threats. Besides he was behind the troops now assaulting the settlement, he doubted any of them were concerned with their rear.

    He landed again, this time just north of the octagon. Or what remained of it anyway. He still hand't been noticed by the stormies, they were too busy dealing with the riff raff of Port Haven. Taab could see the battle droids also assembled against them. Taab knew their abilities all too well. It wouldn't take the stormies long to deal with them.

    Of course Taab was in a perfect position to attack the whiteshells from the rear, and he knew he could cause considerable damage to them should he decided to do so. But he could care less about the battle for Port Haven, the Imperials could burn it all to the ground and he wouldn't shed a tear. But he did care about keeping the Captain safe. That clearly took priority.

    Taab watched as a group of TIE fighters screeched in overhead, the green plasma they spat at the ground lit up the sky for a moment before the shots impacted among the Imperial forces. Taab raised an eyebrow under his buy'ce (helmet). Either that was an osikla (messed up, obscenity) CAS mission, or those TIE's weren't playing for the Imperial side anymore. Either way it was all "one pass, haul ass" for them as they accelerated skyward.

    The walkers were both still active, but they pass had disrupted the Imperial position for a moment. Taab began scanning the settlement for any signs of the Captain, but saw nothing definite that indicated that it was him. That was when he noticed a small smudge circling out on the horizon. He lowered his range finder and enhanced the image. It was the Luck's Gamble, orbiting low over the tree line, it's rear boarding ramp was open. They wouldn't do that unless they were expecting an airborne arrival, and Taab was the only one in the party equipped for such. Hopefully they had the Skipper already and were just waiting for him.

    Taab jetted off again, this time over the settlement. It was a dangerous move. He would no longer have the cover of the trees anymore, and after the rogue TIE fighter pass the Imps were keeping an eye on the sky now. Fortunately they were diverting most of their attention to fleeing freighters and he had only a late burst of blaster fire come his way before he was put of range. Pulling up he alighted on the boarding ramp of the Luck's Gamble.

    He took immediate stock of what he saw. Al'kesh was staring at his mouth agape at the battle damage readily seen on Taab's beskar'gam (Mandalorian armor). There was a scorch mark on his buy'ce, a pitted blaster bolt "crater" on one of his chest plates, as well as lightsaber "markings" left behind on his gauntlets. Plus Taab had only the one pistol in it's holster, and was no longer carrying his blaster carbine. Taab looked to the Devaronian before saying cooly. "You should see the other guy." in answer to the red skinned being's unasked question.

    There were larger issues to deal with though than the state of Taab's weapon's systems. Neither Totter nor Biggs were here in the aft compartment. "The Captain?" Alkesh shook his head hissing, "we thought he was with you!"

    Shab. Taab made his way forward to the cockpit, Neb had taken the controls now and Taab was glad to have the seasoned pilot in the chair. The Sullustan was also surprised at Taab's condidtion, but LER scolded him. "Where have you been? Why didn't you answer?" Taab tapped at the side of his bucket, a galaxy wide signal that his comm system was out. "Been busy, any sign of where the Skipper is?" LER started to respond in the negative when the ship's comm system crackled to life.

    "Ler? Taab?" It was the Captain, though he sounded quite out of breath. "We have Hallomar. South side of the Public Hangers. Meet due South East deeper in the jungle by one mile from settlement. Try to hide the Luck's Gamble away from our meet, in case we have followers. Lasso out."

    Taab rolled his shoulder and jerked his neck off to the right. An audible crack rang out through the cabin. "Right." The others were looking at him now. "Find a spot a few klicks south of the RV point. When we set down, Al'kesh," he jabbed a armored hand at the Devaronian, "you're with me. We'll go meet the Skipper and any other survivors." Pointing to Neb now, "you stay with us on the comms in case we need a quick evac or air support." Taab grabbed a spare com link from the comm console and stuffed it into a pouch on his belt. At least now he would be able to stay in contact with everyone again, though it wouldn't be as convenient as just speaking through his buy'ce.

    "There is at least a platoon of whiteshells out there, plus chicken walkers and one deadly shabuir (expletive) of an Imperial agent, though she should be...delayed, for a bit. I'm sure the Imps have more on the way." Neb had started banking the craft towards their new LZ. "So lets be as quick and quiet as we can." Taab turned his attention to the view out the cockpit window, hoping they could get clear of this before more imperial forces arrived.

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  18. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    Commodore Norris, Captain Green, Vindicator-class command ship, Cimmerian, Imperial Blockade fleet
    Location: Port Haven orbital approach

    Looking like a grey-haired elder statesman in his Navy greys, Commodore Norris stood behind the set of triangular bridge windows, observing the cloud-wreathed azure-green world that grew as they got closer.

    "Hold here." He commanded, the planet's size stabilising as his great six-hundred metre warship halted.

    Norris was usually a captain, but temporarily in charge of a full eleven ships for this mission, had bumped him up to Commodore.
    If he performed well here, an Admiral's squares were surely his.

    As part of having his ship designated the command one, he had a multi-point holoprojector moved onto his command deck.

    He moved across to the circular black dais now, already showing his counterparts, the senior officers on the other ships.

    "Alright, as we discussed, start to deploy your ships. Blockade Pattern Delta. Aggressor and Enforcer, take the poles." Those two were his Cimmerian's sister ships, fellow Vindicators, looking like miniature star destroyers.

    "Escort Carriers, around the equator, then start to deploy your fighters. The Cimmerian and the five corvettes will hang back to chase anyone who decides to actually run the blockade."

    Captain Green's foot-high grey translucent holo-image shimmered. "Err, what do we do about Imperial vessels?"

    Norris raised a grey eyebrow at the absurd question from his younger peer. "And do you really think we are likely to encounter any, Captain?" He deliberately laced the query with sarcasm.

    Green's image turned from the holo-recorder, focussing on something out of its range, so it was unseen to Norris. "Uh, we read a flight of TIEs and a Star Wing coming up from planetary interface, Commodore. They did not arrive with us."

    Norris pinched his chin between thumb and forefinger as he gave this some thought. TIEs generally lacked their own hyperdrives.
    "Hold on a mo'," He told the holos, then stepped our of the transmission field, calling to the sensor station. "ComScan, do a sensor sweep for additional vessels. Those TIEs coming up from the surface must have a base ship or a carrier of their own. Comms, try to hail them."

    Behind him, he heard the voice of one of the five Vigil-class captains, advising that his vessel was moving to intercept the mystery TIEs.

    Tag: Bardan, Bravo
  19. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias
    Hutts Scuttle Skip One, Smugglers Run

    "My callsign should be Cochise. Is that acceptable?"

    “That is fine,” Fress answered with a slight smile. “I’ll let the others know what it is so they know you are with us. Another recruit by the name of Siera Trasks will be joining us as well,” before anything else could be said her comlink went off. She glanced down at the message.

    "Acknowledged, on our way,"

    Nothing from Havah yet, though she wasn’t expecting to hear anything. They barely saw eye to eye as is. They both came from different military backgrounds and she suspected the training was different for both of them.

    Fress had the feeling if they didn’t head back right away. They would have to do more then just a quick recruit mission. It was bad enough the Johnny Boy was damaged but losing Port Haven because she didn’t act on the vision would be far worse.

    She looked at Kasumi with a frown and stood up. “As soon as Spook is done, we’ll leave. The longer we stand around the stronger the feeling is getting. Prepare your fighter for immediate departure. I have this strong feeling we’re going in hot.”

    Fress sent off a message to Saber who tweeted back an acknowledgement followed by a quick quip of not surprised. “The hangar bay, one hour we will leave,” she planned to leave contact information incase anyone decided to join the group. But there was a lack of interest for the most part. She shrugged her shoulders as she stepped around the table and headed towards the door.

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  20. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    IC: Rav Cater (Sal Brooks) and Dom (both NPCs)
    Mercs' hanger berth, Skip One

    "You too?" Rav asked as the Ryn entered.

    "If you mean employment, then yes," Dom said, extending a hand, "Dom."

    Rav waved the hand away, getting up and pulling his bag's shoulder to this shoulder, "No need for thieves and murderers to act like gentlemen."

    Dom inclined his head to the side, "Fair enough. But stealing and murdering are not my primary reasons for being here."

    "Then what is?" Rav asked.

    "The truth. A truth that I find lacking" Dom could read a person----verbal and body language---like a book.

    Rav smiled, "We all have a past, Dom. I'm sure you do too. What you hear about these Mercs? I've been sitting here forever."

    The Ryn inclined his head towards the freighter, "They have to come back to their ship at some point. So we wait. And if you've been waiting forever already, I doubt a bit longer would hurt you."

    Rav smiled at Dom as he lowered his bag to the ground, sat back down, and reopened his book, "A smart one, aren't we?"

    "Just observant," Dom replied, sitting down next to..."You name?"

    "Sal Brooks," Rav replied.

    "I see," the Ryn responded, not sounding all to convinced.

    TAG ALL at Skip One
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    Apr 27, 2013
    IC: Cain Varss
    Hutt’s Scuttle, Smuggler’s Run, Skip One

    “I’ll let the others know what it is so they know you are with us. Another recruit by the name of Siera Trasks will be joining us as well,”

    Cain watched as she was interrupted. He figured she had some things to organize before their launch, as did he. Cain gave a nod to his new superior. “Thank you ma’am. I’m going to get my fighter ready. See you in a bit; I will be ready and waiting.”

    With that, Cain finished off the ounce or so of whiskey left in his glass in one go then got up from the booth, not leaving time to savor the flavor or the burn. He walked out of the bar, hopefully for the last time


    Hanger, Skip One, Smuggler’s Run

    Cain entered the hanger and looked around. Off near where the Merc’s ships were docked, he saw Sal. It was about the same place Cain had seen him when Cain went into the bar for the second time. This time though, Sal was talking to a Ryn. Most people had never seen a Ryn, let alone met one, but Cain had done both. Being the son of a rich man growing up on Courscant, he, like all the other rich kids, frequently ‘slummed it’. Down in the bowels of the world, Cain had met and talked to a fair amount of different beings. He’d only met one Ryn, and just for a moment, but the species was unforgettable. They were the embodiment of the classic rogue. He could either be someone working for Sal, or he could have been hired on. The chances were fairly equal in Cain’s mind. Part of him was uneasy about the situation, but the other part of him knew there was more at stake here than Sal and Cain’s own unsubstantiated misgivings about the smarmy man. Cain decided to ignore the pair and find the hanger tech.

    Cain finished talking with the hanger tech that had refueled his Headhunter, making sure there had been time for the refuel. The tech had the time and his fighter was refueled, and Cain tipped him generously for it. As the tech left, Cain stood in front of his fighter and admired it. The original black paint with the two thick gold stripes down the middle of the fighter had faded slightly and showed scoring and signs of battle. The snubfighter had been his home for the past five years. While Cain had seen quite a bit of action, a small band of raiders was nothing compared to the fighting he knew he was likely headed into. Cain knew he was up for the challenge, but he wondered if his ship was. The Z-95 was good enough for handling pirates and raiders, but TIEs? Compared to a TIE, almost any TIE except the bombers, the Z-95 was a bloated bantha. True enough, Cain had modified her extensively over the years, not the least of which was a hyperdrive. Cain had increased the ship’s speed slightly as well. He could have squeezed more speed out of her, but decided to put the last of the upgrades into maneuverability. Still, he hoped the old girl was up to it. At least I know their tactics...and at least I have shields.

    Cain walked over to his craft and opened up the cargo compartment. He took off his new utility belt with the holster, his jacket, and his new armor and placed them in the compartment. He then methodically checked his pockets pulling out his handheld datapad, his wallet, and other essentials. Then Cain grabbed his old TIE pilot flightsuit and pulled it on, leaving his cargo pants on under the suit. Cain finished zipping it up and undid the flares around the top of his left boot and tucked the legging into his boot being careful around the scout blaster he had on the inside of his left ankle. He then reattached the flares and tucked his other legging into his right boot being careful of the hunting knife it concealed. Cain grabbed the black flak vest with the attached life support systems, checked the life support to make sure it was functioning, then put the flak vest on and fastened it. Cain then took the utility belt and holster and put them back on. Next he grabbed the essentials he had taken out of his pants pockets and placed them into the pockets on his flightsuit and zipped them up. Cain grabbed his gloves and pulled them on. Finally Cain closed and locked the cargo compartment.

    He climbed up to the cockpit and raised the canopy then slid into the pilot seat leaving the canopy open. Cain grabbed his flight helmet, a design that was apparently popular among the rebels, off the console in front of him and donned it. He flipped a few switches and the systems came to life and the pilot began the many pre-flight checks. In particular he made sure his cannons were functioning properly and his missile tubes were full and functional. As the system was running diagnostics, Cain looked at the EE-3 carbine in the cramped space. It was wedged uncomfortably between his legs. He figured the thing wouldn’t do any good there if he had to eject, though he wasn't sure what good the damn thing would do with him if he did have to eject, but Cain remembered the words of his grandfather, “Always be prepared.” Cain lived by the words. He took a spare strap and found a small niche on the side of the ejector seat that the carbine, with the stock folded, just barely fit into. Cain strapped the carbine in tight to the ejection seat.

    Cain’s thoughts turned to location and pulled up the small star chart on his navicomp. He had heard of Port Haven, but had never been there. Cain’s time in the Outer Rim had been limited to some of the busier ports. He had been to a couple shadow ports; even Smuggler’s Run once before. He went where the escort contracts required, but none had him go to that particular port. Cain pulled up the limited information on the world and found nothing of particular use other than the location and some data about the world. Some jungle continents with ocean. And here I am without my beach umbrella. Despite his light-hearted thoughts, Cain knew something was up. The way Fress had reacted so suddenly made a sharp impression on Cain. If she can sense danger as far away as Port Haven then no wonder she can sense my emotions across the table. I will need to do a better job at containing them.

    With that thought, Cain looked across the hanger and saw her. Kate was standing at the far edge, looking at him. Instead of panicking or doing a double take, Cain held her gaze. She gave an approving nod, then disappeared before his eyes. I really am going crazy.

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  22. Sith-I-5

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    Aug 14, 2002
    IC: Jake Hooper, Cord-class starfighter, Kindness,
    Location: Whendyll System

    Jake knew he had been lucky, already in his starfighter and booming it away from Port Haven befopre the Imperial fleet jumped in; he had witnessed the blurs of their deceleration into Real Space, and as far as his rear scanners were concerned, there was no sign of pursuit, but he wasn't planning to hang around.

    He had started for his ship the moment he had heard the concussion grenade explosions from the jungle while others stood around looking at each other dumbly.

    Once beyond the gravity well of the last planet on his route out of the system, he would be able to make a jump to hyperspace.

    The nav'puter was already working on a short jump to the nearest habitable planet, where he could pick up supplies; fruit off trees, if necessary, for the longer trip.

    Last planet!

    The nav'puter bleeped its readiness, right on time, and Jake grasped the hyperdrive tri-control, and pushed the lever forwards with his heart in his mouth.

    Outside the canopy, the starfield that he saw every night when he collapsed drunk on the beach turned to blue and white starlines as the craft accelerated, and then turned back into stars.

    "What?!" Hooper grimaced and slammed the heel of his right hand into the controls, as if that would help. "Couldn't you choose a better day to flare out?"

    Then he saw it, the expanse of white metal beneath his craft, big enough to be a proper spaceport. At the far end was the T-shaped command tower with the tiny yellow lights of illuminated windows.

    It was another ship! And a big Bith of a ship too.

    His communicator crackled into life. "This is the Imperial interdictor April Dancer. You are in restricted airspace. State your identification, and purpose."

    Jake banked the fighter away from the gargantuan vessel, and nosed for clear space, and hit Transmit. "Or what?"

    "Or this."

    Blue turbolaser fire from the ventral quadlaser emplacements chased the small fighter, making contact and converting matter to energy with an expanding fireball.

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  23. Intervention

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    Oct 1, 2012
    IC: Commodore Christoper "Raptor" Vincent
    Bridge, Hunter, heavily modified Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, hyperspace

    The rough and tumble pirate commodore known as Christoper Vincent, but more popularly known as the "Raptor," sat lazily back on the Captain's chair over looking the bridge operations of the Gladiator-class Star Destroyer. His jungle brown cargo pants were tucked into black military boots with two brown thigh holsters on either leg with a DC-17 hand blaster on the left thigh and a DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol with scope on the right thigh . A forest green t-shirt, tight to his muscular body of a 31 year-old standing 6 feet, 5 inches tall, covered his torso. A black blast vest lay lazily open over his torso, its pouches full of ammo. A DLT-20A blaster rifle was perched up against the command seat. The pirate captain's hair was blond and spiked, with a 5 o'clock shadow against a rigid jaw line. Tattoos of various subjects of interest covered his two muscular arms from wrist all the way up to mid-way on his biceps. One leg was half bent side-ways over the other and a fat cigar was in his mouth.

    The famous pirate captain known as "Raptor" had been rather successful in his dealings in the Outer Rim and Wild Space. He had build up a modest fleet of a old Clone Wars-era Acclamator I-class Assault Ship as his command ship, a Braha'tok-class gunship, and five X4 Gunships. That had come to a reluctant and bloody end against an Imperial fleet when Raptor had learned the hard way of invading the Mid Rim. A certain ISB Investigator, the same man he worked for now, had crippled in his forces with a single Imperial I-class Star Destroyer and two Corellian Gunships. But there had been a deal from the ISB man, who had been impressed with Raptor's fighting style: work for him, covertly, and sins against the Empire would be forgiven. It was a deal he couldn't refuse---his life, and that of his crew, had literally depended on it.

    Looking back at that incident a year ago---and becoming the mercenary unit known as the Coruscant Aces' transportation---Raptor was quite pleased with himself. While even the heavily modified Gladiator-class Star Destroyer, which was rusting away at a deep space Imperial dry dock before being "acquired" by the ISB and modified, with 21 dual light turbolaser batteries, 36 point-defense laser cannons, and 2 proton torpedo launchers wasn't enough to replace his lost pirate fleet, the extensively updated firepower coupled with reinforced hull plating and better shields and communications for a ship of its class made the replacement modest. The troop compliment had been reduced to 700 (from 1,200) and the hanger had been expanded, to include the original two starfighter squadrons, but supported with several shuttles, gunships, and ground vehicles.

    While the Commodore had to share his command with Imperial Naval Officers, he ultimately had final say in the command of the ship; a good one-third of the crew were also Imperial enlisted crew members.

    While yes there had been drawbacks to such a deal Raptor had thought...the pure profit and the almost unrestricted access to Imperial resources and information had been worth the trade. Not to mention everyone thought Raptor to be dead a year was nice working dead, because no one believed you or bothered you...

    The exit to hyperspace was coming up on Port Haven...

    OOG: Ran out of time, will finish ASAP. The above mentioned ship replaces a earlier IC ship I had for the Coruscant Aces a long time ago that I only used once.
  24. Falcon

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    Feb 7, 2002
    IC: Fress Colias/Siera Trasks
    Skip One, Smugglers Run,

    Fress ran through the list of extra supplies to pick up and paid for them to be delivered to the hanger bay. She paid for extra fuel and a few extra carbines for her blaster. As she ran through the check list she noticed Siera approaching her with a smug grin on her face causing her to raise an eyebrow in suspicion. “We leave within half an hour.”

    “I know what you are,” Siera whispered for Fress’s ears alone. “What is your name?”

    “Kasha Sherland,” Fress answered with a hardened expression. “And if you know what’s good for you, you will not say anything further.”

    “I know it’s not Kasha, it’s a very well made alias,” Siera commented with a grin. “Worth about ten million credits alive capture only if my memory serves me correctly.”

    “She died a long time ago, we have similar facial structures. She was Force sensitive and as far as I know. I’m not. Nothing more,” Fress said offhandly as Saber beeped at her. She looked down at the translater to read the message. All systems go on both fighters. “Thanks Saber. I suggest you run your final preps now. We’re leaving as soon as Jeth is done getting medical supplies for the onboard medic.”

    “I have a friend who was planning on joining but was waiting for someone first,” Siera explained with a frown.

    “I’m going to leave my contact information here for anyone else interested in joining up. I will give them coordinates on where they can meet up with us,” Fress explained as she finished her check list feeling satisfied. “What is her name?”

    “Maya Whitelight,” Siera answered with a frown.

    “Any other questions?” Fress questioned after a minute of silence.

    “How do you know who I’m talking about without me saying the name?” Siera questioned with a satisfied smile.

    “I did history research,” Fress answered quickly without hesitation. “And I know who you are referring too just by mentioning the bounty alone. I have a son I would like to see again. He’s only ten, can we drop the subject please.”

    “I don’t plan to turn you in, if that is what you’re worried about. I know you are Fress Colias, commander and ex-padawan learner. Why does Vader want you so bad?” Siera questioned with a raised brow.

    “I’m not saying and will be taking the information with me to the grave,” Fress answered with a frustrated sigh. “Happy?”

    “Friends?” Siera questioned with a raised brow.

    “Word is used to be,” Fress answered as she began to walk away. “He’s no longer the man I used to know.”

    Fress walked towards where Brooks was standing and talking with a… Was that a ryn? She approached Brooks with a frown. “Brooks, get your fighter ready. We leave in half an hour. I’m just finishing up final preps now,” she turned her attention to the ryn. “I’m Kasha Sherland, Flight Lieutenant of the Mercs, are you interested in signing up?”

    Bravo, anyone on Skip one
  25. Bravo

    Bravo Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 10, 2001

    I found a mistake in my Imperial fleet starfighter ranges; I'm fixing it here below. The Vindicator-class heavy cruisers will show a slightly different outline of troops and please be aware that additional Imperial forces may be arriving in the near future over Port Haven---I haven't finalized that part of the storyline in my mind yet.

    With the Imperial fleet changes, the Vindicator-class heavy cruisers have essentially been transformed into Imperial Army transports and mobile support platforms for the Imperial Army forces planet-side with the ability to do a limited range of everything. The Escort Carriers, on the other hand, provide the real starfighter muscle for the Imperial fleet. I had forgot to add Imperial drop ships and shuttles for the transport of troops from space to surface (unless I wanted to land the heavy cruisers planet side) and Mara Jade would never leave anything to chance, so a small ocean force (minus the Imperial Sea Troopers; the Imperial Army Troopers would assume the sea combat role in the meantime) would provide the Empire with a modest sea patrol fleet with landing capabilities. I removed much of the starfighter and scout compliments of the 3 heavy cruisers to make room for additional shuttles and ocean vehicles.

    I will be role playing Mara Jade in a critical way to Imperial forces (I'm working on a college paper right now, need to take a break) here soon, so please be aware that there are certain circumstances as to why Mara Jade was sent to Port Haven, Jason Lasso being only a drop in the bucket of those reasons. Originally back in 2009, I had intended Port Haven to be a simple home port for the Mercs, a footnote in the game. But, with awesome additions from players and staff over the years, the little Shadowport has grown on me and the players it has seemed. And so, I've been slowly expanding the Port Haven storyline here and there, and will be expanding it dramatically in the coming days. To say the least folks, this isn't going to be a little stop-over before the final mission like I had originally planned. If we're going to end this game and start a second game---I finally got over mentally the deadline issue I had to start the second game when we turned 4 years old on June 11, 2013 [face_party]---lets do it Intervention fashion: with a statement! :cool:

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