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Saga Star Wars Jedi In training trouble with politics

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by ultimatejedi90, Apr 7, 2003.

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  1. ultimatejedi90

    ultimatejedi90 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Feb 24, 2003
    The anticipation was boiling now Jett had waited so long to battle Anakin Skywalker even though Anakin was 15 he was very powerful for his age Jett who was 18 was rated 2nd most powerful jedi padawan Anakin was the first but today he was going to change that this training battle was different then any other because this one had the jedi council watching and some jedi also '' Are you ready Anakin'' Jett asked '' I was born ready'' Anakin replied with a cocky grin on his face '' you're going down little one'' jet said smiling they shook hands before battling to let everyone know that they did not hate one another '' good luck and may the force be with you ani'' jett said ''may the force be with you and don't call me ani'' They both ignited their lightsabers blue lightsaber fighting against blue lightsaber the battle was on jet skillfully blocked every blow left right down then anakin flipped over jett attacking him from behind left right left right jett backpfliped as sabers clashed againleft right up then they locked sabers and both force pushed each other sending both jedi to the ground jett taunted anakin he spun his lightsaber around in the air with the force and sending back into his hands the both ran at each other but jett flipped over anakin but anakin turned and b locked the blow '' what are you doing you not supposed to take a swing at me to try and kill me '' Anakin whispered '' sorry'' jett replied then jett force pushed anakin halfway across the room anakin quickly got up and threw his saber at Jettbut he blocked it anakin came back with a lot of energy and fought once more left right down then anakin kicked jet in the stomach knocking him to the floor he anakin took jetts saber and ignited both of then he was gonna fight with two lightsabers jett turned his head and saw mace windu's lightsaber he figured his master wouldn't mind if he just borrowed it he force pulled the lightsaber over to himself and did an amazing flip to get get up anakin swung one saber at jett but jett blocked it with mace's purple lightsaberhim and anakin battled back to back with two lightsaber jett sometimes with purple and blue and anakin with blue and blue '' master windu you padawan is very powerful'' obi wan whispered to mace windu '' so is yours the will become very powerful jedis one day '' mace thought it was time for his lightsaber back and pulled it away from his padawan but anakin gave jetts saber back to him the battle waged two hours neither jedi would give up jet used his last bit of strength to flip over anakin and lock lightsabers they were both very tired the jedi watching on were inspired they had seen the two most determined jedi in the order battle for two straight hours Anakin Jett sabers still locked jett was down to one knee but still holding on just when he was about to fall he slowly rose back to his feet he fell back to to his knees he was on both knees now then finally after two straight hours he fell gave up he was to tired to go on Mace windu stood up walked over to Anakin Our winner is Anakin Skywalker jett slowly rose to his feet and shook Anakin's hand '' you put on an awesome fight today my friend you truly are the number 1 jedi padawan '' Jett said '' thanks jett you did too'' anakin replied Jett raised Anakins hand the jedis cheered and clapped obi wan cheered also and smiled.

    To Be Continued p2 tomorrow
  2. Valiowk

    Valiowk Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Apr 23, 2000
    Could you please add the paragraphing into the story? I think that when you copied and pasted, you may have lost the paragraphing, which makes it confusing to read. Thanks!
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