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  1. Goo_Child

    Goo_Child Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 31, 2002
    Name: Lau'ka Syrem

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Species: Twi'lek (light blue skin)

    Homeworld: Ryloth.

    Bio: Given to Jedi order at birth. He was trained by a leading member of the Jedi Council.

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 160 lbs

    Eye Color: red

    Skin Color: light blue

    Hair Color: n/a

    Hair Style:

    Clothing: wears mostly gray Jedi robes or a black turtle neck

    Personality: Deep, thinks too much, looks at everything way too close

    Build: med.

    Class: Jedi Guardian

    Rank: Jedi Master

    Force Powers: Jump, push, speed, move object.

    Main Weapon: lightsaber

    Lightsaber Style: fights with blade upside down

    Lightsaber Color: red

    Lightsaber Hilt: His lightsaber was made to be a work of art. The grip is a bunch of curved lines.

    Other Weapons: "None".

    Personal Ship: Headhunter
  2. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    We start now!

    The Ebon Hawk exits out of hyperspace and is being followed by a squad of Sith Fighters.

    "We're under attack, Greg-Wan! What do we do now?" Carth Onasi asked.

    "Before we do anything we're going to have to take out our friends! Carth, Jolee man the gunturrents!" Greg-Wan motioned to two gunturrents.

    Carth and Jolee each got into the two turrents and started firing at the Fighter squad. The ship flew in all directions taking them out. The Ebon Hawk spun around and took out the final two.

    "Yes! We got em!" Carth yelled.

    "Good. We should land on that planet. One of the engines were hit and we are going to need to fix it," Greg-Wan said as he looked at a monitor.

    "What's the planet we're landing?" asked Bastila.

    "It's Strata," Greg-Wan pointed to the name on the monitor.

    "At least we're going to a planet that's in the Republic. It shouldn't be too dangerous there," Jolee replied.

    "Don't be too sure. The Sith are everywhere growing in numbers. Let's hope they haven't take over this planet yet," Greg-Wan pushed the controls forward and headed for Strata.

  3. Goo_Child

    Goo_Child Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 31, 2002

    Syrem was prepairing the Jedi younglings for passage off world. The Sith had come in very large numbers and attacked the Republic base. The battle was lost, but far from over. It was his job to make sure the younger Jedi made it safely off the planet. an alarm rang in his ear as the hanger shook. He could feel the fear in the students. The landing ramp closed on the YT-1300 and Syerm went to get more kids onto more ships.
  4. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    Syrem was prepairing the Jedi younglings for passage off world. The Sith had come in very large numbers and attacked the Republic base. The battle was lost, but far from over. It was his job to make sure the younger Jedi made it safely off the planet. an alarm rang in his ear as the hanger shook. He could feel the fear in the students. The landing ramp closed on the YT-1300 and Syerm went to get more kids onto more ships.

    From a distance, Kai Halicon watched the Twilek Jedi ferry the young children to his ship. He squinted somewhat indignantly but with no intended disrespect. Syrem was only doing what he thought best and Halicon had to admire that.

    He'd merely been stopping over on Strata to refuel The Valiant and pick up some supplies, before continuing his quest to find his lost padawan, Camden. The boy had been missing for several weeks now, after claiming to have had several visions of the Sith, which unnerved Kai to no end.

    Without warning, the Force surged in him as he detected the approach of other Force-sensitive beings. A ship, high above hurtled earthward. He took a moment to scan it.

    "Jedi...." He remarked, but recognised none of their unique psionic signatures.

    A small girl, garbed in Jedi robes eyed him suspiciously as she marched towards Syrem's ship. In his flowing black coat and clothing, he must of looked more like a Sith Lord than any Jedi and for a brief moment, he recalled his own struggle with the Dark Side four years ago.

    I am NOT a Dark Jedi anymore.

    Kai grinned back and the girl, somewhat surprised, giggled. Kai walked over to her and reached out his hand. She took it, and walked over to the shuttle with him. Syrem caught a brief glimpse of the scene and smirked to himself. He'd heard Halicon was a bit on the cold side, but the Force told him otherwise.

    Overhead, a ship approached...
  5. Stridarious

    Stridarious Jedi Knight star 6

    Nov 27, 2002
    Lord Stridarious walked about the cold dark world of Korriban. Behind him stood the large temple from where he came, its dark form piercing the sky, and blinding all with its magnificent powers. Soon this dark world would be the birth place for all Sith alike.
  6. 6-6-6

    6-6-6 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 24, 2002

    The huge vile Hutt, Vash the Stampede, switched his repulsor to a foreward drive, sending his large metal shell floating down off of his ship to the cold packed earth below. Dozens of Weequay, Nikto, and Klatoonians walked in formation around the Hutt, as an honor guard of sorts. Following this strange group was an entourage of the Hutt's favorite guests and assistants, always ready with a "yes" answer, ready blaster, or morsel of food. The assembly set off across the blasted landscape of the Sith tombworld, travelling in the direction of the largest structure, and the apex of the Dark Side.


    Freya dove off a high mound of earth deflecting a pair of blaster bolts on her way down. Behind her were her dead and dying comrades and soldiers of the Republic. The Sith army had long since overwhelmed their front lines of defense, and now the scattered survivors of the garrison were making a hasty retreat back to the spaceport, all the while taking fire and being shelled by the rapidly advancing Sith war androids and weak-minded alien conscripts.

    The Jedi sprinted through a deep furrough in the ground, which once was a trenchline built by the Republic's finest. Freya reached the end of the line, and sought out the next path which would lead her to the safety of the spaceport. Ahead of her, four of the Sith androids sprung out from behind the wrecked shells of hovertanks. The Jedi was backed against the earthen walls, awaiting the moment when the half-men would begin firing. Her blade reignited and danced around in front of her, controlled by a supernatural Force for which she had only the vaguest understanding. The lasers and projectile slugs were deflected or decintigrated, and kept away from her by only a fraction of an inch by her lightsaber.

    One of the androids exploded in a ball of seared flesh and twisted metal, distracting the other three. The Jedi had her chance, and lept foreward, slicing downward at one of the Sith creations. Its head was split in two with a sickening sound and an ungodly smell. Another was released from its mortal coil by a hail of lasers, and the third met its end at the tip of the Jedi's blade.

    Freya turned back to see who her timely assistant was. Dankin! The soldier collapsed from on top of the trench, falling into a puddle of mud and stone. She ran to her fallen comrade, breathing into his mouth and forcing his heart to begin again with short jolts of the Force. A sputtering cough reassured her of his life.

    Yes! I knew it. Now don't die on me, its only another five kilometers. The woman lifted her bulky soldier friend onto her shoulders, and set off towards the field where the Jedi children were being evacuated from. Only five more klicks. Overhead, a burning ship was spotted falling to the ground. Freya reached out to sense what was aboard, hoping it to be Sith. She felt somewhat familiar and friendly presences, and felt her burden heavied by this fact. The extra weight only inspired her to speed up her sprint back to safety.
  7. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    The Ebon Hawk entered the planet.

    "Oh man!" Gasped Carth.

    "I don't believe it. The planet's under attack!" Greg-Wan's eyes widen.

    The ship landed in the hangar. Greg-Wan and the others walked out of the ship.

    "Spilt up. We're going to have to find another engine! Carth, Jolee come with me! Bastila stay here with the ship!" Greg-Wan said as he motioned to the ship.

    Greg-Wan, Carth and Jolee left the hangar.
  8. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    Halicon looked around the abandoned complex, in the realisation he was the last remaining here. Syrem was nowhere to be found and the last of the Jedi children had boarded the transport bound for offworld.

    The ship he'd sensed earlier was gone from view and he was alone in the clearing, save his ship. All he could feel around him now, albeit at a fair distance away, was the Sith. Like a creeping weed in his head, the Dark Side twisted his phyche and insighted a feeling of nausea.

    He remembered the child he'd helped onto the ship and the brilliance of the Force within such a young and innocent vessel. It filled him with a sense of optimism he'd not had since Camden's disappearance and for a brief moment, he felt free of of his dark side tendencies.

    Thank you, my little friend.

    It was things like that that were beginning to make him feel at home in this place again. Dispite being somewhat displaced in this era, he was learning to find some grounding.

    Then, like a sudden gust of wind through the trees, the Force called to him.

    A woman approached, in the distance, hidden from view. Strong in the Force - another Jedi. She carried someone with her, not touched by the Force.

    She was being hunted.

    Kai ran to his ship and through to the control room of the heavily modified light freighter. Camden's co-pilot chair remained untouched but Kai's astromech droid, KB-187 was loaded into the droid socket.

    "Fire up the engines, KB. Set a course for the nearest human life sign in a nor-westerly direction, approximately four klicks away."

    The droid resounded in a chirp and the turbines of the sub-space engine roared. The YT-900, a smaller, ovular shaped freighter, a deritive of the popular YT-1300 series lifted up and off the ground and The Valiant flew towards the running Jedi....

    I'm coming for you, fellow Jedi...

    Then, as the craft banked to turn, he felt the surge of Force engergy again and panned his view to the right.

    In the distance, six Sith fliers approached him in attack formation.

    "KB....ready the turbo lasers...."

    Kai felt his grip tighten on the controls as the cockpit went dark. It felt curious to be going into battle alone, without his apprentice. He recalled his days with the Archangel Squadron and made a silent prayer to the Force as he brought the ship around to bear on his foes.

    His last thoughts were of the female Jedi below him somewhere as the pounding of laser fire echoed in his ears....
  9. Cow_Girl

    Cow_Girl Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 15, 2001
    Lauren shifted slightly, she had lost track of how long she had been here, it didn't matter, all that mattered was that she would finally have her revenege, no matter what the cost.

    Laurens eyes narrowed as Stridarious came into sight, this was the man that she hated with her entire exsistance. It was her hatred that had driven her to train longer and harder, She often found herself pushing beyond her limits. Lauren did care, this is what made her strong. She would make Stridarious pay, no matter the cost.

    The force was dark here, angry, It called to her, urging her to give into her hatred. Lauren took a deep breath, gathering her hatred and exhaling it on a breath. She was calmer now. Soon she told herself, soon it would time.
  10. SaberGiiett7

    SaberGiiett7 Jedi Master star 6

    Jul 2, 2002
    Name: Rysthuto Huun

    Age: 30

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Homeworld: Unknown

    Bio: Rysthuto Huun was born into the Jedi Order as a infant from a poverty striking family. After years of discipline and vigorous training he became a Jedi Knight and still actively serves his Master, Tuioj. He was one of the few that returned after the devastating campaign againest the Mandalorians. He is a renowned warrior.

    Height: 6,2

    Weight: ???

    Eye's: Brown

    Skin: Caucasian

    Hair: Jet black, ponytailed.

    Clothing: Anciant Jedi garbs, khaki colored. Light armor and a flowing cape.

    Personality: Varying

    Build: Strongly

    Class: Jedi Knight, Sentinal

    Powers: Excell's in manipulating reality. [face_devil]

    Lightsaber: Single, one sided. Azure blue. The hilt is dull gray and is slim. Design's are carved into the metal and twin prongs jut out of the knozzle.
  11. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002

    I know this is your RPG, but i took the liberty to note down all the characters mentioned so far so we can not lose track.
    I've only included portrayed characters so far, but will make a list of NPC's later.

    Apologies if I overstepped the mark, Greg.

    Freya Ariel
    Lauren Chantile
    Cleo Interimo
    Quel-Don Rama
    Kai Halicon
    Lau'ka Syrem
    Rysthuto Huun

    Kane Lavos
    Darth Tross
    Vash the Stampede

    Serji Kanos

  12. KnightHawk

    KnightHawk Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 17, 2003


    A soft wind was blowing, and a light drizzle was pouring. The graveyard was neat and orderly, save for the one living being in its boundaries. If not for his weapons, people might have confused him with a ghost of the past. His lightsabers gave him away, and the handgun just helped people understand who he was. On the tombstone near him was the name Christina Soltaris. Every time Hack returned to Corellia, he made sure to stop by this grave, for this was his wife buried under this mound of dirt. The tears hurt as they came out, but they always hurt more over time. He began to remember the incident that led to her death, and how upset he had been afterwards. That laser bolt didn't just pierce her heart. It hit his as well...
  13. 6-6-6

    6-6-6 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 24, 2002
    Freya bounded across an open field which had once been covered in lush grass, and now was blackened by char and ash and browned by mud. The icy grip of fear grasped at her heart, causing her to look up. Terror struck as a craft came over the horizon, unidentifyable at this distance.

    I am coming for you, Jedi

    The words soothed her, stifling the fear. This was not an enemy. Behind her, the high-pitched scream of six Sith flyers brought the fear bubbling back to the surface. Several large laser bolts struck the ground around her, kicking up dirt and mud. The small freighter-craft was bar far outmatched against the six warplanes, and looked that way too.

    Maybe...just maybe...

    She laid Dankin on the ground, careful to put him down gently. One of her hands grasped at the air, reaching out into the atmosphere at the Sith vehicles. Freya sought out the weakest of the pilots, and worked at manipulating his mind. Soon she was looking foreward, but out of the eyes of the Sith pilot. Her hands grasped the controlls, turning the fighter into a spinning dive. It pulled up just short of the ground and levelled out behind another one of the flyers. Her thumbs pressed the firing buttons, and her real eyes saw a rapid succession of laser beams fly up the exhaust vent of the second flyer. The craft exploded from the inside, falling to the ground.

    One down, five to go...

    Another sith craft disposed of the one she had commandeered moments before. Four Again she reached out to another pilot, to try to help the Jedi above in any way possible.
  14. Protege-of-Thrawn

    Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 14, 2001
    IC as Kane Lavos; Korriban

    Outward silence, a trickle of nothing that seemed to slowly fill up the air itself until the nothing was pressing in upon him, an omnipresent ether of reality that goaded him, ridiculed him, grasped at him, scratched at him...

    Opening his eyes, he eyed off the nothing that was darkness and found the conspiracy complete.
    The ether or nothing, a distinct pressure that laughed at his arrogance and power, that told him he was pathetic, that his existence was testement to how lazy the Republic and the Jedi had been.

    He had been felled in combat, the Jedi had beaten him...

    He stood up and his impassive features radiated cold fury from the icy abyss of his mind's eye, to swirl out in a hot whirlwind of malice, a storm that had been building within...

    Resentment; feeding his anger. Failure; goading his illusions. Anger at his failure, resentment at his defeat, building up to reinforce what he KNEW to be true, what he held close to him....

    He was a Sith Lord. Nothing for him, was impossible.

    The whirlwind was unleashed, and it fed him power. With a slight shiver of ecstasy he felt his blood alight with the black serpants of raw Dark Side that reinforced his form and made him of a luminious nature unforseen by any of the weak Jedi.

    Their philosophy bound them; their pathetic code made them weak.

    He, Kane Lavos, disciples of the Sith teachings and loyal Commander in service to Korriban, had found the secret to true power, and it lay in his emotion. His pride, his anger, his hatred, his greed...not things to be ashamed of, like the weak Jedi would advocate.
    But potential energy, potential power to be harnessed.

    Those who discovered his truth would join him as he and his fellow Sith slowly marched toward victory.

    Those who remained weak...would die, erasing there weakness forever.

    With a snap-hiss of satisfying power, his lightsaber came to life and slowly spiralled up and around his head, to stop in a steady stance of battle.

    Focussing into his mind, he envisaged himself once more on the battle field, those same Jedi Guardians approaching him with there smug expressions, his own doubt weakening him.
    But no more. Now he would embrace his power fully.
    Quick, cut - cut - slash - cut - parry - slash...
    The blood seemed satisfyingly real as he ripped it from their torsos.
    He stood alone on the battlefield, a God standing over his fallen foes.

    He would see it become reality.

    He was a Sith Lord.
    Nothing was Impossible.

    TAG: Fellow Sith on Korriban.
  15. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    They went inside of a shop.

    "What can I do for you?" asked the shop's owner.

    "We're for an engine," replied Greg-Wan.

    "We need one for this ship," Carth turned on an image of the ship.

    "Okay. We got one of those. It's right over there," The owner motoined to a large engine.

    "How much will it cost?" Carth asked.

    "1000 Republic Credits," The owner held out his hand.

    "We'll take it," Carth handed 1000 Credits to him.

    "I'll get some men to bring it down to the hangar for you," The owner reached for a comlink.

    "Thank you. We'll be waiting," Carth turned towards the door.

    Carth and the others left the shop and headed back for the hangar.
  16. Cow_Girl

    Cow_Girl Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 15, 2001
    OOC Last time I posted I meant to tag Stridarious or anyone else on Korriban wanting to try something, sorry if this caused any confusion :)
  17. Quinnithxtherol

    Quinnithxtherol Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 28, 2002
    Name: Kir Crolhonin

    Age: 27

    Gender: Male

    Species: Male

    Homeworld: Corellia

    Bio: Kir was born on Corellia, the son of a smuggler. He was doing amazing things when he was 3, like moving wrenches and tools with the force. His father took him to the Jedi, where he was raised and trained.

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 180

    Eye Color: grey

    Skin Color: tan

    Hair Color: brown

    Hair Style: medium length

    Clothing: Jedi Combat Robes

    Personality: Outgoing, rash

    Build: lean, and muscular

    Class: Jedi Sentinel

    Rank: Jedi Knight

    Force Powers: Move object, levitate, etc.

    Main Weapon: Lightsaber

    Lightsaber Style: two lightsabers

    Lightsaber Color: Green, Silver

    Lightsaber Hilt: Normal

    Other Weapons: The Force

    Personal Ship: Virago

    Name: Quinn J'Gad

    Age: 40

    Gender: Male

    Species: Bothan

    Homeworld: Bothawui

    Bio: Joined the Rebellion at an early age, and worked his way up to Admiral.

    Height: 5'3

    Weight: 170

    Eye Color: yellow

    Skin Color: pale

    Hair Color: brown fur

    Hair Style: Fur

    Clothing: Admiral's attire, usually

    Personality: very tactical, and quick-thinking

    Build: lean

    Class: Soldier

    Rank: Admiral

    Main Weapon: Blaster

    Other Weapons: Thermal Detonators

    Personal Ship: Bothan Assault Cruiser

    where do I start?

  18. 6-6-6

    6-6-6 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 24, 2002

    Vash and his entourage cleared the main entrance to the Sith Temple. The fear and dyspair in the guards and attendants was as visible to the eye as to Vash's senses, and he revelled in it.

    The party was driven foreward, up a spiraling ramp leading to the spire of the temple. The focusing chaimber, the apex of the Dark Side on Korriban, where the cosmic strings that bound the universe together converged, and where the power of a Sith was at its strongest. Vash was unable to order his followers into the cathedral-like room, which extended upwards to a blackened and invisible ceiling above. The Hutt grasped the individual minds of those aliens who followed him, forcing them to move their legs and to enter the chaimber. Even then, he was forced to let go after seconds, and the various creatured scurried to the walls to cower. Such behavious in the presence of a Hutt would be cause for immediate execution on any other world.

    Vash let his guards and retainers cower and hide in the corners. His hovering shell drifted over a six-meter, circular metal plate in the ground, painted and stained with the ancient Sith symbol of Xendor, the first being to discover the wonders of the Dark Side of the Force. At this spot, the unholy energies of the temple converged. The Hutt's powers, which had been significant before and were much enhanced on Korriban, grew to their greatest level at this moment. His seventh sense, the one which came from his bowels and was present in all Force-users, became accutely sharp. The Hutt's presence grew to encompass the temple and surrounding grounds.

    The Hutt did not dare to spend too long at this point, for the Dark Side could easily consume him after a long enough time. His voicebox rumbled and purred, forming words. The words were projected into the minds of every Jedi on this side of the Core, adding a blast of Dark Side energy to accentuate his words.

    Your end is coming
  19. -Lord-Vader-

    -Lord-Vader- Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 15, 2003
    IC as Lord Apophis Imhotep on Korriban: (new last name)

    The Sith walked up to the man named Stridarious. "I dont believe we have met.... I am Lord Apophis Imhotep, of the Sith Warlords."

    Tag: Stridarious
  20. KnightHawk

    KnightHawk Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 17, 2003


    A deep voice boomed in Hack's head as he left the cemetery. Your end is coming, it said, full of a dark hatred that could kill generations of people. Hack mulled the words around in his head for a while. My end!? he thought scoffingly. This Sith Lord knows very little of who he's dealing with, apparently. He turned to look back at his wife's grave. "I'll get them, honey," he said. "I'll get them for you."
  21. Stridarious

    Stridarious Jedi Knight star 6

    Nov 27, 2002
    Stridarious turned to greet the on-coming Sith Lord, Lord Apophis Imhotepm, well still keeping his eyes on the Jedi in the distance.
    "Hello brethren." Stridarious replied, reaching his hand out to shake his.
    "My name is Stridarious."

    Tag: -Lord-Vader-
  22. Protege-of-Thrawn

    Protege-of-Thrawn Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Mar 14, 2001

    Kane Lavos looked up to the Temple to the East, feeling the dark energies culminate once more, as a feeling rumbled throughout the lands, enhancing his soul and making him feel vibrant.

    The Hutt. thought Lavos, as he slowly summoned some servants on a repulsor cart.
    Climbing aboard, he directed them to the Temple.

    As distasteful as his species was, the Hutt was undeniably strong.
    Kane Lavos would have to speak with him, and formulate a consolidation of the Sith power Base and structure, if the Warlords were to once again seize the initative against the Jedi and their pitiful Republic.

    Advancing on the temple, Kane brushed out through the Force to announce his imminent arrival, head held high as he pondered the infinite brilliance of the Universe, his minds eye playing out along tangents of unseen flow and ebb, the myriad dance of power that would one day, serve one master.

  23. Obi-Wan21

    Obi-Wan21 Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 27, 2002
    Greg-Wan and his team were almost at the hangar when they were ambushed by a group of Sith.

    "Darn it!" Greg-Wan grabbed his Lightsaber.

    Greg-Wan and Jolee ignited their Lightsabers.

    "Carth get back to the ship and install the engine as soon as it arrives!" Greg-Wan said keeping his eyes on the Sith.

    "Okay," Carth rushed to the hangar.

    Greg-Wan and Jolee ran at the Sith and began to battle them. One Sith tried to cut Jolee's head off, but he blocked the attack and kicked him back. Greg-Wan than blocked one attack to the arm and Force pushed him back. They both continued to block attacks over and over again.

    "We can't keep battling them. We have to go," Greg-Wan looked at Jolee.

    "I know. But we can't lead them to the hangar," Jolee looked at the Sith.

    "Come on, we can try to lose them," Greg-Wan turned off his blade.

    Jolee did the same and they started running to the hangar with the Sith Lords right behind them.
  24. Kai_Halicon

    Kai_Halicon Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 12, 2002
    White blinded his eyes in the flash of the Sith flier's explosive demise as Kai watched the charcoal-hued craft spiral downwards. It hit the ground with a satsifying secondary exposion and Kai turned his attention to the remaining five.

    He'd felt a stir in the Force a moment ago and concluded it could of only been the Jedi he was coming to the aide of. She'd manipulated the pilot into his attacking his comrade and Kai was thankful for any help he could get. Without Camden to co-pilot he was having to control the guns as well as the ship and although he was easily skilled enough in the Force to accomplish such a task, it had been some time since he'd done so.

    The Valiant rolled portside as two Sith craft appeared on his tail. The smaller fighters were easily faster than his old freighter but he wagered they would be nowhere near as agile. As the first of the craft bored down upon him, he pulled the ship into a steep climb and looped behind the flier. The dual cannons roared and the Sith onboard was returned to the Force from which he was spawned in a dazzling ball of flame.

    The four remaining craft moved into pairs and flanked him on either side, one coming in higher, the other low. Caught in the crossfire, the hail of laser fire rained down on the Corellian freighter. The deflector shields held, but warning lights blared all over the console.

    Halicon frowned and pumped more power to the shields. If anything, the defense systems on The Valiantwere superior to the armaments and the little ship could hold its own well enough. Kai grit his teeth and spun the ship to avoid more fire. As he did, he felt the Jedi on the ground tap into the Force again.

    A grin came to his face as two of the Sith fighters collided head-on with each other amidst a shower of sparks and wreckage. One of the remaining pair was not fast enough to avoid the falling debris and became another victim of the collision. The remaining fighter trailed back a few hundred metres.

    Kai looked below to the charred clearing. He could make out the two figures below, one slumped on the ground. The injured male, no doubt. Beside him, was the Jedi woman. She was compact and slim, her form draped in Jedi robes. She was perhaps a little older than him but her face remained youthful. He felt her radiance and it reminded him somewhat of his own persona.

    Thank you, my friend. I will take it from here...

    The last Sith flier came at him hard and fast, but Kai barreled the freighter low and skimmed it at just over three metres from the surface. The Sith shot at him with both of his side-mounted blasters, but the Jedi manouvered around them with ease. He felt the Sith's anger surge and his speed increase.

    Instinctively, he braked and pulled up. The Valiant's nose lifted back and the Sith shot by at a rapid pace. Realising his mistake he tried to veer off but Kai was already upon him. Six shots from the tandem guns later, the Sith was naught but a memory and trail of wreckage on the landscape.

    The woman below waved as Kai turned his craft to bear down on her position. The ship slowed to a crawl and he brought it down a dozen metres from where her and her injurd cohort were. KB-187 brought down the landing gear as Kai exited the cabin, donning his coat as the did so, the long black trails of leather flowing around him like a living thing as he strode towards the hatch. The freighter touched down and he opened the ramp door.

    It was time to meet his newfound ally...

    TAG: 6-6-6

  25. Quinnithxtherol

    Quinnithxtherol Jedi Youngling star 2

    Nov 28, 2002

    The Bothan Admiral Quinn Jagad had been assigned to keep Endor from the Sith.

    He hadn't been prepared for an attack of this magnitude.

    "All ships, launch fighters!" he yelled into the comm, looking throught the viewport at the Sith warships, 10 of them, coming at him.

    The Bothan Assault Cruiser he was on, the Rebel Fury, began unleashing it's arsenal of proton torpedoes at the Sith Warships, who promptly turned and fled.

    "What the...?" Quinn asked aloud, "They're retreating!"

    "All fighters, return," he said, "They were just scouts. All personel, on red alert."


    Kir Crolhonin emerged from the hangar the other Jedi were running at, and saw the Sith following them.

    Igniting his lightsabers, he motioned for the Jedi to hurry.

    "Come on!" he yelled, "My ship's in here!"

    He began to force-push the Sith down, one-by-one.

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