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SWRPF Archive Star Wars Kotor 3- Reighn of Revan

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by supermonkey123, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. supermonkey123

    supermonkey123 Jedi Youngling

    Jan 1, 2008

    As The Exile left Malchor in the last possible time, she bagan her quest to search the outer rim of the galaxy of the Galaxy for Revan.(Note: This rpg states that both Revan, Bastilla were DS, Atris and Exile were LS Revan was Male, and Exile was Male.)He searhed for 3 years with T-3 and Atris(I weaked the story a bit)until T3 found a corrupted file containing a hologram of Rvan and Bastilla when they fell down the darkside and decieved the republic. He followed the coordinates to the unknown planet and found Revan and Bastilla in the temple. They had been corrupted by the teachings of the dark side and had studied the vast library of holocrons and scrolls learning ancient secrets of the sith that had been lost for thousands of years. They ruled the sith in secret. The Exile and Atris tried to tempt them to come back to the light and abolish what they had become. They told them the galaxy was in chaos. The Jedi were rebuilding themselves, the sith were in ruins and the rebublic was devistated. They tried to get them to heal the galaxy. They refused.
    "Well the sith are no longer in ruins then, I give you Darth Revan, dark lord of the Sith." said Bastilla.
    "So be it," Said The Exile a he turned on his Green lightsaber and lunged at Revan. But he parried it easily and used the force literally to make him turn on Atris. The Exile attacked Atrris and Bastilla and revan escaped on a small fighter that was on the roof of the rakatan temple.

    Charachters needed:
    -Exile(Give him a name)
    -A few Jedi
    -Troops for both republic and sith
    -Bounty hunters
    -Just normal people like merchants,smugglers ect. ect. (But they may end up taking a greater role)
    -A few Sith(Though far weaker than Revan and Bastilla)

    Character Sheet (Atris, Bastailla and Exile dont need, I'm Revan)

    Eye Color-
    Facial Hair(Optional)-
    Other feature(Tatooes, Scars ect.)-
    Home Planet-
    Rank(Military, Jedi, and Sith only)-

    -Be realistic
    -No god Modding
    -Keep swearing to a minimum
    -Have Fun
  2. jedipassion

    jedipassion Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 9, 2007
    GM Approved!

    Name- Odan Iridan
    Affiliation- Sith
    Species- Draethos
    Hair- none
    Eye Color- yellow
    Facial Hair(Optional)- none
    Other feature(Tatooes, Scars ect.)- red sith tattoos, galaxy black skin,
    Ship(optional)- Interdictor-class Cruiser
    Home Planet- Draethos
    Weapons- 7 lightsabers (for telekinetic Lightsaber combat): 2 Shotos ,2 Standard Lightsabers , 2 electrum Lightsabers , and 1 double Lightsaber which he uses for regular combat
    Clothing- same as in picture and a sith mask (picture w/o scroll)
    Rank(Military, Jedi, and Sith only)- Sith Apprentice (or Master if you need a Master)
  3. Sripvalentine

    Sripvalentine Jedi Youngling

    May 23, 2008
    GM Approved!

    Name- Paul Jackson
    Affiliation- Republic Ground Forces
    Species- Alderaanian
    Hair- Buzzed to fit military protocal
    Eye Color- Blue
    Facial Hair(Optional)-A five o'cloak shadow
    Other feature(Tatooes, Scars ect.)- none
    Ship(optional)- none
    Home Planet- Tatooine
    Weapons- M41A1 Blaster(Non-Canon Gun)
    Clothing-Ground Forces Attire(See Pic)
    Rank(Military, Jedi, and Sith only)-Sargeant
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