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    Hello! I am the Writer/ Director of Star Wars: Lost Horizons, and we are currently in the casting phase of our production. We have a camera crew, but we are looking for people who could help us when post-production comes along. We are going to be in need of a special effects supervisor, and someone who is talented with marketing. We are going to begin filming a few teasers in the coming month that will be released prior to filming the main production. Filming for the main production won't begin until July, so we have time to get the entire crew situated. We are currently basing the film in Houston, TX, so if you are interested in joining our crew (or possibly cast) you can message us here, or email us at We are available to answer any questions you may have any time!

    Giovanni Lamar
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    Wish I lived in Texas.
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    If you need music, im your guy...
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