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Star Wars: Marvels Casting Call

Discussion in 'Fan Audio' started by No_Line_Cinemas, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. No_Line_Cinemas

    No_Line_Cinemas Jedi Youngling

    Oct 6, 2007
    Well, in the immortal words of Ben Kenobi, "Hello there." This is a casting call for a new Star Wars audio project, Star Wars: Marvels. This project was originally conceived of as an ongoing audio series when Nathan Butler suggested in an update of the current status of the fan audio community that there were really no ongoing audio parody series. Eventually, it evolved into more of a PIXAR style- an action/drama with enough humor and parody elements to be funny, but still serious enough to be called a drama, not a parody. The first twelve episodes are being adapted here as a 'miniseries'- the first of potentially three, but the only one currently planned, and can stand alone if the project is never pursued again.

    Well, I will honestly say that this project will not come out right away. It make take a while as I (hopefully) learn the ropes under the tutelage of a more experienced fan audio producer. But yes, this project will be completed, once cast. I am a perfectionist... so I'm aiming to (with any luck and a lot of guidance from my audio mentor, Joe Harrison,) make this project as high-quality as any out there.

    This is a large project, with 103 roles- 40 have been cast, and 63 remain, ranging from Main Characters to One-Liners. Be aware- there are no superfulous roles; even the one-liners play important roles in the story- even if their posted lines don't seem it! If you are interested in coming aboard, go ahead and send your auditions to I do make two IMPORTANT requests of you:

    1. Post to let me know an audition was sent, so that I can confirm if it wasn't getting through.

    2. PLEASE compress your files to MP3s for the auditions- unless you are auditioning for 6-12 parts, there should be no need for 5 and 6 MB files.

    Mp3 format is preferable, say 44Khz or so for the auditions. Format isn't really as critical, nor is naming, so long as you identify what it is you're sending in the e-mail- please do identify which character/characters you're auditioning for somewhere in the text or title. Otherwise, the casting is a fairly informal process. We'll 'talk shop' about recording formats and conditions if/when you get a role.

    Main Characters

    These are recurring characters common to all or nearly all episodes- if the series was ever to continue beyond this 'pilot,' these would be the regular starring roles.

    Narrator: Keyyon himself serves as narrator for most of the story, but the main title sequence and ending credits feature a narrator. When I think of a narrator, I'm typically thinking of the 'Comedian' movie trailer- those deep, gravelly-voiced fellows who voice movie previews. However, in this case, the octaves take second place to someone who can take a somewhat pithy opening narration and turn it into an exciting opener.

    Voice Type: Open.

    Audition Lines:

    "It is now a time of rebellion- when a courageous people rise up against their oppressors, shouting "No more!" An idealistic Rebellion, rallying around their recent victory at Yavin. A Tyrannical Empire struggling to maintain it?s grasp against the tides of hope and freedom that have been unleashed. And the smugglers, mercenaries, and rogues waiting breathlessly to see who proves triumphant."

    Ther-nahk: A mysterious evil dictator and prominent villain. A meglomaniac. Open to interpretation.

    Voice Type: Open.

    Audition Lines:

    "Thank you for your candor. It is always touching to see? how I can hurt you the most! My revenge will be complete when I take from you that which is dearest!"

    "It is a curious thing... that which so many do not even realize surrounds them will now be their downfall... for the galaxy, their time... is up."

    Major Characters

    These are main characters in the episodes themselves, each featured in anywhere from one to three of the episodes, but not recurring beyond that point.

    Oncho: A farmer and family man, Oncho is a simple peasant who cares little for the world outside, and is far too humble to consider himself worth
  2. No_Line_Cinemas

    No_Line_Cinemas Jedi Youngling

    Oct 6, 2007
    Minor Characters
    These roles are mixed range, varying from appearing in one episode with four or five lines to recurring characters with 2-3 episode arcs.

    Evzan: The famous 'death sentence in twelve systems' mad doctor himself. He doesn't like you, boy.
    Audition Lines: Just give me your best Evzan. Pick any of his lines.

    Zalda: A member of the farm community, he or she is always willing to pitch in a hand when the going gets tough.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Audition Lines:
    "Someone help me! The way's blocked- I can't get to them!"

    Slzzk: A reptilian bounty hunter, second in command for Viruln, and keeper of the money, he has a keen intellect to match his deadly aim.
    Voice Type: Reptilian and dangerous.
    Audition Lines:
    "An old man, on his deathbed. Literally. Almost poetic..."

    Mul'kay: A no-nonsense military man in charge of the Imperial defense of a world under Rebel siege. Cool under pressure, with a commanding presence.
    Voice Type: An older man (40s to 70s) with a British ("Coruscanti") accent.
    Audition Lines:
    "Watch the coolant unit! That overheats, we lose the whole emplacement- and we can?t afford any more gaps in the defensive screen!"

    Nod-naw: A Snivvian bounty hunter. Male or female.
    Voice Type: Sneering and toothy.
    Audition Lines:
    "Sounded like some sort of slug shooter? what's goin' on here?"

    Jolin Blissex: An ex-military man and captain of a small transport vessel. A practical man with little patience for the less than competents he often has to ferry.
    Voice Type: An older man (40s to 70s) with precise, clipped tones.
    Audition Lines:
    "Please be so kind as to give me a single good reason- one should suffice, I believe- why I should not have you expelled out the airlock."
    "What was that? Are we under attack by pirates again? Please tell me it isn't pirates. I am so tired of pirates."

    Ynits: A technician of Ther-nahk. Male or Female.
    Voice Type: Open.
    "Thirty seconds to activation, my lord- power levels are spiking!"
    "It shall be done, master!"

    Odette Mel Var: A perky female tourist guide and visitor information specialist on a tropical world, her personality is not all that dissimilar from 'Tour Guide Barbie' in Toy Story 2- all about a friendly smile, customer satisfaction, politeness, and a bouncy, bubbly, smiling personality- so long as their credits hold out. When times get tough, another personality altogether emerges- a callous, out for herself, and generally mad-at-the-world bulldog who may not be very skilled at finesse but tends to get what she wants anyhow.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Audition Lines:
    ?Sir, perhaps I might be of some help? My name is Odette Mel Var, Tourist Relations Bureau, and I?m here to assist you. Call me Dee.?
    ?No one is standing between me and a way off this crummy planet- now get out of my way!?

    P4X-639: A 'male' droid with very little personality who is all about programming, regulations, and details, whether demanding a deci-cred for a cup of fresh caf or directing the evacuation of a burning building.
    Voice Type: Monotone.
    Audition Lines:
    ?That.Will. Be. 20. Credits.?
    ?That. Action. Is. Not. Included. Within. My. Programming.?

    Hem Dazon: Male Arcona. The triangular-headed first alien we ever see in the Mos Eisley cantina. A scout and now, a rather unfortunate salt-addict.
    Voice Type: Hissing but not harsh, perhaps with a slight squak or gurgle- something to indicate a non-human who is not quite well.
    Audition Line:
    "Pardon me, gentless? might I trouble you for ssome ssmall meassure of creditss? Jusst a ssmall ssample, to ccelebrate?"

    Bralik Terrel: Male or Female. An eager entrepreneur launching a nostalgia-based historical attraction.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Auditon Line:
    ?Remember, you?re playing a Jedi Knight- your booth is over there, with the kid. You just sit there, and offer some wise-sounding words to anyone that passes by, okay??

    Rifst: A male human thug. Generally more articulate and clever than your average hired-muscle-wth-a-blaster. Lucien?s right-hand man.
    Voice Type: A very 'normal' voice. Not harsh or s
  3. No_Line_Cinemas

    No_Line_Cinemas Jedi Youngling

    Oct 6, 2007
    These roles are short enough that if I select your audition, you've already recorded the lines that I need. Still, there are no small parts, only small word counts.

    D'xo: A lizardish swoop biker. Male or female.Voice Type: Lizardy.Audition Lines:
    *Grumble and murmurring*
    "Hey!? What?s the thing doing now?"*Death scream from sudden crash*

    Lay-dul: Cafeteria worker in a major medical facility. As the description indicates, an extremely glamorous role.Voice Type: Up to you. Just bored.Lines:(Bored): "Here."(Wearily): "Just get out of here."

    Candder Fonnen: An Imperial Lieutenant and gunnery officer on a world under siege by rebel forces.Voice Type: A British-type ("Coruscanti") accent. Lines:"I?m trying, sir- he?s too fast-""Incoming!!!"

    Bitihsi: A bridge officer on a small transport vessel. Male or Female.Lines:"We've been hit! Hull integrity is holding!""I don't... know, sir! We've been hit by... something!""All systems are reading nominal now, sir."

    Young Kr'tol
    A 10-15 year old Kr'tol as seen in flashback.
    Voice Type: I would prefer to get an actual pre-teen in the role if possible, as opposed to someone older just doing their best '10-15 year old' impression. But if you can make me believe it...
    Line: ?I am Kr'tol, son of Dr'kal'Rn! I have slain the Kr'tk'rkh! I claim my place now, as a man!?

    A male K'tra hunter and scout; unambitious and contented, he is also a spokesperson for the tribe at times.
    Voice Type: Deep and guttural, with the K'rta cadence... whatever that is established to be.
    Audition Lines: ?The el-der will know what to do.? (2 different versions- stating and re-iterating)
    ?Come. We have pre-pared for you a feast.?

    A male K'tra, aged father of Kr'tol; a wise and loving father on his death-bed with a few final words for his son.
    Voice Type: Gravelly and guttural, with the K'rta cadence... whatever that is established to be. Aged, and weak for the second line- rich and full for the first.
    Lines: ?And soon you shall, my son. But not yet. Wait. Grow. Your time will come??
    ?No, shhhh... my son, listen to the last words I have for you- your family is your life, my son. You do not yet know it, but someday, when you have a mate of your own, you will see... love her... your children... as... you would... your... selfffff... (With a last breath, he dies.)?

    A rebel technician, male or female.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Line: ?Sir, we have a perimeter breach alert.?
    "Standing ready, sir!"
    "I'll come through for you- count on it."

    A rebel sentry, male or female.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Lines: ?Halt!?
    "We're go!"
    ?Acknowledged. You are clear to proceed, sir.?

    A strike team infiltrator, male.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Lines: ?Okay, you, and the old man, and the Wookie- come on over here.?
    ?Who's shooting? I-? *He cries out as he is shot*

    Captain of Ther-nahk's personal guard. Male.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Lines: "Squad re-armed, sir!"
    "Yes, sir, right awa- Ahhhh!" *He screams as he is shot*

    A male human footsoldier and Rocket Trooper.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Lines: "Target aquired..."
    *Scream, plunging off a balcony and hitting the ground*

    A male footsoldier under Fien's command.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Lines: "Don't move, you-" (Screams as he is picked up by an angry monster and hurled far into the distance)

    A slightly doubtful male human sniper in the Rebel Alliance.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Lines: "Found them, sir! Tell them to get down!"
    "I don't have the shot...!"
    "It's a hit!"

    A demoltions man and soldier.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Lines: "With your permission, sir, I saved a charge- maybe if we had a little less walkway?"

    A male human rebel soldier and scout.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Lines: "Good news, sir- Delta just reported securing the armory!"
    "Watch your six, sir!"
    *He cries out, shot*

    A male or female communications tech.
    Voice Type: Open.
    Line: "My lord, reports from the lower levels- the rebels have taken the main lobby."
  4. No_Line_Cinemas

    No_Line_Cinemas Jedi Youngling

    Oct 6, 2007
    All right, folks- time for a casting update, and this one is a doozy! We?ve had a sudden boom this week, as well as a number of deadlines expiring and previously auditioned for roles being closed, so here is what we have at the end of it all:
    Kevin Carney As Bahay
    Kevin Carney As Larrick
    Joe Harrison As Oncho
    Joe Harrison As Evzan
    Lindsay Harrison As Evi Sando
    Michael Howell As Candder Fonnen
    Michael Howell As Captain Durg Tragin
    Donna Lamaestra Charles As Jodelle

    And last of all, two major roles that fall into the ?At long last? category (I?ve kept the poor actor- one of the first auditions- waiting long enough that I think a little special recognition is due!)
    Aaron Brown As The Narrator
    Aaron Brown As Han Solo

    There are another half-dozen or so at least that may well be cast by the next deadline, the 10th- so stay tuned. Added to that deadline is the role of Screed. The role of Slzzk is closed, pending a decision.

    This is fantastic news, and also means that once the role of Zalda is cast, Chapters 1, 3, 4, and 5 will be complete! At present, the script for Chapter 12 has been finalized as well- pending review, it will be sent out to all of the applicable actors.

    At present, we do still have 40 out of the open roles that have not yet been auditioned for even once- understandable with a project this size, of course! Just a reminder- for the ?One-liner? roles, what you see there is the entirety of the lines; if they?re chosen, there?s no further commitment- the process is already done- so if the mood strikes, feel free to fire off as many of those as you like!

    I am also adding Wookiepeida links (the Star Wars Wikipedia) to any roles that are of an alien species, to give potential actors an idea of what they?re portraying. All those not noted with such a link are human or near-human characters.

    Thanks to everyone who?s auditioned so far- things are really starting to shape up and it is getting quite exciting! With threads on several new boards, it is especially exciting to hear the impressive batch of new talent that is pouring in? I am beginning to suspect that the internet voice acting guilds are in fact the industry?s best kept secret- if only Hollywood could tap into half of the skill I am hearing here, we?d been in for a revolution in filmmaking!
  5. No_Line_Cinemas

    No_Line_Cinemas Jedi Youngling

    Oct 6, 2007
    Okay, at present... Marvels has been in flux. Focus has shifted from casting to collecting and editing lines- a process which is going slowly. However, a new developement in the production has opened up several additional roles. They are listed below, and at the opening of the thread. Meanwhile, expect a casting update (if all goes well) within the next week! Remember, even if none of the listed roles appeals, we can STILL use some of the background cries/ambiance/conversation voice work as listed at the bottom!
    A smart and god-natured female Spiner on the doomed world of Wroxer, trying to get her reluctant brother to leave with the evacuees fleeing the dying planet even though it means leaving everyone he knows- herself included- behind. Discovering a strength and serenity she didn't know she posessed in the face of impending death, and using both wit and sensitivity to try and ease the survivor's guilt she knows her beloved older brother will probably carry for for the rest of his life.
    Voice Type: Slightly rough or ferral (as befits the species) otherwise, open to interpretation.
    Audition Lines:
    "I'm going to spend the last days with Jerrid. ...Our wedding would have been so beautiful..."
    "Jedku, look at me. I want you to go. I want you to live. Besides... if you don't, who's going to remember us when we're gone? I love you. (Good natured, teasing) Now get moving, you big oaf..."
    Species: Spiner
    A no-nonsense Republic corporal, in charge of the evacuation of a dying planet.
    Voice Type: Open to interpretation.
    Audition Lines:
    " Step up now, hurry- we don't have time for any delays. Have your IDs present so we can confirm your exit authorization."
    " Everything is in order. You're very lucky- last transport out for this province. (Raising his voice) I'm sorry, we have confirmed all passengers for this transport- please disperse and return to your homes!"
    The lead character serves as narrator for most of the story, but the main title sequence, ending credits, and trailers feature a narrator.
    Voice Type: When I think of a narrator, I'm typically thinking of the 'Comedian' movie trailer- those deep, gravelly-voiced fellows who voice movie previews. (Not artificially deep or fake-sounding, mind you- but a voice with real 'presence.') However, in this case, the octaves take second place to someone who can take a somewhat pithy opening narration and turn it into an exciting opener.
    Audition Lines:
    "It is now a time of rebellion- when a courageous people rise up against their oppressors, shouting "No more!" An idealistic Rebellion, rallying around their recent victory at Yavin. A Tyrannical Empire struggling to maintain it?s grasp against the tides of hope and freedom that have been unleashed. And the smugglers, mercenaries, and rogues waiting breathlessly to see who proves triumphant."
    (Separate sentences, trailer-narration style) "In the outer rim, there lies a forgotten world.
    Out of time and memory.
    Under siege.
    And in need of heroes.
    As a world perishes...
    Evil flees.
    As the struggle deepens...
    Innocents pay the price.
    As gambits become desperate...
    Vengeance may be all that remains....
    And Heroes.
    Background vocals.
    These are more or less 'extras' used to enhance the scene and suggest that more than just the main scripted characters are involved. These will be credit under "Featuring the additional vocal talents of..." in the end credits. Feel free to attach them with auditions, send them in separately, etc.- I can use as many as I can get! The needed ambaince includes:
    Sounds of farmers, battling flying predators attacking their village (hand to hand or with farming implements.)
    Sound of Swoop-bikers being killed by blaster, falling, being crushed by rocks, or crashing
    Sounds of villagers shouting in commotion to avoid being run over by a fast-moving speeder
    Sounds of civillians running and screaming in panic during a mercenary attack.
    Sounds of people running, screaming, and panicking as a paradis
  6. Darth_Dial-Up

    Darth_Dial-Up Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 27, 2007
    I just sent a couple of auditions. Hope you like them.:)
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